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FDA questions safety of CPAP cleaning devices using ozone or ultraviolet light

Today the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released a safety communication and consumer update to inform patients and health care providers about concerns related to CPAP cleaning devices that use ozone or ultraviolet light. CPAP is a common treatment for obstructive sleep apnea.

The FDA reported that devices claiming to clean, disinfect or sanitize CPAP devices or accessories (such as masks, tubing, headgear) using ozone gas or UV light are not legally marketed for this use by the FDA in the U.S. According to the FDA, it is unknown if these CPAP cleaners are safe and effective.

To ensure the safe and effective cleaning of CPAP devices and accessories, the FDA recommends that consumers and health care providers follow the cleaning instructions provided by the CPAP manufacturer. These directions normally include regular cleaning with soap and water.

CPAP Cleaning Device Concerns

The FDA indicated in a press release that it received 11 reports from 2017-2019 from patients experiencing cough, difficult breathing, nasal irritation, headaches, asthma attacks and other breathing complaints when ozone gas-based products were used to clean, sanitize or disinfect CPAP devices and accessories. The FDA has not received any adverse event reports for UV light products claiming to clean, disinfect or sanitize CPAP devices and accessories.

“Exposure to high levels of ozone gas may worsen a patients’ existing chronic respiratory diseases or increase the chance of a respiratory infection,” said Dr. William H. Maisel, director of the Office of Product Evaluation and Quality in the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health.

“UV light-based products could cause burns, eye damage or increase the risk of skin cancer due to over exposure,” Maisel noted. “The FDA has contacted manufacturers of products making these claims and asked them to submit data demonstrating their safety and effectiveness.”

FDA Tests CPAP Cleaners

The FDA conducted its own preliminary lab testing on several illegally marketed products. The testing demonstrated that devices using ozone disinfection generated ambient levels of ozone above limits considered safe for human exposure. Ozone levels were also high in CPAP machines and tubing even after waiting the amount of time recommended by the manufacturer after a cleaning cycle.

The FDA’s studies also found that the power of the UV light, and the time during which CPAP masks and accessories were exposed to this light, varied considerably among UV cleaners. According to the FDA, if CPAP components are exposed to insufficient UV light or processed for an insufficient amount of time, the CPAP components could be inadequately disinfected, leading to safety and performance problems.

The FDA encourages individuals to report adverse events related to the use of CPAP cleaning devices.

The «Zyvox»: instructions for use and reviews

Probably no such people who would be excited about your home of uninvited guests in the form of insect pests, which include different ticks (Ixodes, scabies, rat), fleas, lice, bedbugs, cockroaches, wasps, and ants, mosquitoes and flies. And if cockroaches, ants and flies, besides the feelings of disgust do not cause more visible harm to a person, mites, bedbugs, mosquitoes, lice can seriously and permanently damage the life of the host dwelling.

The market provides the consumers a whole range of drugs that can save people from the bad neighborhood. One of these is the cure for bedbugs ‘Zyvox”.

What are ‘Zyvox”?

The So-called I used to combat insect parasites that live near humans (synanthropic insects), different types of mites, etc. the Active current component «of Cytoxa” — cypermethrin. Besides, the composition of the drug there are excipients in the form of emulsifiers, solvent, stabilizer and flavoring. “Zyvox» (instructions for use are on the packaging) belong to the group of pyrethroids. The drug is having on insect nerve impact. In warm-blooded animals group the impact of insecticide minimum (required – adhering to all security measures when working with the tool).

In appearance “Zyvox» bedbugs, cockroaches and other insect pests is a clear, slightly yellowish liquid, having a pungent, very specific smell. Manufacturers offer their products to buyers in plastic bottles of dark color with a volume of 50, 500 and 1000 ml.

