Review of the most effective! Flea remedies in the house: raptor, raid, and others

Domestic fleas — a serious problem!

Small annoying pests bite painfully and breed very fast.

But, to bring these «neighbors» have to work hard.

Not every insecticide is suitable for the destruction of bloodsuckers!

Types of anti-flea insecticides

Fleas are monophages that feed exclusively on blood, so there is no point in using bait.

The following forms of insecticides are used against these «vampirchikov»:

  • dusty. They are scattered to destroy the larvae and nymphs that feed on organic garbage;
  • sprays and sprays. Insects enter the body through the respiratory tract, acting quickly and efficiently;
  • suspensions and powders. These funds penetrate through the outer covers of fleas and poison it from the inside. They act much longer than sprays, therefore they are able to completely eliminate the attack.

Organophosphorus compounds and substances from the pyrethroid group act on fleas. They disrupt the entire nervous system by blocking impulses in various ways.

Effective flea remedies

Aerosol Raptor

From fleas will help spray, destroying a whole complex of crawling pests. The list includes not only these bloodsuckers, but also cockroaches, midges, ants, bed bugs and pincers.

The preparation contains as many as 3 active ingredients: pyrethroids tetramethrin and cypermethrinas well as their synergist piperonyl butoxide. As a result, fleas receive an enhanced double blow, which they have very few chances to resist. Inhaling the remedy, bloodsuckers get paralysis and then die.

Insecticide available in metal bottles of 350 ml. This is enough to cover 35-45 square meters of contaminated area.

Insecticide is a little toxic for people and pets. The substances in its composition in the body of warm-blooded animals quickly split into its constituent elements and do not cause any harm. If it comes into contact with mucous membranes, aerosol can cause irritation, therefore, when using it, safety precautions should be followed.

The average price of an aerosol is quite acceptable — one bottle costs about 150-170 rubles.

Aerosol Reid

Another reliable insecticide that is guaranteed to help get rid of unpleasant roommates in the house. Acts against a large pest complex — both flying and crawling.

As an active ingredient contains pyrethroid cypermethrin. This substance is a universal poison that kills most insects. For humans and other warm-blooded animals. the drug is almost safe.

Insecticide is not destroyed by ultraviolet radiation and high temperatures. It is able to persist for long on treated surfaces, continuing to destroy pests.

Aerosol has a pleasant aroma., you can choose a product with the smell of spring freshness, orange or lavender. Available in 300 ml metal cans.

The main disadvantage: the drug leaves whitish marks on furniture and floorswhich need to be washed off with a water mixture of soap and soda.

Average the price in Russia is 170-190 rubles per bottle. At the same time the tool is very economical: one bottle is enough for spraying a standard two-room apartment.

Kombat aerosol

Spray has a very wide range of effects, destroying all crawling household pests. The composition of the drug includes 2 active ingredients at once: pyrethroids cyphenothrin and imiprotrin. They act on the nervous system of fleas, causing their rapid death.

Aerosol is available in a metal can with a capacity of 400 ml. It is equipped with a long flexible nozzle that allows you to spray insecticide even in very hard-to-reach places. To process a two-room apartment, it is enough to acquire one can of Kombat.

Allergic reactions may develop in people and animals after the application of the product, therefore the insecticide is sprayed only if the precautions are taken.

The average price of Combat Superspray varies from 210 to 240 rubles in different regions.


Concentrated emulsion in the form of a clear liquid. Used to destroy the majority of domestic parasites: a flea, bed bugs, ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies.

The tool is designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. It contains chlorpyrifos as an active ingredient, as well as perfumes and emulsifiers. The concentration of the active substance is as much as 48%that allows you to get a large number of working solution.

Released in plastic bottles with a capacity of 1 liter. To destroy fleas working solution is prepared at the rate of 4.7-5 g per liter of cool water. The volume of the insecticide in the tank is enough to completely fill with several apartments.

For warm-blooded house dwellers, the insecticide is little toxic. is he included in the 3 class of danger.

The cost of the drug is quite high, it varies in the range of 2.4-2.7 thousand rubles.

One of the newest and most effective drugs.destroying any household pests. Contains all the same chlorpyrifos, but in the form of a microencapsulated suspension.
The active substance is enclosed in a polymer shell, located in a lipid-aqueous medium. Thereby the tool is very resistant to any adverse factors and can work for several weeks in a row.

