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Kerosene from lice — rules for use

OK, many years ago, I heard this exchange concerning lice, and how this chap dealt with the problem when one of his kids came home with lice and shared it with the other family members:

I said, «We’re all going to sleep with towels soaked in kerosene wrapped around our heads.’ Some people told me, ‘That sounds dangerous.’ I said, ‘No, that’s the way we’ve always done it.’

Now I personally thought that sounded like a bad idea, whether or not it was effective. But, from a chemical exposure standpoint, could any harm really come to someone by spending the night with the head in a kerosene-soaked towel?

Material Safety Data Sheet for Kerosene ( Of Exposure

Inhalation: Irritation of the upper respiratory tract and eyes, with possible euphoria, dizziness, headache, discoordination, ringing in the ears, convulsions, coma, and respiratory arrest.

Skin Contact: Defatting of the skin may occur with continued and prolonged contact. Irritation and burning sensation may occur on exposure to the liquid or mists, as well as the possibility of blisters. Hair loss can occur upon chronic exposure.

Skin Absorption: Not significant.

Eye Contact: Severe burning sensation with temporary irritation and swelling of lids.

Ingestion: Irritation of the mucous membranes of throat, esophagus and stomach which may result in nausea and vomiting; central nervous system depression may occur, if absorbed (see inhalation symptoms above). If aspirated, chemical pneumonitis may occur with potentially fatal results.

Carcinogenicity Statement: Kerosene is not listed as carcinogenic by NTP, OSHA, and ACGIH. IARC has listed kerosene as a probable human carcinogen (2A).

Having been soaked in it from head to toe in an accident at work, I know even after showering within minutes, my body was tingling for hours afterwards.

I’ve never heard of sleeping with towels soaked in it, which does seem a tad dangerous to me, but kerosene is effective for removing pesky little parasites. When I was a kid it was common to take a «kerosene bath» for that purpose. My father or grandfather would put the infested child in an old-fashioned wash tub with about a gallon of kerosene and sponge it all over the kid’s body (for chiggers) and/or head (for lice). The soaking period was perhaps 15 minutes or so, but it felt like an hour. No long term exposure and no ill effects. A thorough scrubbing in a soap-and-water bath followed this to remove the kerosene.

Oh, and Grandad usually smoked while he did this, but never created a child-torch. YMMV

Grandma used kerosene on my head when I caught lice as a child. She combed it through my hair, and had me sit and let it «soak in» before washing my hair very carefully.

No ill effects, and it worked like a charm.

From what I’ve read, head lice are becomming immune to Nix and the like. For very stubborn cases, kerosene seems to work when nothing else will.

When my grandma and her cousin were college girls, in the early 1920s, one day they discovered to their horror that they both had head lice. They used kerosene on their heads. It worked.

And to speed up the process of combing the nits out of her hair, Grandma bit the bullet and bobbed her hair. But Cousin Norma had beautiful waist-length hair and refused to cut it (in the Roaring Twenties, this would have been a major social/fashion decision, too), so the two girls stayed up most of the night, combing Norma’s hair, with Norma weeping in horror that she, a nice middle-class girl, had «bugs!» in her hair.

But she wouldn’t cut it.

Well, the procedure is that you wash your hair thoroughly after you’ve killed all the lice. You don’t leave the kerosene on there.

The farmhand probably left the diesel oil on the dog, right? Didn’t give it a bath with detergent?

Originally posted by Duck Duck Goose
Well, the procedure is that you wash your hair thoroughly after you’ve killed all the lice. You don’t leave the kerosene on there.

The farmhand probably left the diesel oil on the dog, right? Didn’t give it a bath with detergent?

It would need a VERY THOUGHOUGH bath. I can’t imagine the difficulty in getting it out of thick dog hair. Grandma had me wash my hair, rinse with vinegar (to cut any remaining oils) and then wash it again.

If the kerosene was left on the dogs fur, it’s no wonder that he died. Not necessarily from skin contact, but fron licking himself and ingesting it.

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Some people would do anything to get rid of that creeping, crawling itch that comes with head lice. Knowing you have lice makes it hard to eat, sleep, or go about your daily life. You may be tempted to slather your kid’s hair in mayo, try a dozen different lice shampoos, or clean everything in the house to prevent the spread of head lice . But while some home lice remedies are simply ineffectual, others are dangerous.

#1 on the list of Worst Ideas Ever? Dousing your child’s hair in flammable chemicals.

