Sprays From Mosquitoes: Names And Methods Of Application

Sprays from mosquitoes

Insects are the largest group of animals on our planet. Among them there are harmful, and even dangerous. Small bugs are disturbed by buzzing, painful bites, carry infectious agents, parasitic diseases. To protect themselves from an annoying and unsafe neighborhood, humanity invented many chemicals, including. Rather poisonous.

Popular drugs — mosquito repellent sprays. They are applied to the skin or clothing, depending on the situation.

Indications for use

Indications for use — scaring bloodsuckers in homes and natural conditions:

  • presence of mosquitoes in the house, office
  • going to the cottage, in the woods, to the pond
  • stay near the sea
  • hunting or fishing
  • Tours (especially with overnight stay).

Strongly effective preparations are sprayed on clothes, more sparing — on the skin. Viscous oil-based sprays are not washed off, they scare off the bloodsuckers for several days. Water means are good in that they allow the skin to breathe, but they are quickly washed off, so they are more suitable in dry weather.


The main active substances of repellents are pesticides DETA (diethyltoluamide), ethyl toluic acid, carboxamide, oxamate and rebomide. Pharmacodynamics of sprays from mosquitoes with such components consists in the destruction of the smell of the human body, which attracts insects, and their scaring away.

Natural essential oils enrich the sprays with moisturizing, softening, flavoring and other beneficial properties.

Water dissolves the ingredients, moisturizes the skin.


The pharmacokinetics of mosquito spray is poorly understood. The repellent formulas are designed to meet a specific need: to exhibit a protective property on the skin, without penetrating the deep layers of the skin and blood vessels.

Use of mosquito spray during pregnancy

It is better not to use mosquito sprays during pregnancy. After all, repellent ingredients have toxic, allergic, irritating properties and can threaten the health of women and fetuses.

If there is no alternative, since insect bites are also dangerous for a pregnant woman, then from the set of suggestions you should choose the least harmful option. Some tips for choosing mosquito spray:

  • Choose a high-quality product with poorly absorbed components (DETA, Taiga, Oksaftal — based on dimethyl phthalate).
  • Relatively safe sprays from mosquitoes during pregnancy — drugs for children under 3 years.
  • Apply in a smaller amount than in the nonpregnant state.
  • Without the urgent need not to repeat several times.
  • Avoid overdose. Test for adverse reactions.
  • Lubricating the skin with hands, do not allow to get on mucous membranes, scratches and other problem areas.
  • After application, wash hands thoroughly, after use — all treated areas.
  • Apply only if the anxiety and risk of bites exceeds the undesirable effects of use.

Contraindications for use

  • special sensitivity to components;
  • tendency to allergies;
  • irritated, damaged skin;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • children and adolescence.

These cases require agreement with a specialist. Spray from mosquitoes even with natural substances for children should be used in small concentrations and with extreme caution. Do not handle the hands, the skin near the eyes and mouth of the kids, so they do not lick and do not rub their eyes.

Do not allow children to use the spray independently, do not spray it near children, indoors, as well as synthetic fabrics, plastic products (since some chemicals are capable of dissolving them).

With sensitive skin, first apply a test portion.

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Sprays from mosquitoes should not be used on animals, so that chemicals do not enter their body when licking the wool.

Side effects

DETA (diethyl phthalate) — a fixer of odors in perfumes, some consider it to be the most dangerous substance. Phthalates adversely affect fetal development, reproductive organs. Some experts categorically oppose the use of such drugs in pregnancy, others allow use, but only in extreme cases, with a number of warnings and restrictions.

The effect on the body depends on the concentration of the chemical:

  • 40% or more can be dangerous.
  • 20 — 30% protection for 2 — 3 hours (adults).
  • 10 — 15% low protection, recommended for children under three years old, people prone to allergies, pregnant and lactating women.

Sprays from mosquitoes can not be used constantly — in view of the fact that poisons in this case are absorbed into the blood and adversely affect the liver.

Names of mosquito spray

All manufacturers of household chemicals have in their arsenal products against harmful insects. There are also alternative recipes for such drugs.

Names of mosquito spray:

  • Dry spray Off!
  • Gardex-famely
  • Mosquitall
  • Picnic super
  • Picnic bebi
  • Mi & Co Spray Lavender
  • Komarix Intensive
  • Reftamide maximum
  • LAFES organic for children from 0 months.
  • Home sprays based on essential oils.


Gardex offers a wide range of protective products — for use on vacations, in offices and residential areas. Some drugs protect not only from insects, but even from small rodents.

Spray from mosquitoes Gardex baby is a high-quality aerosol for children’s skin, taking into account its features. Protects skin from mosquitoes (10 days), ticks (15 days), prevents allergic reactions.

Spray Gardex is harmless for children from two years old, constantly living in the summer in the bosom of nature. It is important to correctly apply the spray:
  • do not use more than twice a day
  • apply with caution
  • It is not recommended for children under 2 years, for future mothers and for breastfeeding.

Mosquitall (mosquito)

The variety of products under the Mosquitol brand allows choosing a repellent for all occasions:

  • with mild effect — for children
  • universal — for the whole family
  • Enhanced action — for use in extreme environmental conditions.

The color solution for the design of cylinders helps to sort out the assortment.

Spray from mosquitoes «Protection for adults. For outdoor recreation »is useful for the whole family. Repels mosquitoes and other small feces for four hours. It smells fresh, contains a calendula extract.


Protects parents and children (from five years). An irreplaceable spray from mosquitoes for those wishing to quietly relax in a beautiful place, full of bloodsuckers. The components are DETA, essential oil of cloves, chamomile extract. Active up to three hours, does not contaminate clothing. Packed in polyethylene things keep scaring properties for a week.

