Other FAQs about Green Shield electromagnetic rodent repellers, Green Shield

Other FAQs about Green Shield electromagnetic rodent repellers

Do these plug-in pest control devices work?

Yes. Green Shield is a humane pest control device that does what it says: it controls pests. It will flush them out of your building.


Does the field interfere with computers or other appliances?

Are Green Shield devices sonic?

No. Our devices are electromagnetic, not sonic. Our technology is patented.

Will I ever see another pest after plugging the Green Shield in?

Yes, you might. They might come in looking for food, especially if you’ve left some out in a place where they can get at it. But they won’t hang around and they won’t look for somewhere to nest. They’ll soon leave, going out the same way they came in.

What guarantee do you offer?

You have a free one year guarantee from the date you purchased the Green Shield. If it stops working in that time, send it to us with your receipt and we’ll replace it, no quibbles.

Should I leave it plugged in all the time?

Ideally, yes. It won’t hurt to unplug it for short periods, but don’t be tempted to switch it off while you go off on holiday, for example. The pests will come back as soon as they think things are back to normal.

Doesn’t it use a lot of electricity?

No, not really. About the same amount as a nightlight.

Does it affect pacemakers?

If you or someone in your household uses a pacemaker, follow the same advice that your doctor has given you regarding any electrical devices. The unit complies with CE regulations.

Can I use a Green Shield unit outside?

No, probably not. Electricity and water don’t get on together, so in an exposed position it would soon fail. If it was in a shed, or protected somehow, then it might work. But if there’s no wiring in the outside areas, the unit will only be effective in a shorter range.


Green Shield Canada Reviews

Updated Feb 13, 2020

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Your trust is our top concern, so companies can’t alter or remove reviews.

«Great Company»

I worked at Green Shield Canada full-time for less than a year

Great coworkers, great benefits, good work/life balance, variety of work available.

None really. Maybe pay could be higher, and interdepartmental communication could be improved, but both were pretty good anyway.

Green Shield Canada Response

June 18, 2019 – Director

We are happy to hear that you enjoyed your time working with us. We have some projects in the works that will address some communication challenges, including video updates from various parts of the business, and some new ways for employees to provide feedback. Thanks for sharing!

«Good Culture, Good Pay & Good Life»

I worked at Green Shield Canada part-time for more than 3 years

— recognizes when individuals work above and beyond what is required — Paid Vacation — Great benefits (it is a benefits company after all)

— Seniority based promotions have led to some. questionable choices

Green Shield Canada Response

June 26, 2019 – Director

We agree that GSC has a good culture and recognizes individuals for their great work! Based on feedback we have received in the past, we launched an Employee Recognition Program that allows for individual and team rewards for performance (for union roles as well as salary employees). We currently have several initiatives on the go designed to get more feedback from employees (as well as some that are based on feedback we have received in the past). Thanks for sharing your feedback and best of luck in your future endeavors!

«Terrible Culture»

I worked at Green Shield Canada for more than 3 years

Not for profit : that’s the only thing that makes you going.

Benefits : I know many have mentioned about benefits being good. I had better benefits working for a non Health benefits company and other Canadian companies, including ones who has Green shield as their provider. Culture : talks about culture and how good it is. But no one is able to define it. Management sits in their fancy offices, lunch meetings and claim GSC has great culture. However does not talk to an employee, ask or take feed back. Doesn’t like employees who don’t agree with them. Most of them have been in the company for over 15 years and have no idea on culture in other companies. There is no appreciation for a job well done. Even if the stakeholder appreciates. But celebrate management victories. Apparently a job done was his / her core responsibility and nothing that needs to be appreciated. Nepotism: hires people they know and pass on candidates internally and externally who are better qualified.. White power : hardly any management who are non white. And hard for colored people to move up the chain. Collaboration: there is no collaboration between departments. Everyone sits in their own silos and feels threatened when you ask questions. Don’t challenge the status quo : as long as you don’t challenge the status quo, you can retire here. Don’t be fooled by the cool looking website, the organization is decades behind in almost everything else.

