5 Best Ultrasonic Pest Repellers — May 2020

Best Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

One of the most effective ultrasonic devices to repel rodents and other larger pests.

Uses 5 methods to help get rid of rodents and/or keep them away, with high-intensity signals to annoy and confuse pests. Easy to use – just plug in an area where pests are an issue.

Doesn’t work in all situations, especially if you have a large infestation.

With a trio of repeller types and useful features like additional outlets and 3 convenient sizes, it is extremely easy to protect a sizable indoor space from common pests.

Kit includes 6 pest repellers. LED light shines when repellers are active. Drives ants, roaches, spiders, mice, and rats away. Nightlight and extra outlet features.

Will not ship to certain states, such as Hawaii and New Mexico.

Although they may not deter all pests, these repellers are popular thanks to their effectiveness.

Two upgraded units that cover a total of 2,400 square feet. Units have night lights that emit pleasant blue light. Some owners are impressed with how well they work for deterring mice. Money-back guarantee.

Only two repellers for the price. May not deter all pests, especially roaches.

Despite some quirks, this repeller offers some nice capabilities and covers a reasonably large area for a single unit.

A single plug-in unit that covers up to 1,200 square feet. Offers three settings for controlling minor to major infestations. Indicator lights of different colors help you identify the appropriate setting. Can control insects, spiders, and rodents.

Emits a faint but high-pitched sound that is annoying to consumers with sensitive ears and some dogs. Won’t control all pests.

If you need to keep rodents away from several small places, this is a good option.

Available in packs of 1, 2, 3, or 4. Deters rodents of all kinds. Safe to use around kids and pets – no noticeable sound. Comes with a built-in night light. Easy to use – just plug in any room where pests are detected.

Does not repel insects, only rodents. Takes about a week to work.

We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

Buying guide for best ultrasonic pest repellers

If you’re looking for a clean, nontoxic way to deter mice and bugs from squatting in your home, an ultrasonic pest repeller is an excellent alternative to expensive pest-control services or dangerous chemical traps. These devices are designed to repel pests capable of hearing ultrasonic frequencies, but not to worry. Human ears can’t hear the sounds.

Make your dwelling less attractive to creepy crawlies and keep disease-spreading rodents and insects out of your kitchen, attic, and walls with noise-free ultrasonic repellers.

The BestReviews team wants to simplify your shopping experience by giving you all the information you need to make your final choice. We’ve created this shopping guide with an overview of ultrasonic pest repellers to help you keep your house free of nasty cupboard critters.

How do ultrasonic pest repellers work?

These devices deter pests with ultra-high-frequency sound, frequencies higher than 20,000 hertz. Humans can’t hear the sound emitted by these devices, but some animals and insects are fully capable of picking up ultrasonic sound waves. The high-pitched sound ranges from irritating to deadly, depending on the critter and the strength of the device in question. Ultrasonic devices are powered by electricity and available in plug-in or battery-operated models.

It’s important to note that this type of device is not effective against all pests. Certain insects, like ants, are more resilient than others when it comes to ultrasonic frequencies. Some studies have also shown that ultrasonic repellers may even attract critters (such as mosquitos) into your dwelling. Correct positioning and use of these units is the best way to maximize effectiveness, but don’t think of it as an instant solution to pest problems. It takes time for repellers of this type to produce a measurable effect.

Ultrasonic pest repellers vs. other pest-control methods

Why choose an ultrasonic unit over poison or traps ? Here are the main pros and cons of this type of product.


Affordable: These devices are inexpensive compared to professional pest-control services.

Long lasting: There’s no need to replace the repellers. Once you purchase a set, you’ll be able to use your ultrasonic devices as often as you want.

Safer than chemicals: Worried about exposing your children or furry pals to toxic substances like rat poison? Ultrasonic devices are nontoxic and pose no threat to human health.

Can be used anywhere: As long as you have an outlet, you can use a repeller wherever you need it. You can’t do that with mousetraps or rat poison.

Mess-free: Traps and poison kill pests inside your home and could leave you with lingering smells. Ultrasonic devices are designed to keep the pests out of the home.

