The Best Treatment for Lice on Cats, Cuteness

The Best Treatment for Lice on Cats

Lice are insect parasites that can infest your cat’s skin and coat. These pests cause itchy skin, skin infections and other health issues for your feline friend. Fortunately, they are easy to get rid of using a topical insecticide. Your vet can help you decide which treatment will work best for your particular cat based on her age, temperament and the extent of the infestation.

Feline Lice

The species of lice that infects cats is Felicola subrostrata. Lice are generally not zoonotic, meaning that feline lice can’t infect humans and human lice won’t infect felines. These pests are passed through direct contact with an infected cat or indirect contact with bedding or grooming tools containing the lice or their eggs. Because lice chew on your kitty’s skin, they can cause intense itching, hair loss, a dry coat and even anemia in severe infestations. Lice are visible to the human eye. You’ll see these lightly colored bugs and their eggs on your cat’s skin and coat. Once your vet examines your kitty, he can determine if she is suffering from lice and the best course of treatment for her.

Pyrethrin Treatment

One of the most common treatments for lice in felines is to bathe your kitty with a shampoo containing pyrethrin, a cat-safe insecticide. This method is useful in serious infestations to get rid of all of the adult lice on the coat immediately. After the bath, when your feline friend’s fur is dry, apply a pyrethrin-based spray or powder to the coat to kill the remaining lice. You’ll need to repeat the bathing and treatment within 10 to 14 days, recommends This is because the life cycle of a louse is 21 days and pyrethrin doesn’t kill the lice eggs. You may need to treat her two to four times to get rid of all of the lice.

Lime Sulfur Dips

Lime sulfur dips performed every two weeks can kill both adult lice and nymphs. Although smelly and messy, dips work best for kittens because pyrethrin products may not be safe for those younger than 12 weeks old. You’ll need to treat your kitty three to four times to eliminate the lice from her coat, as the dips don’t kill the lice eggs. Pour the solution over your cat and allow it to dry naturally. Use an Elizabethan collar if necessary to prevent your kitty from licking the dip until it’s dry.

Topical Treatments

Topical insecticides including selamectin, fipronil and imidacloprid are all effective against lice, according to the Companion Animal Parasite Council. Apply these medications between your cat’s shoulder blades. While treatment with these products is usually monthly, to treat a lice infestation, apply every two weeks for four to six weeks, according to This ensures that the products are effective in killing the successive generations of lice until they are gone. These products are easy to apply, making them a good choice for cats who don’t tolerate bathing, but may not be safe for young kittens so consult with your vet about using them.

Environmental Cleanup

If one of your cats has lice, you’ll need to treat all cats in your home for lice to prevent them from reinfecting each other with the pests. You’ll also need to disinfect your kitty’s environment. Wash all of your cat’s bedding in hot water and replace items you can’t wash or disinfect, including her grooming supplies, with new ones. Steam clean carpets. Use a fogger to treat your home if your cat has a severe lice infestation.

Application of benzyl benzoate for removing lice

If you are faced with the problem of skin parasites, in pharmacies in your city you will be offered a wide range of means to combat them. Pay attention to benzyl benzoate ointment — instructions for use indicate that it is a proven drug to combat skin parasites and skin treatment. What are the forms of benzyl benzoate, what is its composition and how to properly apply the ointment to effectively combat ticks?

Composition Benzyl Benzoate

Benzyl Benzoate is available in two basic forms — a ten percent emulsion and an ointment with ten or twenty percent of the main active ingredient, benzoate benzyl. The emulsion is a liquid homogeneous substance, has a pronounced specific odor and is available in bottles of 50, 100 and 200 g. The ointment is sold packaged in aluminum tubes, 25 g each.

The composition of benzyl benzoate ointment:

  • benzyl benzoate (the main active ingredient) — 0.25 g (in 1 gram of ointment),
  • cetylpyridinium chloride,
  • propylene glycol,
  • primary higher alcohols or cetostearyl alcohol,
  • fatty fractions C16 — C20,
  • purified water.

What helps Benzyl Benzoate ointment

When can I use benzyl benzoate ointment? The drug has antimicrobial antiparasitic effect, is used against different types of skin mites, as well as nits lice. Doctors prescribe it when they detect symptoms of diseases such as:

  • scabies,
  • demodicosis,
  • all kinds of lichen,
  • skin acne and seborrhea oily,
  • head and pubic pediculosis (lice).

Toxic action against lice occurs 3-4 hours after application, against skin mites after 10-30 minutes. The substance acts only on adults and their larvae, but does not affect the eggs of nits. The ointment softens the itching and intensity of skin rashes. Redness disappears, peeling of damaged and dead skin cells begins. The drug is not absorbed by the skin, that is, does not enter the blood and does not spread throughout the body.

How to apply benzyl benzoate

The decision on how to use the tool, the doctor takes. The effectiveness of the ointment and emulsion, as indicated by the Benzyl Benzoate instruction, depends on the concentration of the active substance and the extent of skin lesions. Both emulsion and ointment are intended for topical external use. Adults are prescribed the drug with a 20% content, children — 10%. Processing is done in the evening, after a hot shower.

The emulsion is rubbed first into the skin of the hands, then all over the body. After the initial treatment, it is left on the body for two to three days, then the procedure is repeated. The emulsion is applied to the skin of the hands during the entire course of treatment after each washing procedure. If for any reason you had to wash the medicine from other parts of the body, apply it again as soon as possible.

Ointment of benzyl benzoate, when used in its pure form, is applied to the skin of the body with a uniform thin layer. In some cases, with a high degree of infection, the ointment is applied with a second layer in two to three hours. The remains of the product are not washed off, the procedure is repeated 48 hours later, after cleansing the skin from the residue of the product using a hot shower.

