Spregal: reviews, instructions for use, price, analogues of the preparation

Spregal: reviews, instructions for use, price, analogues of the preparation


Anti-Scaling Agent Spregal is available as an aerosol, which is convenient and allows it to be used to treat the infected skin surface anywhere in the body. Reviews, instructions on the use of spray spray Spregal, its price, and analogues of the drug will be discussed today in this article.

Features of the drug

Manufacturer of cure for scabies — «Omega Pharma», France. The composition of the drug is designed in such a way that it allows the active substance to penetrate the scabies in the skin, causing the death of a female scabies mite, laying eggs under the skin.

The drug kills adult mites and ectoparasitic eggs without exerting a toxic effect on humans.

About Spregale and some other preparations from demodicosis will tell this video:

Composition of the drug Spregal

Active components of the drug Spregal:

  • esdepalletrin( 0, 663%) — an insecticide of neurotoxic action;
  • piperonyl butoxide( 5.305%) is an insect enzyme blocker that is used for protection.

Auxiliary components of the drug — ethyl alcohol, diethylene glycol, macroglycerides.

Next, we will consider the price and form of the remedy for scabies Spregal.

Medicinal forms

Spregal is available in the form of an aerosol. A bottle containing 160 ml of a drug costs 790-850 rubles.in pharmacies in Moscow. The price of a medicine for scabies Spregal in other cities of the country may be slightly different.

Pharmacological action of

The action of the neurotoxic poison of the esdepalletrin consists in violation of the transport of sodium, potassium ions, an obstacle to the transfer through the membrane of the insect cells of magnesium, calcium, disbalance of the cations in the cell and the intercellular environment. The components of the drug penetrate the body through the skin, after 2 hours after treatment, the maximum concentration of the drug in the blood is reached.

After 24 hours after application to the skin, Spragal components are found in trace amounts. Completely the drug is excreted from the body after two days.

Instructions for Spray from Scabies Spragal is discussed below.


Spragal is intended for the treatment of scabies of any location in adults and children, including:

  • nodular;
  • scabies of «cleanliness»;
  • pseudocytes;
  • typical;
  • of Norway, etc.

Also use it when itching the bather.


The drug is applied to the skin surface, completely covering the entire body, and left for 12 hours. Do not treat only the skin on the head — both the face and the scalp.

Preparation of

After treatment, even with successful treatment, the itching persists for up to 10 days. In order not to doubt whether the drug helped or not, you can make a photo of the skin scabies affected by scabies. The appearance of new rashes after treatment will mean that re-treatment is required.

Before treatment, take a warm but not hot shower. Strongly steam the skin is not necessary, it can intensify the itch.

Treatment sequence

The treatment is carried out after 19 hours, sprayed from the can to dry skin with 20-30 cm. It should be treated very carefully, not ignoring skin folds, axillary cavities, inguinal, gluteal folds, gaps between fingers, feet.

After 12 hours, take a cool shower to rinse the product, then wash with soap under a warm shower.

Features of

  • Itching does not disappear immediately. He can disturb the patient for 10 more days or more. If the itching does not disappear after this time, it may mean that the treatment did not destroy all ectoparasites, and it must be repeated.
  • Itching can persist for months even if completely cured. This condition is caused by post-scabious lymphoplasia.
  • Spregal is used for treatment from scabies mite children. For the safety of the child, the face is closed for the duration of treatment with gauze. Children up to 3 years old are treated with the scalp.
  • The complexity of processing the smallest — newborns, babies. Children experience painful itching, and, trying to get rid of it, comb their own face.
  • The combs must be treated with a tampon on which Spregal is applied. Problems arise when using diapers. The wet diaper should be removed and the skin re-processed. It is more appropriate to use diapers. In this case, there is no such problem.


  • Do not spray Spregal for bronchitis, bronchial asthma. In these cases, the agent is applied to a tampon, and then the skin is wiped.
  • The drug is contraindicated in lactation, is not used in case of hypersensitivity to Spregal.
  • The effect of the drug on pregnant women has not been studied. To be treated by means Spragal from a scabies at pregnancy is admissible only at an extreme necessity under the reference of the doctor.

