The best and most effective remedies for lice and nits: which medicine to give preference?

Starting treatment for lice, you must strictly adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Simultaneously with the first application to the hair of the selected agent, begin processing the items, clothes and household items with which the patient was contacted with head lice. Without this, even the most effective remedy will be helpless, and after a few days you will be “glad” to welcome a fresh batch of lice.
  • Each anti-pediculosis drug has strict application requirements. This is due to the inclusion of aggressive or toxic substances (without them, the lice will not even notice your attempts to get rid of them). The same applies to age restrictions: if the instruction states that the agent should not be used in a child under 3 years of age, then another agent should be selected for the treatment of a two-year-old baby.
  • Folk remedies such as vinegar, a saturated salt solution, table mustard, and the like “panacea” only seem effective. The burning and intense itching that you will experience when applying these remedies is not a death agony of lice, as the healers claim, but a chemical burn of the scalp. Lice will continue their activities as if nothing had happened, but you cannot use proven and effective products for a few more days, as most of them are forbidden to be applied to damaged scalp.

The most effective against lice and nits

Today, pharmacy chains offer consumers a variety of drugs to suppress the activity of harmful organisms. Against lice and nits, special lotions, sprays, shampoos and other forms of medicines are produced. Each of them has its own characteristics and is not always suitable for each group of patients.

  1. Shampoo suitable for any group of patients, usually applied from three to five years, but there are also species for earlier use. In most cases, they are quite effective.
  2. Lotion show a slightly weaker result from the application, besides, some of the basics are too greasy, which does not allow them to quickly and completely wash off the hair.
  3. Creams usually have the same effect as lotions. There may be problems with their flushing, as the drugs have a rather dense structure.
  4. The sprays represent the easiest way to treat pediculosis, in addition to this is easily washed off. The effectiveness of drugs in this group, taking into account its composition can vary from 30% to 60% after the first use. Despite the instructions, sprays should be used only by adults in order to precisely follow all precautions against bronchospasm.
  5. Home remedies. They do not always contain only safe ingredients, but rarely show any necessary therapeutic result even after several treatments. Such recipes are more suitable for the combined treatment of pediculosis.

10 Medilis Bio

Domestic drug against lice and nits «Medilis Bio» is available in a convenient form for use — lotion. It differs from other pediculicidal agents in its natural composition. The base, consisting of clove oil, gives the lotion the softening effects on the scalp and hair. Used to treat pediculosis in both adults and children from the age of five.

The manufacturer notes the importance of the fact that over time and the emergence of new drugs, lice have become resistant to many drugs. However, this drug affects all forms of lice. According to reviews of people who have tried this tool, it can be noted that at the time of the procedure, there are no irritating reactions, and the smell of the product is practically inaudible. Doctors recommend using the drug again after 2 days.

9 Hygienic Keto

Hygienica Keto is a pediculicidal preparation that is quite common in pharmacies and comes in the form of a yellowish shampoo. It acts on the nervous system of nits and lice, penetrating the body of the parasite. This effect is due to the presence of one percent permethrin. Present active substances with a pungent odor are neutralized with mint and apricot flavors. In the set is attached to the tool comb with fine teeth.

In the reviews, they notice that the consistency of the shampoo is moderately thick, which allows it to be economically consumed. The composition includes a large number of insecticides, which is why doctors do not recommend the use of shampoo for children under five years. Also, you can not use the drug more than once every two weeks. The instructions indicate that the tool can be used to kill both head and pubic lice.

8 Mirrolla permethrin «FORA +»

Protivopedikuleznuyu tool that is used to remove not only lice, but also fleas, ticks and other scabies parasites. The indisputable advantages of the drug include the possibility of its use for young children from two and a half years. Contraindication is only individual intolerance. To maintain the tool on the hair need 10 minutes.

Reviews of Mirroll permethrin «FORA +» are more positive, they indicate the affordability of the drug, although sometimes patients complain of its sharp smell. Pharmaceutical drug against lice produced in the form of an emulsion, lotion and cream. The substance includes permethrin, which has a neurotoxic effect on lice, affecting their central nervous system, due to which parasites experience paralysis and then the final death of the parasites.

7 Parasidosis

A powerful tool that will help you quickly and effectively get rid of lice and nits. Available in the form of shampoo, which facilitates the process of use. It blocks all the systems of the parasite’s body, so that it stops moving, multiplying, and then dies. After using the shampoo, rinse your head thoroughly with running water, it is important to pay special attention to the hair roots and scalp. When the hair is dry, you need to comb a comb with fine teeth of all dead lice and nits.

For the complete removal of parasites, you need to use the product again after 3 days — not earlier, too often you should not use “Parasidosis” shampoo, as d-phenotrine and acetic acid are present. Component d-phenotrin is neurotoxic to insects, shampoo, as it were, sticks parasites to the hair, due to which combing is much easier. It is used in adults and children from five years.

Due to the dehydration of the parasite environment, Paranit deprives adult forms of lice from vitality, facilitating their active removal. Since the drug is available in the form of shampoo-conditioner, it is easy to use at home without anyone’s help. In the package to the shampoo manufacturer added a thick comb for combing. Apply «Paranit» on dry hair, each strand should be covered with a remedy from root to tip.

The peak of exposure occurs within 10–15 minutes, during this period of time, the larvae and adults die, and the nits begin to break down. After washing the shampoo and letting the hair dry out a bit, it needs to be combed with a comb. Based on the comments, most often it is used in pediculosis, as the liquid has a gentle effect on the scalp, bringing uncomfortable sensations. The instruction warns that it is possible to apply «Paranit» to children who have reached the age of three.


An effective remedy for lice, produced in the UK, has two main active ingredients: cyclomethicone and isopropyl myristate. The symbiosis of these components destroys the parasites, while creating favorable conditions for the skin and hair. «Full Marx» has different forms of release: solution and spray. On sale you can also find complex packaging from the solution, spray and comb.

A significant advantage in the reviews is the period of storage and use of the drug — 3 years, that is, if necessary, it can be reused. Another advantage is the possibility of its use in pregnant women, nursing mothers and children over five years old. According to numerous reviews of doctors, we can conclude that the result of the procedure depends largely on the attached diligence. In other words, the better it is to comb the lice after using the drug, the more efficient it will be.

4 Medifox

Medifox is positioned by the manufacturer as an insecticide against ploshchits, lice and nits. It is often used for mass treatment of groups of people infected with lice, for example, in special facilities. Parasite-destroying action due to the presence of a special component — permethrin. This component affects the nerve endings of lice, blocks their respiratory system and contributes to the death of the parasite.

