How to Get Rid of Skunks Fast & Humanely

Skunks can be very persistent animals, and their smell is nearly impossible to get rid of. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can keep them from coming into your yard in the first place. The most common way skunks come onto people’s property is by looking for food or water sources — it just so happens that these items are often outside at night when they’re not around.

There are several ways to create barriers between your house and the rest of the world:

  • Install fencing on any possible openings near ground level where they might find access
  • Set up motion sensor lights with sprinklers or alarms attached (these will deter them without hurting them)
  • Use ammonia as a defense mechanism; soak cotton balls in order to create a strong smell that masks their musk
  • Employ the use of food and water dishes near your house in order to entice them away from plants or other areas where they might find sustenance
  • Use animal repellent spritzes around any possible entry points (these will deter without hurting)
  • Install motion sensor sprinklers with an alarm; only activates when there is movement, yet still scares off skunks because they don’t want to get sprayed. This one requires some wiring knowledge but can be done fairly cheaply by someone who knows what they’re doing.
  • Secure lids on garbage containers
  • Install metal mesh over vents such as air conditioning units and dryer vents
  • Clean up pet waste

How To Stop Skunks From Coming In Your Yard

Skunks are constantly trying to find new ways onto people’s property — it may take time for these methods to work, but eventually you’ll see fewer, to put it differently, you’ll have to keep at it! Remember, if they’re not coming into your yard and garden then there’s no risk of them spraying.

The most common way skunks come on a person’s property is by looking for food or water sources – this just so happens that these items are often outside when the sun isn’t out.

How To Stop Skunks From Coming In Your Yard


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There are many creatures that can come into your yard and cause problems for you. Skunks are one of the most common pests because they have a terrible smell and will dig up your yard to find food or create a den. The following is an article on how to stop skunks from coming into your yard, so read on!

Skunks will dig up your yard to find food and create a den. Here are some tips on how to stop skunks from coming into your yard:

  1. Stay away from any holes that you see in the ground because this is where they live. You can also fill these holes with dirt or put down metal sheets over them so they don’t come back out again.
  2. If there’s an area of your property where it seems like something has been digging, use wire mesh fencing as a barrier around the perimeter or install chicken wire at least one foot deep into the soil so nothing can tunnel under it.

How Do You Get Rid Of Skunks In Your Backyard

There are many ways to keep skunks from coming into your yard, but the best way is by keeping them out. Preventing them from coming in will stop any future problems you may have with these pesky animals!

Here’s what you need: a fence or an electric wire that runs around the perimeter of your property and is at least two feet off ground level; hardware cloth (or chicken wire) for small spaces where pipes enter your house (skunks can easily fit through 12″ openings); secure lids on garbage containers; metal mesh over vents such as air conditioning units and dryer vents; clean up pet waste.

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If it becomes necessary to remove a skunk, follow this advice: Use rubber gloves when handling wildlife in order to avoid disease. Wear safety goggles when spraying the skunk with water or a chemical repellent from as far away as possible to avoid being sprayed yourself. Once it has been successfully removed, seal off any openings where they might be able to re-enter your property and install an appropriate deterrent such as barriers, lights, and smell!

Skunks are not aggressive animals but if cornered will defend themselves by hissing and showing their teeth so you should always try to keep at least one arm’s length distance between you and them. If this happens, spray the animal for about 20 seconds before running in a different direction away from the animal. They can cover over 30 feet in just two jumps!

How To Keep Skunks Out Of Your Yard Safe For Dogs

Keeping skunks out of the yard is not only for your safety but also for your dog’s! Skunk spray contains an ingredient that can cause sickness in humans and even death to dogs!
When a skunk feels threatened it will release its anal glands which contain this dangerous chemical. This smell can linger until washed off with soap or detergent so be sure to keep pets away when disposing of any dead animals on your property.

If you set up a barrier around your house then you won’t have anything to worry about because they’ll never get close enough to spray above ground level!

The fence should be at least two feet high and have holes that are no bigger than three inches, otherwise, these clever creatures might simply find another way to get out.

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Is Vinegar A Good Skunk Repellent?

The smell of vinegar is not pleasant but it does seem to be a popular home remedy for repelling skunks. This recipe combines apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and garlic cloves in a spray bottle with water before spraying on the desired area.

Vinegar has acetic acid which can act as an irritant that will keep animals away from your property, so if you’re looking for a natural solution then this might work!

How to Get Rid of Skunks Fast & Humanely

The only way to get rid of skunks is by killing them, unfortunately. The easiest and most humane ways are the following:

  • Shoot with a .22 caliber rifle from a distance of at least 150 feet away
  • Trap in an approved lethal trap – dangerous or not, they will find their way back out!
  • Poisoning can be done but make sure you have specific instructions on how to do so because it’s very important that you use this method correctly as there could be unintended consequences such as poisoning pets or other wildlife which might come after eating the dead animal carcass.

You should also wear rubber gloves while disposing any poison residue left behind.


Skunks are a nuisance and can make your home smell terrible. Fortunately, there is an easy solution! We have all the tips you need to get rid of skunks fast and humanely so that they don’t come back again next time. Check out our blog for more information on how to keep them away from your property in the future by using these methods as well!

  • George Minton says:

    I disagree with the light idea.. We are the only house in our cul de sac that has four flood lights on each corner of the house and they burn all night. They come by all the time. I woke up one night to the aroma of a skunk coming into my house from around the ac unit. If skunks are light sensitive in your area they are not in my area. Trap them and kill them. They have babies like minks. If you don’t want the whole family to dig a hole under your porch, in your shed or under your air conditioner that is the only thing to do with the little varmits. They also crap in your shed and make a big mess. I was cleaning out my shed in April and the last thing I did was raise a pallet up to see if there was anything under it. Whoa and behold, the mother and five little babies had me boxed in the shed behind the upraised pallet. They scattered. I waited and beelined it out of the shed and did not get sprayed. That was lucky. They didn’t run. They just sauntered out like I dare you to do anything human. Needless to say my heart was in my throat. Kill them so they don’t come to my house. A note skunks like sheds especially well between February and May because they are having more little stinkers. Spray around your shed with Ammonia. Put moth balls down or you can even try Critter Ridder. The best thing you can do is dig a trench and put hardware cloth in the hole running it up the side of the hole next to the shed and fill it back in to hold the hardware cloth up. Do this around the AC too. Make sure no holes are under your steps as well. Good Luck my friends. They like bird seed and grubs. Don’t leave the bird bath full overnight.

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