Side effects of

  • Allergic reaction;
  • burning sensation on the skin.

In this case, do not leave the drug on the skin. It must be washed off immediately, and if the burning does not stop, seek medical help or take an antihistamine.

Special instructions

  • The treatment can only be carried out in a room with good ventilation.
  • The drug should not be stored at a temperature exceeding 25 ° C.One carton is enough to handle 3 people. You need to process all family members.
  • Bed linen, clothes, towels — everything must be disinfected. Kills scabies mites and their eggs by ironing with a hot iron, washing with detergent at a temperature above 60 ° C.
  • Ectoparasites die at a negative temperature. In winter, in order to avoid re-infection, it is enough to take out personal belongings in the frost for one day.


Doctors note Spregal’s high effectiveness in the treatment of scabies, and the failure of treatment is explained by repeated infection with undefined clothes and clothes. In the responses of patients who used Spregal for treatment, it is also noted that to get rid of scabies, it is necessary that all members of the family go through treatment.

The apartment must also be fully finished. And not only clothes are processed, but also bed, linen, personal things — a purse, a handbag. You can not forget about pets, they are treated by a veterinarian. If these conditions are met, Spregal works «perfectly».


Analogs of Spragal-Belogent, Yurax, Benzyl benzoate, to such sometimes also include the very toxic Lindane.

The video below presents the girl’s opinion about Spregale in combating demodicosis:


Spregal — instructions for use, analogs, testimonials and release forms (aerosol or spray) of a medicinal product for the treatment of scabies, demodectic infections in adults, children and during pregnancy

In this article, you can read the instructions for using the drug Spregal. There are reviews of visitors to the site — consumers of this medication, as well as opinions of doctors specialists on the use of Spregal in their practice. A big request is to actively add their feedback on the drug: the medicine helped or did not help get rid of the disease, which were observed complications and side effects, possibly not declared by the manufacturer in the annotation. Spregal analogs in the presence of existing structural analogues. Use to treat scabies, demodicosis in adults, children, as well as during pregnancy and lactation.

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Spregal — Combined drug for the treatment of scabies and demodectic.The esdepalletrin, which is part of the drug, is a neurotoxic poison for insects. The mechanism of action is the violation of the cation exchange of nerve cell membranes. Piperonyl butoxide enhances the effect of esdepalletrin.


Esdepalletrin (esbiol) + Piperonyl butoxide + excipients.


The components of the preparation are found in the patient’s blood 1 h after external application of Spregal. After 24 hours after using the drug, the concentration of its components in the blood plasma is minimal, and in some cases is not determined. 48 hours after application of Spragal, no traces of its components in the blood plasma of the patient are detected.


  • treatment of scabies, demodectic.

Forms of release

Aerosol for external use (sometimes mistakenly called a spray).

There are no other dosage forms, be it cream, ointment or gel.

Instructions for use and how to use them

It is preferable to start treatment in the evening (after 18-19 hours), so that the drug works during the night. After applying the drug should not be washed. Before use, shake the canister thoroughly.By spraying the drug is carefully applied to the surface of the body (except the skin of the face and head) at a distance of 20-30 cm from the skin surface. The drug is first applied to the trunk, and then to the limbs (the treated areas begin to shine). Particularly carefully the drug is applied between the fingers, toes, underarms, perineum, on all folds and affected areas and left on the skin for 12 hours. After 12 hours, wash thoroughly with soap and wipe.

As a rule, a single application of Spregal is sufficient. However, it should be borne in mind that even in the case of treatment effectiveness, itching and other symptoms may occur for another 8-10 days. If symptoms persist after this period, you can apply the drug again.

When treating children and newborns during the spraying of the drug, it is necessary to cover the nose and mouth with a napkin; In the case of changing diapers, the whole buttock zone needs to be re-processed. When localized scratching on the face, they are treated with a cotton swab dampened with Spregal.

Side effect

  • the appearance of a slight burning sensation, which usually passes quickly.


  • bronchial asthma;
  • obstructive bronchitis;
  • lactation (breastfeeding);
  • hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

Application in pregnancy and lactation

The use of the drug during pregnancy is possible only if the intended benefit to the mother exceeds the potential risk to the fetus.

