How To Make Spider Repellent With Peppermint Oil?

Deter Spiders with Peppermint Oil and Vinegar

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We’ve discussed how to manage pests like spiders , but weblog Housewife How-to’s has a good tip: Spiders don’t like peppermint or vinegar. Spray a mixture of peppermint oil and vinegar around your home to deter them from coming inside.

The goal here is to make your home less inviting to spiders:

Spiders don’t like peppermint oil or vinegar, so use a combination of the two against them. Spray windowsills and entryways with a solution of 1/2 cup white vinegar, 1 1/2 cups water, and 20 drops of peppermint essential oil. (Eucalyptus oil purportedly works, too, but I find peppermint a more pleasant scent.)

Also, try to keep your home as clean and clutter-free as possible. A messy home is attractive to spiders and other pests. Of course, if they do end up in your home, you can always use this awesome no-kill DIY spider catcher .

Anti Spider Spray (Essential Oil Based)

If you are the kind of person that can’t sleep for a week if you see a spider near your bed, then join the club! We live only a few yards from a large wooded area here in Nashville, so we get our fair share of spiders in the house—especially in the winter, when they are looking for a warmer place to hang out. Now, I figure a few basement spiders are just going to happen and that’s OK, but I don’t love seeing them (especially the larger variety) striding across my couch or bedroom floor. Anyways, I wanted to find a less toxic solution to the problem and it turns out that essential oils are a great way to keep those eight-legged guys away from our living space. Essential oil sprays don’t kill spiders (good news for those of you who catch and release every bug in the house so as not to harm them), but they create an environment that they are just not into, and so they leave! It’s like you meeting your friend at a bar for a drink, and when you walk in it’s dark and smelly. What would you do? Probably leave and find another bar that had a better atmosphere, right? It’s basically like that.

There are several oils that spiders are really not into: lemon (any citrus oil is good), peppermint, tea tree, and lavender. I would just pick the one that you like best since you’ll have to smell the scent too. While peppermint oil is usually said to be the most effective, we don’t suggest using peppermint essential oil around children under 6. So if you have a little one like I do, I would choose a different oil to spray (I chose lavender instead). Storing your oils on this cute pink tray isn’t required, but doesn’t hurt either.

Select the oil of your choice and drop 5-10 drops of it into an empty 16 oz. glass spray bottle (amber spray bottles are best for storing and extending the potency of essential oil products, but if you keep home sprays in dark cabinets like I do a clear glass spray bottle is fine too).Fill the rest of your bottle with water and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid at the end (the soap will help the oil mix into the water more evenly). Screw on your nozzle and give the mixture a few good shakes. If you want your new spider spray to look “official,” download our anti spider spray label and print it onto sticker paper so you can easily recognize your DIY mix. To use your anti spider spray, spray along baseboards, around doors and windows, and in the corner creases of walls in rooms where you have (or want to prevent) issues. If you have a current spider issue, you may want to spray those areas a few times that week and then spray once a week for maintenance after that. You can also put a drop or two of these oils onto a cotton ball and place them in harder to spray areas like under your bed. Spraying oils may cause spots on carpets or upholstery, so make sure to test a small area before spraying it on larger sections. Since dealing with spiders (real or imaginary) can be a bit stressful, it’s a good thing you’ll get a little calming aromatherapy while you spray! xo. Laura

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Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog November 17, 2017

I never knew you could even make anti-bug sprays yourself. What a great DIY!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Laura November 17, 2017

I’ve never been scared of spiders but I do sleep better knowing they aren’t lurching around my bed! Haha. Thanks for the recipe!

Also, thanks for mentioning the peppermint bit! It’s very important to me that when talking essential oils, we share safety as well as the fun. I believe spearmint is the safer choice around littles, but I would still research that if anyone wants something minty.

Lisa April 19, 2019

While essential mint oils are great to repel insect, theu can be toxic to cats, even when used in an infuser. Check with your vet to see what ouls are safe around fur babies.

Sarah November 17, 2017

Just beware lavender essential oil is toxic to cats due the linalool in the oil. They are fine around fresh lavender, but not the essential oil.

Linda Trudel November 17, 2017

Thank you SO MUCH for that info……. I have many kitty’s and I want to keep them very safe!!

Jamie November 17, 2017

Was just going to ask what to be aware of regarding pets. Sarah said no lavender around cats, are there any other ones to stay away from with cats and dogs around?

Zander November 18, 2017

All are OK except tea tree around dogs. Sometimes they sneeze if peppermint is too strong, but I use lavender/water mix for a lot of things with my pups.

