Prevent the introduction and spread of tree pests and diseases

Prevent the introduction and spread of tree pests and diseases


Find out what you can do to prevent tree pests and diseases from getting established, or to prevent or slow their spread and the damage they do.

Biosecurity refers to a set of precautions that aim to prevent the introduction and spread of harmful organisms. These include non-native tree pests, such as insects, and disease-causing organisms, called pathogens, such as some bacteria and fungi.

Tree pests and diseases can be transported between or within countries via a number of pathways, including:

  • live plant and tree products, such as potted plants
  • timber and wood packaging materials (WPM), such as shipping crates and pallets – find out more if you’re an importer using WPM
  • dirty tools, kit, machinery and vehicles, such as chainsaws, boots and all-terrain vehicles
  • soil and organic material, such as leaf litter
  • natural methods, such as wind and water

There has been a significant increase in the number of non-native tree pests and diseases being introduced to the United Kingdom since the early 2000s. This demonstrates the need for us all to take action to provide our trees, woods and forests with greater protection. By implementing appropriate biosecurity measures, we can significantly reduce the risk of introducing and spreading tree pests and diseases.

This page will show you how to maximise good tree health through biosecurity.

What you can do


Tree pests and diseases can have a significant impact on our landscape, but there are some simple steps members of the public can take to help limit their spread:

  • drive and park your vehicle only on hard-standing surfaces such as tarmac where possible when visiting outdoor areas such as woodlands, parks or gardens
  • clean mud, organic material and water off your boots, bikes and buggies – and the dog – before you leave, because fungi, bacteria and insects can live in these materials
  • ‘Don’t risk it!’ – please don’t bring any plant or tree products back from trips abroad, because these might be carrying harmful non-native tree pests or pathogens
  • report any trees that you suspect are in ill-health to the Forestry Commission using Tree Alert

Industry professionals

People working in the arboriculture, forestry and landscaping industries are considered a particularly high-risk group for their potential to spread tree pests and diseases.

The Forestry Commission has therefore worked closely with the following organisations to develop industry-specific biosecurity guidance in an effort to reduce their members’ risk of introducing or spreading pests and diseases:

By following the three calls to action from our industry guidance (‘Think kit, think transport, think trees’) alongside the public biosecurity guidance above, industry professionals can significantly reduce the risk:

‘Think kit’:

  • make sure all equipment, including boots, clothing, ropes and saws, is free from soil and organic material before entering and leaving a site
  • regularly clean ropes as per the manufacturer’s guidance, or use dedicated ropes for particular sites
  • clean and disinfect chainsaws (pruning saws and other cutting tools as part of regular routine maintenance, and before moving to new sites)

‘Think transport’:

  • remove any build-up of soil and organic material on vehicles and machinery, including cabs, wheels and foot wells, before leaving each site
  • use proper off-site wash-down facilities regularly

‘Think trees, plants, and materials’:

  • develop relationships with nurseries you can trust so they can help you responsibly source plant and tree stock from pest- and disease-free areas
  • keep accurate, up-to-date records of all purchases and supplies to assist with tracing exercises in the event of an outbreak
  • regularly monitor plant and tree stock for signs of ill-health, and report any suspect symptoms to us using Tree Alert
  • if you’re responsible for importing or moving plants, check your plant passport and registration requirements with APHA before doing so
  • source landscaping materials only from pest- and disease-free areas
  • be aware of any restrictions in place, or phytosanitary (plant health) measures and treatments required when importing certain materials or their packaging
  • consider specifying British-grown plants to avoid being party to an accidental introduction of a pest or disease

When working on a site that is subject to a Statutory Plant Health Notice (see below), or where a pest or disease has been confirmed, you must follow any additional biosecurity guidance for that pest or disease in addition to the measures above.

If you must remove infected or infested material from such sites for safety reasons, you must ensure that:

  • it’s kept separate from other arisings
  • it’s not used for mulch or firewood
  • it’s disposed of at a licensed handling facility, or through deep burial or incineration on site
  • you obtain a movement licence if required

Land owners and managers

As a land owner or manager, it’s particularly important that you implement appropriate biosecurity measures to prevent the introduction and spread of tree pests and diseases. Not only can these organisms affect the economic value of your trees, they can also have a wider negative impact on other species and habitats.

By following the biosecurity guidance provided above for the public and industry professionals, you can significantly reduce the risk of tree pests and diseases spreading on to your land. If, however, a tree pest or disease is confirmed on the land you own or manage, there are some additional measures you need to follow:

Statutory Plant Health Notices (SPHNs)

If the tree pest or disease found on the land you own or manage is classified as notifiable, you may be issued with an SPHN. The Forestry Commission and other plant health authorities issue these notices requiring the owner or manager to take certain steps to eradicate or contain notifiable pests and diseases.

SPHNs requiring eradication may require measures to kill the infected or infested trees, such as by felling or ring barking. SPHNs ordering containment measures may allow the infected or infested trees to remain standing, but require any susceptible material to remain on site.