Green Shield Canada Response

February 21, 2020 – Director

We are disappointed to hear that you had a negative experience with GSC. We pride ourselves on the focus and importance we place on the employee experience, and on our culture. But it doesn’t sound like this was your particular experience, so we will be reviewing your comments thoughtfully and carefully, and ensuring that what we believe is happening throughout the organization is indeed happening in all areas/departments. We also wanted to take this opportunity to provide some clarification on a few of your comments… In order to maintain a strong positive culture, we regularly ask for both formal and informal employee feedback in different ways, to ensure we are working on improving in the areas most meaningful for employees. In addition to the various employee and team meetings that are held, we hold regular in person Fireside Chats with the CEO and EVP HR, across all locations, to hear what people have to say, and we do many different kinds of surveys. Given the focus and attention we place in this area, we were very excited to have GSC receive the Canada’s Most Admired Culture Award, and to have our most recent employee survey reflect an engagement score of 81%. While we are always happy to receive a good score, we still aim to continually improve by encouraging more feedback on how to make GSC the best place it can be and implementing improvement plans. Our senior leadership team, our management team, and our Board of Directors is made up people of various cultural and religious backgrounds as well as gender. As we continue to grow, we look forward to continuing to expand our diversity across all levels. We are currently in the process of developing a formal Diversity and Inclusion Strategy to further our focus in this area, and we will be using an employee committee to ensure we are capturing diverse participants, inputs, and recommendations. We have a strong talent acquisition process in place that gives us confidence that we are hiring the best people to join our team at GSC. While we are proud to have an Employee Referral Program in place, we also ensure we are selecting the best person based on the requirements of the role and the fit with GSC’s culture. We work to promote a culture of internal mobility as well, and provide existing employees opportunities to develop through education and experiences to prepare them for career growth. For those with a specific career growth goal in mind, we encourage career conversations with direct leaders and offer education benefits to help get closer to those goals. Our comprehensive employee benefits program includes both health and non-health benefits, and is just one aspect of total rewards. We constantly review all elements of our total rewards to ensure we are competitive, that the overall package is progressive, and that the content is seen as valuable to our team members. We are pleased to provide a wide variety of rewards and recognition, that go beyond our health and dental benefits. Organizationally, we have a keen eye on continuous improvement and have many committees, clubs and initiatives that promote individual contributions as well as cross functional teams. We have found this creates strong bonds outside of levels and business units. Our recent engagement scores reflect improvements in each of these areas, and we continue to focus on how we can further improve collaboration.

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How to deal with shield easy

How to deal with shield easy

This is just a post to help with team building for raiding not defending. If you have a hard time dealing with shields with abs def, or stun, and they can survive a eagle eye when defending. then the only thing to do, is to eagle eye them before they can get the +50 def from defending.
The way to do this is with 2 ANDREA and 2 Morgan Shovels (or +ap to random toon at begining of wave).

Give one andrea an atk boosted rifle (+20atk special, with 35-36 atk, for a cheap effective weapon; have this andrea in the most right spot of your team. The other andrea is leading. Next is to have 2 green toons with shovels anywhere in your team, and lastly a command toon. The idea of this team is to attack with andrea first turn, have her ar ready to go, then command her to kill a shield. This strategy is great for getting ride of problematic shields early, or to get ride of their command toon before it can command andrea on def.

The more advanced players can craft a military rifle with +20AP. You can build your own +10%ap weapons for yellows to deal with andreas better. Or to have a yellow/green command to make a better raid team:) Also 2 neutralisers . If this helps anyone or has any issues tell me. (AP granting weapons can be easy to craft if you craft it onto a 1* weapon)


Green Shield Canada

Green Shield Canada (GSC) has been Canada’s only nation-wide not-for-profit specialist in providing health and dental benefits since 1957.


Green Shield Canada

Founded 1957
Headquarters Windsor, Ontario
Employees 501-1000
Canadian Mkt. Share 0.86% (2016)
Products * Health & Dental Insurance
Provinces Licensed AB , BC , MB , NB , NL , NWT , NS , NU , ON , PEI , QC , SK , YT
* Insurance coverage and availability may vary by province. Speak with your broker for details.

Company Overview

GSC provides Canadians with supplemental health and dental coverage at affordable rates through a variety of different plans. They focus on friendly, fast service, as well as information and tools to help their clients understand their coverage.

Canadians choose GSC because of their extensive benefits packages and the advantages of trusting a not-for-profit provider for additional medical and dental coverage, such as:

  • Medical & Dental coverage options through eleven different packages
  • Customer-first product design, service, and business structure
  • Easy to access information, tools, and claims filing through an online portal, mobile app, or through live support

GSC has established itself as a provider of client-friendly coverage and rates that reflect its goal to protect Canadians and respect their finances. Its different coverage plans are each designed with your potential needs in mind, and paying GSC premiums may qualify for a tax credit or tax exemption.

Green Shield Canada Advantages

Green Shield’s greatest advantage is also central to its history and a guiding force in its mission as a not-for-profit organization. GSC is built on the belief that Canadians should never have to choose to forgo needed healthcare, medicine, or dental work because they cannot afford the cost. Its various coverage packages allow you as a customer to find the policy that works best for you. GSC aims to provide you with everything you need, to understand your policy as well as to take care of your own health and wellness.