Gail Power January 01, 2018

Peppermint is very bad for animals. My sister told me about this approx a year ago, but She only mentioned the Peppermint. I am only learning that there are other oils I can use. I researched if there was any danger to my cat. Apparently it is very dangerous and could potentially be fatal. The article mentioned that even a fine mist was harmful.

Candace February 04, 2019

Peppermint oil isn’t safe either!

Meghan Burns November 17, 2017

How fun and cute!! The little spiders are cute!
xo, Meghan |

Jovy November 17, 2017

This is genius! I’m going to have to drop some hints for people to make this and put it in my stocking for Christmas.

Brigitte November 17, 2017

Aww, I love spiders! They eat other, nastier bugs. A silverfish spray, that’s what I’d like to have! I hear they don’t like lavender, would this work for them?

April June 15, 2019

Diatomaceous earth is good to get rid of silverfish. Just sprinkle around areas you see them and in corners. Use a dehumidifier and toss any cardboard boxes you are using For storage, clean with a citrus or lavender cleaner and then use peppermint, cinnamon, and cedar to keep them away.

Nan November 17, 2017

I second the comment about cats and essential oils – some are very toxic for kitties, so check first if you have cats.

The pink pineapple November 17, 2017
Jayne November 18, 2017

Lovely idea. I have read that cedarwood oil is also very good. Lovely smell too. Apparently houses built of cedarwood tend to be spider free!

Dee Dee Forsythe July 22, 2018

Chihuahuas are extremely allergic to cedar wood even if you use it in a diffuser.

Hannah November 18, 2017

I never knew this was possible. This is deffo something I need in my life haha. Thanks for sharing!

Zander November 18, 2017

Jamie- careful w/tea tree around dogs. All others are fine. I even use a lavender oil and water mix as a way to help itchy skin or ears on my dogs.

Charity November 18, 2017

First of all, I want to tell you how much I loved reading this article! I love spiders but they scare the beejebers out of me, too. I’m going to make this spray for sure!

I sell doTERRA oils and just wanted to clarify that doTERRA oils have all been deemed safe to use around babies and children. I can’t speak for other brands. Peppermint would be safe to use in a spray bottle, like your recipe, but peppermint oil itself needs to used with a carrier oil sparingly with children. Just keep the essential oils themselves out of reach of children. But your spray bottle idea is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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Michelle November 18, 2017
Eme November 18, 2017

This is great, I have been looking for a natural way to deter spiders from my home as I currently have a spider problem. Thanks for sharing.

Holly November 18, 2017

Love this, it is going to make such a great present for some of my spider-fearing friends & isn’t the label just the cutest!!

Paige Flamm November 18, 2017

We totally need this for our new house! The spiders are out of control here!

Evelyn Lee November 18, 2017

How to keep away lizards?

Karina November 19, 2017

I definitely gonna try this out because I have some spiders in my room and I’m so afraid of them! But on the other side I know that spiders play an important role in the nature, so I don’t want to kill them. Plus, it would be nice to have some lavender smell in my room!

Stacy Cash November 19, 2017

No citrus oils around pets! I did not know this and lost my poor cat to lymphoma last year. Kid safety is of course the most important, but we can’t forget out about furry babies.

stephy March 02, 2019

Amazing post, also essential oil base mixture worked wonders for keeping our baby’s skin nourished. Thanks!

RJ Smith September 16, 2019

I googled this website to learn more about peppermint oils. I hate with a passion 8 legged bugs. Just in my bed and saw one across. I also read you add alcohol to the mixture. However I’m going to try the first with water, peppermint and dishwashing soap.

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Scientists reveal all-natural hack to prevent spiders from entering your home

Banish the eight-legged beasts without harming them…

The spiders we have here in the UK are harmless and nothing in size compared to ones found in more exotic countries, but this doesn’t stop us Brits wanting to keep these eight-legged beasts out of our homes.

Rather than having to catch the spiders in your home and usher them outside, it might be more useful to know how to prevent them from entering in the first place.

Well it’s good news, because Scientists in America have found a clever hack to help keep spiders at bay, and it’s very simple.

The research team made their own natural repellent by mixing peppermint oil ( £1.99, Amazon) and water together and spraying it around doors and windows.

This concoction will force spiders to retreat in the opposite direction.