The concentration of the active substance is 25%. For the manufacture of working fluid you need to mix 100 ml of the product and 1.5 liters of cool water. The solution does not stain furniture and does not leave stains on fabrics.

Into the body of a flea gets in the contact way, quickly penetrating the outer covers of the body. In addition, it sticks to insect limbs and is transferred to them in nests, infecting other inhabitants.

IMPORTANT! Get is used by professional services to handle infected premises.

Released in small plastic bottles with a screw cap. Not exhaled and can be stored for a long time after opening. Capacity of one bottle — 100 ml.

If you buy a quality product from the manufacturer, you will have to spend money! After all, an insecticide is quite expensive — from 700 rubles per bottle. True, usually a one-time purchase is enough to destroy the entire population of domestic fleas. A bottle of suspension is enough to spray 120-150 square meters.

Pyrethrum powder

One of the safest means for a person and his pets. Pyrethrum is a plant extract of Dalmatian chamomile.. Possessing exceptional toxicity for insects, it absolutely harmless to animals and humans. Even if a child or a puppy tastes like a powder, he will not recover.

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Powder can be used in one of two ways:

  • dissolve the insecticide in cool water, pour it into a spray bottle and spray fleas in its habitat;
  • use a dry powder, scattering it in a thin layer.

You can buy insecticide in a pharmacy or online store. Its cost is low and quite accessible to all. The average price is 60-80 rubles per box of 300 g.


Professional product in the form of an emulsion concentrate. You can only purchase from the special services. The tool is very effective, from the first time eliminates all harmful insects living in the apartment.

The main substance is deltamethrin from the group of pyrethroids, it is enhanced by synergists.

The composition also includes adhesives, with which insecticide firmly adheres to the legs and torso of a flea.

So he not only penetrates the body, but also enters the nest, destroying other parasites.

Available in liter plastic canisters. The cost of insecticide is about 2 thousand rubles.

With the help of modern effective drugs, the fight against fleas ends with a complete unconditional victory for the legitimate inhabitants of the house. Have a good hunting!


How to Get Rid of Fleas in the House: Efficient Remedies for Fighting Infestation

The people who have had the misfortune of experiencing fleas infestation know perfectly well how much annoying and disturbing these almost unnoticeable bloodsuckers can be. Unfortunately, the insects are a hard nut and without proper thoroughly elaborated plan you have no chances of getting rid of them quickly and for good.

Fleas multiply extremely quickly and if you ignore the fact of having them in your premises, you’ll pretty soon face a major problem. Thus, as soon as you detected the problem, take all the measures for fighting it.

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How to Get Rid of Fleas in the House: Top 10 of Most Efficient Means

Fleas are not only pesky bloodsuckers that can be greatly annoying – they also spread various unpleasant illnesses and can provoke irritation. That is more, remaining unnoticed due to their tiny sizes, fleas are able to turn your pets’ life in nightmare and seriously undermine their health in many ways. It’s clear that you need to think about some ways of fighting the boogers that really work! Let’s consider the options.

Solving the problem will require thorough plan and quick actions. You need to understand that that it won’t be enough to exterminate only adults; you have to destroy their eggs as well. Don’t forget, that treating only one infested area will provide poor results and at the end of the day you will have what you have started with. Pretty quickly fleas will find any clean area and will move there making all your efforts in vain.

Remember, all possible areas around should be thoroughly treated! And if after several days of treatment you noticed newcomers, this means that unfortunately haven’t eliminated all the eggs and newbies have hatched already after your procedures.

Chemical products

If your house or garden areas are badly infested, using strong chemicals is alas the only way out in your case. You can get equipped with fleas killing products in any local supermarket. There are a lot of reliable brands that produce really effective treatments thus one can always pick up one of them or several for more quick and secure results.

Frontline fleas control – remember this name, as it is considered a golden standard once it comes to fighting fleas. It’s a real bestseller and stands on the top position in the course of long years already. Facing the problem, try Frontline Spray that is extremely easy in use. This outstanding product can be without any doubts called a must when you face fleas problem, thus do not hesitate buying it.

Among others you can also opt for Advantage or Sergeant’s Fogger – both are quite available and really reliable treatments for eliminating your bloodsucker’s problem.

Sergeant’s Fogger – reliable method against fleas.

