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How to get rid of fleas

The very thought of fleas in the home is enough to make most people’s skin crawl, but it can happen through no fault of your own. Pets can pick up fleas from other animals or places and give them a ride home, so it is important to know how to spot and identify the signs of fleas. Once they arrive, you’ll want to get rid of them fast, while ensuring that your preferred method of treatment is completely safe for your family and pets.

Think you have fleas?

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Tips on getting rid of fleas

There are several things you can do to prevent or get rid of fleas on dogs or cats if you catch the problem early enough. Here’s our to-do list for a flea-free home:

Before you do anything else — vacuum carpets, furnishings, cracks in the floorboards and upholstered furniture. This will not only get rid of adult fleas, but also their eggs and larvae. The larvae feed on adult flea feces and other organic matter, which collects in things like carpets and rugs. Removing this source of food is an important step.

Empty your vacuum cleaner very carefully away from the house because the fleas will still be alive.

Groom your pets regularly with a flea comb and wash their beds every week (using the hot water cycle in a washing machine ideally).

If your cat or dog is scratching or biting its fur you should talk to your vet. They can recommend the best flea sprays or powders to use to treat your pet.

If you still find it hard to get rid of fleas call the exterminators at Ehrlich free at 1-800-837-5520 to arrange an appointment.

Ehrlich’s flea treatments

If the fleas keep coming back, or you want to ensure complete removal, just contact our experts.

Fleas, once they get inside a home or apartment, can become an infestation that spreads quickly. So cities like New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Atlanta can see infestations inside buildings become serious.

Our expert, local Technicians know exactly what to do when it comes to getting rid of fleas in your home. They understand the habits of different types of flea species and can offer the most appropriate and effective solution. It goes without saying that all our treatments are safe for your family and pets.

Call Ehrlich free at 1-800-837-5520 and we’ll arrange an appointment to get rid of fleas from your home.

I have no pets but I found millions of fleas in my basement.

I could not find where to post the question about fleas. I did not posted in pets because I have no pets. I do not know how did I get this tiniest bugs but persistent. My husband bought two 32 oz of some spray in Home Depot. The fleas were still there. He went and bought a two gallon and sprayed the whole house. The fleas are less but they are still there.

Anyone can help. Before to call an exterminator than in this area is very expensive we want to try to cure this infestation by ourselves. Does any body knows what product to buy. I googled the question but most of the sites talk about pets. If someone knows any information I would like to know the name of the product and where to buy, or if someone knows a home based formula I will appreciate give me the information.

I guess my first question would be are you positive that they’re fleas? I don’t think fleas are going to survive very long unless they have an animal to live on so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re actually something else. Unless you just bought the house and the last people had pets? If you’re sure they’re fleas, you may actually want to shop around at pet places, they sell lots of things to treat fleas on the pets but they also sell things to control the fleas in the house itself, so that’s probably your best bet. You could post in the pet forum too, I’m sure people over there have used the stuff to control fleas in the house and could provide advice on what works the best.

fleas can live on people and mice too. you don’t need domestic animals in your house to get fleas. the golf course next to my house always has fleas. i have a cat and she gets fleas once in a while. the answer is vaccuum, vaccuum, vaccuum. put a mothball, or flea powder in the bag to kill the fleas. everyday for a week or so. and don’t forget to toss the vaccuum bag.

Thanks Ecrane3 & Ericalynne for your answers and your ideas. I do not know if they are fleas. My husband says they are fleas. They are very tiny insect. When I came to the basement the other day in a barefoot they jumped to my feets, and ankles. I try to kill them with the palm of my hand and they jumped quickly. This is the only description I can give. Ericalynne mention of a flea powder. I guess you get that at the pet store? My husband found a spray at Home Depot. I will go today to a pet store to see if I find the powder. I also I will post this in the pets. Thank You, Thank You.

I got a product a few years ago — Ortho Flea-B-Gone. Came in a small spray bottle, less than a quart — used at the doorways — stopped the fireants and tree roaches from entering, too. Lots of «critters» on the Gulf coast.

We have pets, but they are treated — internally with Prevention — so any fleas that do get on them are killed when they bite. Keeps the yard free of fleas, too. Unfortunately, it does not work on the fireants in the yard — that’s a whole separate issue.

FIL had major sand flea infestation in the country (NE TX). Treated the house floors with sevin — got the fleas but was a mess to clean up. Took several applications — dogs would wander the fields and creeks and bring more home. Told him to get the dogs on one of the prescription preventatives — very few problems after that. Some fleas would hitch-hike on people’s clothing, but nothing like it was.

