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Latest Reviews

“Will never use again!”

Written on: 20/07/2019 by PaulChelsky307450 (1 review written)

Our elderly cat was still very active and was running across the garden and climbing fences before we administered the Stronghold treatment. The next morning she was a totally different cat, and for the next four days she wouldn’t eat or drink, was listless and crawled into a dark corner to hide. We took her to the vets and found that her kidneys had been so traumatized that they were beyond repair and we had to have her put to sleep. After researching it afterwards we discovered that there is… Read Full Review

Cuddlecoocoo’s Response to PaulChelsky307450’s Review

Written on: 15/08/2019


“Buy from your VET”

Written on: 11/08/2017 by Reese311 (1 review written)

Some of these companies online have BOOTLEGGED products. You can tell as soon as you open the tube. The real revolution has a strong smell. be very careful. You may read some good reviews but that means nothing they send out a good product to some and bootlegged to others. Be very careful… Read Full Review

“So Worried about our puppy”

Written on: 25/01/2017 by Pamiller (1 review written)

We put Stronghold (purple — Selamectin 30 mg) flea medication on our puppy for the first time a few days ago. It appears that she has had an allergic reaction and at this point we hope she will recover. She is licking herself, appears itchy and very irritated (can’t settle and get comfortable). She has vomited a bit is not eating or drinking and is not herself in any way. We have been to the vet and they gave her some intravenous fluids. She was previously on Advantage flea medication… Read Full Review

Knaz216’s Response to Pamiller’s Review

Written on: 09/08/2017

I am telling you this: Some of these products are bootlegged. I have been screwed many times.

“Devastated ”

Written on: 01/09/2016 by gjMiddleton376 (1 review written)

I am very upset! When I first purchased this product I could not fault it at all. It clear all the fleas on my cat And kept them at bay. It really was a dream come true. since buying it again from my vet, it has marked my cat! Leaving him with a ball spot!! The first time I really wasn’t sure it was the stronghold, I blamed my partner! I thought he may have drop a cigarette on him, but he assure me he didn’t. I call an emergency vet the said to just wait until my vet was open. So I did, I… Read Full Review

Fmcm’s Comment

Written on: 30/07/2017

I’ve just used Stronghold on my cats, I wasn’t sure whether one reacted last time or not as he had a round bald spot but I wasn’t sure if he had pulled fur out ( although hard to reach). Put Stronghold on my cats Friday, admittedly only one out of four has reacted but never again. He has round bald patch and the skin is burnt and red in patches, it looks very sore. I’ve just rung the vets who couldn’t advise over the phone hence looking on line for any advice on how to treat.

“What Happened?”

Written on: 03/05/2016 by Guest15600 (1 review written)

We’ve been longtime Revolution fans for our cats. And it has been very effective, sometimes only requiring treatment every 2 mos. We’ve been buying Stronghold for the last year and a half because of better pricing. This last batch is not doing the job at all! It’s been 2 wks since the last application and all four cats are crawling with fleas. I cannot believe that the fleas have suddenly developed immunity. I suspect that something is not right with the last batch. That’s it for us. We’ve… Read Full Review

“Waste of Money”

Written on: 12/02/2016 by Damaris500 (1 review written)

Don’t bother. I was sold this by our vet. Expensive and didn’t work on my cat. I went to my local pet shop and bought Johnsons 4Fleas tablets, which were cheap and worked brilliantly… Read Full Review

“Stronghold is excellent”

Written on: 24/11/2015 by Beachy01752 (1 review written)

I have used this product on 3 dogs and it is really good. My dogs run in fields and streams and are in contact where foxes roam . One got foxes mange prior to using stronghold — but since switching has not had any problems. Won’t use anything else… Read Full Review

“My dog is miserable bc of it”

Written on: 05/10/2015 by RedPandaPop (1 review written)

My small terrier mix has a severe reaction to flea bites. I had used Revolution on him previously a few years back and remembered that other brands didn’t work for him so I ordered Stronghold aka Revolution. A day after application he vommited, had diarrhea and was lethargic. Thankfully that subsided, however, it’s been 2 months since he was dosed and his skin is now flaking off in clumps. It’s so bad and he is so miserable and itchy. I have spent nearly $200 in trying shampoo’s and… Read Full Review

