Do Bed Bugs Carry Diseases

Do Bed Bugs Carry Diseases

Bed Bugs: Can They Transmit Disease?

Most people associate bed bugs with seedy motel rooms, dirty linens, and scores of red, puffy, itchy bites. In addition, though, it’s commonly believed that bed bugs are dangerous to your health. Much as with ticks and Lyme disease, many people think of bed bugs as a disease vector. If you’ve brought them home with you from a night in an infested hotel or house, you might be worried about the potential of contracting some kind of illness.

Let’s take a look at some of the facts and fictions surrounding bed bugs and disease. Then, we’ll move on to what you can do in terms of home pest control to take care of bed bugs once and for all.

Bed Bugs and Diseases

First things first: up until very recently, bed bugs weren’t scientifically proven to carry any sort of transmittable disease. While popular belief might associate them with serious illnesses (much like rats and the plague, or ticks and Lyme disease), the CDC had concluded that they couldn’t actually carry any illness that can be passed along to humans.

Of course, this doesn’t preclude the possibility of serious complications from bed bug bites. In some people, symptoms are very mild: a person might have a slight reaction to a bed bug bite that involves a minor amount of itching. In certain segments of the population, though, bites from bed bugs can cause a serious allergic reaction. If you believe you’re experiencing a reaction to bed bug bites, it’s important to seek medical assistance immediately.

Chagas Disease

More recently, researchers have discovered new information regarding bed bugs and disease. According to a 2014 study conducted by the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Penn State University’s School of Medicine, bed bugs are actually capable of transmitting a parasite known as Trypanosoma cruzi. This parasite in turn causes something called Chagas disease, which is one of the most deadly illnesses in Central and South America.

Chagas impacts over 6 million people per year around the world, and results in the death of roughly 50,000 people annually. However, bed bugs don’t spread the infection with their bite. Instead, the parasite is carried in their feces.

How Bed Bugs Transmit Chagas

After feeding on a sleeping host, bed bugs will often deposit feces onto the host themselves. This sometimes happens on and around the face, which means the potential of transmitting Chagas is very real. Recently, Dr. Michael Z. Levy at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine managed to demonstrate that bed bugs can pass the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite on to mice in a controlled experimental environment.

Chagas disease is sometimes called a “silent killer,” due to the fact that it’s hard to recognize any symptoms while the disease is in its earliest stages. Over time, Chagas can lead to heart problems, digestive upset, and even neurological issues.

Other Potential Bed Bug Diseases

In addition to Chagas, some sources have argued that bed bugs are capable of spreading other diseases as well, including oriental sores, brucellosis, and even leprosy. There doesn’t appear to be any proof to back up these claims as of right now. Keep in mind, though, that the discovery of bed bugs’ ability to transmit Chagas is a very recent finding. New information may come to light in the future.

When to See a Doctor

As mentioned above, bed bugs don’t have to transmit disease in order to pose a potentially serious health hazard. If you think you’ve been bitten by bed bugs and feel that you’re experiencing any symptoms indicative of an allergic reaction, it’s important to contact a doctor right away.

Additionally, if you’re suffering from any unusual symptoms that you believe could be connected to a disease or disorder of some kind, don’t hesitate to contact a medical professional.

Eliminating Bed Bugs

Even if you’re not experiencing serious symptoms as the result of a bed bug infestation, there’s no doubt about it: bed bugs are an awful pest to have in your home.

Eliminating them once and for all can be challenging, though. If you’re dealing with bed bugs, we highly recommend contacting Home Pest Control for a consultation. We offer safe, environmentally-friendly pest services designed to help you get rid of bed bugs fast.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous? Bed Bug Diseases

Bed bugs are small, brownish and wingless insects about the size of an apple seed that feed on blood of warm blooded animals such as cats, dogs, rodents and birds. Humans are considered warm blooded too, therefore humans are also ideal hosts for these bed bugs. The common bed bugs are scientifically called Cimex Lectularius and these insects are actually called bed bugs because of the places they prefer to live in inside some people’s homes; they prefer to live on bed mattresses, beddings, even on sofas and other soft home furniture.

Bed bugs originally infest nest of animals such as birds, but over time, they have learned to adapt and infest places or homes for humans such as homes, dormitories, hotels, barracks and so on, most especially the common bed bugs which has learned to adapt to human environment. They can infest a certain area by being transported, attaching themselves on luggage, furniture or bedding moved to a new area. They can also be transported by animals such as birds or bats flying to a home. Bed bugs can move from one place to another through tubes and holes.