Available in two forms: a tube of gel and liquid concentrate (5% and 20%). Liquid concentrate is used by disinfection services and is sold in large bottles of one liter. Twenty percent solution can be used only in diluted form. Studies have shown high performance of the drug in the fight against scabies mites. Medifox is recognized by doctors as the best remedy for adults and children suffering from advanced lice.

French antiparasitic aerosol has different properties than analogs. «A-Par» is intended for use as a post-disinfectant that destroys all pathogens of recurrent disease (from clothes, bed linen and other items used by the infected). Acts against fleas, lice, as well as bedbugs and scabies mites. The tool destroys not only adult forms, but also nymphs, eggs and larvae of parasites.

For several years now, the drug has been the leader among remedies for repeated infections of head lice. In the reviews, they notice another plus of the spray — it does not leave stains behind. When processing premises and textiles with A-Par liquid, it is recommended to use rubber gloves. The manufacturer warns that the use of the product on the skin and hair is prohibited, since it contains piperonyl butoxide and esdepalletri — toxic substances.

2 Pedikulen ultra

Judging by the reviews of doctors, Pedikulen Ultra is the best representative of drugs against lice and nits, which fully justifies its expensive price. Available in various forms: shampoo, lotion and spray. The manufacturer recommends the use of Pedikulen Ultra products in the complex, first apply the spray, then shampoo.

The composition includes isopropyl alcohol, it is he who is responsible for the destruction of parasites. Another active ingredient was anise oil, with which you can significantly slow down egg laying by parasites and their reproduction. The drug relieves infected with more than 95% of lice after just one use and is harmless to humans due to the absence of toxic substances. Subsequent procedures can be carried out no earlier than fourteen days after the first. Efficacy proven by clinical studies.

At the moment, spray against head lice «NUDA» is the leader in sales among pharmacy pediculicides. The popularity of this tool brought not only the form of release as a spray, but also its composition. The drug is not present toxic components, so doctors are allowed to use it for pediculosis. In the box, except for the spray bottle itself, there are recommendations for use and a comb with frequent teeth.

The oily solution “NUDA” boasts a wide range of effects, the spray destroys the head, wardrobe and pubic lice. In the reviews, the overwhelming majority confirms the effectiveness of the remedy in the early stages. Already after the first application, most of the parasites are destroyed. One bottle is enough even for the hair below the shoulder blades. After washing the product, the hair should be allowed to dry slightly, then divide them into sectors and proceed to combing the dead nits and lice with a comb.

Mechanical method of dealing with lice

Using a comb for pediculosis — The old proven version of the fight against annoying pests. Mechanical processing is carried out to comb out the nits, preventing the spread of insects, aggravate the situation. The usual frequent comb, known since ancient times, is used now. For manufacturing use durable plastic or metal.

A comb for combing nits is used as an independent way of combating, if there are restrictions to chemicals. It is recommended:

  • allergy sufferers
  • small children
  • pregnant and lactating women.

Anyone who is afraid to use chemicals lice combs and nits will be a real salvation. The method is indispensable as a supplement when using medications. Even when treating with shampoos, sprays, a comb from nits will be required regularly.

Machining is a worthy invention due to the absence of:

  • side effects
  • restrictions on health, age,
  • negative effects on skin and hair.

Using scallops as an independent method, it is necessary to clearly understand that it takes time to get rid of parasites. Option will require perseverance. Perform processing yourself problematic. Proper combing for lice is expensive.

To increase the effectiveness of the struggle, it is recommended to combine different methods. The popularity of machining, among other lice control products, is small, This method is rarely used as the only one.

Electric comb

The greatest interest is the electric comb from lice and nits. In addition to the standard egg combing, it allows you to neutralize adults through current discharges. The device is absolutely safe for people to use. The electrical discharges generated are weak, causing harm only to insects. The tool’s teeth are provided with additional protection that limits the passage of discharges to the skin.

Received wide acclaim throughout the world. His task: the identification and destruction of lice on the head of a person. It is made of stainless steel. The principle of operation is simple: only a louse falls between the teeth of the ridge, as an electric impulse paralyzes it. Paralyzed parasite dies within one hour.

The device has only one mode of operation, almost silent in action. RobiComb costs up to 2 thousand rubles.

RobiComb pro

RobiComb Pro is a unique device for eliminating lice and nits in children and adults. The electric comb creates an exact impulse that instantly affects the found parasite. The action of the device does not cause difficulties in use and is absolutely safe for the child.

Such a device is used in schools, kindergartens or at home. Convenient and efficient! Cost RobiComb Pro — 2.4-3.1 thousand pybley.

Metal combs

High efficiency possesses a product with metal teeth. The material allows you to create tools with a large length, high frequency of teeth (about 0.9 mm). Additional notches on the teeth provide damage to the clutch, reducing the number of «fresh» individuals. The metal comb promotes high-quality study of the affected areas. Thanks to a weekly course with 3-5 procedures per day, it will be possible to achieve elimination of the problem. Popular products are AntiV, NitFree, LiceGuard, Pedikulen.


The anti-comb has a special relief, provided with safe rounded teeth, has a comfortable silicone thread on the handle. The product does not provoke dandruff, does not break or pull hair.

In the manufacture of the comb was used laser method of attaching the teeth, so the device will serve you for a very long time, without complaints.

Buying an AntiV device will cost about 1.5-2 thousand rubles.

NitFree (Nitfri)

The product NitFree is a worthy alternative to chemical compounds against lice. Nitfri is distinguished by a special design reliability and performance. The comb is suitable for all types of hair, thanks to the optimal length of the teeth.

The manufacturer claims that the comb does not violate the structure of the curls, does not pull them out when combing and copes with the task as efficiently as possible. Its cost is about 1.1 thousand rubles.

We recommend reading: effective means of nit free against lice and nits in humans.

LiceGuard (Lysgard)

Lays Guard is designed to work with different types of hair. In the manufacture of products against lice and nits used medical steel with a high content of chromium, carbon, as well as special, durable plastic. The process of combing painless device does not injure hair, acts carefully and effectively.

Pediculen Ultra Shampoo comes with an anti-parasitic drug of the same name. Such a tandem will provide a guaranteed victory over the parasites.

Worth LiceGuard — from 950 rubles.

Wood and plastic combs

Conventional wood or plastic combs are not recommended as an alternative to professional tools. They are used only in emergency cases (when the problem has arisen, and there are no other options at hand).

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Plastic products are impractical: the teeth quickly loosen, the tool automatically becomes useless. Wooden devices can not be performed with the required frequency of the teeth, the lack of special notches reduces the efficiency.