If you’re issued with an SPHN, you must follow any instructions provided within the document. If you have any questions about an SPHN you have been issued, contact the Forestry Commission.

Note that receipt of an SPHN doesn’t mean that you’re in any trouble. Nor does it imply that you have committed an offence, or are at fault for the pest or disease being present on your land. However, failure to comply with the requirements of an SPHN can result in enforcement action and prosecution.

Non-notifiable pests and diseases

You’re not required to take any action if the tree pest or disease found on your land is not notifiable. We do, however, recommend that you take the following measures to ensure people’s and animals’ safety, and to minimise any further spread of the pest or disease. You should:

  • continue to implement the biosecurity measures in the public and industry professionals sections above
  • make any visitors aware of the presence of pests and diseases on your land through information boards, posters at entry points, and/or by adding information and biosecurity guidance to your site’s website, if available
  • monitor the trees’ safety as the infection or infestation progresses, and prune or fell affected trees if they threaten to cause damage or injury
  • in low-density situations, such as in parks or gardens, slow the spread of pests and diseases by removing and disposing of (by burying, composting or, where permitted, burning) infected trees and their fallen leaves and branches

Biosecurity kit

Putting together a simple, portable biosecurity kit can help you implement simple measures every day to help limit the introduction and spread of tree pests and diseases. The following are cheap and easily obtained items to include in your kit:

  • bucket (big enough to fit your boot and a few inches of water)
  • boot pick
  • brush
  • disinfectant
  • hand sanitiser
  • water container (or a large re-used water bottle)
  • portable pressure washer (optional, but handy for cleaning bikes or other equipment that won’t fit in a bucket)


Propellar and Cleankill Sanitising Spray are effective against Phytophthora species and other plant pathogens. Note that ‘Cleankill Sanitising Spray’ should be distinguished from ‘Cleankill’, which is a commonly used animal health disinfectant. ‘Cleankill’ has not been tested for its effectiveness against plant pathogens such as Phytophthora species.

We make the following recommendations for using these disinfectants:

  • disinfectants are only effective when sprayed on to clean surfaces, so clear all soil and organic material from the surfaces being disinfected before spraying
  • use Cleankill Sanitising Spray rather than Propellar to disinfect work boots and outerwear, to avoid any damage to their fabric and glue
  • propellar should be used on metal tools to prevent rusting, but it must be stored in a flame-proof container when not in use because of its flammability

If using disinfectant, you should also include these additional items within your kit:

  • eye protection
  • protective gloves
  • flame-proof container


The number of introductions of tree pests and diseases has increased. It is therefore more important than ever that we all learn how we can help to minimise the risk of further introductions and spread through the effective application of biosecurity measures.

Our biosecurity e-learning package was developed with the Animal and Plant Health Agency, the Arboricultural Association and the British Association for Landscape Industries. It provides background information about biosecurity issues, and clear guidance on the most effective and appropriate biosecurity measures for different situations.

The package can be accessed via the Forestry Commission’s e-learning portal. Before you first use it, you’ll be asked to register and create an account. Once your account is verified you can enrol for the online courses.

The package is divided into five modules:

  • Module 1: Biosecurity awareness
  • Module 2: Biosecurity – dispersal pathways
  • Module 3: Biosecurity measures
  • Module 4: Biosecurity – personal controls
  • Module 5: Biosecurity – import and export requirements for wood packaging material

At the end of each module is a short test to establish your understanding of the subject. The pass mark for each test is 80 per cent, and there is an option to re-take the test if required.

If you have any queries about the e-learning package, contact the Forestry Commission.


‘Keep it Clean’

The Forestry Commission’s ‘Keep it Clean’ campaign is a simple, memorable call to action to everyone to incorporate biosecurity measures into their daily routine. You can support the campaign by downloading the media and tools and using them within your organisation any way you can.

You can also show your support on Twitter by using the Forestry Commission’s ‘Keep it Clean’ Twibbon

Other useful resources

  • UK Plant Health Risk Register Records the main threats to the UK’s plants and trees, and provides prioritised actions to help us improve our defences against them
  • UK Plant Health Information Portal Provides a hub for plant health information, data and resources
  • Plant Biosecurity Strategy Provides a high-level overview of the activity that Defra and the devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales are undertaking to improve plant biosecurity across Great Britain
  • Tree Health Management Plan Sets out the government’s approach to tree health in England, which is in line with the Plant Biosecurity Strategy
  • Tree Health Resilience Strategy Sets out the UK’s plans to reduce the risk of pest and disease threats, and how we will strengthen the resilience of our trees to withstand threats
  • Generic Contingency Plan for Plant and Bee Health in England A working document describing how Defra and operational partners will prepare for, and would respond to, an outbreak of a plant or bee pest or disease in England
  • Countryside Stewardship Apply for tree health grants all year round to restore or improve woodland trees
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For tree health and biosecurity related queries:

For e-learning enquiries:

Use Tree Alert to report a suspected tree pest or disease to the Forestry Commission.

