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Natural Remedies – Onion for Common Cold, Flu and Cough

Onion is one of common natual home remedies. It is used against a wide range of health disorders, including common cold, flu, cough, and hair loss.

Onion as a remedy for common cold is a type of old herbal folk medicine that is still being used today. Onion is also a good home remedy for flu, cough. The Native Americans used them to ward off the common cold and flu. The World Health Organization has even recognized the onion for its ability to help relieve symptoms of the flu such as coughs, congestion, respiratory infections and bronchitis.

When you have a cough, you can use onions as a home remedy. Onions are as known to be effective for removing phlegm. You can use onions to make cough syrup: Chopping onions into small pieces and extracting the juice from them. Then mixing one teaspoon of the onion juice with one teaspoon of honey and let it sit for about five hours, the cough syrup is done. Taking this cough syrup two times a day.

Onion is extremely high in the anti-oxidant quercetin which helps the body fight free-radicals, and boosts the immune response. A recent study showed that individuals who ate onion soup had better immune responses and less likelihood for cardiovascular disease. Onion is also rich in its iron content that is why it is a natural curing agent of anemia by eating raw onion in salad, or with meal.

Onion as a remedy is being used for hair loss. Adding onion to the diet will help supply hair with many important nutrients, health producing phytochemicals and antioxidants.

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#1 Russian Remedy for Cold and Flu

Did you know that Onions were used in Europe to successfully fight off the plague in the early 1900’s?

In Russia onions have been used to fight flu and cold we well as clear impurities around the house.

My grandmother used an onion compress for the chest and feet to cure coughs, fevers and flu. She also used the onion pad to reduce pain and inflammation in her joints.

My mother used onions to protect the body from viruses and colds. She used to say that white onions worked better than red onions. It was very common to have onions at a Russian home during winter flu season and to have cut onions in the room an ill family member to relieve symptoms quickly and naturally.

If someone was sick, she would peel the onions and left them around the house as a preventive measure against flu and viruses. She would then replace the onions every 3 months.

If someone in your home becomes ill with a cough, flu, cold or fever, place a peeled white onion cut in half in a bowl in their room. The onion needs to be cut in half in order to expose the most amount of ‘healing power’ from its pungent odor.

It’s best not to leave a cut onion open in the fridge (to eat later) because as soon as an onion is cut, it will start to absorb bacteria.

If you cut an onion for a salad, either use the whole thing or put the other half in your garage or basement to absorb bad smells. Once the onion is in a salad in a sealed container, it is safe and can be eaten at a later time.

What Makes Onions So Effective

Onions are rich in sulfur-containing compounds that are responsible for their strong odor. Sulfur is a powerful detoxifying ingredient and helps the body to release toxins, especially for the liver. High sulfur foods help your body to detox from heavy metals like lead, arsenic and cadmium.

The onion is the richest dietary source of quercetin – a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to thin the blood, lower cholesterol, ward off blood clots, and fight asthma, chronic bronchitis, hay fever, diabetes, atherosclerosis and infections and is even linked to inhibiting certain types of cancer.

Onions are also naturally anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antiviral. That, of course, is when you eat them.

Best Russian Cold/Flu Remedy

  • Cut one large white organic onion in quarters and place it in a food processor.
  • Add 3 tablespoons of raw, unfiltered organic honey and one organic lemon (cut it in half and remove seeds).
  • Blend this mixture together for 2-3 minutes until it becomes a paste-like consistency.
  • Eat one tablespoon every hour if you have flu or cold.
  • Or eat 1-2 tablespoons daily during the cold season to prevent getting sick.

Sock Onion Remedy

  • Cut the white onion in half.
  • Place one half on the bottom of each foot so that the cut onion is against the skin.
  • Place a sock on top of the onion so it stays secure in place and leave overnight.
  • This remedy is excellent for flu and fever.

Let me know if any of these remedies worked for you. Leave your comments below.

Onion – the amazing ‘cure-all’

Oh warts! So many children get the wart virus and end up with lumpy, bumpy fingers for a while. The next time this happens skip the medicine isle and cut a tiny piece of onion, the size of your wart, and secure it over your wart with a band-aid. The onion will literally burn the wart off your finger in a few days. Be sure to use a wart sized onion or risk burning the skin surrounding your wart.

12 Onions to lower blood pressure

If you struggle with high blood pressure, onions, much like their cousin garlic, can help get those numbers down. The quercitin found in yellow and red onions not only helps lower your blood pressure, but can help in the fight against heart disease and stroke.