If you need to use the drug during lactation, you should stop breastfeeding for the period of treatment.

special instructions

The drug should be sprayed in a well-ventilated area.

One bottle of the drug Spregal is enough to treat 3-4 people.

Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

To avoid secondary infection, you must treat the bed and clothes.

The drug is contraindicated in bronchial asthma, obstructive bronchitis only because of the aerosol form. In this case, it is possible to apply the drug on the skin with a cotton swab dampened with Spregal.

Drug Interactions

Drug interaction of the drug Spregal is unknown.

Analogues of the drug Spregal

Spregal does not have structural analogs for the active substance.The drug is unique in the combination of incoming active ingredients.

Analogues on the pharmacological group (means for the treatment of scabies):

  • Belogent;
  • Benzyl benzoate;
  • Sodium thiosulfate;
  • Yurax.

Used for the treatment of diseases: scabies, demodicosis



Spregal (Spregal) — a drug used in dermatological practice for the treatment of demodicosis and scabies.

Contains several active ingredients at once: piperonyl butoxide and esdepalletrin. Both are endowed with insecticidal properties. Esdepalletrin — a specific poison that affects the membranes, nerve cells of insects. Piperonil helps to enhance the effect of the drug. Along with this, the excipients are added to the composition of the aerosol: ethyl alcohol, esbiol, diethylene glycol, oleic ether.

24 hours after the use of the drug, the concentration of its components in the blood plasma is minimal, and in some cases is not determined. 48 hours after Sprehal was applied, no traces of its components were detected in the patient’s blood plasma.

Clinico-pharmacological group

Drug for the treatment of scabies.

Terms of sale from pharmacies

Can be bought without a doctor’s prescription.


How much is Spregal in pharmacies? The average price in 2018 is at the level of 1,000 rubles.

Composition and release form

Available in aerosol form in cylinders under pressure. The principle of Sprehal is based on the destruction of parasites that cause scabies, insecticidal substances with the support of auxiliary components:

  • esdepalletrin (main poison);
  • piperonyl butoxide (as a poison acts weakly, but significantly enhances the action of esdepalletrin);
  • ethanol;
  • diethylene glycol;
  • esbiol;
  • oleic ester.

This composition allows the agent to quickly be absorbed into the skin immediately after application with minimal loss in the form of fumes. At the same time, the maximum concentration of the main active substances is reached 2 hours after application, and after two days (48 hours) Spregal is completely excreted from the body, it is no longer detected in the samples of the biomaterial.

Pharmachologic effect

The action of the neurotoxic poison of esdepalletrin is in disrupting the transport of sodium, potassium ions, preventing the transfer of magnesium, calcium cells through the insect cell, disrupting the balance of cations in the cell and the extracellular environment. The components of the drug enter the body through the skin, 2 hours after the treatment, the maximum concentration of the drug in the blood is reached.

One day after application to the skin, Spregal components are detected in trace amounts. The drug is completely eliminated from the body after two days.

Indications for use

Spregal is intended for the treatment of scabies of any localization in adults and children, including:

  • nodular;
  • scabies «clean»;
  • pseudo scabs;
  • typical;
  • Norwegian and others

It is also used for itching bathers and demodicosis.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of scabies treatment

This test was conducted by the Central Skin and Venereological Research Institute of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

The test involved 29 patients aged 3-74 years (12 women, 11 men, 6 children). The duration of the disease ranged from 3 days to 5 months. All patients, and people living with them, had characteristic symptoms of scabies. One of the main symptoms is the presence of scabies in places characteristic of scabies (hands, forearms, abdominal region, thighs, buttocks, genitals).

After taking a shower, the spregal was sprayed all over the skin from top to bottom, then changed clothes and bedding. After 12 hours, the subjects again took a shower and put on clean linen. The results of the tests showed clinical recovery in all patients. Side effects or complications were observed. Two children felt a slight burning and itching for 5-7 days after the procedure. In 4 patients within 10-12 days, signs of nodular scabies were detected, accompanied by swelling and itching. They were prescribed antipruritic drugs (chloropyramine, clemensin, loratadine) and steroid gels in combination with neutral creams.

