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7 ways to get the midges from the apartment

Which of us did not encounter this problem? Moss in the apartment appear suddenly and very disturb, irritating the tenants with their presence. Some species – and there are a lot of them – can even bite. But it pleases that the methods of fighting them are the same, and reading a bunch of literature in order to determine with which of their representatives you are entering into a fight will not have to.

The reasons for the appearance of midges in the apartment

  • 7 ways to get rid of small gnats
  • Rules of prevention – how to prevent the occurrence of midges in the apartment henceforth?
  • Where do the small midges come from?

    The very first thing to do is to establish the cause of the appearance of the midges. Only after this, you can begin to effectively combat them in the apartment.

    Where they can appear is a mystery to many, because there can be any time of the year at the same time. The windows and doors are closed in winter, that is, there’s simply nowhere to fly the gnats.

    We list the main reasons for the appearance of these unwanted guests in your home:

    биологи One of the most common causes of the appearance of midges in an apartment is biologists called dirty fruit or vegetables brought home from a garden or a store

    Long before the appearance on your table, the eggs were laid on the fruits, which at rest, remission, wait until the fruit begins to deteriorate and rot.

    This is where their hour of the hour comes, because this is the main food for Simuliidae. Larvae appear from the eggs, which very quickly turn into mosquitoes.

    Their life is very short, only about a day. But in the presence of abundant nutrient medium, for example – rotting fruit, they multiply very intensively, which leads to a rapid filling of the room with these insects, if no measures have been taken in time to eliminate the focus.

    A very frequent and widespread cause of the appearance of midges is also the inadequate hygiene of the trash can and irregular garbage disposal.

    There may be eggs in the remains of food lying in the garbage, and at the beginning of decay they begin to wake up.

    If the wastes are on the surface of the bucket itself, and were not noticed at the same time, this could also serve as the advent of an army of small parasites.

    It should be remembered and about such a place in the house as a living place

    There is always an organic organ with traces of putrefaction. For example, an aquarium with abundant algae growth and long unchanged water, or a cage with a rabbit or other animal. Such places should always be clean, so that insects would not be able to eat there and lay eggs.

    Indoor plants can also cause abundant reproduction of Simuliidae

    Especially if such a popular method of fertilization as tea leaves is used. Moss are very fond of tea and its remnants.

    Also, the reason may be high humidity in pots and near them, associated with abundant watering of indoor plants.

    Well, the most mysterious place where moths appear when it seems that everything is just licked and perfectly clean around is water and sewage

    Pieces of food getting into sewers can get stuck in siphons of shells and toilet bowls and continue there rotting. This provokes the constant and uncontrolled appearance of midges in the whole house.

    From all of the above, it can be concluded that in the house the midges appear precisely because of problems with the hygiene of the room and its communications.

    Gnats get into the house solely with the help of a person who personally brings them into the house. Their further life and development depends on the cleanliness of the room they are in.

    7 ways to get rid of small midges

    To fight with room gnats is only meaningful when the cause and place of their appearance is accurately determined. In all other cases, all attempts to get rid of uninvited guests will be crowned with failure.

    Let’s try to describe the main ways to fight the midwives:

    • The first thing to do is to conduct a full-scale revision of all the vegetables and fruits stored in the house

    If the spoiled fruit is found, from them to get rid, and good to transfer in a refrigerator.

    You should also look into the cereals, pour them. Verify that in the places of their storage there is no dampness, and the free-flowing ones themselves do not have traces of favors. After checking, seal the grouts in a dry, clean container.

    • Carefully process the sink and washbasin

    You can use various modern tools to eliminate blockages in siphons and pipes.
    If they are not at hand, then you can resort to the old people’s way. Fill the sink with a soda in the neck and extinguish it with vinegar. When there is a reaction that is accompanied by an intense hiss, rinse with plenty of running water.

    It should also be borne in mind that the removal of siphons for cleaning at least once a year will have a very positive effect on the hygiene of the premises.

    • In pots with indoor plants, too, should carry out some manipulations

    For example, it helps to get rid of the midges a few matches stuck into the ground with sulfur heads down. Also, if possible, reduce the intensity of watering to get rid of the dampness and rotting of the root system of plants. You can also sprinkle a little ground with ground pepper.

    • Habitat and feeding of pets should be kept clean

    Time to change the fillers, not allowing them to rot and wash dishes for feeding.

    • Traps are also good help

    It is made very simply. To do this, you need an empty plastic bottle. From it you need to cut the neck so that the funnel is formed. After insert it into the trimmed part with a spout down and fix it with adhesive tape. At the bottom of the bottle you need to put something that would serve as a bait. A piece of rotten fruit or a spoonful of jam. A small amount of beer works well. Moss fly into the smell in a narrow neck, but can not get back. Such traps should be disposed of without splashing them, filling with water and detergent.

    • In fighting gnats, geranium will help you perfectly

    This flower should be grown on windowsills in living quarters. Many insects, including midge, do not panic in its smell. By the way, geranium well saves the house and from moths.

