How to get rid of silverfish permanently in less than 7 days

How to get rid of silverfish permanently in less than 7 days

Discover How You Can Easily Get Rid Of Silverfish in Less Than 1 Week and Never See One in Your Home Again!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Silverfish insect — Silverfish Goodbye!

Silverfish insect — Silverfish Goodbye!

S ilverfish are small gray-colored insects that can be up to 10mm long. Since they are hidden well and are active mainly at night, you get them during the day is not often seen.

The animals feel especially in humid areas such as bathrooms and toilets and probably like to move behind wallpaper, tiles or sidebars. They feed on dead skin or starchy materials such as wallpaper paste.

The crawlers are completely harmless. They do not transmit diseases to humans and can bite nor sting.

When you have identified the insect once, you can work with simple means prevent dissemination.

Try it with a cup of water, in which some ammonia or vinegar is added. This makes it possible to distribute the silverfish.

Mix in a 1:1 ratio of baking soda and sugar. Sugar attracts the animals, and by the inclusion of the baking dying insects. The next morning you can easily be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Another option is to place small pieces of potato on a piece of paper and this is to be deposited in the affected area. The animals crawl under the potato pieces and generally stay there. Now you can easily dispose of the sheet of paper with complete contents.

For prevention, you can also do something. Ventilate the room regularly and avoid wet spots. Wipe the tiles dry after bathing or showering. As animals like moisture, they avoid dry spots. Clean feeding grounds of pets regularly, because there feel the little fish often drawn. It is also recommended daily crumbs and scraps that fall from the table wegzusaugen.

In a pinch, you can also grab a commercially offered case. However, please remember that this most toxins are involved. These traps should not get into the hands of children. Also make sure that no other pets to come into contact.

If you want to know if any silverfish have been crawling around your dishes or cutlery at night while you sleep, set up a silverfish trap.

Please refer yourself to our main page to get your hands on a complete guide on silverfish insects and how to get rid of silverfish permanently

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Silverfish insect — Silverfish !

silverfish insect — Silverfish !

T hey can destroy food, wallpaper, leather and anything else that takes their fancy. So you don’t want to have them outstay their welcome in your home for too long before they bankrupt you.

They have been known to eat their way through pretty much anything that could be considered a luxury item. They’ve even been known to have ate their way through expensive silk clothing and bedsheets.

If you have a book collection and you’ve noticed someone has taken a bite out of it, you will appreciate how horrible these little creatures can be.

Fumigation won’t help shuffle them all off this mortal coil. All it will do is kill a few and beat them back into a retreat. And allow them to regroup and launch a counter-attack by munching their way through your expensive coffee. To get rid of them for good, you’re going to have to be a bit smarter than that.

As well as being disgusting little bugs though, they’re also the Charles Bronson of the insect world. They are extremely tough and hard to kill. These six-legged-mini-ninjas managed to outlive the destruction of the dinosaurs, so you’ve got a hard task at hand.

How to get rid of silverfish in your home for good

It may not be the room you have spotted them in, but somewhere your house is damp. They can migrate to other parts of the home, especially when looking for food. So you main weapon, is tracking down these damp areas, and fixing them.

To understand how to get rid of silverfish in your home, you have to understand why they are there. They are there because your house is damp. They love damp conditions, a room with a high humidity is like silverfish heaven to them.

Now, your damp problems could be due to various contributing factors, or it could be just the one, but for some reason your home is damp enough to support them. This could be from boiling water on an oven without an extractor, a leaking pipe, or water getting in from outside. It may even be the build quality of the home itself.

You can also sprinkle Borates around (Boric Acid, Borax Powder) as this will kill them. But to get rid of them long term, you need to dry out your home. Ideally you should use both strategies to be more effective in removing them.

But reducing the humidity of your home is the key to solving your silverfish problem, however you go about doing it.

First of all, you need to track down the source of the damp. Look for obvious signs of damp around the home. It could be peeling or discolored wallpaper, it could be rotten timber. Tracking these sources of damp down is the first step. Running a dehumidifier, or keeping the heating on will kill them over time, but it can be expensive to do so, and there’s no guarantee they wont return.

How do you damp proof your home?

