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The 10 Best Leaflet Design Software & Tools

Want to design your own leaflets but you don’t know where to start? First you need a program that you can use effectively. We have picked out popular softwares and tools that you can use to design your perfect flyers with ease and understanding. Online flyer creators and flyer apps for iPhone/iPad are also included.

You know that it increases your costs when you bring a designer in, so why not do it yourself!

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the most suitable Adobe program for the design of flyers and other promotional documents. It allows you to create crisp, sharp lines and text while incorporating images and colour.

Illustrator can change images, although not with such nuance as Photoshop can, but its forte is creating a single page – arranging all the elements, such as text and images in one layout.

Avaliable for Windows & Mac.


Canva makes design simple for everyone. Used by millions across the globe and I can see why.

It’s an online software that allows users to create various projects easily and effectively. With templates, stock images, filters and shapes, design your flyer to it’s potential. Sign up and save your creations and easily download them in various formats.

There is paying features to this software as some of the images, templates and text is not 100% free. But you can definitely design something special without the paying features.

Poster Maker

This app for creating flyers and posters is available through iTunes and supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, though it is optimized for the iPhone 5. It is available in 10 languages, including Simplified Chinese. Unfortunately, it cannot export high quality PDF in any size larger than 8.5 x 11 inches nor create 11 x 17 inch layouts for posters.

Details: For iOS, $4.99 to buy

Microsoft Word

Wait what? I thought Microsoft Office Word is a boring word processing tool? Not anymore. The newer Microsoft Word versions (2007 onwards) are capable of making posters, flyers, cards, and even infographics. On the program they have many templates to choose from so you can start creating your flyers easily in seconds!

Avaliable for Windows & Mac.


GIMP is the best free Photoshop alternative you can find. Although it is an open source image manipulation software, it is almost as powerful as Adobe Photoshop. Some even argue that GIMP is better than Photoshop. If you are looking for free flyer makers and serious about flyer designing, look no further than GIMP. It has a steep learning curve for beginners, which requires newbie to put in some time and effort to master the features beforehand.

For Windows & Mac, Free


Used by us at eColourPrint, QuarkXPress is similar to the word processing program. Infact, I think almost anyone would be able to use this program as its easy to manage your document and work with. You can create complex page layouts including your own imagery and text.

We can incorporate Pantone colours into our work which helps us print designers a lot when it comes to the printing and this is why we use it.

Avaliable for Windows & Mac.


An online design program where you can start creating your flyers instantly! The user interface is clean and pleasant to work with, but you will be constantly nagged to register. There is even a pop up appearing every five minutes with the useful suggestion that you should sign up, along with two massive buttons on the page. You can’t export or share your work until you register, so you might as well click them eventually.

This has a free trail avaliable but unfortunately you will eventually have to pay for this service.


There is no complicated setup procedure, you merely click the big green “Create your flyer now!”. Combined with the gallery of ready-made images to be used on your flyer, you can create a truly spectacular piece of work, even if you’re not especially handy with art.

It’s truly a pleasure to work on PosterMyWall, but there is a nasty surprise when you try to save your work. There are three download options available – high quality, medium quality and the free option, which also puts a big, smeared watermark at the bottom of your flyer. This can be circumvented by taking a screenshot of your finished flyer and cropping the rest of the page, but it still leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

Print Creations

Sadly, Print Creations turns out to be just a one-trick pony. Though it allows the most customization with regards to printer options, in fact, it might be the most printer-friendly of all flyer solutions in this article, it also has the most eye-gouging pricing system imaginable. But the program includes templates for you to use under various categories.

Some people will definitely get on with this program better than others as it’s just down to personal ease. So this program could be worth a try for you.

Avaliable for Windows & Mac.


The classic Photoshop program is used all the time for flyer design by the professionals and the non. It isn’t just used for the full design however, you can take your imagery into the editor and create some wonderful things.

Rather more complex than straight forward for flyer layouts, but for those who want beautiful images rather than boring text can deal with this in Photoshop.

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Динамометрические ключи ( 2 )

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Flyer design software for print, digital, web and social media.

Create custom flyers or leaflets to post on social media, place on checkout counters, pin on bulletin boards, or send as digital postcards. Compelling visuals, concise headlines, and on-point text help capture attention. Powerful design and publishing software will help you grab and hold your audience.

From flyers to books to magazines to app design, Adobe Creative Cloud has you covered.

Sophisticated software to design a flyer, magazine, website, and more.

