What Type Of Spider Bit Peter Parker?

What Type Of Spider Bit Peter Parker?

In The Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker’s well-known story feels like déjà vu all over again: Radioactive spider bites outcast teen. Powers grow. Tragedy befalls. Responsibility and heroism ensue. But Pop Omnivore would rather look at the spider than the man. No arachnid, no matter how special or nuclear-infused, will help a person scale walls and.

In The Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker’s well-known story feels like déjà vu all over again: Radioactive spider bites outcast teen. Powers grow. Tragedy befalls. Responsibility and heroism ensue.

But Pop Omnivore would rather look at the spider than the man. No arachnid, no matter how special or nuclear-infused, will help a person scale walls and spin webs. But what can a real spider bite do to a real human being?

To find out, we asked Dana DeRoche, an arachnid specialist at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, which spider species have the worst—and weirdest—bite.

The Brazilian Wandering Spider
“The Brazilian wandering spider [lives] in large swaths of South America,” says DeRoche. “It’s just about as big as a tarantula, but it’s not as robust and a little less hairy. It’s the color of a mouse, and it’s very aggressive. Usually creatures try to run away from you; this one won’t. It behaves like a scorpion. A lot of poorer folks have a roof and three walls instead of four, so [the spiders] come right in. If you get bitten by one of these and you don’t go to the hospital, you’re dead. It will kill you.”

Black Widow

“Usually not fatal,” says DeRoche, “but small children, the elderly, the sick—they might have a real problem.”
With black widows, it’s usually the female that’s dangerous. They have larger venom glands than males, and more potent venom. Still, black-widow bites rarely kill, especially if medical treatment is found immediately. Typically a bite will result in severe pain, which sets in after about 20 minutes and can last for several days, though the worst of the pain is typically in the first eight to 12 hours. Cramps, dizziness, and nausea may occur. In the worst cases, the bite causes a dangerous rise in blood pressure.

The Brown Recluse

“A bite from a black widow doesn’t give you a huge sore,” says DeRoche. “But a brown recluse’s will. It makes the skin and tissue around the bite die. You usually don’t realize you’ve been bitten because it doesn’t hurt at the time, and then you see the effects. Sometimes people have to get plastic surgery. It’s usually (90 percent) not fatal.”
So even without medical treatment, the recluse’s victims tend to live, albeit with a crater-like indentation radiating from the bite mark.

Honorable Mention

Australian Redback

“It’ll bite you quick,” says DeRoche, “and it’s poisonous.”
Though redback bites haven’t killed in a person in more than 50 years, they can result in excruciating pain and intense swelling around the puncture wound. In exceptional cases—usually when the victims are very young, very old, or very sick—the bites can cause nausea, infection, and even seizures.

Of course, these are all physical changes. Are there any spiders whose bite can change your state of mind or mental capabilities?

“[Spider bites don’t have a] weird effect like if you eat mushrooms or something,” explains DeRoche, “but maybe, if you’re really sick, you might experience [delusions] with some of these. It might also be possible for some of the neurotoxins to give you continuing health problems. It may depend on where you’re bitten, or how long it takes to go to the doctor.” Putting ice on the bite can help while waiting for medical treatment, which could comprise anything from a tetanus shot to anti-venom, depending on the size and type of the spider.

– Kastalia Medrano

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What Type of Spider Bit Peter Parker?

In the original Marvel comics, Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider. The spider, erroneously termed as an insect in the original comics, was hit by and absorbed an extraordinary amount of radioactivity. It bit Peter Parker, who was the nearest life form in the exhibit room.

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There is no definite explanation regarding the class or species of the spider that bit Parker. The comics only hinted that the spider was close to dying after being exposed to radiation and transferred a proportional amount of strength and agility to the comic’s protagonist. In the July 2014 chapter of the Amazing Spider-Man, however, the possibility is introduced that the spider may bite a person other than Parker.


What happened to the spider that bit Peter Parker?