To experience the full benefit of this onion home remedy it is best to eat at least one if not two onions a day either raw or lightly sauteed. Fully cooked onions are not nearly as effective as the heat destroys a lot of their healing properties.

13 Onions to lower cholesterol

Are your cholesterol numbers worrying you and your doctor? Try adding a half a raw onion to your diet a day and watch those numbers improve. In just one month you could see an improvement and avoid the need for medication all together.

14 Onions to stop vomitting

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical when I first read about using onions to cure vomiting, but a the same home remedy came up several times from various sources leading me to believe that this is the real deal. People reported getting this recipe from Yogi’s and grandmothers alike. The instructions are rather specific and the remedy won’t work unless done in the right sequence.

Cure for vomiting:

  • Grate 1 white or yellow onion
  • Place the grated onion in cheese cloth or paper towel and press out the juice
  • Make a cup of strong peppermint tea and let it cool
  • Drink two teaspoons of onion juice
  • Wait five minutes
  • Drink two teaspoons of peppermint tea

Vomiting should stop immediately, nausea should be gone within 15 minutes, if not repeat both onion juice and peppermint tea until symptoms subside

15 Onion juice therapy for cancer

Is it possible that drinking onion juice can stave off and even fight cancer? A lot of people think so, so much so that they commit to drinking a glass of this potent stuff once a day. Although there is little scientific data to back up this onion home remedy, I certainly think it would be worth a try.

This remedy requires the juice of organic, strong flavored onions grown in soil close to where you live. Yellow onions work best for this remedy. Using a juicer would be your easiest option for extracting the potent onion juice, but if you don’t have one, a hand held juicer, like the kind used for juicing an orange would do in a pinch.

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For maximum impact it is important to drink the onion juice straight and not eat or drink anything for an hour afterwards. It sounds crazy and unpleasant, but pales in comparison to having cancer I’m sure. So raise a glass of onion juice and drink to your health!

Other unusual uses for onions

  • Rub onion juice on you as a bug repellent
  • Use the juice of an onion to repel moths
  • Rub onion juice on the scalp to promote hair growth
  • Rub an onion on your skin to prevent freckling
  • Use an onion to polish glass and copper wear
  • Rubbing an onion on iron will prevent it from rusting
  • Boiled onion water, cooled and sprayed on plants will repel pests

An onion a day…

Reviewing this long list of onion folk and home remedies leads me to believe that Mother Nature is one smart lady. Could it be possible that everything we need to heal ourselves is growing around us? Wouldn’t that be amazing? It certainly brings new meaning to the idea of universal healthcare.

So in the spirit of good health for all, give one or some of these onion remedies a try and share the info with others. Who knows, maybe the age old saying will have to be changed from “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” to “An onion a day…”

Folk remedies for aphids


Aphids — pest, able in a short period of time cause permanent damage to your crop. Insect offers a rare fertility and endurance. To cope with the attacks of aphids will help you tested people’s money.

Aphids on plants: signs of the emergence of

Insect can live on any plant: flowers, trees, herbs and vegetables. You can detect the parasite by the following features:

  1. Honeydew on plant leaves. It has a sweet taste that attracts many insects, especially ants. If you notice a large crowd of ants on the plant, so it was chosen by the aphid.
  2. Plants become sickly. They cease to bloom, the leaves begin to curl and turn yellow, shoot apex deformed plummets yield of fruit crops.
  3. Pest can be detected on the bottom sideleaves around growth points, on buds, shoots and stalks. insect length of only 2 mm. The adult aphid has a grayish-white or greenish-yellow color.

Funds from aphids: the emergence of prevention

There is a mandatory preventive maintenance for plants, following which you do not have to think in the future, how to get rid of the pest:

  • It is impossible to overfeed plants and limit their outdoor activities. If the crops grown in the greenhouse, always ventilate her;
  • Keep the plant clean, promptly removing diseased and dead leaves;
  • Do not allow the spread of the ants that contribute to the preservation and reproduction of aphids on the leaves.
  • If you observe all safety precautions and prevention, pest but still settled on your site to help you to come folk remedies against aphids.

The fight against aphids folk remedies

Folk remedies — an effective aid in the fightpests. Their main advantage is that they are not harmful to plants, animals and humans. But at the same time an excellent job with this task, saving your garden from insects.

  • All submitted infusions and decoctions better to add to the soap solution from tar whether soap (10 liters of a solution of 40 grams of soap).

