Learn About Pest Control

Why Do You Need Pest Control?

Some pests are just that―pests that do not really cause any harm or danger in or around our homes or yards, but they do pester us and we simply don’t want them around. Other insects, rodents, and wildlife pests can cause significant damage or spread disease to people or our pets.

Pest control efforts can reduce or eliminate both pesty pests and harmful pests, but it is the second group that is of most concern.

Pesty Pests

  • Stink bugs (these bugs are a significant nuisance!).
  • Most spiders (with the exception of spiders that are poisonous).
  • Earwigs (which do not really get in people’s ears).

Harmful Pests

  • Rats and mice – rodents not only cause significant damage with their gnawing and nesting, but their urine and droppings can also spread disease, and their numbers can grow very quickly, increasing the damage and potential for disease.
  • Bedbugs – having reinvaded the U.S. in the last couple of decades after being relatively extinct, bedbugs are biting more and more sleeping children and adults in hotels, homes, and other places.
  • Mosquitoes and ticks – with their bites, these insects not only cause irritation, but their feeding on our blood can also be transmitting disease directly back into our systems.
  • Termites – which cause more than $1,000,000,000 (a billion dollars!) in damage every year in the U.S. alone.
  • Cockroaches – known to contaminate food and spread disease (such as the foodborne disease Salmonellosis), cockroaches’ tendency to shelter behind walls and in other hidden areas during the day and appear at night to seek out food and water, means that they are often unseen until their populations have built to incredible numbers – and their potential for harm is significant.
  • House flies – although house and cluster flies are definitely a pesky pest, they also can transmit Salmonella, E. coli, Vibrio, and Shigella in their feces and the vomit they regurgitate to digest their food.
  • Ants – such as fire ants—whose bites have been known to kill, and small ants that get into and contaminate food in the home.
  • Raccoons – These wildlife animals can be very aggressive if approached; they will seek shelter and breed in attics and crawlspaces, and their bite can spread disease.

As it would take an entire website to list all the pests that exist in the U.S. and the world, this is just a small sampling, but sufficient for the purpose of explaining why we need pest control. It is also important to mention that there are, of course, many insects and wildlife animals that live outdoors and do not invade our homes, damage our yards, or otherwise cause us harm. Since we do not consider these to be pests, we do not address them here.

Other Reasons for Pest Control

The Harmful Pests listing above included a number of ways that specific insects, rodents, and wildlife can be a threat to humans and domestic animals. But there are also general reasons that apply to many different pests, such as:

Like people, insects, rodents, and wildlife have basic survival needs of food, water, and shelter. And the reason they become pests is often that they find that piggybacking off the food, water, and shelter of humans is a great way of fulfilling these needs. Thus, they invade our homes and our property.

Then, as they forage for these survival needs, pests can contaminate or consume our foods; walk across or rest on food preparation surfaces or packaging, leaving bacteria behind; or even use people and pets themselves as food sources (e.g., mosquitoes, bedbugs, ticks).

Pest control can be the removal, reduction or complete elimination of insects, rodents, or wildlife that have become pests of our environments. It can be natural and non-chemical or involve pesticides, fumigants or herbicides. Often homeowners can purchase products at retail, garden and home goods stores, but other pests require professional expertise.


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5 Reasons Why California is Called the Golden State

Every state in the United States has a nickname, and sometimes it’s obvious why these nicknames exist, while other times it can be difficult to figure out why. For example, it’s pretty obvious why Florida is considered the Sunshine State, being that it experiences summer and springtime weather all year long and it’s the destination for winter travellers who want to stay in the country and head to the beach.

But why is California nicknamed the Golden State? Continue reading for five reasons. Then check out these travel tips if you’re planning on heading out there to see the state and all that it has to offer.

One of the State’s Official Colours

Gold is actually one of the state of California’s official colours. Designated in 1951, the two state colours are gold and blue. Blue is representative of the sky and the sea, of which there is plenty in California, thanks to its expansive coastline and beautiful beaches, as well as its high mountains and open deserts.