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Simple to use: There’s no setup required. Just plug in a unit and forget about it.


Not always effective: There are conditions that can alter the efficacy and interfere with the performance of ultrasonic devices.

Doesn’t work on all pests: Not all insects and animals are deterred by this type of product.

  • Limited range: Furniture and walls block sound waves, so you need multiple devices for full coverage of your home.
  • Use traps in conjunction with ultrasonic devices for maximum effectiveness.

    Types of ultrasonic pest repellers

    You can select a ultrasonic pest repeller according to the pests it deters, the kind of environment it’s designed for, or the power source.


    Some repellers are designed to deter specific types of pests, such as insects or rodents. Others are designed to target all the nasty critters that might invade your property. Larger repellers are made to control deer and cat populations.


    You can choose a pest repeller to use outdoors or indoors. Weatherproof and waterproof outdoor units are used to repel critters like squirrels and chipmunks. Avoid using a unit outdoors if your pest problem is mainly indoors. You might drive unwanted critters into your home!


    Most common are plug-in units. These are small, unobtrusive, and easy to plug into any electrical outlet around your house. Corded options are bigger and usually provide more coverage, but you’ll need an accessible outlet nearby. If you don’t have a conveniently located electrical outlet, a battery-operated pest repeller makes it easy to place a unit anywhere in your home.

    Consider these factors before you buy

    Your expectations

    It’s important to be realistic. This type of device won’t wholly eliminate unwanted pests from your home, and it can’t repel every kind of critter. It’s also not a long-term solution. Some pests could become accustomed to the high-frequency sound over time. If you have a severe pest problem, an ultrasonic device isn’t a practical solution. High-frequency-emitting devices are best for controlling light pest issues and preventing bugs and rodents from taking up residence in your home in the first place.

    Strength and coverage

    For the most part, a larger repeller is stronger and provides more coverage. Correctly placing the repeller will maximize its performance. An incorrectly placed unit, regardless of size, won’t work as well. The sound emitted by these devices doesn’t travel through walls. If mice are devouring the contents of your pantry, the repeller won’t be useful if you stick it in the basement. You’ll probably need multiple repellers for maximum coverage. Ultrasonic pest repellers are often sold in packs of two, four, or six because they’re more effective if spread throughout the home.

    Carpeting in rooms could reduce the performance of your ultrasonic pest repeller, as can thick window treatments.

    Ultrasonic devices might cause interference with telephones, cell phones, and alarm systems.

    Ultrasonic pest repeller features to consider


    Some units double as nightlights. Place these in your hallway or kitchen so you won’t need to flip on the light when grabbing a snack in the middle of the night.


    The ultrasonic sound is emitted through speakers. Units can have up to three speakers. For greater coverage, choose a model with more speakers.

    Sound variance

    To prevent pests from growing accustomed to the high-frequency noise, choose a unit that varies the sound. It’ll be tough for rodents and bugs to get used to the noise if it keeps changing.

    Pet-safe setting

    Most pest repellers are safe for dogs and cats, but if you’re worried about how the high-frequency noises will affect Fido or Fluffy, opt for a unit with a pet-safe setting. A pet-safe feature ensures that the frequencies emitted won’t affect your animal friends. If you have birds or other small pets, check the manufacturer’s guidelines before using any ultrasonic device in your home, even one with a pet-safe mode.

    Electromagnetic technology

    Some units combine ultrasonic and electromagnetic frequencies for maximum effectiveness. Electromagnetic technology is capable of penetrating walls and other obstacles. The pulses emitted target the nervous system of nasty household pests.

    Ultrasonic pest repeller prices

    The cost of an ultrasonic unit depends on the brand, coverage provided, and how many different pests it repels. Most repellers come in packs containing two, four, or six units and cost less than $40 . The priciest options are designed for outdoor use, and most of these cost less than $60 .

    Q. Where should I put my repeller?

    A. Choose an open area for best results. Furniture and walls can stop the transmission of high-frequency sound waves. If you’re putting one in your living room, for example, avoid positioning it behind the couch .