  • The remedy for aphids on trees. Pour 3 liters of hot water, 300 g onion peel. Leave to infuse for 2 — 3 days. The resulting infusion dilute soapy water and spray the trees it 3 times in 5 days.
  • Boil in a bucket of water 500 g of tomato leaves and foliage. After boiling, cook for half an hour means. The prepared broth, prior to use, dilute with clean water (2 liters of broth in 10 liters of water).
  • Crush 1.5 kg of fresh potato leaves and 1kg of dry potato leaves. Fill weight bucket of hot water and leave to infuse for 4 — 5 hours. Trees sprayed with the preparation of infusions in the evening until the complete disappearance of aphids.
  • The remedy for aphids on currants. Pour 2 kg of tobacco 15 liters of water temperature 60degrees. Leave the vehicle for a day, after — strain. The resulting infusion is diluted in water (10 liters of water — 2 liters of liqueur). Cooked means of spray currants. Also this solution for getting rid of thrips, sawflies and leaf rollers.

  • Pour 15 liters of warm water 1.5 kg of dried orange peel. Steep means 3 days. An infusion spray plant.
  • The remedy for aphids on tomatoes. Dissolve in 10 L of warm water of 30 g of mustard powder. Cooked tomatoes spray composition.
  • In the 60-degree water (15 liters), add 1.5 kg of chamomile. Steep means 15 hours. Then strain the infusion and add 3 parts of water and soap. The resulting composition of the treat tomatoes.

  • Grass and roots of celandine (1.5 kg), pour 15 liters of boiling water. Steep Formulation 2 — 3 days. After the solution can be processed tomatoes by aphids.
  • The remedy for aphids on roses. Finely chop the sorrel horse. 0.5 kg hacked sorrel pour 15 liters of water. Insist 2 — 3 days, after which the treated flowers.
  • In 15 liters of water boil 3 kg and 1 kg of freshdry yarrow. The prepared broth can be stored no more than 5 days in a closed container. Cooked means of effectively fighting the parasite on roses.
  • Prepare Concentrate pine: Pour 5 tablespoons needles 12 liters of water. Insist means 2 days, after which you can handle rose.

  • The remedy for aphids on cucumbers. In 15 liters of water add 70 grams of dried roots of hellebore. Steep means 5 — 7 hours. Prepare the tincture spray cucumbers.
  • Within half an hour boil 1.5Kg crushed stalk smartweed in 15 liters of water. The mixed composition copes with aphids on cucumbers.

The most effective remedy for aphids

  • For a 100% get rid of the pest gardeners often use ash. 0.5 kg of ashes pour 12 liters of boiling water and boil for 20 minutes. After the tool can be used to treat the plants.

  • Prepare a tincture of dandelion: 500 g of leaves and dandelion roots 400 g chop and pour 12 liters of water. Steep means 3 — 5 hours, after which it can be used for other purposes. tincture Spraying is carried out several times.
  • Pour 300 g chopped nettles 1.5 liters of water. Leave the product to 3 hours after, they can spray the flowers and trees.
  • Pour ½ bucket of dry marigold 10 liters of warm water. Insist 2 days, strain and add 50 g of soap. The solution is ready. They can handle any plant.

Aphids — a tiny parasite that can seriouslydamage your crop. To get rid of it, gardeners often turn to folk remedies. Acting on the instructions and in compliance with all the rules, you are, of course, save your garden from pests!

Will an Onion in the Room Stop a Cold or the Flu?

Kristina Duda, BSN, RN, CPN, has been working in healthcare since 2002. She specializes in pediatrics and disease and infection prevention.

Jason DelCollo, DO, is board-certified in family medicine and on the faculty of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

There is something to be said for certain home remedies for colds. Placing a cut onion in the room of someone who is sick is one suggested «remedy» that has been passed down in some families and even over social media every cold and flu season. The idea is that onions have the ability to absorb bacteria and viruses and will actually «pull the germs out» of the sick person. There is no truth to any of these claims.

The National Onion Association, in fact, has said that there is no scientific evidence that a cut raw onion absorbs germs or rids the air of toxins/poisons.  

Why It Doesn’t Work

Onions do not provide a good environment for bacteria or viruses to multiply or live. Even if an onion could draw or extract germs from someone (which is scientifically impossible), there’s nothing special about an onion that would kill these pathogens.

Your body, on the other hand, is an attractive environment for bacteria and viruses—at least at first.

