How to Identify Venomous House Spiders, Dengarden

How to Identify Venomous House Spiders

What You Should and Shouldn’t Be Afraid of

«Oh my God, kill it! KILL IT!»

Outbursts like these are common throughout much of the United States and, indeed, the world, when a spider’s cover is blown, and it is forced to skitter this way and that along the wall or across the living room carpet to avoid being, as suggested above, speedily smashed.

It is unfortunate that so many of these harmless eight-legged critters have to pay such a price for our unfounded fears and instinctive squishing behaviors, especially since they work so hard to rid our homes of ever creepier (in the author’s personal opinion) pests such as silverfish, fleas, bed bugs, gnats, and flies.

I find that the basis for most fears of spiders is the fact that most people don’t know the difference between those that are harmful to humans and those that are perfectly capable of coexisting with us peacefully. And so, in the spirit of enlightenment, I have devised a way to help any and all who are curious learn about which spiders pose a danger and which do not.

Biggest Threats

The leading ladies and gentlemen on this list are of course the ever-beautiful female Latrodectus hesperus (black widow spider) and her renowned accomplice the Loxosceles reclusa (brown recluse spider). The runner-up to and lesser known than these two is Tegenaria agrestis (hobo spider).

Black Widow

Female black widows are perhaps the most easily identifiable spider in human history. The striking red markings on their undersides are a dead giveaway to their species. Whether the red mark is in the shape of an hourglass or a simply a dot, it is safe to assume that any shiny black spider with a bulbous abdomen falls under this category. The males of this species are smaller, shyer, and less venomous than their female counterparts. In fact, there has been much speculation as to whether or not they are more deadly than the common garden spider! Also, they look nothing like their women; they’re thin and usually mottled brown or gray.

Black widows, like cockroaches, can be found anywhere in the United States providing there is:

  • A stable source of heat (such as a human dwelling)
  • An ample supply of food (flies, woodlice, other spiders, etc.)
  • Dark places (the space under your bed, in your shoe closet, etc.)

They are more prominent in warmer states because they can breed and catch food outside. Natural enemies of this spider do exist and consist mainly of wasps such as the blue mud dauber and the spider wasp.

Black Widow Bites

Two red marks are the first sign of a black widow bite. Some spider bites are «dry» and no venom is injected. However, if venom is injected, then the following symptoms are often muscle cramps and spasms near the site of the bite, fever, and nausea. If this happens, see a doctor immediately. Stay calm and apply concentrated heat to the bite to minimize the spread of the venom and alleviate pain.

Brown Recluse

While the black widow is easily identified by her shiny black exterior, large abdomen, and red shape on the underside, the brown recluse is less easily recognized because of his dull colors. The famed «violin shape» (the base of the violin starts near the eyes, and the neck of the instruments points down toward the abdomen), which is supposed to be the telltale sign for this species is sadly not confined to brown recluses, nor do all brown recluses possess it. Perhaps the only foolproof way of identifying these tricky arachnids is to count their eyes. It’s true! While most spiders have eight eyes, the brown recluse is unique in that it has only six. Also, the abdomen of the recluse spider is devoid of markings, and their legs are smooth with no thick hairs.

Brown recluses have a smaller range than most people think, not straying further west than the Rocky Mountains and rarely venturing north of Nebraska. They prefer quieter, darker, and warmer places to raise their families, so they don’t travel with humans to new places as often as black widows do.

Because the brown recluse is so excellent at hiding, there have not been many studies on them outside of research on the effects of their bites. So, the statement that the brown recluse has no natural enemy should be taken with a grain of salt. People who have watched and collected data from the brown recluses in their homes have noted seeing other spiders (particularly the jumping spider) attack and kill them with relative ease.

Brown Recluse Bites

Red itching skin is the first symptom of the bite of a brown recluse spider. The area then develops into a blister, followed by an open sore, which in turn is accompanied by a rash of tiny red dots. Fever and nausea can also occur.