Posters, t-shirts, and flyers can be iconic. Powerful images and clean design capture the imagination and communicate a message effectively. Use the comprehensive tools in Adobe InDesign for controlling layout, font, texture, and graphics to make leaflets to promote a band, announce a new product or service, or celebrate your values. Whether you’re creating in print or digital format, with static or interactive content, InDesign can help you stand out.

Adobe InDesign
Craft elegant layouts at your desk or on the go.
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«Learning is part of everyday living»

Kitchen Tools and Equipment for Preparing Appetizers

  1. Ball Cutter– sharp edged scoop for cutting out balls of fruits and vegetables.
  2. Rubber spatula– used to scrape off contents of bowls.
  3. Channel knife– small hand tool in making garnishes.
  4. Spatula– used for manipulating foods like spreading.
  5. Wire Whip– used for mixing thinner liquids.
  6. Zester– used to remove zest or citrus peels in thin strips.
  7. French knife– for chopping, slicing and dicing.
  8. Paring knife– used for trimming and paring fruits and vegetables.
  9. Butter curler– used for making butter curls.
  10. Cutting board– board for cutting fruits and vegetables.
  11. Kitchen shear– cutting device for ingredients like scissors.
  12. Potato Masher– designed to press potato and cooked vegetables.
  13. Chiller– for keeping cold foods chilled for service.
  14. Oven– for baking

Other Tools and Equipment used in Preparing Appetizers

  1. Measuring spoons – are used for measuring dry and liquid ingredients in small quantity.
  2. Measuring cups – is used to measure dry ingredients. They come in various sizes and volumes.
  3. Glass measuring cup – container which is usually transparent. It is smooth in the inside with the graduation mark on the outside to read. This is used for measuring liquid ingredients like water and oil.
  4. Mixing bowls – these containers have smooth, rounded interior surfaces with no creases to retain some mixture.
  5. Mixing spoon. – is used for mixing ingredients. It is made of wood in different sizes and different length of the handle.
  6. Paring knife- is used to remove the skin covering of fruit and vegetables.
  7. Fork is used to combine ingredients.
  8. Container of different sizes and shapes.
  9. Cooking range/stove
  10. Refrigerator
  11. Strainer/colander
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Tools and preparations for leaflets

Two keys to weather safety are to prepare for the risks and to act on those preparations when alerted by emergency officials. These are essential pieces to the Weather-Ready Nation.

Refer to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) for comprehensive information on hurricane preparedness at home and in your community.

Some highlights on how to prepare and take action are available below:

Gather Information

Know if you live in an evacuation area. Assess your risks and know your home’s vulnerability to storm surge, flooding and wind. Understand National Weather Service forecast products and especially the meaning of NWS watches and warnings.

Contact your local National Weather Service office and local government/emergency management office. Find out what type of emergencies could occur and how you should respond.


Keep a list of contact information for reference.

  • Emergency Management Offices
  • County Law Enforcement
  • County Public Safety Fire/Rescue
  • State, County and City/Town Government
  • Local Hospitals
  • Local Utilities
  • Local American Red Cross
  • Local TV Stations
  • Local Radio Stations
  • Your Property Insurance Agent

Risk Analysis

Online hazard and vulnerability assessment tools are available to gather information about your risks.

  • Check your hazards risks with FEMA’s Map Portal.
  • Rate your flood risk with the portal.

Plan & Take Action

Everyone needs to be prepared for the unexpected. Your friends and family may not be together when disaster strikes. How will you find each other? Will you know if your children or parents are safe? You may have to evacuate or be confined to your home. What will you do if water, gas, electricity or phone services are shut off?

Supplies Kit

Put together a basic disaster supplies kit and consider storage locations for different situations. Help community members do the same.

Emergency Plans

Develop and document plans for your specific risks.

  • Protect yourself and family with a Family Emergency Plan
  • Be sure to plan for locations away from home
  • Pet owners should have plans to care for their animals. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention offer information on animal health impacts in evacuation shelters.
  • Prepare your boat and be aware of marine safety if you are on or near the water.

Health & Environment

Follow guidelines to guard your community’s health and protect the environment during and after the storm.


  • Review the FEMA Evacuation Guidelines to allow for enough time to pack and inform friends and family if you need to leave your home. FOLLOW instructions issued by local officials. Leave immediately if ordered!
  • Consider your protection options to decide whether to stay or evacuate your home if you are not ordered to evacuate.