If you want to declare all out war on your silverfish infestation though, you can replace any single pane windows, damp-proof the basement and attic, repair the roof, repair any leaking pipes and replace the wallpaper and damp floorboards.

There’s no easy answer to this. If your home is of a very old construction, then it’s going to be more difficult than newer homes. You could spend many thousands of dollars doing expensive building work, and still never get your home fully damp-proof and silverfish free. So you can only do what you can afford and you may have to compromise.

You will have to prioritize and do what you can afford to do.

Likely, you will find that doing a few of the above, in conjunction with a liberal sprinkling of Borax Powder will get rid of them from your home.

Keeping your home dry by running a dehumidifier and the heating, at least for a little while will help a great deal. And if you are boiling food, be sure to keep the oven hood extractor running. To gauge how successful at reducing the humidity you are, you can use a home humidity monitor to check the levels in each room.

Only when your home is dry, can you be certain that you have successfully learned how to get rid of silverfish in your home

If you want to know if any silverfish have been crawling around your dishes or cutlery at night while you sleep, set up a silverfish trap.

Please refer yourself to our main page to get your hands on a complete guide on silverfish insects and how to get rid of silverfish permanently

How to Get Rid of Silverfish in Your Home in One Week or Less. with Just 1-2 Hours of Effort!

Discover A Silverfish Solution That.

Will naturally and safely stop any silverfish infestation
Is chemical and boric acid free
Prevents new silverfish from returning year after year
Is safe to use around children, pets, and animals
Will solve your silverfish problem within a week with a few hours of effort
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First, Determine if You Have Silverfish or Firebrats

For those of you who can’t (or don’t want to) watch the video, you can find out if you have silverfish bugs by reading the following.


  • Are generally ½ to 1 inch in length
  • Live anywhere where there is high humidity
  • Are a shiny silvery color
  • Can live up to 7 years
  • Find them mostly at night in damp places


  • Are generally ½ an inch in length
  • Live anywhere the temperature is normally above 90 °F
  • Are colored in shades of brown and black
  • Can live up to 1½ years
  • Find them mostly at night in hot places

Second, Learn Why You Need to Get Rid of Silverfish ASAP

Below is a list of reasons why silverfish are such a nuisance to get rid of and why you should want to get rid of them today:

Silverfish Facts » Why You Should Get Rid of Silverfish Right Now:
Silverfish don’t die or leave when it gets cold , they live up to 2-8 years. so when they find a home, they’re not leaving anytime soon!
Silverfish are most active at night and can jump up to two feet into the air (that’s high enough to get onto your bed!)
They can go up to a year without food , so removing all the things they eat in your basement won’t affect them it just motivates them to start exploring more parts of your house.
Most silverfish go unnoticed and will slip into cereal boxes, rice boxes, or anywhere they think is a good place for food or to lay eggs.
They can climb walls (so they can practically get everywhere inside without difficulty)
They have been around for 400 Million years , which probably is the reason why they are immune to most bug poison.
Silverfish eat things we surround ourselves with (paper, cardboard, glue) so at night when they come out for food they could be crawling everywhere!
Silverfish love toothpaste and eat the toothpaste remains off of toothbrushes, and have even been found INSIDE toothpaste containers!
Silverfish molt continuously throughout their lives leaving dead tiny body parts around your home!

Fortunately though, there has been no evidence that suggests that silverfish can spread or transmit diseases. Needless to say, this should still be more than enough reasons for you to want to get rid of the silverfish in your home as quickly as possible.

Finally, Learn Exactly How to Get Rid of Silverfish

An Introduction to getting rid of silverfish

So now you probably realize that silverfish are a pretty tricky bug to get rid of. but just to recap:

  • Silverfish are immune to bug poison
  • They can go up to a year without eating or needing food
  • They don’t leave when it gets cold outside or if the house is uninhabited

Because of these things you can imagine getting rid of silverfish takes a fair amount of effort and knowhow. Fortunately, we have tested and researched countless silverfish elimination methods and have found which ones which give the best results with as little effort from you as possible.

The Below Methods Will Help to Significantly Reduce the Silverfish in Your Home. However for Guaranteed Silverfish Removal We Recommend
Downloading Our Rid Silverfish Guide

Unfortunately, each person’s silverfish infestation is different and therefore you may require different techniques and methods to get rid of your silverfish than someone else.