For the treatment of pediculosis, benzyl benzoate for lice is usually used. Before use, shake the product properly to enhance its systemic properties and apply it on the scalp and hair with a cotton gauze pad at the rate of 30 g per procedure. Rub the medicine into the skin and evenly distribute over the entire length of the hair, cover the head with a bandage. Rinse with running water after half an hour (with pubic lice — after ten minutes).

After the treatment is completed, the bandage used is impregnated with a 9% vinegar solution and the head is covered again with it. Vinegar will help to separate the parasite eggs from the hair. After an hour and a half, the hair is washed with shampoo and combed with a comb with frequent teeth to comb the dead parasites and their eggs. The result of the first time you can try to identify after an hour, and then after a day. If necessary, the entire processing cycle must be repeated. Remember to treat all family members, not just the infected.

Benzyl benzoate with facial demodicosis

Demodecosis is a lesion of the skin by a parasitic mite of the Demodex family living in hair follicles. The disease is accompanied by acne, mainly on the skin of the face and back;

When using benzyl benzoate ointment for demodicosis, carefully read the instructions and follow the recommendations of the prescribing physician. The antibacterial preservative cetyl pyridinium chloride, which is part of the ointment, will prevent an increase in the population of pathogenic bacteria, have a bacteriostatic effect, and speed up the healing process. The duration of treatment with an ointment is up to 10 days, if you apply an emulsion, the duration of treatment can last up to three weeks.

Ointment in a circular motion rubbed into the affected skin before bedtime (after the procedure of pre-cleansing the skin), be prepared for a burning sensation. The emulsion has a more gentle action, applied to the face after thorough cleansing of the skin with water, in the mornings and afternoons. Benzyl benzoate is prescribed in combination with immunostimulating agents and vitamins, interacts with them, and is recommended for use only when prescribed by a dermatologist.

Scabies Ointment

When applying the benzyl benzoate ointment for scabies, the most important thing to remember is that all of the skin, except the scalp, should be treated without exception. If you treat only the affected areas of the dermis, the effect of the treatment will be zero. Patients suffering from the complications of scabies, for example, dermatitis, courses of treatment of the scabies and complications are carried out simultaneously. Use the following method of application, according to the instructions:

  • The ointment is applied to the skin of the entire body after pre-cleansing of the skin through a hot shower.
  • After drawing means is not washed away within two days.
  • After a specified period, apply ointment again.

During the course of treatment, which will last from ten days to two weeks, you should:

  • change bedding regularly
  • change clothes as often as possible,
  • Do not wash the drug from the skin for several cycles of two days.

According to the instructions, apply benzyl benzoate cream for acne only if you have been diagnosed with demodicosis and have been prescribed the appropriate treatment. The drug is not a drug for treating acne, according to the indications for its use, and may worsen the skin condition. Do not self-medicate, visit a dermatologist to determine the causes of acne and the appointment of a course of competent treatment.

Benzyl benzoate for children

Is Benzyl Benzoate prescribed to children? In the treatment of scabies, children under the age of five years are prescribed an ointment with ten percent of the active ingredient, which is diluted with one-to-one warm water before use. Application is carried out according to the instructions according to the following scheme: 2 times with an interval of twelve hours, the resulting mixture is rubbed into the skin. Pre-cleaning the baby’s skin with hot water is not necessary.

Side effects

During the course of treatment, there may be side effects on the body of benzyl benzoate, such as:

  • irritation or redness of the treated skin,
  • itching and burning,
  • allergic reactions in the form of skin peeling,
  • contact dermatitis.

During the course of treatment, monitor the condition of the skin. If the symptoms described above occur, interrupt the course and consult the doctor who prescribed this drug. Avoid eye contact and overdose. Remember to strictly follow the methods of application described in the instructions, and that the sensitivity of the affected skin is increased, therefore, in these places are more likely to have discomfort and dermatological reactions. Be sure to check if the cream has not expired.


As with all medicines, there are contraindications to benzyl benzoate ointment. It is not prescribed:

  1. Children up to three years.
  2. With individual intolerance or high sensitivity of the body to the main active ingredient.
  3. In case of serious damage to the skin.
  4. Pustular skin rashes.
  5. Women during pregnancy and lactating mothers.

Price Benzyl Benzoate Ointment

Buying a drug is available at any online pharmacy. Its cost is low and ranges from 38 to 50 rubles excluding promotions and discounts. You can choose and order the drug with home delivery, by mail or by courier, or pick it up yourself at the points of issue. How much does benzyl benzoate cost in ordinary pharmacies in Moscow and St. Petersburg and is it available for public sale? Yes, you can buy medicine at any pharmacy.

Pharmacological properties and forms of release of benzyl benzoate

Benzyl benzoate is a drug that is included in the pharmacological group of antiparasitic agents. The main active substance is benzyl benzoate (benzyl benzoate) — benzoic acid phenylmethyl ester. As auxiliary components, various acids (citric acid, stearic acid), laundry soap, cetostearyl alcohol or emulsion wax, purified water, etc. are used (depending on the release form).

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The drug has the ability to penetrate the chitinous cover of lice and can accumulate in their bodies in lethal doses for the larvae and adults (effectively kills the lice in 2-5 hours).

Benzyl benzoate for lice is sold as an ointment (cream), gel or emulsion, has a white or yellowish-white color and a specific odor. The drug is used only externally.

Decent remedy (ointment or cream). I tried it on myself. I bought it, smeared it with benzyl benzoate, wrapped my head in a handkerchief and held it for about 1-2 hours to secure it. And then she washed her hair. Wonderful effect! But! Nits had to comb the most. Otherwise, lice will come out of them again.

Benzyl benzoate dosage forms differ in the content of the main active substance:

  • for adults — 20% and 25%
  • for children — 5% and 10%.

