How to get rid of midges in the kitchen: 4 true ways

How to get rid of midges in the kitchen: 4 true ways

The question «how to get rid of midges in the kitchen» is very relevant Small creatures get bored and get in the way, sit down on food, bite, which can lead to allergies, in the worst situations even turn out to be in ready meals. There are several ways out of this situation. You can go simple, but chemically, and you can use popular and safe wisdom, showing ingenuity and patience.

Where do the bones come from?

Initially, it is important to know the enemy in order to understand his strengths and weaknesses. Although the flies and small, they are no worse than a real army of conquerors who have taken refuge in your house.

If you think that they are taken from nowhere, then this is not so. Female insects, called moss-drosophila, lay eggs on ripening fruits and vegetables. We bring them home without even realizing it.

At room temperature, the larvae of the insects hatch and their number begins to increase rapidly

Flocks of small flies appear from several sources:

  • Rotting fruits and vegetables;
  • Soils in pots or indoor plants;
  • Food waste;
  • From the neighbors.

It is worth noting that in the summer season they reproduce particularly rapidly, as the products decompose faster and the air warms up, which is an enabling environment for them. In winter, they die or go into hibernation.

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Moss in the kitchen: how to get rid and what to do first

If the midges are wound up, and an ambulance is needed to destroy them, several important steps need to be taken.

Find, if possible, the place of their appearance (spoiled fruit, garbage can, draining the shell). Look carefully, because a small rotten apple can even be behind a refrigerator. Get rid of this thing. If you do not remove it, there will be a source of new small midges.

If insects are found in any product, it should be immediately disposed of

Insects also feed on animal feed. Therefore, give the pet only the necessary dose of food, and if it still leaves a little, hide, and do not leave it in sight.

Take everything that’s spoiled in the refrigerator, and grind the cereals, nuts, dried fruits and other products tightly in packages or cover them with covers. Bread should be stored in the breadbox.

Take out the garbage, wash the trash can and drain the sink with a few detergents or cleaners.

How to get rid of midges in the kitchen (video)

Folk remedies from fruit flies

Folk remedies against home parasites will suit those who have children, animals or allergies in the family, so they are contraindicated in chemical sprayers.

Methods, invented by the people, quite a lot. To implement each, it will take a little time. You can use only the most effective of them.

The root of the horse-radish repels insects. It needs to be cleaned and put in a ventilated and prominent place.

From time to time, check the loose products for insect larvae. When detecting Simuliidae or their larvae, it is better to get rid of the product

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You can try to get rid of midges with a steam bath. To do this, put a pan on the fire, let it warm up and sprinkle the camphor. When the steam appears, remove the frying pan from the fire and walk with it to the places of the enemy cluster. The smell is absolutely harmless to humans, and small gnats die almost immediately.

As an option — catching parasites with a vacuum cleaner. Lesson is quick and easy. With it, you can suck all the midges in the container, cleaning it then on the street.

If the midges appeared on the flowers, stick a match in the soil with the head down. Sulfur does not like unwanted guests. And henceforth, sprinkle the soil with sand or overlay with a decorative stone, then the midwife will not disturb the plant.

Traps for small flies

The people also invented traps. They are not completely humane to insects, but this does not prevent them from successfully using them.

As an alternative, you can use a trap for insects from a plastic bottle. It is also effective for large parasites

The creation of the trap takes place in several stages:

  1. Take the jar or glass.
  2. Pour into the container any liquid with a pleasant smell, which will entice and serve as bait for Simuliidae (wine, compote, juice, jam).
  3. Insert the paper cone from the top with the tip down. At the tip should be a tiny hole. You can also pull on the top of the food film with holes made by a needle.
  4. Put in the place of the congregation of midges.
  5. They will get into the capacity, but they can not get out. You will only have to pour a jar or glass of boiling water and pour the enemies into the sewer.
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There are many different traps, the principle of operation of which reduces to the above. For example, you can pour a liquid lure into the container, adding a few drops of detergent to it. Closing a cone or a film is not necessary. The dishwashing detergent reduces the surface tension of the water, which causes the midges to sink.

Industrial methods to combat the small enemy

In household chemistry, a lot of funds for the house, allowing you to quickly get rid of insects.

You can install special plates on the window, use various fumigators and sprays. Best of all, this product is managed by the products of the brand «Raptor».

A good and safe enough for the household option — glutinous traps «Raptor»

In industry, too, there are traps for midges, which can be used in the house.

Also sold ultrasonic traps. Including them regularly, you can protect the house from the midges. They do not harm people.

To insects was not, it is advisable to ask the question otherwise. Not «how to get rid of midges in the kitchen,» but «what preventive measures should be taken to prevent them?» The problem is always better to predict than correct.

How to make a trap for midgets yourself (video)

Prevention is extremely simple. Regularly take out the garbage, maintain cleanliness in the kitchen, ventilate the room, do not leave food on the table and immediately throw out the spoiled fruit / vegetables.

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