Best Mosquito Repellents (Must Read Reviews) 2020

Best Mosquito Repellent Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide

Here you will find out what the best mosquito repellent is, especially if you do not have a lot of time to spend doing a comprehensive research yourself. After carefully analyzing product specifications, customer reviews, as well as experts’ opinions, our team has concluded that the product you should consider is the Kenoswift Brison 12. First of all, this does not require a lot of actions from your part, as it simply needs plugging in and pressing a button.

Best Mosquito Repellents (Must Read Reviews) 2020

You won’t even have to collect dead insects’ bodies, as the unit drives the pests away using a combination of ultrasonic, optical, and electromagnetic waves. It has a large coverage control area of 1100 square feet. Also, this product is completely safe for both humans and pets. In the unfortunate event that our first recommendation is unavailable, we suggest considering the Replitel Ultrasonic Pest Repeller as an option worth paying attention to.

1st Choice

If you are looking for an effective repeller that can keep not only mosquitoes away, but other insects as well, this device is worth your attention. The unit works by combining ultrasonic, optical, and electromagnetic waves that do not kill the pests but keep them away, leaving behind a bug-free and clean area with no little dead bodies lying around.

In some cases, it might take a few days until you start noticing that the unit actually works.

Maintain a pest-free home or office with this efficient and safe insect repeller.

2nd Best

This ultrasonic device can keep mosquitos and other insects away while covering an area of 80 — 120 square feet. It is easy to use by simply plugging it in, and it is also safe for you, your kids, as well as your pets. Why? Because it does not generate any toxic chemicals or smells. The device also features a blue light that does not bother during the night.

For best results, it is recommended to also use traps, as the unit alone may not keep all bugs away.

Mosquitoes will not be an issue anymore, once you start using this device.

Enjoy your camping adventures without being bitten by mosquitoes! Since it is lightweight and features a compact design, this model is portable, so you can take it anywhere with you. It is advertised as being DEET-free and scent-free. This means that you no longer have to worry about using chemicals on your skin in order to keep these insects away.

The coverage area is not as large as presented, but it keeps you protected if the unit is near.

Keep yourself and your family protected from mosquito bites with this unit.

8 Best Mosquito Repellents

Best Mosquito Repellents (Must Read Reviews) 2020

Looking for a good mosquito repellent can be a hard task, not only because there are so many products on the market, but also because there are many types of solutions when it comes to keeping these insects away. After carefully analyzing many options out there, we managed to create a list with the top rated products that you can find showcased below.

1. Kenoswift Brison Repellent 12

This is a mosquito repellent for house that will keep your home or office protected from all sorts of annoying bugs. The device works through a combination of optical, electromagnetic, and ultrasonic waves that is highly effective. Moreover, it has a coverage control area of 1,100 square feet and the ability to penetrate the wall PEP.

The Kenoswift Brison Repellent 12 is very easy to use. You only need to plug the device into the wall socket and keep the button pressed for three seconds. Afterward, it is ready to work and to keep the pesky bugs away from you. You should know that this electronic repeller is equipped with an ultrasound control and flame German body that is environmentally-friendly.

Even though it has a strong capacity, it is perfectly safe for you, your family, and even for your pets. Moreover, this device simply makes the pests go away and does not kill them, leaving a lot of dead bodies around the room.

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With this electronic device, you can keep mosquitoes and other annoying insects away from your area without killing them.

Moreover, the product is safe for you, your children, and your pets. The fact that it does not actually kill the bugs means that you will not constantly find dead insects in your home.

The unit works by combining ultrasonic, electromagnetic, and optical waves that bugs cannot stand, so they avoid the areas this device covers.

The coverage area of this product is 1,100 square feet. What is more, this model can also penetrate the wall PEP.

You will also like the fact that it is extremely easy to use. Simply plug it in, press the button for three seconds and you are done! The rest is covered by the repeller.


There are a few customers who said that it took about four or five days for the device to actually start working and keep insects away.

8 Best Mosquito Nets

Coghlan’s Mosquito Net

Fox Run Premium Mosquito Net

MEKKAPRO Ultra Large Mosquito Net

Camping is all fun and games until bedtime. But when the sun settles down and you believe the Universewill turn to sleep, mosquitoes kick in eager to keep you up all night. When skin repellents are more of a pain than a cure, a mosquito net creates a barrier between you and the surroundings. It not only keeps mosquitoes at bay but also prevents other flying and crawling creatures from intruding into your sleeping area. So, if you’re unwilling to experience sleepless nights during your next adventure into the wild, check out the best mosquito nets below.

The Best Mosquito Net

The Coghlan’s Mosquito Net is a simple, no-frills camping bed net made of fine 180 mesh polyester and developed to provide overall protection. Designed to cover a double-wide sleeping arrangement – be it twobivies or a double sleeping bag – the Coghlan’s Mosquito Net is easy to set up and comes with a floor base which keeps creepy crawlers at bay. This ultra-lightweight net fits seamlessly into your pack, is durable, and mildew resistant. Not to mention it comes at a super-affordable price.