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During regular examinations of the subjects during the subsequent month, no complications related to the treatment with the drug Spregal were detected. The complete disappearance of the rash in all patients was recorded at 5-8 days after a single procedure. Before and after the study, tests were conducted for the presence of scabby itchiness, blood and urine tests. Tolerability was good.

The results of the study led to the conclusion about the high efficacy and safety of the drug. In comparison with other scabies preparations used in medical practice (benzyl benzoate, sulfuric ointment, Demianovich solution, etc.), spray spray has a therapeutic effect at any stage of the disease, destroying adult ticks, larvae and eggs. In this case, a positive effect was observed in both adults and children with a single procedure. Spregal is easy to use, normally tolerated by all groups of patients, does not provoke adverse reactions and complications. One bottle is enough for the treatment of 2-4 persons.


  • bronchial asthma;
  • bronchitis, accompanied by bronchial obstruction;
  • lactation;
  • intolerance to the components of the drug.

In the first two cases, the drug is contraindicated for use only in the form of a spray. In this case, you can treat the skin with a swab soaked in spregalem.

Appointment during pregnancy and lactation

It can be taken during pregnancy, only if the expected benefit exceeds the possible risk. During lactation Spregal is not applicable.

Dosage and method of use

As indicated in the instructions for use, it is preferable to start the drug treatment in the evening (after 18-19 h), so that Spregal acts during the night. After applying the drug should not wash. Before use, shake the bottle thoroughly. By spraying the drug is carefully applied to the surface of the body (except the skin of the face and head) at a distance of 20-30 cm from the skin surface.

The drug is first applied to the body, and then on the limbs (the treated areas begin to shine). Particularly carefully, the drug is applied between the fingers, legs, in the armpits, perineum, on all folds and affected areas and left on the skin for 12 hours. After 12 hours, you should thoroughly wash with soap and dry.

As a rule, a single application of Spregal is sufficient. However, it must be borne in mind that even if the treatment is effective, itching and other symptoms may be observed for another 8-10 days. If after this period the symptoms persist, you can apply the drug again.

When treating children and newborns while spraying the drug, it is necessary to cover their nose and mouth with a napkin; in the case of a diaper change, the entire area of ​​the buttocks must be reprocessed. With the localization of scratching on the face they are treated with a cotton swab moistened with Spregal.

Side effect

In some cases, local reactions are possible (a slight burning sensation that passes on its own after a while).


No cases of drug overdose have been reported.

Special instructions

Before use, read the special instructions:

  1. The preparation should be sprayed in a well ventilated area.
  2. One bottle of the drug Spregal is enough for the treatment of 3-4 people.
  3. In order to avoid secondary infection, it is necessary to treat the bed and clothes.
  4. Avoid getting the drug in the eyes and mucous membranes. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  5. The drug is contraindicated in bronchial asthma, obstructive bronchitis only because of the aerosol form. In this case, it is possible to apply the drug to the skin with a cotton swab moistened with Spregal.

Interaction with other drugs

Data on drug interactions with Spregal with other topical medications are not described, however, if the patient needs to apply some ointment or cream to the skin, then this should be done after taking a shower and rinsing Spregal from the skin surface.


We offer you to read the reviews of people who used the drug Spregal:

  1. Andrew. This is a great outdoor tool, although there are plenty of other substitutes that are cheap. Yes, the medicine is expensive, but effective! Once he suffered, he processed the whole body, and after 12 hours any manifestations of the disease disappear. I, for example, did not need to spray a second time. To prevent secondary infection, he treated the apartment.
  2. Nastya. I work with money and I know what scab is. Previously treated with benzyl benzoate, but it is a long time. The pharmacy advised spray spray. She worked up for the night, barely waited for the morning (everything burns and itches), drank the suprastin tablet to relieve the symptoms. Washed and decided to repeat the treatment and it was a big mistake for me! After 5 minutes after treatment, my lower lip began to numb and tingle (the face was not processed, only the body and neck), then the jaw became numb and swell . and then I realized that it was not just an allergic reaction; it begins to take care of the quin! But I was lucky, because I had previously drunk Suprastin, and I didn’t go further than these symptoms . By the way, I do not suffer from any allergies. Be careful when re-processing! Although in general, the tool helped.
  3. Marina. Demodekoz was my daughter. Initially, there were small rashes on the cheeks, and then they covered the entire face. It looked awful. Were treated with different ointments. They helped a little. Doctors advised to switch to hormonal medications. We decided to abstain. On the thematic forum I read about Spregal. We decided to try. They were treated, of course, for a long time. More than a month. However, the result is obvious. The number of acne has significantly decreased, and there are no new lesions for a long time. We continue therapy.