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If they were jumping then they likely are fleas. I would definitely recommend checking pet stores for flea sprays, unless the stuff hubby found at HD specifically said fleas on it (most of the stuff they sell is for ants, wasps, etc, and I’m not sure if the things that kill them are good on fleas or not, better to go to the pet store and get something that’s specifically for fleas)

Fleas can live for two years without host animals. They hatch and live long enough to breed again, and the eggs are viable for a long time. I’ve had luck with the ‘bomb’ type that you turn on the spray and leave the area for a day or two, which is ideal for basements. Our Home depot sells them, there are a lot of rental properties around here.

I agree that you’ll need to spray, then spray again to catch the hatchlings. However, a friend of mine had a horrible infestation in her basement. She sprayed, too, but she also had a pan of water sitting in the middle of the basement floor and then she hung a light bulb about 10 inches or so over the pan of water. The fleas are looking for somewhere warm and will jump to the light bulb and then end up in the water and drown. It’s weird but it really works. Use a fairly large roasting pan and fill it up with a couple inches of water and let the swimming party begin!

Try Boric Acid powder. You can sprinkle it on the carpet and use a broom to brush it in or even disolve in water and mop with it on hard floors. This will kill them. The light and water trick does work, too.

Thank You but the boric acid does not work. I tried. The jar says that will kill ants and coakroaches. I do not have coakroaches but I have ant that come from the kitchen window. The boric acid does not kill even the ants.

I am treating the area with some type of fogger and with a type of dust that I bought at Kmart. Then I vacuum after three days. I found less but they are some still there.

I will do the treatment this weekend again. Hopefully I break the cycle of the eggs. I will let you know.

You might want to go to a vets office to get the fogger and spray. I know it costs more, but..

Actually the fogger that I bought at a pet store cost more and did not help. The fogger that I bought at Kmart was better and it was $3.00 less and I found a barbain in HOme Depot that it was even cheaper than Kmart.

If it work I will tell what kind is. All I know now because I am not at home is that the can is green.

The boric acid has worked for me before and worked for my neighbor this year.

I am way late to this chat, but get some Diatomaceous Earth. I found a 5 lb bag of food grade on the internet; I forget the company’s name, so just Google «diatomaceous earth».

I was plagued by ants this spring. I have pets (click on my name) and I didn’t want any of us exposed to insecticides. And, if you drop a «bomb» of insectacide, the creatures might still come back. Diatomaceous Earth sticks to the insect and kills it by drying it out, therefore it is effective on any and all insects. This stuff is a white powder; it’s kind of messy, but better than bugs. I dumped it behind my appliances, in baseboards, all over the cellar and dusted the carpets with it. No more ants. It will kill your bugs, be they fleas or not.

I don’t own a diatomaceous earth company or anything! I was just happy to find a safe inscet-killer!

If it is fleas you have they will surely bite! If you don’t have any bites it must not be fleas.

If there is a flea within a mile it will surely get on me and bite the dickens out of my ankles. 🙁 This year has really been bad for sand fleas due to the drought and heat. My pets are all treated and have been since early spring.

Never late! Ifound in the internet in what you are talking about. It comes in a small pail 3.5 lb. Is that the one you are talking about?

I went to the basement and I did not find any fleas today. I will wait because I just treated with the fogger named SHOT and I also put the dust in the carpet that I bought at Kmart.

I think I like your suggestion because this you can put inside and outside.

I keep you posted and let you know what happen. thanks

I have found that the boric acid works for me and the dish with a little dawn and water under the light. I have seen many sites on how to apply the boric acid to your carpets, but hubby put it in a sock of all things and sprinkled the dust out. It worked great and was easy to do. I never get bit by the fleas but my husband does. And a great way to see if you still have them is to put on a fresh pair of white socks and walk the basement, if you find them on your socks you still have em.. I know it sounds crazy but fleas are attracted not only to heat but to white. Try it and see. Good luck with it.. its such a pain.

Thanks for your advice. I already tried boric acid, but it did not work for me. I received yesterday a order of five pounds of Diatomaceous Earth that I ordered through the internet. This will be my last resort. I hope this will work.

I will wait at least one week and then I will let everybody know if this work.

Tahnk You again.

I believe that the winner of this tread is Jax4ever. I ordered the Diatomaceous Earth that you advised through the internet from a gardening company. The dust came in a small bucket of 3 1/3 lbs. I put it only in the area that the fleas appear to be and then I put it around the edges of the kitchen and the window’s kitchen. This happened three days ago. Since that night I have no see an ant or moth in the kitchen. I still have to check of the fleas downstairs.

I will keep you informed and let you know the website that I ordered the product. Thanks Jax4ever.

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I have always been a magnet for fleas and chiggers. Someone here on Dave’s about 3 years ago suggested that they will not bite you if you take a Super B complex daily. I have not had a single bite from either since I started taking these. We have frequent feral cats on our porch and I used to get bit a lot. Now they jump on and right back off. The fleas, not the chiggers. They also sell them for dogs.

