Execute, you can not pardon! «Executioner» means of cockroaches with instructions

Cockroaches (red Prussians and black kitchen) are quite frequent guests in apartments and private houses. These insects bring a lot of trouble. : spoil things and furniture with waste of their vital activity, carry various kinds of infectious bacteria.

Often the causes of these restless tenants are mud and neglect of the room (and not only your own, insects can crawl from not very clean neighbors).

Especially pleasing cockroach fraternity unwashed for weeks dishes with leftover foodand broken, constantly leaking pipes in the kitchen or bathroom (insects do not tolerate drought). It is not easy to remove these pests.

For a start it is worth blocking cockroaches all possible paths to food and moisture: fix plumbing problems, maintain cleanliness in the kitchen, store food in closed containers, clean regularly. Only after that you can begin to choose a pest that will save you from annoying tenants and prevent their further occurrence.

In the fight a good assistant time-tested Hangman from cockroaches.

Insecticidal means from cockroaches «Executioner»

Today, the chemical industry offers a huge selection of insecticides: gels, aerosols, powders, emulsions. Each tool has its advantages and disadvantages, so you should choose the drug based on feedback from people who have already used it.

Household insecticide is especially popular among consumers. «Executioner»effective weapon in the fight against cockroaches, bedbugs, flies and other parasitic animals.

Drug description

«Executioner» — This is the development of German chemists. In 2013, the drug began to be produced in Russia. Available tool in the form of a yellowish liquid. Russian equivalent is packed in transparent bottles of 5 ml. The German drug is packed in containers of this type with a volume of 100 ml.. The product refers to a low level of toxicity (3rd grade) and is considered quite safe for animals and humans. There is no sharp smell.

Dilute the drug in water at the rate of:

  • Russianone bottle of 500 ml. water (water temperature does not matter);
  • Deutschone bottle for 5 liters of water.

Average price in Russia:

  • Deutsch900 rubles per unit;
  • Russian70 rub. for one bubble.

Processing is done with a spray. For this purpose suitable capacity from the used means for washing windows or kitchen surfaces.

The active ingredient of the insecticide is a toxic substance. fenthion. In addition to it, they include: perfumes, thickeners, antioxidants.

Act «Executioner» happens as follows: fenthion vapor enters the body of harmful insects when inhaled and paralyzes them. After a number of hours, death occurs. The addiction of parasites to this disinfestation has not been identified, so the spraying of the room can be repeated if necessary.

Approximate consumption: one bubble per 5-6 square meters. For processing one-bedroom apartment will need from 10 to 20 flakonchikov.

Means does not leave spots on fabric upholstery and furniture.

IMPORTANT! Due to high efficiency and not cheap prices there are quite a few fakes on the market «Executioner». Be careful: on the counterfeit goods as an active substance is indicated «cypermethrin»and not fenthion.

Cockroach executioner: instructions for use

Preparation of the apartment for disinsection.

To get maximum results and not to repeat the spraying several times, you need to do the following:

  • do wet cleaning, disassemble cluttered corners, throw garbage;
  • bulk products (flour, sugar, cereals, salt) cleaned in a closed place, the refrigerator is best suited for this purpose;
  • bed linen, soft toys, clothes should be taken out of the cabinets (it is desirable to spray them, since the egg-laying can also be in the folds of the fabric);
  • move furniture away from the walls, separate the baseboard from the floor;
  • remove carpets and paintings;
  • close all windows tightly;
  • in the kitchen, push the fridge to the center (there may also be a bunch of cockroaches behind it);
  • animals, children, the rest of the family at the time of disinfection is better to take away from the apartment (with the aquarium, if any).

After all these actions, you need to dress in old unwanted clothes (so that you can just throw it away), cover your face with safety glasses and a respirator. Wear rubber gloves on your hands, dilute the preparation and start treatment. Particular attention should be paid to the slots in the floor and furniture, sockets, cabinet shelves, door jambs.