When waiting out a storm be careful, the danger may not be over yet.

  • Tornadoes – they are often spawned by hurricanes.
  • The calm «eye» of the storm – it may seem like the storm is over, but after the eye passes, the winds will change direction and quickly return to hurricane force.

Havant Borough Council

Following the 2016 referendum result and decision to exit the European Union, Havant Borough Council’s focus has been to ensure we are prepared so we can continue to deliver high quality services.

Work has also been taking place to ensure that businesses and residents are supported and aware of any potential implications of leaving the European Union.

An official decision on the outcome of Brexit has not yet been made by Parliament.

Useful information for individuals and businesses, including UK nationals living in the EU and EU citizens living in the UK, can be found via GOV.UK – Get ready for Brexit.

Brexit for residents

If you are a non-UK European Union citizen, you and your family will be able to apply to continue living in the UK through the EU Settlement Scheme.

The scheme is now open but the deadline to apply will vary depending on whether we leave the EU with or without a deal.

If the UK leaves the EU with a deal, EU citizens living in the UK will have until 30 June 2021 to apply for the settlement scheme.

If the UK leaves the EU with no deal, EU citizens living in the UK have until 31 December 2020 to apply to the settlement scheme.

It is free to apply to the scheme.

After you have applied

If your application is successful, a letter will be emailed to you confirming your settled or pre-settled status. If your application is unsuccessful, you can apply for an administrative review but you cannot currently appeal the decision.

You can apply again at any time until 30 June 2021, or until 31 December 2020 if the UK leaves with no deal.

More information is available on the GOV.UK – Get ready for Brexit website. There is also some good advice on the Citizens Advice website.

Brexit for businesses

The Government regularly updates the GOV.UK website with information to support businesses, in preparing for leaving the EU. A step-by-step guide can be found on their Get ready for Brexit webpage.

The Government has also published an employer toolkit to provide the right tools and information to support EU citizens and their families in applying for the EU Settlement Scheme.

The employer toolkit can also be used to explain the scheme to your employees, and ready-to-use leaflets and posters are also available to download.

A ‘no deal’ Brexit

The Government has also released a series of guidance notices with advice on how to prepare should the UK and EU not reach a withdrawal agreement, and a partnership pack to enable businesses to prepare.

More information about the UK’s departure from the European Union and preparing for Brexit can be found on GOV.UK.

Citizens Advice

There is a lot of information emerging from the Brexit process. If you need any help or support with the information detailed above then Citizens Advice will be able to help you.

Get email alerts

GOV.UK is sending regular email alerts to keep residents and businesses up to date with Brexit.

This includes information about the article 50 process, negotiations and announcements about policy changes because of Brexit.

10 tools and platforms for data preparation

Traditional approaches to enterprise reporting, analysis and Business Intelligence such as Data Warehousing, upfront modelling and ETL have given way to new, more agile tools and ideas. Within this landscape Data Preparation tools have become very popular for good reason. Data preparation has traditionally been a very manual task and consumed the bulk of most data project’s time. Profiling data, standardising it and transforming it has traditionally been very manual and error prone. This has derailed many Data Warehousing and analysis projects as they become bogged down with infrastructure and consistency issues rather than focusing on the true value add – producing good quality analysis.

Fortunately the latest generation of tools, typically powered by NoSQL technologies take a lot of this pain away. They enable users with reasonable technical skills to rapidly explore, understand and analyse datasets ranging from small data to data that is petabytes in scale. Most tools also feature a variety of adaptors meaning that a variety of structured and semi-structured sources such as spreadsheets, database tables and XML / JSON content can also be explored and analysed.

It’s never been easier to rapidly derive value from disparate data. Here are 10 top tools that have impressed the consultants at Data to Value.

For more blogs, webinars, videos or data management solutions please visit our website

Paxata is a self-service adaptive data preparation platform that lets analysts quickly and painlessly collect, explore, combine and transform data. It offers high flexibility not requiring pre-defined models when analysing raw data, moreover it works with a wide variety of formats or data management systems for users to easily see relationships across various data-sets.

Alteryx is a tool that enables a user to blend data from different sources in one seamless workflow. Alteryx minimises the need for extensive data preparation, enabling a user to easily access the data they need. It can handle structured and unstructured data in different formats and from various sources. It also makes it easy for users with different expertise to collaborate together on a single workflow and solve problems more efficiently.