Bed bugs are visible to the naked eye, may it be the nymph form, egg and adult stage of bed bugs. Nymph stage of bed bugs appears as whitish-yellow and translucent and turns reddish because of the recent blood feeding. Adult bed bugs are usually flat, but inflate and elongate after feeding. The peak time of bed bug feeding is about an hour before sunrise, bed bugs are most especially active that time. However, bed bugs will take the opportunity to feed whenever available and whenever they are hungry at any time of the day or night. They get to their animal or human host by crawling towards it, attracted to the heat or warmth of the host and the presence of carbon dioxide. Bug bites that occurred while sleeping are signs of having bed bugs in the area. Bed bug bites appear as red bumps of the skin in rows of two to four bites, which are really itchy. Bed bug bites are commonly found in the neck, back, face, shoulders, arms and legs. It is important to detect a bed bug infestation early in order to prevent it from becoming worse.

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Dangers of Bed Bug Bites

Some people may wonder, “Are bed bugs dangerous?” Actually, bed bug bites are not hazardous to health. If bed bugs feed on one particular human host over a period of time, like several weeks for instance, the human becomes more sensitive to the bed bugs’ saliva, leading to an allergic reaction. However, not all people develop an allergic reaction to bed bug bites. Bed bugs inject a small amount of saliva when feeding, which usually takes minutes; this saliva contains anesthetics which is responsible for the painless bites and also contains anticoagulants so that blood will continuously flow. The only slight risk a human may experience from a bed bug bite is when that certain person develops a mild to severe allergic reaction to the bed bug bite. Fortunately, medications are available in treating the allergic reaction, such as corticosteroids or antihistamine medications.

Bed Bug Diseases

Bed bug may seem like a dangerous kind of biting insect because they feed on both animal and human blood. In fact, bed bugs carry diseases and other pathogens inside them and around their mouth area. However, they are not known to cause bed bug diseases, and are not proven to transmit diseases to humans. Scientific tests have been performed and have concluded that bed bugs are merely nuisance rather than health risks to humans and are unlikely to transmit bed bug diseases from one host to another. Another thing humans can experience from bed bug bites is the risk of a secondary infection due to intense scratching of the itchy bed bug bites. Scratching will cause the skin to break, allowing entry for bacteria – however these infection causing bacteria are not from the bed bugs.

Health experts say that bed bug infestations may cause an added stress to people causing noteworthy impact to the welfare and emotion of some people as these bed bugs may cause discomfort, anxiety, not enough sleep or even embarrassment.

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Most Dangerous Bugs in the World – Top 27 List (2020)

There are almost millions of different bugs and insects in the world, whereas, some of them are really not so dangerous to humans, but of course, some are dangerous enough even to kill you easily. Here, we have come up with the idea of showing you the top 27 dangerous bugs in the world, which are supposedly dangerous for our lives.

These bugs aren’t just for wildlife places, but as well as, you can see them even near to your garden or stick to your windows. Some of them are really very common, and we almost see them in different areas.

So, let’s check out the 27 most dangerous bugs and note them down so that next time you see them, you will be sure and protect yourself from any infections or diseases. The below list of 27 most dangerous bugs in the world will help you so that you might be able to avoid them at all costs.

These are the world’s most dangerous bugs which you need to avoid or protect yourself if you see any of those bugs near or inside of your property…

Most Dangerous Bugs in the World

Table of Contents

Arizona Bark Scorpions

The Arizona Bark Scorpion is considered to be the deadliest scorpion that occurs in North America. However, you can also be able to further find this buddy in the places of Southwest America and Southern Utah.

Thus, if this scorpion bites you, you will be going through severe pain, vomiting, and numbness. Therefore, dying from this scorpion’s bite is unlikely. However, young children and the elderly are more at risk.

Tarantula Spider

Here comes the category of spiders, this is the dangerous spider among others. That’s why we put it up in our most dangerous bugs list. Well, it is actually a venom and really not deadly, however, when a tarantula bites you, you will suffer from extremely painful conditions.

Whereas, when we discuss on its lifespan, Tarantulas can only be able to live for the 30 years old, and as well as they can reach a size of almost a pizza slice. And of course, it is big enough to scare any human being.