The Sphere of influence of the insecticide

Means ‘Zyvox” has quite a wide scope. In addition to the destruction of synanthropic insects-parasites, the drug is very effective in the fight against Ixodes ticks. Successfully used for the treatment of focal lesions of scabies and pediculosis. In the natural environment and adjacent buildings to the home of ‘Zyvox” are used to fight with older individuals (adults) and larvae of midges. Pest control in hospitals, public, rail transportation – field of use means ‘Zyvox”. Specialists characterize the insecticide as an effective tool.

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In Soviet times, many collecting badges, emblems, pennants. To get them was not easy. And today, thanks to technology, you can make them yourself. Knowing how to make icon with your own hands, and you can make original gifts to your friends, and make.

How do I output the horseradish from the garden? This question is raised by many land owners involved in gardening. It is hardly surprising, given the fact that horseradish is growing fast. It has huge leaves, reaching a height of one meter, and stra.

The Pros and cons of “Cytoxa”

Like any drug, insecticide, “Zyvox” has a number of advantages, and some disadvantages. The undoubted positive qualities of the drug include the following characteristics, which users noted in their reviews:

  • The effect of the application will be visible within 30 minutes.
  • For the drug is characterized by the presence of residual effect, ie 3-4 months after the treatment home will be unsuitable for bedbugs and cockroaches – “Zyvox” will deter insects.
  • If the house (or apartment) moderately infested by insects, for the processing will be enough for 1 bottle of 50 ml.
  • Almost transparent drug “Zyvox» (how to raise – instructions the concentration depends on the type of parasites, with which to fight) almost leaves no residue and does not harm furniture.
  • Reasonable price, which makes the drug available to a wide range of consumers.

However, in a large barrel of honey, there are a few spoonfuls of tar.

  • The Drug is effective only for the adults – adults, does not cause any harm to the larva.
  • Diluted in water ‘Zyvox” instruction manual recommends to use in the next 8 hours.
  • Have bugs and cockroaches there is a habituation effect to the basic substance “Cytoxa” — cypermethrine: the greater the number of times they used the drug, the less noticeable will be the result.
  • ‘Zyvox” of cockroaches reviews of some of the consumers characterize as a toxic drug.

Preparation of solutions

Because the manufacturers produce the product in the form of concentrate, before use it is necessary to prepare an aqueous solution, i.e. it is necessary to dissolve the insecticide in water in the required proportions, stirring constantly for at least 5 minutes. The concentration of the solution depends entirely on the extent of damage by insect parasites, species of pests and other sanitary and epidemiological evidence.


Nevitium the surface – 50 ml of a 0.1% aqueous solution.

To Penetrate the surface – 100 ml of a 0.1% aqueous solution.

Insect-parasite The rate of solution of 1 m²
Bed Bugs 50 ml of a 0.05% aqueous solution.
Flea 50 ml of a 0.05% aqueous solution.
Ants 50 ml of a 0.05% aqueous solution.
Rat Mites 50 ml of the working water emulsion.
Flyweight 100 ml of the working water emulsion.
Scabies mites 50 ml of the working water emulsion.

As the table shows, the ‘Zyvox” of cockroaches bred in the highest concentration. As for bugs, the degree of destruction of premises by parasites can affect the concentration of the drug. “Zyvox” — how to build from bedbugs? If insects much need of a 0.05% aqueous emulsion (2 ml per 1 liter of water). Ifthe degree of damage is small, it will be enough, and 0.01% solution (0.4 ml of the preparation per 1 liter of water).


Before proceeding to treatment facilities drug “Zyvox” in the home, it is necessary to conduct some preliminary events. Preferably free bedside tables and shelves, cabinets. To move the furniture away from the walls to effectively handle them: bedbugs and cockroaches love to live under Wallpaper and baseboards. If possible, things are best taken on the balcony. Even if the kitchen processing is not assumed, it is necessary to clean up the food in winter on a balcony in the summer – in the fridge. It is necessary to remove or cover the bowl, remove from children and Pets.

