How to get rid of cockroaches once and for all? Good advice

How to get rid of cockroaches once and for all? Good advice

These ubiquitous survivors live today notonly in old houses, but also in new buildings! If you think that the observance of complete purity will exclude their appearance in your home, then you are deeply mistaken. They can easily get to you from the neighbors from below and start multiply multiplying in the darkest corners of your apartment. Who are they? Right! These are red mustachioed cockroaches! We learn how to get rid of cockroaches once and for all!

Unsuitable «orderlies»

Very few people are pleased to find these creatures in theirkitchen for a delicacy — untidy bread crumbs from the table or the remains of food on an unwashed plate. Such «orderlies» are unlikely to be needed . Even the speeches can not be of any use on their part. Only harm! Not only is it unpleasant to live next to cockroaches, they are still carriers of infectious diseases, which are dangerous for our health.

How to get rid of cockroaches once and for all?

We note at once that mechanical methods of combatingthese red beetles can hardly be called effective. Well, you slam a couple of individuals with a tap, so what? The brood all remains! No, here it is necessary to launch more «heavy artillery» in the course.

How do you think the professional will answer you?pest control on the question of how to get rid of cockroaches forever? Correctly! He will say: «With the help of pesticides specially developed by our firm.» But this is very expensive, and where is the guarantee, what is safe? To believe these experts is like telling God about your plans! No, that does not suit us either . What should we do? Do not despair! A ready and safe solution still exists!

Remember: The safest and most proven way to get rid of cockroaches once and for all is to bait them with boric acid! It is this substance — the most terrible poison for cockroaches! At the same time for humans and animals it is absolutely harmless! Judge for yourself: the red mustache receives a certain portion of the acid, sufficient for its death. If it is not so, then the cockroach before death will fight in agony. Even if the dose of acid is trivial for him, he will be able to infect his relatives, and they are unlikely to want to return to where they got this infection.

How to effectively get rid of cockroaches in a complex way?

In the continuation of the topic of boric acid . For more effective destruction of these creatures, we should use a comprehensive method of struggle. We make «deadly balls». To do this, the raw egg yolk is mixed with the powder of the above boric acid until a thick slurry forms. Next, we make thick balls, we arrange them in those places where the greatest accumulation of red beetles is observed. All! Now we just have to watch what is happening.

These stupid redheads must startto show interest in a new subject. It is enough to touch a cockroach antennae to the prepared «death ball», as soon as irreversible contact of the parasite with boric acid occurs. The insect will perish instantly or suffer a little before death. Since these insects do not know how to warn each other about the threat of danger, soon all the cockroaches of the brood will come out to look at these balls . They rest in peace!

There are such inhuman methods of how to get rid of cockroaches once and for all! And what to do: life is a game, here and play beautifully!

How to Use Termite Spray Rigs?

If unfortunately in your house or in your garden have settled pests like termites, ants, cockroaches, bedbugs, flies, ticks, so that you have to get rid of them.

But nevertheless it is extremely difficult, because these parasites are so tenacious and so cleverly hidden.

Termites are not only disgusting insects, but they also can cause substantial harm, because these insects transfer different bacteria. Besides they are able to destroy different wooden buildings because wood is their food as well.

Also the harmful effects of these insects are expressed in the following:

  • they can damage household appliances and electrical equipment;
  • termites eat people’s foods, contaminate food with poisonous excrement, which is very dangerous for health;
  • its excrement can cause a variety of infectious diseases.

So you can see that termites are disgusting and terrible pests, for this reason, you have nothing to do but get rid of them.

But if they capture a big surface and using simple sprays and other drugs is not enough to get rid of them, there is nothing to do but choose other way to kill them.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like many drugs and tools from pests, the termite spray rig allows you to kill insects once and forever. You have to kill them all because of their danger to human health. But is it a good tool to do it? Is it an effective way to get rid of termites? What advantages and disadvantages does it have? Let’s see it in this passage.

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  1. This spray kills insects in large numbers: working termites, nests, and the heart of the colony too. More over it is very convenient to use because it comes with atomizers, and tubes, that’s why it is not so difficult to reach the most inaccessible places. Because of the nozzles, you can avoid the formation of stains on the furniture and Wallpaper.
  2. It is the most economical, because with one spray you can handle a lot of rooms and surfaces like plinths, floors, cracks, wooden surfaces and so on.
  3. It sits well in the hand, high range of spraying and evenly square spray.


  1. It is a highly toxic reagent that can have a bad effect on the health of house owners, children and animals.


As all reagents for ridding of termites and other pests, termite spray rigs consists of some effective insecticides.

(Insecticide is chemical preparations for destroying harmful insects).