Well, it is not actually that dangerous, but still, fleas are well-known comes in such bugs that are willing to transmit many diseases easily. They can be able to transfer diseases or infections from one animal to another.

Also, they can transfer diseases and infections from humans to humans. So, technically, the fleas are dangerous in a manner to produce several deadly infections in our bodies.

The Asian Hornet (Giant Japanese)

This one is actually considered the deadliest bug among all others on this list. The Asian hornet is really not a kind of an aggressive bee, but of course, if you deliberately provoked it, it will come back with the deadliest attack.

It has venom that will further attack straight away to your nervous system, and you will be dead right ahead with just one sting. So, if you are living or making a plan in the Japan area, watch out from bees.

Brown Recluse

This is the second number of spiders that come on our list. Well, not like the black widow, this spider won’t release any toxins, but when it bites you, it can easily destroy your tissues.

You will be suffered from terrible pain and itchiness at the spot where it bites you. And those tissues will take a lot more time for healing purposes. Sometimes, it takes a month or more than that to heal your tissues and make your inner system to normal routine.

Tsetse fly

This bug is a terrifying thing that attacks your sleeping schedule. Have you ever heard about sleeping sickness? Well, if it so, then this fly is the main reason of causes all this, that’s why you need to make sure to avoid such bugs.

And, people referred them as tiktik flies, whereas, these flies can be able to further feed on the animal’s blood and they also carry a chemical called trypanosome, which is extremely dangerous to humans as well.

Anopheles Mosquito

This looks like a little bug, which is actually very much responsible for transferring malaria disease and causes so many deaths. Epidemics and these types of mosquitos particularly go hand in hand, so you need to be more careful.

Watch out from such types of bugs as they are very little in looks but have strong stings that can easily transmit malaria and other types of deadly diseases from one human to another.

Fire Ants

Well, yes, it is yet very easy to spot this type of fire ant, due to its It’s red brownish color. They can hurt you like hell when they bite you. Although, these fire ants can actually release formed acid over to the host by which it can produce severe pain and itchiness.

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However, pain can even cause death, as well. So, always keep an eye over to this fire ants as they are too tiny but very much dangerous to give you some extreme kinds of pain and itchiness towards all over the body.

Rat Fleas

As the name hints, these dangerous rat fleas can normally be cached over to the rodents and as well as can easily transfer life-threatening diseases from one human to another. Although they can even host tapeworms and furthermore, they can able to transmit dangerous diseases through their eggs.

Rat fleas can be seen anywhere, they can sit over to your food, shredded their eggs, and when you eat that food, the life-threating disease will be transferred into your body. And that’s why look out the fleas in your area and keep trying to protect your food.

Africanized Honey bee

People also called them as killer bees, and such name can seriously give us a hype tension. These types of bees can easily be able to invade other sorts of beehives further and as well as kill their queen so that they can build a shop inside along with their own queen.

Although they can easily kill humans, yes they can very easily. However, if they attack you along with huge group numbers, as they have the strongest toxin, which might be ending up the life.

Brazilian Wandering Spider

In the back year of 2010, giant legs looking spider was actually considered the most poisonous spider who lived in the world, and it also had the strongest toxin.

However, this spider can be found in such tropical areas throughout South and Central America. The spider is also very defensive so, it won’t attack you unless it feels threatened, and when it attacks, the person will be dead in no time.

Dorylus Ants

This one is also very lookalike to the army ants, these types of bugs can move in the form of colonies and as well as, they can be able to further easily take down any sort of small animals.

When they attack you altogether, they can provide severe damage and pain of bites as well. Although they aren’t that deadly dangerous at all, their bites would be pretty painful.

Bullet Ants

These ants actually got their name for a purpose. According to a study, when these bullet ants bite you, it really gives you a feel of got shotten by a gun. Yes, their bites are really powerful and give you an extremely warm feeling all over to your body.

Their bites are really painful, and the pain can stay for last of up to a full day, so you need to stay away from such ants in your future.

Assassin bugs

These bugs actually found in the poor places of the Americas, whereas these parasites can transfer severe infection from humans to humans. These are very dangerous parasites and can able to give you some severe pain as well.

Always make sure to keep a distance with such types of bugs as they can be dangerous at the time when they come to bite you.