Sign up to Tree Health News for the latest information on tree and woodland health.

Follow @ForestryComm on Twitter for updates on forestry grants, regulations and tree health in England.

Predatory Mites: Get Rid of Spider Mites on Cannabis Organically

Predatory Mites are anthropods used for biological control of pest spider mites. These living warriors do not bite people and cause no damage to plants. Whether you’re growing indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse, predatory mites are a great organic solution to spider mite infestations.

Table of Contents:

What are Spider Mites?

Tetranychus urticae females with egg

One of the more formidable pathogens a Cannabis shepherd must contend with is known as the “Spider Mite”. Spider Mites are arachnids barely visible to the naked eye that feed by extracting fluid from plant tissues. Many species are able to reproduce quickly, hatching in as little as 3 days, and becoming sexually mature in as little as 5 days.

Spider mites can feed on hundreds of different species of plants (including cannabis). They most commonly reside on the undersides of leaves, and can spin their silk webs over plant leaves and flowers – hence the name “Spider Mite”. Spider mites are known as one of the most frustrating cannabis pests to get rid of.

Spider Mites are Damaging to Plants

Plant leaves succumb to spider mite infestation quickly causing mass die off. Spider mites obtain their food by sucking chlorophyll from leaf undersides. Without hasty countermeasures or eradication, entire crops can be lost. Luckily there are many methods available for prevention and treatment if symptoms are diagnosed quickly.

While avoiding infestation is optimal, spider mites prey on a vast array of plants all horticulturalists will eventually come in contact with including many yard and garden plants like juniper, corn, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, beans, eggplants, carrots, strawberries, cucumbers and cannabis

Common Ways to Get Rid of Spider Mites

While acaricides like pyrethrum are effective, it is best to avoid the risk of plant tissue damage and residual toxicity in sinsemilla crops.

Organic sprays containing Neem oil, pepper spray and insecticidal soaps are safer options though proper application is stressed since mite populations congregate on the underside of cannabis leaves. AzaMax and Spinosad are popular OMRI listed solutions.

Modifying environmental factors can control mite populations but may improve the conditions for other pathogens i.e. increased humidity and botrytis. Controlled CO2 enrichment has been touted as “Generally dramatically decreased oxygen and increased carbon dioxide concentrations at elevated temperatures can lead to mortality(of spider mites) at all developmental stages.” [ read more ]

A contained “CO2 blast” can kill grown spider mites, though won’t kill their eggs – reapplication is necessary within a few days. This debated method is praised by some, while many cannabis growers have found CO2 level modification for spider mite eradication utterly useless. Use extreme caution when handling and releasing CO2 – a concentration above 5000 ppm is known as dangerous to humans.

Using Predatory Mites to Kill Spider Mites on Plants

One sustainable organic remedy that has only recently become commercially available to cultivators is deploying predatory mites to hunt and kill your mites for you. Soldier bugs like Praying Mantis, Ladybugs, and Green Lacewing have been available for many years. However, they have not proven to be effective as they are much larger and do not prey specifically on mites.

Predatory mites are comparable in size to their prey but move at much higher speeds and feed on many spider mites in short periods of time. P.Persimilis will feed so quickly they starve since their diet consists of Spider Mites alone. A.Swirskii has a varied diet including mites, pollen, and even mold. Furthermore, it will also predate harmful insects such as Thrips and Whiteflies if they are introduced to the garden space.

A blend of species is often offered by suppliers providing strength in diversity. Multiple applications are still recommended to provide insurance that stowaway eggs don’t seed future infestation.

Predatory Mite Benefits

There are clear advantages to plants by using predatory mites to kill spider mites:

  • Predatory mites eat spider mites.
  • Predatory mites eat spider mite eggs. Compare this to many spray and CO2 methods that attack solely the hatched mite, doing nothing for the next generation. Predator mites devour the both the mite itself along with it’s nutritious unhatched eggs.
  • Predatory mites move quickly and thoroughly through plants, possessing a wolfish hunger.
  • Easy to use – no need to worry about spraying every single leaf’s underside, simply release your predator mite army and sit back.
  • 100% safe and organic – stay away from chemical application that can result in residual pesticides (a growing problem in the cannabis market).
  • Predatory mites are inexpensive and delivered fast!

Phytoseiulus persimilis species of predatory mite

How to Apply Predatory Mites on Cannabis:

Mites can be released at anytime outdoors but it is preferable to release when lights are off if in an indoor grow space. Lightly spray the entire surface of the canopy with water and sprinkle the contents of the bottle which will stick to the leaf surface. Depending on species, mites will be effective between 1-12 per square foot so orders typically come in 500-5000 per.