It is always very important to remember that some ingredients are toxic and dangerous for people’s health.

  • Cypermethrin is a substance that affect insect nerve action. Insecticide long retains its activity without breaking down under the action of ultraviolet light. Affects the nervous system of insects, causing paralysis of the muscles, including the muscles of internal organs. In a very short time the insect dies.
  • Tetramethrin is another insecticide providing nerve action on crawling insects (termites, cockroaches, bedbugs, etc.). Powerful multipurpose PYRETHROID that paralyzes the musculoskeletal system of the insect and blocks the nerve impulses. Studies show that in tandem with Cypermethrin Tetramethrin works most effectively.
  • Piperonyl butoxide is practically non-toxic, but this substance has the ability to potentiate the effects of tetramethrin.

Here you can learn more information about termite bait systems: Advance, Green, CSIRO, Nemesis, Exterra, Firstline, Terminate. Also find out how to make baits by yourself and how to refill them?


So, how to use termite spray rigs?

  1. Before you start to use the spray, it is necessary to remove from the premises of household things, food, Pets and children.
  2. It is necessary to put on protective equipment such as mask or respirator, gloves, closed clothes.
  3. Spray before work must be shaken. You also check intactness of a balloon.
  4. To properly spray aerosol on the surface you must keep the balloon in the 20-30 cm from the site of application, press the button down and spraying until the surface appears easy hydration. Generally you have to apply wood constructions, small cracks, hard to reach places, the surface of the moldings and areas around heating pipes.

  • After treatment you must leave the room for 20 minutes, then you have to aerate it for 30 minutes.
  • Throw away used gloves.
  • If it is necessary, repeat the treatment of the room and surfaces.
  • Attentions! Always observe the safety procedures.
  • Be careful using it!
  • By the way termite spray rig allows you to get rid of a various number of pests and parasites such as termites, ants, bed bugs, ticks, cockroaches, wasps, mosquitoes, flies. So can you imagine how this spray is effective?

    Here you can learn more information about effective treatment method called tenting (fumigation): dangers for termites, preparing for fumigation and cleaning after, how long does this procedure last?

    Occupational safety

    Speaking about occupational safety, it is necessary to mention that this spray consists of toxic elements which are dangerous for human’s health. That is why you should know the instruction of using and occupational safety.

    First of all you should be careful and attentive; the spray should not be applied on wounds and eyes. Besides there is a very useful tip: put on a special medical mask on the face to protect the respiratory tract.

    Also you have to put on the gloves and closed clothes. After treatment the room and other surfaces, you have to leave it and aerate it. It will provide fresh air and remove toxic substances, which are dangerous to your health.

    Following all these recommendations you will get rid of termites and other pests without any problems and save your health. Do not spray near open flame or other ignition subjects. Protect from direct sunlight and heat above 40C°.

    Useful articles

    If you interested in more information of termites we recommend you to read the following articles:


    Summing up all these that were mentioned above, there is no denying that termite spray rig is a fantastic way to kill and get rid of different pests, parasites and insects. Our recommendation to you: be careful using it!

    Now you know that it consists of toxic elements, read the instruction and follow it. As for killing termites I have nothing to do but say that they will die immediately after termite spray rig.

    The spray also allows you to deliver the vehicle in the most inaccessible places and greatly facilitates and accelerates the treatment process.

    In addition, the spray is more economical as one bottle is enough for processing large areas and big surfaces. Anyway if you want to kill the pests once and for all you should choose termite spray rigs. It is our recommendation to you. We hope that you make your choice.

    Homeowners Don’t Need Pest Control to Get Rid Of Cockroaches Naturally Fast

    Orlando, Florida — The online store, Shopagogoz, introduces a highly effective insecticide that gets rid of cockroaches faster. The solution you had been waiting for Cockroach Killer Powder is a natural insecticide, highly-effective Chinese home remedy, killing bait that gets rid of cockroach infections three to seven days after application to the infested area.

    This miraculous insecticide acts against all species of roaches ranging from the American and German roaches to the periplanata found in your dwellings. It is a no-spray-gel that has a multiplier effect by allowing the affected cockroach to infect its peer eggs and repels roaches without an exterminator.

    DAHAO Cockroach Killer Powder is very easy to use compared to advion roach gel, sprays, traps and other insecticides that have difficult directions for applying them. It works better than green leaf and other over-the-counter products that has proven to affect hormones in humans.

    The powder is known to be non-allergic to humans and can therefore be used in houses, apartments, offices, cars, and kitchen cabinets or any area of your dwelling infested with any kind of roaches.