In this case, the instructions for use of the product are the same for different concentrations of the active ingredient.

Instructions for use of benzyl benzoate against lice

Applying Benzyl Benzoate ointment to combat head lice, it is applied to the hair and lightly rubbed into the scalp. Then they put a cotton scarf on their heads and wait for some time (at least 30 minutes). Then rinse the head with warm water, mixed with a small amount of 3-5% vinegar, and then washed with shampoo.

In accordance with the instructions, the emulsion of lice Benzyl benzoate before use is thoroughly shaken, it is soaked with a cotton swab and treated in the same way as with ointment, head.

After that, you must carefully comb your hair with a comb (comb) with frequent teeth, thereby removing dead adults and lice larvae. Unfortunately, the drug does not have an oocycidal effect (it does not kill lice eggs — nits), which means that it may be necessary to re-process. Today, the most reliable way to remove nits is still their mechanical removal.

Benzyl benzoate is a wonderful inexpensive medicine. It can be found in any pharmacy, there may be a cream or suspension. The cream is more convenient to apply. Abstract simple and understandable. But the nits have to be removed manually. It will take several days, it is better to once again carry out treatment. And iron all the clothes and things with a hot iron.

Violetta, Nizhny Novgorod

I have tested a lot of products on children, including Para +, Pediculen, chemist water, etc., and cured Benzyl Benzoate. The lice just fell on their own, and the nits disappeared. It smells strong, but the hair did not have to be cut.

Benzyl benzoate for lice: contraindications and warnings.

The drug is strictly contraindicated in infants, especially premature, as it can cause shortness of breath. Because of the toxicity, benzyl benzoate is not prescribed for lice treatment for young children (up to three years old), pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding babies (or breastfeeding should be stopped for the period of treatment). Modern doctors generally try not to prescribe Benzyl Benzoate for lice or insist on treatment under medical supervision.

When using the drug on its own, care must be taken to ensure that it does not get on the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, and eyes. If this does happen, you should rinse them with a large amount of water or 2% soda solution. When the drug gets into the stomach, it is obligatory to wash it with the same composition or with an aqueous suspension of crushed activated carbon.

All medications like vapor plus, etc. do not help, do not kill to the end, and lice multiply again. But benzyl benzoate in the emulsion (20% for adults and 10% for children) turns out to be very effective. The instructions describe everything in order, how and what to do, feel free to try.

And, of course, after using against head lice ointment or benzyl benzoate emulsion, you should wash your hands very thoroughly, wash and iron all things that were in contact.

Benzyl Benzoate storage and distribution conditions in pharmacies

Ointment and emulsion Benzyl benzoate is sold in pharmacies without a prescription. But when using the drug, it is necessary to remember about the expiration date (it is indicated on the package), which should not exceed 2 years. After this period, benzyl benzoate should not be used for lice.

The drug should be stored at a temperature of 18-25 degrees in places inaccessible to children.

My daughter had lice. My husband and I also checked right away — thank God, no. They removed them with benzyl benzoate, immediately everything went away. And there were no lice for 5 years.

Advantages and disadvantages

So, to the obvious advantages of the drug Benzylbenzoate, in addition to its high efficacy against lice, can be attributed to its low cost and, as a result, the availability of low-income population. Another plus is pharmacy leave without a doctor’s prescription.

But a significant drawback is the toxicity of the drug, age contraindications, inability to use during periods of pregnancy and lactation.

In addition, Benzyl Benzoate acts only against lice and their larvae, but is ineffective against nits.

I believe that benzyl benzoate is simply a godsend for many parents whose children bring lice from kindergartens, schools and camps. When my daughter picked up this infection, I was shocked! The doctor advised benzyl benzoate. To be honest, I did not believe that would help. But I was wrong — after the first treatment, the child’s lice disappeared, which we were very happy about!

In conclusion, we note that lice do not appear out of nowhere. They always crawl from an infected person to a healthy one. They can be brought using other people’s personal hygiene products, hats, hairpins, etc.

Like other blood-sucking parasites, lice multiply rapidly and can not only cause concern, but also cause more significant health damage if lightly treated to treatment of pediculosis.

But how to treat this disease and how much to pay for it is up to you.


Benzyl benzoate is a time-tested antiparasitic drug known to many since the Soviet times. Previously, he was on the list of vital and essential medicines and was very often used in medical institutions. The benzyl benzoate has an anti-pediculosis and anti-cardiovascular effect, which makes it possible, when applied, to get rid of skin parasites within 3-6 hours.

The drug is available in two variations: in the form of an emulsion and ointment. The basis of the means includes benzoic acid phenylmethyl ester. The following components are included in the emulsion composition: purified water base, wax, citric and stearic acids, as well as laundry soap. In addition to benzyl benzoate, the composition of the ointment includes an aqueous emulsion. The active substance, penetrating into the body of parasites through the chitinous shell, affects the nervous system, the consequence of which is their inevitable death.

Rules for applying the ointment

Ointment for lice Benzyl benzoate is used externally for the treatment of lice, caused by the appearance of head lice or pubic lice.

  1. Ointment is applied to the hair evenly and rubbed into the skin. After that, a scarf made of cotton fabric is put on the head.
  2. After a half hour, rinse off with warm water and vinegar.
  3. Hair washed with shampoo, which is used for daily water procedures.
  4. To remove dead parasites use a lice comb with fine teeth.
  5. Benzyl benzoate with pediculosis caused by pubic lice is rubbed into the skin of the pubis, abdomen, groin, and the inner side of the thighs.
  6. After 30 minutes, you can take a warm shower with soap.
  7. Due to the fact that the ointment affects only adults, it is necessary to re-treat the hair.

The effect on pubic pediculosis can be observed already in a day. In the absence of such a procedure must be repeated.