Do we know what happened to the radioactive spider after it bit Peter Parker?

Did it bite anyone else or did it just live out the rest of it’s spider-life in peace?

2 Answers 2

The Comics

In Amazing Fantasy 15, it dies from massive radiation exposure.

But, as the experiment begins, no one notices a tiny spider, descending from the ceiling on an almost invisible strand of web.

A spider whom fate has given a starring, if brief, role to play in the drama we call life!

Accidentally absorbing a fantastic amount of radiation the dying insect, in sudden shock, bites the nearest living thing, at the split second before life ebbs from its radioactive body!

As Kimberly W points out in another answer here, this was retconned in 2014 to provide the origin story of the newly-introduced hero Silk.

Spider-man (2002)

In the movie itself, we see the spider crawl under some equipment in the Oscorp lab immediately after it bites Peter:

Interestingly, this is contradicted by the film’s novelization 1 , where the spider dies immediately:

[Peter] looked down, his eyes narrowing, as he watched what appeared to be a spider flip over onto its back, its legs curling up like something out of a commercial for Raid.

The Amazing Spider-man

The spider’s fate isn’t shown on-screen, but it seems most likely that Peter killed it immediately after it bit him:

His hand is right over where the spider bit him and, though we don’t actually see it in the movie, at least my reaction to a sharp biting sensation on my skin is to smack the affected area with extreme prejudice.

1 Due thanks to Richard for the quote

After biting Peter Parker it bit Cindy Moon (aka Silk) and then died. Cindy exhibits similar powers to Peter such as wall crawling and spider sense. Interestingly, she can make organic webbing from her finger tips. The two also share a pheromone connection that makes each attracted to the other. Check out Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #4.

The following is an photo taken from this issue. Parker just received secret memories from the Watcher’s Eye and can’t believe what he’s seeing.

Parker: The spider! After it bit me — it bit someone else?! A girl? I — never knew! Who is she?

Cindy: Mom! Dad! I can’t control it!

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Something New

What Happened to the Spider That Bit Spider-Man?

In their latest reader-submitted question, CSBG reveals what happened to the spider that bit Peter Parker and gave him his spider-powers.

  • by Brian Cronin
  • Aug 23, 2017

Comic Book Questions Answered – where I answer whatever questions you folks might have about comic books (feel free to e-mail questions to me at [email protected]).

Reader George W. wrote in to ask, «What happened to the spider after it bit Peter Parker?»

Well, in that very first story by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in Amazing Fantasy #15, they’re pretty clear that the spider dies right after biting Peter (although, it also says that spiders are insects).

However, years later we learned in Amazing Spider-Man (Volume 3) #4 that the spider then also managed to bite Cindy Moon before it died.

Amazingly enough, though, we DO know what happened to the spider as it was the main plot line behind the launch of Spider-Man’s Tangled Web, which opened with a Garth Ennis/John McCrea/James Hodgkins storyline that introduced the villainous The Thousand, who turned out to be an old classmate of Peter Parker.

The young lad. well. dude ATE the freakin’ dead spider!!

In the end, The Thousand is seemingly killed, but at the end of the issue, it turns out that he survived in the consciousness of a single spider, but, well, things did not go well for that spider.

It’s an open debate if the Tangled Web comics are all in continuity (some of them seem explicitly NOT in continuity), but it seems in general that if there is nothing saying otherwise, they ARE in continuity, so I believe that this technically IS the «official» answer as to what happened to the spider after it bit Peter Parker (and Cindy Moon).


