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Do Stink Bugs Bite or Sting?

What Are Stink Bugs, and Do They Bite?

Stink bugs vary in size, depending on species, and some U.S. species are large — almost 2 cm long. Adult stink bugs are almost as wide as they are long.

In the springtime, homeowners often find stink bugs walking up the walls or flying toward windows. And when the homeowner swats the bugs, they give off an unpleasant odor.

The species that is of most concern to homeowners is the brown marmorated stink bug, which is not likely to bite or sting. The stink bug’s mouthparts are grouped in the piercing/sucking category, but they do not use blood as a food source like mosquitoes, biting flies, and bed bugs.

Furthermore, their mouths aren’t structured in a way that enables them to pierce, sting, or bite through human skin.

In fact, most species of stink bugs feed on plants. They suck the juice from leaves, stems, and roots of plants. They attack everything from ornamental plants to weeds. The insects pierce the skin of the plant and extract the juice inside.

What Do Stink Bugs Eat?

These plant-feeding stink bugs also attack seeds, nuts, and fruit. They attack peaches, apples, tomatoes, green peppers, soybeans, and pecans.

They have even been found feeding on developing cotton. Stink bugs can be serious pests in farms, gardens, and orchards.

There are a few species of stink bugs that are predators, but they eat other insects. They eat harmful pests like caterpillars and even other stink bugs. These predatory stink bugs are beneficial because they help protect plants.

Controlling & Preventing Stink Bugs

Even though stink bugs do not normally bite people, they can be nuisances when they get into homes.

Many homeowners use a vacuum cleaner to remove stink bugs from the walls and windows of their homes. However, the bugs may cause the vacuum to have an unpleasant odor for a while.

Homeowners can help prevent stink bugs from invading by sealing openings that the bugs might use to get inside. Cracks around doors and windows can be sealed with caulk. Vents in crawl spaces and attics can be protected with screen. Weather stripping can be used to seal gaps under exterior doors.

When experiencing stink bugs in the home, contact a pest control professional who can select the most effective materials and develop a plan to combat the stink bugs.

Stink Bug Bites Treatment – Simple Ways To Ease The Pain

Stink Bug Bites Home Cures and Ways To Avoid Them

Stink bug bites reports in North America are increasing dramatically over the last few years as Stink Bugs rapidly infest the continent since first accidentally introduced in 1996.

It is clear that stink bugs are not seeing human blood as a source of food, as opposed to other biting insects such as mosquitoes and bed bugs.

Stink bug bites are actually believed to be the insects defensive reaction when they are accidentally approached or touched.

It is very likely that prior to stink bug bites, you’ll smell a nasty odor as the stink bugs spray their smelly chemicals as their main source of defense.

Are Stink Bug bites dangerous?

Stink bug bites are toxic, though are not considered dangerous and it is not reported to carry any diseases. However, Stink Bug bites are painful, and often followed by a red/yellow colored tender area which later tends to itch.

Learn more about the stink bug bite here.

How do you avoid Stink Bug bites?

Stink bugs do not bite unless they feel threatened, so the best practice is simply avoiding them. Unfortunately, that sometimes can be easier said than done. Stink Bugs often seek warm and dark shelter, especially on colder months, and often found hiding at our homes. An accidental encounter with the insect can sometime happen when searching for stuff in the closet, putting our shoes on, and even laying in bed.

The best way to avoid Stink Bugs bite is through prevention. Learn how to get rid of Stink Bugs and try to prevent them from entering your home and you’ll do a significant step not only towards avoiding Stink Bug bites, but also interrupting with their reproduction and slowing their invasion rate across the country.

Additionally, once you spot a stink bug, avoid handling it with bare hands as it may bite, and leave an unmistakable odor intended to fend off potential predators and threat.

How do you treat stink bug bites?