Citrus Spray

If you have your reasons not to use toxic products in your premises but still need to fight the insects, you might want to get acquainted with natural remedies friendly for children and pets, yet highly effective with fleas. One of such means is a citrus spray which costs you almost no funds and effort to make.

Cut lemons into big pieces and place in the boiling water. Let it remain this way overnight and then just spray it on the infested places trying to cover every centimeter. Citric acid is known to be a strong insecticide destroying the insects and making them leave your premises. If you can observe the colonies of the bloodsuckers, just use citrus juice which acts very quickly and will effectively free you from the unwanted pesky guests.

You can prepare the lemon spray.

Essential Oils

There’s a row of essential oils that proved to be highly effective in killing fleas. Choose any from these:

  • Lemon oil,
  • Pine oil,
  • Tea tree oil,
  • Peppermint oil,
  • Cedar wood oil,
  • Lemongrass oil.

Essential oils is an effective way of dealing with fleas.

Diatomaceous Earth

It’s another widely spread and highly effective remedy for controlling fleas in your house. DE (the short name of the product) presents hard shelled algae which has a feature of dehydrating the insects. Just one use of the diatomaceous earth will let one eradicate big groups of the tiny intruders infesting your home.

What is important, the product is absolutely non-toxic and has no negative affect on your pets or children, and still is highly effective for destroying infestation thoroughly and completely. To kill the bloodsuckers on your pets you need to sprinkle a small amount of it along your cat’s or dog’s spine and provide a proper massage. Avoid getting in the eyes!

The next step is sprinkling the earth all over your premises not forgetting about furniture, rugs and other items. Provide light brushing and leave the treatment for about four days before vacuuming it up.

Boric Acid

This is one of top popular remedies because the acid really works with flea infestation. Among its other advantages is the lack of any odor as well as lack of any harm for your home animals and children, thus you do not have to worry about its affect on you. It’s a natural pesticide so you won’t just notice it at all except for its great effect on your tiny bloodsucking guests. With them boric acid is going to be pitiless and harsh.

Soapy Water Trap

This type of trap for fleas can be also pretty effective. These insects are easily attracted by light and the feature can be used for killing a lot of them at once. Just pour some soapy water and place a light source next to it: when the bloodsuckers will hop towards it, they will just drown in this water. The procedure should be repeated continuously, until the last booger is gone. Unfortunately, the eggs can’t be damaged this way.

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Pour some soapy water and place a light source next to it.


The combination of vacuuming and salt can create real miracles when it comes to exterminating fleas from your flooring or carpets. Also the method will cost you nothing as salt is very cheap and vacuuming is free at all, thus it’s really worth trying!

That is more, the vibrations that vacuum produces in the process of cleaning, provides pupae hatching so it will be much easier for you to exterminate the colonies of bloodsuckers with the help of some pesticide later.

Regular vacuuming is an excellent prevention against fleas.

Apple Vinegar

The vinegar has proved to be a working natural remedy that can help you forget about having pests in your place. It’s highly effective in destroying ticks and fleas. To prepare the remedy you need to pour several drops of the vinegar in water. The ratio of the liquids used is somewhat of 2:1. Mix the treatment thoroughly and pour the solution into a special bottle for spreading it. Spray the mixture in the places where your pets usually sleep.

Another way of applying is to wet your pets’ coat with the solution and then softly comb it spreading the vinegar water all over the hairs. This will work perfectly up to 4 days!


Rosemary leaves can be a real helper once the necessity of fighting fleas in your yard or premises arises. The recipe is both simple and effective. The leaves should be grinded into powder which afterwards should be sprinkled all over the locations your pets use for rest or sleep regularly.

You can also prepare some rosemary dip to use it for treating your pets’ coat and thus exterminate fleas. Just boil some leaves of this plant for half an hour and process your pets with it. The procedure is really effective, but should be obligatory repeated once a week in order to protect your home animals from new invasion.

Cedar Chips

If you chance to have some cedar chips at home, do not hesitate to use it for fighting fleas invasion as it really works! Place a handful of chips under your pet’s bed lining or just in it and wait for some time. The fact is fleas can’t stand this smell and will go away in no time as they detect it around.

The chips can be very helpful outside as well: use it around your house foundation as well as along fence line and in the yard. When your pet will bring any fleas in its hairs cross your yard, the insects will abandon your premises very quickly due to the smell.