Radioactive Spider

Radioactive Spider

Real Name

Current Alias



Base of Operations









Unusual Features



Place of Birth



A spider got caught in a radiation test at a public exhibition demonstrating the safe handling of nuclear laboratory waste materials, sponsored by the General Techtronics Corporation. The radiation, however, was slowly killing it. Before it died it bit a student from Midtown High named of Peter Parker. The spider’s venom caused changes to Peter’s DNA that gave him certain abilities of a spider, such as the proportionate strength and agility along with the ability to climb on any surface. He could now react to danger quickly with a «spider-sense». [9]

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The spider also had time to bite another person following Peter: Cindy Moon, who got the same abilities as Spider-Man. She later took up the identity of Silk. [10]

A student by the name of Carl King, who witnessed Peter being bitten and connected it with the appearance of Spider-Man, ate the spider hoping to gain the same powers of Spider-Man, King decided to eat the spider. His body began to break down over time, mutating him into a swarm of thousand spiders sharing a single consciousness. [11]

Years later, Ezekiel Sims told Peter that the spider that bit him was not merely radioactive, but an embodiment of a totemic spider deity that had chosen him as its avatar. While Peter was skeptical of this alternate origin story, he came to accept that they were not mutually exclusive. [12]

When Spider-Man’s soul was captured by the Arachnix, a race of demonic arachnids, and brought to their realm, it was revealed that the spider hatched from one of their eggs, which had been smuggled to Earth by the sorcerer Driddil. [13] The spider’s spirit, which had been entwined with Spider-Man’s since her death, attempted to forcibly merge with Spider-Man’s soul to become something greater, but she was prevented from doing so by Doctor Strange, who vanquished her with M’Matrixx’s wand. [14]

Due to having been turned into a Gamma mutate, the spider resurrected, attaining sentience and the ability to speak due to having been affected by Peter and Cindy’s human DNA. The radiation emitted by the Isotope Genome Accelerator also caused her to split in two, with her clone being the spider that was eaten by Carl King. Capable of increasing her size to massive proportions, she was inspired by Spider-Man and Silk and set out to become a superhero under the name «Goddess» — which had been given to her by a researcher studying her. [8]