In general, a light spider mite infestation should be inoculated with a blend of predatory mites species at a rate of 2-4 per square meter. 5-10 per square meter will be effective for a heavy infestation. If preferred, sprinkle the mites into an envelope and secure it between branches to keep the carrier medium off of the plants if flowering has already been initiated. Though it may not be needed a second application is recommended after two weeks to eradicate potential stowaway eggs seeding a future infestations.

Buy Predatory Mites For Sale Online

Predatory Mites can be procured online through or directly through supplier websites like and . The order should arrive in under 24 hours and the mites must be released within 18 hours of receipt. They will be stored in camera film sized containers in a vermiculite or corn grit medium, or in slow release bags.

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Article written by the team. More great information coming soon!

Disclaimer: We do not promote or undertake in illegal activities.

Controlling Thrips – How To Get Rid Of Thrips

Thysanoptera, or thrips, are little slender insects that have fringed wings and feed on other insects by puncturing them and sucking out their insides. However, some of them also feed inside the buds and leaves of a plant. This causes distorted parts to the plant or black specks, which is actually the feces from the thrips. Stippled leaves or blossoms that die before opening are also a sign that you may have thrips.

Not All Thrips on Flowers Are Bad

If you are wondering how to kill thrips, insecticides work. The problem with killing them is that you will accidentally kill things that are beneficial to your plants. This includes some species of thrips. Therefore, you want to form a plan of thrip control because controlling thrips is much better for your plants that getting rid of thrips altogether.

There are other pests that can cause damage similar to that of thrips. This might be mites or lace bugs. Make sure that pest thrips are the thrips you have before you take any action to start thrip control so you know what you are doing will kill the actual problem. Some thrips are beneficial because they kill other pests to your plants, so you want some thrips on flowers. However, the bad ones need to be controlled and there are some specific ways to go about controlling thrips.

How to Kill Thrips

When you are performing thrip control, realize that controlling thrips is not always the easiest thing to do. You could use pesticides, but you don’t want to rid the plant of the beneficial thrips. You should use control strategies that include the least toxic insecticides along with making sure you use good cultural practices, such as providing consistent watering and cleaning up dead or diseased plant material.

When controlling thrips, you can prune and get rid of any injured areas on the plant. Regular pruning helps get rid of thrips. Thrips on flowers can be eliminated as soon as you see signs of damage by using a mild insecticide like insecticidal soap or neem oil, or by pruning the flowers. You never want to shear your plants because the new growth caused by shearing will attract even more thrips than you had before shearing the plant.

So remember, controlling thrips is better than thinking about getting rid of thrips because when you get rid of thrips, you are will also be eliminating beneficial bugs to your plants as well. You do not want to do that. Protect the beneficial bugs, and make sure you take care of eliminating thrips that are not beneficial by taking appropriate and safe measures.

Pest Control Petersville

Marks Pest Control Petersville – Marks Pest Control is an expert in providing pest control and protection services to business owners and homeowners. We are one of the Petersville Local, Effective, environmentally safe and Reliable top pest control company. Marks Pest provide all kind of pest control services like cockroaches control, ants, bees , fleas, silverfish, spiders , stored product pests, wasps, and bed bugs control for all suburbs of Petersville. We have won many awards for Pest Control Services. Grab 20% Discount on pest infestation control before 30 Sep 2019.

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Commercial Pest Control Services

Residential Pest Eradication

Keep your homes pest-free – contact Marks Pest Control if you reside anywhere in Petersville. We provide residential pest eradication solutions in all suburbs of Petersville. Our team is expert in cleaning homes from pests and delivering:

  • Rodent control
  • Insect control
  • Flying pest control

Professional Pest Control Services

We Cover All Areas of Petersville

Marks Pest Control delivers exceptional pest control services in the following suburbs of Petersville:

Numerous Pest Removal Treatments

Apart from regular pest control services, we offer a few specialized pest control treatments too only in Petersville. These are beneficial for businesses like milling, manufacturing, agriculture, cargo, and shipping. These are:

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is used to sterilize and devitalize imported and exported goods. Heat treatment does not use any toxic gases and yet control pests from grains, water hyacinth, birdseeds, Bali grass thatching, and herbs.


Fumigation is the latest pest control solution that targets certain pests that attack storage areas and stored products. Fumigation is used to get rid of mites, weevils, and moths. Fumigation is essential for businesses like shipping and cargo. To transport your shipments without the risk of contamination and to keep your consignments safe, opt for fumigation only from the experts.

Pesticides Spray Method

It is the method which is used by most of the people for eradicating the pests. The method requires a spray machine and storage tank for making a solution of the pesticides. The spray machine varies in size and prices so you can buy the smaller one which is not much costly. These are used by the farmers to spray weedicides and insecticides to protect their crops. The pesticide is spread where the pests are and they will be killed as an effect of it. It is considered as the most effective methods as it is useful for eradicating all kinds of pests. You can call the professionals of Mark’s Pest Control to get the work done in the perfect way.