What type of comb to choose

This question bothers anyone before making a purchase. According to the performance leading high-tech electronic device. Metal combs are considered to be no less effective. It is better to refuse usual hairbrushes immediately.

The confrontation of electronic and metal devices is ambiguous. More expensive electric type helps to remove the maximum number of insects at any stage of development. Steel variations are not less effective. The absolute absence of contraindications, reasonable price — the main advantages. Given the reviews, both devices adequately cope with the task.

When choosing, the question of price often becomes decisive. How much is a comb from lice in an online store or pharmacy is easy to learn. The cost of devices varies from 100 to 2500 rubles. The price is associated with the complexity of the device (the most expensive electronic options), the material of manufacture, the design features (metal combs of the average price range).

Step-by-step instruction

At first glance, the comb for combing lice is no different from the usual comb. To many, the existence of a technology of action seems strange. The specific process has some subtleties. To achieve the desired result, you need to figure out how to properly comb out lice and nits.

At the very beginning of treatment, you should treat the hair daily. Further, the procedure is repeated as necessary. The comb for combing nits is used as follows:

  1. Wash their hair (preferably use prophylaxis shampoo).
  2. To soften the hair, dissolve insect secretions, it is recommended to rinse them with vinegar solution (combing process is easier).
  3. Alternately highlighting the fine strands, begin to comb the eggs.
  4. Purified hair is separated from the rest, preventing re-contamination by parasites.
  5. After processing each strand, a lice comb should be cleaned from nits (complete the session by thoroughly rinsing the instrument).

We recommend to read: how to properly and quickly comb the nits from the hair.

Attention! The procedure is desirable to produce in the bathroom. At the end of the process, a thorough cleaning is carried out to prevent the natural distribution of insects.

Tool processing rules

When detecting blood-sucking insects, you must immediately take care of the disinfection of the surrounding space. Otherwise, any action on the removal of parasites will be meaningless. This applies to clothing, bedding, personal items, including hairdressing tools.

Hairbrush treatment after head lice — a serious step towards the elimination of trouble. To begin with, the tools are cleaned of hair, insect residues. Then, you should disinfect them with soapy water. For its preparation, you will need soap and baking soda (2 tbsp per liter of water is enough). The solution should not be very soapy.

In the resulting product thoroughly washed with a comb, using a brush. Particular attention is paid to hard-to-reach space between the teeth. Well cleaned devices rinse with running water, wipe, dry. This procedure is recommended as a prophylaxis (especially in the case of susceptibility to re-infection). All used appliances should be disinfected.

On the prevention of pediculosis, read on our website.

The use of lice scallops is unavoidable if familiarity with insects has occurred.

To pick up an effective adaptation, to carry out the correct combing, to process the tools are mandatory conditions for obtaining a stable result.

It is important and useful to know about pediculosis:

  • symptoms of the disease
  • where lice come from
  • what lice and nits look like
  • how lice multiply, the speed of their development,
  • how long does the incubation period for lice in humans,
  • the lice are dangerous
  • How to distinguish dandruff from nits in the hair.

Browse popular crests

Choosing a comb for lice becomes quite difficult, since today there are several dozen different types of them on the market, and everyone will solve the problem of lice. And in order to make this task easier for you, we will describe the most popular of them.

  1. AntiV is the most advertised and popular scallop. Consumers who have tried it out in action claim that it is really effective and very convenient to use. AntiV comb has long teeth with embossed notches that allow you to quickly process thick strands and remove lice.
    The spacing between the teeth allows you to comb the smallest parasites
  2. LiceGuard is a very high quality comb against lice and is no less effective than the previous one. The package has two combs at once, which cost approximately the same as one AntiV. This condition allows treatment of pediculosis in several infected.
    The length of the teeth allows the use of a comb for hair of any thickness and length.
  3. NitFree — this anti-pedicular comb can be called a complete analogue of the first drug. Its price is somewhat higher, but there are no significant advantages. It can be used for all ages, does not irritate the skin and does not spoil the hair.
    Completely eliminates the recurrence of pediculosis
  4. RobiComb — this lice comb is electronic. Equipped with a narrow blade of teeth and a handle that is comfortable to hold in your hand. It is considered more reliable, since in the course are electrical discharges arising between the teeth.
    Can be used repeatedly

Remember! That the cost of the ridge will not affect its effectiveness in any way — the parasites will disappear as quickly as the wrestler will be diligent. Therefore, if you do not have a sufficient amount of funds, then you can safely purchase the one that is available to you at the moment.

Some people buy a regular comb with frequent teeth and believe that it can get rid of lice. But you shouldn’t have any illusions, because such devices are made of plastic, and such material bends easily and lets hair bunches, which will have hordes of parasites.

Should I choose electronic combs?

This question is of interest to many people who are faced with head lice. It should be immediately noted that both electronic and conventional ridges have the same principle of operation. The only difference is that when an insect ends up on the teeth of an electronic comb from lice, it receives an electric shock and immediately dies. Even if the parasite rolls on his hair, he will not be able to cause any harm.

These devices are absolutely safe for humans, as they have limiters on the sides.

Important! The price of an electronic comb is almost twice the cost of a conventional one and has a narrow web, which requires a lot of time and physical costs for the treatment of lice.

The electric comb has no obvious superiority over the simple one and is not more efficient. Therefore, you should not save money on such an expensive device, it is enough to buy a regular comb, be patient and try hard, and a positive result will come in a week.

Terms of use

Instructions for use comb from lice and nits is as follows:

  • shampoo your hair with regular shampoo
  • wipe off with a towel
  • if the length of the hair allows, pull them to the tail on one side of the head,
  • select a strand and comb it with a comb from root to tip,
  • repeat the procedure over the entire head,
  • caught on the crest of lice and nits wash off with water.

Tip! To make it easier to wash off insects, the procedure is recommended, bending over the bath. In extreme cases, put the infected on a sheet, and next to put a basin of water.

After the first session, almost all adults will be combed out from the hair. To get rid of the larvae and eggs, combing should be done daily for a week.

To achieve a quick result, the comb should be used after the use of traditional or chemical means. In this case, the hair combed out once or twice.

Use of combs: Pros and Cons

The advantages of comb lice include:

  • full safety for human health,
  • the special design of the comb allows effectively combing the parasites, without disturbing the hair structure and without damaging the scalp,
  • the device has an unlimited shelf life
  • no age limit
  • This comb is made of high-strength material (medical steel), so the breakdown is almost impossible,
  • can be used both for treatment and for prevention of lice — it is enough to comb the hair once a week, even if there were several lice, they will be removed even before they begin to reproduce,
  • simultaneous use of other anti-pediculicidal agents is allowed.