While the below methods will greatly reduce silverfish occurrences and may even wipe them out completely in your situation, we recommend downloading the Rid Silverfish manual for complete silverfish elimination as it contains every possible situation and technique to kill all the silverfish in your home.

Step 1: Get Rid of Silverfish » Determine Where the Silverfish are Living within Your Home

You’re not going to be able to take control of your silverfish situation if you don’t know where the silverfish are living within your home. So the first thing you’re going to need to do is to find out what parts of your home they are living in.

Silverfish prefer humidity levels in excess of 75% and will stay/live in areas of your home that normally are more damp and have a higher humidity. Now any part of your home can have high humidity, but most of the time bathrooms, basements, and crawl spaces are the places with continuously high humidity levels.

Silverfish do not enjoy lights because they are nocturnal creatures. Because of this they will only emerge during night time hours, but more importantly they will prefer to live in areas which are dark with little natural light.

Silverfish do not like people or other animals. They, like most critters, see anything larger than themselves as a predator and will hide until they are alone in the room. This is why it’s hard to find or see silverfish in your home.

Now that you know the above information, it shouldn’t be too difficult to determine which parts of your home the silverfish would prefer to live in. Pretty much you will just need to look for a room where there is little light, that’s more damp than normal, and doesn’t have too many people or pets going in and out of it. For most people this will either be the basement, crawl space, or a bathroom that no one uses.

Step 2: Get Rid of Silverfish » Remove Their Food Source

Now I know that earlier you learned that silverfish can go up to a year without food, but the more food they have the more they will reproduce and the longer they will live. So to make them more sedentary and more uncomfortable you will need to eliminate as much of their food supply as possible.

Tidy Up Your Place Anything in the floor, on counter tops, or even under your bed give silverfish temporary shelter and protection if they get trapped in your room during the day or if someone walks in without the silverfish having time to scurry away. Try to keep as many things off the floor as possible to make more open spaces which is what silverfish try to avoid.

Get Rid of Excess Paper If you save magazines, newspapers, or collect paper for recycling then you are giving silverfish an unlimited food supply. Silverfish eat paper for food so if you must save paper you will need to store it in places silverfish cannot get into such as large plastic tupperware storage containers.

Keep Crumbs Off the Floor If you eat while walking around your home, each crumb that falls on the floor or counter top becomes a free meal for any silverfish. Be sure to sweep up before you turn the lights out each night if you or someone else has potentially dropped crumbs on the floor.

Again, this alone will not get rid of silverfish, but it will prevent new silverfish from wanting to live in your home and it will keep the silverfish inside your home from flourishing.

Step 3: Get Rid of Silverfish » Keeping the Silverfish from Emerging

The silverfish are going to be more uncomfortable living your home now that you have removed their food supply and made it more difficult for them to scurry around. So now all you need to do to force them to find a new place to live is to keep them from emerging.

Silverfish Absolutely Hate Light so you can keep them at bay by having your house well lit. During the day you can open your blinds and curtains allowing more natural light to shine in.

Light Up Their Home By turning a light on in the places of your home which you suspect the silverfish live you will make them feel unsafe in their home and they will seek other places to live.

After applying the above techniques you should see a dramatic decrease in silverfish around your home. Of course, sometimes larger silverfish problems will require additional methods which you can get by downloading here.

“Discover How You Can Easily Get Rid Of Silverfish in Less Than 1 Week and Never See One in Your Home Again”

Over 2,700 people have already used my step by step guide to successfully eliminate silverfish from their homes!

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Perfect for apartments and completely safe for children & pets

From: Bob Haskins
Date: April 21st, 2020

Dear Silverfish Sufferer,

Are you sick and tired of seeing those slimy, disgusting, filthy little silver bugs scurrying up the walls in your bathroom, your kitchen, or .. even worse.. your bedroom?

Have you ever tried to get rid of them? Not that easy, is it!

Sure.. squishing them might make you feel like you’re making a difference, but it just doesn’t solve the problem. They’ll keep coming back again and again and again. So take the next 5 minutes to read over this page and you will learn exactly what you need to know to get rid of silverfish.