To get rid of lice in children who have not yet reached the age of five, apply the emulsion. For its preparation, the ointment is dissolved in water in a ratio of 1: 1 and used for its intended purpose 2 times a day.

How to apply emulsion

Benzyl Benzoate emulsion is also used to treat head lice. Before starting the procedure, you should carefully read the manual. Instructions for use Benzyl benzoate for lice is available on each package means.

  1. According to the description, the bottle with the liquid must be thoroughly shaken. The emulsion with a cotton swab is applied to the hair, then rubbed into the skin with massage movements. Consumption for one procedure is 25 g.
  2. The head is covered with a scarf and left in this state for 30 minutes.
  3. According to the incident of this time, the head is washed with running water.
  4. To remove the nits from the hair, an acetic acid solution will be used in which a previously used scarf is soaked in, then it is tied on the head for several minutes.
  5. At the end of the treatment process, the head is washed with shampoo and combed out with a special comb.
  6. The result is obvious in a day. If necessary, repeat the procedure.
  7. To get rid of pubic lice, emulsion of benzyl benzoate from lice and nits is treated with hair in the lower part of the body.
  8. Wash off the product using soap after 10 minutes.

To whom the drug is contraindicated

Experts do not recommend the use of lice and nits benzyl benzoate in the following cases:

  • pregnant and lactating women
  • children under the age of three
  • people with diseases and skin lesions.

The presence of burning, dryness, itching, or the appearance of an allergic reaction is evidence of side effects. The procedure should be discontinued immediately, since using benzyl benzoate in such cases is unsafe.

You can buy benzyl benzoate for lice and nits at pharmacy kiosks or via the Internet. The price of ointment varies within 30 rubles, the emulsion costs about 130-140 rubles. Reviews of benzyl benzoate for lice, left by many consumers, indicate the effectiveness of the tool.

The son traveled with his class to a sporting event, from where he brought not only a lot of emotions and impressions, but also a gift in the form of lice. Rescued us emulsion Benzyl Benzoate. She handled her head to her son, according to the instructions. The effect was obvious after the first treatment. It is not very convenient that you have to choose your own nits. Indeed, otherwise, there may be a new offspring. However, with careful conduct of this procedure, the result will not take long. I recommend the drug is very good and quite inexpensive.

Benzyl benzoate had to be used more than once, since I have three children. A simple way to use, great effect and low cost. The lack of exposure to parasite eggs is the only drawback of this drug. When used for the first time, this nuance was not paid much attention. And already in 5-7 days the head of the daughter was again covered with lice. Now, as a binding, I will definitely re-process it in order to completely get rid of lice. While the tool does not let down.

I am ashamed to admit, but at the age of 30 I was faced with pediculosis. Where lice come from, I still can not understand. I think it happened during a trip in a minibus. There was a very strong crush, and apparently someone standing nearby and became the source of my problems. In the pharmacy I was offered a variety of drugs for lice, but I was attracted by the cost and feedback on the benzyl benzoate emulsion. Bought, came home, made 2 treatments and forgot about lice, like a bad dream. I advise you, a very effective drug.

Application of benzyl benzoate for removing lice

In our century, when humanity is leaps and bounds on the path of progress and the introduction of nanotechnology, such an ancient disease as lice (or, more simply, lice) has not disappeared. Long ago, when lice were considered exclusively “the disease of the poor”, they were taken out, as it were, by antiquated methods: kerosene, dust, wormwood extract, etc.

This lice medicine is called the Soviet remedy, because it was well known to doctors since Soviet times (it was included in the list of essential and essential medicines) and, due to its low cost, it was always available in medical institutions. It is interesting to note that benzyl benzoate is mainly used not for lice, but for the treatment of scabies and acne. In this he is most effective.

Modern doctors already practically do not prescribe Benzyl Benzoate against lice. But it remains, while remaining inexpensive and affordable, is in demand among the population in the treatment of pediculosis.

I think Benzyl Benzoate is a very good remedy for lice. Although it is actually an ointment for scabies. But if she smeared her head, it will help from lice. It is only necessary to hold a few hours plastered (it is better to smear before bedtime). In the morning you need to wash your hair. If necessary, you need to repeat it several times. But it’s not difficult! Good luck!

Benzylbenzoate remedy for lice and nits

Remedy Benzyl Benzoate Emulsion Benzyl Benzoate Not recommended for pregnant women and children.

One way or another, almost every person came into contact with head lice in their lives. In the last century, lice were taken out with the help of dust soap, an extract of wormwood and even kerosene. Today there is a huge choice of anti-pediculosic medicines of different forms of release. One of them is benzyl benzoate for lice. About varieties of this tool and will be discussed in this article.

Use of a lice preparation

Benzyl benzoate is a pharmacological group of antiparasitic agents. Previously, the drug was very popular and was available in all medical institutions, but modern doctors almost do not prescribe Benzyl Benzoate for pediculosis. In the people, he still continues to be popular due to its efficiency and availability.

The use of anti-parasite medication is very effective due to its chemical composition. The main active ingredient is benzoic acid phenylmethyl ester. The following components are also present in the preparation: citric acid, laundry soap, emulsion wax, cetostearic alcohol, stearic acid, distilled water.


The drug is poisonous and is used only as an external agent. When applied topically, the drug is not absorbed into the skin and does not enter the bloodstream. It is therefore absolutely safe. The drug effectively fights not only with head lice, but also with scabies and skin mites.

Toxic agents penetrate the louse through its dense chitinous layer and accumulate in the body. The drug affects both adults and larvae. The death of parasites occurs within 2-5 hours after application. But Benzyl Benzoate doesn’t kill parasite eggs — nits.