The Reasons of Having Fleas in Your House

In fact, you can never know how and when the bloodsuckers have entered your dwelling. You really can’t know for sure how you got these annoying insects but of course there are certain ways they get into your home.

Of course, the most popular and frequent way is getting indoors riding one of your pets. If your door or cat walks outside from time to time and then comes back to sleep in the house, most probably very soon you’ll see fleas in your rooms.

But sometimes even people who have no pets at all suffer infestation. The fact is that fleas can easily get inside by themselves. In summer, when it’s hot, the bloodsuckers do not need any host for surviving: they will happily settle in your garden for example or a backyard.

If your cat is walking on the street, he may bring fleas home.

It often happens that infestation is already here when you move in a new home: empty building is a favorite place for the bloodsucking creatures.

Preventing Tips

Of course no one can have a warranty for not having fleas in his house especially when you have animals. But any person has chances to avoid the risks of getting the pests and decrease them sufficiently. It’s not complicated: just make your premises not so desirable and hospitable for the insects.

First, you need to keep your house clean round the year, cleaning it regularly and thoroughly, paying special attention to corners.

Be sure to keep your house clean.

The second important point is checking all your pets for the insects as soon as they come back from their walk outside. Try to treat your pets regularly with special means to avoid the risk of infestation.

You might also want to try applying some insects’ preventatives. Check for this and consider the option.

Caulk all the crack and hole in your house to prevent the creatures enter your house.

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How To Get Rid Of Fleas In House Fast? A Home Remedies You Can Try

What Are Fleas? There are over more than 2,000 species of fleas which are described in the world. The most common domestic flea is the cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis).

The dog flea (Ctenocephalides canis) is similar to the cat flea but is rare in the United States. Flea sticktight (Echidnophaga gallinaceous) can become a problem if pets frequent areas associated with poultry.

The eggs are very smooth and oval in shape. They are very small in size about (0.5 mm), but visible to the naked eye. Its white color may prevent fabric is light-colored. Small worm larvae (1.5 to 5 mm long) hatch.

They can be visible to the naked eye. They have no eyes, legs and sparsely covered with hairs. The body of the larva is translucent white with a dark-colored gut that can see through the skin.

These immature fleas will eventually spin cocoons in which they will develop (pupate) into adult fleas. Shields are gluey, magnetizing dirt and remain. This camouflage may prevent it from being seen.

Adults are 1-3 mm long, reddish-brown to black, wingless and laterally compressed. Their powerful hind legs are well adapted to jump and run through hair and feathers.

Types of Fleas

  • Flea Typhus. One type of typhus caused by Rickettsia fleas, a bacterium first identified in cat fleas.
  • Murine Typhus. Another form of typhus bacteria most commonly transmitted by fleas from rodents, but also by fleas found on cats.

Fleas feeding habits & where are they found?

Fleas are bloodsuckers that fodder on blood. Fleas can be alive on any red-blooded mammal but look forward to preferring to live on human beings, rats, cats, opossums, and other rodents.

What is the effect of fleas on humans?

Flea infestations in homes and the areas around the house often result in humans from the bite of fleas emerging. You, too, are at risk of health problems, some of which can be serious.

  1. Allergic reaction: Usually in the form of small, raised lesions called papules, which may be red to purple. Severity can vary, depending on the severity of an allergy to flea bites.
  2. Cat scratch disease: Commonly known as an infection transmitted by cat scratches or bites, causing a red rash with bumps similar to those caused by an allergic reaction “cat scratch fever”. It can also have more serious effects in people with compromised immune systems.
  3. Tapeworm: Tapeworm (Dipylidium caninum) is usually spread by infected fleas found on dogs and cats. The ingestion of fleas infected children can lead to tapeworm infection.
  4. Typhus: A group of the infectious disease usually results in a sustained high fever (typhoid fever), delirium, headache, and rashes sometimes red. Two types are most contracted from the bites of fleas.
  5. Plague: rodent fleas that can be acquired by dogs and cats in some areas could be vectors (carriers) bubonic plague, Yersinia pestis. These fleas can leave home to bite humans.
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Home remedies to keep fleas off humans & pets

1.Neem or oatmeal shampoo

bath your pet with essential oil, shampoo added with two drops of essential oils is an excellent way to kill fleas. Let the foam of your pet for a few minutes before rinsing well.