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Lavastorm analytics engine helps business users to self-service large data-sets from virtually any source and any format, making quick business decisions easy without rigorous modelling scripting or planning. Users can quickly create and automate data with a wide variety of data set blending options without IT support. Moreover it supports a sharing function for even greater productivity.

SAP Lumira helps to attain, manipulate and visualise complex and large data-sets across a wide range of sources and formats in the same view. This allows to produce useful analytics in beautiful visualisations that Business Objects users will be very familiar with. A good choice for those seeking an enterprise strength tool.

Platfora is a visually rich and very advanced end-to-end solution for business analysis built in the Hadoop infrastructure with features such as in-memory computing. It features many uses of partner tools within the Big Data ecosystem and enables users to explore data quickly and efficiently without custom code. This saves time and ensures that insights are used in line with the most recent data. Users can interact with various set of multi structured data and ask emerging questions in the seamless manner.

6. Teradata Loom

Teradata Loom provides a data management tool for the Hadoop data lake. Loom enables users to rapidly find prepare and analyse data within a Hadoop cluster. With Loom you can reuse existing data filters use a framework called “Active Scan” which constantly catalogues and profiles data in HTFS and Hive.

DataWatch provides a visual platform for business analytics. It offers an all-in-one tool for data cleansing transforming and preparation from structured and unstructured datasets. It allows users to discover data in real-time and execute dynamic queries according to the business needs.

Datameer is a big data analytics platform purposively built for Hadoop. It combines self-service data, analytics and infographics in useful and easy way for stakeholders to interpret. It provides an end-to-end single workflow to simplify the big data analytics process.

Tamr connects and enriches data allowing to quickly leverage and reduce the effort to access it. It uses advanced algorithms, machine learning and human guidance to resolve any uncertainty. It continually builds a data inventory and an expert directory while continually enhancing data assets for useful insights.

10. Rapidminer Studio

Rapidminer Studio is a popular open source predictive analytics platform that grew out of the Data Mining community. The platform provides all of the necessary tools for a mature data mining process. It provides accurate pre-processing, supports multiple interfaces and executes a wide range of operations ranging from data preparation to model building and validation.


Over the years, I’ve enjoyed designing ‘tools’ for health care professionals to use in their daily practice – created to make the process easier. You could download the reference items and put them into a presentation folder for easy access when the consultation is busy and time is short. Some are provided in Word format so that you could adapt them for your own use in your workplace. Please always make sure though that you are always using the latest version. I would ask you to read the copyright and disclaimer statements please.

This is a new form designed in 2012 (updated 2017) and included in the 2018 RCN Competence document, Travel health nursing career and competence development, RCN guidance. This was updated again in August 2018 to add in country of origin, a useful question to ask in relation to FGM. The form is provided as a PDF document you could print it out and use in paper format, scanning into your computer system when completed, or you could use the suggested information on the form to build a template within your computer system at work if available. Now also provided in Word, please acknowledge the source, but make clear any alterations to the original are made by you, the user and ensure this is not for commercial use.

This is a new form designed in 2012 (updated 2018) and included in the 2018 RCN Competence document, Travel health nursing career and competence development, RCN guidance. Provided as a PDF document you could print it out and use in paper format, scanning into your computer system when completed, or you could use the suggested information on the form to build a template within your computer system at work if available. In April 2013, the MHRA published an FAQ document which included detail of what should be on a PSD. This form was therefore updated in May 2013 to reflect this information. For the FAQs from the MHRA see here and follow the archive link. Also see my FAQ on the subject here. Now also provided in Word, please acknowledge the source, but make clear any alterations to the original are made by you, the user and ensure this is not for commercial use.

3. A guide for travel vaccines (updated 5th July 2019)

This is a chart of the vaccines we use in a travel consultation in the UK and includes the schedules, age groups for use and the general principles of when to boost. The chart should always be used in conjunction with other reference sources, for example the Public Health England and Department of Health Green Book, current British National Formulary and the details of the Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPCs) on the Electronic Medicines Compendium website. Further details can be found on the individual pharmaceutical company websites for their individual vaccines.

This is a copy of the leaflet I give to all my travellers – it covers the basics of general travel advice. I would then provide any specialist advice from the NaTHNaC and TRAVAX databases. This leaflet is provided as a Word document so that you could then enter your surgery details to personalise it to your workplace. Please always check you are using the latest version and read the leaflet in its entirety to ensure you are happy with its content.