But there are also disadvantages, among which are:

  • the comb requires time and physical expenses — every day during the week it is necessary to spend about 2 hours on the procedure,
  • it is quite difficult to comb the lice
  • in comparison with chemical preparations, the comb has a rather high cost — it is much easier to buy shampoo and disinfect several people in a couple of sessions.

Summarizing, we can say that the comb from lice and nits is an ideal prophylactic agent, since the use of chemicals for this purpose is prohibited. Combing the child’s hair once a week, you will protect him and the entire family from the possibility of infection with pediculosis.

All the advantages and disadvantages of combs

The indisputable advantage of all combs from lice and nits is their safety — they do not cause any reactions on the skin when applied.

  • Lice comb is designed to be as efficient as possible — special notches are applied to its teeth, which greatly narrow the lumen, but do not interfere with the passage of hair. So the comb does not cause pain when combing, but reliably collects lice from the hairstyle. The photo is a popular antiV lice comb.
  • Any lice and nits comb, unlike many lice medicines, has no expiration date.
  • The comb for combing lice and nits is applicable to all family members, from infants to adult men.
  • It would seem that the usual comb for combing nits and lice in practice turns out to be very reliable and almost never breaks — medical steel is used to make it, which ensures high tooth strength.
  • The comb can also be used for the prevention of pediculosis: if you brush their hair at least once a week, then the lice that fall on them accidentally will be removed and will not have time to breed (this is especially important for children).
  • And finally, the comb against lice can be used in conjunction with other pediculicides, which significantly increases the effectiveness of the latter.

“For the first time we tried the comb from nits five years ago. He came bundled with some kind of shampoo. As a result, already three times during this time they were infected — both in camps and at school — and lice were only taken out with this comb. Simple such, with a purple pen, but parasites combed with a bang. As soon as they are found, we immediately begin to comb out every day, and usually on the fifth or sixth day there is no lice or nits left. Not in one evening, of course, but safe. «

However, before you buy a comb for lice, it is also useful to take into account some of its drawbacks:

  • Comb lice requires significantly more effort to eliminate parasites than almost any other tool. In order to comb out lice with a serious infection, you will need to spend 1-2 hours every day for at least a week. Accordingly, neither a simple nor even a special medical comb from lice will allow to get rid of parasites in one evening.
  • The crest is quite difficult to infer parasites on oneself.
  • In addition, the price of any effective comb against lice is large enough and starts from about 1000 rubles. As a result, it is several times more expensive to buy such a comb than to pickle the whole family with a fairly effective pediculicidal shampoo. And given that most people do not plan to get head lice on a regular basis, not everyone would prefer a comb.

And about the nits: combing them as a whole is more difficult than the lice themselves. Therefore, it is quite obvious that not even a metal comb from lice makes it possible to comb all the nits at a time.

Instructions for the use of lice combs

Removal of lice with combs is the daily combing of hair along their entire length. For this:

  • hair is washed with simple shampoo and dried with a towel, with a sufficient length, it is pinched on one side of the head,
  • then strands are pulled out of the gum, which are carefully combed out from the very roots with a comb from lice and nits,
  • brushed parasites gather and flush down the toilet. To do this, it is convenient to carry out the procedure of combing lice over a bath or white sheet.

After the first combing, most adult lice will be removed from the hair. Then every day the larvae and individual nits will be combed out.

As hatching from nits of young nymphs, they will also be removed (that is why the essential removal of nits themselves with lice scallops in principle is not required). In any case, it is recommended to remove the lice from the hair using the comb alone for at least a week.

“For a long time we wanted to buy a comb for combing nits in our kindergarten — some children have parents so careless that even if they say that a child with lice, they don’t find a week to poison them. You have to call the director, he forbids a visit, a scandal. But at the same time it is not so difficult to remove the lice with the help of a comb — after the first combing they do not remain, only the nits remain, and then every day after processing, and all — in a week the child has a clean head.Now in each group we have such a scalp from lice, and several times it was such that the educators took out the lice from the child before the parents took up the business. ”

Comb comb for lice is convenient to use with chemical and folk remedies. To do this, after applying a particular product, the hair is combed once or several times with a comb to remove dead insects.

The most popular models of lice combs

Today, there are several dozens of different ridges on the market that allow you to successfully fight lice. Of these, the most qualitative and effective are the following:

  1. AntiV comb from lice — reviews about it overwhelm various sites, and the dealers themselves are very actively advertising it, due to which this comb can, perhaps, be considered the most popular today. At the same time it is really convenient and effective. The long teeth of the AntiV comb allow you to process thick strands, and the original relief of the notches ensures reliable removal of lice. The price of this comb from lice and nits is about 1000 rubles.

Crest An asset for head lice does not exist in nature — it is sometimes incorrectly called a product with the consonant name Antiv.

  1. The LiceGuard comb is another high quality comb that combes out lice and nits effectively. Attracts buyers by the fact that for about 850 rubles in one package you can buy two combs for different types of hair — this is the best solution if you need to remove lice from the whole family.
  2. NitFree comb for lice — very similar to AntiV and has the same design and even shape. Its price is slightly higher — about 1,100 rubles, but it probably has no significant advantages over the Antiqu.
  3. The RobiComb electric lice comb is a high-tech development in the fight against parasites. It has a characteristic narrow blade of teeth and a convenient wide handle, positioned as a means for more efficient destruction of lice due to the use of electrical discharges between the teeth.

If you are going to buy a comb from lice, it is worth remembering that the effectiveness of each of them largely depends on the diligence of the parasite fighter. If the budget is very limited, then you can safely buy the most affordable and inexpensive comb, since the rate of removing lice does not depend on the price.

It is also important to understand that using a regular comb instead of a special comb for lice, even with very frequent teeth, is a relatively ineffective exercise. Plastic teeth easily bend and diverge, passing with a bunch of hair and lice and nits.

It will be much more effective to buy any chemical remedy for head lice with a comb — today there are quite a lot of such drugs, which come with combs. For example, Parazidoz shampoo, Nydu and Pedikulen Ultra sprays — they all cost less than AntiV, and the combs in the same Pediculen and Parasidosis are not inferior to him. Lice can be removed with the help of a tandem from a chemical agent and a comb in literally two or three days.

Electronic comb: what it is better and whether to use it

The principle of the electronic lice comb is the same as that of the simple one. The only difference between them is that when lice hit the teeth of an electronic device, insects get an electric shock and die. After that, even if the parasite rolls off the crest, it can no longer cause harm.