When you get sick, microscopic bacteria or viruses enter your body and multiply; your body acts as a «host». When your immune system notices these invading germs, it releases antibodies to try to fight them off, which prompts swelling and inflammation.

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This is what causes the symptoms you experience when you get sick, such as excess mucus, cough, sore throat, and headache.   It’s also what’s needed to help you get on the road to feeling better and beating an infection.

Where Did This Idea Come From?

The folk remedy to keep raw onions in the room when you are sick dates back to the 1500s, according to the National Onion Association.  

During the bubonic plague, cut onions were placed around homes to keep people from contracting the deadly illness. At the time, it was believed that all illnesses were spread through the air. These clouds of disease—or miasmas—were thought to exist when the air smelled bad.  

In more recent history, people used cut onions in a room in an attempt to protect against the 1918 flu pandemic. In one anecdote, a doctor had his patients place cut onions in their homes and they all stayed healthy, while others in the community did not.

A Word From Verywell

Placing an onion in the room will not treat or prevent you from getting a cold. Washing your hands regularly, avoiding crowds during flu season, and taking care of your health by eating well, exercising, and getting ample sleep can help you stay healthy.

Onions – A Natural Health Remedy From Your Kitchen

Updated: December 17th, 2018 by Deirdre Layne // 42 Comments

In addition to being our best home remedy to relieve severe vomiting, onions are revered as a natural cure for a wide variety of disorders and as a general antibiotic that can back up the body’s own immune system.

The onion, like all members of the allium family, is rich in sulfur. That sulfur content can lend the onion antibiotic and antiseptic qualities that are often put to good use by the naturopath or home remedy practitioner for both internal and external use. For centuries, onions have been touted as the one thing that might be able to kill a flu infection, and many families have passed that remedy through the generations!

Onion Remedy for Lung Conditions

Onions are often recommended for respiratory conditions, including coughs and colds. Taken raw it can be a good expectorant. Onion juice mixed equally with honey is a popular cough syrup. Their flavonoids and sulfur compounds make onions beneficial for the heart, cholesterol levels, diabetes, arthritis, and generally as an antioxidant.

Continue reading to learn how Earth Clinic readers use onions to heal a particular ailment and let us know if it works for you!

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Remedy Reviews From Our Readers

I was having a problem with a sore, red and painful throat. I tried cayenne, a strong colloidal silver spray and salt. I used these separately and jointly. I used them through gargling and with a neti pot. They helped for a part of a day, then I would feel that pain again. This is what worked for me: 2 bunches of green onions tossed into a blender with just enough water to get a pudding consistency. I would «gargle» with this 3 times a day. That means I would kind of pour it in the back of my throat, make some gargling sounds and then spit it out. It worked when all else failed. Onions are known for being antibacterial and green onions seem to be the most potent.

Onions and dial soap for a wound that is infected. You make a paste out of the two together it works, even if you have a red streak just leave it on overnight and the next day infection will be gone, I promise.

Onion for helping sickness… Is there truth behind this? I was told that If I put sliced onion on ball of my foot and go to bed with socks I should feel better

Stephanie: Yes this can make you feel better but not well. The onion provides some nutrients the body requires but not all. To function at peak performance the body needs the proper dosages of carbs, proteins, oils, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and co factors in their most active form and at their highest energies. Wild animals get this for free from raw whole foods. Search raw food videos. I also take 10% animal products.

My friend’s daughter had a terrible staph infection on her leg. Her friend told her to cut the onion in half, microwave it for about a minute and put it on the infected area. She did that for about 20 minutes 3x in one day and the infection cleared up.

My daughter got Cellulitus on her head recently. I did the same thing and it seems to be working. The swelling has gone down and now there is only a scab where the infection started.

It may be an old wives tale, but it seems to have worked.

I used to get colds/flu, brochitis, ammonia etc.. ALL the time- every year like clockwork.. A turning point in my life was when RAW onions became a fav. EXTRA onions on everything, everyday- I eat alot of onions. I never get sick anymore… In fact right now, everyone I know is dropping like flies with the flu/cold and I just ate a sandwhich with half an onion on it- feeling GREAT;)

Our friend Gail from Santa Monica, CA gave us this recipe a few years ago. It’s an old Yogi remedy that will stop severe vomiting within minutes.

1. Prepare peppermint tea and allow to cool.

2. Grate an onion and squeeze the pulp through a cheese cloth (if desperate, just use a paper towel). Make 1 Tablespoon of Fresh Onion Juice.