Mildew resistant polyester

Rectangular double-wide protection

Multiple tie-down points

  • Brand Coghlan’s
  • Model 9760
  • Weight 9.4 ounces

360° polyester netting completed with floor base.

Six reinforced metal tie tabs and four anchoring pegs included.

Generous interior covers up to two sleeping bags or cots.

Lightweight and easy to pack

Constructed in mildew-resistant and washablepolyester.

Unsuitable to use in areas with tiny insects and No See Ums.

Delicate mesh tears easily.

The MEKKAPRO Ultra Large is the best mosquito net designed to fully protect your sleeping arrangement regardless of its size. This thing is huge and can be hung over a camping cot or sleeping bag, a cozy hammock, your picnic table, or even over a king-size bed. It’s made from 100% eco-friendly ultra-fine white mesh polyester and can handle whatever the environment throws at it. Net comes complete with 7 hooks and screws, an extra string for further coverage and generous overlaps to ensure a comfortable fit.

Eco-friendly, chemical-free mesh

Convenient carrying pouch

  • Brand MEKKAPRO
  • Weight 1.8 pounds

Hexagonal mesh design developed for maximum breathability and impermeability.

Two access openings for easy in and out.

Hanging kit complete with screws, hooks, and other accessories.

Ultra-lightweight and compact, the DIMPLES EXCEL Mosquito Net is perfect for the adventurer who likes to travel light. The strongest point of this mosquito mesh is its asymmetric style design which maximizes coverage while keeping burden and bulk to a minimum. A nice heft of only 6 ounces adds negligible load even to a climber’s backpacking backpack while the 250 holes/square inch provide ultimate protection even against the tinier insects. This foldable mosquito net is stored in a practical travel pocket and is ridiculously easy to install.

Attractive asymmetric design

Tightly woven mesh

Superior heat management

  • Weight 6.1 ounces

Grey mesh for better heat management and higher visibility.

Colored tapes at the corners and a single suspension point for easy setup.

Stakes and screws not included.

Venturing into the outdoors with nothing but your camping gear will make you feel like a pioneer in the quest to conquering new worlds. In this expedition, let the Atwater Carey Mosquito Net be your trustworthy companion. This is perhaps the best mosquito net for those looking to set the thing up in a breeze. The Atwater Carey pops up instantly with no assembly required and provides a stand-alone shelter that fits just you and your bivy. Treated with an insect shield repellent, this net not only keeps bugs away from your sleeping area, but you won’t even have to see them crawling on the net.

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Insect Shield Repellent Gear

Pop-up dome design

High visibility mesh

Self-erecting steel pole system

  • Brand Atwater Carey
  • Model 27201
  • Weight 14.1 ounces

High visibility fire-resistant nylon netting ideal for camping and backpacking.

Large enough to fit a single sleeping bag or cot.

Roomy head area enhanced by a standalone pole system.

Hard to fold after use.

The GLORYFIRE is one of the best mosquito nets for those who are into tactical explorations. Constructed with high-density breathable mesh, this hanging tent net promotes an outstanding air circulation intended to keep you cool while you sleep. Keeping insects away from the net is possible thanks to the special anti-mosquito treatment applied to the mesh while four reinforced corners allow you to hang this beauty in any environment – unless you’re camping in the desert. Packing compactly for easy storage and travel, the GLORYFIRE net is also backed up by a convenient 2-year warranty. Our handy guide to the top large camping tents features more great products like this.

1-year effective mosquito repellent treatment

Highly breathable polyester mesh

190D reinforced fabric corners

Abundant interior space

  • Model MNB0014
  • Weight 12.3 ounces

Lightweight construction allows for easy storage and transport.

Mosquito net packs compactly into a convenient carrying pouch.

Olive color ideal for camouflaging.

2-year limited warranty.

The net feels smaller than expected.

If you’re looking for the best mosquito net for your next safari expedition, the Abco Tech Mosquito Netting may address your needs. This ample net is large enough to provide overall coverage yet packs compactly for easy storage and transport. Although a bit heavier than other mosquito nets, this product offers unparalleled protection thanks to its fine mesh construction. Then, with its conical shape, this net stands 87 inches tall and is easy to hang over your bedsit area either outdoors or indoors. Love this product? Check out our double sleeping bags review for our top picks.

Multi-filament polyester construction

  • Brand Abco Tech
  • Model ABC2109
  • Weight 1.2 pounds

Made from durable and resistant REACH compliant material.

The wide 28-feet base adds multi-use versatility.

Attractive conical design with plenty material to tuck under your camping gear.

100% Risk-Free satisfaction guarantee.

Folds compactly into a convenient carrying bag.

Only one access opening.

When you’re in need of a reliable travel mosquito net but have no idea what the environment will throw at you, the Fox Run Premium Mosquito Net could be your trustworthy equipment. This insect-repellent canopy has a versatile square design and it can be hung in 4 different configurations. You’ll still not be able to use it on a rocky summit or in the middle of the desert, but you’ll be good to go in most outdoor settings. The net boasts a generous coverage, it’s lightweight, and perfect to use at home or in your tent on your next adventures.