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Electronic combs from nits and lice are safe for humans — they have limiters on the sides of the canvas teeth, thanks to which the teeth do not reach the skin and do not shock the person himself (and even these discharges are completely safe for people).

In general, it can be said that the efficiency of the electric ridge against lice is about the same as that of conventional high-quality ridges. There are no researches, experiments and reviews testifying to the obvious superiority of the electric ridges.

At the same time, an electronic comb for lice costs from 1,800 rubles — almost twice the size of a simple comb. The web of the electronic crest is much narrower than that of ordinary combs, which complicates the combing of the parasites by them. Therefore, the electronic comb for lice is rather an expensive toy, rather than a truly reliable means of lice.

“I really liked the electronic comb from lice and nits. I do not know how simple combs work, but with this we brought out the lice for five days without any chemistry — you take it and just comb it out. It is absolutely safe, no stench and allergies. Docha right baldela when we scratched her head so. True, the price of such a comb is very high, not everyone can afford it, but on the other hand, there is no safer way to find it. ”

Anyway, the comb for combing lice is an ideal remedy for the prevention of lice, since the use of chemicals for this purpose is not strongly recommended. But comb hair, especially in a child, once a week is quite useful.

With this approach, even if lice infestation occurred, at the end of the week the parasites will be removed, and their random and few offspring will live at best another week. So the search for the safest remedy for lice or a reliable method for the prevention of pediculosis can be safely completed on the ridges.

Combs from lice and nits: tips on choosing and using anti-pediculosis combs

Among the variety of different means of lice and nits, sometimes the most affordable method is the most suitable — mechanical combing of parasites with the help of specialized combs. The use of combs, despite its apparent simplicity, has important nuances and peculiarities of work that can significantly improve the efficiency of the procedure. In this material we will tell you what you need to pay attention to when choosing a comb, and how best to remove bloodsuckers from hair with them.

Feasibility of using combs

The problem of lice as one of the most common blood-sucking parasites known to mankind for thousands of years since ancient times. Small insects, invisible and very tenacious, brought and continue to bring serious discomfort to humans. At the same time, they are carriers of diseases: along with bites, arthropods can carry a dangerous infection into the human body or cause a strong allergic reaction.

Accordingly, in the case of lice and their eggs in their hair — small “drops” of grayish color attached to the hair, you should immediately begin the procedure for their removal and combing.

It is important to remember that most often a person notices the bites and eggs of parasites when their population in the hair has already grown. At an early stage of infection, lice behave «quietly», and single bites are not felt clearly. The sooner the necessary measures are taken, the less likely there will be serious health problems.

There are several basic methods of dealing with bloodsuckers.

    Shave your head well. The limbs of the head lice are adapted to move along and between the hair shafts. If you shave off the hair, then the parasites will quickly disappear. But this radical method is not for everyone.

The use of pharmaceutical preparations for lice and nits. They are considered to be quite effective, but it is necessary to take into account the fact that synthetic insecticides that are dangerous to human health are present in the composition. Purchased drugs are prohibited for certain categories of persons.

The rating of the most effective anti-pediculosal drugs can be found here: «A selection of the most effective drugs for nits and lice.»

The use of traditional, folk remedies. Lice struggled at all times, and earlier our ancestors created medicines from various substances, granted by nature. Traditional products are more natural for the human body, at the same time, their use requires time to prepare solutions, knowledge of the formulation and other nuances.

The most effective traditional prescription drugs for head lice are given in the article: «The best folk remedies for removing lice and nits at home.»

Mechanical combing with combs. It should be noted that combicide combs are an indispensable tool regardless of the method of treatment — with their help combing live, weakened and dead lice, as well as their nits. After use of any national or specialized preparation it is necessary to carry out combing.

However, combs are really used as a separate method of treatment. This is advisable in several cases:

  • an infected person suffers from allergies, skin hypersensitivity in contact with various kinds of chemical compounds,
  • in the presence of skin diseases (eczema, etc.),
  • with the appearance of bloodsuckers in women during pregnancy and / or feeding.

In these cases, treatment with pedicles combs is the only available method of removing lice and nits.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

Treatment of pediculosis with special combs has its own characteristics; emphasis needs to be placed on key points.

The main advantages of the comb:

  • high efficiency combing the smallest objects (picks up lice and nits),
  • ease of operation
  • hypoallergenic, does not cause reactions on the skin,
  • no harm to health and skin, no chemicals and harmful compounds are used,
  • respect for hair, follicles and rods,
  • no restrictions on use, can be used at any age (including small children), allowed for women during pregnancy and lactation,
  • with careful use, the service life is not limited in time.

This method of getting rid of blood-sucking parasites is ideal for those people who do not accept the use of synthetic chemicals.

At the same time, there are also disadvantages to protivicopiculosal combs:

  • it takes a lot of time to work. One procedure takes, on average, 40-60 minutes. Repeat it takes at least 10 days,
  • during the procedure, you need to look intently at the hair, catching lice in time,
  • the greatest efficiency is achieved if the assistant performs the direct combing. It is possible and most: in good light on a light background or through the mirror to peer into each strand, but the risk of missing a louse in this case increases,
  • high-quality combs are quite expensive, at the level of and even more expensive than the anti-pyruzal shampoos and other drugs.

The main difficulty lies in the small size of arthropods: usually their length does not exceed 2 mm, the body is gray, translucent. In addition, they need to be caught quickly — these are very nimble, agile insects, if they are found, they will try to quickly hide in the hair.

How to use antiparasitic combs?

The key feature of the comb from lice and nits lies in its density, frequent location of teeth. Due to this, therapeutic effect is achieved.

  • Initially, to arrange a place for the procedure, you need a room with bright artificial or solar lighting: so it is easier to see bloodsuckers. As stated above, the best option is for an assistant, a close person, to work with a comb. Nearby place a container with hot water.
  • Work is done with clean and wet hair. Before combing you need to wash your hair and dry your hair a little with a towel.
  • Split hair into strands, hold the comb on each curl, paying all the attention to it. The comb is perpendicular to the strand.
  • When an insect is detected, quickly pick it up with your fingers or squeeze with your nails. Leftovers to dump in water.
  • Nits are attached to the hair with a sticky compound, tearing them harder, it can be accompanied by unpleasant sensations. The comb will invariably pick them up.

More information about the rules of combing is contained in the article: «How to properly comb out lice and nits from the hair?».