    • It’s also good to get rid of gnats sticky tapes

    To hang them is not only in the open space, but in the middle of the cabinets.

    But this method will be effective only when the causes of the appearance of midges are established and the actions to eliminate these causes are made.

    Rules of prevention – how to prevent the occurrence of midges in the apartment in the future?

    Preventing the prevention of the appearance of midges in your house is very simple and understandable. This is

    • Compliance with hygiene rules for living quarters.
    • Regular cleaning, garbage collection.
    • Regular cleaning of the trash can.
    • cleaning of siphons.
    • Timely ejection of products that began to deteriorate.

    Also caustic and persistent odors are good as prevention of midges. For example – the smell of garlic or geranium, camphor or incense, if not prevent 100% of the appearance of midges, then significantly reduce the risk of their appearance.

    These measures are guaranteed to save your home from annoying, uninvited guests.


    Toronto faces invasion of midges

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    Small insects form clouds around water

    So tiny they are barely visible — the little insects that have invaded Toronto this week are called midges.

    They don’t bite, but look a lot like mosquitoes. They hang out around water and are attracted to light. They’ll often end up mushed on windshields, smeared on clothing or in people’s mouths, noses and eyes.

    «It’s just extra protein as far as I’m concerned,» says Sarah Baird, who ends up ingesting the insects as she rollerblades along the lakeshore.

    They’re called midges, chironomids or non-biting midges. Informally, they are called lake flies in parts of Ontario. They’re a member of the fly family.

    Ontario Science Centre researcher David Sugarman says they are harmless. «They look like tiny mosquitoes, but they can’t bite,» he says.

    Since they’re usually found near water, that means midges are not far when Torontonians are biking, running or simply near Lake Ontario.

    «We rode through black clouds of those things, glasses on, mouth closed, nose closed,» says Natalya Kuziak as she rode past the lake.

    «The clouds you see are actually a mating swarm,» says Sugarman. «So if you get them in your eyes or mouth, perhaps you don’t want to think about this too much.»

    The midges nest in water and are an important source of food for some fish. When they hatch they’re attracted to light, which is why so many fly towards the condominiums on the lakeshore.

    There seem to be more now because last year summer was wetter than usual.

    «These are the adults emerging from last year’s crop,» says Sugarman.

    The midges don’t stay long. They will only hang out here for a few days. But if Toronto experiences a warm, wet summer, we can expect their return in a few weeks.

    The best way to reduce the swarming is to turn off the lights and clear any sitting water.


    Reel SF

    San Francisco movie locations from classic films

    San Francisco movie locations from classic films

    Vertigo — Midge’s Apartment

    Then . Scottie visits his old flame Midge (Barbara Bel Geddes). The vista from her apartment window looks west to Russian Hill from the top of Union Street on Telegraph Hill. The building on the skyline to the left of Midge’s shoulder is the La Mirada apartment building at 1100 Union Street. This interior scene was filmed at Paramount Studios using a photographic background plate to virtually set the location. ( The same plate was used two years later in a scene from Portrait In Black).

    . and Now , the same view today from near the same spot. The twin spires to the right of center are those of Sts. Peter and Paul church on Filbert Street at Washington Square.

    Then . Where was this building? Later in the movie we find out when Scottie drops Midge off in front of her apartment. He’s driving up Union Street from Calhoun Terrace (a cul-de-sac!) — Yerba Buena Island and the Bay Bridge are in the distance across the bay (map).

    . and Now, other than some building changes on either side of the road this view looks essentially the same.

    Then . He pulls up at the corner of Union and Montgomery. Back then this was 298 Union Street — it has since been replaced by another building.

    . below, a circa 1970 photo of the same building, before it was pulled down, as it looked to Hitchcock and his crew. Note the same concrete wall, railing and steps. Midge’s apartment would be upstairs facing west, on the building’s left side in this photo, however the west view from there would be blocked by the building across Montgomery Street so Midge’s view must have been photographed from this or a nearby rooftop. This house dated back to the late 1800’s and barely escaped the devasting fires of the 1906 earthquake. Note too that the west-facing windows are different from the studio set’s picture windows.

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    . and Now, in 1974 it was replaced by a 5 unit apartment building re-addressed as 296 Union Street. That third story window probably does have Midge’s view.


    The best way to get rid of midges in the house

    Not many will like the appearance of midges in the apartment. These annoying insects can long circle around a person and get on your nerves. In addition, they can carry many kinds of bacteria. After sitting on the bucket with garbage, the midge sits on bread or sugar, runs around the table. Therefore, it is not necessary to turn a blind eye to the appearance of these insects.

    How to get rid of midges?

    The first thing to do is find their nest. Most often the appearance of Simuliidae is provoked by rotting organic products: vegetables, fruits, half-eaten food. Start the inspection of kitchen cabinets with cereals and other storage places for food. Look at the sachets and containers with products, check the bathroom. The midge survives well in a humid environment, likes to hide in the sink filter, where what accumulates and decays what it gets there after washing dishes. From midges in the kitchen, how to get rid of? Clean pipes with chemicals using a plunger. Do not forget to clean the trash can and disinfect it.