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Conniekeeton’s Response to RedPandaPop’s Review

Written on: 04/11/2015

I hope that your dog has recovered. I would suggest that instead of using a flea med on him, to bath him once a month in a small amount of Dawn dishwashing liquid. Lather, wait a few minutes, rinse well. Don’t get it near his eyes. This kills ALL insects on contact and is not poison. ONLY BLUE COLOR DAWN original works. Rescue organizations use it on dogs, cats, birds and reptiles. No need for a flea medication. Good luck. I feel so badly for your baby.

“Frightening reaction”

Written on: 21/04/2015 by Devand238 (1 review written)

My small dog, 4 kg, is sensitive to flea and tick medicines, usually acting somewhat listless the next day. I keep hoping to find one that is easier on him. But Stronghold was far, far worse, he began vomiting and having diarrhea every 2 to 3 hours, starting 6 hours after application, and lasting for nearly two days straight. He had to be seen by a vet. The diarrhea lasted 3 days, with only bloody drops on the second day. I will never use Stronghold again… Read Full Review

“Fatal bad product ”

Written on: 14/08/2014

I am disgusted to find after using stronghold on my cat that this product causes such bad reactions and can be fatal. My cat has had an allergic reaction and is at the vets overnight having this flushed out. I pray to god she is ok but I know others have not been so lucky. How can people sell this product and not investigate the fatalities it has caused? I don’t know why it is highly recommended I would not recommend to anyone and I certainly will NEVER use this again! Can anyone put my… Read Full Review

Law369’s Comment

Written on: 16/08/2014

Really sorry to hear that and I hope she is ok. I gave my cats this last week and one has become ill with diaahroea and was initially sick and off food etc. Our dog gets this with stronghold so I thought it would pass. He is now eating and seems brighter but still isnt 100% and has diaarohea im really unsure as to whether to take him to the vets or not (I obviously will if he still has diaahroea by monday)

“Waste of money! Doesn’t work!! ”

Written on: 03/08/2014 by hqWelch49 (1 review written)

This is a complete waste of money! I used this product on my dogs I might as well have put water on the back of their necks! Advocate is the only product I have found that works… Read Full Review

“be aware ”

Written on: 25/06/2014 by BrandenTurner355 (1 review written)

used on my 2 year old cat, she started to fit after an hour, had a stroke and died, she was a very healthy cat but reacted to this. BE AWARE… Read Full Review

Naturegirl39’s Comment

Written on: 09/07/2014

So sorry for you. I have just read this as I am searching the web for other accounts of cats having bad reactions to Stronghold. We had one of our cats treated with this for the first time 6 weeks ago- he started to shake a few hours later. He is ok most of the time, but starts to tremble /have tremors every night. We are about to take him to the vets today to have him checked out. I hope this will not have a permanent affect on him.
So sorry for your loss. Why do vets not warn of possible adverse reactions?

“Fleas are finally gone!”

Written on: 23/06/2014 by catlver (1 review written)

We took in a stray cat over a year ago and never checked it for fleas, by the time we spotted the fleas they were everywhere and we had awful trouble getting rid of them, an absolute nightmare! They had spread to our other cat and our dog too. The vet gave us stronghold revolution for the two cats and the dog, it works by entering the bloodstream which I didn’t much like but it did work, the fleas jump on and bite the cat or dog and they die off as the stronghold in the cats blood poisons them… Read Full Review

“Doesn’t work for fleas”

Written on: 12/01/2014

I used a different product but wanted to try a different product. Stronghold looked good for fleas and many other things so I ordered it online. On the 30th October, I applied Stronghold on my cat for the first time. On the 19th December, I applied Stronghold again, but gave her a bath the next day. So maybe it got washed off. On the 28th December, I found a flea on my cat. On the 30th December, I found another flea so applied Stronghold again. But ever since that day, I have been… Read Full Review

Ljm1010’s Comment

Written on: 15/02/2014

I’m confused, Is Stronghold the same as Revolution? If so, Revolution should not applied more than every 30 days or it could be harmful. Does your home need to be treated for a flea infestation? My understanding is even if you see a flea after treatment, they are sterile and will eventually die.