Recommendations for the selection and efficient operation of the ridges

In order to choose a high-quality anti-pedicular comb, it is important to pay attention to several things:

  • density cloves. The closer to each other they are located, the higher the efficiency. Ideally, the distance between them is less than 1 mm,
  • teeth length The longer they are, the easier it is to process, get to the roots and better pick up the parasites,
  • composition and quality of the material. Raskas are made of plastic or metal, it must be durable and solid, bend slightly. The tighter, the less likely the insect to slip between the cloves,
  • branded features. Professional combs are made according to special technologies, for example, with micronotches on teeth: they pick up insects and eggs better.

The efficiency of brushing can be increased by applying the following recommendations.

  1. Blood suckers spend most of their time at the hair roots, on the scalp. Here they quickly gain access to food (human blood) and lay eggs. This means that the ridge should be carefully treated exactly the root zone.
  2. After each passing the instrument must be immersed in water, clearing from the bloodsuckers and eggs that could remain on it.
  3. First of all, get rid of live lice, then focus on the nits. Adults, while feeding, lay up to 10 eggs per day. Because you must first look for active parasites, reducing the number of new nits.
  4. In order not to miss the hair, it is recommended to collect them in a bunch (if possible), separating from it by strands.
  5. It is better for an infected person to limit contact with other people, not to go out, in a word, to observe quarantine mode of 10-14 days. This will reduce the risk of infection of their loved ones, including family members and other relatives.

If the assistant is using the comb, he needs to take care that the parasites do not move onto him. To do this, it is better to wear a polyethylene cap on your hair, take off outerwear (or at least elbow bare arms).

It must be remembered that the lice do not know how to fly or jump, they can only move, although they do it very quickly. When a parasite is found on its skin, you just need to calmly and quickly catch it, until it reaches the thick hairline.

Lice are recommended to weaken. The safest and at the same time effective means include:

  • weak acetic solution
  • hellebore water
  • cranberry juice.

They affect the body of insects, make them slow, have a toxic effect. Because of this, catching parasites is much easier. In addition, these substances remove nits from the hair.

Use a comb regularly. To get rid of bloodsuckers, it is required to repeat combing daily for 1.5-2 weeks, that is, 10-14 procedures. Only in this case it is possible to eliminate the main population and prevent a relapse.

Popular types of ridges

Now on the Russian market for sale there are several popular combs from lice and nits. These are high-quality tools created by companies specialized in this field.

  1. LiceGuard.The famous hairbrush, the oval teeth of which are made of high-grade steel. Suitable for all types of hair, the kit comes with two combs with short and long teeth, separator strands and magnifier. It costs about 1000 rubles.
  2. AntiV. The most famous currently comb, is considered the leader in sales in Russia. Long teeth allow you to brush your thick hair. The original technology of the relief material makes it possible to more efficiently catch bloodsuckers. The distance between the teeth is 0.09 mm. Comb comfortable to hold and use. The sale price is not less than 1500 rubles.
  3. NitFree. Metal tools suitable for boiling, sterilization.On the teeth there are helical notches that pick up the lice and cause damage to the nits. The tips are rounded, do not scratch the skin. The cost of 1650 rubles.
  4. RobiComb. Electronic comb that kills lice / nits with an electrical pulse. It has a long service life, allows you to quickly diagnose hair for the presence of lice and destroy them. Can be used for prevention. It costs from 2400 rubles.
  5. RobiCombPro. Electronic comb processing insects and their eggs by means of point discharges — advanced technology is more efficient. It works in 2 modes: detection of the presence of parasites and their destruction. Comes with brush and magnifier. The cost of 3100 rubles.

Elimination of lice and nits with the help of combs is a very real task, but it requires time, patience and attentiveness. In this article, the reader has received the most important information on the choice and effective use of anti-pedicular combs, the information obtained will help to quickly and efficiently get rid of the bloodsuckers in the hair.

Design features comb from lice

Lice comb combs have always been used to treat pediculosis, but modern models are significantly different from those that used to be. The device has a small size, a convenient form to hold in your hand, equipped with long frequent teeth, with notches applied on them, which help to remove from the hair and lice and nits. To avoid injury to the skin of the head, the teeth have rounded ends. Combs are made of metal or plastic. Comb lice can help ease and speed up the disposal of parasites

Combs can be used as an independent or auxiliary agent for the treatment of pediculosis. As an auxiliary, it is used after using hair treatment with chemicals: sprays, shampoos, etc.

Without combing with a special comb, it is possible to be treated for pediculosis for a very long time, since all chemicals kill only adult individuals of the parasites, and the nits have a protective sheath through which insecticides cannot penetrate. Drugs only destroy the adhesive substance, due to which they stick to the hair. Thus, if you do not comb out, all new insects will hatch. A comprehensive impact will provide the fastest and most effective effect in the fight against this disease. However, with greater perseverance and endurance, you can cope with pediculosis only with the help of comb. Comb can handle pediculosis without the use of any chemicals.

The advantages of using the comb can be called:

  1. Reliability. With this device you can remove not only adult lice, but also their offspring.
  2. Security. The comb can not damage the hair or scalp, and the absence of toxic substances will not have a detrimental effect on the structure of the hair. In addition, both children and adults can use this item.
  3. Long service life. Scallop can be bought once and use it every time, as needed. Shampoos and other detergents tend to run out and out of the shelf life. At the comb it is unlimited.
  4. Ability to combine with other drugs. Using the comb can improve the effect of the use of other drugs.

In addition to the indisputable advantages, this device has some drawbacks:

  • the need for frequent processing, which will take too much time and effort,
  • the inability to carry out self-treatment, as combing lice and nits to oneself is quite a difficult and ineffective exercise, because here the main thing is to see the treated place, Independently carry out the combing procedure is almost impossible
  • extensive contamination can cause a reduction in the effectiveness of hair treatment with a comb,
  • high cost — the prices for high-quality scallops are quite high and amount to about one thousand rubles.

Types of ridges

On sale there are a large number of combing for combing. They are metal, wood, plastic and even electric. The comb for combing lice now looks like a real gadget: the long, even teeth have a very small clearance, for a reliable retention and removal of the nits a special spiral-shaped notch is applied to the teeth

Plastic products are still used by our great-grandmothers. You can buy them at any store, but there is little use for them. It is all about plastic teeth, which are strongly bent and do not have notches, which help in combing. Most often, a plastic head lice scallop is placed in boxes with pediculosis drugs.