If you are bitten by a brown recluse, see a doctor immediately. Stay calm and apply concentrated heat to the bite to minimize the spread of the venom and alleviate pain. The venom of a brown recluse causes necrosis, or the death of tissue, which can take a long time to heal.

Hobo Spider

The hobo spider is one that more people need to be aware of. They are the real cause of countless so-called «brown recluse bites.» The brown recluse is often wrongfully blamed because both species look related at a glance, and their bite patterns and symptoms are similar. But a second look at these critters can identify them in minute’s time. Hobo spiders, unlike brown recluses, have a mottled coloration and distinctive «herringbone» patterns on their abdomen. Their legs are also hairier than those of the brown recluse.

The easiest way to differentiate brown recluses from hobo spiders is by geographic location. The hobo spider was introduced to the Port of Seattle from Europe in the late 1920s, and they have since spread throughout the Northwestern United States and Western Canada. Brown recluses do not live in the Northwest or Canada.

Fortunately for us Northwesterners, the hobo spider has a nice list of natural predators, particularly the crab spider, Pardosa wolf spider, and again our friend the jumping spider.

Hobo Spider Bites

Purported hobo spider bites have had symptoms similar to the bites of brown recluse spiders, though no fatalities have been reported. In fact, scientists debate whether this spider’s venom can cause the necrosis of human tissue at all. The research is murky because most people who report bites do not capture the spider, so experts have not been able to identify whether the hobo spider is actually associated with dangerous bites. If bitten, it is imperative that the spider be captured or preserved as entirely as possible, and then sent to a lab (many state universities have labs that are appropriate for this) to aid in identification and future research.

Where Dangerous Spiders Are Found

Harmless Helpers

Now that the scary stuff is out of the way, here are a few «creepy crawlies» that will not only creep up on all of the aforementioned threats, but will also keep the crawling population of fleas, mites, and moths on the down-low. Not to mention they pose no danger to pets, children, or adults in the home. I’m talking about the endearing Salticidae family (jumping spiders), the docile Achaearanea tepidariorum (common house spider), and the gentle-but-giant Tegenaria duellica (giant house spider).

Jumping Spider

If you ever see one of these little guyshopping around on your furniture, don’t be alarmed. These curious spiders are one of your greatest friends in the pest-ridding business. They are easy to identify because of their unique eye pattern, and inquisitive behavior. If approached, instead of scurrying away like other spiders would, the jumping spider will jump and turn to face the advancer, sometimes even looking up and studying them. Jumping spiders are regarded by many as being ‘cute’ because of their antics and large eyes.

Jumping spiders have excellent vision, as their giant eyes would suggest, and can in fact see better than any other spider and debatably any other insect in the world. Using their vision, they can perform fast, complicated maneuvers around objects to get to their prey, which they will bite and subdue with their tiny fangs. Because of their speed and eyesight, jumping spiders are capable of besting prey larger and more venomous than themselves, and this author has personally witnessed them snatch flies right out of the air.

There are over 5,000 species of jumping spider in the world, but the most helpful seem to be those of the family Salticus and Phiddipus, such as the zebra spider or bold jumping spider.

Common House Spider

Unlike the jumping spider, which walks around with an air of adventure, the common house spider prefers to keep a quiet profile in a corner of your garage or basement. Sometimes referred to as ‘cobweb spiders,’ they are gray to brown in color, with speckling on their abdomen that could be likened to the mottling found on wild bird eggs. Because of their similar size and shape, common house spiders are sometimes mistaken for black widows, but it is important to note the color of the spider before jumping to conclusions. Common house spiders are not black and have no red markings.

They are passive hunters, meaning that they make webs and wait for prey to come to them. They are excellent in keeping the numbers of destructive moths, flies, and mosquitoes down. They will even tackle wasps and yellow jackets, which may be important if you bring firewood into your home since wasps will sometimes hibernate in the lumber). They will be content to live quietly by a window in your attic and pose no threat to humans.