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    Cockroaches are one of the most common household pests which carry a wide variety of harmful microorganisms and pathogens that could pose a risk to hygiene and human health. It is common for families to purchase cockroach bait products in an attempt to eliminate this vermin. Cockroaches can pick up salmonella on the hair of their legs when crawling on contaminated food. Those with allergies can develop adverse reactions to cockroach fecal waste or decomposing roach matter. Asthma attacks, skin rashes, sneezing and congestion can all occur with exposure to roaches. Allergens produced in the fecal waste of roaches can also become airborne, making it possible to inhale the allergens.

    Invest in best cockroach repellent diy home remedies today and end all your cockroach troubles.


    This is the best online shopping place where you can find a variety of great products at bargain or discount prices. Products ordered are delivered within the shortest period of time to customers at affordable rates, with excellent reviews.

    Top 5 Most Effective Cockroach Repellent

    Are you tired of fighting cockroaches in your home or office and searching for a perfect product to get rid of them? Then you can end your search here because in this article we are going to discover the 5 most effective cockroach repellent of the market.

    The Guidelines in this Page:

    • Top 5 Best Cockroach Repellents of the Year
    • The Biological Behaviour of the Roaches
    • What Smell Repel the Cockroaches?
    • Are Essential Oils Effective to Repel the Roaches?
    • Learn About Ultrasonic Pest Control Devices to Repel the Cockroaches
    • What Roach Killing Combination Work Best?
    • What are the Common Mistakes During Repelling Roaches?
    • Top 5 Best Cockroach Repellents Reviewed

    Our Top Pick: Raid Roach Killer

    Raid Roach Killer

    • Kill the cockroaches on contact.
    • Have residual property.
    • No chemical odor.
    • Has fresh scent.

    If you are looking for an effective product which can kill the cockroaches at one go, then the Raid Roach killer is our top pick.

    But why?

    Cockroach killing spray is one of the most effective products in the market. Though it works best with bait and trap, it can perform solo as well. In most cases, the insecticides smell bad because they contain harmful chemicals that are designed to kill the nasty cockroaches. But the Raid Roach Killer is practically odorless, besides it leaves a fresh flowery scent behind.

    Skip the research and talk to the exterminator to kill Cockroaches

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    Top 5 Best Cockroach Repellents of the Year

    If you are running short of time, check our list below to discover 5 top cockroach killers of the market and choose your suitable one.

    The Biological Behaviour of the Roaches

    If you want to eradicate the cockroach battalion from your house, then you must have a fair idea about your enemy. So, let’s take a look at the overall biology of the cockroaches, it will help you to remove them easily from your living area. Among 4600 known species of cockroaches, only 8 to 10 species have become household-friendly, while the rest lives in the wild areas.

    As the best pest control company, we get numerous calls from cockroach sufferers throughout the world. If you ignore them, they may become a menace for your house. They carry harmful allergens that cause asthma and also cause other stomach issues. The cockroaches are small insects with reddish-brown, dark brown and black in color.

    They are an ancient and highly successful insect to date. They have 3 pairs of strong and flexible legs, one pair of antennae. The body is divided into head, thorax, and abdomen. A pair of compound eyes are located on both sides of the head.

    They almost eat everything that we eat, from cooked, uncooked and leftovers, their pure love for carb and sugar keeps them sneaking around most of the household kitchen. Big restaurants suffer this problem throughout the year because more food means more cockroaches. They can contaminate your food if not killed.

    The cockroaches reproduce faster than many insects. The female adult lay 15- 35 eggs at a time which give birth to the bright shiny nymphs. Within four to five hours, the nymphs gulp air and turn to brown. The overall development process (from eggs to young cockroaches) takes about 4 months. A cockroach may live up to 1 year.

    They prefer to live in the dark places of your house like within cracks and crevices, behind your sink, water pipe, big containers, etc. Their oblong-shaped body and agile body parts make it easier for them to hide in almost every narrow place. The roaches are nocturnal by nature, but if they feel you are not around, they may investigate your kitchen in search of food during the day as well.

    What Smell Repel the Cockroaches?

    Cockroaches prefer to hide within your kitchen because they want to live closer to their food sources, their pure love for carb and sugar attract them to your kitchen. So, if you want to repel the cockroaches you have to know what smells they don’t like. There is a flower named chrysanthemum or garden mums; it has a strong repellent property on the cockroaches.

    The chief chemical of the flower is pyrethrum which acts as a protective material for a few insects including the cockroaches. Pyrethrum also used in insecticides as an active ingredient to repel the insects. So, if you want to get rid of the roaches, try planting chrysanthemums in your garden, roof, etc. This is not an indoor plant so don’t try to plant it in your living room or bedroom.