Thanks Trois for the hint about Super B Complex. I am taking simple complex B. I guess is not the same because the fleas bite me big times.

Did you recently buy this house? When we moved into our house we had fleas and it was because the previous owner had a dog. This is what we did to get rid of them: changed the furnace filter then let off a couple foggers/flea bombs and left the house for 24 hours. We had to fog the downstairs twice but it worked!

I went to an exterminator’s office and found that they sold products that killed fleas on the spot but also left a residual that killed the eggs after hatching. I had a huge infestation and this producted killed them all within a week.

Pinita. hoping you have eliminated your flea infestation by now, but if you haven’t. and you need more diatomaceous earth, buy it from a pool store. it’s way cheaper than off the Internet.

You’re not supposed to use the pool grade DE, it’s processed differently and is not appropriate for this, you need the regular kind.

Thanks Ecrane I have read that we do not suppost to use the DE for the pool. I guess Lellie did not read the whole thread. I notice that this is commun some people advice something that has already written that we shoudn’t do. I am aware of all this.

I think the discussion of pool vs garden DE might have been on a different thread and not this one, that’s why I mentioned it again to make sure people who read this thread but maybe not the other one would still have the info.

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Fast, cheap and easily vacuumed up afterwards.

Sprinkle the floor/carpet with garden lime. It suffocates the fleas and eggs. Leave it for more than 2 weeks to make sure the eggs are dead. Then vacuum.

You’;ll know after that period that they’re gone. If any remained in the cracks along floorboards, baseboards etc, repeat.

I cannot believe that garden lime kill the fleas. I wish I had know. I spent so much amout of money trying one advice and other. However they were gone with the last try of DE. Now I know garden lime is a lot cheaper.
Thanks Lee

It worked for me when I lived in Florida (the flea capitol of the world to my knowledge). I spread it all ovet the property, looked like it had snowed but it WORKS!!

5% Sevin Dust killed the fleas in our house. Sprinkled it in the carpet. Couple of days later and the problem was gone. Vaccumed up what was left. Had tried sprays and foggers but to no avail. I love that Sevin Dust! LOL

The problem with 5% Sevin Dust you can not spread in your house. It is so toxic that you cannot do that. Be careful. I bought it and I was told not to use inside the house. I use only for the garden.

None of us had any ill effects at all. It didn’t do the fleas any good, though. LOL We have always used it to dust the dog houses and their bedding straw. It has never bothered any of our animals. We even dust them with it. It doesn’t kill slugs. They nearly ate my peppers and cucumbers up. But the beer got ’em. The moral: Drinking and sliming don’t mix.

HI, Pinita:
We live in apartment, and we do not have pet. We have some flea, too. May I ask you what do you think the most effective way to kill flea, thanks,

I’m inclined to agree that the fleas wouldn’t survive unless they had a source of food — ie a mammal to feed on. Have you put down traps for rodents? I would recommend that you do that to see if they are bringing in the fleas. If you do have a rodent colony, then a one-time flea infestation treatment probably wouldn’t bring you long-term relief.

Gardens Alive has a variety of what they call environmentally responsible products for gardening and weed and pest conrol. I searched there are found these flea-control nematodes. It’s the first I’ve heard about a treatment like this and it may not be even as cost-effective as a professional exterminator, but I thought I’d share it.

Here’s another suggestion for a yard treatment for fleas:

Again, I’d also double-check to make sure that there is no rodent problem first/simultaneously.

Good luck. Keep us posted!!

Hi Everyone:
I’m desperate, I have fleas in my room I don’t know how they got here, I just know they’ve been bitting me non stop, but they don’t bite anybody else just me, my family doesn’t think they’re fleas but they bite and jump, we don’t have pets but we had a cat over a couple of onths ago and like a month after that they started to bite me, i don’t know what to do, I read about the complex B and i’m gonna star taking it, hopefully i’ll work until i get ride of them. is it possible they are just living from bitting «me»?

I don’t see how it could be fleas from the cat—they wouldn’t have waited a month after the cat left to start biting you. If it had started right after the cat was there then maybe it’s possible, but if they went a month without an animal to feed off of they would have died. Any chance you’ve got mice? If you’ve got rats or mice, then they can have fleas which could be in your room. If they really are fleas, I’d read through the previous responses in this thread, there are lots of suggestions here and I don’t know why one of them wouldn’t work for you.

We have had the worst flea problem in history for here. We have switched to a commercial livestock spray. They still don’t bite me though, just the dog. They don’t seem to be in the house at all.
We are using Permethrin 10%. 5cc mixes with water for a quart. We spray the porch also.

borax. 20 mule team. wears holes in their shells and they leak fluid. i think boric acid is the variety used on roaches.