The drug has a light yellow or white color and a sharp specific chemical smell. Benzyl benzoate has several forms of release:

Each release form has several variations in the concentration of a toxic substance:

  • children’s dose is from 5% to 10% of the content of poisons,
  • dose for adults — 20-25%.

The use of the drug does not depend on its concentration. The difference lies in the form of release and in the appointment.

Application Methods

Before the start of the procedure of hounding lice it is necessary to take a shower in order to wash the parasites off the skin. If pediculosis is treated, and not mites or scabies, the ointment is applied to clean hair and lightly rubbed into the scalp. The medicine is not applied to the face and exposed skin. If the ointment is used to treat children, it must be diluted with warm water in a 1: 1 ratio. After applying the head should be covered with a plastic bag and insulated with a scarf. The tool must be kept on the hair from 30 minutes to 2 hours. If you start to burn much — you need to immediately wash it off.

The medicine is washed off first with warm acidified water, and then it is well washed out with shampoo. After treatment, the hair should be carefully combed with a comb with frequent teeth and combed out all the dead lice and larvae. Nits after the persecution do not die, so they, too, must be removed manually.

Applying an emulsion is different from applying an ointment. The instruction includes the following steps:

  1. Shake well the contents of the vial.
  2. Soak a cotton swab in the emulsion.
  3. Carefully treat dry clean hair and lightly apply to the scalp.
  4. Cover your head with a plastic bag and a handkerchief.
  5. To sustain on hair 30 minutes.
  6. Rinse hair with acidified water. To do this, dilute 1 tbsp. vinegar in 1 liter of warm water. Acid helps to separate the nits from the hair.
  7. Rewind the hair. To sustain acid on the head for about an hour.
  8. Wash hair with shampoo.
  9. Comb out the lice and nits from the hair of the comb with frequent teeth.

The drug from the first time effectively eliminates lice and larvae, but it does not kill the eggs of parasites. Therefore, it may be necessary to re-process.

Precautionary measures

When using an anti-lice medicine, you must comply with safety measures. It is forbidden to eat food, drink, smoke. You need to make sure that the benzyl benzoate does not get into the eyes and on the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose. If the incident does occur, it is necessary to wash the mucous membranes with a large amount of a weak soda solution. If after washing the eyes continue to hurt, then you need to drip them with a solution of albucide or novocaine.

If the product was accidentally swallowed, it is necessary to immediately rinse the stomach with a solution of baking soda, burnt magnesia, crushed chalk or activated carbon. After washing it is necessary to take a saline laxative. Castor oil is prohibited to take.

Benzyl Benzoate is contraindicated in:

  • babies and children up to 3 years,
  • pregnant women
  • breastfeeding mothers
  • with problems with the scalp,
  • with individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

After applying the medicine on the head, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Following how lice will be removed, personal items must be washed and ironed.

There are pros and cons of using benzyl benzoate to treat lice. The advantages of the drug include:

  • high efficiency
  • low price
  • ease of use
  • the ability to treat the skin from the effects of lice bites,
  • lack of analogues
  • leave without a prescription.

The disadvantages of the medication are:

  • toxicity,
  • age restrictions,
  • ban on use by pregnant and nursing mothers,
  • strong odor
  • lack of modifications and improvements
  • the drug needs to be kept longer in the hair than modern medicines,
  • possible allergic reactions, burning,
  • inefficiency against nits.

The visible effect of the use of the drug is observed within a day after application. But the drug is not able to destroy the eggs of parasites, so after 5 days you will need to re-apply. In case of overdose of the drug, redness, itching, burning or even shortness of breath may occur. In this case, the use of the drug must be discontinued.

Benzyl benzoate for lice and nits: what form of product to choose and how to apply it correctly

Mostly prosperous modern life, according to most, denies the spread of many diseases. Among them, pediculosis. This is an erroneous judgment. Everyone is subject to a problem. In case of occurrence of pediculosis, care should be taken in due time for treatment. To do this, use various tools from folk recipes like wormwood infusion to modern developments in a convenient form of shampoo. At the same time, it is important for many to purchase a drug with a combination of useful qualities at an affordable price. Benzyl benzoate is called such an option. A detailed description of the drug is presented in our article.


Benzyl benzoate as a remedy for lice has long been known. Over the years, the drug has proven to be highly effective. The drug unit is used in the fight against various parasites (lice, skin mites). Thanks to its use, it is possible to get rid of “uninvited guests” in just a few hours (2–5 is enough).

The action of benzyl benzoate is based on toxic poisoning of the parasites. Means freely gets through the dense chitinous layer protecting an insect. Entered benzoate accumulates in the body lice in extreme concentration. The result of a strong toxic effect, paralyzing the nervous system, becomes the inevitable death of adults. At the same time, the use of medical forms locally has absolutely no effect on human health. Benzene almost does not enter the blood.

The drug is produced in 2 versions: emulsion, ointment. The basis of any of them consists of benzoic acid phenylmethyl ester. Additional ingredients of the emulsion are:

  • laundry soap (72% concentration)
  • cetostearyl alcohol,
  • purified water base
  • emulsion wax,
  • citric and stearic acid.

Ointment released from benzyl benzoate on a water-emulsion basis. The additional inclusion of antimicrobial preservatives (in particular, cetylpyridinium chloride) allows for bacteriostatic effects.

Attention! Benzyl benzoate in any format is intended solely for external use. The drug is characterized by a pronounced antiparasitic effect. Despite being used to combat various types of bloodsucking, anti-lice demonstration of activity is most noticeable.

special instructions

Consumers choose Benzyl Benzoate for affordability, ease of use, and a small number of usage restrictions. The disadvantages of the drug include: the need for re-treatment, the inability to get rid of nits.