Alternate Reality Versions

Image Description Issue
On Earth-11, during a school field-trip to Osborn Laboratories, eleven-year-old, Penelope Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider. Her powers quickly developed and started a life of heroics after saving the life of classmate, Flash Thompson. [15] Spider-Verse #1
On Earth-65, two radioactive spiders existed. The first arose as a result of a science experiment and nearly bit Cindy Moon, but was killed before it could do so. [16] The second was created by Moon with the intent of recapturing that moment; based on her research into the mutagenic venom of extraterrestrial spider-like aliens. Reluctant to use it on herself, she instead released it into the wild — where it bit Gwen Stacy. [17] Spider-Gwen Vol 2 #19
On Earth-1610, Oscorp tried to perfect the Super-Soldier Serum for S.H.I.E.L.D.. Over time they developed a drug known as Oz. They used various animals in their experiments including spiders. On a field trip an OZ-injected spider bit Peter Parker. Transferring the Spider’s enhanced DNA into him. [3] Ultimate Spider-Man #1
Miles Morales visited his uncle Aaron Davis, a thief who had recently raided the abandoned Oscorp. A spider had crawled into his bag. After being bitten by the Oz-enhanced spider, which emerged from Aaron’s bag, Miles discovered he received spider abilities. [1] Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol 2 #1
On Earth-3123, Due to her nephew Peter having forgotten his lunch at home, May Parker rushed to a science demonstration to give it to him. There she was bitten by the Radioactive Spider which gave her spider-like powers. [18] What If? #23
On Earth-6001, Peter Parker was never transformed into Spider-Man, because Hulkpool traveled back in time and smashed the Radioactive Spider. [19] Hulked-Out Heroes #2
On Earth-9591, as a result of Ben Grimm not flying the rocket that would have created the Fantastic Four, the radioactive spider bites Peter Parker and instead of giving him superpowers it created a deadly rash that covered his entire body and killed him. [20] Ruins #2
On Earth-12041, Whilst on a school trip Oscorp genetics lab Peter was bitten by a genetically altered spider. Overtime he gained the powers of Spider-Man. It was later revealed that Peter had been bitten by a different animal on all their school trips. [21] At some point the spider was recovered by Doctor Octopus and placed it in a secret lab at Oscorp along with the other animals that he harvested DNA samples for his experiments, it is revealed that the radiation further enhanced its life rather than killing it. After Peter lost his powers, the spider was used to give them back, however over the years he had build an immunity to its venom. As he tries to find a way to bypass it, Peter discovers an anomaly in his DNA, finding rare variants in it that what allowed him to not only survive the radiated venom, but also gain the abilities of a spider. [22] Ultimate Spider-Man (Animated Series) Season 1 1
In Earth-19925, Peter Parker, and presumably Cindy Moon, were bitten by an Active-Radio Spider. Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 #25
On Earth-26496, during his Sophomore year, Peter’s class took a field trip to Dr. Connors’ lab at the Empire State University. There, he was bitten by a genetically enhanced spider, which had escaped from its container (much like what had happened to his Earth-96283 counterpart); The spider’s venom caused changes to Peter’s DNA that gave him certain abilities of a spider, such as the proportionate strength and agility along with the ability to climb on any surface. He could now react to danger quickly with a «spider-sense». [23] The Spectacular Spider-Man (Animated Series) Season 1 1
In Earth-71928, the radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker was a Steatoda nobilis, more commonly known as the Noble false widow. [24] What If? The Punisher #1
On Earth-92131, while attending a public exhibition demonstrating Dr. Farley Stillwell new invention the Neogenic Recombinator. A device that can enhance and heal an living DNA. Peter was bitten by a spider that had been exposed to the energy. Making his way home afterwards, Peter discovered he had somehow gained incredible strength, agility, and the ability to cling to walls; spider-like traits that he immediately associated with the spider bite. [25] Spider-Man: The Animated Series Season 3 2
On Earth-97161, mutant radioactive spider Bitey McSpidey-Bite joined the Pets of Evil Masters a collection of super-villain animal companions that serve as the nefarious counterpart to the Pet Avengers. They were brought together by Vulture von Doom to kidnap the Pet Avengers, taking them back to his lab in Castle Doom so he could siphon latent cosmic energy from their bodies, which they acquired from an earlier encounter with Thanos and the Infinity Gems, to create his own Cosmic Cube. However, they were defeated by the arrival of Rocket Raccoon and Cosmo, and Vulture was taken away by his master’s Servo-Guards. [6] Guardians Team-Up #5
On Earth-96283, while attending a field trip at Columbia University’s genetics laboratory Peter is bitten by an escaped experimental spider that has been bio-engineered with various extraordinary and enhanced traits (i.e. jumping, webbing and reflexes). The spider’s venom causes him to fall ill and he barely arrives home before collapsing into bed. After a difficult night’s sleep while the venom alters his genetic makeup, he woke up seemingly unharmed. However, he learned to his surprise that his body has changed dramatically and literally overnight. [26] Spider-Man (2002 film)
On Earth-120703, The spider was part of an Oscorp experiment started by Peter’s father Richard Parker who worked with Dr. Curt Connors. Together they worked on cross-species genetics. Peter went to OsCorp searching for Connors, and made his way in by pretending to be a member of the high-school interns. Trying to find out more about his father’s work, Peter snuck into a lab where genetically altered spiders where being held. One managed to stay on his neck when he left, and bit him. Frightened by his new abilities, he attempted to research spider bite symptoms, but was unable to find the spider that bit him, as it was a genetic mutation. [27] The Amazing Spider-Man (2012 film)
On Earth-TRN567, Uncle Ben squashed the spider before it could bite Peter. The late spider was collected and eaten by a time-displaced Cindy Moon. Amazing Spider-Man & Silk: The Spider(fly) Effect Infinite Comic #5
On Earth-TRN700, Miles Morales received his powers from a radioactive spider created by Alchemax. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
On Earth-TRN703, The Spider-Man received his powers from a radioactive spider bite circa 1933. The Spider-Man of Earth-90214; however, was bitten by a magical spider rather than a radioactive spider. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
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