Precautions when working with the product

Application to combat bedbugs and cockroaches, professional products necessarily implies the availability of means of individual protection and fulfilment of all requirements and safety measures specified in the instructions. It is to such medications applies the ‘Zyvox» (from bed bugs). Consumer reviews characterize it as a fairly toxic agent, and therefore strict adherence to the recommendations of the user is necessary.

Dilution of the drug to the desired concentration and pouring the solution in the special equipment it is desirable to produce in specially equipped points. For direct application of the emulsion on the treated surface is usually used coarse and atomized sprayers of the knapsack type, or any other devices intended for the spraying of insecticides. Do not operate ‘Cytoxan” people hypersensitive to the active component – cypermethrin. Also banned contact with the drug in children and adolescents, pregnant women and nursing mothers. In the premises, which is pest control, there is nothing to eat or drink.

People who directly carry out the treatment with the drug “Zyvox” from cockroaches (reviews characterize it as an effective means of combating this insect, as, indeed, infested with bugs), should be required to use personal protective equipment: protective clothing made of waterproof fabrics, respirators, glasses, rubber gloves.

It is Important to know that the drug should not be used for the treatment of bedrooms and play rooms in child care facilities.

After the exterminator finished his job, he has to take a shower. If it is for some reason impossible, he should at least wash exposed body areas with large amounts of water. After treatment (carried out with open Windows) the room is in need of prolonged ventilation (half an hour or more). Wet cleaning can be carried out not earlier than 9-12 hours.

Process areas

Work on the disinsection carried out without the presence of other people and animals.

It all depends on the extent of damage by parasites. If bed bugs and roaches a little while, it will be enough to handle the ‘Cytoxan” the skeletons of upholstered furniture, the opposite direction of all the objects hanging on the walls in the vicinity of the bed (carpet, paintings, etc.). Also need treatment of the rear wall of furniture close to the bed (cabinets, drawers, tables, etc.). In addition, it is necessary to sprinkle preparation of walls and baseboards in those places where it departed from the Foundation of the Wallpaper.

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If the premises infected badly enough then, in addition to the above, the ‘Zyvox” from bugs and cockroaches should be applied to the rear wall of the furniture and lower part of the whole upholstered furniture. Need treatment thresholds at the entrances and lower surfaces of the sills. Next, be sure processed available in home appliances, oral electrical power (previously it is necessary to disconnect).

For maximum effect, the best of all disinfection work carried out simultaneously in all the areas affected by parasites. A vivid example – an apartment building. If there is a need for insecticidal treatment of any apartment, this should be done possibly in concert with neighbors from nearby apartments. Otherwise, the insects will migrate from the treated premises in the non-infected, and get rid of them would be difficult: we’ll have disinsection several times. But bedbugs and cockroaches have the ability to adapt to poisons, which will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the drug for each subsequent application. When getting rid of cockroaches should be sprayed not only their concentrations and habitat, but also ways of their penetration into the dwelling.

After processing a wet cleaning, you can spend 8-12 hours later. The surface on which fall the drug should be washed with soap-soda solution. Enough carefully have to clean the kitchen, floors in the room, the dishes. Upholstered furniture is quite simply vacuum, somehow and something to wash is not necessary. Any visible damage to appearance of furniture and interior the drug is not harmful. Smell after 1-3 days will disappear completely. For warm-blooded ‘Zyvox” is not dangerous.

The Duration of drug action

“Zyvox” consumer reviews characterizeas the drug is fairly long-acting. Period means the influence of the drug depends on the concentration of solution, types of surfaces subjected to treatment, and can last from 7 days to 3 months. In the processing areas residual effects may occur for 1-3 months. Residual effect after getting rid of ticks will be visible 1-2 months. In natural conditions the drug will be effective for 1-3 weeks. Clothing treated with vehicle (acaricidal effect will be observed for up to 14 days), is not in itself repels ticks, but after contact with the insects fall off and die.