The Gold Rush

Another reason that California’s colours include gold is that it is representative of the mineral gold, which was mined extensively in the state in the past. And gold is also the state’s official mineral. After gold was discovered in the state in 1848, the area saw fast growth, with people rushing out to try to find some gold for themselves and make their fortunes.

Golden Poppies

Another reason why California is considered the Golden State is because of its golden poppies, which bloom beautifully each spring in wild fields all over the state. This flower became the state’s official flower back in 1903, and it is also referred to as the flame flower, copa de oro (which translates to “cup of gold”), and la amapola. Plus, April 6 is celebrated as California Poppy Day, with May 13-18 celebrated as Poppy Week.

Sunsets Over the Pacific

The beautiful, breathtaking sunsets that happen every day over the Pacific are also golden in colour. Many people spend some time on the beaches throughout the state to take a few minutes and unwind as they enjoy the natural wonder that is a sunset over the ocean. If you are ever able to head out to California and experience this for yourself, be sure to wear a good pair of sunglasses, such as one of the 5 most popular sunglasses brands, that will protect your eyes from the UV radiation of the sun. Ray-Ban sunglasses are recommended, as an example, but there are many other choices to suit your preferences and style.

The Golden Gate Bridge

And, finally, the Golden Gate Bridge is the fifth reason why California is referred to as the Golden State. This famous landmark is easily recognised in popular TV shows and movies that are set in San Francisco. Built in the 1930s, it’s a large red bridge that runs across the Golden Gate strait, and it’s one of the most sought-after travel destinations for people who visit California and wish to see its many landmarks.

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My name is Mike and I am a 20 something who enjoys travelling. I have a real passion for seeing new places and love hearing about other peoples trips!

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My name is Mike and I am a 20 something who enjoys travelling. I have a real passion for seeing new places and love hearing about other peoples trips!



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Definition of nickname

Definition of nickname (Entry 2 of 2)

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Synonyms: Noun

  • alias,
  • byname,
  • cognomen,
  • epithet,
  • handle,
  • moniker
  • ( also monicker ) ,
  • sobriquet
  • ( also soubriquet ) ,
  • surname

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History of Nickname

It might look like nickname is a compound noun formed by adding nick and name together, but the actual history of this word is a bit more complicated. It was formed by metanalysis, or the changing of the division of words based upon how they sound together. In this case, the Middle English word eke, meaning “also” or “in addition,” was joined with name to form ekename—literally, “also-name,” used for a secondary or unofficial name in the late Middle Ages. Over time, an ekename became a nickname presumably because eke had become less familiar as a word. Needless to say, nick in this case doesn’t mean “also” or anything else, it just represents a comfortable and familiar alternative to the word’s original spelling.

Examples of nickname in a Sentence

These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘nickname.’ Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback.

First Known Use of nickname

15th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1

1536, in the meaning defined at sense 1

History and Etymology for nickname

Middle English nekename additional name, alteration (resulting from misdivision of an ekename) of ekename, from eke eke, also + name name


Why cockroaches are called Styisics — 4 reasons for the nickname

Which slang does your community use for the police? There are many different names used to refer to police officers, such as «Pigs,» «cops,» «buzzkill,» «five-o,» and others. Probably you wonder the reasons that people address policemen 12. «12» is a slang name whose popularity is on the rise currently. This name is used mostly by criminals or people to warn those indulging in crime or illegal activity that police officers are on their way. Although the term 12 is a police radio call code, urban slang has changed it into a warning phrase.

The Reasons People Address Policemen 12

There are various reasons why cops get referred to as 12. Below are the reasons why.

1. The DEA

The abbreviation DEA refers to The Drug Enforcement Administration. Cops get referred to as 12 which mean drug enforcement officers, especially the narcotics officers. The slang 12 is most used by drug smugglers to warn their clients or fellow peddlers of approaching police officers. For example, in a Rap song by Migos, you will hear them says «throw that shit, throw that shit 12 outside.» The lyrics mean throw away the drugs because police officers or the DEA officers are outside.