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Positive and negative sides


  • this insecticide is highly effective, rarely need re-treatment;
  • destroys not only adult cockroaches, but also its numerous offspring (larvae, eggs);
  • low toxic, not dangerous for humans;
  • does not leave marks and stains;
  • does not have a sharp disgusting smell;
  • quickly disappears;
  • commercially available, easy to buy.
  • high price. Processing an average 50-meter apartment costs around 1000 rubles, sometimes more;

As you can see, there are significantly more advantages in “The Hangman” than minuses. And, judging by the reviews of grateful customers on the official website of the supplier, this drug is worth the money spent on it.

We also offer you to familiarize yourself with other means of cockroaches: Dohloks, Raptor, Regent, Karbofos, Fas, Globol, Forsyth, Masha, Geth, Combat, Kukaracha, Raid, Clean House.

Useful materials

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  • Find out if electronic scarers help?
  • Means well proven against these parasites: powders and dusts, crayons and pencils, traps, gels, aerosols.

In conclusion, we bring to your attention a video about the means of cockroaches Executioner:


Review of popular cockroach traps: sticky, electric traps, poisonous, how to do it yourself

Cockroach traps appeared relatively recently and quickly gained popularity. In the market they are presented in the form of different designs.

The mechanism of their work is similar. Although the exterior design is significantly different. They are with a glue base, with a poison bait, working from the network.

Make the most simple remedy for parasites on the principle of those that are on sale can be at home.

The principle of glue traps

These include the so-called traps or sticky traps. They are cardboard boxes, the bottom of which is covered with a sticky substance. There are several slots in the box. Through them, the parasites get inside, stick with their paws and can no longer get out. The design is gradually filled with insects, after which it is thrown out and put a new one.

Install glue traps for cockroaches in the places of their greatest accumulation or active movement:

  • In the corners under the furniture. Especially in the kitchen. You can put it in the room in case of «lost» Stas.
  • Behind the fridge. Insects love heat, and you can often stumble on crumbs and other food leftovers near the refrigerator. They need very little to feast for several weeks.
  • Next to the bathrooms. If cockroaches can live for a very long time without food, they die without moisture. Therefore, they will look for it near the main source of water in the house.

IMPORTANT! So that the action of glue traps was as effective as possible, it is recommended to clean them of cockroaches as often as possible.

House traps win over other insecticides for the price. They are relatively inexpensive and already managed to establish themselves as effective means of parasites. But on eggs laid in secluded places, they have no effect. Therefore, if you use sticky traps in the fight against insects, you will have to change them for quite a long time.

This method of dealing with cockroaches is not for squeamish. You can’t call it humane either, because insects that die are killed by exhaustion. But this method completely safe for people and pets. Leaving the house to poison the parasites is also not necessary.

Popular glue trap brand «Hedge».


Outwardly, they are neat and small metal boxes. A brush is often attached to them. Cockroaches get inside through narrow cracks on the smell of bait. Here they are die by electrical discharge high voltage.

When the electric cockroach trap is filled, the remains are swept into the trash with a brush.

The metal device has its drawbacks. Since it works from the network, it is better to install it in places inaccessible to children.

Where it is wet, it is also forbidden to place electrical traps. Electric trap is more expensive than glue.

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You can buy it online or in specialized stores.

Poisonous or insecticidal bait

Already from the name it is clear that a chemical that gradually kills an insect is used to fight cockroaches. The device is quite simple, round or square. These are the most effective traps for cockroaches.

Designed and design. It was created taking into account the structure of the parasite. The flattened body of the cockroach allows it to penetrate the narrowest gaps. Night insects like such secluded places. Especially if there is food there.

Usually install several devices at once. Each has a Velcro from the back. it allows you to mount a small structure in the most inaccessible places — at the bottom of the furniture, under the shelves, on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

All manufacturers of modern insecticidal cockroaches produce their own version of the traps. Compete for the buyer not only with the help of prices, but also through the design of the structure. Manufacturers offer aesthetic traps in the color of laminate or furniture.