The fact that you’ve arrived at this website should be evidence enough that you want to get rid of your silverfish infestation. But like most people, you may not think silverfish are anything more than a «nuisance pest.»

But the more you find out about silverfish, the more you will start to realize that not taking action against them is a very poor decision. They are much more harmful and intrusive than you may think.

Here are six facts about silverfish that you may have been happier not knowing:

Silverfish damage your home — Silverfish like to feed on the glue behind your wallpaper. If you let it go on for too long they can cause costly damage that will significantly lower the value of your home or cost you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in repairs.

Silverfish are most active at night — That means they can be crawling on you when you sleep! (So gross!) It happened to me once when I was reading in bed one night. It was the final straw and I knew I had to take action against them!

Silverfish eat your cereal — This is probably something you could have lived more comfortably without knowing.. These disgusting bugs can get into your cereal boxes and eat your cereal.

I hope you haven’t poured yourself a bowl of morning cereal only to find that you have to REMOVE BUGS FROM IT before eating.

Here’s the worst part. Even if you haven’t actually SEEN them in your cereal, you might be eating the eggs they have laid in your cereal boxes.


Silverfish eat your plants — If you keep plants in your home they can cause damage to them too! Plant material is a common food source for silverfish.

Silverfish eat your clothes — Silverfish are also attracted to eating silk, synthetic fabrics and cotton clothing, so they may be crawling around in your clothes when you hang them in the closet. You won’t be too happy when you put on shirt that has silverfish in it.

Silverfish are just plain embarrassing — Ever have company over for dinner? Do you feel shy and ashamed to let guests use your bathroom because you know they’re going to see silverfish crawling on the walls and around the side of your toilet?

If you’ve ever tried searching for a solution online, the most common thing you’ll hear is that you’ll you’ll need to fix the water damage in your home in order to get rid of silverfish and to keep them gone forever.

Well THAT sounds expensive! Some of us don’t have the time or money for that kind of solution. (And if you’ve got landlords, good luck trying to convince them to help you there.)

But the fact is.

There is a simple and easy solution to get rid of silverfish forever. And, NO! You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars fixing the damp conditions in your home!

My tolerance for these stupid bugs finally reached its threshold when one of them crawled over my arm when I was lying in bed one night. I said to myself «That’s it! I’ve had it.»

But it wasn’t easy at first. It turns out those little bugs are hard to exterminate.

My first silverfish control «method» was squishing them! . BUT, they kept coming back again and again, never really getting the message. No matter how many I squished, I’d keep seeing them day after day.

So I searched online for a solution but there isn’t really any helpful information out there. Most of it was scattered and spotty at best. I couldn’t find any decent guidance to solving this problem and I wasn’t about to renovate my apartment to get rid of them.

Also, the idea of spreading potentially harmful «extermination chemicals» around my sinks, cupboards, shelves and bathroom just didn’t sound too appealing either.

But after a lengthy process of trial and error, I figured out exactly what had to be done!

Discover the Exact Step-by-Step Solution I
Used to Get Rid of Silverfish Once and For All!

After a bunch of frustrating attempts to apply the shabby extermination advice that was available online, I finally figured out a system for how to get rid of silverfish once and for all. And it’s not terribly complicated (but nothing really seems that complicated once you figure it out, right?)

Since figuring it out my 100 year old, water damaged apartment has been silverfish-free for over two years!

But not only that.

I have had an extremely high success rate in eliminating silverfish from every other household that has applied my method. ALL OF THEM have successfully eliminated silverfish from their home using my fool-proof, chemical-free method.

Check out some of the customer feedback I have received from people all over the world!

“I used to see silverfish in my kitchen every day and now I haven’t seen one in weeks!”

From: [email protected]
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I want to express my thanks and appreciation for your silverfish solution. I was wondering if I was ever going to get over this problem or just have to live with these critters for the rest of my life.

I live in an apartment in Hertfordshire, a little ways north of London, and I have had a bad silverfish problem for a number of years since moving in to my current apartment. I found your website online and thought I would give it a try. What a difference it has made! I used to see silverfish in my kitchen every day and now I haven’t seen one in weeks! Thank you again. I was very satisfied by your informative and enjoyable ebook.”