    Another method is how to get rid of midges: You can treat the apartment with a remedy against flying insects. However, you need to do this with care, so as not to harm yourself. If an insect has chosen a nursery, then of course it is impossible to use chemicals. It is better to make a trap. Take the glass jar and place the bait inside. Cover the neck of the jar with a film and make several holes in the film. When there are a lot of mosquitoes in the bank, it is simply thrown out.

    A few more tips on how to get rid of midges inhouse: hang around everywhere a sticky tape. You can use the «Reid» or «Dichlorvos». On the kitchen table, put a plate of vinegar or lay out the branches and skins of the nut. There are folk remedies, how to get rid of midges. Some housewives use a borax to destroy these insects, lay out the dried twigs of wormwood.

    Moss in the apartment — how to get rid of these annoying insects? The best remedy is prevention. Cleanliness in the house, timely removal of garbage, cleaning the table and washing dirty dishes will save the apartment not only from the appearance of midges, but other pests.


    Love the midges to live in colors. Especially in the event that in pots the land is constantly waterlogged.

    1. Try not to flood the plants.
    2. Strongly spoiled and amazed flowers still have to be thrown away.
    3. You can cover the top of the flowers with pebbles or small seashells.
    4. Watering should be done with water with the addition of a small amount of potassium permanganate.
    5. It also helps people’s way of fighting, like match-heads stuck in the ground.
    6. If the house is not damp, then watering the plant with strong tea will also work.
    7. Do not interfere with the transplantation of the flower into a new pot and into fresh soil.
    8. Afraid of the midge orange peel in the ground.
    9. You can water the plant with garlic solution or simply stick its heads into the soil.

    Smokehouse smoking

    We pour out camphor on a hot frying pan andWe wait until the steam begins to fall. Then you need to go through with this hot tank through the rooms. Such a smell simply kills insects, but to a man he does no harm at all. Good luck!


    How to get rid of midges in an apartment: best methods and traps

    Mice (some call them “flies”, although this is not true) appear in the apartment suddenly, multiply rapidly and are very annoyed by their presence. The food base of these insects is rotting organic matter. This may be rotten fruit, waste deposited in the bin, soil of houseplants or pet food. The list goes on for a long time. In this review, we will talk about how to get rid of midges in the apartment and prevent their re-occurrence.

    Annoying insects come in many forms: sewer midges (appear in stagnant water), mushroom mosquitoes (live in the soil of plants), but most often we encounter fruit flies — fruit or, as they are also called, fruit midges. We will find out where the midges come from and how to deal with them.

    How to get rid of fruit midges

    To get rid of house midges in an apartment, one cleaning is not enough, an integrated approach is required in this matter. Below is a detailed instruction.

    If there are midges in your house, the first thing you need to find and destroy the source of their distribution. Carefully check the kitchen and pantry:

    • sort stocks. Inspect nets with vegetables, discard or recycle rotten fruits,
    • Check the cereals for the presence of fly larvae. Place all bulk products in containers with lids to prevent moisture from entering them,
    • put in the refrigerator foods that are subject to spoilage at room temperature (grapes, peeled fruits),
    • audit the refrigerator, get rid of all spoiled products. Wash the refrigerator inside and out, remove any smudges and food debris,
    • remove the trash and wash the bucket thoroughly with a disinfectant.

    If there are plants in your kitchen, check the flower pots: loosen the ground, discard the fallen leaves, wipe the pots and wash the trays with detergent. If you find midges, change the ground and spray the leaves of plants with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

    To get rid of midges in the apartment, you need to carry out a general cleaning and clean all kitchen surfaces. The breeding ground of insects can be in the most unexpected place, for example, in the gap between the stove and the countertop, where a piece of food fell.

    Wash the oven, microwave, slow cooker and other cooking utensils. Clean all inaccessible places in the kitchen with a brush and detergent, and wash the floors. Pay particular attention to the cabinet under the sink.

    To clean the drain hole, use special tools for pipes or the folk method: pour a handful of baking soda into the drain, pour a glass of table vinegar and rinse with hot water after 30 minutes.

    Wash bowls of pets, change the water in the aquarium — such places should always be clean. Change the water in the drinking bowls regularly and remove the remaining food in the refrigerator or in a special container.

    If after cleaning the little «enemies» are still flying around the house, bait traps should be prepared. They can be easily made at home.

    Put a piece of fruit in a glass or jar and wrap the container with cling film. Make a few holes in the film with a toothpick and leave the trap overnight. Fruit flies, attracted by aromas, will fly into a container, but will not be able to get out (due to the small size of the holes in the film).

    Build a cone trap. Put rotten fruit in a jar, and place a sharp cone in the neck of the container (it can be made of paper and secured with adhesive tape or use a kitchen funnel). Insects flock to the bait, fall into a jar, and fail to fly.

    If you have no desire to mess around with sweet liquids and keep rotting fruits in jars at home, you can use the purchased traps for midges.