However, you need to keep in mind that the effectiveness and severity of impact of “Cytoxa” can be reduced if this particular population of insect pests has a low sensitivity to the current component — cypermethrin.


“Zyvox» of the instruction manual which gives a complete picture of the extent of the influence of the drug on a broad range of insect pests, characterized by consumers as an effective tool.

Very often people find at home bedbugs after the housemates begin repairs. Seeing the wall bug, they first didn’t give it any value. But when you Wake up in the night, from intolerable itching, and later see on the skin bite marks, located on one line, it becomes clear that the house was “away” — the bugs. Have to run to the store for some insecticide. Consultants are likely to advise you to buy professional tool ‘Zyvox” from bedbugs. Reviews about it the most flattering, so it pays to make a choice in favor of this drug. Carefully read the instructions, prepare the solution using a garden sprayer (or other) and treat the room. The effect is manifested quickly: soon insects will begin to crawl, 25-30 minutes paralysis. In a few days you will see the bugs, but they will be drugged, their movements will become difficult and slow.


Is There an alternative to insecticide ‘Zyvox”? Instructions for use reglamentary it means as a modern drug used to kill a wide spectrum of insect pests in different fields of human activity. The fact that the drug is recommended for professional use, speaks of its high performance in combination with affordable price provides consumers the opportunity not to look whiter than any alternative means and ways to deal with bedbugs, fleas, cockroaches and other arthropods, and bloodsucking insects.

Home Safety Tips for People With Epilepsy

In this Article

In this Article

In this Article

The kinds of seizures you have, where you are when one happens, what you’re doing, and who you’re with all play into whether or not you’ll be hurt. If your epilepsy is well-controlled, an accidental injury may not be a big concern for you. But it’s still a possibility and something you should think about.

The things most likely to cause trouble at home are heights, water, heat, and electricity. So what can you do to make your little corner of the world a safer haven? Your doctor can refer a visiting nurse or physical therapist to look at your living situation and make specific recommendations for your type of epilepsy and your environment.

In the meantime, start with these suggestions.


A lot of hard edges, often in a small space, plus hot water, plus the need for personal privacy make the bathroom a challenging place.

The first house rule should be, «Do NOT lock the door.» Instead, hang a sign over the doorknob that can be flipped to say «occupied.» That way, if you have a seizure while in the bathroom, help can get to you. Hinge the door so it swings outward. It can still be easily opened, even if you fall against it.

Showers with a clear-running drain are better than baths, so water doesn’t build up and create a chance of drowning. Non-skid strips on the shower floor will keep you steadier on your feet. A curtain, instead of a shower door, gives easier access for help to get to you if needed. Install tub rails or safety bars.

If you tend to fall during seizures, you may want to sit on a shower chair or the floor and use a handheld shower nozzle.

Keep the water temperature lukewarm to avoid the possibility of burning yourself.

Be wary of heated styling tools like flat irons. And this is a good practice for everyone: Always double-check that the faucet is turned off and there’s no water in the sink, shower, or bath before you use an electric razor, hair dryer, or other plugged-in device.

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Kitchen and Dining

If you live alone, consider using a food processor rather than a knife to chop ingredients, or buy prepared meals. If you live with others, have someone else nearby while you use knives or the stove.

Cooking with a microwave greatly lowers your chances of getting burned. An electric stove is better than the open flame of gas. Put food on the back burners, so you’re less likely to fall on the hot surface or spill hot food if you go down. Bring plates and dishes to the pots and pans, rather than moving the cookware to the table to serve a meal.

Wear rubber gloves when cleaning up, or use unbreakable dishes, to help avoid cuts in case you drop a heavy plate or glass.

A chair with armrests could help prevent falls. Family members and dining companions should know how to do the Heimlich maneuver in case you have a seizure while you’re eating and start choking.

Living Room or Den

Cut down on clutter, leaving plenty of clear, carpeted floor space in case of falls. Wall-to-wall carpet is better than area rugs to prevent tripping and to cushion you if you do. Linoleum and cork are softer than tile and wood.