Giant House Spider

The giant house spider has a horrible reputation and causes a lot of panic in Northwestern homes because it is easily mistaken for the hobo spider. And while there is no definite way to distinguish the two at a quick glance, giant house spiders tend to be more yellowish in color, with distinctive black stripes on the abdomen. Also, they can reach a leg span of four inches while the hobo spider will typically only span a single modest inch.

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Although a giant house spider looks similar to a hobo spider, their risks to humans could not be more different. The giant house spider’s venom is harmless (nothing worse than a bumblebee’s sting), and they actually kill and eat hobo spiders themselves, making them an excellent addition to any crawlspace, basement, or garage. In fact, they are considered the best deterrent against a hobo spider invasion.

Because of their size, the giant house spider can dispose of more prey, as well as take on much bigger insects than the jumping spider or common house spider could.

Precautions to Avoid Spider Bites

None of the spiders listed here bite humans very often. They need their venom to catch their food and do not want to waste it unless they are in danger of being killed. However, sometimes spiders will hide in places they think are safe, but will ultimately lead to an unfortunate interaction between them and humans. Terrified spiders that think they will be crushed can sometimes bite out of defense. Here are some tips you can use to prevent this from happening in your home:

  • Remove your bed skirt. This is good practice to prevent any creepy crawly in the house (ants, silverfish, etc.) from cuddling up with you in bed! If the only way for a spider to crawl into your bed is by going up one of the bed’s legs—which are usually made of metal, polished wood, or other slick surfaces—it is much less likely to happen.
  • Do not store clothes on the floor. If clothes are left on the floor, vigorously shake them out before putting them on.
  • Bang your shoes on the ground and thoroughly shake out gloves before putting either of them on.
  • When storing things in the basement or garage, seal them so that nothing can get inside. You can do this by putting them in a tied or sealed plastic bag or by taping the corners of cardboard boxes closed.
  • Remove anything that the spiders can crawl under or between. For example, avoid leaving tarps and cardboard on the ground, and move firewood so that it is not stacked near the house.
  • Wear protective clothing such as gloves, closed-toe shoes, and long pants when going into areas spiders may find safe, such as under the house, in crawl spaces, or storage spaces.
  • If you notice there are dangerous spiders in your house, you can set out sticky traps. However, if you have no reason to think that there are any dangerous spiders, it may be better to skip this step, as some spiders like the giant house spider are very beneficial to you.

Hopefully, now, with the knowledge of both the dangers and helpers that you may find in your home, your mind will be put at relative ease. As of yet, there is no manmade pesticide or trap more effective against a population of harmful insects than a good old-fashioned family of spiders. They definitely deserve better recognition for the work they do. Welcome to the wonderful world of knowledge; I pray you use it wisely!

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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Zaira Hernandez

Hello I saw a green spider in a Apple is it poisonings? because my mom killed it with her hand I live in Canada .


how stupid of me. thinking a giant house spider was a hobo or recluse spider. whew. but over a year ago, i saw a big spider with fuchsia fuzz on its eight legs, and two small diamonds. one orange, and one white. both diamonds touching each other. WTF was it.


Hello I saw a little spider it is white with two dark brownish spots. is it poisonous. I live In Michigan


So a spider walked across my face when i was sleeping only to throw him very gently off my face. Then i thought «that felt like a bug or something» so i turned on my phones flashlight and sure enough there was the common house spider that just crawled across my nose and mouth area.


Thanks for helping me identify the common house spider. I thought mine were immature black widows.


i saw a spider today and it was black and i killed one but then another one came out i was confused but when u kill it it curls itself into a ball what is it help me

and now i am kinda scared and itchy


I found a spider around 2 inches big and is orange and white striped legs are very long. Is it poisonous? I live in Maryland so, is it common?