3. Hold your nose and swallow the onion juice.

4. Follow with just 1 Tablespoon of peppermint tea. Wait ten minutes. Take another Tablespoon of peppermint tea. Wait 15 minutes.

This remedy should stop vomiting within 15 minutes, according to Gail. The peppermint tea helps to rehydrate you.

WOW, does that remedy ever work. I wasn’t throwing up but I had the chills and was constantly running to the bathroom thinking that I would be sick. Within half hour of this remedy, I quit sweating and my stomach is better! THANKS!

Onion pack is what I have always called this. The correct term is a poultice. This works well for boils, bites, infections and I even used this successfully one time cellulitis of the elbow.

Cut one whole onion into small pieces. With a mortar and pestle, mash the onion into skin and juice. Mash until all juice has been removed; however it is important the skin remain. (Perhaps a blender would work. However, this method is the way my grandmother taught me 50 years ago and I have never tried a blender.)

In a bowl, add the mashed onion. Then add flour, in very small increments, until a paste has been formed, about a medium texture. Not too dry… not too wet.

Cover the boil with a thick layer of the paste and surrounding the boil. It is not necessary to puncture the boil and recommended not to do this.

Cover the paste with a cotton (must breathe) rag, wash cloth, dish rag, gauze, etc. (depending where the boil is located) and secure with tape if necessary.

Allow the paste to completely dry. It usually takes a few hours. It will dry to a very semi hard or firm pack.

As the paste hardens, it will form suction on the boil, drawing out all of the puss. Depending on the size of the boil it may take 2 or 3 applications but usually you will see results on the first. The onion also acts as a natural antibiotic to prevent infection.

Be patient. And don’t be too active or you will break the seal. Do not remove the pack prematurely. When you do, you will see the puss in a pocket on the underside of the pack. Where your boil was, there will be a small hole where the puss came through. Put antibiotic ointment over the skin and a band aide. That’s it!

During this process you will feel the onion pack working. You may feel some discomfort when the skin breaks, but not for long. Again, I have used this onion pack over the years for boils, infections, bites and even cellulites of the elbow. It has never failed.

Side effects: It smells like onion and it might make you cry.

If you have a cut, putting a piece of onion skin, the transparent film, onto it will stop it from bleeding immediately. I got this tip from a magazine and tried it when I cut myself chopping vegetables. The onion instantly stopped the bleeding. The cut was no longer than 1 inch, and not seriously deep, just enough to gross one out.

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My son was stung by a bee and a friend told me to slice an onion and put it on top of the sting. Immediately, the swelling went down. She theorizes that it pulls the venom out. It also works for mosquito bites.

Raw onion also works for burns. I burned myself once by grabbing the cast iron handle. I immediately put a slice of raw onion on for about 2 minutes and then whipped egg whites until they became stiff. I applied it onto the burn and it dried and created a egg white skin on top of the burn. Wrapped a bandage around it and went to bed. The next morning, there was no pain and no blister.

For fevers, you will need to juice a raw onion and drink about a teaspoon every hour. Also, soak a couple of egg whites around a cloth and wrap around your feet and cover with socks. Reapply as egg white becomes crusty around feet. You can also paint Lugol’s iodine solution on the chest and throat. My daughter’s 104.7 fever came down within half a day using this method.

Onion works with vomiting from stomach flu symptoms as well, but you will alternate one teaspoon of onion juice with teaspoon of spearmint tea every hour.

I can confirm that onion pulls out the stingers and venom of bee stings.

I have been fighting nail fungus for about 25 years. I have tried all of the prescription meds. Penlac, which is very expensive, is the only one that sometimes works. The others did not work at all and can cause problems with the liver. I cannot wait to try the ACV treatment.

Regarding warts. My daughter had a couple when she was very young. We went to a couple of dermatologists who used the usual treatments that hurt her and did not work. I looked for a natural remedy on-line. I found an onion remedy that works everytime.

Take a small bit of onion (about the size of the wart)
crush it and place it on the wart
use tape or a bandaid to keep it on for about 24 hrs.
when you take it off, you will see that the onion actually eats through the wart and burns it off.