Back in the Day

I remember as a 2nd grader my sister having to have her tonsils out. She went to our hospital in the town and while there the nurse brushed all the children’s hair with the same brush. My sister came home and was scratching her head at the lower back (near her neck) a lot and my mother couldn’t understand why. After checking it she found a nit of lice at the back.

Needless to say I got lice and so did my younger sister. They did not have lice removal products in those days (this was in the 50’s) so we had to have our hair cut very short (mine looked like a boys hair cut) and we had to use kerosene on our hair to kill the lice. I remember going to school with a hat on and not taking it off until one of the boys asked the teacher why I was wearing the hat and she made me take it off. Of course, everyone laughed at me. It was a difficult time in my experience as a little kid.

The Danger of Killing Lice with Kerosene

Perhaps your grandmother used kerosene, gasoline, or motor oil to kill lice as a kid. Maybe she swears it worked. The practice has been referenced in medical journals since 1917. But we have news for you: putting a highly flammable substance on your kid’s head qualifies as a Very Bad Idea.

  • In 1997 a boy in Iowa suffered severe burns after the water heater pilot light ignited fumes from the flammable liquid his parents were using to treat his lice infestation.
  • In 1998 a 4-year-old in Florida suffered second degree burns on her head after fumes from the gas on her head drifted over to the stove’s pilot light.
  • In 2000 a 12-year-old girl suffered second and third degree burns after the gasoline soaking her hair ignited.
  • In 2009 a girl named Jessica Brooks suffered severe burns over half her body when the gasoline on her hair caught flame from the pilot light of her water heater.

Don’t risk the safety of your child to remove a pest that’s ultimately harmless. Call HBI Lice Removal for a thorough, all-natural lice treatment that’s guaranteed to nix every nit.


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Kerosene or Turpentine for Mites

Discover how the old time remedies kerosene and turpentine are effective in eradicating mites, according to readers who have tried this natural cure for infestations.

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Remedy Reviews From Our Readers

I saw kerosene recommended on this site – it was something I hadn’t tried and after almost 3 years of this mite plague and severe scarring to my face, I was ready to do anything. I used a spray bottle and sprayed my scalp at the roots (sectioned hair into 4 sections and did one at a time) sprayed my whole body, including face and neck and went to bed.

I used rubbing alcohol to spray my bed headboard and any fabric furniture and rugs in the house. Put all laundry including coats I haven’t worn for ages in the washing machine using Dr Bronners Castile Soap and filled the machine drawer with table salt. I bought tobacco and put some in all of my shoes. Dusted cats with diatomaceous earth, colloidal silver in their ears and every 3 days I will spray them down with tobacco juice.

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I was so apprehensive about using highly flammable substance on myself that I first patch-tested the paraffin (kerosene) on my leg – no burning or itching after a couple of hours so I diluted with hemp oil (about half and half) and covered myself. I had a great night’s sleep and there was no crawling at all the following day. I am one of those people they LOVE. I saw a post from someone called Shirley on here saying that this was how she was cured.

Kerosene was used back in the day for many remedies, but the pharma industry has put out a lot of misinformation out saying how dangerous it is. Even the bottle I bought states that it should not come into contact with skin. They legally have to state that due to lobbying from the pharma industry. My skin was so dry and scaly from all the remedies and yet it did not burn or sting. This has by far been the most effective. I can also vouch for juice plus capsules – expensive but they do keep the numbers down. I was drinking neem powder mixed into water and this helped a lot but over time I became chronically dehydrated as it is so astringent.

I will continue to do this every 4 days (as the original poster did) but I can say with confidence that this is hands down the most effective thing I have done so far.

I found a post by someone who had covered herself in kerosene (paraffin / lamp oil) from scalp to toe and after much suffering for a long time; she was free of the dreaded bird mites. I was desperate enough to try and with much hesitation I bought the kerosene, diluted half and half with hemp oil and sprayed myself from scalp to toe. To my utter amazement there was no crawling the next day. I did it for 4 days in a row – there have been no ill side effects and I have no more mites crawling on me. I had this infestation (on my person only, not from my environment) for over 2 years. Thank God – and I mean it as I spent 5 hours in desperate prayer and then came across the post that healed me immediately after. I will keep doing this every 3 days or so as I worry about eggs that may hatch. I am free. I hope that this post helps others who are suffering as this is truly one of the worst experiences I have had in my life and would not wish it on anyone.