Among the contraindications of any form of the drug (emulsion and ointment) emit:

  • children’s age up to 3 years (with care up to 5 years),
  • the presence of damage to the skin, large-scale inflammatory diseases in the intended area of ​​application (wounds, pustules),
  • period of pregnancy, lactation. How to get rid of lice during pregnancy, you will find on our website,
  • high sensitivity to the active substance.

The tool is used with caution, avoiding contact with mucous membranes in the digestive tract. If benzyl benzoate is found in the mouth, eyes, or other sensitive areas, then wash immediately with a warm solution of baking soda. Eyes can be sedated by cleansing with a solution of novocaine, instillation of the solution of albucide. In case of ingestion of the drug in the stomach, it is recommended to drink activated charcoal.

Application of benzyl benzoate is fraught with various negative manifestations: some side effects may develop: slight reddening of the treatment sites, burning, itching. Allergic reactions, contact dermatitis are possible. Similar effects are most common in children, people with sensitive skin.

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All symptoms are temporary. If atypical manifestations persist with repeated use, you should stop using the drug, seek medical help.

Forms of release

The manufacturer produces 2 forms of the drug: emulsion and ointment. Both products contain an equivalent concentration of the main active ingredient (there are 10 and 20% compounds). The choice of form depends on the age of the patient, the individual characteristics of the organism, personal preferences.

  • The emulsion is characterized by a more liquid homogeneous consistency. The soft base has a pleasant white tint, delicate specific smell. The emulsion in 50, 100, 200 ml containers is sold.

  • Ointment has a thick even consistency. Light color, unobtrusive specific aroma is preserved in this form of release. For sale, the ointment is placed in tubes or jars with a capacity of 25 g.

To combat lice apply medication of any form of release with benzyl benzoate. The most preferable emulsion, since it is easier to evenly distribute it along the hair than the ointment. In this case, the consumption of the drug will be less noticeable.

If necessary, from the ointment is permissible to independently prepare a solution (most often it is required for the treatment of children). For this cream is adjusted to a 1: 1 ratio with water. The concentration of the drug decreases, its effectiveness becomes less tangible.

Instructions for use describes in detail the dosage form. First you need to get acquainted with it. Annotation will tell you how to use the drug correctly, indicate possible side effects, precautions, outline the range of existing contraindications.

In general, a benzyl benzoate based emulsion is used as follows:

  1. The contents of the vial thoroughly shaken (to achieve a uniform concentration of the active substance).
  2. Hands in disposable gloves emulsify the hair, evenly distributing along the length.
  3. In addition to hair, process the scalp (for the application, you can use a cotton swab).
  4. The distributed tool is carefully rubbed with massage movements, trying to use each section.
  5. The areas processed by the emulsion are covered with a scarf or cap, left to act for half an hour.
  6. After a specified time, the hair is rinsed under running water using a familiar detergent.
  7. Clean hair preferably with an acetic acid solution (50 ml of 3% acetic acid per 1 liter of water).
  8. After using the emulsion, a mechanical comb is often performed with a frequent comb. What a comb from lice is better to choose, price and reviews — all the answers you will find on our website.

The result of the action is noticeable when combing or a few hours after the procedure. The number of dead adults increases.

An important point! For several days after the procedure with an emulsion, regular machining of the hair should be carried out. If necessary, the emulsion treatment is repeated after 7-10 days.

Ointment Benzyl benzoate is more commonly used to treat skin parasites. Although efficacy with pediculosis is also noticeable, more time will have to be spent. This form of the drug should be carefully treated children (allowed 10% concentration).

It is advisable to stop using if the baby is under 5 years old. In extreme cases, you should independently prepare an aqueous solution based on ointment.

The instruction will tell you how to apply this form. Usually act as follows:

  1. The ointment is applied to the scalp, carefully and evenly distributed over the entire length of the hair, gently hammered massage movements.
  2. The treated places are covered with cotton cloth (with a handkerchief or a cap), allowed to stand for 30 minutes (in the case of treatment of the pubic zones 10-15 minutes is enough).
  3. Upon completion of the allotted period of exposure, the ointment is thoroughly washed, and acetic rinsing is performed (with a weak aqueous solution of the essence).
  4. In conclusion, they make a careful combing of nits, neutralized by adults, with a special comb.

To achieve the maximum effect with pediculosis, it is advisable to carry out the treatment with ointment in 1, 3, 7 days of treatment, then repeat as necessary. Given the reviews, it is better not to interrupt the use for 10 days.

Get Benzyl Benzoate to get rid of lice get in the pharmacy. The price for a standard package of ointment in 25 g varies from 20 to 50 rubles. For 200 ml of the emulsion will have to pay about 120-150 rubles. The cost depends on the volume of the bottle, manufacturer, region of purchase.

The amount of the drug needed to completely get rid of parasites varies. The required volume depends on the length, thickness of the hair, the effectiveness of a single procedure, the thoroughness of mechanical processing. For 1 rubbing an average of 25 to 50 g of money is spent. In this case, the emulsion is consumed more economically.

It is known that the fight against pediculosis should begin as quickly as possible, to cover all those who are in close contact. Benzyl benzoate in the form of an ointment or essence for treatment, among a wide range of medicines, is affordable, convenient, effective, therefore it is always becoming the choice of consumers.

Useful videos

Benzyl benzoate: efficacy, side effects, scheme of use in children and adults.

Lice and scab — School Doctor Komarovsky.

What are the remedies for nits and lice

For the treatment of pediculosis, many drugs are released in the form of:

  • concentrated emulsions,
  • sprays
  • shampoos
  • creams.

This classification is based on their effectiveness (in descending order). There are also many folk remedies, but they are less effective. Not doing without breeding combs when removing lice and nits, since combing is an important stage of the procedure.