  • Stink Bug bites treatments are similar to other insects bites treatment. There is no known antidote at this time.
  • Run hot water on the bitten area for a minute or two.
  • Apply Vinegar or rubbing alcohol on the area
  • Use Aloe Vera cream, calamine lotion or After-Bite cream to ease the pain and itchiness
  • Rub Lavender essential oil
  • Create a paste mixing baking soda and water or vinegar and apply it on the Stink Bug bite
  • Lastly, one can take Aspirin or antihistamine containing diphenhydramine to fight the buddies reaction to Stink Bug bites
  • It is important to monitor your body’s condition for any allergic reaction that may occur and consult a physician before taking any medicine.

Stink Bug bites are unpleasant, and stink bugs are a real menace as they also cause huge damages to crops and fields. If you notice Stink Bugs in your house or garden note they do not belong there. We should do whatever we can to get of stink bugs, before it’s getting our of our hands.

Please feel free to leave a comment and share your own knowledge and experience treating stink bug bites and we’ll update our pages accordingly.

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I have been bitten by a stink bug and it does hurt. I was in the store room at work and put my hand down on the merchandise and must have accidentally touched it, not seeing it was there. It felt like a needle went through my hand and immediately I felt the worst buring sensation. It hurt like 5 times as much as a bee sting and made my palm and two fingers swell up. My work sent me to the hospital and they said it wasn’t poisonous because there was no “black dot” in the center of the bite. The swelling lasted almost a week and the bite left me with a permanant dark spot on my finger.

Thanks for the info.
Do you happen to have any photos of the bite? I’d love to share it with the readers.
If you do, either answer back here, or contact me via the contact form. I’d appreciate it very much

I have a circular yellow brown rash on the bottom of my foot. I had a stink bug in my shoe.

Hi i was trimming my grape fruit tree, and the small branches were on the ground. I wanted to cut back the grass that had grown around the trunk,so i just pushed the branches aside.But i must have sat on the bugs because all of a sudden… i had extreme burning pain on the cheek of my bum.I checked and had four big red marks the size of a twenty cent peice.And still after 14hours still burning and sore.I put tea tree oil on them and savlon cream to ease the burn. I have taken photos of them but dont know where to send them, if u want them could u send me u email address.

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This is what my bite looked like. Woke up to a burning sensation on my hip and pulled off something from my skin. Turned the light on to discover it was a stink bug.

I was bitten in the corner of my eye this morning, I woke up to a burning sensation in my eye and I too have a brown streak.

I’ve been bitten by them repeatedly while sleeping, on my arms and shoulder area, parts that stick out of the covers. It’s like they are feeding on me while I’m sleeping. They haven’t been emitting any odor, so that tells me I haven’t been accidentally rolling over on them. My boyfriend encountered one in bed and it sprayed him when he brushed it off. With me, they wait til I’m sound asleep and come down and bite me. This has been happening for about a month and I just figured out it was them after ruling out every other bug. They were living in my curtain above where I sleep. The welts they leave behind are raised, bumpy, with a spot in the middle . It itches like poison ivy but takes longer to go away. I believe they think I’m a food source now.

I was bitten by a stink bug last night on my neck. it still is painful and hurts. it felt lie something hot and radiated out. We have an old house (220 yease old) and with the warm weather this weekend they thought it was spring and invaded the house. I live in Westeren Pa. I have tried sprays and Dawn Soap to get rid of them and still struggle with them.

how did u get rid of them? did u have the green ones? we just found alot on our house.

i was asleep last night and i awoke to find something on my face, i was only half-awake and i grabed it. it turned out to be a stink bug and it bit and sprayed me. the bite left a welt the size of a pencil eraser and swelled and burns. the bug also made my room,hair,hands, and clothes stink. i took about 7 showers after but my hands still smell bad. i tried putting lemon juice on my hands but i had to wait for the smell to wear of . my friend saw my welt and asked what it was. i told her a stink bug bit me and then she made fun of me because the did not believe me…. i hate stink bugs

i was asleep last night and i awoke to find something on my face, i was only half-awake and i grabed it. it turned out to be a stink bug and it bit and sprayed me. the bite left a welt the size of a pencil eraser and swelled and burns. the bug also made my room,hair,hands, and clothes stink. i took about 7 showers after but my hands still smell bad. i tried putting lemon juice on my hands but i had to wait for the smell to wear of . my friend saw my welt and asked what it was. i told her a stink bug bit me and then she made fun of me because the did not believe me…. i hate stink bugs