NOTE: only put enough onion on to cover wart or your healthy skin can get hurt.
Good luck to all
You will get a scab and when it heals the wart should be gone.

i tried this recipe from a friend’s mom and it worked wonders. Peel Red Onions and make thick slices (may be say 3 or 4). Keep the slice in a bowl and put 1 tbsp sugar, then put another slice and again put 1 tbsp sugar, repeat the process until all slices are covered with sugar. Do this in the night and keep it until morning. In the morning there will be some juice in the bowl. Squeeze the onion with your hands to extract some more juice and drink it. Do it for 3 days. i got relief immediately after the first try.

Red or white onion juice, coconut oil, honey and lemon are a better syrup for a cough.

I’m glad to see you’re getting better results, however if all else fails what I’ve done to really drop my blood pressure rapidly because I’ve been on meds for over 15 years and I’ up to 5 a day, blend a half of a white or yellow onion with about 8ozs of water and drink it. Get some rest and you will get immediate result. It will drop very close to normal. It works for me. I only do it on occasion by he way. Regularly I squeeze a half of lemon in a glass of water twice a day and it works great.

I have battled with weak digestion for a number of years now and having read about onion juice therapy for cancer, I decided to try it for my indigestion. I have already a high regard for the medicinal value of pungent onions as it cured my cold and bronchitis in the past. I know onion makes you alkaline, therefore treating one of the causes of illness (acidity). So when starting my onion juice treatment, I also recognized that pure onion juice makes me to see instantly what is happening in my body ( like a mirror almost) and getting rid of it right away. I drank the juice one sip at a time in the morning on an empty stomach and threw up undigested food. I was astonished that I would have undigested food still inside of me after a whole night’s sleep. Now I don’t eat too late anymore (I try not to eat after 6 pm, only fruit juice) as a result. I eat in more and much smaller portions during the day. I also don’t mix carbohydrates with proteins as to make it easier to digest (vegetables with proteins or vegetables with carbohydrates). Together with ACV and molasses which I have learnt here to add to my food and which are definitely wonderful on a daily basis all is pretty good right now. I know it sounds pretty awful to drink pure onion juice but for me it’s the fast track to health. I learnt that you use it for 40 days once a year for prevention of cancer and now I use it whenever I have any health problem. I am really happy for this site and hope this may help somebody in need. And what cheaper thing is there than an onion? Available in most parts of the world. Only the juicer might be a problem if one has none.

Drinking slowly 1 teaspoon honey and one teaspoon ACvinegar in a cup of water cures my indigestion.

Onions for cough and congestion: My first child was colicky and had several colds with congestion. The doctors gave him antibiotics that did not seem to help. I felt like the cold went away on its own. My grandmother told me about the onions. My second and third children never had to take antibiotics. I would take a onion or part of onion about the size of a golf ball and grate up in a bowl.Sprinkle with 1 teaspoon of sugar. Cover and put in the fridge for 45 minutes. The sugar draws the syrup out of the onion. I would then take a dropper full and give to the child. It does not taste bad (try it yourself). It clears their chests and helps them sleep. I never had a problem with using it. Now when I feel like I am getting a cold I always eat more raw onions.

Onion juice therapy for indigestion

Onion Juice Therapy made me aware what’s going on in my body. You are supposed to drink one turkish tea glass of pure onion juice from pungent organically grown onions frist thing in the morning. After a 40 day vegetable and fruit juice fast, my digestion was still not fine. So I tried this remedy.

After the first sip I felt very sick and immediately threw up undigested food. I could drink only one sip that morning. I also spit up a lot of foam. Don’t ask me what kind this was. It also burnt slightly in some specific areas of my stomach. I drank the rest of the juice then during the day which was easier as there was food in my system. Next day I could down 2 sips and felt slight burning sensations in different areas of stomach. I read that if you have strong reactions to this medicine you need it the most. So I continued and today I can drink the whole glass without problem. I have to explain that I used onion juice before mixed in fresh orange juice to cure a flu and developing bronchitis. After 2 days of drinking one large onion daily mixed in 32 oz orange juice I was fine. Since then I have great trust in the healing power of onions. I think that drinking the onion juice mixed in orange juice would be a good start for people who simply cannot put up with the pure juice. Then they can gradually decrease the amount of orange juice needed till the pure juice is tolerated. I know there is other remedies out there less difficult. I had problems with indigestion and smelly gases for so long that I really want to eliminate this problem. Undigested food might be the starting point for so many illnesses that it is to me of utmost importance to clean up this mess. I just drank one glass and it feels good when this juice cleans you up from the inside. After only 5 days in which I increased my intake every day by one sip more, I am now feeling really good with it.

I include here now the article with more detailed explanation of this remedy:

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