2. Warning the bad guys

On legit grounds regarding the reasons people address policemen 12, 12 comes from a police code «10-12.» Police officers use this code on their radio scanner calls as a discreet reference to fellow officers. For example, if some police officer who is out on patrol is called and hears the term 12, he or she will know that’s a «Warning: there are bad guys, probably suspects, within that very area.» Those people who came up with the term 12 might have based it on this 10-12 code.

3. Adam-12

The term 12 in connection to a police officer was first used in a television show in the 1960s and 1970s. The show itself was known as Adam-12. It was based on a police drama storyline that featured how the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) carried out their daily activities.

The TV show police duo carried out their daily patrols on the streets of Los Angeles in a police unit they referred to as 1-Adam-12. This TV show became the first drama series to incorporate police jargon and procedures. From the first day the show got aired in September 1968, until it finished in May 1975, they never knew their best intentions to show how Los Angeles police department worked would give birth to some slang name. A name that would be used to warn criminals so they can run away from police officers.

Other Slang Words for Police Officers

Every country, every city, and area use nicknames for law enforcers. Do not wonder the reasons people address policemen 12; there are other slang names which are rude, but the 12 slang is just a nickname. Below are some other nicknames and their source.

1. Slang names from cartoons and television

The Five-O name came from a famous detective TV show called «Hawaii Five-O.» This program starred Jack Lord who went by the name of Steve McGarrett. Since then, travelers began to use the Five-O name to warn fellow drivers or travelers against speeding traps. The warning went as «watch out for Five-O.» Five-O was used to refer to police officers; today’s traffic police.

«Smokey» was used in a movie by the name «Smokey and the Bandit.» This movie was used to popularize speed traps and speed watches among motorists. In the movie itself, Smokey slang was used to refer to a police officer.

As you get concerned about why do people call police 12, there are other names like «Dick.» A cartoon by the name Dick Tracy gave birth to this slang. The slang Dick was derived from this cartoon title character, the detective.

2. Slang names from citizens

Typically, citizens’ daily conversations can come up with slang names too. For example:

This is among the rude, negative and uncalled for slang which was used in the 19th century. It did refer to police officers and was also used in the 20th century.

Gumshoe is a slang word used to refer to detectives in the United States. People use it humorously to refer to detectives who spend their days on the streets looking for suspects but walking and chewing gum all the time. That’s why they are known as gumshoes.

The Man slang was developed in the 1960s and 1970s. At that time, police officers were referred and seen as the only dominant group that was out to suppress activities of those times.

Regardless of any question or wonder the reasons why people call police 12, they remain an integral part of the community. Police officers deserve to be respected and supported. Some slang terms are never right; some even do hurting their feelings. They are human beings remember! But with all that is said and done, some slang can be fun to mention rather than the long official names.


550+ Nicknames for Weed or Marijuana

Marijuana or weed is illegal in most of countries of the world. This is because weed is considered as mother of different behavioral disorders. Weed is considered as habitual by some people, while some consider that weeds can be quit through will power only without any rehab center. Because marijuana is illegal, it has several nicknames through which it is being sold. Nicknames are given to weed so that police and anti-narcotic agencies may be tackled and tricked.

Humans always have a taste for getting high and weed is fulfilling the taste with utmost satisfaction. For some people marijuana is a source to have inner peace and to experience the serene consciousness. Moreover, some people are mentioning the weed as a source to have spiritual significance and some use marijuana as a medicine. However, whichever the case is, if you are looking to have detailed information regarding marijuana or weeds and interested to have knowledge of its different nicknames, then you are at the right place. This article is dedicated for the purpose.

What is Weed or Marijuana?

Before going in further detail about marijuana or weeds, let’s first know what it is? Marijuana or weed is a mixture of dried flowers of cannabis sativa which is usually in greenish to gray color depending on the region and existence. There are many ways to smoke marijuana and each addict has its own way of getting pleasure out of weed. Some people are smoking weed in the form of hand rolled cigarettes which are called joints. Some people are smoking marijuana in water pipes more often known as shisha while some smoke it in cigar wraps.

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The marijuana is also used for medicinal purposes as well. For this the marijuana is mixed in tea and sometimes mixed in edible food such as cakes, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and candies etc. More often various vaporizers are also used for consuming marijuana. There are few strong forms of marijuana as well such as sinsemilla and concentrated resins which are comprising high dosage of marijuana or weed.