I was sleeping then one morning I woke up and. I found a big sore bump looking thing on my hand and I mainly see the big green stink bugs. I will try the info thanks

I just got bit by one. The intensity of the pain is something indescribable. It burns and it itches. And I think it’s starting to cause a rash around what I’m calling “the bite site”. The good news is that there’s no black dot. Not even yellow. It’s just really red and irritated. I didn’t even know they could bite through human flesh. I assumed they had to eat somehow, obviously. But you never see teeth or a stinger or anything….

my house seems to have alot of stink bugs and my girls that are sleeping on 3rd floor and waking up everymorning with tons of bites what could i do

I was playing volleyball outside when all if a sudden a bug flew in my eye it hurt so I tried to get it out. Then I felt a really sharp pain in my eye. I went to my dad for help because it hurt really bad. We could tell it was a stink bug by the odor it put off in my eye. I went to the hose to rince my eye out but I still couldn’t open it. After a few house I was able tho open my eye but it still stung. And now about 4 days after it is still very sore. It have scabs on my eye lids and it is a dark pink and red color.

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I have been bit many times. When it is hot out they are everywhere. I use Benadryl for allergies, it stops the itching and burning and the bite area clears up quickly. They are nasty little beggers…..

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Your information much appreciated! I was weeding, wearing gloves, when ‘something’ suddenly was obviously inside the cuff of my glove – also obviously not a bit of dirt or leaf because whatever it was bit me! My gloves don’t have long cuffs so the critter was actually on the back of my hand, just beyond my ‘outer’ wrist bone. I tossed another handful of weeds then stopped to remove whatever it was. I was surprised to see a small (abt 4 mm long) green bug! Found your site and photos today so feel the culprit is confirmed.

I’ve worked among plants and harvest all my life, have laid under mowing machinery to repair it while a universe of insects including stink bugs crawled all about. This one looked like so many others (small, ‘leaf-shaped’, and totally non-threatening). Never a bite until now – presumably it didn’t like being inside my glove! In any case – it bit me 2x close together by the time I removed my glove and set it free. I know it was this insect that bit me as when I removed my glove, there it sat – in the spot on my hand where I’d felt the bite.

That was yesterday afternoon. By last evening and on-going 24 hrs later – Mild to moderate swelling outward an inch or so from the bite marks and tremendous itching. Bite ‘injection’ spots very small ( mary reed says:

Got stung by a stink bug the pain is the worst pain I have had from a sting and the skin is swollen and red feels feverish

3/10/15 12:27 am I was in bed and got up and smelled the stitch of a stink bug . It had crawled down my back while i was preparing for sleep. I got some tissue an flushed it. Then I felt this stinging, burning , above my wrist. It has a yellow/red color ,smells awful, swelling worse then a bee sting. Another thing I do feel that they attack at night , because over the autumn season they kept flying onto my husband and I while we slept. CREEPY! I hate waking to a buzzing pest on my face or in my hair! Ugh! I feel I’m having an allergic reaction to the sight were I was bitten. Thanks for all this information . It really helped me calm down.

I was just bitten and immediately “googled” it to see if they indeed do bite. So glad I found your website! Felt a stinging/burning sensation on my finger and looked down to find a stinkbug latched on at my knuckle. I immediately washed in hot soapy water and am watching it for swelling, itching, etc. Strange that I felt nothing until the bite. Do they have the ability to protectively numb the area prior biting (like mosquitoes)?