Tips for using the solution

1. Vacuum and dust your home to get rid of any pre-existing webs.

2. Mix the two-part solution by adding 20 drops of peppermint oil to a spray bottle of water.

3. Spray the solution around the house, especially in the corners of rooms.

4. Repeat this once a week. If spiders are still showing up spray every few days.

5. Keep your windows open to allow fresh air to enter while you spray.

This spider repellent spray is great because it doesn’t harm the creepy crawlies, it simply discourages them from entering.

If you are fully determined to keep the spiders out, then you can also add peppermint plants to the outskirts of your house.

To find out more natural ways to keep spiders out of your house, read our full guide here.

Essential Oils for Spider Repellent

Raise your hand if you think spiders are literally the worst. You can’t see me, but my hand went shooting up lighting fast. I am 100% not a fan of spiders, but they absolutely thrive during this time of year because of the heat. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t need any spiders crawling around in #mytinybungalow. Because I’m guessing you don’t want any eight-legged creatures invading your home either, I’ve been doing some research lately on the best way to naturally keep these guys away. As much as I hate them, I don’t necessarily want to kill them, and calling pest control can get a little pricey. And store-bought repellents have all kinds of crazy chemicals in them, which frankly freak me out more than the spiders do. So what’s the alternative? Natural remedies using essential oils.

After a quick search of the interweb and talking to some essential oil enthusiast friends, there are actually several ways to go about using natural, plant-based oils to rid your house of spiders. And it’s your lucky day because I’m going to share exactly what you need to do in this post.

How To Get Rid of Spiders Using Essential Oils

Essential Oils that Act as Spider Repellent

Spiders’ taste buds are actually located on the tip of each of their legs (idk why, but this feels so weird to me?!). So this means they pick up tastes from everything they walk on. If they walk on something that doesn’t taste good, they’ll stay away. So what oils should you use to deter spiders? Here’s my best list of suggestions whether you have a couple or a whole spider infestation:

  • Lemon oil
  • Orange oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Peppermint oil
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What’s the logic behind these oils repelling spiders? Apparently they really (and I mean * really* ) hate citrus, so that’s why you see lemon and orange at the top of the list, but spiders supposedly hate the taste of all of the oils listed, so that’s what makes them effective.

If you have a citrus blend you love — usually morning and/or energy blends are very citrusy — I recommend utilizing it in this situation. Or, rumor has it peppermint works pretty dang well, too, so if it’s the holiday season, or you want your house to smell like it is, it’s a good option as well. The most important thing here is to choose the oil you like the smell of most because your house will definitely carry the scent.

Homemade Spray

The next step in this process is to make your spray. I ordered up some of these cute 16 oz amber glass bottles to store my homemade repellent in. You want to choose amber because essential oils should be stored in darkness so they can retain their potency. But if you already have clear glass bottles, they’ll work too, just be sure to store your repellent (and any other concoctions you make) in a dark cupboard. You can also make a pretty label too so you’ll never forget what’s in your bottle!

All you have to do now is drop 5-10 drops of your chosen oil into your bottle, fill the rest with water and then also add a few drops of your favorite dish soap. The dish soap helps everything combine and work together because of the whole oil and water separate thing. Give the bottle a good shake and you officially have homemade, all-natural spider repellent!

To use your anti-spider spray in your home, spray it in all the usual places spiders use to enter the house — around window edges, baseboards, door creases. If you have a current infestation, I’d start by spraying a couple times a week. If you’re just trying to prevent an intrusion, go for once a week in peak season (summer months).

Diffusing Essential Oils

There are lots of therapeutic benefits to diffusing oils, but this is another good way to naturally keep the spiders away. If you already diffuse oils on a regular basis (at least one of the scents mentioned above) then you’re already doing yourself a big service by keeping those pesky spiders away.

Body Repellent

And lastly, if you’re noticing you have spider bites (probably my worst nightmare), try applying essential oils directly onto your skin before bed. Of course, make sure you’re using lemon oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil or one of the options above. You can basically use it like lotion and just rub it into your skin like you would any other moisturizer. Just remember that they are oils and a little can go a long way! Pro tip: you can actually use essential oils to help treat and heal existing spider bites as well. Baking soda also works wonders for a spider bite; simply make a paste of baking soda and water, then add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and apply to the bite.

Another hack, especially if you’ve seen spiders lurking in your bedroom or other areas of your house, is to soak a cotton ball in one of the repelling oils and place it under your bed or in a common area for spiders to hang out like under a table or somewhere cool and dark.

And that’s it! Super simple and will actually make your house smell so good. Has anyone tried this before? I want to hear how your experience went.

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