I had washed my hair approximately 10 minutes before I saw a big (at least half of my thumb, approx. 2 1/2 “ maybe including legs) very shiny very black spider on the side of my sink. I don’t know if it had been lurking in my towel or crawled in through the drain or fallen from someplace near the ceiling. I assumed it was probably a black widow and washed it into the disposal which I turned on so no more spider. Now I am not certain what type it really was. The abdomen was more elongated rather than rounded, unlike the pictures I just viewed of the infamous black widow. It was probably one of the largest spiders I’ve seen on my property. We have had black spiders with red markings on the sunward upper side of the body, various types of daddy long legs and quite a few aggressive jumping spiders, to name a few that I remember. Most of them I leave alone as long as they are in the garden, and I leave the long legs alone because I know that they eat other spiders and other pests. But this BIG black one I have never seen before. Any clue what it might have been?


The spider that i found kinda looks like a Brown Recluse. But its butt is see through. What spider is this? And shy the F can it swim.

doesnt matter what im called

ummm theres a normal looking spider in the corner as i type hes moving *i have a fear of spiders* hes brown and has 8 legs and there a little bit big should i be scared or is this the «common spider?»


If you know if a black furry spider is venomous please tell me


how can i tell if its at night?


But also now that I think about it, it could be a wolf spider and well they also can not kill you but from my experience with them the bite sucks ass to have. I actually still have a scar from the bite on my wrist from 11 years ago but it wasn’t nothing too crazy.


So I was asleep and I had this dream about a white shiny orb weaver spider with perfect round circles all over it’s body and it was about the size of a quarter. I don’t know if this spider actually exists so far my research in finding it has been a failure because there are black spiders with white spots but no white spiders with black spots.

As for IDK from 2 days ago that sounds like a jumping spider and it won’t harm you it is venomous to it’s prey but it doesn’t have enough potency to kill a human being.


in my house i found a spider it was fast a little furry and medium size is it venomous in North America?

(Looking for advice)

Anyone have a site or something I can use to identify certain types of spiders that inhabit California? I have a friend who has one that’s clear and sandy colored, roughly an inch in size. They have a common disliking to any type of bug. I just want to find out what type it is so that there isn’t anything to worry about. And if there is something to worry about I can let them know.



I saw this alien looking spider that looked like a Woodlouse Spider, except its front was a super-bright red, its back was a darker brown, and its legs were the same reddish, but had yellow tints. The biggest difference was it was like 2 inches big. I like spiders most among all bugs, but wtf was that thing? Shit was brighter than the sun, don’t want a bite.

Crazy Wesley YT

I saw a harmless helper and I was carefully looking at it comparing it to the pictures. Its about as small as a fruit fly if not smaller.

(I don’t want to share my real name )

I saw a small spider (brown with white spots) is it venomous

Ethan Schoenheit

saw a yellowish spider with black stripes in my room today was in the middle of working on my laptop when they decided to come down right next to my head. i am not ashamed to say that i screamed and threw my wireless mouse at it along with a few books am mostly glad that it managed to escape all of that though


Found what I think was a giant house spider the other day, at the golf course, everyone was hanging out under cover while the rain passed. The guys were freaking out and I very carefully entered the bathroom where the large long legged house spider was chilling out waiting for prey. Carefully scooped him into a garbage can, very carefully and took him outside. The burly men were impressed. They would have stepped on him, hope I did the right thing. The end

Carolyn Tate

Found a spider in my room and I need some help identifying it

No name

The hobo spider has nothing in it venom at all that can cause skin rot and the brown recluse only causes skin rot 1/10 times


I prefer to leave house spiders alone since I know they’re beneficial, but I really hate the mess they make. The sticky webs draped all over everything and bug corpses laying around are just gross. I just saw a tiny hopping spider in the house today, black with a white dot on its back. A jumping spider? It was taking tiny bunny hops across the floor. Very cute! I wouldn’t hurt those, they’re not big enough to scare a Barbie doll!


ive heard of the first 2 spiders bt the last one was a mystery to me.luckally for me i live in engaland i think theres no poisonus spiders hear.but there has been small black fat spiders in my room we manged to put them outside but the third (wich was tonite)got away and is probally still in my room.i dunno if they are harmless and im scared of spiders


I found a Brown Recluse living near my slider behind the Drapes and a box left there. It looked exactly as pictured here and when i stepped on him pinkish Venom went all over, gross!.