Wooden scallops also appeared a long time ago. They are more durable than plastic, but also not equipped with notches. Therefore, also ineffective. Wooden comb from lice and nits, which you can buy in any store, will not bring benefits

More useful are products that have metal long teeth, the distance between which is less than one millimeter. These teeth are more durable, and due to the applied micro-notches, the comb can even comb nits that are firmly attached to the hair. But the handle of the product can be any: made of metal, plastic or wood. But still the most popular is the product, made entirely of metal. The metal comb from lice has a distance between the teeth of less than 0.09 mm, the lice are between 2 and 4 mm in size, and the nit is approximately 0.4 mm: the parasites cannot slip between the teeth, which makes the comb a very effective device

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In foreign countries are beginning to use a new method of dealing with pediculosis — heat treatment. Insects are destroyed by a powerful air stream from a special dryer, the temperature of which reaches 60 ° C. The method can be quite simple and effective, but has not yet received much distribution.

How to choose a quality product

There are basic criteria that a good comb for combing should meet:

  • security,
  • ease of use
  • efficiency,
  • reliability,
  • long service life.

Lice are very small insects, so when choosing a comb, pay attention to the frequency of its teeth.

The prices for fixtures depend on the manufacturers and the materials from which the comb was made. You should not buy the cheapest products, they will not bring much benefit, and you still have to replace them with a better product.

AntiV Comb

Scallop AntiV is the most popular among all such devices. It is equipped with long, thin, frequent teeth, on which special notches are applied. The teeth themselves are rounded in shape, which makes them safe. The product has a round handle with silicone inserts, providing the convenience of holding scallop. The price for this product is about a thousand rubles. The long teeth of the AntiV comb allow you to process thick strands, and the original relief of the notches ensures reliable removal of lice

Hairbrush LiceGuard

LiceGuard combs have steel teeth and a plastic handle. They are usually sold in packages that contain two devices each: one with long teeth, the other with short ones. This solution allows you to choose the comb, optimally suitable for a particular type and length of hair. In addition, anti-corrosion composition is applied to the teeth. In addition to combing, the kit contains a special hairpin with a tip in the form of a magnifying glass, helping to separate hair into strands. The price of such a set is about 850 rubles. A set of LiceGuard combs provides for their use on thin or thick hair.

Scallop NitFree

Externally, the comb is very similar to the product from AntiV: the handle has the same rounded shape, equipped with silicone inserts, the teeth are long, frequent, with notches. The difference lies only in the logo and price — it is a little higher — about 1,100 rubles. This product is made of high quality steel, and the teeth are attached with a laser, which ensures the reliability and durability of the comb. NitFree scallop teeth do not damage the hair, do not cling to it, so the hair does not break or pull out

Product from Pedikulen ultra

The pediculum from the Pedikulen company is ultra least popular among all the fixtures. It has similar characteristics: it has frequent long metal teeth and a plastic handle. However, there are no notches on its teeth, which may be the reason for its least popularity among consumers. But the price can please — you can buy a device for only 200 rubles. Together with Pedikulen comb, manufacturers offer to purchase a magnifying glass, specially designed to find lice in the hair

How to use lice combs

Getting rid of pediculosis with the help of the crests is a rather simple exercise, but it requires care and perseverance. There are several conditions for combing to be more effective:

  • the room in which the procedure is carried out should be well lit,
  • You can use a magnifying glass as an accessory to better see insects on your hair,
  • found parasites must be put on white paper or a sheet previously spread out on a hard surface, On the white surface of the insects will be better seen, which means you can destroy all the parasites found.
  • combing is done from the top down, with the hair should be divided into strands.

How to carry out the procedure:

  1. Wash your hair with your usual detergent.
  2. Dry them with a towel.
  3. If the length of the hair is large, you need to collect them in the tail with a rubber band. Collected hair will be easier to comb.
  4. Remove one strand from the tail and carefully, starting from the roots of the hair, comb it with a comb. each strand of hair must be carefully combed with a comb
  5. Lay out the lice and nits lay on a white canvas.
  6. Treat all hairs this way.

The procedure of combing lasts an average of half an hour, you need to repeat it daily until you can get rid of all the parasites (at least seven days). During the first session it will be possible to remove the bulk of insects from the hair.

So that during the combing out the lice do not scatter and do not infect other people, the procedure should be carried out in a closed bathroom, and the parasites should be destroyed as soon as they were discovered. You can flush them down the drain.

After completing the procedure you need to decontaminate the comb. To do this, place it for three hours in a special solution, which is prepared by mixing water, hydrogen peroxide and table vinegar, in a ratio of 0.5: 1: 1, respectively. After the specified time, the product is taken out and washed in hot water with a temperature of at least 70 ° C, then rinsed in warm water using soap. In the prepared solution it is necessary to disinfect the comb for three hours

The use of the comb can be combined with the use of other anti-pedicular drugs, such as shampoos or sprays. To do this, you need to treat the hair with the chosen agent according to the instructions attached to it, then dry them and start combing. If the shampoo has killed the parasites, then combing them easier, and you can not be afraid that they will run to another person or scatter around the room. The combination of processing chemicals and comb will give the best result

The person who carries out the procedure of combing the infected, you need to protect yourself from the attack of parasites — you need to collect hair and hide them under the cap.

Safety and uniqueness of the combs

Combs for combing lice and nits are absolutely safe for humans. They are suitable for all categories of people: pregnant women, nursing mothers, babies, owners of various allergies, those who for some reason cannot or do not want to use drugs containing chemicals. In addition, the use of other means of pediculosis still implies the subsequent combing of dead insects. Combing is a safe and painless method of getting rid of pediculosis, even for children.

Combs are not able to harm the hair or the skin of the head, as they have rounded teeth and a specially designed structure that does not catch and does not break the hair. Therefore, you can be sure that such a device as a comb for lice will not only help to get rid of such troubles as pediculosis, but also will not damage the hair.

All combing combs have a unique structure, namely the frequent location of teeth, which allows you to effectively remove parasites from the hair. It is impossible to replace combs with a conventional comb, because its teeth are located at a much greater distance than is necessary for high-quality combing. Instead of using a special comb for lice, use a regular comb, even with very frequent teeth, is a relatively ineffective exercise: plastic teeth easily bend and diverge, letting hair and lice pass through to the tuft and nits

If you do not want to buy a special comb, you can purchase a medicine for pediculosis, which includes a comb. The price of such sets is usually less, and the scallops are almost as good as the quality. And the complex treatment, using a chemical agent and a comb, will be faster. Lavinal pediculosis spray contains a special comb for combing

User Reviews

The pediculen Ultra lice and nits comb helped me a lot. He has very frequent teeth, which literally remove everything from his hair — not a single trashcan, not a single nit will slip through.