  • A wide selection of coverage packages: Green Shield Canada offers a variety of packages, all of which include vision care, emergency medical travel expenses, registered specialists and therapists, and 24/7 toll-free legal advice on your coverage and health options.
  • Multichannel support: 24 hr live assistance as well as a mobile app for access to your benefits. The GSC on the Go® mobile app allows you file claims, keep up to date on your coverage, and make full use of your benefits as you see fit.
  • An Online health management portal: GSC’s Change4Life™ rewards-based health management program offers web-based health tracking tools and resources that help to track your health choices. Points for healthy living decisions can be redeemed to enter draws and for gift cards.
  • Deductible Premiums: If you’re a small business-owner, a contractor, or a freelancer then your premiums may be tax-deductible.

Green Shield Canada Insurance Products

GSC offers two distinct benefit package types, ZONE and LINK, each with a variety of different coverage options, through their SureHealth™ plans. They also offer GSC Health Assist™ plans that are provided through an advisor, and Prism plans offered in partnership with Special Benefits Insurance Services to bridge any gaps in your existing coverage and ensure you are protected for any health or dental expense.

GSC SureHealth™ ZONE – Health & Dental Coverage

GSC offers four unique SureHealth ZONE plans intended for small business owners, contractors, freelancers, seasonal and other independent workers so that your provincial healthcare coverage is supplemented in case of any unexpected, often expensive healthcare or dental costs that are not included.

  • Choose from 7 different ZONE plans to find the package of benefits that suits you
  • All include vision care, extensive specialist and therapist coverage, emergency travel coverage, and lifetime coverage
  • Bundled benefit selection to find the additional coverage options you want like prescription drug coverage or dental care
  • Guaranteed acceptance on some bundles available, no medical questionnaires or background needed
  • Free access to CChange4Life™

GSC SureHealth™ LINK – For Those Who Have Lost Group Coverage

GSC’s SureHealth LINK plans are intended for clients who are coming off of an existing group benefits plan, such as retirement, loss of employment, or new employment without coverage. LINK has the guaranteed health coverage you need in case of any medical or dental emergency, with all the benefits that make GSC’s plans a good choice.

  • All LINK plans include guaranteed acceptance for anyone coming off of group employee benefits
  • Coverage for any and all pre-existing conditions
  • Semi or fully private accommodations should you need a hospital stay
  • All include vision care, extensive specialist and therapist coverage, emergency travel coverage, and lifetime coverage
  • Free access to Change4Life™

  • Options to include dental coverage with several plans
  • See also:  Pediculosis (Discharge Care) - What You Need to Know

    GSC Health Assist Plans™

    The GSC Health Assist program puts customers in contact with a Green Shield advisor who can help you build a plan with the great coverage options you need

    • Contact an advisor with your personal needs
    • Find specific coverage suitable to you and your situation
    • Fast, efficient response from helpful experts
    • Perks and benefits of being a GSC customer with a custom-fitted coverage plan

    Need an Insurance Quote?

    Let Mitchell Whale Insurance Brokers do the comparison shopping for you — with quotes from over 40 insurance companies in Ontario Speak with a broker today: 1-800-731-2228

    Green Shield Canada Reviews

    Worst company terminates coverage because of Covid 19

    Company cancelled group coverage because we were laid off due to Covid 19. This pandemic is not the fault of employees yet Green Shield terminates coverage with no notice and no communications provided to plan holders to inform them of situation or other solutions to help plan members remain covered. Worst customer service ever.The Federal Govt. should fine them for doing this to individuals just so they can retain profits. I would have left no stars if it was possible.

    Better than nothing

    Some of us who pay premiums to Greenshield are wondering if the coverage is poorer because of the amount this company is paying for the constant advertising. We had no say in having our coverage moved; apparently Greenshield made a presentation promising rates would be lower (they were, for one year, with less coverage), and now they go up every year.

    The worst

    I have to deal with Greenshield as the provider of
    My group benefits through work. I have literally every claim denied or ‘ adjusted’ in their favour despite what my benefits package outlines. When I asked what would be my next recourse
    Complaint I was advised that would be to question my dentist about the quality of his work. I will
    Be following through with the insurance industry ombudsman. Terrible attitude , do not follow the policy coverage and overall unpleasant. I will give them high marks as to processing a claim as they take literally lightening speed to deny claims. I too find their website bizarre with pictures of employees dressed like boxers or a fairy I think one time. Clearly insurance is a joke. There tag line is ‘ a different kind of company’ can’t argue
    With that either as this is the worst I have ever

    Absolute garbage for diabetics.