    The principle of operation for purchased traps is the same as for self-made traps, but the advantage is that they can be placed throughout the apartment and not be afraid that they will leak, turn over or smell foul odors of decaying organic matter.

    The destruction of midges

    Not only traps, but also other proven methods will help get rid of midges in the apartment.

    Drosophila do not like pungent odors, therefore, chemical agents and aerosols (insecticides) are used to destroy them. If you are not a proponent of chemistry, use folk methods.

    A good remedy is the aroma lamp. Light it with ylang ylang, patchouli, lime, basil, anise or eucalyptus oil, and the midges will leave your home.

    To get rid of midges in the apartment, use crystalline camphor. Pour it into a preheated pan and wait for steam to appear. As soon as he appears, remove the pan from the fire and carry camphor in all rooms, fumigating the premises.

    To get rid of midges in the apartment in winter, when it is difficult to ventilate the room after fumigation with camphor or incense, use a vacuum cleaner. It is indispensable in the case when there are a lot of midges. Direct the hose to the habitat of the insects and tighten them with a powerful jet. Shake out the dust container immediately on the street, away from home.

    Drosophila, like many other insects, do not tolerate the smell of geranium. This plant actively releases volatile, which disinfect and purify the air. To get rid of midges, buy geranium and grow it on the windowsill. She saves not only from midges, but also from mosquitoes, moths and other annoying «guests».

    If there were no aroma lamps or camphor in the house, use other folk remedies:

    • put clove sticks in all places where midges are wound. To prevent insects from annoying in the future, always keep this spice in the kitchen cabinet,
    • if there is no clove, use horseradish. Brush a few roots and spread on kitchen surfaces,
    • put rags soaked in vinegar in different places, and after a day thoroughly wipe all surfaces.

    How to get rid of midges in the kitchen: basic rules

    The main trump card in the fight against fruit flies is cleanliness. The appearance of minor foci of activity of these insects is eliminated by one or two. The main thing is to find the source of their distribution and destroy it. But if the midge lives in your house constantly, then you need to resort to a whole system of destruction. It combines preventive measures and stripping methods.

    Here are a few points that go into this “system”:

    • Find the source of the spread and destroy it. Do not spare products: just one rotten apple can ruin your entire vegetable store. Moreover, the product must be disposed of completely. Do not just wash or throw in the trash — but immediately take out of the house. It is advisable to ventilate and moisten the «captured territory».
    • To quickly get rid of midges in the kitchen, destroy the culture medium which could be the «new home» of midges. These are scraps of food, raw meat, rotten fruit and simply overripe fruits. Do not store food in warm, open places. Cover them with at least a plate or thick paper. Clean your sink regularly to remove any organic matter.

    • Any sweetish, sour and wine liquid in an open vessel or vessel is the best lure for midges. Wash glasses after drinking juices, plates with leftover honey and tightly cork wine bottles.
    • After such a «general cleaning» tackle the little things. To get rid of midges, regularly wash the rags with which you wipe the dishes and wipe the washed fruits. Wash the floor cloth. Clean the kitchen table from crumbs, sticky stains and any dirt. Remember about gas stoves: their surface must be drained with a special tool at least once a week. Take out the trash regularly from home. On the second or third day you are already at risk. Especially in summer.
    • Create natural anti-midge barriers in your homee. Do not open the window for a long time or hang a small mosquito net there. Place a fan in front of the kitchen table or fruit storage. It will blow off and destroy insects. Even with a weak «breeze» they will not be able to sit on the «bridgehead».

    How to get rid of midges in the apartment: the best means

    On the Internet, we found some «folk methods.» Their effectiveness is hard to verify, so we decided to simply list the most original tips.

    • A vacuum cleaner. Dozens of users like to hunt for midges with a vacuum cleaner. An effective tool (you feel like a hunter or a killer robot), but ineffective. The next day, you still have to hunt for young midges. Although devices like this portable vacuum cleaner for suction midges continue to be popular — it’s at least fun, well, a few midges will be less.

    Price: 1790 rub

    • Spray gun and humidifiers. More reliable tool. Insects really can’t fly with wet wings. True, here you will have to correctly set the humidification mode. Yes, and dried insects will return to your kitchen again.
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    Price: 1999 rub

    • Ultraviolet and ultrasonic traps. The midge flies on light «zappers» not very willingly, but flies. But the effect of ultrasound against them has not yet been proven. Personally, we doubt the effectiveness of such funds.

    Price: 1137 rub

    • Duct tape. To be honest, it is ineffective against midges. They will fly with Velcro only if it smells like their favorite foods. Smell strong. Or if you put the appropriate bait nearby — read about it below.