    Q. Will an ultrasonic device harm beneficial insects?

    A. Since they’re typically designed for use indoors, you shouldn’t be too worried about harming the good bugs outside your home. The ultra-high-frequency sound waves can’t travel through walls. Many beneficial insects are sensitive to ultra-high-frequency sounds, so using an outdoor unit could harm the good bugs around your yard. We don’t recommend using an ultrasonic device outdoors for this reason.

    Q. Is it safe to use an ultrasonic pest repeller around children and pets?

    A . Humans can’t hear ultrasonic sounds, but some pets might be sensitive to certain frequencies. Dogs and cats should be fine around these devices, but smaller mammals like pet hamsters and mice shouldn’t be housed near an ultrasonic pest repeller. Birds might also be susceptible to high-frequency noises. Carefully read manufacturer guidelines to make sure your furry and feathered friends stay safe.

    Q. Can I use an ultrasonic device both indoors and outdoors?

    A. Most indoor units aren’t designed for outdoor use, and vice versa.

    Q. How long will it take to see a reduction of pests in my home?

    A. It can take as little as a week or as long as a month. The length of time it takes to reduce the pest population in your home depends on the level of infestation and the strength of the device(s) used.

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    Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

    by John Hager — Last updated October 15, 2019

    Pests infestation have become so prevalent in many urban cities with devastating consequences. Some pests may damage structures or are just nuisance to the welfare of people. In this regard, several control measures have used to get rid of pests. Traditionally people use pesticides to kill pests. Click here to see our #1 pick on Amazon.com

    However, this method of combating pest is not always easy as pest develop resistance to chemical insecticides. That is why pest repellers have been introduced to deter pest from even approaching homes. We are proving the reader here with a comprehensive pest repeller review to help them understand the concept of pest repellent as well as a guide in their purchasing decision.

    Table of Contents

    Top 3 Best Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

      Bell + Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repeller with AC Outlet and Night Light (Pack of 4)Bell and Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repellers with Extra Outlet – 3 PackBell + Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, 4 Pack

    Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

    There are so many ultrasonic pest repeller devices produced by different manufacturers on the market currently. Consumers can easily get confused on which one to buy for their specific pest control need. Not only do they not the right information about each one of the devices but also are distracted by the advertisement placed on each product. These manufacturers put thousands of dollars on advertisement only to rip them of their money.

    Many people prefer to do their own pest control instead of seeking the services of a pest control specialist. This may be OK, but there are some risks associated with these practices. Purchasing some devices may just be a waste of money because each pest repeller is specifically designed for certain types of pests.

    Some animal like dog bats and other rodents have the biological capacity to hear ultrasonic sounds. So these devices can well also used to deter them. Insects such as grasshoppers , lacewings and moths have also the ability to detect some ultrasonic waves. Currently, there is no convenient evidence that suggests these insect pests may be controlled using ultrasonic devices.

    Ultrasonic pest repellers are specifically designed to chase insect away not to kill them.

    1. Bell + Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repeller with AC Outlet and Night Light (Pack of 4)

    Our Rating: (3.5 / 5)

    This is also another great indoor pest repeller. It produces ultrasonic sounds that repel most rodents spiders and cockroaches.

    This model does not make noise at night so it you don’t have to worry for your sleep time.

    Most customers who have bought this product have reported that it work great for deterring mice and rats from entering their houses.

    A customer has pointed out that this repeller does a great job at keeping mouse at bay. In fact, it has saved him over 700 dollars requested by a pest control company to get rid of his mice problem.

    The best place to buy this pest repeller is on Amazon as previous customers have pointed out that they ship it with a lighting breeze without any delay.

    2. Bell and Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repellers with Extra Outlet – 3 Pack

    Our Rating: (3.3 / 5)

    This one is of the same brand as the above. It is a 3 pack product and is also efficient in eliminating mice rats spiders and ants. As the previous Bell pest repeller, you just need to plug it right ar the entrance of your room.

    It will continuously produce an ultrasonic sound that will drive your pests crazy. They will either be incapacitate or either back away and restrain from entering your room.

    3. Bell + Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, 4 Pack

    Our Rating: (3 / 5)

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    This ultrasonic pest repeller has the reputation to be effective against spiders cockroaches rat and mice.