But expect an instant result after installing funds with baits is not worth it. The bait acts gradually and on the principle of a chain reaction.. Cockroach attracts sweet aroma. Acts as a virus, which is transmitted to other insects.

The greatest effect will be noticeable after 1-2 weeks. If you wait for unbearableness, then it is better to use effective means to instantly damage the parasites — aerosols or sprays: Hangman, Regent, Karbofos, FAS, Geth, Kukaracha.

In contrast to electrical means, traps can even be glued near sinks.

Moisture, they are not afraid. For the price of insecticides also win.

Popular traps for cockroaches include Raptor, Raid, Combat, Clean House, Dohloks, Masha, Forsyth.

How to make a trap for cockroaches with your own hands?

If there is no opportunity to buy a ready-made construction for fighting cockroaches, you can make a glue trap yourself.

  • Take a box of pencils. It fits perfectly. You can use a regular piece of cardboard. The main thing is to leave the edges, for which you can then take it and throw away the trap filled with cockroaches.
  • Neatly parse our box of pencils.
  • To the largest area apply non-drying glue or double-sided adhesive tape.
  • From above to the glue surface you can put something edible to attract insects. Can sprinkle some sugar.

Video instructions on how to make in 5 minutes the simplest remedy for cockroaches — a trap:

Another easy way to fight cockroaches can be made from ordinary glass jars with bait. Put something edible on the bottomto attract the smell. To make it easier for cockroaches to get inside they wrap a container of paper. And so the insects could not get out smear the edges of the jar with a small amount of vegetable oil.

Cockroach traps are a relatively safe way to fight cockroaches. It can be called the most economical.

It acts gradually and is not very suitable for dealing with a large number of cockroaches. Glue, electrical or insecticidal traps are good for prevention.

The glue trap is easy to make yourself from scotch and cardboard boxes.

If you still can not decide on the choice of method of struggle, then articles about effective methods of deliverance and folk remedies from cockroaches should help you.



General Fact Sheet

  • What is fipronil?
  • What are some products that contain fipronil?
  • How does fipronil work?
  • How might I be exposed to fipronil?
  • What are some signs and symptoms from a brief exposure to fipronil?
  • What happens to fipronil when it enters the body?
  • Is fipronil likely to contribute to the development of cancer?
  • Has anyone studied non-cancer effects from long-term exposure to fipronil?
  • Are children more sensitive to fipronil than adults?
  • What happens to fipronil in the environment?
  • Can fipronil affect birds, fish, and other wildlife?

What is fipronil?

Fipronil is a broad use insecticide that belongs to the phenylpyrazole chemical family. Fipronil is used to control ants, beetles, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, termites, mole crickets, thrips, rootworms, weevils, and other insects. Fipronil is a white powder with a moldy odor. Fipronil was first registered for use in the United States in 1996.

What are some products that contain fipronil?

Fipronil is used in a wide variety of pesticide products, including granular products for grass, gel baits, spot-on pet care products, liquid termite control products, and products for agriculture. There are more than 50 registered products that contain fipronil.

Always follow label instructions and take steps to avoid exposure. If any exposures occur, be sure to follow the First Aid instructions on the product label carefully. For additional treatment advice, contact the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222. If you wish to discuss a pesticide problem, please call 1-800-858-7378.

How does fipronil work?

Fipronil kills insects when they eat it or come in contact with it. Fipronil works by disrupting the normal function of the central nervous system in insects. Fipronil is more toxic to insects than people and pets because it is more likely to bind to insect nerve endings.

How might I be exposed to fipronil?

People can be exposed to chemicals in four ways: contacting their skin, contacting their eyes, breathing them in, or eating them. Direct contact to the skin or eyes may occur while applying fipronil products. Pets may be exposed to fipronil by products that are applied to their skin for flea and tick treatments. People may also be exposed to fipronil when applying flea and tick products. It may also be possible to swallow fipronil if the hands are not washed following skin exposure. Exposure to fipronil can be limited by reading the pesticide label and following all of the directions.