    Out of the 600 dollars every couple months I have to pay they cover 200. so wow, one third of the supplies I require to live everyday with and they refuse to cover the rest. b.s not for profit yet what I need would save them money in the long run sensors over strips but they refuse to cover sensors which are more cost effective for everyone than test strips, makes no sense at all.

    I wish I can give zero star or negative stars.

    Green Shield will always, in their own words, «play by the rule». In reality, you will need to jump through hops after hops to overcome bureaucratic road blocks, and at the end you may still not get the claim. They make things so difficult to discourage claims. I made five drug claims in 2019 so far; 4 got declined by Green Shield. Luckily my spouse benefit plan covers me for 80%.

    If you don’t believe me, ask your service provider (like your pharmacist about Green Shield. Everyone knows that they are difficult to work with. You will need to fill in forms and follow procedures to the dot in order to get something back. Good luck if you are using them for co-pay.

    Green Shield is horrible. Period.

    Stay away from this company please

    This is the WORST possible insurance company I have ever had. They treat customers with absolutely no respect. Unfortunately, I have no choice — it is a group plan. I would never buy their services and I hope this company will go bankrupt one day. I see half star reviews here. I would I open their website today and there was a picture of their Staff member Karen. «Meet our Karen» the site said. Karen was wearing suit and boxer gloves and was in the position of attacking who ever looked at this picture. It is ridiculous and very thoughtful but this is exactly how GreenShield treats their customers. With the FISTS! I wish I could attach that screenshot here.



    The worst website for claims.

    The worst website for claims. I have to enter all of the details, print and mail. How ridiculous! The website says it can be done electronically. Doesn’t work. I fill out the form, save it and when I open it, the form is empty. Only 4 items per form. An incredible waste of time.
    I would rate it a .5, not even a 1.


    We have Greenshield through work, and they are the worst company to deal with!

    If I could give them a negative star, I would.

    From health to dental they are garbage.

    Not as promised

    Didn’t send my enrolment documents then tried to blame me. Promised lower premiums, which lasted for the first year only, provides less coverage than Blue Cross for more money. I don’t see why we were switched, considering all the hassle.


    Penny pinching b*st*rds. Would not use if I got to pick my own health insurance.

    — Limits coverage for massage therapy to $50/visit (good luck finding a therapist for that price).
    — Requires a prescription for massage or physiotherapy — but not chiropractic? That’s some nice lobbying from the chiropractic association.
    — Does not cover GST.
    — Low annual limits. Sucks to be you if you have chronic back pain, you’ll get just enough treatments to not need time off work.
    — Marginal dental coverage.
    — Reduces drug claim payout for buying «too much» (more than a few weeks’ supply) at a time.
    — Reduces drug claim payout for buying «branded» drugs even when the pharmacist told me the ones I bought are the generic version.
    — Submitting too many claims at once, like catching up on a few months worth, triggers an audit. All subsequent claims subject to audit. Audits can take weeks to process.
    — Generic «Claims processed in accordance with plan terms» messages, and you have to go digging through an unintuitive website to find the details of what they did and didn’t pay.
    — No clear description of what is and isn’t covered for many expenses, you pretty much have to either submit a mock claim or have the provider try your insurance card.

    Greenshield Canada absolutely terrible

    I had active coverage, not only did they totally screw me and my partner out of my prescription glasses benefits, they screwed us out of orthotics coverage, and now today, I got screwed out of massages as well. Zero stars. Next time I work CLAC I’m not filling out any benefits forms, better off with none.

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    Worst insurance company i have ever had the displeasure of being «covered» by

    They are simply terrible. They audit every submission, question the decisions you make with your doctor in terms of treatment for every medical condition — including debilitating ones, and do their best to not honour what you are supposed to be covered. Insulting and greedy with no accountability.

    Worst Customer Service!!

    Disabled my account stating that I did not submit a receipt to prove a claim. When I told them that I never received any notification that I needed to submit a receipt they blamed me for the error and insisted that I would have gotten several notifications. When I sent a screen shot of my account that clearly stated “Good News. You have no claims requiring additional information” they reactivated my account and threatened me that if this were to happen again my account would be permanently disabled. There was zero apology or responsibility taken on their part for their error and they continued to behave as if I was at fault for their error. Very poor customer service and no follow up on their part I had to call twice before anyone could help me. Zero accountability on their part for their error.