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It looked like a lighter grey shade of a Widow but than looked more tan as you get closer also the body is not round like the Widow it puffed but more oval.

I am in Southern California what the hell is it doing here!.


I keep finding a black weirdos in my back yard and it almost bit me


I keep finding these shiny spiders that look black at a quick glance but when a closer view it says shiny sticky looking brown and the spider moves pretty quick and has a big bottom I kept my. Flashlight on the spider for quite a while and examined what the spider was doing I couldn’t tell if it was eating dust on the wall or if he was just feeling around with his legs. I live in the Newburgh New York area does anybody possibly know what this photo could be if it poses a threat? And does anyone know if all jumping spiders are friendly?


Get a cat. Problem fixed


I found a hobo spider in my house today! Thanks for helping me identify it, and I think it’s safe to say their range has grown!


So, I havehave had this spider by my home for almost a month now, it looks similar to thesee hobo but not quite, I have cats and 1 dog and I don’t know if this spider is a threat to my house hold, its about as big as a 5 rand coin, its bumm is light brown and has brown spots on each side,its bumm is round but slightly curved at the end , its legs are long and where the legs bend it seems to be afriends darker shade of brown. Do you have any idea what spider this may be and if its a threat, thanks x

bob the biulder

i saw at least 2 black widows in my garage i panicked but my dad killed them. afterwards we went to the store and got a spider killer spray in case we see another black widow.


I found a red and black spider in my house and Los Angeles California and the only closing I came to identifying it was one from Australia how can I identify the spider positively

Heather Lea

At this very moment there is a beautiful spider in my driveway, attached to the rear of our plow truck. I’ve never seen anything like «him». He tends to relocate around the truck every week or so, setting up intricate webs and quietly waiting directly in the center with all of his hairy legs outstretched in near-perfect symmetry.

His abdomen is large, and silky in appearance, with symmetrical moss-green, black, and bright white markings.

His head is very furry, light tan on the top mixing with one stripe of black on each side going toward the abdomen.

The legs are very interesting; the front four begin at the base in shiny black and then furry tan, bright, shiny (hairless) orange with spines like that of a small cactus, to furry black then tan, black, tan, black and then chocolate brown at the tip.

The back four do not have the shiny orange, instead they are just the checkerboard pattern of black and tan and are all hairy.

I’ve never seen a spider with cactus-like spines on the legs.

There are only two small eyes visible in the front, likely the rest are concealed by the very shaggy hair.


My cousin got bit by a spider on the way home on a school bus. He said it was brown & black and had black dots on its bottom (6-8) of them. And the spider from his description is about the size of a quarter dollar, possibly a bit bigger.. HELP


spiders will rule the world one day


there is a tiny green-ish spider outside my house. it looks like it has a bright red or scarlet spot on it’s belly. is this venomous!


i just brought my cumquat tree inside and there were webs on most of the leaves and there was a grey almost translucent spider. i went to kill it but it got away. under on if the leaves there was what looked similar to a very small piece of honey comb that was dark yellow brown and black. now i’m paranoid about the spider


Mary. writing spider. Yellow stripes.


I saw a black spider with a white thing on its back, I left so quickly, I didn’t understand what the shape was, the internet is no help.


thanks for the help, just learned my monster as a giant house spider . Going to let it back in the house and worry less about the bad ones.


ok i have this spider with light brown stripes, hes brown and i dont want to kill him but he is furry and im very scared. he is not big but he looks spooky


I was pulling weeds from my garden and noticed a huge spider, light brown in color with bright yellow stripes down it body. I have never seen such a spider, I recently moved from Napa, Ca to Redding, Ca and this is the first I’ve ever encountered. Any ideas what it could be and is it poisonous? it has several cocoons of dead bugs already.