5. Post vaccination advice letter (updated July 2016)

I provide my travellers with a letter outlining the basic general advice post vaccination. This is in addition to a Patient Information Leaflet written by the vaccine manufacturer, that may be given to your patient. This letter is written as a Word document so that you could then enter your surgery details to personalise it to your workplace. Please always check you are using the latest version and read the leaflet in its entirety to ensure you are happy with its content.

It’s intended that you print this out and place the pages in a presentation folder, allowing travellers to read it before they are seen in the consultation. Time is always of the essence and so if they can review the basic advice of Awareness of Risk, Bite Prevention, Diagnosis, symptoms and what to do if they experience them, it is hoped that you could then spend more of your consultation time discussing the malaria tablet options and deciding with your traveller what chemoprophylaxis is best for them. Many either keep this booklet in the waiting room, or alternatively get the reception staff to hand it to the traveller to read when while waiting to be called for their appointment. If you have a television screen in the waiting room, then it could be used to be displayed as a rolling presentation.

7. Malaria chemoprophylaxis charts – BRIEF and MORE DETAILED (updated October 2017)

Two reference guide charts are now available to some of the key facts on malaria chemoprophylaxis used in the UK. They includes the generic and trade names of the drugs, their available format, the most common side effects, dosage and timing of administration and duration of prescribing and the more detailed chart, much more. Users are advised they must use these charts in conjunction with national resources such as the UK Malaria Guidelines, the BNF and SPC. Please check frequently that you are always using the latest versions.

This is a simple list of telephone numbers and e mail details to help you contact the official services for complex travel health queries. An additional space extending over to a second page has been left for you to add your own favourites resources as well.

9. Future travel letter

This is a letter you could adapt to suit your needs. It is written with VFR travellers in mind who may present late, but equally could be changed to address all last minute travellers. The concept is to have a supply of the letter printed and readily available to give to potential travellers at other opportunistic consultations, e.g. new registration checks, child immunisation sessions, asthma and diabetes clinics etc. This would be a useful way of reminding your patients of the need to book an appointment well in advance of their departure date.

This simple poster is intended to be printed in its original size of A4 (or if you have the facility to increase to A3 size) then post up perhaps in the waiting room of your surgery. Its aim is to make patients aware that you don’t have last minute appointments for travel and they should try to book well in advance of their departure date.

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An article and information leaflet was written by Dr Caroline Turner for the Spring/Summer 2012 edition of Emporiatrics (the magazine of the Faculty of Travel Medicine) on travel and sexual health. To see the entire publication click here but to download a copy of the leaflet designed to be given to a traveller just click here or on the title of this posting above. Marie Stopes International have also produced some A4 Wilbert posters promoting safe sex – they have an element of fun in each to help you get the message accross. To see click on the titles here: Oops; On me head; Talk to the hand; Raining men and Spots.

I’ve discussed information from the updated Chapter 3 of the Green Book over the past few months when teaching about the need for a stock management system – see page 24/25 from here. So I have created two Excel books – one for travel vaccines and one for vaccines in the National programme. For the travel vaccine portfolio I included ALL travel vaccines available in August 2017 (thanks to Sam Howard for showing me the trick of hyperlinking the pages quickly on the right hand side!). For the National programme I’ve listed them in order of administration according to age.

The information in this leaflet has been taken directly from the PHE Guidelines for malaria prevention in travellers from the UK, which was published online on 22.08.13 – see here. The leaflet information within the guideline document was available for users to copy and paste into their own leaflet, so I have simply provided this without you having to do the work! Emergency Standby Treatment is not utilised so often in a travel consultation in primary care so if this is something you know little of, please ensure you read the UK Malaria Guidelines thoroughly.

I’ve made some bravery certificates to use when you’re vaccinating small children and created them so there is minimal writing to do when filling them out. There’s a selection to chose from, but please read this document – click on ‘Explanation of the different bravery certificates’ and then download the individual certificate you chose to use. As described in the document, they are: A B C D E F G H J K Have fun, I did making them!

And now I’ve made some certificates in black and white (well mostly!) for those of you without colour printers. The children could possibly colour these in! Again I’ve made then with limited need to write much, thus saving you time. See all 10 desings in 1 here. Then individually, download teddy bear, owl 1, owl 2, zebra, robot, tiger, cat, smiley face and flower, police car and penguin.