Protects against flying and flying insects. Allowed the use of children from five years. Provides efficiency of the highest category on fabrics (clothes, curtains, nets, hammocks, tents), the second category — on the body. The period of effectiveness, respectively, is 5 days and 3 hours.

Picnic baby

Spray from mosquitoes Picnic baby — a new generation drug for children from the year, waterproof, hypoallergenic. Has the highest efficiency. Contains extracts of plants useful for the baby. On the skin, the active effect lasts about two hours, on clothes — 5 — 7 days.

Adults must be especially careful, protecting children from insects to ensure their health and safety.

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Off spray

Aerosol Off! Extreme for a long time protects from small insects: on the body — from four hours, on tissues — up to a month (from ticks — for five days). Contains 30% diethyltoluamide.

To repel mosquitoes, the product is sprayed onto clothing from a distance of 20 centimeters (not more than once every three days); Treatment for ticks is carried out at a rate of 20 seconds per 1 square. M, especially carefully — in places where bloodsuckers may appear. After hand use the hands thoroughly.

Off! Spray is not advised to children, with pregnancy, breast feeding, a tendency to allergies. Balloons are dangerous for children and curious adolescents. Therefore, they should be protected from children and observe the precautions indicated on the package.

Spray mosquito repellent

The formula of a mosquito repellent spray assures the repulsion of bloodsucking insects, does not contain flavorings, does not leave a sense of fatiness after application. Packing repellent is also very practical.

The contents of the PET bottle are sprayed from a distance of 15 to 20 cm. There is no need to rub the substance.

When using a mosquito spray, you must:

  • Do not spray on mucous, problem areas on the skin
  • if accidental carelessness is abundantly rinse these places with water.

The full name is diethyltoluamide; DETA in different amounts is contained in most of the repellents produced around the world. These indicators are also affected by additional components. The packaging is usually indicated by the maximum protection time, which is also affected by humidity, temperature, wind and other factors.

The world-famous substance DETA, with careful use, does not pose a direct threat. However, the chemical causes a number of side effects:

  • annoying eyes
  • causes a rash, tenderness, blisters on the skin
  • toxic for some fish species, plankton
  • negatively affects the nerve cells.

Due to the high toxicity of the spray from mosquitoes, DETA is applied only to clothing. Children under six years of age and such use are not permitted. Wash clothing immediately after use. Do not use more often than it says in the manual, or permanently.

At a temperature of +25 degrees and higher, the properties of the spray change: it becomes ineffective or even more poisonous. In severe heat, it is best not to use it.

Choosing inexpensive DETA, you need to know about the risks, to minimize them or to choose an alternative.

My Sunshine

«My Sun» — a special spray from mosquitoes to protect very young children. It differs in effectiveness against blood-sucking insects, as well as wasps and flies; has hypoallergenic properties.
  • on the body — applied with the help of the palms
  • on things — spray with 10 — 15 cm.
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The active substance lasts two hours, after which the procedure can be repeated.

When using it is necessary to know:

  • It is not possible to use children under the age of one year, future mothers who breastfeed women
  • Do not allow children to use the spray themselves or for other purposes
  • apply no more than three times a day
  • protect from spraying into eyes, mouth, on scratched skin.

Children’s spray from mosquitoes

Children are especially vulnerable to bloodsucker attacks due to the fineness and tenderness of the skin.

Children’s spray from mosquitoes of this brand are produced with due regard for scientific research, on the basis of an innovative prescription, without harmful for the child’s body effect. Recommended for children from one year.

The product is toxicologically safe. The Masgue baby aqua line is registered as a pharmaceutical substance, sold in pharmacies or children’s stores. Elevated requirements are also applied to the tightness of the cans.

In the spray lotion, mosquitoes from this brand contain pure water, natural essential substances, chamomile extracts and marigolds that soften and moisturize the baby’s skin.

To protect a sleeping child from aggressive insects for several hours, it is enough to sprinkle the stroller and the cloak.

  • Other children’s sprays from mosquitoes
  • Gardex spray from mosquitoes from 1 year old
  • Gardex aerosol femeli from 12 years
  • Green factor spray from mosquitoes from 5 years
  • Lebensformel spray for children from 1 year old
  • Lebensformel spray from 3 years
  • Mosquitol spray from mosquitoes «Gentle protection» from 3 years
  • Mosquito mosquito spray from 5 years
  • Picnic baby spray from mosquitoes from 1 year old

Spray your own production: 30 drops of lavender and geranium oil are added to a bottle of water with a spray.

The use of mosquito spray

The rules and methods for applying mosquito spray are indicated on the labels. They should be strictly observed.

Sprays from mosquitoes — means for external use. Some of them are applied to the skin (adults only), others, more «strong», only on clothes, twice or thrice a day.
  • Before use, the balloon must be shaken; spray in a vertical position on the body from a distance of 15 — 20 cm; Wear clothing until lightly moistened.
  • Another way of using it is spray on the palm of your hands, apply evenly (but do not rub it) on the parts that you need to protect. After the procedure, be sure to wash your hands.

Clothes, tents, curtains in the house must be sprinkled from a certain distance and allowed to dry (taking into account the direction of the wind so as not to inhale the repellent). The effect of chemicals on clothes lasts a week or more, if it is kept in a plastic bag.

When using a cream from the sun, the spray is applied from above. Upon returning home, the preparation is washed off with warm water and soap.

While working with sprays from mosquitoes, you should not smoke.


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