Written on: 14/10/2013

I have been using this on my 25lb pug for over a year. I have tried all of the flea and tick treatments on the market, and this is the best! It is a little bit pricey, but it works and lasts longer than the other products… Read Full Review

“My cats hair fell out”

Written on: 12/05/2013

I mainly used to use Frontline for my cat, without too much of a problem until the vet suggested I try Stronghold as it has a wormer included. So I have used Stronghold since then, probably a couple of years. After reading the reviews on Frontline, I have since realised that my cats hair loss around his collar area is not due to his collar rubbing but due more than likely to Frontline. Anyway, the last time I used Stronghold (and it will be the last time) I applied it at the back of my cats… Read Full Review

Messyella’s Comment

Written on: 18/05/2013

My cat had the same problem with frontline, unfortunately any spot on treatments run the risk of this happening but I have had less of a problem with stronghold

“I’ve used them all, this is the best on the market.”

Written on: 14/09/2012 by PebbsLondon (1 review written)

I have 3 furfaces, and I believe I have tried every flea treatment on the market. One cat has a serious flea allergy, and this was made worse by fur loss around the neck site area, when applying products such as Frontline, etc. The reason for this I am now told is these products are alcohol based, and for cats with sensitive skin it literally painful. This poor cat has had steroid treatments for the fur loss, and I was desperate. I took him to another vet, who recommended this one. Yes it is… Read Full Review

Stronghold for dogs: from fleas and ticks — reviews

Worked very well will buy more I rate 5. And I also be passing in to others.

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Good flea treatment. But please vetuk supply a magnifying glass with the instructions, the writing is stupidly tiny.

Super product, always works well, well recommended, l always use this product.

Très bon produit pour mes Border-Collies ; facile à utiliser et efficace.

With only having to use one pippette at a time this product is good value — with other leading brands you have to use two. Used yesterday on my two hairy spaniels. Today there are some dead fleas, some very groggy, and very little activity. Will look again to see how effective the treatment is in a couple of weeks time

Good product cheaper than other sites and cheaper by far than the local vet

Very easy to administer. Excellent value for money.

easy to use and works a treat, and loads cheaper than the leading brand

very easy to use and not messy at all. Just as good as the more expensive brands

My two boys have been on these for over a year now. We used to use Spot On- but these are just as affective — no ticks or fleas even with regular heathland walks.. much cheaper too!!

Excellent product, same active ingredient as Frontline but a lot cheaper — would recommend.

Very effective and a great price. Will be sticking with this.

Others who, like me, were looking for an alternative to Frontline should be aware that this product contains the same active ingredient, fipronil. If Frontline isn’t working for you, then you probably want another product.

I use to use frontline but found it was becoming ineffective so I changed to this and found Snoop is now flea free.

Product works fine but one of the pippetes had snapped in transit. Emailed vetuk and got a refund for it. Otherwise very happy.

Bethany Louise Cook

love this so cheap and hate going to vets so nice to get it sent to my house and its easy to use xx

Bouncer caught some fleas from somewhere (he’s a very clean doggy usually and he’s never had fleas before) but this seems to have sorted the problem.

Stronghold Spot On for Dogs & Cats

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This product is sourced in the United Kingdom and is intended for use in the United Kindgom only.

Stronghold provides one of the most complete parasite treatments available in one easy spot-on application. The contents of one pipette are emptied onto the skin of the back of the neck once a month. The active ingredient is absorbed through the skin and for 1 month it will kill fleas, lice, worms and mites wherever they are, either inside, or on the surface of, the body. In areas where heartworm is found, Stronghold prevents this too, which is important for dogs and cats traveling to Europe on the Pet Travel Scheme.