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I when into my basement by the washer and dryer and there they were fleas. I have a cat the lives in the basement, but she never goes out side. She catches a mouse about 6 times a year.I gave the cat a flea bath. I went to HD and purchased Hot Shot foggers. I bombed all three floors of my home with 9 bombs. Came back and did not get any bites. Till the next day. I got 12 more bombs and repeated the the treatment again. Came back and they are still in the basement. I have never seen any on the first or second flloor of my home. For the thrid time now I got 12 more bombs for a totoal of 33 bombs and guess what. I still have fleas in the basement. I went to the vets office and he gave me some spray told me to spray it all over the basement and not to go in the basement for 24 hours. Guess what I still have fleas in the basement. I got another can at $30 a pop. did it again. I STILL HAVE FLEAS.
The cat is no longer in the basement and she does not have fleas

How to Get Rid of Fleas Without Bombing

Things You’ll Need

Flea-prevention medicine for pets

Lamp or light bulb

Bags of diatomaceous earth

Some companies make flea traps, which are similar to roach traps. Basically, the fleas are lured to the trap, where they fall through and become stuck.

If you have a pet, especially one that ventures outdoors or around other animals, you might contract a problem with fleas inside your home. Many people dislike so-called flea bombing because of the chemicals it releases in their home. The problem with getting rid of fleas is making sure to kill the fleas in all their life stages—including the eggs. Many alternative methods are effective for one stage but not all, so you will have to use a combination of approaches.

Step 1

Treat your pets immediately if you notice fleas in your home. You can get flea and tic prevention medicine that is easy to apply and safe for your pet from your veterinarian. Two examples of this type of medicine are Frontline or Advantage. It is important to treat your dogs and cats so that they do not continue to bring fleas into your home.

Step 2

Vacuum your carpets multiple times. Vacuuming will not extract all the flea larvae, but it will help capture the adult fleas and eggs. It is important to use a vacuum with a disposable bag; as soon as you are finished vacuuming, take the bag outside to a dumpster or trash can away from your house. You may have to vacuum several times for a few weeks to get rid of fleas.

Step 3

Wash all bedding, pet beds, toys and washable pet items in hot water. You may need to wash bedding more often than normal, such as every other day for two weeks or more. You continue to kill fleas that are hatching or larvae that are growing into adult fleas when you wash these items in hot water.

Step 4

Place diatomaceous earth in gardens, in pots inside your home and around the outside of windows. Fleas that come into contact with diatomaceous earth will die of dehydration. This soil is a non-chemical way to kill insects.

Step 5

Place a light bulb or lamp over a shallow pan of soapy water at night. The theory is that fleas will be attracted to the light and drowned in the pan of water. People who have tried this find several fleas in the pans in the morning. However, this method alone is not going to get rid of all the fleas in your house. You can use it in combination with other methods listed here.

How to get rid of fleas in my apartment?

I brought in a stray cat 5 months ago and have grown to love her even though she has infected my other 2 cats with itchy fleas. The SPCA didn’t mention her having them and besides for the cat/flea treatments, what can I do about the ones that might be in my small to medium sized apartment.

8 Answers

Get your cats treated and pour Borax on your carpet. Let that sit awhile then vacuum and discard your bag outside in a double tied bag. Also once treated you have to make sure that your cats don’t go outside because they can bring them right back in.

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I have three cats, and we too had a flea problem at one point in time, If you do go with the flea bomb idea- which is really effective- be sure to close all of your air vents in the house- that way it doesnt go into your neighbors air vents as well! When you come back air out the place really well, and return your kitties after. Be sure you have treated your cats for fleas before hand (i suggest buying the advantage cat treatments). If you dont feel comfortable with the flea bomb a lot of pet supply places offer a carpet treatment which is like a powder you sprinkle on the floor, let sit and then vaccume to help get rid of your unwanted pests. Either way, your cats need to be treated for at least three months to sucessfully get rid of the fleas- since most flea treatments get rid of the fleas not the larvae they leave behind! Good luck!

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Fleas mate constantly, laying eggs EVERYWHERE!

Even if you spray the cats an set off bug-bombs, only Precor will penetrate the egg casings and kill the unhatched fleas. Otherwise, the bug-bombs and sprays will kill the exposed bugs, but the eggs will hatch and you have more fleas!

Eggs hatch in 7 days.

Other thoughts. when you vacuum, you pick up flea eggs. They will hatch in the vacuum bag and then crawl out and start mating. it’s a vicious cycle once they have a foot-hold.

You need to kill the live ones AND the eggs. Precor is he registered trademark of the manufacturer. Don’t waste you money or time with stuff that doesn’t penetrate the egg casings.

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