If for some reason the use of Spregal became impossible, for example, due to allergies or the high cost of the drug, you can use one of the analogues. Please note that you should not choose a substitute drug yourself, it is better to ask the attending physician for advice. The main analogues of Spregal:

  • Benzyl benzoate (costs no more than 50 rubles);
  • Permethrin (costs about 150 rubles);
  • Esdepalletrin (costs around 700 rubles);
  • A-Par (costs about 650 rubles).

Before buying an analogue, consult your doctor.

Shelf life and storage conditions

Store in a dark, out of reach of children at room temperature. Shelf life — 24 months.

Caution — the liquid in the vial is under pressure. The temperature of the cylinder should not exceed 50 degrees. It is forbidden to pierce or set fire even empty bottles. Do not spray on flame or hot metal. Use and store at a safe distance from heating appliances and working electrical appliances.


Spregal from scabies mite: instructions for use, reviews

At first I used ointments. But this Spregal is a much better medicine. What is the way in which Spregal is better than most ointments? Well, in the first place, the ointments that I came across required really a lot of time.

They had to be applied for long periods. I do not remember exactly how long, but it was somewhat between 3 or 5 days. And they had a very unpleasant smell.

Now, with Spregal the situation is different. Spregal has to be applied only for about twelve hours; as the producers are promoting it, a single night. This obviously means that you apply the spray all over your body in the evening, sleep only one night, and then you wash it off in the morning.

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The second thing you should know is that this substance, Spregal spay, does not have an unpleasant smell. It is .

There is no way anybody could say that Spregal spray is disgusting in smell. I am not kidding, I personally even liked this smell. It sounds chemical and this makes you believe it is more effective and purifying.

Speaking of purification, this spray is really effective as medicine. As all people who have ever had scabies are bound to know, the itch is very difficult to get rid of completely. It is so because you kill off most of the mites at one go, but if there are going to be a couple left, they are going to multiply, and you will be ill again.

So, it took me several goes, but Spregal did help me eradicate this skin disease. The skin gets restored, and the bite marks slowly recede.


Emulsion and ointment Benzyl benzoate: instructions for use, price, reviews for demodicosis, scabies, lice, pimples


The emulsion , which is applied externally, inOdita active component benzyl , and auxiliary components: 72% soap, emulsifying wax, purified water.

ointments for external use include the active component benzyl benzoate , as well as a water-emulsion base.

Emulsion and ointment Benzyl benzoate is produced.

  • Emulsion is a homogeneous substance of white color, which has a slight specific flavor and is contained in bottles or bottles( 50, 100 or 200 g).
  • Ointment — homogeneous, white, has a specific flavor. Contained in cans or in aluminum tubes of 25 g.

Pharmacological action

Benzyl benzoate is a drug with an antiparasitic effect for external use. Demonstrates activity against scabies mites, as well as to lice.

Ointment is active against different types of mites, including the genus Demodex , scabies, demonstrates anti-dermatose activity. Bacteriostatic effect is noted due to the presence of antimicrobial preservative — cetylpyridinium chloride .

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

There is a toxic effect on lice that die after 2-5 hours after using the drug. The mites die after 7-32 minutes. The agent passes through the chitinous cover, after which it accumulates in toxic concentrations in the mite organism. Under the influence of medicines, larvae and adult individuals of the tick are killed, the eggs of the parasites are not affected.

When applied topically, the active ingredient is almost not absorbed into the systemic circulation.

Indications for use

Indications for use

There are the following indications for the use of benzyl benzoate:

  • treatment of scabies of and other skin parasitic infections — demodicosis, pityriasis, rosacea, oily seborrhea;
  • from lice( pediculosis head and pubic).