2. For Human prevent flea bites

Dampen a cloth with vinegar and wipe the entire body. Allow to dry and dress, you can also apply calamine lotion and Benadryl. Meanwhile, mix 1 tablespoon of vinegar with 8 oz. of water and drink once a day. It takes about 3 weeks to see the result.

3.Food grade borax & Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth and borax should be purchased from a local garden store. Mix the ground and borax, 1 1 / 2 pounds each with a cup of salt. Sprinkle the mixture all over the house like carpets and more difficult to reach areas.

Leave it for a few days before vacuuming it up. However, if you have children at home, you may want to use an alternative form. You can pour the mixture into the vacuum bag and then thoroughly vacuum the house.

All fleas that have been absorbed then they will die within the bag. This solution is good to kill fleas, but not shelled eggs. Therefore, you may need to repeat the process.

4.Soap Dish

Use the soap for bathing the cats or dogs that will kill fleas effectively. First, put the soap on a cloth and clean the areas around the eyes, nose, mouth, chin, and ears gently make sure that you do not use soap too close to sensitive areas.

Then move to the area towards the neck, tail, and legs. Finally, wash the rest of the body of the pet in any order with a flea comb. The foam barrier will prevent fleas from escaping. This is an effective way to kill fleas.

5.Apple Cider Vinegar

This is one of the most highly recommended remedies for the treatment of fleas from pets and humans to prevent flea bites.

6.Apple Cider For treating pets

Pour the apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle and dilute with water in 1:1 ratio. Bathe pets in baby shampoo before spraying the solution on them.

Continue rubbing the skin during application. Do this every other day for 2 weeks. At the same time, add 3 tablespoons of vinegar per gallon of drinking water.

However, if the dog has open wounds, do not spray it with vinegar, as it burns so bad.

7.Flea Prevention Diet

Add the garlic and sulfur in the diet of your dog once a week will help prevent fleas. Give Black walnut hulls, the shape of the capsule can are easily found in many health & food stores.

This also helps to repel fleas. It may take 4 to 6 weeks for these solutions to be effective.

8.Heating Pad

Put a blanket on a heating pad set on low make sure it is not too hot. Put the cat on the blanket it makes hunting fleas go away. Once done, dry towel very well.


Fill a bathtub halfway with warm water and add a little vinegar of any kind. Then, put the kitten in the vinegar solution be sure except the head.

Then take him out and apply the soap and gently massage the body. You will find the fleas will run to the head.

To kill fleas in the head, wash it with baby shampoo making careful not to get into the eyes. After that, wash the skin with the vinegar solution.

10.Dish lamp Flea Trap

Take a bowl, light-colored prefer white, fill in a little water and add a few drops of dish soap to make a solution. Place the container under a light-activated.

The light-colored container allows more light is absorbed, attracting fleas. The soap covers fleas and makes them choke and sink to the bottom of the container.

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I find that it’s really important that you clean any furniture that your pet has been on tin order to make sure that the fleas don’t come back.

Need to try Neem and Vinegar on my dog. Thanks so much.

I m suffering from flea bites, I got big red patches on my leg,wrist & belly…do I apply neem oil on that red patches ??

I put down black felt in a few places for my cat to rest inside the house, she knows when I put down this that it is her rest places. I can see from the number of white specks if she has bad infestation, also have towels for her to use to rest. The felt and towels are shaken into white bathtub and shower turned on and I can see red while washing down drain. Also, I take towels she rests on after shaking into tub and run in hot clothes dryer. This seems to prevent infestations.

I know that permethrin is poison to cats, however, since Dollar Sxxxx has 3.0 ml of 45% permethrin for applicatin on dog I put in spray bottle and dilute with 600 ml of water for

0.225% solution which I spray on rugs and on brush that I use on cat. At this level she does not show adverse reaction and seem to like the smell. Most commercial sprays have between 3% and .225% permethrin as their main ingredients, some much less so I prefer to mix my own. I will start applying solution on brush to head and ears at beginning of brushing event to prevent migration to head…which I had not considered in my manner of doing the brushing. My cat has what looks like the clinging fleas or mites in a small bare spot on her eyelid which I will try to treat with the ceder oil type mixture and may be ringworm treatment just in case. I wish people posted more pictures of diagnosed conditions as I know with humans typically doctors refer to photographs to confirm their diagnosis.
Thanks to all for everyone has added well to this site.

Fleas can be a major nuisance, it is a common problem during the summer since as the heat picks up, the fleas’ breeding season picks up as well.


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