The 6 Best Flea Collars for Cats in 2020

The 6 Best Flea Collars for Cats in 2020

Ward off fleas and ticks

Our Top Picks

«The gold standard of flea collars. it kills fleas and ticks on contact.»

«Made from 100 percent natural oils so it’s chemical free and safe.»

«Each tag is coded with frequencies that irritate fleas and ticks.»

«It relies on 11 natural botanicals so it’s safe for cats and kittens.»

«Using non-toxic ingredients, this collar wards off pests for a year.»

«Sold in packs of three, giving you over a year of pest protection.»

Best Overall: Seresto 8 Month Flea & Tick Prevention Collar for Cats & Kittens

Courtesy of Chewy

Part of having a pet is dealing with unwanted pests. To banish unwanted critters like fleas, make sure that your cat wears a flea collar. Most collars are designed to kill fleas on contact, minus the irritation, so you don’t end up dealing with an infestation or the bothersome itching associated with these bugs.

For a reliable and effective collar, we recommend Seresto’s 8-Month Flea & Tick Prevention Collar, which is the gold standard of flea collars. While it’s at the higher end of the price spectrum, it kills fleas and ticks on contact without requiring them to bite your cat first. The collar itself is non-greasy and odorless and contains two active ingredients: imidacloprid (which controls flea infestations) and flumethrin (which repels ticks, larvae, and nymphs). Together, they provide eight months of protection against all the pests in your home or yard.

“Seresto is the besto,” one Chewy customer writes, and they’re not the only one singing this product’s praises. This is a flea collar that works exceptionally well, buyers say, even in comparison to modern topical treatments. It won’t irritate your cat’s neck, and most buyers report that they’ve discovered dead fleas within a couple of days of use.

Best Natural: TropiClean Natural Flea & Tick Cat Collar

Made from 100 percent natural oils, the TropiClean Natural Flea & Tick Cat Collar is chemical-free and safe for your pet. It kills fleas on contact with no biting required and produces visible results within 24 hours. It’s waterproof so you don’t have to worry about removing the collar during bath time, and each collar works for four months. The two active ingredients, cedarwood and peppermint oil, are known to repel fleas and kill them on contact. This breakaway collar will snap under the strength of a five-pound cat, helping to keep your cat safe is he or she gets stuck.

The TropiClean collar can be used on cats over four months old. Because it’s made with essential oils, it’s safe around children and other pets.

Best Collar Tag: Only Natural Pet EasyDefense Flea, Tick & Mosquito Dog & Cat Collar Tag

The Only Natural Pet EasyDefense Collar Tag is designed to attach to your cat’s current collar and help protect her from fleas and ticks for up to 12 months. It’s chemical and pesticide-free and uses silicon dioxide particles to fight off fleas. Each tag is coded with frequencies that irritate fleas and ticks but are totally safe for your pet. It starts working after three weeks, once it has synced with your cat’s unique biological frequency. It works for flea prevention, but will not eliminate a current infestation.

Owners say the Only Natural Pet EasyDefense Collar is a great choice for anyone looking for a safe, chemical-free alternative to standard flea preventatives. Some reviewers say it takes a little over a month to start working, but once it does it keeps ticks and fleas at bay for a full year.

Best for Kittens: Arava Flea & Tick Prevention Collar

The Arava Flea & Tick Prevention Collar is made from all-natural oils, so it’s safe for cats and kittens of all ages. It provides up to six months of flea protection and is naturally waterproof. In terms of its formulation, it contains 11 natural botanicals such as geranium, peppermint, and cinnamon. Each collar is 13.8 inches and can be adjusted to fit your cat’s neck. Many owners recommend waiting one to three days after opening to put the Arava Collar on a cat because it has a fairly strong scent at first.

Most Amazon users rate Arava over four stars, stating that they love that it protects against fleas and ticks without harmful chemicals. It’s easy to put on and fit to even the smallest neck and while some cats may be bothered by the scent, it quickly fades away.

Best Long Lasting: MASOLD Flea Collar for Cats

Courtesy of Masold

While most flea collars offer around eight months of protection, the MASOLD Flea Collar for Cats will ward off pests for an entire year. Using non-toxic ingredients, this collar kills and repels fleas, ticks, lice, eggs, and larvae. It fits cats of all sizes and is water-resistant, so there’s no need to take it off during a bath or if your kitty goes out to play on a rainy day.

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If you’re looking for a “set and forget” flea collar (and don’t want to have to remember to change it every so often), this one from MASOLD is a great choice. And since the ingredients are non-harmful to cats, you don’t need to worry about your pet licking or biting it. Just make sure they’re over 10 weeks old before you start them on it.