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I seem to be the only one in the house they are attacking. I get bit around 7 times a day. I wake up to them biting me or buzzing past my face. I get no sleep. I have red bumps and im itching constantly and all over. I don’t know how to get them to leave me alone. I feel like I’m being attacked.

Sleeping. Roll over. Ow! wtf! Scared it was a spider. Just a stink bug. Okay all better. Come here. Okay won’t kill me. Is a little itchy. Tolerable pain. Coughs *is congested*. Posts this. Goes back to bed.

It should be noted that they spray itself is very toxic & is rather painful also. I just found that out the hard way laying in bed here I felt the flutter of ones wings on my cheek so I swatted at it by nature & the next thing I felt was that nasty smelling spray followed by a painful burning sensation. Not fun!!

I just woke up this morning and saw a yellow spot on my arm I tried to wash it off and I couldn’t get it to go away then realized it burns and hurts, it was then I noticed a stink bug in my bed I guess I rolled on it and killed it.

This is a billion and not even one of a chance it happening. I just got out of the shower and put my briefs on and got bit on my genitals. I didn’t know what’s was going on. I got scared and started stripping down and a stink bug was pressed against my boys. Omg… the pain. Should I go to the doc or what….. what works the best

I was riding my bike yesterday and a large stink bug flew onto my leg. Needless to say it bit me. Probably due to my reaction. I don’t like those things… They’re creepy looking. Anyway this is what I did. I made a poultice of food grade activated Charcoal, raw honey and a few drops of tea tree oil. Mixed it into a kind of thick paste, similar to toothpaste. Applied the poultice to the bite and covered it with a band-aid. Kept it covered overnight and today I can still see the hole from the bite but there’s no swelling, bruising, or pain etc. This poultice recipe works well for different things. My son’s toe got infected from an ingrown toenail I applied this a few times a day and it cleared up completely in two days. It was red and swollen with yellow fluid in it. He was in a lot of pain. Hope this helps someone.

I don’t know if i we’re bitten by a stink bug because I don’t even know what kind of Bug it is, but it really does smells, I just found it hanging on my shirt, I kinda got shocked and removed by toppling it, anyway, I don’t experience any itch or pain in my thumb but there’s a yellowish part on it and smells awfully bad.

What kind of stink bugs are biting?? We’ve been invaded by the brown stink bug from Asia, here in Oregon, but I understand that they don’t bite…

I was actually bitten on my back from a stink bug a few years back. The area which I live is being taken over by these horrible creatures. They get into every crack and crevice in your home and vehicles. They have been known to hitch a ride in my kids back packs to school and come out in the most embarrassing of circumstances. A couple of restaurants up here had to close because they just destroyed their business with their constant presence. One summer day a few years back, I was driving my husband’s truck and they got under seat cover unbeknownst to me. I has speeding down the highway and I first felt a tickle on my back. I went to reach to scratch it and noticed with my hand that a number of stink bugs crawled out of the seat cover and made their way down my Tshirt onto my back. My movement to scratch scared them and a couple of them started to bite. In all honesty, it was worse pain than a wasp sting. I swerved the truck not knowing what on earth just happened. It felt like something was burning me. I quickly pulled over to find out what on earth was going on and when I jumped out, that is when I felt a number of them moving about my back. My youngest daughter had to get them off of me. That was when I noticed that they made a nest under the car seat cover. Within a short period of time of me getting these disgusting things out of the truck and off of me, I started to get really dizzy. The pain was still enormous. A huge hard lump formed on my back where I was bitten repeatedly in the same area. I went to the ER and they told me at first that it was impossible that they don’t bite. But while there I had a fever that spiked to 103 and I couldn’t stand or walk without appearing to be intoxicated. They had to a very minor emergency surgery that night to get that lump full of venom off of my back. They were able to determine it was a bug bite that caused that reaction, but was still reluctant to write down it was stink bugs that did it. My scar is still on my back and the incision has to be at least 5 inches long. The infectious disease doctor they sent to my room said that this was extremely uncommon and that I must have just been allergic. A couple of weeks later, my daughter gets bitten on her inner thigh from one that landed on her in the night. Not quite as big as mine. But when it bit her, she woke up screaming in pain. Same thing happened to her, only her lump as only a fourth the size as mine and her incision line is only as big as a quarter. Thinking I was incredibly rare, a one in a million allergic reaction, but now confused because the same thing happened to my daughter, I searched online and found a number of people talking in blogs about the very same reaction. Apparently, in areas where there is a high number of these things, they have somehow either evolved, mutated, or hybrid with another species, and there is a pattern with these hybrid species and biting and this reaction. They are black and red, typically stink bugs are just that ugly brown, but the biters are black and a tiny bit of red on them. I have learned keeping your outside of your home sprayed with a bleach, dish detergent, and diluted with warm water (some people around here also add windex, not sure if that ingredient actually does anything or not) actually helps tremendously with keeping them away from your doors, windows, vents, etc…, basically any access points to your home. I have sprayed a bunch that were on my door with it and they actually just flipped over, slid down, or just got away. Its a great deterrent. Its been a few years and knock on wood, no more bites. But I owe it to the homemade concoction that my neighbors turned me on too. Bug sprays and all that are just poisonous and do not kill them, they only kill you trying to get rid of them.