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After treating the head with any chemical preparation or folk remedy for lice, it is necessary to comb the hair with a thick comb

Most lice removal products will not rid you of nits. Against them use stronger drugs. Effective treatment will help pick a doctor.

Benzyl benzoate based preparations

Benzyl benzoate is benzoic acid phenylmethyl ester. As additional components in the composition of the product are stearic and citric acids, alcohol, soap, cetostearyl wax. The drug is known to doctors since the Soviet period, when used in the treatment of acne and scabies. Benzyl benzoate copes better with these diseases than lice.

Benzyl benzoate is available in the form of creams, gels and emulsions, but the principle of operation is the same.

This substance has contraindications:

  • children’s age (up to 3 years),
  • intolerance to benzyl benzoate,
  • pregnancy,
  • lactation period.

Positive qualities include:

  • low price
  • availability in any pharmacy,
  • the ability to kill larvae and adults by entering their bodies through chitinous cover and accumulation of phenylmethyl ether in the body of parasites to a lethal dose.

But there are also disadvantages:

  • burning is possible if there are bite wounds on the skin,
  • destruction of the hair structure
  • high toxicity
  • exposure duration — the result occurs within 2–6 hours,
  • possible allergic reaction.

Some drugs based on benzyl benzoate are named with the active substance. They are available in the form of a cream, gel or emulsion of white or yellowish-white color with a very specific odor. Apply only externally:

  1. Apply the product with massage movements on the scalp, rubbing it thoroughly.
  2. Wrap hair in a cotton towel (one or several) for 1.5–2 hours.
  3. Wash your hair with soap or shampoo and rinse your hair with 3% vinegar. It seals the hair, preventing the destruction of their structure, and makes them smooth, which simplifies the process of combing.

Foxylon is 20% benzyl benzoate, the rest is functional supplements. It is applied to damp hair for 10–15 minutes, then washed off with shampoo. Then rinse the hair with vinegar solution, and when they dry — they brush out the dead parasites and nits.

Foxylon is contraindicated in children under 5 years

Means with two-phase dimethicone

Dimethicone is a biologically inactive substance that is actively used in cosmetology (as an additive in decorative cosmetics, shampoos, balms, after shaving products and sunscreens) and medicine (from gases in the intestines). Two-phase dimethicone has two forms: viscous and liquid. The second is the vehicle for the first, providing glide on the surface and penetration into all pores. This is what is deadly for lice and nits.

Liquid dimethicone completely envelops the body of the louse, and the viscous penetrates into the spiracles and further into the trachea and tracheoles. Insect does not have enough air, and it dies. In this regard, preparations based on two-phase dimethicone are most effective in the fight against lice:

  1. Nuda This is one of the best pediculicides. It contains at least 92% biphasic dimethicone. The remaining components are functional additives to facilitate the use of funds. Apply the product to dry and well-combed hair. It should not be used and stored near hot objects, including near an unheated hair dryer, since some of the components of the drug are flammable. In addition to preparations based on biphasic dimethicone, NUDA produces other anti-lice products, for example, combs
  2. Paranit Sensitiv. It is designed specifically for girls with long and thick hair. It consists of the Oxyftyrin complex, which is based on a two-phase dimethicone (4%). The remaining components have a synergistic effect (enhance the active substance). Paranit Sensitiv — safe for pregnant women and small children
  3. D95. Pediculicidal agent is developed on the basis of two-phase dimethicones of various degrees of viscosity, which makes it rather effective. It also contains limonene, cyclopentasiloxane and icacrik-triglycerides — substances that ensure the safety of hair, giving them a pleasant smell of pine needles or citrus (depending on the type of limonene), smoothness and silkiness. Apply the drug to dry hair, evenly distributing throughout the length. After 45 minutes, dead nits and lice are combed out and then washed with shampoo. D95 is a non-toxic agent, but it cannot be used for children under three years old.

Malathion based products

Malatin is a chemically active substance that is used in the fight against various insects: pests of croup, parasites, and mites. In medicine, it is used as a pediculicide. Malathion penetrates through the chitinous cover of the insect, oxidizes there to the more active substance (malaoka) and accumulates to a lethal dose. The individual dies, but if the female has time to lay eggs after ingestion of malathion, then subsequent generations will be less susceptible to it.. After 3-4 generations, insects will produce a special substance that destroys the malaki.

Malathion-based products are widely used in regions where malaria is prevalent, as they do an excellent job with mosquitoes.

Animals and people can be poisoned with malathion if they were processed cereals and agricultural products. Signs are:

A cat may die in 3–5 hours after the substance enters the body, a maximum of 3 days, and a person after a longer amount of time. Poisoning is treated with intensive therapy with atropine. Substance is completely destroyed by heat treatment.

Malathion is used to combat various insect pests, including lice.

Karbofos is considered one of the most effective drugs against lice and nits due to the high degree of toxicity. But for this reason it is necessary to be extremely careful with him. Karbofos is a dark brown liquid, which must be distributed to wet hair along the entire length. The exposure time is 5 minutes. Then it is washed off, dried hair and combed them.

For long and thick hair, you may need more than one bottle of Karbofos

PARA Plus is based on three components that destroy lice and nits:

  • permethrin — violates the ion permeability of insect sodium channels, leading to paralysis and death,
  • piperonylbutoxide — has a contact action: contact with the body of an insect is enough;
  • malathion.

All three components mutually reinforce each other. PARA Plus is applied to dry hair, carefully distributing the product over the entire length of the strands. It is important that the drug gets on the skin. It is washed off with shampoo or soap, and dead nits and louses are cleaned with a special comb after drying the hair.

PARA Plus produced in France

Lice and nits with permethrin

Permethrin is found in the plants of the Compositae family and has insecticidal properties. The substance inhibits the processes of polarization of the membrane of nerve cells, which leads to insect paralysis. It is characterized by low toxicity, therefore, in its pure form, it is often used to treat hair for children from six months (cream) and from year (emulsion). In various preparations, permethrin is used in combination with other substances that enhance its action.