    Price: 91 rub

    • «Home repellents.» Different people boast the effectiveness of the repulsive aromas of horseradish, mint, cloves, laundry soap, vanilla. True, some of these tools were included in the list of “folk methods” from methods of combating “biting” midges and mosquitoes. And these are slightly different insects. However, you can try — we are talking about quite penny means

    Comparison table of remedies for midges




    Manual vacuum cleaner


    Deprives mobility — the ability to fly

    Light trap

    Lures midges with light and destroys

    Duct tape

    Lures, catches midges

    How to make a trap for fruit midges: 3 best homemade traps

    Homemade homemade traps for fruit midges are very different from traps for sewer flies, mosquitoes or large flies. We have already said that sticky tape against these critters is a bad option. You need to catch them in special ways.

    Below we will tell you about the three most popular homemade traps. They all work according to a similar principle: an attractant attracts insects into the structure, and then they can not fly out.

    1. «Banana trap» for fruit flies. The midge is very similar to the minions :). They are the same small, yellowish and very fond of bananas. This similarity also needs to be used. Put the banana peel in an empty plastic bottle or even a bag. Poke holes in the container with a toothpick or small needle, and then place it closer to the habitat of the insects. In a day or two, a significant part of their population will fly there. And it will not be able to fly out — in their chaotic flight they simply will not find holes. After all, midges fly to the smell of attractant, and they cannot track the sources of «fresh air». Caught midges can be killed or released into the street.

    2. The liquid trap. There are several recipes for traps using liquids on the Internet. In the simplest cases, the authors of these developments recommend simply pouring a mixture of syrup and honey, or beer, wine and juice into a deep plate. Very often wine vinegar is poured there. Like, insects sit on the «water» and drown in it. But we advise readers to complicate this design. Pour a mixture of white wine and coriander seeds into a bowl (you can just use wine or balsamic vinegar). Put the peeled fruit there. And cover with a cellophane film. It remains only to make holes in it with a fork or a toothpick. and the liquid trap is ready. Flies will sink faster with such a transparent «ceiling.»

    3. «Trap-cone». First, find an empty glass jar, and then put something “mouth-watering” in it. For example, a piece of rotten fruit or a midge favorite orange. Place a sharp cone of paper in the neck of the can. As a result, insects will again be able to fly into a jar, but they will not be able to fly out. The size of the catch and its behavior can be monitored visually.

    Choosing a ready-made trap for fruit midges

    If you do not want to bother with sweet and sticky liquids, as well as keep rotting fruits in your house in a glass jar, then you should pay attention to the company traps against fruit midges.

    A set of six compact transparent traps, sharpened specifically for fruit flies, which costs from 700 rubles. If you believe the description of the goods, then the action of each trap is enough for about a month. It is easy to calculate that one set in this case should be enough for 6 months of continuous use.

    A non-toxic liquid chemical comes with traps. So it can be replaced with wine or apple vinegar. The operating principle of BEAPCO combines the advantages of liquid and conical traps: flies fly into a plastic box through a cone-shaped hole, and there is no way back for them. They do not die from poisons — they just remain trapped. But, unlike bulky «home-made products», they can be placed throughout the apartment and not be afraid of leaks, flips or bad smells.

    If you believe the user reviews, then by the fourth day of use, fruit flies literally fill the trap. One of the users writes: “I set 3 such traps and after 24 hours 2 of them were completely filled with fruit midges. You can’t even imagine how many there were. After 1-2 weeks, not a single one was flying already. In general, it works. ”

    True, a small group of users believes that a corporate attractant acts worse than natural ones. But they like the box itself. Diana writes: “They didn’t catch anything in the first month, although these midges buzzed everywhere — the trap was empty. But when I poured vinegar there, these small flyers began to fight for the first one to fly inside it. So the container itself is cool. ”

    Famous trap TERRO Fruit Fly Trap T2500 certainly it cannot be blamed for the fact that, in addition to fruit flies, it can also lure useful insects — butterflies and moths will not get into it. The trap is designed specifically for «fruit insects» — it is even made in the form of a ripe apple. So I would have bitten! In all respects, TERRO Fruit Fly Trap resembles BEAPCO. The “bullseye” also closes hermetically, smells good and keeps “alive” for 30 days. She has the same problems and the same advantages. And only the attractant formula changes here — it’s just tinted apple cider vinegar.

    But these are not all options — fruit flies can be eliminated using sticky traps. But not ordinary yellow adhesive tapes, which we are so accustomed to, but special adhesive sheets, which come with a set of effective liquid bait (usually it’s the same vinegar mixed with other ingredients). Pay attention to the German Aeroxon trap for fruit flies. On sticky sheets, apples and oranges are not just depicted — you can additionally attract the attention of fruit midges!

    Price: 480 rub

    Some users complain that all such traps simply do not work. But maybe it is not in them, but in the wrong definition of the pest? After all, we wrote above that it is very simple to mix up different types of small insects in a house. If the flies are not attracted to the bait in the trap, it is possible that these are simply not fruit flies, but, for example, sewer or mushroom ones.

    We will find out what needs to be done if the flies are not fruit at all.