Just yesterday at the football field I was walking without shoes, I was bit in the end of my toetoe and stustuck there. It wasn’t the worst pain but yes it did hurt..

Termites and health: are termites harmful to humans or pets?

Termites represent a hidden danger to our houses: they are able to destroy all wooden structures and furniture in 3-5 years, making a house unfit for human habitation. Of no less importance is the fact that termites can affect human health that makes a fight against infestation equally significant. There are common questions: can termites cause health problems?; can termites harm humans?; what do termites do to humans?; are termites bad for humans? – the answers you will find in the article.

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Are Termites Harmful to Humans or Pets?

Are termites dangerous to humans? On their own, termites usually are not dangerous to humans and pets. Their final goal is not to do harm to human health, but to find food and water sources to maintain their colony. Due to this, termites destroy our houses devouring its wooden structures, clothes, paper and furniture.

There are described cases, when these insects creeped into the middle ear and cause earache and noises in the ears. Termites can attack the intestines. In this case, one feels abdominal pain. Termites may be found in the feces (which may be bloody with mucus).

Termites can also rarely sting humans and pets, and their stings are extremely painful and causes relentless itching and swelling of tissues.

Thus, termites can cause allergies and asthma attacks.People, who are predisposed to various kind of allergy, can get a moderately severe allergy to fatal outcome induced by pulmonary edema.

What One Should Know When There Are Termites Inside a House?

When your house is infested by termites, they are able to cause various side effects that are represented in form of mold and termites’ waste products (frass).

    Termites frass (pellets). These pellets also called frass or poop, are wooden colored. Termite pellets are harmful to humans. The frass is just like a saw dust and when contacts the skin it might cause contact dermatitis and allergic reactions.
    The existence of termite droppings indicates that there is a sound termite activity in the surrounding area. Such droppings can be found on a bed (the sign of “roof” activity), on window sills, carpet, floor. Termites dust can cause rather serious health problems.

As for first aid in this situation, you should not scrub the skin, it only aggravates inflammation. Take decongestant medicine according to the instruction. Cool shower with soap and water will help to remove or inactivate most of the offending substance. In the formation of blisters, apply cold wet compresses for 30 minutes 3 times a day.