There is a brown spider, like ‘Completely’ brown. Its not a brown recluse. What is it? Is it poisonous? Pls answer, im scared and its 1:41 AM.


You may want to update your brown recluse states. I have lived in the south- Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee and KNOW that brown recluses are very prevelant there. probably all the surrounding states as well:-( We have also have seen Hobo spiders in Iowa at a hotel. I think they have all coninued spreading out. I hope this remedy is helpful.. my husband, and brother in law, nephew, and mom have all been bitten by brown recluse and mixing bentonite clay with a little coconut oil and applying thickly with a bandage did an amazing job healing the wound and stopping necrotizing. My mom was the only one appatently not allergic and had no reaction.


I hates spiders so much because i don’t like them i have biggest fears of spider


I found a spider with a tiny bright almost neon orange head and really long legs. Is it venomous?

Diana Anderson

I found a spider in my bedroom that I have not been able to identify. Can I post a photo of it here?


i had a brown reqluise in my bathroom


There is currently a brown spider with a tan stripe directly in the middle from its but I guess and it reaches about 3/4 of its back leaving the other one fourth of it from the stripe to its head Brown the spider is about 2 in long from its head to its butt I included its legs in my measurement of 2 in lengthwise width I would say would be about an inch Maybe I recorded about an hour’s worth of me freaking out because the spiders there but I was not going to leave my bed it has currently left from outside of my bedroom door and I want to know if anyone thinks these spider is poisonous because I have a small animal a cat and I don’t want it to find sub cat and bite it or my cat to find said spider and end up getting bit because he is a moron please let me know as soon as possible until then I’m probably going to keep my cat locked in my room because I’ve been searching to figure out what the spider is and have not found an answer yet


Today I found a brown spider in my closet


i have two spiders one fat and one skiny


Is a spider that is black and furry with white dots on its back deadly

[email protected]

I love my two little house spiders. I give them water in bottle pop lids and black bed bugs. They don’t run away when I come. I talk nice to them and keep my distance. I’ve had them in my basement stationary tub for over a year. All is well.


Last night I was scared half to death! I was on my tablet reading at night and I see this big brown spider RIGHT NEXT TO MY HEAD. I got out of there fast as I could. I’m scared it could’ve been a brown recluse my room is nowhere near safe now! And I live in California!


I find 5 black widows a day here in Utah.


I saw a black spider with triangle orange on the back


Me and my kid saw a tiny black spider with two white lines on the back and we don’t know what it is or if it’s venomous


I saw this big spider crawl across my floor it had a pointy red ish tail then a few hours later another one came im scared is this dangerous or not


I was one FaceTime with a friend and I saw a small black spider on my wall and I don’t know if its poisonous or not . I’m scared



My house has lots of spidered


I think we both have the same issue. The way you described your spider was exactly how the spider in my aunts house looks like. Let’s wait for the author to say something.


Hello. I was at my aunts house and there was a massive spider that looked like a huntsman but it wasn’t. It wasn’t hairy. I looked like a jumping spider too. Right now it is just sitting there but my cousin said it is venomous. What do I do?




am going to flodia and I scared to see one


What is a big black spider with long legs that like to live in dark places like closets, drawers, and the hollow frame around a metal door. PLEASE GIVE ME AN ANSWER ASAP.


small, hairless, black with a little white on the body, spider. i’m not exactly sure where the white is it just know it there. I have HUGE Arachnophobia. i was sitting in my backyard (in so. cal.) and saw it on a web with the flashlight (this is at night) after feeling a pinch and then my the top of my foot started getting really itchy. There is a small bump and its really red all around it. I’m very scared can anyone help identify what it is and if im going to die thanks


I have a Pittsburg Steeler spider. It has made a very intricate web It’s no bigger than the end of my thumb. can’t see the legs but it looks like it is wearing a black crown around its body. it is black and yellow.