Kerosene was used a generation or 2 ago to kill parasites. I tried a patch test first as the smell is pretty disarming, but no ill side effects at all.

Hi Om from BC below is the posting of the person who cured them with Kerosene.

Question for Bill ……………..Have you any experience with killing mites with either Kerosene or Turpentine. I «pulled an Om», and coated myself with turpentine and it did not help me. It helped Om, I am so happy for her.

Don’t know why it worked out that way for me.

Sharon from Wesley Chapel, Fl: «Well, I finally fixed it. Killed all the mites. Thanks and much thanks to Ted’s borax remedy. However, what killed them fast is plain old lamp oil, coal oil, purified kerosene. Put in a sprayer bottle and went to town with the purified lamp oil sold in crafts store for the hurricane style lamps. Not much smell. Used the oil on my hands to treat my face. Really sprayed my long hair and scalp.didnt burn or have but one side effect– brought all those critters up from underneath the skin and they chewed their way up. Looked like a sunburn where they were, and welts formed. But I kept dosing it the next day and the next and it dried them up. Itches were gone in 4 hours. First night I have slept thru the night in four years. At first I thought the lamp oil had burned me, but then I realized that it was only red where I was itching. Even my face and eyelids were not «sunburned» the tenderest part of the body. Now that I killed them on me, I treated the rest of the house, using Ted’s borax mix, bleach where I could, took a week to treat everything properly to where I was not getting bit. Its been 4 weeks. Once you kill them on yourself and have a quick spray-on for the re-infections, it goes fast. The cars were the worst problem. Hooray

Mary from Saskatchewan — many thanks for your post. Well, as you said, it lowered my mite load, but not completely. The inhalation of those strong fumes did stop my constant cough at least. I am considering now using lamp oil and am glad to see the post you mentioned.

I have to say the visit at the hospital emergency was a bit like a nightmare. Especially, upon leaving, seeing the sign of $$$$ they want (for what, I ask). When getting into the taxi, I was glad the taxi driver was a real human being.

EC has very good posts, especially lately, and we are blessed to have this option to treat ourselves and learn. Thanks again for your input and also thanks to Bill. Namaste, Om

Hey Om: I agree I really want to try the Kerosene thing too. I saw a post where Bill said Diggers Low Odor was good as well as Klean Strip 1 K Kerosene. I also live in western Canada and am wondering where to buy and which one. Any ideas. Are you going to spray it on as well. please let me know how it goes. I work long hours and it is very hard not to itch in front of people. I feel very alone, as only my husband and naturopath know and the naturopath told me I did not have mites. Sigh. I used to really like him.

Mary of Saskatchewan — Hi Mary

Knowing now that lamp oil works, I will try it. It is here available in the grocery store. Bill has sent me info on the pure stuff in Georgia USA; it is flammable that why I think shipping will be high. Meanwhile I use my turp. I have for a tsp. internally with BSM as Bill does. I just have to work out my protocol.

Interesting, when I visited archeology online, The queen of Sheba, when she visited King Solomon, interrogated him on many aspects of wealth in her kingdom amongst which was good old kerosene.

I have less mite activity now but that is not to be trusted. They had made a hole next to my ear lobe which was dealt with by the use of turp. It also caused «sunburn» appearance but disappeared after moisturizing the skin. Many remedies were good but extremely drying. I am glad you forwarded the info. on lamp oil which is also mentioned on Walter Last’s website. Let’s see how it does.

Hi Om thanks for the quick reply. that info on the queen of Sheba sooooo interesting to me. May I ask where you found it . I would like to read it as well. Would you mind forwarding me the info Bill gave you on brands of Kerosene. I want to be really careful as I am going to do it as well.

Sorry to hear about their activity near your ear. Turp is amazing. I took it this am. It does not seem to be killing them however. as I type I am so itchy!!

Thanks in advance and I love to hear your progress. Mary

What did you do or solve the “mites-in-the-car” problem? I have used the cedar oil, bleach-water spray, H2O2, Neem oil, baking soda-water, to no effect. This is ongoing for almost 4 years now and I am tired. Plus I have also applied. The very few people I have told think that there is no mite problem- I would like to be normal again.

Hi David, I was reading the latest posts and saw your question. There is a nationwide store here in the U.S. that sells spices. I don’t know if I can mention the name here (different rules for different sites, it seems) but if you call 1-800-741-7787 they can provide you with a store near you. I get all my spices there and if you get on their mailing list, they sometimes send coupons for free spices and their booklet has some great recipes.