    Getting rid of mushroom mosquitoes in indoor plants

    If you notice small midges in pots with indoor plants, then most likely these are mushroom mosquitoes. Here are a few steps to get rid of these pests:

    1. Suspend watering plants — eggs and larvae of mushroom mosquitoes can live and develop only in moist soil.
    2. Use chemical or biological insecticides for processing soil in pots. You can use chemicals based on bifentrin, cyfluthrin, permethrin and lambda-cygalotrin or natural — nematodes or a special strain of living bacteria B.t.i (Bacillus thuringiensis ssp. Israelensis). The latter can be purchased in the form of loose granules or pressed discs.
    3. Get sticky leaf traps for adult flying mushroom mosquitoes.
    4. Set the watering mode to prevent overmoistening of the soil. Otherwise, this is a direct road to the return of mosquitoes!

    If the flies fly out of the sewers

    Well, if your flies chose a sink or other parts of the sewer as housing, then do the cleaning in the bathroom or in the kitchen, throw out the trash, remove sources of stagnant water and boldly buy gel to clean the pipes. It contains orange oil and bacteria that dissolve living organics, destroying and sewer midges, and their «children.» Gel from Invade does not contain aggressive chemicals and can be used as a sprayer (use a spray bottle for this purpose).

    If the blockage is not broken by organic means, use effective chemicals that will cope with any blockages — and thereby destroy the breeding ground for propagating sewer flies. Неплохо себя зарекомендовал очиститель стоков и канализационных труб Flat «Гель турбо» — судя по отзывам, прочищает действительно быстро!

    Price: 189 руб


    To be honest, fruit midges are not the kind of insect to fight against which you should grab onto chemistry. To get rid of midges in the kitchen, we recommend that you choose industrial or home-made traps, as well as maintain cleanliness and order in your home. So you not only destroy the generation of midges, but also save yourself from the reappearance of this small pest. And finally, a couple of valuable tips:

    • Do not leave organic trash in the house for a long time, especially in summer. If you are leaving somewhere, be sure to throw it away — even one banana peel left in the bucket will necessarily lead to the appearance of fruit flies in a few days.
    • When buying fruits and vegetables, check for wholeness and freshness. — rotten fruits can become a home nursery of fruit midges.

    What means to combat midges exist

    Fruit midges are bothersome tiny creatures whose presence in the house itself annoys all its inhabitants. When these little creatures, not limited to annoying grumbling, begin to actively spoil the food, and in addition they still try to bite, the patience of the tenants comes to an end, and they begin to urgently seek means to deal with annoying aliens.

    Are Drosophila Dangerous

    By themselves, these small midges do not pose a threat to humans, but a larva accidentally swallowed along with food can cause infection of the digestive tract. Drosophila fertility is extremely high: one female gives from 200 to 1,500 or more eggs. In the kitchen, insects can live for two months, which means that the risk of earning miias increases.

    Drosophila eggs can enter the house on the hair of cats and dogs, with food or on shoes. The food base of midges is rotting organic matter. This may be a rotten fruit, an unfinished glass of wine, spilled milk, waste lying in the bin, a piece of meat caught in the slot during cooking, and moist soil of indoor plants. You can expand the list endlessly. Puppies even eat pet food.


    How to prevent the appearance of fruit midges

    We figured out how to get rid of midges in the apartment, now we’ll figure out what needs to be done so that annoying insects do not appear again.

    The main enemy of midges is hygiene. Keep clean and you will not be afraid of any insects:

    • take out the trash on time, do not allow contamination of the waste bucket and cabinet under the sink,
    • do not leave food and food debris on the table,
    • wash dishes immediately after eating,
    • wipe the stove every time after cooking,
    • Wet the kitchen daily. Wash surfaces with detergent and wipe them dry.
    • water home plants in moderation, remove fallen leaves and sprinkle the earth in pots with pebbles or sand,
    • clean siphons regularly.

    Step 1. Revision

    The main enemy of kitchen midges is the most ordinary hygiene, which deprives them of food. Therefore, when Drosophila appears, first of all check the kitchen from the inside:

    • Go through the stocked potatoes for the winter, onions, carrots. Throw away or recycle rotten vegetables. Do it regularly.
    • Allow separate containers for bulk products to prevent moisture from entering them. During the pouring, carefully check the cereals for the presence of fruit fly larvae.
    • Remove all spoiled foods in the refrigerator. Try to fill the vase with fruit as it lowers, and not for the future.
    • Wash the breadbasket thoroughly and dry. Only then put bread in it.
    • If there are plants in the kitchen, loosen the soil, remove the fallen leaves, thoroughly wipe the pots from the outside and wash the tray with a cleaning agent. If there are midges in flower pots, change the earth to a new one, and irrigate the leaves of plants with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.
    • Take out the trash and wash the bucket with a strong disinfectant several times.
    • If you have pets, regularly change the water in the drinking bowl and make a rule to remove the remaining food in the refrigerator or in a specially designated container.
    • Check the cleanliness of the refrigerator. Be sure to put it in order in the presence of smudges, old food debris, moldy products.
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    Step 2. General cleaning

    It is very important to carry out a general cleaning of all kitchen surfaces. The breeding ground of midges may unexpectedly end up in some kind of crack where an accidentally hit, for example, a piece of apple.