Tiny mesh holes

Super-easy set up

Multiple hanging configurations

8-point hanging system

Included carrying bag

  • Brand Fox Run
  • Weight 1.3 pounds

Square footprint allows for multiple hanging configurations.

Included hanging kit comprising 8 hooks and extra-long ropes.

Large covered area.

When No See Ums and tiny creatures are threatening, the Stansport Double Mosquito Net can ensure a bug-free sleepfor you and your camping buddy. Designed with durability in mind, this hanging mosquito net is made of strong polyethylene, is mildew resistant and machine washable. A spacious covered area accommodates two sleeping bags or a double air mattress. With this mosquito head net, your sleep will never get disturbed by any biting creatures.

Ultra-fine No-See-Um mesh

Mildew resistant polyethylene material

Stuff sack included

  • Brand Stansport
  • Model 706
  • Weight 1.17 pounds

No-frills design with hanging top ring.

Washable and mildew resistant polyester mesh.

Ultra-lightweight mosquito net weighs under 10 ounces.

Floor base not included.

Best Mosquito Net Buying Guide & FAQ

How We Chose Our Selection of Mosquito Nets

A good night sleep is essential to restore your energy after a dreadful day of hiking but sleeping under the clear skies — or under the wrong mosquito net as a matter of fact — is anything but restoring. That’s why we’ve picked the best mosquito nets according to the following benchmarks:

  • Quality: there are few factual things to consider when defining the quality of a mosquito net. The foremost important is the quality of the construction. Reinforced corners or hanging points are a must in a suspended model. The integrity of the mesh and size of the holes determine the efficiency, but you should also consider the ease of use and portability.
  • Reviews: user satisfaction is an important criterion to consider. All mosquito nets in this list are praised by the users for their structural integrity and efficiency.
  • Price: mosquito nets are inexpensive but even then, paying a fair price is important. That’s why all mosquito nets that have made it to this list grant an outstanding value for money.
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Features To Look For In Mosquito Nets

Size — Perhaps the most important feature of a mosquito net is its size. There are two variables to consider: the size of the net when it’s open, and its folded size.

The former must be generous enough to accommodate you and your camping gear unless you’re happy with getting itchy bites on your feet. The latter must be compact enough to fit in a small carrying pouch.

Length — While still a number that has to do with the size, a mosquito net’s length deserves special consideration. Depending on the model, the net should be long, but not too long. You should be able to securely fit the mesh under your sleeping bag to seal your sleeping area but the material shouldn’t add too much bulk under your outdoor bedsit.

Design — It’s hard to define the best mosquito nets based on their design. Some people prefer hanging nets which offer ampler protection. Minimalist mountaineers,on the other hand, might appreciate more a pop-up mosquito net that provides protection in all sorts of environments.

Ease of use — Regardless of the model, the mosquito net must be ridiculously easy to use. The last thing you want is to erect complex structures for a mere one-night sleep. Wondering how to define ease of use? Well, if a toddler can’t install it than you’d better move on.

Mesh — Mosquito nets come with all style meshes and not all of them provide adequate protection. In broad lines, all meshes keep mosquitoes and other large insects outside of your sleeping zone. But if you’re traveling to areas with tiny creatures, a No-See-Um mesh is fundamental.

Features — Some mosquito nets are just more effective than others. Here are a few features you’ll like:

  • Lightweight design
  • Insecticide-treated mesh
  • Mildew-resistant materials
  • Reinforced corners
  • Compact when folded
  • Multiple access ways

Durability — Branches, rocks, and even the atmospheric conditions will test the durability of your mosquito net. A durable canopy must be strong, elastic and have reinforced corners and hanging points.

Breathability — Airflow concerns under a mesh? This problem is more frequent than expected. Don’t take breathability for granted even if you’re not sleeping in an airtight bag. Some meshes just don’t let air to pass through, creating a sort of greenhouse effect when the first rays of sun hit the material.

Q: Why Use A Mosquito Net?

A: Despite its rather restrictive name, a mosquito net serves many purposes. It doesn’t only repel mosquitoes, it also prevents other nasty insects like ticks from getting into your sleeping area.

Q: How To Install A Mosquito Net?

A: Suspended mosquito nets are very easy to install by simply hanging the net from the hooks. You can use ropes to suspend the net from branches or from the ceiling. Some models come with ground pegs that secure the net around the perimeter. Alternatively, tuck the mesh under your sleeping bag or secure it with rocks. Pop-up mosquito nets simply erect themselves.

Q: How To Clean A Mosquito Net?

A: Most mosquito nets are machine washable. Just follow the instructions on the label or in the lack of it, select a gentle cycle and use a mild detergent. Alternatively, wash the net by hand with lukewarm water and detergent, double rinse, and line dry the net.

Q: Will Mosquito Nets Stop Other Insects?

A: Yes. Depending on the size of the holes, mosquito nets can stop ticks, bugs, flies, and even tiny insects including the nasty No See Ums.

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