Securely anchor TVs and other heavy items on a table or shelf. Bundle cables and cords, and keep them out of the way. Put corner guards on furniture and padding on hard or sharp edges. Avoid glass tables and knick-knacks in the open.

A fireplace on a cold night may be cozy, but it needs a screen in place at all times. Get safety covers for your radiators.


Wall-to-wall carpeting and covered edges on dressers and tables are also a good idea here.

Don’t put your bed against a wall or near a radiator. If you might fall out, a futon or mattress on a low platform or the floor is a safer bet than a bed you have to climb into. And place cushions or pillows around it.

Limit the number of pillows you sleep with.

Consider having a monitor in the room if you’re alone to alert someone nearby for help.


Seizure Drills

Schedule regular «seizure» drills for everyone who’s often in the home, including babysitters and extended family members when they’re staying over. Practice getting the person with epilepsy into a safe position, know when to call for help, and how and when to give any prescribed rescue medicines. Even young children can be taught to dial 911.

Make sure a neighbor or friend has a key to get in to check on you or offer aid quickly.


Epilepsy Action: «Safety advice for people with epilepsy.»

Epilepsy Foundation: «Safety at Home,» «Staying Safe,» «Safety in the Kitchen,» «Safety While Sleeping,» «Seizure Drills,» «Seizure First Aid,» «Using Rescue Treatments.»

The Importance of Health and Safety in the Workplace

In the workplace, health and safety regulations are paramount to the well-being of the employees and the employer. Many hazards are present in today’s work environments, and it’s the employer’s job to keep their employees safe from these hazards. It’s a job that is so important that there are occupational safety standards and regulations set by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA ensures that all of their guidelines for health and safety or followed and anyone in violation can have their business shutdown. However, this is just one reason why workplace health and safety standards are important. Below are a few more that will show you just how important these standards are.

Prevent Illness and Injury

Health and safety procedures in the workplace reduce the employee illnesses and injuries greatly. These procedures can help you and your employees understand the potential hazards in your work environment. Training is important and effective, as it will educate your employees on proper workplace procedures, practices, and behavior to prevent possible injuries and illness or contamination from improper hygiene. Truthfully, paying for work-related injuries and illnesses can negatively affect your bottom line, which is a big reason why implementation of health and safety procedures is necessary.

Reduces Health and Safety Hazards

Potential hazards are rampant in almost every workplace environment. Equipment, chemicals, certain behaviors and activities, and even furniture can potentially cause injury or harm to you or your workers. Health hazards can range from contamination of food due to unsafe handling or preparation practices to an infectious disease outbreak caused by improper hygiene and personal care.

If you work with certain dangerous chemicals or gases, there’s always the risk of improper handling, maintenance, or storage, which could lead to dangerous exposure for you and your workers. In these cases, you must follow specific hazardous material handling guidelines set by OSHA, and you must have emergency and evacuation plans in place.

Avoid Serious Consequences

OSHA is in charge of enforcing health and safety laws, which means you must follow their guidelines when creating your health and safety procedures. If your work environment isn’t safe for your employees, then you may receive a fine or have your business temporarily or permanently shutdown, depending on the magnitude of your violation. This is something many businesses can’t afford. These standards can be enforced by any person representing OSHA many who will now be obtaining an occupational health and safety online degree. If you don’t meet health and safety standards, then your company will lose business, money, and customers.

Violating or not have safety and health procedures in place can have a tremendous impact on your business. You could lose money, workers, clients, productivity, vendors, respect, and potentially your entire business. Although, Workers’ Compensation Insurance covers workplace injuries and illnesses, there could be more costs to pay if you’re negligent. These costs include clean-up and repair, claims management, accident investigation, litigation, and the hiring and training of new employees. However, much of this can be avoided if you just realize the importance of having a health and safety program, and implementing it into your company’s infrastructure.

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