For a full explanation of the parasite control provided by Stronghold, read the relevant datasheet by clicking on the individual products below.

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Summary of Reviews for Stronghold Spot On for Dogs & Cats


Absence Of Side Effects

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5 5 Easy to administer
Verified Purchase

By Hilary Winstanley on 25 June 2018

Good value, compared to almost double at the vets.

Customer recommends this product

5 5 Excellent product
Verified Purchase

By Karen Finn on 23 May 2018

I have been using Stronghold for a couple of years as my dogs seemed to have become immune to their previous well known preventative

Customer recommends this product

5 5 Stronghold
Verified Purchase

By Philip Butterworth on 3 May 2018

This seems to be an excellent flea treatment for my two cats, especially the fact that it is waterproof after only two hours.

Customer recommends this product

5 5 Great
Verified Purchase

By Sarah Cruz on 13 February 2018

Great product and works

Customer recommends this product

5 5 Quick, good value service
Verified Purchase

By Mrs Gill Brice on 29 November 2017

Works very well.

Customer recommends this product

Below are some recent questions we’ve received regarding Stronghold Spot On for Dogs & Cats, including answers from our team.

George my cat

How long does it take before I see no more fleas on George ?

Thank you for your question, it takes 2-3 hours to kill the fleas. We do recommend that the house is treated to, to help prevent the cat from getting re-infected as fleas lay the larvae in sofas, blankets and other household items. We also recommend putting all blankets ect. in the washing machine on a boiling wash to kill any larvae and fleas present.

I hope this helps, if you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.


is stronghold still effective when they are in the sun bathing everyday?

It is true that ultra-violet radiation tends to degrade many compounds, but the active ingredient of Stronghold (Selamectin) is absorbed hrough the skin and so is out of reach of the UV. I am sure it will remain effective despite sunbathing.

Jane woodham

I use stronghold on my 8 month old Cocker Spaniel, I have noted that it is effected against some types of worms, do I need to worm my dog every three months with a product like Drontal wormer too ? I am confused as to what worms are killed by what product and if it’s necessary for me to purchase both products ? Thanks

If you use Stronghold then it is unlikely that you need to give any other worm treatment at all. Stronghold is not effective against tapeworms, but they are rare in dogs now apart from a very few areas. If tapeworms are present, they are usually harmless to the dog, but you will see segments of tapeworm. In that case you can use a multi-wormer Drontal, or just Droncit which is purely active against tapeworms. Most people who use Stronghold do not use a separate wormer as well. Obviously your vet can advise you on this as he/she is providing the prescription for it.


Stronghold was administered to my cat but not put directly onto the skin. This seems to have made it ineffective 3 days later I am still finding fleas. Can I give an extra dose or will this cause problems?

The safest thing to do would be to apply a different type of flea
treatment which will not be at all likely to cause a problem with
whatever Stronghold did reach your cat’s skin. I would suggest Advantage
or Frontline. They have different active ingredients.
As far as
seeing fleas is concerned, it is quite common at this time of year for
there to be a huge explosion of fleas emerging from eggs (and pupae etc)
which were laid earlier in the year. You can then get lots of new fleas
jumping onto your cat every day, even though many will die after a
while due to the treatment applied. Therefore you might be seeing fleas
even if the Stronghold had been applied perfectly. All these fleas will
eventually die, but you might have to be a bit patient (and ideally
treat the house with something like Indorex).

Katherine Turner

Can I use stronghold on my heavily pregnant cat?

Stronghold is safe to give during pregnancy or lactation. There is a general guide that all medication should be avoided if possible during the first third of pregnancy. It should however be perfectly safe, and a good idea, to use Stronghold in a heavily pregnant cat.

Sophie Cain

Can stronghold 45 mg for cats be used on a dog. If not, why not?

Licensed medicines are strictly controlled and it is against the law for anyone other than the vet to prescribe Stronghold. If the prescribing vet considers using a medicine in some way differently from its legal authorisation, then he can do so and it is up to him to justify his decision afterwards if something goes wrong. Having said that, I expect that most vets would consider it perfectly OK to use the Cat Stronghold on a dog if it was of suitable weight, age etc.

m west

How soon after application will the irritation stop.