Pest Disinfection

We provide affordable pest disinfection services in all areas of Petersville. This service targets at disinfecting your property from the pathogens left behind by pests, which can lead to various diseases. Pest disinfection leads to a healthy and safe environment.

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Pre-Purchase Building Pest Inspection

There are many customers who are confused about the pest infestation at their place. They are unaware of the types of pest at their place as well as they need service or not. The pre-purchase inspection service will clear out everything. There will be no confusion at all about the kinds of pest and their population extent. This will be helpful for the service provider in preparing themselves better for the services. Call for Pre-purchase inspection service to Mark’s Pest Control and get everything done.

2019 How much does pest control cost?

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Spider Control

Spiders are frightening creatures who are actually harmless mostly and also help us by eating other insects and bugs. Spider infestation is a serious problem though which can greatly affect your health and home environment. Spiders will attract other poisonous spiders which can pose risks for you. We at Mark’s Pest control will provide you with spider pest controls service in Petersville. We use special commercial products for eradication of spiders. We will make sure that no sign of spider web is seen and remove all the webs from every part and corner of your home.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are very dangerous creatures which can infiltrate and infest your homes, offices and other public spaces. Cockroaches are known to carry many dangerous germs and these germs can cause many diseases and ailments. Cockroach infestation poses severe health risks and you should never ignore it, Mark’s Pest control will provide complete eradication fo cockroaches effectively. We use safe and effective products for cockroach extermination. We will exterminate and eradicate all the roaches and also treat the source of infestation as well

Moth Control

Moth can also infest your property and cause damages and losses to your belongings. It is very difficult to get rid of moth infestation as there eggs and larvae are very small and can spread throughout the property. Moth infestation will compromise the home environment and also attract other insects as well. Mark’s Pest control can deliver the best Moth pest control service in Petersville. With years of experience, we can deliver complete removal of moths form your space in no time. Hire our moth control service at affordable costs and get rid of moths easily.

Flea Control

Flea is creatures that inhabit pets and animals and survive on their blood. Fleas are also known to bite humans and draw their blood as well. Not to forget that fleas will cause torment and torture to your pets. So it is advisable that you hire Mark’s Pest Control for fleas pest control service in Petersville. We will provide complete elimination of flea infestation from your homes and offices. We will also treat the pet shelter to get rid of fleas and provide complete protection from fleas.

Silverfish Control

Silverfish is a worm-like creature that moves similarly to the fish. Silverfish are strong and stubborn pests that can feast on almost anything. Old books, paper trash and clutter are common places for their infestation. Silverfish infestation can cause many losses and damages to your belongings. We at Mark’s Pest Control can provide you with silverfish pest control service in Petersville. We can inspect and check for the source of their infestation and treat it effectively. We can eradicate silverfish infestation form your home within a single day.

What All We Do?

We provides complete pest control solutions for all kinds of pests popular in Petersville. These include:

Crawling Pests

Worried about crawling pests? We fully equipped to remove all kinds of crawling pests:

  • Bed BugsBed bugs are very commonly found in dirty beds. They feed on human blood and usually hide under cupboards, carpets, and mattresses. We have the latest techniques for complete bedbug removal.
  • Cockroaches – Cockroaches are one of the most harmful crawling pests that carry disease-causing organisms. Cockroaches are easily found in homes, food facilities, and healthcare facilities. They can contaminate both foods as well as surfaces.
  • AntsMarks Pest Control Petersville has expertise in eradicating ants from your life – be it your home or your office.
  • Fleas and Ticks – Your favourite pets are carriers of fleas and ticks. These can cause serious diseases like plague and Lyme disease.
  • Spiders – We provide bio-friendly spider control services because of we
    understand you just hate the sight of spiders!


  • Rats – Rats can cause dangerous diseases and thus you need to eliminate them completely. Marks Pest Control delivers guaranteed rat control services that ensure health and hygiene for you and your
  • Mice – Mice have the potential to reach to your food storage areas. They even damage property in various ways. Don’t let mice harm you in any way, instead call us for expert in mice control.

Flying Insects

Flying insects are riskier than the crawling ones because of their ease of movability. Our flying insects’ removal services give you freedom from these pests:

  • Flies – Flies breed on grime and filth. They carry disease-causing
    organisms and contaminate food. We have the latest techniques to help you get rid of them.
  • Mosquitoes – Dengue and malaria are considered to be synonymous with mosquitoes. Also, mosquito bites can cause rashes and other skin issues.
  • Bees – Bees are harmful because their sting causes pain and even
    allergic reaction. Their sting needs to be removed from the skin.
  • Wasp – Have wasps build a nest in your home’s premises? It could be very risky but we have got the right solutions to eliminate wasps completely.
  • Moth – Moth damage clothes, carpets, upholstered furniture, and even
    tapestries. Expert moth control services can help you get rid of them.