    It can be used either indoor or outdoor although most people prefer to plug it inside their home just at the door to prevent any of these pests from entering in.

    It has an led light that can indicate it is functioning fine when you shut the light off. As the manufacturer indicated they do not use any harmful chemical and can, therefore, be considered as safe for human.

    Some people have reported that that Bell Howell ultrasonic pest repeller can even work against house flies and other flying insects.

    You can buy this repeller from any sores in the USA, but most of them do not ship it if you are living outside the United States.

    You can check the price and availability of this product on Amazon. And you will find what other people are saying about this product and its performance.

    Types of Electronic Pest Repellers

    Pest repellers use one or more of the following technologies: ultrasonic, electromagnetic, ionic, sonic scare and visual scare.

    Some are designed for small indoor areas while others are for use over large areas outdoors. The most popular of these are electronic pest repellers that are used in homes which are purchased and installed by the home owner. Many units are also installed by pest control professionals particularly outdoors to control birds and large animals.

    They range in price from less than $10 for the home units to close to $1000 for the large area outdoor types. It is important to make sure that the device you select is appropriate for the pests that you are dealing with. Also be aware that while there are many good products out there, some don’t work very well. Ask questions, read reviews and get a money back guarantee.


    Ultrasonic technology creates sound that is beyond the range of humans and most pets but is very uncomfortable for pests causing them to flee the area.

    Some units have a fixed frequency of maybe 30 to 35 kilohertz while other units allow for the adjustment of the frequency and loudness to target a particular type of pest. Some of the units designed for outdoor use also include audible sound.

    Be aware that ultrasonic units work best when the sound waves can bounce off walls, floors, ceilings and hard furniture. Carpet, drapes and upholstered furniture reduce the loudness of the sound. While some indoor units cover 3000-5000 square feet several units are required throughout the house since ultrasonic sound waves travel in a straight line and the sound level gets lower after numerous bounces.

    Outdoor units may have multiple speakers and cover very large areas.


    An electromagnetic pest repeller plugs into an AC power outlet and injects electromagnetic waves on the electrical wiring throughout a building. Pests are very sensitive to changes in electromagnetic energy. The frequency of the waves is tuned to provide discomfort to the pests and drives them out.

    It gets to the pests hiding within walls, attics, basements and areas that the ultrasonic pest repellers can’t reach.


    Ionic technology has been used for years in air purifiers. It creates negative ions which act to destroy harmful airborne pollutants, including bacteria and dust mites.

    This technology is now being used in electronic pest repellers. Negative ions which are produced by the repeller causes pests to leave the area. The ions also clean the air of food odors which is also a deterrent.

    Sonic (Audible Sound) Scare

    There are many types of sonic devices which make various sounds to scare pests away.

    There are electronic units that generate sound waves into tunnels of burrowing animals such as moles and gophers.

    Different units are designed to protect different size areas, from the typical yard all the way up to 8 acres. They can be programmed to emit various sound combinations. The key here is to have random sounds so the pests don’t get used to them. Some have proximity detectors that sense when an animal is near and activate the sound.

    There are special units for repelling birds. These are usually bird specific. They work by having actual bird distress cries recorded on a microchip. When the birds hear the sound they think that members of their flock are in trouble so they leave the area.

    Visual Scare

    One of the most common visual electronic pest repellers is a strobe light which displays different colors of light. Some display ultra-violet (UV) light.

    A very novel type of devices is an electronic scarecrow which has a proximity sensor that detects heat and movement. When it detects an animal it opens a valve which releases a blast of water similar to a yard sprinkler for a few seconds. The visual movement along with the sound causes the unwelcome pest to be on his way.


    Among the entomologist community, the use of radio frequency to control, insects have been met with great enthusiasm. They can be used as an alternative to many chemical insecticides used nowadays that may not only make the pest develop resistance but also pollute the environment and even have negative consequences on non target species like bees.

    Researchers at Kansas State University have concluded that ultrasounds do repel some insects pests and even interfere with their mating activities. Despite the fact that their results are not consistent, they pointed out that anything that can interfere with the reproductive cycle of insects could be of great importance in reducing and mitigating the damage to crops.


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