This normally takes a few days. However it depends on how many fleas are present in the environment, how sensitised the dog has become to flea saliva(injected when they bite), and whether or not the irritation is caused or complicated by other things. All fleas on the dog should die, but more will jump on for a while. They too will die, but if there are lots living in the environment, it will take a while for them all to die. For this reason, it is often recommended to use a household flea spray for carpets and bedding etc as well. All fleas will go in time without, but it takes longer. Sometimes the dog’s skin can have a mild, secondary bacterial infection which prolongs irritation. This can be treated as well if needs be, but you vet will have checked for this. If the irritation is persisting longer than you think is reasonable, it is best to return to your vet for advice. There will be a reason, though it is very unlikely to be the Stronghold not killing fleas, as it is generally found to be extremely effective.

Flea Control For Cats – Stronghold

What is Stronghold for cats and dogs?

Stronghold Flea Control is a liquid medication, applied topically to the skin on the back of the neck which is used to treat and prevent flea and other parasites in dogs and cats. Stronghold contains the active ingredient selamectin, an insecticide. Stronghold is manufactured by Pfizer Ltd and comes as individual pipettes of solution to be applied monthly. Stronghold comes in several different sizes so that dogs and cats of various weights can be given an appropriate dose. Stronghold for dogs and cats comes as packs of 3 & 6. Stronghold can only be obtained from a veterinary surgeon.

Are you shopping for Stronghold for Cats? Click here to browse the range

Are you shopping for Stronghold for Dogs? Click here to browse the range

What is Stronghold used for?

Stronghold is used to treat and prevent fleas (Ctenocephalides spp.) in both dogs and cats. It is very useful as part of a management regime for flea allergic dermatitis (FAD). In addition Stronghold can be used to treat ear mites (Otodectes cynotis) and to prevent infection with heart worm (Dirofilaria immitis).

In dogs specifically, Stronghold can also be used to treat adult, intestinal roundworms (Toxocara canis), sarcoptic mange caused by Sarcoptes scabiei and infestations of biting lice (Trichodectes canis).

In cats, Stronghold can also be used to treat adult, intestinal roundworms (Toxocara cati) as well as adult intestinal hookworms (Ancylostoma tunbaeforme) and biting lice (Felicola subrostratus).

Stronghold tips

· Stronghold should be used monthly

· Stronghold can be used in animals older than 6 weeks of age

· Animals should also be greater than 2.5kg before receiving stronghold

· Stronghold is a POM-V so can only be obtained from a vet or with a prescription from a vet.

· If you suspect any side effects from Stronghold then call your vet

· The dose of Stronghold needed will be determined by your vet

· The dose of Stronghold depends on weight so weigh your pet regularly

· Stronghold should be stored under 30oC and out of the reach of children.

Side Effects

· Stronghold is generally very safe is used as advised to do so by the vet

· Stronghold should only be used topically, never into the mouth or ears

· Stronghold should not be used in animals less than 6 weeks

· Stronghold may cause mild and temporary hair loss at the site of application

· Stronghold may cause clumping of hair at the site

· Stronghold may leave white powder at the site of application

· Keep your pet away from fire for 30 minutes after application or until hair is dry

· Do not bath your pet or let them swim for 2 hours after applying Stronghold

· If your pet manages to lick the Stronghold then they may salivate excessively

· Stronghold may cause temporary and reversible neurological signs

· If you suspect any side effects then contact your vet for advice

Dosage and Administration

· Stronghold should be given once a month

· Stronghold is applied topically to the skin on the back of the neck

· Stronghold comes in single dose, plastic pipettes

· Stronghold comes in various sizes for accurate dosing

· The dose of Stronghold is dependent on weight so weight your pet regularly

· Stronghold can be used in pregnant and lactating animals

· There are no interactions between Stronghold and most common veterinary medicines

· Stronghold is used to treat a wide variety of parasites in dogs and cats

· Continued use of Stronghold will also prevent parasites

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