End of Lease Pest Control Services

Marks Pest Control provides the best pest control service for the rented house. Our professionals will reach your place and exterminate all the pests and eliminating all the chances of complaint in terms of pests in the house. Our team is best as they are experienced and understand the behaviour of the pests. The experience and skills are together seen the high-end result. There will be no pests at all after our services.

Pest control service on the same day of booking

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Frequently Asked Questions on Pest Control Petersville:

Usually, it depends on the formal state of pest infestation or room temperature. Once You follow-up our pest removal treatments and if, it is done by our professionals then, it would be effective for several months. You will perceive quickly how effective our treatment was. You have to hire professional pest controllers yearly or half, yearly or monthly according to the temperature or pest infestation.

You can simply use your bed after 1 or 2 hours of bedbug treatments. Even, you should continue to use your bed after getting treatment. If the room is left empty then hiding bedbugs won’t emerge from their hiding spots.

Flying beetles are a household pest that can damage your grain or eatable things in your home. Usually, they attack the lawn. To get rid of them, apply our useful pest removal treatments. You can use vinegar to remove flying beetles by spraying them. Apply pest repellent also for better result. If still, you are dealing with bottles, hire professionals. We are always available for our customers.

There are various corner and crevices which are in the furniture where the pests would be hiding. If they will be removed before the service then they will remain active and they can start their show once again after the service. As they will enter with the furniture. There can be a way to firstly clean the furniture and look into all of its gaps where the pests can reside and treat them, then go for treating the whole house.

Pests can be a deal of a great headache and agony. They can cause harm and damage to the house and the people living inside it. There are many ways through which you can control pets on your own such as seal holes in cupboards, walls, and tiles, keep your premises absolutely clean, use airtight containers for food storage, keep the dustbins clean and empty them daily, use fly screens on windows, don’t provide any accessible food/water, do not keep dirty dishes in dishwasher/sink overnight, use door seals to avoid pests entering etc.

Location: Petersville, SA, Australia

Pest Control Petersville

Marks Pest Control is an expert in providing pest control and protection services to business owners and homeowners. We are one of the Petersville’s Local, Effective, environmentally safe and Reliable top pest control company. Marks Pest provide all kind of pest control services like cockroaches control, ants, bees, fleas, silverfish, spiders, stored product pests, wasps, and bed bugs control for all suburbs of Petersville. We have won many awards for Pest Control Services.

Why Do We Need Pest Control?

Our all pest control services work is 100% safe and guaranteed. Petersville Pest control is required because insects and rodents carry harmful diseases, plague your bedrooms and Kitchen. Pests can be also biting your loving pets and children. The main reason of control all kind of pest from your house, yard or garage is to remain you secured and healthy.

Why Marks Pest Control?

  • Family owned business
  • Equipment with advanced technology
  • Thousands of satisfied customers all across Petersville
  • Fully certified and licensed pest control team
  • No hidden charges
  • 20 Years old pest control company
  • All of our pest experts hold current pest management licences from Petersville Health
  • Effective removal of flying, crawling, and rodent pest control

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Best Pest Exterminators in Petersville

What Makes Marks Pest Control Specialist?

Wondering what makes us a specialist? It’s our experience, expertise, and affordability that makes us specialist. We at Pest Control, work really hard to bring you effective pest removal Petersville results. List of pests we handle can go endless- from flying to crawling to seasonal, we can control all kinds of pests. Call us for the same day services on 0433 791 074 today!

  1. Local Nearby Pest Controllers
  2. Free no obligation pest control quote
  3. Same Day Pest Control Service

2019 How much does pest control cost?

If you’re suffering from unwanted pests at residential and commercial places and want the best packages to get rid of them? Than Welcome to Marks Pest Control. We offer an affordable packages for you to remove all kind of pesky pests from your residence. Our pest control costs starts from $300 to $700 based on the services and the size of your property. So, don’t let those nasty little creature rule your place anymore. Get in touch with us to get rid of those unwanted pests resting hassle free on your property!

Get Special Discounts on Our Services in 2019

We at Marks Pest Control run special deals and discounts on our pest removal and control services. The services we provide to our clients at residential, commercial and industrial spaces are highly commendable, safe and affordable and believe in providing the best value for money. Moreover, to keep our customers happy, we run many discount offers. The customers can also avail our festive deals and offer. So, wait no more, and grab our special deal of the day today.

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Our Team Reach Your Doorstep Anywhere in Petersville

We know how annoying is it to share your home with pests. Besides spreading disease, and creating an unhygienic environment, these nasty creatures can damage your property to a heavy extent. Our professionals proactively handle the pest issues at your premise with the right skills and years of experience, thus, we reach your place on the same of booking anywhere in Petersville. Our motto is to make your place free from the pests, so you can breathe in a healthy and pest-free environment. We can serve you across all the locations in Petersville including all remote and metro area. You only have to inform us about the type of pest and how dense the infestation is, we will reach your place suggested by you.