I found a spider with a green spot in its abomen, main color is grey, but at the beginning of the legs, it’s red, and has black rings around the joint. I don’t know what kind it is, so if you could tell me, that would be greatly appreciated

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when I was little I used to love to play with spiders. im 17 now and I scream if I see a spider in my room


I found a big spider. I love spiders. roaming around in my living room curtains (N. California). I immediately named him Romeo-Julius. By the 15 minute research I did, it looks like a Hobo, but it has two black spots on its abdomen. Can anyone help me with a clarification of its type. Also, I plan to send him to the garage. he’s welcome to hang out in there. Or should I just release him in the lemon tree or the rosemary bush?


very helpful. it is definitely a good thing to have spiders around. they protect us from the bugs that can really hurt us — those that spead disease and parasites.


so my hand started going numb when i woke up and by 7 that night my hand was completely swollen with a pinkish purple discoloration that turn to a blistery burning feeling and hand turned completely red with pit spots. my thumb hurt the most and i then noticed two small white circles that looked like ring due to it being bite marks. The next night i went to put my government book away and saw a big brown spider run from behind my papasan chair that resembles the hobo spider..i stod on myy bed and called my mom(more like sobbed) and it took her about 10 minuets to hear me since we were all in bed and when she got there she couldnt find the spider.My hand is fine now but was numb and burning for a few days. buuutttt. i still can’t find the spider.


Im just wondering why ask a question when they already told you what kind of spiders to look,for i hate spiders but honestly when i see a big i let them have they space,lol but i thank the person who took time to write this about spiders,tho.Now i know what to look for and you just help me save money,Thank you

I found a spider right outside my house and I’m wondering if it may be poisonous. It was brown with yellow marking on it’s belly.


What is wrong with all you people? This person just got done trying to explain the difference between poisonous spiders and non poisonous spiders that are beneficial and y’all are just posting comments about y’alls spiders that aren’t poisonous and how you.are smashing them anyway. Did you not.just read that a lot of these non poisonous spiders can and will keep the population of poisonous spiders down in your house? So you would.rather just kill any spider in.sight? Good I hope one of you actually get bit by a brown recluse or hobo spider (which may not have been there had you just not killed all the other spiders) and then see how that feels. These comments are the exact reason this person took the time to explain the difference. kill a moth or butterfly that landed on you? What about a lady bug? Well these house spiders and jumping spiders are as harmless as them but you will kill the spider just because Its a spider. Some people make me sick. For all the ones that go.around aimlessly smashing spiders I hope you get bit by a poisonous one. Serves you right.


I live in Ontario, Canada; we have brown recluses here, along with black widows, and have for some time. many years, in fact. I thank you for your teachings about spiders, but please don’t make statements that are untrue, and call them fact.


Brown recluse has been in Canada for some time now


Hey I live in Colorado and there was this spider in my basement and it was hairy and medium size? Spider type?


A few minutes ago, a spider was crawling on me.. IT WAS ON ME! I freaked out, and kinda squished it.. It was black, with really pointly looking legs.. I didn’t see its belly though. I’m really itchy now.. my brain keeps telling me that the spider is still on me


I had some spider right next to me near my pillow I was sleeping on the floor instead.


I live in the river bottoms and I see lots of different spiders.biggest one was 3 to 4 inches big. Now that’s scary.


I see a nope, I squash a nope, no exception

Imagine if they crawl on you face while you’re sleeping


A spider came down from my ceiling right next to me and it hit the table and I went after it, it hide itself in my lighter tip , I flicked it , it came out and it was about the size around of a dime aaa, it was black and fury with small red dots on its tail end , hit the floor and then stopped , I grabbed the broom and when I turned around it was gone , I hope I got it ,, I think it went up under the baseboard , shoved the broom hard against the baseboard going up underneath but not sure if I got it , is this poisonous? I live in Iowa , out in the Country and have never seen a spider like this one before ,, could it be a tomatoe spider, or some type of garden spider? is it poisonous?