Best Multipack: Bayer Animal Health Seresto Flea & Tick Collar for Cats

Don’t want to rush to the store every time your cat needs a new flea collar? Good news: this flea collar from Bayer is sold in packs of three, giving you over a year of continuous pest protection in a single purchase. Each collar included in the pack offers eight months of coverage and is non-greasy and odorless. The ingredients are safe for cats (they’re the same ones found in our “best overall” pick) and kill fleas, ticks, and flea larvae. The collar replenishes the skin and coat with a low concentration of the preventative, so it remains effective throughout its period of wear.

While the Bayer Animal Health Seresto Flea & Tick Collar is on the expensive side, customers reported that it’s worth spending the extra money. These collars are highly effective, even if you own a cat that spends significant time outdoors. If you’re looking to provide years of flea and tick protection in a single purchase, this three-pack of Seresto flea collars is a great option.

4 Best Flea COLLAR for CATS! (and HOW to use it)

Millions of people enjoy having a furry feline companion to share their time and affection with; but not if they carry fleas and ticks. Compare these four different brands of flea and tick collars to help you decide which brand is the best flea collar for cats in your home.

What is the Harm If I Do Not Use a Flea and Tick Collar?​

Any pest that chooses to use your kitty as a host is a potential danger and health concern for your furry friend, and many pet owners wonder if in fact, do flea collars work?

Ticks that are infected with potentially deadly diseases can easily transmit these illnesses to your feline through their direct interaction with the animal’s blood flow.

Flea and tick infestations that are allowed to grow and fester will eventually result in a situation that could eventually overtake the animal and result in an unnecessary and tragic fatality.​

Comparison Of The Four Best Flea Collar For Cats

Johnsons Felt Cat Flea Collar Glitter

What Are the Advantages to a Flea and Tick Collar?​

A quality flea and tick collar for cats or kittens offers the animals and the owners a number of valuable advantages for flea and tick control as well as the fact that these are flea collars safe around humans and animals.

Some of the possible advantages include such things as:

  • Easy operational collar is simple to handle
  • Solid collars make no mess
  • Offers safe and effective protection
  • Adjustable lengths for individual felines
  • Long lasting protection eliminates repeated dosage
  • No chemicals deposited on feline’s skin or absorbed into their system.

Are There Alternatives to a Flea and Tick Collar?

There are different methods of controlling the pests that infest your pets and home that may include chemically treated hand wipes.

These wipes leave a chemical residue behind on the cat’s fur, which the cat can potentially lick and become ill. Sprays and spot on and flea sprays are an alternative that you can use.

Another alternative is to use a liquid form of flea and tick controller.

This type of pest killer involves distributing a toxic mixture of chemicals directly onto the skin of the neck and back of the cat or kitten, allowing the toxins to be directly absorbed through the animal’s skin and into their system, unlike the collar alternatives that are flea collars safe for cats.

Also a flea comb can be used to manually remove fleas on your cats.

A quality flea and tick collar offer the animal a dry and safe alternative to these methods.

Which Flea and Tick Collar is the Best?​

It is great to have a furry loveable feline companion that you can share your time and affections with.

Unfortunately, of the millions of cats and kittens, many of them carry unwanted pests such as ticks and fleas into our homes.

To rid your precious four-legged friends of these pests and keep them off, a superior quality flea collar for cats may be the answer.

Comparing these five different brands of flea and tick collars may help you decide which is the best flea collar for the furry love of your life.

Best Cat Flea & Tick Prevention

A long-lasting collar that saves cat owners from having to apply topical treatments each month, and is highly effective at preventing fleas and ticks.

Works well and lasts incredibly long at repelling fleas, owners report. Reflector attachments are a nice plus. Most owners feel collar is much more convenient than topical treatments, especially for very furry cats like Persians. Can be used on kittens 10 weeks and older.

Some reports of allergic reactions to collar, or irritation. Doesn’t always work, owners report, or doesn’t last the entire 8 months as indicated.

Works as well as most other products in its class for a significant savings.

A 6-month supply for a reasonable price for a preventative that works well for most pet owners. Results are noticeable for most within 12 hours. Easy to apply.

Some cats had reactions, such as fur loss and irritation around the applications site. Not for kittens under 1.5 pounds. Some owners report a «resistance» to the product over time that reduces its effectiveness for killing fleas.

While it’s affordable, easy to use, and works on both fleas and ticks, it may not be effective for everyone or for serious flea infestations.

An affordable flea and tick preventative that earns praise for its long tip that makes application easy. Consistency isn’t greasy, and it doesn’t have a harsh odor that can bother cats and their owners.

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Mixed reviews on the results – some brag about how quickly it works, while others noted living fleas for a while after application. Can’t be used on kittens younger than 12 weeks.

Easy to apply and has been known to work well for some cat owners; however, not all experienced the same positive results.