Effects of Weed or Marijuana on Health

As already discussed in detail that the weed or marijuana is made of the dried leaves, which are shredded and dried parts of the plant cannabis. The flowers, leaves, seeds, and stems of cannabis are also used for making weed. There are different names for weed such as hash, pot, and marijuana along with hundreds of other names. Most of people are vaping or smoking marijuana while some people are also consuming it as an essential ingredient of their daily diet such as tea, food, and oils etc.

It is a fact that marijuana or weeds are being used for the medicinal purposes. However, there are some severe of its effects on the health if consumed in abundant quantity. Numerous weed consumers are having a misconception that weed has no impact on health which is wrong. The weed is not only associated with numerous of psychological diseases but has also been associated with the core reason for having problems with family, school, work, friends, and law etc.

There are some long term sickness associated with the regular use of marijuana such as respiratory, inflammatory symptoms, vomiting, nausea, psychosis which is known as schizophrenia, immunity suppression, higher levels of prolactin in women, persistency in having red eyes, decreased level of testosterone hormone level in men, and periodontal sickness which is a gum disease.

The use of marijuana is legal in some matters especially when it is used for the medicinal purposes. When you are using marijuana for medical purposes, this can be a long term drug and can cure several diseases as well. However, after the cure of the respective diseases if you are still using it then this would be really going to be damaging for you. Regular use of marijuana may cause severe cough and some chronic chest infections which are really hard to cure. Therefore, the use of marijuana must be avoided at any case.

Nicknames for Weed

Marijuana is more often known for its nicknames not because these names are safe for its business and distribution but these nicknames are based on the effects of the marijuana on people who consume it. There are abundant nicknames being used for weed or marijuana all across the globe. Some of the most common nicknames used for marijuana are described below in detail.