To David in Dover, NH, go to tractor supply and get some ivermectin pour-on for cattle. My friend who owns an auto body shop sprayed the interior of my car with his paint sprayer, the one that’s run with an air compresser. I closed it up overnight to let it penatrate real good, then aired out the smell. We do this every 2 weeks to make sure new ones dont hatch & start the sh**t all over again.

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Hi folks, sorry for the delay, as l post and then forget to look for questions. Thank you again Ted for your oxyclean and borax mix for my pomeranians. l used it on myself when l had nothing else. l have used lamp oil, low-odor kerosene(stinks), low odor lighter fluid, turpentine, and Lysol spray to kill them fast. l have sprayed the lighter fluid in my autos everywhere but the glass(didn’t feel like cleaning the glass). l tried de-stinking the lighter fluid with essential oils, eucalyptus, and any of the tree-scented ones, but got the best results on odor with a cookie-scented oil. Sweet smells the best, and petroleum products do smell, l have only electric appliances in my house, and caution using around any gas appliances. l have used lighter fluid on everything in my house, and, every inch of my body, in my nostrils, eyelashes, raw spots- over and over on spots that take 14 days to heal, and then revitalize the skin with oil baths, or udder ointments at night, which are thick with lanolin. I like the lighter fluid best for my scalp, but l sometimes use a mix of half citric acid powder and half water in a glass to pour over my scalp with my head back, work with my nails into my scalp until the itching stops, and then shampoo as usual. DO NOT GET INTO YOUR EYES. Burns. L have been re-infected some 9 times now from relatives visiting occasionally who are in total denial that they have the mites. Can anyone tell me how to convince them once and for all. l had settled back to wait for their 3rd year of infestation to show up the worst, but they all moved within the year, and l have grandbabies suffering. As you know the doctors have no clue, and these mites are imitators and can barely be seen, even when you know what to look for. If your family starts showing ear infections, “psoriasis”, running low-grade fevers, etc, know that they are infested, just not allergic enough to suffer as much. l even had one niece who found that psychologist getting his 15 minutes of fame claiming we are all “delusional” and she shared it with my family, so now, of course, l am old (65)and “senile” wink wink. l can tell you my oldest daughter now has “Bell’s Palsy” after 3 years infestation with no treatment), and has had constant “chronic severe ear infections”. Bell’s Palsy happens when a trigeminal nerve has pressure on it-this nerve is located between the neck and the ear, closest to the ear. When visiting 2 years ago, l gave her two #00 capsules l had filled with praziquantal powder, and the next day, she came running to me exclaiming that all her sinus and ear problems had vanished and demanded to know what l had given her. When l told her it was a mite killer, she freaked, and told me l had tricked her and she got all mad. l just took myself home the next day and have been waiting for her to discover for herself that mom might be right. She also has a swelling closing off an artery in her neck by 90%, that the doc said only happens to very old people and was unusual in her age of 44. He is treating it like cholesterol clogging. l am still waiting for her to ask me for real help. These mites can cause all kinds of health havoc, especially fatigue. Well, wishing you all success, Sincerely, from the old mite buster.

How long do you take the praziquintal? Does it help long term? I’ve had this 3 years and just can’t kick it. I have tried about everything. Thanks for any help.

Bad Advice: Using Kerosene for Lice Treatment

As I often do, I am looking at Google Analytics to see how people have found me. In the past few weeks an overwhelming number of people found “The Lice Lady Speaks” because they Googled “lice kerosene” or some derivative thereof. I am horrified. It shows me that there are more and more people out there considering using kerosene for lice treatment. Why? Because the OTC pesticides aren’t working they way they used to and parents are desperate for a way out of “lice hell.”

Back in the “olden days”, parents would be treat head lice by putting kerosene in their children’s hair. It chills me to think about how many kids had flammable liquids on their heads in the name of killing lice. Of course, back then, no one used seatbelts, kids didn’t have carseats, people smoked and drank while they were pregnant and no one knew what cholesterol was! Today we know better. Or we should. There’s an expression about a duck…”if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.” I feel that way about using kerosene on kids for head lice. If it seems extreme and dangerous (which is does to me), then it probably IS extreme and dangerous.

If you know someone who is planning to put kerosene (or turpentine or some other toxic, flammable, dangerous chemical) on a child’s head, be the voice of reason and intercede on that child’s behalf. There are safe, non-toxic ways to treat head lice. You can email me at [email protected] for information on better ways to conquer your lice problem. Fighting lice doesn’t have to endanger anyone’s health or safety and it can be successful.