Book today for the best pest control in Petersville and enjoy 15% discount on the services now!

Is Professional Petersville Pest Control Really Worth It?

Yes, very much! Getting rid of the pest present in your home is not an easy job. Even if you decide to do it your own, you will not be able to remove them completely as you are unaware of the places these creepy creatures hide and rest in. And in case, pest infestation has extended to a higher level, there is no chance you can deal with them with home remedies and DIY’s.

But, the case is completely different for the professional pest controllers.

  • Professionals know the hiding places of the pests
  • They possess the right equipment for pest treatment
  • Professionals have the right chemicals to deal with the pests
  • They have the right knowledge for the treatment of different pest

Marks Pest Control is constantly marking itself as the number one company for Pest Control.

Petersville’s Premier Pest Control Specialists

Marks Pest Control Petersville is #1 Pest Exterminator Petersville company. We offer commercial and residential pest control services at affordable prices.

As one of leading Petersville’s Marks Pest Control Company, We deliver you an experienced and highly skilled Pest Control Specialists to you. We provide all kind of pest control services across Petersville.

Here at Marks Pest Control, We obtain a personal approach to all types of pests and insects control. Our Pest control specialists are trustworthy and honest with homeowners and businesses. We offer reliable and valuable pest prevention and pest control programs.

Pest Inspection for Your Business

How do We Make Your Property Pest free?

You can Protect your property with our guaranteed pest control Petersville services. Despite being small in size, those creepy creatures are well-efficient of making your life a living hell. They can destroy your property, contaminate food, cause serious health issues to you, and your loved ones and your beloved pets. And in the case of blood-sucking pests, the scenarios can get worse. Few examples are bed bugs and mosquitoes that cause serious itching in humans, ticks, and fleas in pets. But, our team is doing a prominent job of making your lives easy and happier by removing harmful pest from your place. This is how our team make your home pest free:

  • The professionals in the team use their experience in the pest control treatment in Petersville.
  • Our professionals use specialised solutions for the pest extermination to remove even the smallest of the pest.
  • The team of our Pest Control Petersville uses the latest techniques and products for effective results, focusing on the minimal damage to the environment, and your health.
  • Give protection against the harmful pest, and make your home or office a healthy and safe place.

Petersville’s most Trusted Pest Control Company

We offer the following local pest control Petersville, treatment and removal services in Petersville.

What Services Do We Offer?

Our technicians are well-versed in providing all kinds of pest control services. Whether you are looking for general pest control, having a high infestation of a particular pest species, seasonal pest control we have it all. Have a look at the services we offer for pest control Petersville:

    Mosquito pest control Wasp pest control, Wasp nest removals Woodworm treatments Fly pest control Termite control, Termite pest inspection Cockroach removal Spider removal, Moth control Domestic pest control Restaurant pest control Tick extermination, Moth pest control Bee pest control Rodent control Flea control Silverfish control Pre-purchase pest inspection Emergency pest control services Petersville Same day pest control

How do We Carry Out our Pest Treatment Procedure?

Pest Inspection: First of all, the professionals look for the signs of the pest, and identify the infestation extent, and then decide the right method for pest control Petersville treatment.

Treatment and Extermination: After a thorough inspection, the team applies effective chemicals onto pest prone areas. The professionals know, where the pests are hiding and hence, treat those particular areas of your place. The chemicals used in the process, are eco-friendly and completely safe for humans and don’t have side effects.

Post-Inspection on Revisits: Once the process is carried out successfully, our professionals arrange revisits to your place, to make sure there is no recurrence. We make our customers are satisfied with our services and give the best tips for pest control Petersville.


Our specialist local pest control team deliver the best building and pest inspection services across Petersville on same day. Our affordable services includes:

Spider Control Services Petersville

Spiders are one of the most horrible pests species that needs to be moved out of your property as soon as possible for the safety of your family members. There are a number of spider species present in Australia among which Cellar and Wolf are the most common type. Though these spiders generally don’t bite humans, instead help them by feeding on other insects like mosquitoes, crickets, flies and more. No, we are not favouring the presence of spiders in your property. Of course, they should be removed, in case if spider infestation extends to the high level, this can create big problems.

There are danger spider species also, Black Widow and Brown Recluse, but they are uncommon. And for their removal, you need professional pest controllers. The professional exterminators know the effective methods of spider removal and prevention. Marks Pest Control is the leading company in Petersville offering the best Spider pest control services to the natives. Call us now and get extra discounts on our specialized pest removal services etc.

Fumigation of Fleas In Petersville

Moving out of your current rented property? It’s a responsibility to leave the house in good condition. Flea infestation is one of the most common issues in the home with pets. These are the blood-sucking pests, that cause rash, and itchiness to your beloved pets. Though these tiny critters are harmless, that does not mean you can ignore them. Whether you are looking for the end of lease pest control treatment or you want flea control in your own property, our professional pest Controllers offer the best treatment for your pest issues. Call or write to us now and get the free quote for Flea Treatment.