  1. 420: 420 is the most common street name given to marijuana or weed. The name is also associated with the un-official weed day. For your information in Vancouver Canada, 20 th April is celebrated as weed day un-officially.
  2. Ace: Ace is being used for good quality marijuana.
  3. Acapulco gold: Mexican used the name for weed at most and is considered to have perfect quality.
  4. Airplane: As the name suggest, airplane is given to weed because one gets high and feel like floating in air.
  5. Alice: Alice name is given because it brings person to a land of fantasy after using weed.
  6. Amnesia: The short term effect of weeds has brought its nickname as amnesia.
  7. Alice B. Toklas: Because of its use in brownies, Toklas is given a nickname to weed.
  8. Ashes: Burning marijuana produces ash and why this nickname is given to it.
  9. Atshitshi: This is a street name for marijuana used in Japan.
  10. Awesauge: This is a slang nickname for marijuana and is considered as a premium product.
  11. Astro Turf: The weed resembles likes astro turf that’s why known for the nickname sometimes and marijuana has the ability to let the smoker feel to be in space.
  12. B-40: When laced with alcohol, marijuana is made more potent and the name is given to it.
  13. B: When the weed is enough to fill a matchbox, known as B.
  14. Baby Bhang: The name is given to it and used in different countries.
  15. Baby Green: Because of its greenish color young or raw form weed is known with the name.
  16. Blanket: After smoking weed one feel comfortable and have been wrapped in blanket, that’s why the name is given to it.
  17. Beedies: The name is given in India and Pakistan and weed is mixed with tobacco more often.
  18. Bad Seed: The name is given when the weed is not letting you enjoy being high.
  19. Bammy: Bammy is from boom which sound cute to the weed addicts.
  20. Blunt: The nickname is for the weed when it is quickly wrapped up in a cigarette and burn it quickly within no time.
  21. Blaze: Blaze is the act of smoking weed.
  22. Bobo Bush: The bobo bush is a fun name for weed for letting your friends know that you want to have fun to smoke weed.
  23. Boom: As the name suggest, boom name is given because a smoker may often lose control after smoking weed.
  24. Bomber: When a smoker smokes weed, he/she loses senses and that’s why known as bomber.
  25. Bud: Bud is the flower from which weed is harvested, and is the reason why known with the nickname.
  26. Broccoli: The buds of the flowers of plant from which weed is extracted looks like blooming broccoli.
  27. Cabbage: The marijuana is slanged as cabbage as has similar appearance.
  28. Cheeba: This is the perversion of ciba which is the black Brazilian weed.
  29. Cannon: It has shape as bongs and sometimes look like glass cannons.
  30. Chronic: As smoking weed is injurious to health and is mother of several disorders, that’s why it is known as chronic as well.
  31. Chine Eyed: As after smoking weed one cannot open eyes and has wincing eyes while being high.
  32. Ciggie: It is known for the bastardization of the cigarettes.
  33. Climb: When a person is high while smoking weed, he/she feels like climbing on mountains.
  34. Cripple: When the weed is strong, one cannot withstand effects and can be cripple for some time.
  35. Da Kine: It is often known in Hawai, because it is popular in outdoor gear and often snowboarders smoke it a lot.
  36. Dagga: It is African name of marijuana.
  37. Dank: Often famous name among snowboarders and they smoke weed to fight fear while snowboarding.
  38. Dime: Dime is slang for weed and is often in 1/16 ounce of quantity.
  39. Shake: Shake is the low quality weed.
  40. Dona Juanita: It is Spanish name of marijuana.
  41. Doobie: The doobie brothers who are famous musician band has made the slang doobie famous used for marijuana.
  42. Dope: Dope is being used for the effects after using marijuana.
  43. Ear Wax: Ear Wax is nickname for the weed as its appearance is similar to ear wax.
  44. Fatty: This slang was very popular during 90s which was referred for using marijuana in cigarettes.
  45. Gaia: The name is given to weeds because with concepts of some religions Gaia is the goddess for the growth of plants.
  46. Ganja: Ganja is the Sanskrit word used for marijuana which is adopted by many people across the world.
  47. Grass: Because of the greenish color of marijuana it is often referred as grass but it may be because of its Arabic name hashish.
  48. Green Goddess: The nickname is given to marijuana because of its spiritual effects for some people.
  49. Grog: This name is given as the person who smoke marijuana feels groggy.