    • Thoroughly wash the stove, especially its side walls. The oven can be quickly cleaned with steam. Place a pan with water diluted in dishwashing liquid inside. Heat the oven to 100 ° C and leave for 30 minutes. Now grease and burn can be easily removed with a damp cloth.
    • Be sure to check the microwave. To get rid of tightly adhering fat, use a mixture of 500 ml of water and 1 tablespoon of citric acid (or 4 tablespoons of lemon juice). Heat the resulting solution in the microwave for 5–10 minutes at maximum power, then allow the device to cool for 5 minutes and wipe the surface with a sponge.
    • Thoroughly clean all inaccessible places with a brush, mop the floors. Pay particular attention to the compartment under the sink.
    • One of the breeding sites for midges is the sink, where small pieces of organics often get stuck. To clean the drain, you can use any means for pipes or a traditional recipe. Pour a few teaspoons of baking soda into the hole, pour a glass of vinegar and wait 20 minutes. Then rinse with hot water.

    How to prevent the return of kitchen midges

    To prevent fruit flies from reappearing, you must follow these simple rules:

    • Take out the trash on time and keep the waste bucket clean.
    • Do not leave foods or half-eaten foods on the table. Be sure to find a place in the refrigerator for perishable food items and in plastic containers for cereals.
    • Wash the dishes on time.
    • Wet the kitchen every week. Try to dry the stove, sink and tables.
    • Water the home plants in moderation, immediately remove the fallen leaves, and sprinkle the soil with sand or decorate with decorative pebbles. This will prevent the appearance of midges.

    Where do home midges come from and how to get rid of them

    Small black flies, which annoy the hostesses so much, are extraordinary insects. The unique ability of these evil flying creatures to appear, as if from nowhere, gives them a certain mystical halo. However, the secret of the emergence of midges in hermetically sealed apartments has nothing to do with magic. Drosophila flies, of course, do not have the phenomenal gift of seeping through walls. In fact, midges fall into tightly battened rooms along with products brought from outside, and the larvae and eggs of fruit flies can hide not only in vegetables and fruits, but also in mushrooms, cereals and garden flowers.

    Each fly specimen does not live long. Having arrived in the world at dawn, in the evening of the same day she dies, but if the apartment has a food base for her, namely a supply of spoiled vegetables and fruits, the wine fly has time to lay a huge number of eggs on them for a day. Thus, the number of midges begins to increase exponentially, however, in fairness, it should be noted that in winter Drosophila do not multiply so actively, but if you do not fight them, even in the cold they can fill the whole house in a few days.

    In addition to rotten fruit, midges like indoor flowers, or rather, the moist soil in which they grow. In addition, the propagation of midges that have entered the house is facilitated by stagnant water in the aquarium, dampness reigning in the sanitary facilities, dirt in the cages of pets, leaking sewer pipes, dishes that were unwashed for several days and garbage forgotten in the kitchen.

    Therefore, if fruit or flower flies are wound up in your home before attempting to poison uninvited guests, first try to eliminate their “tavern”. To do this, first of all, remove all the food from the table and wash the dirty dishes, then inspect the refrigerator and audit the kitchen cabinets. Take out the rotted fruits and moldy cereals found there and then immediately take them to the trash, along the way, take along with you the garbage that has accumulated in the bucket.

    Having finished putting things in order in the kitchen, to eliminate dampness, ventilate the apartment, clean the aquarium, loosen the soil in flower pots and drain the water from their trays.

    At the end of the cleaning, vacuum the floors throughout the house and at the same time check if there is an apple core in some secluded place.

    Other types of midges and ways to deal with them

    Lice can be of different types, respectively, get rid of them in different ways.

    If midges appeared in pots with indoor plants, you must:

    • suspend watering (larvae can live only in moist soil),
    • treat the soil with chemical or biological insecticides (Bazudin, Intavir, Thunder-2, etc.),
    • with a large number of midges and larvae, rinse the leaves of the plant in the shower, and then spray the soil and the plant itself with a weak potassium permanganate solution or soap solution (20 grams of laundry soap shavings per 1 liter of water). Repeat the procedure periodically for a month,
    • you can water and sprinkle the plant with garlic infusion (1 head pour 0.5 l of boiling water and leave for 3 hours),
    • place sticky traps near the plants,
    • replace the earth in a flower pot where midges are found, or completely get rid of the plant (if there are a lot of midges).

    If flies are wound near a sink or other parts of the sewer:

    • eliminate sources of stagnant water,
    • clean pipes, filters and siphons with a special gel,
    • ventilate and dry the room to get rid of excess moisture.

    If midges attack your housing, join forces to fight with neighbors, maybe the source is located on their territory. In some cases, only calling a special service can help.

    Now you know how to get rid of midges in the apartment. We hope you find our tips useful.

    We offer you to watch a video on the topic of the article:

    She graduated from the author’s physical and mathematical lyceum and art school. She received a higher economic education in the direction of «innovative management». Freelancer. Married, travels actively. He is interested in Buddhist philosophy, enjoys transerfing and loves Mediterranean cuisine.