Spider in your home or outside

I found a spider,it had a light brown or yellow head,it had orange clear legs with either hairs or spines,and the abdomen was brown with zig zag markings on the top of the abdomen,and had a similar eye pattern to that of the wolf spider except the bottom row was in a «u» shape. So? Any body know what is?


I just saw a small 1/2 inch spider in the yard. It has a fuzzy round head and body of dusty color and shiny black legs. Any idea what it is?


Please take the Hobo Spider off your list. It was falsely accused and never should have been considered dangerous (causing millions unnecessary stress and so many needless spider deaths).

The Hobo was taken off the CDC list quite some time ago (even before you wrote about them):

Also, please verify your Brown Recluse bite photo as most of those circulating on the net are recycled from MRSA infections and other unrelated causes that have nothing to do with spiders.

No need to add needless fear to uncountable people in this world. Spiders have enough worry too without false accusations.


Katherine in texas black spider with white spot. Is it. Dangerous?


I got dit from a dlack Widow I am not dead


I have also killed multiple reddish brown spiders in my bedroom, Maddie. I live in California, East Bay. No webs. just reddish-brown centers and legs, with a somewhat grayish furry but area. They are small, but I woke up with a spider bite that won’t go away. I keep putting neosporin and bandaids. its big and red and pusiness.


I have killed multiple reddish brown spiders in my room , I am now seeing multiple baby ones , but I killed the other spiders ! I don’t know how to get rid of the baby ones without getting bit or the population growing even larger . Any tips on what to do ? My room in cold and very bright I don’t know why they would want to be in my room . Help 🙁

Adyson and Victoria

know info and small black house spider


I have a pet jumping spider and I can say hes very sweet I don’t handle him too often and we have had a few problems when he got out however he did a bit of looking around and I put him back in his cage (I have cats who would find it fun to play with him) so for his safety he is kept in a terrarium I bright him flies and small moths so far I have seen that they act kinda like cast stalking their prey and pouncing on it also if it doesn’t move he isn’t interested they make a good pet if you want something to look at but not have too too much of a hassle to care for since well you can find them in the backyard and return them to the backyard if need be. I have found that researching spiders is good knowledge to know and also a bit fun so thank you for the article


I agree with heatherbrown16. I’ve been scared of spiders my whole life, but now I see I shouldn’t be so afraid.

My only worry is black widows. I still think the spider that I saw behind my desk today was one.

-Sarah Ranlett, age 11


Haha the author presented the info in a way that was not scary. I’ve been a complete arachnophob my entire life but this article helped me see the good in spiders. They really do get a horrid rap. He was also humorous. On purpose I don’t know, but I lol’d. Also, about his quote regarding the recluse: «Perhaps the only foolproof way of identifying these tricky arachnids is to count their eyes.» Good to know. The first thing I shall do next time I believe I may have encountered a brown recluse is get real up close and personal to count the eyes.

kenan oscar

are there any small toxic brown spiders?

Linda Hane

what kind of thing would come walking down the sidewalk near a warm BBQ pit, about 8″ wide, hidden legs or I couldn’t see them, and looks sort of segmented- looks kind like a giant snail but no tentacles, somewhat waddles, moves slowly, is it a worm, or what?

X anon

Well, my fear of spiders is pretty much maxed out already. It’s the way they appear so intelligent, but are so dang tiny. If one ever yells help me, I’ll certainly lose my mind.

I’ve found that the sticky boxes are really helpful at catching them, amongst other insects. We keep sticky boxes in corners and cracks. They need replaced now and then since dust nullfies their sticky power, but that typically takes years even in the most dusty areas in basements and garage. Interestingly enough in the context of this article, I’ve never seen a jumping spider get outsmarted by a sticky box, but I certainly have caught hobos, browns, and a few blacks. Sometimes I just find their two front legs, but that’s good enough for me. Casualties might include rollie polies, but I’ve never accidentally snared a mantis or a ladybug. In the interest of removing all chemicals from our household, we have turned to sticky traps and never use pesticides anymore. Thanks for presenting a great article.

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