  50. Green Gold: The nickname is referred after its effects of being hypnotic high capacity.
  51. Hash: The name is deduced from its Arabic name hashish.
  52. Hay: The name is given because it is being distributed or sold illegally.
  53. Herb: As the cannabis is a plant, therefore the name herb is given to it.
  54. Homegrown: The weed is grown up in houses in some places, and why the homegrown nickname is given to it.
  55. Hydro: Hydroponics are being used for growing marijuana.
  56. Reefer: This term is known for the anti-weed propaganda which was led in the movie Reefer Madness.
  57. Stank: Weed is named stank after its stinky smell, especially when the weed is too old.
  58. Sticky Icky: The name is given to weed when it is perfectly harvested and is having sticky touch.
  59. Stem: The name is for the DIY joint having weed in it.
  60. Stogie: Stogie is the old fashioned name of cigar full of weed.
  61. Straw: Straw is the hand filled marijuana cigarette.
  62. THC: This name is because of the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol which is important ingredient of marijuana.
  63. Toke: When a draw is made on the cigarette of marijuana is known as toke.
  64. Thirteen: The name is given because the first letter of marijuana is of 13 th number in alphabets.
  65. Yerba: The name is for the reference of infused tea yerba mate.
  66. Joint: The handmade cigarettes are being made to mix marijuana with tobacco for smoking which is known as joint.
  67. Jay: Jay is common name for the cigarettes having marijuana in it.
  68. Jefferson Airplane: The nickname was given to marijuana after a rock music band endorsed marijuana.
  69. Kali: This is a special type of marijuana which is grown in India and is a destroyer.
  70. Kermit: This name is given to marijuana because of the Muppet character which is of green color.
  71. JuJu: JuJu name is referred for marijuana because of its spiritual and supernatural qualities.
  72. Krippies: The way of smoking marijuana especially in a bong or bowl.
  73. Kona Gold: This is very popular in Hawaii better known for its strength.
  74. Kryptonite: Marijuana is green and is making the smokers weak in knees like the superman is being weak near kryptonite.
  75. Long: The marijuana which is in the long cigarettes or joints.
  76. Kush: The type of marijuana which grows in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  77. L Pipe: The nickname is because of the shape of smoking papers which are used for making joints.
  78. Mary Jane: The name is given to it after a play was made on the topic of marijuana having characters of Mary Jane and Mary sister etc.
  79. Muggle: The term was used for marijuana in early 1900.
  80. Maui Wowie: The name is popular among those who use marijuana for the purpose of medication for remedy of strains.
  81. Ninja: When the weed effect is hard, the smoker feels like ninja.
  82. Nickel: Nickel is about 0.5 grams of weed.
  83. Nixon: Nixon was president who opposed the use of marijuana.
  84. Nosecone: The name was given because of its use in the large cone with a rose bud.
  85. Northern Lights: The name was given to weed after observing its trippy effects on the colors.
  86. Pac Man: The pac man is a person who smokes weed in abundance.
  87. Pinner: Pinner is the term used for marijuana in early 70s and the name is given with relevance to spinner i.e. the feeling of weed smoking.
  88. Pot: Pot is a very common name given to marijuana which is derived from the fact that most of people are growing marijuana in their local places for personal use.
  89. Puff: Puff are the dense smoke lines which are made after smoking weed.
  90. Puzzle Haze: The name is given to marijuana after the famous song which is referring to the feelings of being psychoactive in haze.
  91. Queen Anne Lace: This is a classic term used for the smoking of herb weed.
  92. Ragweed: Ragweed is a very poor quality marijuana which is having mixture of other things.
  93. Rasta: The term is referring to the religion of Rastafarian who had embraced the smoking weed.
  94. Roach: Roach is the end of the joint when the cigarette is being smoked and is resembling cockroach.
  95. Rangood: The rangood is a wild breed of weed which is grown in forests and is heavy.
  96. Sativa: This weed is of special kind and is grown for the production of euphoric highs.
  97. Short: The joint which is short is termed as short.
  98. Skunk: This name is referred for the smell of marijuana.
  99. Spliff: This is another iconic nickname for marijuana.
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Nicknames for Weed Smokers