The pediculen comb is a narrow comb with long metal teeth. No, of course, he combs adults, but small ones will remain on the head, nits are not combed out either! And besides, a lot of hair was pulled out with these metal teeth, they are not well processed and the hair directly clings to it when combing. Absolutely useless, and even harmful thing!


Electric comb for lice RobiCombPro manufacturer LiceGuard. Result: we completely got rid of lice for one combing. Then another 5 days used a comb daily, but the hair was clean. It took about 1.5 hours for the long hair, about 10 minutes for the son. Now the wonder-comb is carefully kept at home and, when the school has lice in the fall or spring, we use it for prevention. At a cost of about 3,000 rubles, this money is justified, since it is safe and will last a long time.

Lelya Yaroslavovna

I have a little daughter who loves to learn everything actively. And so, one day, after returning from a grandmother’s summer vacation, we discovered her surprise. At first I did not believe it, it might be dirt, but, alas, it was lice. Found the company Antiv. which offered a universal scallop. And three nights in a row, my daughter and I sat and combed out these little parasites. Already on the second evening I combed out only one nit, apparently missed yesterday. A week later, checked, head clean, without irritation!


The AntiV comb was already useful to me, and it helped, and without additional farm. drugs and it was enough one treatment. And what I liked about this comb is that with its help the process of searching for these insects is much simpler. At the first suspicion, you need to comb your hair well with an ordinary comb, and only then comb through this comb, if something is, comb it out . If the hair is not perfectly combed, the AntiV comb will be hard to pull out without damage to the hair, so you need to comb it very well. A comb that is very hard to comb does not spoil or touch the hair at all.


Medical comb Nit Free removes everything from hair and what is visible and what we do not see.


Acquired LiceGuard. I built the children in the queue and, without unbending, scratched everything, scratched, scratched . And combed it out. So far, no one, thank God, no.


I tried to choose the nits manually, but my eyesight and nerves were not the same . I climbed the Internet and there found this misunderstanding the LiceGuard comb. For two hours I honestly tried to master this skill, but in vain. My husband replaced me, armed with a magnifying glass, but he quit this job an hour later, since the promised result was simply unattainable. Nit simply slips between the teeth of the comb and remains further hanging on the hair.


A lice comb is a simple but effective device. Without it, it is impossible to get rid of parasites, even using chemical preparations. Modern products are made of high-quality materials, using specialized technologies, the device of teeth is well thought out and optimized for high-quality disposal of lice and nits. The safety and safety of scallops allows their application to any categories of people.

Best shampoos

Shampoo is suitable for early use, the active substance is well tolerated by children from the age of two. In exceptional cases, Pedilin can be used to treat children under 2 years of age if the situation requires it, but only with the permission of the pediatrician.

Shampoo after distribution on the hair requires a good foam and wait 5 minutes. In this case, care should be taken that Pedilin does not even slightly get on the mucous membrane of the eyes and mouth, in order not to cause a burn and severe poisoning.

After combing lice and nits it is best to carry out processing again in 1-3 days. Pedilin can only be used once per 24 hours.

A good medicine that can be used on hair in any condition, that is, they do not have to be washed out. After applying the product for the entire length of hair, you will need to lather Parazidoz well and leave it on the head for 7 minutes. For best results, hair can be covered with a plastic cap.

Shampoo well affects not only adults, but also young individuals. After the allotted time for treatment, all lice and nits are removed using a comb or a special comb. Repeated treatment can be carried out only after 7 days. It is possible to use Parasidosis only from 2 years. Earlier use is not provided.

Before applying the medication, the hair should be washed well, then dried, so that they become only slightly damp. It is required to apply 20-30 ml of the active substance on the head and lather it well. The treatment session lasts for 10 minutes., after which all hair is washed with clean water.

Lice and nits cleaned with strands and roots in any convenient way. Repeated treatment is carried out only in a week.

Pedikulen Ultra

The drug consists only of natural ingredients, it is best to apply from the age of five to avoid possible intoxication. The main active components of Pediculen Ultra are anise oil and alcohol tincture.

It has a very persistent unpleasant smell, which in sensitive patients provokes vomiting. Apply lotion on slightly damp hair for 20-30 minutesand then thoroughly rinsed with shampoo and other suitable means. Use means only once, repeated processing is possible not earlier than in a week.

The composition of the drug includes benzyl benzonate. Apply the lotion can not be earlier than five years, as there is a risk of an extensive allergic reaction. Foksilon is applied exclusively on clean, slightly dried hair, especially carefully rubbing the active substance in the root zone.

10 minutes after application, the lotion is washed with water and laundry soap., but you can use regular shampoo. After that, with the help of the comb all dead nits and lice are removed. A week is allowed to repeat the treatment.

Strong ointment

Treatment should be carried out only on clean hair. As soon as the head dries, apply cream to the entire root zone, then distribute the active substance over the entire length of the strands. The procedure is carried out for 10 minutes.after which the curls are again thoroughly washed and dried.

Perform the procedure once, in exceptional cases, you can repeat the re-treatment after 7 days. Low toxicity.

This form of drug requires a longer treatment session. Gel is also applied to clean, dry hair, special attention is required to pay places behind the ears and at the back of the head. The time required for keeping the active substance on the head is 40 minutes.

After the recommended time for the session, the hair is washed out, and all parasites are combed out using a comb. Reapplication can be carried out only after 5-7 days.

According to different reviews the effectiveness of drugs of this class is 46-48%. Especially problematic to cope with insects in the back of the head, where there is the largest number.

Acetic treatments

To eliminate the activity of parasites, you will need to dissolve 20-40 ml of vinegar in 200 ml of warm water. You can not take a concentrate of more than 6-9%. The resulting solution will need to process the head for 10 minutes, after which the hair is washed well, and all lice and nits are cleaned with a special comb or hands.

This recipe is not capable of killing insects, but it dissolves well the glue on which they are attached to the hairs. Treatment is carried out every other day until head lice can be removed.

Onion and garlic

To prepare the drug, you need to mash two large onions and add one medium head of garlic to them.

Once the mixture is well mixed, it should be applied for 30 minutes on the whole head and wrap it with a towel.

After the time allotted for the procedure, the head is washed thoroughly, and all insects are combed out. Repeat this treatment until the complete disappearance of parasites.

In the treatment of pediculosis It is important to constantly maintain personal hygiene and be sure to treat the surrounding objects.that can be done with special sprays.

Particular attention should be paid to hats, combs and hair accessories. If all recommendations and prevention of pediculosis are observed in the future, the probability of infestation with parasites is significantly reduced, and the use of pharmaceutical and folk remedies for lice and nits is no longer necessary.

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