Pest Spray Services in Petersville

We also offer pest spray services for outdoor pest prevention. Pest sprays become a strong repellent for the like pests like ants, spiders, cockroaches and other crawling insects. Such preventive measure can be the best bet for controlling and removing the pest issues in around your home. You may also consider buying pest sprays from the market, but those sprays can be harmful to your family, kids or pets. The spray we use is entirely safe for humans and pets and remove and kill the pest in an efficient manner. Call us today for the pest spray services.

Petersville Rodent Control Services

It’s simply not possible to live in a home under the attack of rodents. These are the disaster causing animals that can damage almost anything in your property right from food to clothing, books to electric wires and pipes to wooden items. Moreover, they spread disease across your home, and corrupt the quality of the environment. Thus, for the sake your of the good of health of your loved ones, it is always important to call professionals for the complete removal of rodents from your home.

Same Day Services

Marks Pest Control is a renowned name in the industry of pest control Petersville. We have been successfully providing the best pest control Petersville services and we offer same day pest control services as well. Same Day Pest Control will help you to get rid of all type of pest infestations that are bothering you and you can afford our services at cheap costs too.

Cockroach Control Petersville Services

Cockroaches are the common pests worldwide and are hated by every human on the planet. These creatures are found in places where there is plenty of food and moisture. Cockroaches can spread serious diseases at your place by transmitting the infection to your food and surroundings. Even if cockroach infestation has not raised to a high extent, you should not ignore them, as they can multiply to hundreds in time.

We offer complete protection with the roach fumigation services. Our professionals are highly trained and know the right tricks to deals with cockroach issues.

Silverfish Control Services

Another one of the most preferred services is silverfish control. Silverfish usually stay in dark places like your wardrobes, kitchen and bathroom cupboards. These pests are not particularly harmful to humans but they cause huge damage to your things in the home. Hence, if you do not want to risk your belongings, make sure, you take important steps for silverfish removal. We at Marks Pest Control work day and night to make your home/premise pest free. Call us today for same day pest inspection and control.

Borer Control Petersville

Borers are insects that are known to affect the wood or timber in your homes and offices. The first sign of borer infestation is the appearance of holes on wood or timber. These holes are created by the larvae of borer and generally multiple holes will lead to the compromise of the timber. Mark’s Pest control has years of experience in providing the best pest control Petersville services. Our professional pest controllers can eradicate borer form your space in no time. We use advanced methods and techniques for complete removal of borer infestation from your home within 24 hours.

Ant Control Petersville

Ant infestation is a common problem faced by millions of people around the globe. It can infest almost any part of your homes and you may see them lurking around food or sweet products. These can severely compromise your home hygiene and can also cause distress an discomfort. We at Mark’s Pest Control can provide you with complete eradication of ant infestation. Our experienced pest controllers use the latest commercial products and tools to remove ants completely. We use safe and eco-friendly products to exterminate or eradicate nats from your premises within 24 hours.

Moth Control Petersville

Moth infestation is a serious matter of concern as its very difficult to get rid of and may cause you damage and affect your health. There are many different kinds of moths and kind of moth infestation can cause severe problems. Moth’s eggs are very small and very difficult to remove so its advisable that you hire professional assistance. Mark’s Pest Control will provide you with moth control service in Petersville. Our professional pest controllers are experienced and trained individuals who can eradicate moth infestation in no time. Prevent damages and problems created by moth infestation by hiring Mark’s Pest Control today.

Tick extermination

Ticks are attached to the skin of the animals hiding behind the hair. Thus it gets harder to detect them and exterminate. You can go for the hair cutting of the animals suffering tick attacks which will make them visible and then you can go for the treatment. The powder which can kill their population is applied on their skin. You can also call the professionals for controlling and exterminating their population completely.

Bee Control Petersville

Bee infestation anywhere in your home and office is a serious threat and one should never ignore it. It can make their nests anywhere in your homes or nearby it. Bees are known to sting humans and these stings are extremely painful and annoying. Multiple numbers of bees can sting multiple times causing you to suffer and bear the pain. At Mark’s Pest Control, We can provide you with the best bee control service in Petersville. Our pest controllers will inspect your space for their nests. We can easily remove bees’ nest from your property and treat it as well to prevent re occurrence. We can eradicate any amount of bee infestation within 24 hours of hiring.

Spider Control Petersville

Almost all of us have deep-seated fears of spiders and their presence can cause shivers down the spine. Spider infestation inside your property can affect your health and peace of mind. Spider infestation will also attract other poisonous spiders who eat their own kind. So it is advisable that you hire Spider Control Services. We use specialised tools and equipment to get rid of all the spider webs. We treat your walls, ceilings and other places to prevent the movement of spiders. Hire Mark’s Pest control today and get rid of all spiders form your home at affordable costs.

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