The weed smokers are given with different nicknames either because of hesitation or hatred. Some people give nicknames to weed smokers out of love, however each person has his/her own perspective. The most popular nicknames for the marijuana smokers are

  1. Blasters
  2. Blowers
  3. Addicts
  4. Blowers of own roof
  5. Booting the Gong
  6. Blowers of Sticks
  7. Smoke Blowers
  8. Air Headers
  9. Bogarts
  10. Hi the Hayers
  11. Mexican Airlines
  12. Aero Planes
  13. Tea Partiers
  14. Tokers
  15. Tochers
  16. Charsi
  17. Bhangi
  18. Hashishers

Street nicknames of Marijuana

Until now you may have got an idea that weed or marijuana is being used in abundance all across the globe. Moreover, there are abundant names given to it in different regions of the world. However, there are some specific street names associated with marijuana. Some of these names

  1. African bush
  2. Air head
  3. Afro
  4. Alfalfa
  5. All American
  6. Alky
  7. Alkaline
  8. AM
  9. Assassin
  10. Bambalacha
  11. Asparagus
  12. Bammer
  13. Baby sitter
  14. Bar
  15. Bananas
  16. Barbara jean
  17. Bash
  18. Bazooka
  19. Bat
  20. Beard
  21. Binky
  22. Black mo
  23. Black bart
  24. Black gungi
  25. Bogart
  26. Boo
  27. Bone
  28. Bowl
  29. Brown
  30. Bowl
  31. Bubble gum
  32. Buddha
  33. Bullion
  34. Brick
  35. Purple
  36. Railroad
  37. Rainbows
  38. Rambo
  39. Rauch
  40. Raw
  41. Razorback
  42. Red and Blue
  43. Red Dirt
  44. Reindeer
  45. Robo
  46. Rock
  47. Ron
  48. Root
  49. Rope
  50. Rosa
  51. Roz
  52. Ruffles
  53. Rugs
  54. Rusty
  55. Sadhu
  56. Salad
  57. Santa Marta
  58. Sassafrass
  59. Scissors
  60. Scooby
  61. Scoobs
  62. Score
  63. Scrilla
  64. Scrub
  65. Seed
  66. Sen
  67. Shank
  68. Shiva
  69. Shlook
  70. Shmagma
  71. Shotgun
  72. Siddi
  73. Sinsemilla
  74. Skama
  75. Skeet
  76. Skins
  77. Slack
  78. Slice
  79. Snag
  80. Snatch
  81. Snop
  82. Sonic
  83. Spark
  84. Speed Boat
  85. Splim
  86. Spring
  87. Sprite
  88. Sprout
  89. Spruce
  90. Square
  91. Squirrel
  92. Stack
  93. Stamen
  94. Stash
  95. Steamroller
  96. Stick
  97. Stinky
  98. Swag
  99. Swamp
  100. Swazi
  101. Sweet Lucy
  102. Syrup
  103. Taima
  104. Takkouri
  105. Tampon
  106. Tater
  107. Tea party
  108. Temple Balls
  109. Texas
  110. Tex-Mex
  111. The Cure
  112. Thumb
  113. Thyme
  114. Tijuana
  115. Tin
  116. Tootsie Roll
  117. Torch
  118. Torpedo
  119. Toupee
  120. Trauma
  121. Tray
  122. Trees
  123. Trisome
  124. Turbo
  125. Twist
  126. Unotque
  127. Vega
  128. Vegan
  129. Vipe
  130. Viper
  131. Volcano
  132. Voomp
  133. Wacky
  134. Wake and Bake
  135. Wet
  136. Wetware
  137. Whack
  138. Whackatabacky
  139. Wheat
  140. White Russian
  141. Woo
  142. Woola
  143. Yeh
  144. Yellow Taxi
  145. Yen pop
  146. Yeola
  147. Yerhia
  148. Yesca
  149. Ying
  150. Ying Yang
  151. Yum Yum
  152. Zacatecas
  153. Zambi
  154. Zeppelin
  155. Zig Zag
  156. Zigba
  157. Zol
  158. Zooie
  159. Zoom
  160. Zug
  161. Zu-pu
  162. Burnie

There are abundant other names for marijuana as well such as

  1. Burnt
  2. Butter
  3. S
  4. Cacti
  5. Caff
  6. Cacho
  7. Butter flower
  8. Calyx
  9. Cake
  10. Cam trip
  11. Can
  12. Cambodian
  13. Canoe
  14. Cartucho
  15. Cannapa
  16. Catnip
  17. Caviar
  18. Cess
  19. Cereal
  20. Chamber
  21. Champagne
  22. Chase
  23. Cheeo
  24. Chiba chiba
  25. Cheddar
  26. Cheeo
  27. Chief
  28. Chilla
  29. Chips
  30. Chocolate
  31. Chipi
  32. Chorus
  33. Churus
  34. Chunky
  35. Christmas tree
  36. Chorus
  37. Cobalt
  38. Clone
  39. Clickers
  40. Colas
  41. Cocktail
  42. Colombian
  43. Coli
  44. Coma
  45. Corn stalker
  46. Coloring books
  47. Cottonmouth
  48. Cracker
  49. Cosa
  50. Creeper
  51. Crunk
  52. Crying weed
  53. Derbs
  54. Dew
  55. C-tea
  56. Daddy
  57. Dabtastic
  58. Dab
  59. Dawamesk
  60. Diablito
  61. Dimbo
  62. Diggidy
  63. Ding
  64. Dizz
  65. Doa
  66. Dome
  67. Doja
  68. Djamba
  69. Domestic weed
  70. Angrezi weed
  71. Donk
  72. Draf
  73. Dow
  74. Firangi nasha

There are numerous local names which are being used for the marijuana in common languages all across the world. These common names are the code words which are used for the business of weed as the consumption and selling weed is illegal in most of the countries. Such names are like