    Denied a life-saving drug for a baby

    I am in the middle of adopting a baby. She supposedly has drug coverage through Greenshield as paid by the Children’s Aid Society. They have denied her coverage for her heart medication required for her to live. I guess I will invite Greenshield to her funeral? My old work insurance had no issue covering this medication. My new work insurance is Greenshield. I’m bringing this issue to their attention. Hopefully we can switch providers.

    Worst Insurer to deal with

    This has been a nightmare since the get go. Every submission made is contested and audited to the point where you don’t want to make a claim as it will take 2-3 hours to jump through all their hoops and whistles. Their website is a nightmare. Worst experience I have ever had. Their site says responses in 7 days — it took over 3 weeks.

    Worst Insurance in Canada

    This is by far the worst insurance I have had comparing with Sun Life and Great West Life. Support claim online for drugs very poorly design. It takes a lot of time consuming to claim meds if this insurance is not your primary insurance or for your partner using it. They ignore what you marked on claims (e.g: if you marked NO on other insurance. They still ignore it and not pay and request to claim with other insurance). The process for claims takes a while to pay or not pay (mostly not pay with ridiculous excuses). You need doctor prescription to claim massages. If this is the second insurance, the company more likely ignore and not pay leftover unpaid amount or pay very low. Not recommend.

    Don’t buy this insurance.

    When I signed up for this insurance I was promised that my payments would stay the way they are.
    This is not the case. However benefits do! Figure that one out. When I asked them why my rate is increasing and my benefits stay the same, they could not answer the question.The only thing they said I could pick another plan.
    They require PRESCRIPTION for a massage. …and cover only $25 per visit. What’s the point.
    I have been with them for about 5 years and run the numbers for the last year. I wasted about 45 percent. You are better off to put the $ in the savings account and use when you need it. Cover all 100 percent, not 40 to 80 and you don’t have to provide prescriptions. Finally it’s your money and your insurance doesn’t have to tell you whether it needs to be covered or not.
    Don’t waste your money on Green Shield.

    GSC Cant be trusted

    I am consumed with anger and frustration with GSC. I submitted a claim Dec. 13/18 for chiropractic services on Nov. 7/18. On Jan. 7 I received my statement for but saw there was an error as I was not paid. I called and was curtly told that I have to pay the $250 deductible. I said I paid the deductible mid 2018. Also, I received payment for services on Nov. 13 so I should have been paid for Nov. 7. They admitted there was an error and was put on hold but got disconnected. Called back and a guy said they would make the correction and I would be paid in a few days. After a week no payment so I called and another woman bluntly said we are working on the problem and you will be paid shortly. No further explanation. After that I sent an email to GSC about the problem but never got a reply. I called back again after a week and was told the same thing. About 10 days ago I called again and this time a woman told me there is a glitch in their software and it is affecting people in the public sector; I am not the only one affected. I asked is the claim for Nov. 7 the only claim that is affected by the software glitch? She said yes but that I would receive payment in a few days. After 10 days no payment. Yesterday I sent an email to the complaint officer giving some suggestions so I get paid. No response. I said if I do not at least get a reply to my email I would file a complaint with the BBB and contact the GSC ombudsman.
    I read a number of very negative reviews and I can identify with all of them. Now I am beginning to think they are lying to me and have no intention of paying me what I am entitled to. This is not the first time I have had problems with GSC. One claim was not processed because they needed more information. I emailed them asking what information do you need. They gave me the same vague answer. I sent them an angry email demanding what is the problem. They said the needed to verify the service provider (chiropractor). I explained I have used this chiropractor for years and you have processed a number of claims where he was the service provider and no problem. After several months of them telling me this I practically went ballistic and sent them the most scathing email. They finally admitted that they needed to set him up in the system with a new address because the chiropractor has several offices. The idiots at GSC held up my claim for almost 5 months just to set up another address for my chiropractor in their system. It seems others are correct about GSC and you cant believe what they tell you. They do make you jump through hoops and frustrate the hell out of you. I am fed up with GSC but there is nothing I can do. They know I am at their mercy and they just dont care.

    Worst insurance ever!

    Makes vague and ambiguously worded coverage statements. I had a drug that was previously covered and all of a sudden, out of nowhere they decided to change their minds and revoke coverage over the last year and a half, claiming that it was an oversight and should not have been covered. The medication is a bit expensive, so Greenshield has decided to change the rules in their favour. Very shady!

    This is concerning practice to hear about. It would be much nicer if it was the monopoly game chance card that read bank error in your favor. The complicated wording is certainly an industry problem that it needs to tackle. Not an easy problem by any means, but many companies are now venturing to make their wordings in «plain language».


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