    Found a mistake? Select the text with the mouse and press:

    Fresh lemon is not only suitable for tea: clean the dirt from the surface of the acrylic bath by rubbing with half a cut citrus, or quickly wash the microwave, putting in it a container of water and lemon slices for 8-10 minutes at maximum power. Softened dirt will simply wipe with a sponge.

    Before removing various stains from clothes, you need to find out how safe the chosen solvent is for the fabric itself. It is applied in a small amount to an inconspicuous part of the thing from the inside for 5-10 minutes. If the material retains its structure and color, you can go to the spots.

    In the dishwasher, not only plates and cups are well washed. You can load plastic toys, glass shades of fixtures and even dirty vegetables, such as potatoes, but without the use of detergents.

    If the first signs of bearing in the form of untidy spools appeared on your favorite things, you can get rid of them with the help of a special machine — a shaver. He quickly and efficiently shaves the fibers of the fabric that are bundled up into lumps and restores things to a dignified appearance.

    It is easiest to remove scale and carbon from the sole of the iron with common salt. Pour a thick layer of salt onto the paper, heat the iron to the maximum, and several times, pressing lightly, slide the iron over the salt litter.

    There are special traps for fighting moths. Pheromones of females attracting males are added to the sticky layer with which they are coated. Adhering to the trap, they drop out of the breeding process, which leads to a decrease in the moth population.

    The habit of «economically» using a washing machine can lead to the appearance of an unpleasant odor in it. Washings at temperatures below 60 ℃ and short rinses allow fungi and bacteria from dirty clothes to remain on the inner surfaces and actively multiply.

    The threads of gold and silver, which in ancient times embroidered clothes, are called the cantle. To obtain them, the metal wire was long pulled by ticks to the state of the required subtlety. From here came the expression “pull (breed) the gimlet” — “to do long, monotonous work” or “to delay the completion of a business”.

    Stretch ceilings made of PVC film are able to withstand from 70 to 120 liters of water per 1 m 2 of their area (depending on the size of the ceiling, its degree of tension and the quality of the film). So you can not be afraid of leaks from neighbors from above.

    1 way. Industrial insecticides

    In the case when the general cleaning didn’t give the expected result, and malicious flies continue to scurry around the apartment, of course, you can poison them with some kind of insecticidal aerosol, but the same dichlorvos, for example, is allowed to be used only in the toilet and living rooms, and use such a toxic toxic chemical in the kitchen unacceptable.

    In rooms where food is stored or prepared, it is better to use factory adhesive tapes to combat midges. Expand and hang a couple of Velcro sticks under the kitchen ceiling, and the very next day you will see that the number of small “saboteurs” who secretly made their way into your house has significantly decreased.

    A fumigator can also be a great way to solve the problem of a fly invasion. Fill in a special plate that acts on flies, or attach a tank with anti-fly fluid to it, turn on the unit for the whole night, and in the morning you will not find a single Drosophila in your house.

    2 way. Homemade traps

    With fruit flyers, you can fight not only with chemistry, but also with safer, but no less effective folk remedies, which include homemade traps described below.

    Hopped Trap. Flies love beer and dessert wine. Place an open, unwashed beer or liquor bottle on the kitchen table. After a couple of hours, a great number of fruit flies gathering in it for an unexpected feast will gather in it, you just have to plug the cork of a vessel full of midges and take it to the trash.

    Apple trap. No less than sweet alcoholic drinks, Drosophila love apples. Taking advantage of their weakness, you can build a very effective trap, in which natural apple cider vinegar will play the role of bait. To make such a trap, take a half-liter jar, fill it with warm water for a quarter, pour a spoonful of natural apple cider vinegar into the water, whose smell has a fascinating effect on midges, and add a couple of drops of shampoo or dishwashing liquid there. Attracted by the aroma of your favorite fruit, midges will fall into the water, and the “sticky” soap film formed on the surface of the liquid will not allow it to fly back.

    3 way. Repellents

    If you don’t have time to build traps, try to scare away unwanted guests with any odor unpleasant for them. As such means, «horror stories» you can use:

    • camphor, the smell of which is very disliked by all flies and mosquitoes. Throw a pinch of this substance on a heated dry frying pan and, as soon as its crystals begin to emit a characteristic wormwood aroma, immediately remove the dish from the stove and walk with it throughout the apartment. Sniffing the smell of camphor, the flies will be forced to retire.
    • garlic — garden midges are afraid of the smell of this plant, so they can scare off flies that have chosen flowerpots with indoor plants. Cut several cloves of garlic into plates, spread them on the surface of the substrate in flower pots, and the midges will soon leave their homes.
    • cloveswhose rich aroma throws midges into a panic. Put a dessert spoon of clove buds in a small bucket, fill them with a glass of water, and put an impromptu aroma lamp on the stove. When the liquid in the ladle begins to boil, a thick spicy spirit will spread throughout the apartment, which will disperse the «in-flight» guests.


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