Works in as little as 6 hours to kill fleas and ticks. Cat owners praise the applicator tip that makes applying the product easy, even on cats with long, dense fur.

Although it can be used on kittens 8 weeks and older, they must weigh at least 1.5 pounds. Some reports of cats experiencing skin reactions after use. May not work on all flea and tick problems.

A versatile flea and tick preventative by a top brand that’s a good alternative to collars and topical treatments.

Garners enthusiasm for working quickly – users have bragged about seeing fleas «fall off» their pets while using it. Scent isn’t overpowering. Can be used on kittens and dogs, too.

A few reports of minor skin irritation on cats’ skin. Owners should wear gloves when applying it. May not work in all situations, or may have to be reapplied to kill all pests.

We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

Buying guide for best cat flea and tick prevention

Regardless of your cat’s breed, age, or lifestyle, keeping her free of flea and ticks is an absolute necessity. Aside from completely ruining snuggle time, these bloodthirsty pests can cause some nasty health issues – not just for Fluffy but also for your human family. Thankfully, there are many safe and effective flea and tick treatments to choose from. But with so many options, it can be difficult to know where to start.

If you could do with some help, you’ve come to the right place! Here at BestReviews we’re on a mission to simplify your shopping experience. By identifying the qualities that matter most, we help our readers find the best products for every need and budget.

We’ve combed the market to find the best cat flea and tick prevention products currently available. To learn more about the best option for your feline friend, refer to our detailed guide below. In a hurry? Skip straight to our top five picks featured above for a quick selection.

Types of cat flea and tick prevention

When it comes to keeping fleas and ticks off your kitty, there is no shortage of treatments from which to choose. Picking the one that best suits your and your cat is key to keeping your furball and your family healthy and happy. Let’s take a look at some of the most common forms of cat flea and tick prevention.

Spot-on treatments

These topical treatments are a popular option thanks to their easy-to-use convenience and long-lasting action. But you must make sure that spot-on treatments dry properly and are completely absorbed before handling your cat or allowing children to pet him.


These products are easy to use, generally applied directly onto the skin at the base of the cat’s neck and between the shoulder blades to minimize the possibility of accidental removal or ingestion through grooming.

The treatment starts working within hours. The active chemicals gradually disperse over the skin and remain in the sweat glands.

The chemicals eliminate fleas and ticks for up to a month.

Once dry, the efficacy is undiminished by washing, grooming, or rain.


Cats need to be kept away from children and other animals until the treatment is dry.

Kitties with sensitive skin may experience irritation, itching, or swelling.

Price: Spot-on treatments typically range from $30 to $55 for a six-month supply, but smaller quantities are available, too.

Oral flea and tick medications

Oral tick and flea preventatives are a good alternative for cat owners who are concerned about children or family members coming into contact with topical treatments.


Most medications act within minutes.

Many offer the same benefits as spot-on treatments.

Vet-prescribed options provide long-lasting flea and tick protection.

There is no risk of the chemicals rubbing off on children or other pets.


Can be difficult to administer – convincing a finicky feline to take oral medication can be tricky.

Not all offer the same level of pest control as spot-on treatments.

Sensitive cats may vomit up pills, and sneaky kitties may spit them out without owners being aware.

Oral medications can cause stomach upset and discomfort in some cats.

Many OTC varieties only provide pest protection for a day or so.

Price: Oral preventatives, which are available without prescription, can cost anywhere from $10 to $25 for six tablets.

Flea and tick collars

In terms of hassle-free convenience, flea and tick collars are hard to beat. These contain concentrated chemicals that are slowly and steadily released into the cat’s skin. If your kitty is already a host to unwelcome guests, be sure to choose a collar that’s capable of killing existing parasites as well as keeping new ticks and fleas from taking up residence.


These are easier to use than any other tick and flea prevention method.

Collars offer long-lasting protection (many work for up to eight months).

Most collars are reasonably priced.


Cats who are unaccustomed to wearing collars may not accept this method.

The collar may cause skin irritation in some cats.

Some collars only repel ticks and fleas; they don’t kill any parasites already on the cat.

Collars typically aren’t suitable for kittens under ten weeks old.

Price: Collars cost from $20 to $60 , depending on the size, ingredients, safety features, and the duration of parasite protection offered.

Product in depth

Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cats, 8 Month Protection

Fuss-free convenience, long-lasting protection

If you’re looking for a safe, easy-to-use, and long-lasting tick and flea treatment, the Bayer Seresto collar is your best bet. Recommended by veterinarians, this state-of-the-art collar keeps cats free of fleas and ticks for up to eight months. It also boasts safety features like a quick-release clasp to prevent choking and a reflective strip to ensure your cat is visible at night.