  • Mold. Termites decompose wooden structures that can cause the appearance of mold. If this fungus appears in your house (especially inside the living rooms), the constant contact with it can be very dangerous for people who live there.
    The main damage from the fungus is in its spores, which are distributed in the air and can settle on human skin, getting into our body while breathing.
    This will entail a lot of the health problems, causing different diseases.Inhaling mold spores, the general health condition may get worse, a person starts to feel weak, often have migraine attacks. Mold spores are a strong allergen, a person is in danger of chronic runny nose, cough and conjunctivitis. Besides, mold spores can cause chronic asthma.
    “Neighboring” mold can often cause problems to the musculoskeletal system which lead to diseases of joints and rheumatic pains. There can be problems with the stomach, possible liver and kidney damage, internal bleeding can occur in severe cases. Mold is very dangerous for children, especially for those with depressed immunity, their immature organisms are most exposed to the impact of mold spores. And if a child is in constant contact with the mold, he or she may be ill for an entire lifetime.
  • What Diseases Termites Can Cause?

    Here you can see how are termites harmful, read about harmfull effects of termites on humans

    1. Asthma is a common long term inflammatory disease of the airways of the lungs. It is characterized by variable and recurring symptoms, reversible airflow obstruction, and bronchospasm.
      Symptoms include episodes of wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. Mostly, asthma is caused by mold spores inside a house.
    2. Contact dermatitis – a skin reaction resulting from exposure to allergens or irritants. Rash is limited to certain areas of the skin and often has clearly defined borders. In case of allergic reaction, the first exposure to the allergen (or in some cases the first few impacts) may not cause inflammation, but subsequent exposure causes itching and dermatitis develops in the period of 4 to 24 hours.
    3. Allergies – increased sensitivity to certain substances (allergens) that cause a painful condition (tearing, red spots, coughing, sneezing and so on.)


    On these pictures you can see why termites are health hazard:

    Do Termites Constitute a Menace for Pets?

    Are termites harmful to health of our pets? Yes, termites can do harm to pets in terms of stings and contacts dermatitis. If a termite stings your pet, before going to a vet, give it human decongestant medicine in half dose (depends on a size of a pet). Besides, if stung area is swelling and causes pain to your pet, make a cold compress soaked in saline with household soda.Do not let your pet lick the compress away.

    In case of contact dermatitis, the first aid is the same. Do not let your pet scratch a damaged skin area, you can use medicine collar in this situation. You should also provide a pet with constant access to water. Cool shower also will be a good idea. Do not use decongestant lotions – they can aggravate the situation, besides your pet can lick it out and can cause poisoning.

    How to Protect Yourself When There Are Termites Inside Your House?

    There are several measures that can protect you against health risks that could be caused by termites:

    1. Ventilation and airing. Pay a close attention to the ventilation system of your house, air wells should always be passable for air, air grids should always be clean.
      To intensify the air intake, you should always air your house and leave windows or vent lights open for 4-5 hours a day. In summer you can leave them open for an entire day. Such measure will bring fresh air inside a house and decrease the level of humidity. Remember, that termites like damp and stuffy rooms.
    2. Cleaning and mopping. During your usual cleaning activities, you should clean all house surfaces with vacuum cleaner. In case there is termites’ frass, you won’t touch it and get problems with your skin. Regularly replace vacuum cleaner bags.

    During cleaning, pay close attention to window sills, window frames, doorways, ceiling and floor plinths, furniture and wall surfaces. They should be perfectly clean all the time. What concerns wet cleaning and mopping that follow vacuum cleaning, you should do it at least 2 times a week and also very thorough. You can use special disinfecting chemicals based on chlorine, or use bleach for closes.
    Such a solution for wet cleaning will not just take away termites frass, but also eliminate mold and it spores. Besides, you can make a mixture of water and pet shampoo based on permethrin, that is a very strong insecticide. After cleaning with pet shampoo, house surfaces will be toxic for termites for about 2-5 days.

    Here you can learn more information about effective treatment method called tenting (fumigation): dangers for termites, preparing for fumigation and cleaning after, how long does this procedure last?

    Useful articles

    If you interested in more information of termites we recommend you to read the following articles:

    Termites are very dangerous insects not only for our houses and furniture, but also for humans and pets. Preventive measures such as regular cleaning, mopping and airing of a house will help you to eliminate hazardous effects of termites on your health. So, now you know practically everything about termites and humans, about termites effect on humans.

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