    Check this video to get more tips on how to eradicate the roaches from your home:

    Are Essential Oils Effective to Repel the Roaches?

    Many essential oils have the property to repel insects, though there is no scientific proof about the effect. As a professional pest control company, we get to know from many cockroach sufferers that they get a positive result from using essential oils. Some of the client testimony says peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil and cedar work like magic when it comes to repelling the roaches.

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    So, if you are looking for a chemical-free way to eradicate the cockroaches then give it a try. Our researchers suggest the combination of essential oil and spray works better on the cockroaches. The combination is better than the individual application.

    If you are looking for an effective essential oil to eradicate the cockroaches, then use cedar oil which is more effective than others. It contains some chemical compounds that are hostile to an insect neurohormone called octopamine.

    Skip the research and talk to the exterminator to kill Cockroaches

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    Learn About Ultrasonic Pest Control Devices to Repel the Cockroaches

    If you are looking for a chemical-free professional cockroach killing product then ultrasonic pest control devices are the ones you should opt for. It is the quickest and safest among all. Not only cockroaches it also repels mosquitoes, ants, rats, and other household insects.

    The success of the device entirely depends on the propagation of ultrasonic sound waves, so the placement of it plays an important role. You can place it at your garage, living room, kitchen and anywhere else to keep the pests away from the target area. The device won’t kill the cockroaches, so there will be no cleaning phase; it will just remove them from the target area.

    It’s a clean and green method to kill the nasty insects. Another reason for which we recommend this to the sufferers is its easy-to-use feature; you need to plug in the device in a socket, and it will start working on its own. While switching on the device make sure your doors and windows are closed otherwise the furniture won’t absorb the wave.

    Most of the devices release ultrasound of 22-66 kHz frequencies. The human ear is not capable of hearing the high pitched sound, while insects can easily hear the sound and they cannot stand it so they will leave the place. The customers suggest dropped insect activity within a couple of days after using the device.

    What Roach Killing Combination Work Best?

    When it comes to killing the cockroaches, instead of applying a single product you should use a combination of products to get better and faster results. The first phase of killing the cockroaches should be detecting their hiding place after that only you should go for insecticides.

    Bait will be helpful to attract the roaches in the first place so that you will understand the type and nature of the infestation you have in your place. We recommend using bait along with a cockroach spray, because if you don’t know the exact hiding place of the roaches you may end up spending products unnecessary.

    Cockroach traps can be a fair addition in this combination. Traps should be set at the target place to catch the cockroaches; followed by the sprays. For maximum effectiveness, keep using the spray for back to back 3 days.

    What are the Common Mistakes During Repelling Roaches?

    While applying different cockroach repelling products unknowingly, you may end up making some mistakes. Improper application of the products may create a big mess, so be careful if you live with children and pets. As the leading pest control company, we spend years researching the best practices for applying different products to kill the cockroaches.

    It’s not an overnight job, after discussing with our various customers, we found a few mistakes that can make your problem worse if not checked on time. One of the biggest mistakes among all is applying sprays everywhere thinking to get rid of the cockroaches faster, by doing that the cockroaches won’t die rather they will spread in new places to escape the harmful chemical of the spray.

    Another mistake is applying doubtful DIY methods to eradicate the roaches. Without knowing the result if you use certain materials, you will end up making your problems worse. We always recommend hiring an experienced pest control company to perform the job with ease.

    Top 5 Best Cockroach Repellents Reviewed

    If you are running out of the time you can take a look at the below-mentioned review list of the cockroach repellents. After reviewing most of the cockroach repellent from the market our top pick goes to the Raid Roach Killer, you can also check the ultrasound insect repellent for a safe cockroach removal option.

    These products can be used in a combination of better cockroach removal:

    Raid Roach Killer

    • Kill the cockroaches on contact.
    • Have residual property.
    • No chemical odor.
    • Has fresh scent.

    If you are looking for an effective product that can kill the cockroaches at one go, then the Raid Roach killer is our top pick. It kills the cockroaches on contact. You have to find the hiding place of the cockroaches, and once that is done you can seamlessly apply the sprays on the target areas.

    The spray has strong residual property, so once applied it continue to kill the roaches for about a week. One of the best parts of this product is like other cockroach killing products; it does not release uncomfortable chemical odor while spraying. It leaves a fresh fragrance behind so don’t worry about the bad smell.

    The product comes in a long bottle which makes it easier to apply. Before use, go through the user instruction carefully. If you live with children and pets don’t apply it unless you relocate them from the target area, because we believe prevention is better than cure. So, if you want a faster solution for your cockroach problem, this product is worth trying.

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