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From: [email protected]
Subject: Thank You, Bob
Friday, May 14 2010
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“Hello Mr. Haskins,

I have had silverfish in my home for a very long time. Usually I would see them in my bathroom about once a week but I didn’t really think it was a big deal.

I guess I finally got fed up with living in a bug infested home and I decided to do something about it.

I was very interested in your ebook because it promised a solution that didn’t involve using any chemicals. I have a young toddler who is always putting things in his mouth and I was worried about using chemicals on the floor and walls.

I just wanted to thank you for the lovely ebook. I wish I found this e-book YEARS ago! I would have loved to be living without silverfish in my house for more than just the past two months.

Thank you again.”

— Sharon Connolly
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“I just want to say THANK YOU”

From: [email protected]
Subject: Congratulations!
Wednesday, June 4th 2008
To: [email protected]

I just want to say THANK YOU for solving this problem for me. You’re right about silverfish being embarrassing little bugs. They never really did me any harm but I’m sure glad I don’t have to worry about them anymore. Thanks again!”

— Gerald Garnett,
Mansfield, Ohio

“The Pest Control Company Didn’t Work ”

From: [email protected]
Subject: Silverfish product
Wednesday, September 12th 2009
To: [email protected]

I had silverfish bugs in my home for many years. I used to have a pest control company come by my apartment once every few months but it didn’t work and I kept seeing silverfish from time to time. After reading your book I understand why! Thank you for helping me get my home bug-free!”

— Martha Johnson,
San Diego, California

This solution to get rid of silverfish is efficient, cheap, SAFE for your home, and best of all it can be done in less than a 2-3 hours!

If you want to get rid of silverfish and keep them out of your home *permanently*, here’s what you need to know.

Understand why you have silverfish in your home in the first place! This is key to understanding how to get rid of them!

Get some basic knowledge of silverfish insects so that you understand how they live and why they are so hard to get rid of.

Learn what kinds of conditions silverfish need to survive and how to make very simple changes to your home so that silverfish can no longer thrive and reproduce.

Get the horrifying truth about why silverfish keep coming back again and again — YES, they are laying eggs in places you’d probably be happier not knowing about. The thought still makes me sick to my stomach.

Understand the steps you must take to get rid of silverfish

Discover the ultimate secrets to keeping silverfish gone for good!

Understanding why you have silverfish is the key to understanding how to get rid of them. If you have silverfish in your home, there are some conditions that almost certainly exist. You don’t need to *change* these conditions by doing expensive things like renovating, you just need to take certain steps to make it impossible for silverfish to survive.

So How Do You Get Rid of Silverfish?

Let’s face simple facts: if you want your silverfish problem to go away, you have to take action.

They won’t magically disappear one day unless you do something about it.

Here are the options you have for a solution to your silverfish problem.

Hire an extermination company. It will be expensive. Don’t believe me? Go pick up your phone book, look up a local extermination company, give them a call and ask them about it. It will cost you hundreds of dollars and they probably won’t even guarantee that their methods will be effective on the first try. You will probably have to call them again for a return visit, costing you more and more money. Not a great option.

Use pesticides yourself. Whether ordering online or buying something from a local shop, this option isn’t very appealing either. First of all, the only thing that you can accomplish with chemicals is KILLING INDIVIDUAL SILVERFISH . This isn’t like sprinkling ant poison around your home so ants will carry it back to the Queen and knock out the whole ant nest. Silverfish don’t live in nests or hives so it’s impossible for that to happen.

Let me be clear: if you have silverfish in your home, it is a fact that you have silverfish eggs in your home. Female silverfish lay about 3 eggs a day on average. Killing one or two silverfish with chemicals will not get rid of the problem .

Besides, do you really want to wipe your sink, bathtub, toilet, counters, dishes, bookshelves, pipes, heaters, and carpets with chemicals? No? Well, I don’t blame you. It doesn’t sound like a healthy, safe solution to me either.

Live with them. Actually, this isn’t a solution at all. But I thought I’d mention it because it’s amazing how many people will just «give up» on their silverfish infestation and decide there’s nothing they can do about it.

Well there is something you can do about it.. and it’s all laid out for you right here.

Why not?

There is a quick and easy solution to this problem and I have figured it out. I have packed everything you need to know into an easy-to-read, fun and informative eBook that I have called Silverfish Control: The Ultimate Guide to Get Rid of Silverfish.