House centipedes

House Centipedes can really be found in nearly every other house. Maybe you have also seen this right in front of your cabin or storeroom, right? Well, their venom claws considered to be a type of killer, and if they bite you accidentally, it will give you some really badly hurt.

The bitten area comes to swell suddenly, and it will stay drastically last for days. You may also feel discomfort or itchiness over to the area.

Bed bugs – The worst bugs in the world

Well, we think that everyone already knows about them right? Some of you probably hate them too. While their bites won’t give you any kind of bad or serious injury or it won’t be that much dangerous or life-threatening at all.

However, they usually do psychological damage, and that could be the most irritating thing ever. Keep yourself away from such bed bugs as they are too little in size and come out from anywhere without even knowing you.

Human Bot Flies

These human bot flies can easily be transmitted through the help of mosquitos or even via ticks. However, when a mosquito taking the larvae of this human bot flies along with it and further lands on human skin, and then it will just leave it out there onto the skin before the time of flying away.

Thus, after the time passes, the larvae will eventually grow into a form of an infection within your skin, and if you neglect the treatment of it, it will become life-threatening for you.

Puss Caterpillars

The way they look so cute, many people become so fooled by their cutie appearance, you might be wondering of giving them a cuddle like a kitten, right? But do you actually know the bad effects of this bug?

These caterpillars fuss area is full of spikes, and when your skin touches them, a powerful sort of venom will be released, and that will give you a kind of severe pain, numbness, and even chest pain which causes to death sometimes.

Black Spitting Thick Tail Scorpion

After seeing the name of this one, you may better know what we are going to talk about, right? Not typically a bug, but one of the most dangerous and deadliest things for sure. This is actually a type of scorpion, some like dangerous ones.

This one usually found in places like South Africa in desserts and as well as the best known cause of their thick tail that is the reason for spitting venom. If you got a hit from the tail, you would get extreme pain, paralysis, or even death.

Parasitic Worms

These little worms can seriously give you a lot of pain and severe discomfort. Such worms are basically known to be a member of a eukaryotic parasite, and they are supposed to feeds on the blood of their own host.

Well, usually, these worms sit inside your stomach, and that will further cause you vomiting, sometimes nausea, and even other unpleasant issues.

Yes, without any doubt, the Lice would not be considered the most dangerous bugs, but we put them on the list because of their transferring feature. The lice may easily transmit diseases from human to human, just in case, if they are found over to your body or head.

However, Lice feed above the skin of human body, and if your body is infected then the chances are you will probably hold around 15 various species of lice over to your head. You need to think about this on a serious note.

Yellow Jackets

Nobody wants to get pissed by this bug. While you might be wondering about this little bee, but you need to know that think this is a German Yellow Jacket, which is actually found in North America.

The bug is really aggressive, and it can easily sting you multiple times without any pause. And you will feel a lot of pain and itchiness, or sometimes the area becomes to swell.

Army Ants

Yes, they can attack like an army over to you while leaving several red spots and itchiness all over to the area. These are really dangerous bugs and not like other ants at all. Though, these are predators and always stay active whole seeking prey and food.

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They actually built up their own small colonies everywhere they go and then prey on insects and as well as other small species.


They really look so creepy, and that’s why people hate them not because of their attack, but their creepy and greasy appearance. These creepy little guys can easily be survived through a nuclear attack, they have this ability to stay alive without food or water for months.

They can easily be carrying many deadly diseases for humans, and they have this bad habit of starting crawling over to your body.

Black Widow

Here comes the black widow, our favorite one; because of its appearance, it looks so cool and different from other bugs. However, it is yet very dangerous for humans, and if they bite you, you need to grab medical care as soon as possible.

If you don’t get medical attention as soon as possible, then the chances are you can die within several hours or so. Their bites have toxins which cause deaths in humans. So, be careful of this bug.

Deer Tick

The deer tick would have been the major reason to infect people with many diseases like Lyme disease, where thousands of got infected every year. Although, the Lyme disease begins with a small rash throughout to the tick bite area and then developed into severe pains, headaches and even heart problems.

After that, the infected body will go through stiff joints, and as well as a lot of pain, somehow, many people have died just because of this disease, and they suffered from severe pain and extreme level of suffocation.


Well, these termites are really not that dangerous or deadly bugs, but they can damage your property very easily. Either it would be buildings and homes or even crops, these termites can destroy any of them very quickly.