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What are some signs and symptoms from a brief exposure to fipronil?

Health effects from a brief exposure to fipronil depend on how someone is exposed to the chemical. Direct, short-term contact with skin can result in slight skin irritation. When individuals have eaten fipronil, reported health effects included sweating, nausea, vomiting, headache, stomach pain, dizziness, weakness, and seizures. Signs and symptoms from a brief exposure to fipronil generally improve and clear up without treatment.

What happens to fipronil when it enters the body?

The amount of fipronil taken into the body across the skin depends on the product formulation. Researchers applied a dose of 79% fipronil to the skin of rats and found that less than 1% of fipronil was taken into the body after 24 hours. When test animals have eaten fipronil, between 15 and 33% (goats) and 30 to 50% (rats) of the ingested dose was absorbed by the body. The rest of the fipronil was eliminated in the feces and urine.

Once in the body, fipronil is found mainly in the fatty tissue, and breaks down into smaller chemicals called metabolites. Fipronil and its metabolites are then removed from the body mostly through the feces and also in the urine.

Is fipronil likely to contribute to the development of cancer?

Scientists have not found any evidence of fipronil causing cancer in humans. Researchers fed fipronil to rats in their diet for nearly two years to find out if fipronil can cause cancer. Researchers found thyroid tumors in both male and female rats fed the highest dose. While these findings are considered to apply only to rats, fipronil is classified as a «possible human carcinogen» by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA).

Has anyone studied non-cancer effects from long-term exposure to fipronil?

Studies have been done to find out the possible effects from long-term exposure to fipronil. In one study, scientists fed fipronil to rats for a year and found an increase in seizures and death among test animals. Fipronil was also found to decrease thyroid hormone levels among rats. However, most short-term and long-term studies find that fipronil does not affect the endocrine system, the system responsible for regulating hormones in the body.

In another study, scientists found that long-term exposure to fipronil in the diet can affect the ability of rats to produce offspring. Effects in those rats included: less mating, reduced fertility, smaller litter size, and increased loss of pregnancy. Scientists also found decreased survival and delayed development among offspring.

Are children more sensitive to fipronil than adults?

While children may be especially sensitive to pesticides compared to adults, there are currently no data showing that children have increased sensitivity specifically to fipronil.

What happens to fipronil in the environment?

In the soil, naturally occurring organisms break down fipronil into smaller chemicals, and on the soil surface, fipronil is broken down by sunlight. Fipronil breaks down in the soil so that half of the original amount is gone in about 125 days. This break down time is called the «half-life» of the pesticide. Fipronil sticks tightly to soil and does not mix very well with water. Therefore, it does not move much in the soil and is not expected to get into groundwater.

Fipronil reacts with water to break down into smaller chemicals at a speed that increases as the water becomes less acidic. When fipronil in the water is exposed to sunlight it breaks down rapidly with a half-life of 4-12 hours. Fipronil and its breakdown products can build up in water under normal conditions.

There is no evidence that fipronil or its breakdown products evaporate from soil or water into the air. Fipronil is not well absorbed by plants when it is applied to soil. If fipronil does get into plants, it can partially break down. On plant surfaces, fipronil can be broken down by sunlight.

Can fipronil affect birds, fish, or other wildlife?

Tests were done to find out if fipronil is toxic to fish and creatures in the water without backbones (invertebrates), such as shrimp and water fleas. Scientists found that fipronil is highly toxic to sea and freshwater fish, and highly toxic to sea and freshwater invertebrates. Two fipronil metabolites were also tested in freshwater fish and invertebrates and were more toxic than fipronil.

In other studies, fipronil was found to be highly toxic to some birds, but practically non-toxic to ducks. Fipronil was also found to be highly toxic to honey bees, but not toxic to earthworms.


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