This is the comprehensive guide you need to get rid of silverfish for good ! It contains step-by-step instructions on how to get rid of your silverfish problem and shows you how to take measures to ensure that silverfish won’t return in the future.

Here is what this guide will provide.

A clear understanding of why you have silverfish in your home.

A list of the conditions silverfish need in order to survive and directions on how to alter these conditions.

How to identify «problem areas» in your home (Problem areas are places that silverfish use to access your home or use as safe refuge during the daytime.)

A list of food items that silverfish depend on and step by step instructions on how to prevent them from accessing this sustenance.

A clear understanding of the silverfish breeding cycle and how to break it — this is the real key to solving the problem once and for all.

An understanding of why silverfish return again and again, plus step-by-step instructions on what to do to make sure they don’t come back.

Silverfish Control: The Ultimate Guide to Get Rid of Silverfish is the ideal solution for anyone suffering from a silverfish infestation, and let me tell you why.

This solution requires no chemicals or pesticides.

This solution does not involve the use of Boric Acid.

This solution requires no experience at all.

This solution is 100% safe for children.

This solution is 100% safe for animals.

In an effort to make sure this guide isn’t out of anyone’s reach, I am offering my solution to you at the discounted price of only $19.95. At this price it is affordable to everyone and much cheaper than what you would pay an exterminator.

Also, don’t forget to send in your testimonials once you’ve read and used the book. I am always looking for good feedback to share with internet visitors to my web site.

Let me ask you this: is $19.95 worth it? Well, compare that to the cost of a local pest control exterminator and you will agree. Yes, it’s well worth it!

All orders processed securely using industry-standard 128-bit SSL Encryption

But I’m going to take it one step further. Let me completely remove the risk.

If you make the small investment in this proven silverfish elimination strategy today, you will have a full 60 days to decide if it’s right for you! If you’re not happy for any reason, you are entitled to a 100% refund of your purchase!

Think you’ll get that kind of a guarantee from an EXTERMINATOR? I doubt it.

«Don’t Take Them With You»

Something I have been asked many times over the years is «I am moving into a new place and I want to make sure I don’t take silverfish with me. How can I avoid this?!«

I put together this little 4-page guide on what you can do to avoid taking them to your new home.

You will receive this little ebook for free when you order my book Get Rid of Silverfish.

Included for Free

Take Action and
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Why wait? If you’re ready to get rid of your silverfish problem and take advantage of my highly effective, guaranteed, risk-free solution then please click the big Add To Cart button below.

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Let me sum this all up for you quickly.

Nobody wants to have silverfish in their home. They’re gross little bugs. They cause damage to your home, they can lay eggs in your food and they’re embarrassing!

Imagine how much better you would feel without constantly seeing insects in your home. The benefit of that alone is worth a lot more than $19.95.

Hiring an exterminator might get the job done after a few very expensive visits from a stranger in your home, but I am offering the exact same result at a tiny fraction of the price.

Whatever you decide to do, remember this. Silverfish will not magically disappear from your home one day.

In reality, if you do nothing the problem will get worse. The worse it gets, the longer it will take to solve the problem.

So take action now and solve this problem for good!

Bob Haskins

«Silverfish Control Made Easy for Everyone»

P.S. I know from first-hand experience how annoying and gross these pesky critters can be. Take advantage of this offer today and learn exactly how to get rid of silverfish for good. You will save hundreds of dollars by using my method over the alternative of calling an exterminator and it’s guaranteed to work!

“I’m so glad that worked”

From: [email protected]
Subject: Thank you for your help!
Friday, April 17th 2009
To: [email protected]

“Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I was very happy with the guidance you’ve provided on fixing my silverfish problem. Your book was very nicely laid out and contained easy to follow instructions. It’s been two weeks since I applied the advice contained in your product and I haven’t seen a silverfish since!

I’m so glad that worked!”

— Mary Ionesco,
Manchester, England

Remember, you don’t have to «accept» this problem and just live with it. It’s time you did something about it!

YES! I am a REAL PERSON! If you have any questions, please contact me at the email address on the contact page. I can usually answer your emails within a day.

All orders processed securely using industry-standard 128-bit SSL Encryption

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