You need to make sure to keep an eye over to these termites as they are too small in size with white transparent in color. That’s why sometimes, they can’t be seen properly.


So, these are the 27 most dangerous bugs, which can cause you severe pain, extreme itchiness, and even sometimes occur to death. So always make sure to avoid spending time with such bugs that can provide harmful effects to your body or health…

Comment us and let us know about the information, if we missed out any name of dangerous bugs then do comment us…

Watch BUGS the film now

What’s stopping me?

Can it all go wrong?

Is it dangerous to eat insects?

Of course, some insects are poisonous. The key thing is to know what you’re eating, and where it’s come from.

With meat and seafood, it’s worth bearing in mind that you’re almost always taking a risk. You can know the animal is an edible one; you can buy it from a ‘proper shop’ – but the scale of industrial farming means that meat, especially cheap stuff, is dangerous; particularly worrying are the antibiotics that pigs and other animals are pumped full of in large industrial farms. This is to stop the filthy and painful conditions in these places from literally killing the animals – and it means antibiotic resistance is rising among humans.

One benefit of insects as a food source is their genetic dissimilarity from humans.

Then there’s the sewage produced by massive livestock farms and abattoirs. Nitrate levels in groundwater can be affected, causing severe health problems in infants and pregnant women. Pathogenic bacteria (the ones which cause illness) are prevalent in livestock sewage: things like MRSA, listeria and salmonella. Regulators try to regulate and contain these problems, but with livestock farming reaching such huge concentrations, the contamination risks are huge. Arguably, we’re in danger of poisoning ourselves by producing and eating meat in this way.

Photo: Nordic Food Lab, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

This could be seen as an argument for a much more humane, less intensive meat production system, and makes the case for insects as better food source. Unfortunately, just like pesticide use, intensive meat farming has an effect on the safety of entomophagy too. The idea of feeding animals on insects, which themselves are fed on such organic waste, raises the question that insects could be contaminated by the same bacteria and toxins as the animals. Research is ongoing by EU bodies, but the latest report noted that farming insects poses no greater risk than farming livestock.

Arachnids like scorpions are closely related to crustaceans and shellfish. They taste and look similar — and carry similar risks.

One benefit of insects as a food source is their genetic dissimilarity from humans. Swine and avian flu pose significant threats to humans because the genetic similarities with humans allow the diseases to ‘jump’ across and mutate. Insects, though, are genetically very distant from us.

Seafood is also risky. All those shellfish food poisoning incidences? Not surprising, as some shellfish are filter-feeders, so toxins naturally build up in their flesh. There are regulations to try and mitigate this, but it’s a natural occurrence. Lobsters and crabs crawl along the bottom of the ocean eating anything and everything, dead or alive, that comes their way. Nice. No wonder they can give you a dodgy tummy.

Their land-based cousins, however, are much cleaner eaters. Scorpions and spiders are actually said to taste a little like crab and lobster, but the only danger is in the venom sacs which you can just neatly cut off, as bug chef David George Gordon helpfully demonstrates in this video. Venom actually becomes safe when cooked, turning solid much like an egg white does, so even this can be eaten if you follow the advice.

Photo: Nordic Food Lab, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Of course some edible insects are also ‘detritivores’ — meaning that they eat decaying matter. Dung beetles, burying beetles and woodlice all do this. Such species play an important part in the ecosystem, but as with filter-feeding shellfish, they could cause illness. Precaution and research is important.

Essentially, any food has a variety of risks associated with it.

Allergies are also something to consider. Again, insects are not unusual in this respect, as any protein-containing food has the potential to trigger an allergic reaction. Scorpions are actually closely related to crustaceans and shellfish, which is why they taste and look similar. So if you’re allergic to the proteins in shellfish, exercise caution.

Sadly pesticide and herbicide use is extremely widespread, causing damage to animals, humans and insects alike. Some insects can tolerate higher levels of heavy metal contamination than mammals, meaning arsenic and lead poisoning are a slightly higher risk when eating insects. It’s still a very minimal risk, but it indicates the bigger problem: our food production, from the chemical sprays to the medicated, hormone-pumped feed and industrial-scale slaughter, is toxic – not just for human health but for the whole ecology, and insects are just as affected.

Essentially, any food has a variety of risks associated with it. With insects, the risks are estimated to be relatively small, and easily controlled.

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