All Rights Reserved 2011-2016. Material may not be reproduced without express written consent from the Author.

3 Dangerous Head Lice Remedies

3 Dangerous Head Lice Remedies. It is hard to believe in this day and age that people still use dangerous home head lice removal remedies. I know when you hear head lice most moms are completely freaked out. It is almost like a switch goes off and all they can see is RED and hear KILL KILL KILL! Head lice removal does not have to harm your child!

The Number 1 most dangerous way people try and get rid of head lice is with Kerosene or other flamable liquids. We have all heard of storys back in the “Olden Days” when our grandparents were treated for head lice removal this way and I could not imagine that some one would to that today but they still do. A woman treated several of her children with Kerosene last year and then turned on a space heater! The kids ended up in the hospital and Child Protective Services and she ended up in jail! Now I don’t think this Mom tried to hurt her kids at all. She was trying to do head lice removal and someone down the line must of passed this gem of advice on her and she viewed is as reasonable. It boggles the mind but it happens.

The Number 2 most dangerous way people use for head lice removal is RAID. Yes I mean the Raid Pesticide people us to kill roaches. This is another gem of advice that gets passed on. When people hear this stuff it is usually told by someone that purports to have done it and had it work for lice removal. I am not kidding either. Lets just be clear Raid does not kill lice but even if it did it is toxic and harmful to you child.

The Number 3 most dangerous way to treat for head lice removal is with Tea Tree Oil. Now I hear you all gasp with this one. The Tea Tree Oil for lice removal is all ever the internet. I hear about it everyday as a way to kill them and a way to repel them. A Tea Tree Oil Study was done along with other essential oils to test the effectiveness for head lice removal. The findings were that in order for tea tree oil to be effective it would have to be used at toxic levels. I say this is dangerous because a whole industry has been set up around tea tree oil products to take your money and they do not work.

The most effective head lice removal method is a natural process of removal with a good metal lice comb. There is no reason to kill anything on the head for head lice removal. The best thing to do for head lice removal is to get everything out of the hair all at once. It is the only form of head lice treatment that breaks up the lice life cycle of nits, nymphs(babies) and adults all at the same time. When that is done you are done with head lice. —and then you can stop crying and doing laundry!

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Mother Desperate for New Lice Treatment

Terry Graedon

Terry Graedon

Q. My kids and I have a major problem with lice. We have spent lots of time and money fighting them, but it doesn’t seem to be doing any good.

Nix and Rid (at $10 an ounce) are supposed to kill lice, but the lice are still alive after using these products. Then we wait another week or 10 days to spend another $70 to $90 to do it all over again. Two of my daughters have long thick hair that requires two bottles each.

A friend has recommended kerosene, but that freaks me out. Isn’t there a more natural way to free us from nit-picking?

A. DO NOT use kerosene to kill lice. It is toxic and a dangerous fire hazard.

Lice have developed resistance to many of the common treatments used against them. The FDA has just approved a new prescription lice medication. It will take multiple bottles to treat your daughters’ long thick hair.

The new treatment, Ulesfia, contains benzyl alcohol as the active ingredient. This compound interferes with the critters’ respiration, so lice are unlikely to develop resistance.
Many parents tell us that Listerine works against lice. It contains ethyl alcohol along with a number of herbal oils that seem to kill lice. One reader reported:

“I recently found lice and nits in my 7-year-old’s hair. When I tried the product the school nurse recommended, it did nothing.

“I tried soaking the hair with Listerine and rinsing with vinegar. IT WORKED! I wish I had known sooner.”

Neither Ulesfia nor Listerine kills nits, so the treatment needs to be repeated after they’ve had a chance to hatch.

Terry Graedon

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How do I use ulesfia?

My child had lice last year and what I did was get a bottle of tea tree oil and original Listerine and put it in a spray bottle and leave it on her hair for 2 hrs. then I would wash her hair and put Conditioner on, and put the water on the sink hot, and take the lice comb, and comb each section of her hair. Every stroke I did, I would put the comb thru the water, then I would wash her hair again.
This time I would put mayonnaise on her hair for an hr to get rid of the eggs, and then I would wash her hair again and comb thru the sink again, after all that I would blow dry her hair on the hottest setting and comb, with the lice comb.
This was my remedy and it worked, and 3 days later it was all gone, see the problem with the lice remedy from the store, is that it kills the lice and not the eggs, so after a week when they hatch their is a problem again.