It is contraindicated to use the drug in the following cases:

  • for treatment of children under 3 years;
  • with high sensitivity of the organism to benzyl benzoate;
  • in case of damage to the skin, pustular skin diseases;
  • with of pregnancy and during of breastfeeding.

Side effects of

Some side effects may occur during the application of benzyl benzoate:

  • local manifestations: burning sensation( often manifested in children), skin irritation, redness of treated skin areas;
  • pin dermatitis;
  • allergic reactions.

As a rule, all these symptoms disappear after subsequent use of the medication. If the negative effects do not disappear on their own, you need to cancel the drug and consult a doctor. It should be borne in mind that most often the sensitivity of the skin rises in the genital area and in damaged areas.

Instruction for Benzyl benzoate

Emulsion Benzyl benzoate, instruction for use

The emulsifying agent is applied externally. In case of scabies, adults are prescribed an emulsion of 20%, children under 5 years of age should receive an emulsion of 10%.

On the first day of treatment, treatment should be performed in the evening, before bed, after the skin has been thoroughly washed under the shower. Initially, the emulsion needs to be rubbed into the skin on the hands, then into the skin on the trunk, legs, including on the fingers and on the soles.

After the skin has been treated, only clean clothes and linen should be used. It is necessary to take a break in the treatment on the second and third day, while the remnants of the emulsion from the skin can not be washed off. On the fourth day of the course of treatment, you should repeat the procedure that was carried out on the first day and change your underwear again.

After handling, you can not wash your hands for three hours, then your hands must be treated with an emulsion after each wash. If the emulsion had to be washed off from other parts of the body, you need to repeat the treatment. On the fifth day you need to completely wash off the emulsion.

Complications of scabies( eczema, dermatitis, pyoderma, etc.) should be treated simultaneously with the treatment of scabies. After treatment, treatment of complications should be continued.

Ointment Benzyl benzoate, instruction for use

The use of the drug in the form of ointment is external to children from three years of being very carefully. Rubbing the product into the skin of the face and head, you need to make sure that the medicine does not get into your eyes. Treatment of children is 10% ointment, adults — 20%.

Adult patients need to apply the medicine immediately after showering or bathing, while treating the skin on the entire body, except the face and scalp. At the same time, 30-40 g of ointment is used for one rub. Skin must be treated in the evening, hands should not be washed until morning. Repeat the application of the ointment on the fourth day. On the fifth, you should conduct thorough hygienic procedures and change bed linen.

When using ointment from lice in the skin of the head and in the hair, after which the hair should be hidden under cotton cloth.

In the treatment of pubic lice, it is necessary to rub the product into the skin of the pubis, inguinal folds, hips from the inside.

To carry out the treatment with pediculosis is necessary for the first, third and seventh days. On the eighth day, a thorough washing with soap is done, hair must be rinsed with acetic acid( 3% solution).

If necessary, the skin is repeated.

Care should be applied to the areas with delicate skin.

Benzyl benzoate from demodex

The application of the demodex medication provides a course of treatment of 7-10 days, if ointment is used, and 2-3 weeks if emulsion is used. The agent should be applied to the site of the lesion with a thin layer before bed.

Benzyl benzoate from acne

An acne remedy is used in case acne is caused by parasitic skin infections. Treatment is carried out according to the scheme described above.


In the case of an overdose, those manifestations that are side effects can be more pronounced. In particular, contact dermatitis may develop.

If the patient accidentally swallowed the ointment, or a very large amount of the product was applied, contact dermatitis may develop, the patient may lose consciousness. It is also possible to develop seizures, delay urination.

In case of an overdose, symptomatic therapy is performed. It is necessary to clean the skin of the product. If the drug has been swallowed, it is necessary to wash the stomach, then take tablets of activated carbon .If necessary, anticonvulsants are used.

If undesirable reactions occur during treatment, wash with soap and water.

Interaction of

The pharmacological interaction of benzyl benzoate with other drugs has not been established. However, the use of an emulsion of 20% benzyl benzoate, as well as ointments should not be practiced simultaneously with other drugs for external use.


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