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Flea and tick sprays

When it comes to getting rid of fleas and ticks, sprays can be just as effective as other methods. Unfortunately, most cats will instinctively try to bolt the moment you trigger the very first squirt, and if she’s a fighter, keeping her eyes and nose safe can be extremely difficult. We don’t recommend using a spray-on tick and flea preventative if you already use a spray bottle filled with water to discourage undesirable behavior like scratching furniture or jumping on counters because your cat will likely view this as punishment.


Sprays cover large areas quickly.

Most sprays work to kill ticks and fleas quickly.

Some sprays offer the same benefits as spot-on preventatives.


Cats are unlikely to enjoy being sprayed.

Spray treatments may require more frequent reapplication than some other methods.

Sprays can be messy.

It’s difficult to avoid contact with the cat’s nose and eyes when using a spray.

Spray products are likelier to be ingested through grooming and cause stomach upset.

Price: Sprays used purely for prevention tend to be priced around $10, while those that provide more comprehensive protection can cost as much as $40.

Flea and tick powders

Flea and tick powders may seem relatively straightforward, but getting complete, even coverage is essential, and the chemicals are potentially harmful if ingested. Fortunately, more and more herbal-based flea and tick powders are entering the market. But while these may be a safer option, herbal powders may still cause gastrointestinal discomfort if swallowed. Consult a vet at the first sign of any adverse reactions, such as drooling, vomiting, or diarrhea.


Powders are inexpensive and readily available from most retail outlets.

These products may also be used on bedding or carpeted areas.

Powders are easy to use.


Powder needs to be reapplied weekly.

Powders pose a high risk of eye irritation.

You need to make sure that your kitty doesn’t inhale or ingest the powder during application.

Powder can be difficult to apply properly. You must work it into nooks and crannies, such as under the legs and neck, because fleas and ticks often seek refuge in these hidden areas.

The chances of your kitty ingesting potentially harmful chemicals are high, and powders can cause stomach upset due to grooming.

Many powders aren’t recommended for kittens under 12 weeks old.

Price: Powders are generally inexpensive and seldom cost more than $10.

Flea and tick shampoos

If you’ve recently adopted a cat from a shelter or rescued a local stray, flea and tick shampoos are a great starting point. Not only will a pest-busting soak instantly get rid of ticks and fleas, but a good freshening up will also allow you to cuddle your new best friend with confidence. Keep in mind that although shampoo works as an instant solution, you’ll need to follow it up with a more comprehensive preventative, such as a collar or spot-on treatment.


Shampoo treatments are relatively inexpensive.

These treatments work quickly.

Shampoo kills the ticks and fleas while freshening up your kitty at the same time.


Most cats don’t enjoy being bathed and may struggle or scratch.

The majority of shampoos don’t work as an holistic pest prevention solution, leaving cats vulnerable to reinfestation.

Shampoos are best used in conjunction with other flea and tick prevention methods.

Price: Shampoos are usually priced from about $10 to $15.

If you’re unsure of the safety of a particular flea and tick preventative, check the packaging for FDA or EPA approval.

Remember to wear protective gloves when applying any topical flea or tick treatment to your cat’s fur or skin.

For severe infestations, consider a fast-acting oral medication followed by spot-on treatment or collar.

Cat flea and tick prevention factors to consider

There are a great number of factors that might affect how well any given product works for your cat, so keep the following considerations in mind as you shop and you can increase your chances of finding a suitable option.

Age: If you’re in search of pest prevention for a kitten, selecting an age-appropriate treatment is vital to his health. Flea and tick preventives for adult cats typically contain higher concentrations of chemicals that may be harmful or even fatal to kittens. Always check the packaging for age and weight guidelines.

Fur length: If you’re considering using topical preventatives, such as spot-on treatments, sprays, or powders, consider the length of your cat’s fur. While reaching the skin of short-haired cats is relatively easy, this may prove more difficult with long-haired kitties. For extra-fluffy furballs with thick coats, oral medications or collars may be a better option.

Duration of efficacy: To keep fleas and ticks at bay, it’s essential that you follow up with additional treatments as specified by the manufacturer. When using shampoos, powders, or sprays, be sure to note how frequently the product should be used and stick to these guidelines as closely as possible.

Lifestyle: Your cat’s lifestyle is an important consideration when selecting a tick and flea prevention product. Indoor cats may do well with simpler products like shampoos or powders. However, for lion-hearted felines who simply won’t be restricted to indoor living, you’ll need a more heavy-duty option. Spot-on treatments are a preferred choice for many owners of free-roaming kitties. Dual action collars can also do a great job of keeping your cat pest-free.

  • Price: There are many formulations and brands of tick and flea prevention products, and individual prices can range from the eyebrow-raisingly expensive to the suspiciously cheap. When in doubt, it’s best to stick with reputable brands – and asking your vet for advice never hurts!

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