  1. Dry
  2. Dug out
  3. Dub
  4. Durog
  5. Dust
  6. Garda
  7. Earth
  8. Eazy
  9. Easy
  10. Ebenieghber
  11. Electric lettuce
  12. Elephant
  13. Elevator
  14. Eight ball
  15. Elmer fudd
  16. Endo
  17. Enzyme
  18. Ersa
  19. F2
  20. F1
  21. Fade
  22. Faff
  23. Face fungus
  24. Fairy
  25. Fall brook
  26. Fat dad
  27. Friend
  28. Finger
  29. Feed bag
  30. Flower
  31. Fir
  32. Fresh
  33. Fraho
  34. Fry sticks
  35. Frosted
  36. Fuel
  37. Fu Manchu
  38. Fuma d’ angola
  39. Full stock
  40. Funk
  41. Funny stuff
  42. Gaffer
  43. Gallo
  44. Fuzzies
  45. Game
  46. Gange
  47. Ganja
  48. Gangers
  49. Gank
  50. Gander
  51. Ganoobies
  52. Gar
  53. Gasper
  54. Gash
  55. Geek
  56. Gash
  57. Geno
  58. Ghana
  59. Ghetto
  60. Gimmie
  61. Gimp
  62. Glue stick
  63. Giggles
  64. Go loco
  65. Gold leaf
  66. Gold star
  67. Goo
  68. Gong
  69. Good goody
  70. Goof butt
  71. Gorge
  72. Gopher
  73. Gram
  74. Gorilla tampon
  75. Grass hopper
  76. Grat
  77. Greek
  78. Grat
  79. Griefo
  80. Gunny sack
  81. Gunther
  82. Gyve
  83. Hanhich
  84. Heffer
  85. Haircut
  86. Hocus
  87. Home grown medicine
  88. Harsh
  89. Hella
  90. Hemp
  91. Hit
  92. Hooch
  93. Hubbly bubbly
  94. Hybrid
  95. Hooter
  96. Illies
  97. Instagu
  98. Ivory
  99. Instaga
  100. Illegal
  101. Indo
  102. Izm
  103. Jag
  104. Jamaican
  105. Jason
  106. Jack Willie
  107. Janet
  108. JIB
  109. Jive
  110. Jolly Green
  111. Jolt
  112. Joyride
  113. Johnson
  114. Kaya
  115. Kalakit
  116. Kajee
  117. Kaff
  118. Kabak
  119. K2
  120. Spice
  121. Jumbos
  122. Juja
  123. Juggler
  124. Juan Valdez
  125. Kaya
  126. KB
  127. Keef
  128. Kief
  129. Kiff
  130. Killer Bees
  131. Kee
  132. Kilter
  133. Kind
  134. Kutchie
  135. L
  136. Lab
  137. Leaf
  138. Lace
  139. Lemonade
  140. Lid
  141. Lima
  142. Limbo
  143. Lipton
  144. Llesca
  145. Loaf
  146. Lobo
  147. Loco
  148. Log
  149. Love Boat
  150. Lubage
  151. Lucas
  152. Lumber
  153. Lush
  154. Lye
  155. Machiner
  156. Macon
  157. Manhattan Silver
  158. Meggie
  159. Method
  160. Mgobi
  161. Mighty Mezz
  162. MILF
  163. Mingle Wood
  164. Modams
  165. Mohasky
  166. Moht
  167. Monster
  168. Monte
  169. Moora
  170. Mu
  171. Mutha
  172. Nail
  173. G.
  174. J.
  175. One Hit Wonder
  176. Onion
  177. Oregano
  178. Oreo
  179. Organic
  180. Ounce
  181. Owl
  182. Ozzy
  183. Pack
  184. Pack of Rocks
  185. Pakistani
  186. Panama
  187. Panatella
  188. Parsley
  189. Party Peno
  190. Pasto
  191. Philly
  192. Pixie
  193. Pod
  194. Special Cigarette
  195. Daak
  196. Dhak Cigarette
  197. Poke
  198. Pooner
  199. Potlikker
  200. Potten Bush
  201. Premos
  202. Prescription
  203. Pretendica
  204. Dawai
  205. Primo
  206. Punk
  207. Moto


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