15. Travel Vaccine Record Sheet or download as a word file (updated June 2017 – important, please read detail below here)

I’ve had recent difficulty in obtaining travel vaccine record cards so have made a record sheet of my own! The intention was to create it in a format that took as little documentation as possible so I’ve included the length of protection in many instances, a simple code format for entry of the vaccine used, facility to put just one signature to save time etc. Sections regarding hepatitis B vaccines need further detail adding because there are so many options for courses. Not all vaccines are included as there wasn’t room on the one page, but the most commmonly used vaccines given in practice are and there is some space to add in extra vaccines if needed. Yellow fever vaccine must be recorded on the official ICVP booklet as should polio for some destinations at the current time. You could put your surgery details in the top right hand corner and save the document for future use perhaps. This form can be completed on the computer by just entering the detail in the grey boxes where appropriate, then either printing it off or sending to your traveller by e mail. Aternatively you could just print off then complete manually. N.B. when you print it out, none of the grey boxes on the form show.

If a patient of yours had travelled abroad and telephoned the GP surgery regarding concerns over a potential rabies exposure, would the person taking this call know what to do? I’ve created a simple poster to ensure this person acts on the problem appropriately. It gives no clinical advice, this is something the healthcare professional should know about.

This is a simple form to possibly help you plan out a complex itinerary. It provides an opportunity to summarise the trip, document the recommendations taken from the online database and then plan out the vaccine schedule if the timeframe is quite tight. Sometimes putting this information down on paper, can ‘unravel’ a task that might initially seem overwhelming.

This is an information leaflet for a traveller who may be going to travel to a malarious area but isn’t too sure exactly where he/she is going. It leads the traveller to resources to review the malaria risk and suggests further learning

19. Travel Consultation Protocol (sample for adaptation)

This is a word document to provide guidance to developing your own travel consultation be in in a clinic situation or if you see your travellers opportunistically. It will need to have additional information added and always check the resources etc are up to date.

Last year I published a video about rabies prevention which is posted on the rabies page in ‘HELP’ and on the Traveller Advice Resources page. Sometimes within the consultation there isn’t suffiicient time to play the whole video so I use this booklet (click on the link by no 20 above) to start the initial educational process with my traveller, then I ask them to go home and watch the video on the patient resource page. I’m finding it helps them to understand more and take the issue regarding rabies risk and considering vaccination more seriously.

This is a simple chart that could be used to explain how to administer malaria chemoprophylaxis by cutting the tablets, crushing them and then mixing with a little honey, jam etc. A pill cutter is illustrated to show how tablets can be cut up more accurately. These are easily available from chemist shops and online. The wording on the chart is taken directly from the UK Malaria Guidelines. Click HERE also to obtain the chart of children’s doses of chemoprophylaxis which has been developed by NaTHNaC.

22. Vaccine shortages tools as a temporary measure!

Here’s a chart to write in the current situation over the vaccines for hepatitis A and B at the moment. Download the chart as a PDF or as an Excel document and see if they help you to keep track of your own situation. Don’t forget all the details of the vaccine manufacturers are also on this page here!

This is a visual aid to help you explain the importance of mosquito bite prevention for travellers. It can also be found on other pages e.g. the malaria page in Help and is also on the Traveller Resources page for them to view after your consultation.

This is a simple poster to highlight the risk of MMR in relation to travel abroad. Travellers may be going to Europe where there is currently an outbreak, however such travellers rarely attend a travel appointment for advice for these destinations. However, they may take notice of the poster while sitting in a waiting room.

25. Malaria Tablet Leaflets – PLEASE read the section below (April 2018)

I’ve made malaria tablet leaflets with malaria prevention advice on the reverse. These are available for you to give to your travellers after discussion regarding the preferred option for their trip. The leaflets cannot be altered but you could perhaps print your practice stamp on the top right and if you charge for a private prescription then you could write this cost in. It takes time for a prescription to be prepared and in my own clinical practice I would now steer a traveller to get their malaria tablets from a pharmacy or possibly online AFTER I had discussed the advice. I’ve also written a leaflet for when no malaria tablets need to be taken (except in exceptional circumstances – see the ‘Malaria’ section of the country specific information on TravelHealthPro), but there is still a risk of malaria at the destination – please make sure you read the text thoroughly. Leaflets available are for atovaquone/proguanil; doxycycline; mefloquine; chloroquine with proguanil; no malaria tablets but ABD of malaria prevention advised. Please note, permission was gained to use the MHRA logo. Details about this feature are on the leaflets but also here which you could choose to print off as a poster to show, and on the Traveller Resources page under Useful Tips entitled ‘Tips on buying malaria tablets online’.

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