Permethrin in its pure form is quite effective against lice, but complex drugs do a better job of eliminating parasites.

Against parasites, permethrin is used in its pure form (creams and emulsions), but complex preparations are more effective due to the synergistic effect:

  1. Hygia It is an insecticidal agent based on permethrin and detergent (surfactant). In contact with water, it lathers well, gently acting on the skin, without damaging them even with numerous bites. In a small amount in the product is glacial acetic acid. It contributes to the destruction of the adhesive substance with which the nits are attached to the hair. Shampoo is distributed over the entire length of wet hair and carefully rubbed into the roots, and after 20-25 minutes, wash off. The treatment is repeated after 7–10 days. Hygia is non-toxic, but must be applied twice.
  2. Medfoks. It was developed on the basis of permethrin with the addition of substances that enhance the active substance, but have no other purpose. The action of the drug is that nits cannot develop due to long excitation of nerve cells, and adult lice die from paralysis. Treatment with medfox is carried out in a well ventilated area. Medifox happens in different types: emulsions, creams, solutions
  3. Hygienic. The drug is based on permethrin, which is only 1%, and auxiliary components. It does not have a sharp counter-odor, because it contains mint or apricot flavoring. Hygienic is most often recommended as a prophylactic against lice.Most often Hygienic used to prevent pediculosis.
  4. Nittifor. It acts like other permethrin-based drugs. The active substance after using this tool is stored on the hair for the next two weeks. However, they do not seem dirty. Nittifor is found in the form of solutions and creams. The solution is applied to dry hair over the entire length, and when it dries, it is washed off with shampoo. The cream is distributed over the entire length of the strands and left for 10 minutes, then also washed off. Nittifor can be used to treat children from three years
  5. Avicin. It was developed on the basis of permethrin (15%) and surfactants, due to which it is used from insects such as ants, fleas, bedbugs, mosquitoes, flies, and not only from lice and nits. For the treatment of pediculosis, it is necessary to use a 0.15 percent aqueous emulsion, that is, dilute Avicin with water in a ratio of 1: 100. Usually, only 30–50 ml of an agent to treat one person is sufficient. Apply it on wet hair over the entire length and cover the head with a scarf or cling film to create a greenhouse effect. Just 15 minutes is enough, after which the product is washed off with shampoo. Avitsin is designed to kill various insects, including lice, so it is sold in large volumes.

Phenotrin-based products

Phenotrin disrupts cationic metabolism in the membranes of insect nerve cells, which leads to constant excitement and paralysis. This is what destroys adult individuals and larvae. It is well washed off.

Parasidosis is presented in the following forms: shampoo, repellent spray and a hairbrush in the complete set (Parasidosis +). It is distributed over the entire length of the wet strands, incubated for 10 minutes and washed off. When the hair is dry, dead parasites are combed out with a comb. Secondary means is used in a day, for the third time — a week after the second. The repellent is used every 2 days, the effect lasts for 48 hours.

Parasidosis + can be used to treat pregnant women, women during lactation and children older than 3 months, but you need to consult a doctor

The composition of the means and purpose

If you carefully study the instructions for use of the emulsion benzyl benzoate, you can see the composition of the product:

  • active ingredient — benzyl benzoate,
  • Auxiliary components: laundry soap, purified water, emulsifier.

Release the drug in the form of 10% and 20% emulsion for external use.

There is also another form of release benzyl benzoate against lice — 10% and 20% ointment in tubes or cans.

According to the instructions for use, benzyl benzoate emulsion against lice is used in the treatment of:

  • acne,
  • demodicosis, which is caused by the appearance of ticks, parasitic in the hair follicles,
  • pityriasis lichen,
  • scabies
  • seborrhea,
  • head lice.

Instructions for use indicates that the drug has a killing effect on various types of mites, including parasites that cause scabies. The active component of the agent penetrates through the chitinous layer of pests, accumulates in the body of ticks in concentrations incompatible with life. Therefore, it helps if benzyl benzoate helps against lice. Moreover, the preparation of lice and nits, according to reviews, is effective against all types of lice, leads to the destruction of larvae and adults, but is powerless against the eggs of parasites.

The death of parasites occurs 7-32 minutes after using benzyl benzoate for lice.

When to use ointment

According to the documentation, benzyl benzoate ointment is used topically.

  1. In the treatment of multi-colored lichen and scabies before using the tool, you must take a warm shower with soap, then wipe dry with a towel. Apply the composition with a thin layer on the skin of the whole body, excluding the face and mucous membranes. After the drug is applied to the hands, it should not be washed off for several hours. At the end of the procedure, change the bed and underwear. As a rule, according to reviews, the drug for lice helps at once, however, there are reviews of patients who needed a repeated procedure, and the course was extended to 10 days.
    Note: it is possible to reuse the product if you find live parasites or new moves of itch mites, since itching and other signs of infection may persist for a month.
  2. In the treatment of Norwegian scabies before using the tool you must remove all dead skin layers. This can be done with exfoliating agents, for example, salicylic acid.
  3. Method of application for acne: rub in delicate circular movements on the skin of the face, without touching the area around the eyes. The duration of the course depends on the speed of recovery of the skin and the elimination of the main symptoms of the disease (itching, inflammation).
  4. In order to remove the lice, the drug is rubbed in delicate circular movements into the scalp, after which the whole head is wrapped with a handkerchief. After half an hour, the composition is washed off, and the hair is rinsed with a 5% solution of vinegar. After the procedure, the hair is washed with shampoo or soap, comb with a comb with frequent teeth to remove the lice eggs.

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