Yes, but you have to use mayonnaise overnight. Imagine keeping mayonnaise on a 3-yr. old’s head overnight- what a nightmare! Ulesfia only stays on the child’s head for ten minutes and is indicated for ages six months and up. It is SUPER SAFE for your kids!

My pediatrician just prescribed ulesfia for my daughter who’s been battling lice for months. She has long hair and the cost is $600!! The active ingredient is benzyl alcohol which is cheap and you don’t need an RX to buy, the rest is basically water and tree oils.
I don’t know how they expect anyone to be able to afford this. Hopefully, it won’t be long before someone comes out with a comparable cheaper OTC product.

did the ulesfia work as you had anticipated? I just used it on my son a couple of days ago and am counting down till we can use it again (7 days). I feel like I am waiting for a time bomb. Please let me know if this med took care of the problem completely for you.

We have just used Ulesfia after trying many OTC remedies. The most amazing thing was the number of nits that I found after using the product. It seems to soften the glue that attaches the nits to the hair. I had been combing every day and getting a louse or two but couldn’t see any nits upon close examination. Finally got Ulesfia and I literally combed about 100 nits out of her hair immediately. It says it doesn’t kill nits, but it sure helped with combing them out. Hasn’t been the full seven days since the initial treatment so I can’t say it has worked, but I’m more hopeful than with NIX or RID.

How can I be sure it is ok to send my child back to daycare?
Should I wait for one or two days after I saw the last live lice?

Probably the most deceiving information about head lice medications is that one treatment will take care of the problem. The reality is that most medications require at least 2 treatments (one initial, and another once unhatched eggs mature into adult head lice 7-10 days later).
No major hospital group or physician group advises the use of mayo, oils, etc for the use of treating head lice. The primary reason, there is no scientific evidence to support their use. One consideration if you’re trying to smother head lice is that they have adapted their breathing and can hold it for multiple hours (like 6-8). A perishable product like mayo will spoil in that time and expose your child to a salmonella risk. It also will have no effect on the nits (eggs) that will hatch.
Your best bet is always to speak with your physician, pharmacist, school nurse, etc. to see what they recommend regarding treatment……and if the diagnosis is confirmed.

I am guardian for my granddaughter and battled lice for two years straight (every time she visited her mom) until I got the real scoop. We get exposed to lice about three times a year but I am able to control it without a lot of work.
When you know you have been exposed (whether lice or eggs are present or not) cover the hair (yes everyone) with any kind of oil. Put on a shower cap or wrap the hair in a towel and leave overnight (oil smothers the live lice). Shampoo hair the next day and start picking nits and eggs.
This may take three to five days of nit picking once each day. Use a comb (Rid has one that works great) and comb through small strands of hair, dipping the comb in a bowl of water after each pass through the hair until you have done the whole head. Let the bowl sit for ten minutes and then study the contents. If they are there you will see dead lice, nits or egg shells.
Do this once a day until the bowl is clear.
As far as dealing with toys, stuffed animals, etc.: All I do is wash sheets if they have been slept on since exposure and vacuum my house. I used to do a lot of other things like pack stuffed animals away for a month but found out it is not really necessary.
Louse need a host and do not live without one for more than 20 minutes. Now I can usually control exposure to lice with only having to do the nit picking for three days. Yes, it is a pain but I would never put pesticides that close to my child’s brain.

It started over the summer when kids were in the pool and sharing ‘sun bathing equipment’…lotion, blankets, etc.
10 days later we had a huge problem. We treated with OTC meds and washed and dried EVERYTHING. Then, a week later BOOM. We had it again. At that time I didn’t know the source (parents lie to save face), so we quarantined our kids until school started.
Not 4 days into school a notice came home: A child in your son/daughter’s class has a case of head lice. We have tried everything from Nix, R&C, Kwell, Vaseline, Olive oil, Mayonnaise, Vinegar, Lysol Etc. NOTHING has worked so far. And yes, our kids are still quarantined outside of school, and still get lice combings everyday..
I am losing my mind.
This is EXPENSIVE and I have lost so much time from work I’ll be lucky to have a job in the end.
I am sitting here tonight with Vaseline, and then cooking oil, and then mayo on my head…until at least 5 am now. I’m tired. I’m frustrated. I’m ready to shave my head and my daughter’s head if need be.
Does ANYONE have a REAL solution.

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