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To determine mass in length or other units, Hammerkauf offers a wide range of different measuring instruments. There are, for example, the various measuring tapes, which are important in construction as well as in the creation of land and plantations. Furthermore, we offer measuring devices.

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To determine mass in length or other units, Hammerkauf offers a wide range of different measuring instruments. There are, for example, the various measuring tapes, which are important in construction as well as in the creation of land and plantations. Furthermore, we offer measuring devices for residual moisture a so-called moisture meter, which are used in firewood to determine whether this is already dried for the burning process. Also, a piece counter can be helpful in some work or a so-called caliper, which is used in the forest for measuring log thicknesses. In addition, for our customers on offer, we have a lightweight measuring wheel, with which a certain distance can be traveled and thus measured. Rainbows complete our assortment.


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Campfire Cooking Equipment You Can’t Live Without

The best camping gear for your kitchen needs to be rugged for outdoor cooking but compact enough to fit your personal camping style.

This is truly a list of fantastic campfire cooking equipment you can’t live without!

Yes, it is a bold statement … but, this gear is so awesome, you really will wonder how you ever cooked your campfire recipes without these ingenious cooking tools.

Awesome Campfire Cooking Equipment

My favorite camping tips are all about the food and gear to make it with.

IN A HURRY? → Click on the links below to quickly jump down to equipment for your campfire cooking kit:

Over-Fire Grills And Campfire Cooking Gear

We like to get away from people when we go camping so we usually head for remote free camping sites located in in National Forests.

Campfire rings are relatively common when boondocking but we usually have to bring our own campfire grill grates and stands.

If you are camping in campgrounds that have campfire grill grates over the campfire pit, you are golden.

If not, you need to fend for yourself.

Using a campfire grate like this Heavy Duty Camp Grill gives you a cooking surface that allows for direct cooking of food or you can place a pan or Dutch oven on it to cook in that type of outdoor campfire cooking equipment.

This has folding legs for stability and pack-ability too.

On a side note, just for the record …

I am not a pyromaniac in spite of what my friends and family members say about me …

I just like cooking our camping food over a healthy campfire!

One of the cool things about camping is the slower pace and unplugging from hectic modern society!

So, it is the perfect time to do slow-roasting if you like that sort of cooking.

This Camping Rotisserie Grill And Spit is a multi-purpose type of campfire grill grate that allows you to do many things at once.

The campfire rotisserie is a really unique feature that cooks above the food you have on the campfire cooking grate.

This grate can be cooked on directly or can hold your cast iron campfire cookware pans and skillets.

The side arms can be used to hang your coffee campfire kettle and cooking tools, accessories and utensils like campfire tongs.

This campfire cook set makes you feel like you are in the best gourmet kitchen while camping in the great outdoors!

One of the most popular ways of cooking directly over your fire is making campfire meals in foil which also makes clean-up a breeze!

If you don’t want to cook with your Dutch oven directly in the campfire, you don’t have to!

This Camp Chef Dutch Oven Stand gets your campfire ovens off the ground and is large enough to hold one 14″ Dutch oven or several smaller ovens.

It’s another piece of open fire cooking equipment that can do double duty too

like keeping your bag of charcoal off the ground so it remains dry in the event of rain or dew.

You want your FOOD to cook over the campfire … not your hands!

These CampfireGrill Heavy-Duty Log Tweezers are great for keeping your hands and arms far enough away from the campfire to avoid getting burned.

You could use a regular campfire poker to adjust your campfire by a “poking action” …

but, I recommend tweezers because the “grabbing action” gives you the control you need to adjust your logs and coals for the perfect cooking environment!

There are campfire starting experts and then there are the rest of us!

If you can’t ever get your campfire going on the first attempt, you may want one of these BBQ Dragon Fire Lighter gadgets!

The battery-powered bellows allow you to start a campfire or charcoal briquettes without lighter fluid and stacks of old newspapers!

You’ll be char-broiling in no time!

This fits in to the category of campfire tools for people who didn’t earn the campfire scout badge as a kid! LOL

Did you ever think of making your own fire pit cooking accessories?

If your family likes camping hacks and enjoys doing easy DIY projects … consider making your own dryer lint fire starters!

You’ll even find tips on how to make your campfire starters cute enough to give as inexpensive gifts!

Another way to protect yourself from the heat of cooking over a campfire or with Dutch ovens is to wear Extra Long Suede Grill Gloves.

This pair is 18-inches long to protect your entire arm up to 475 degrees F.

The thing you want to watch for in a grill glove is the material … it needs to be soft and pliable so you can actually grab and hold your cooking utensils firmly.

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Open fire pit cooking grill masters will love a pair of these!

Transportation and storage of equipment seems to be a bit of a challenge for most campers.

This Stainless Steel 3-in-1 Folding Grill BBQ Tool is a great solution to reduce space requirements without sacrificing needed equipment.

It has a grilling spatula, grilling fork and knife all in one piece of equipment!

Getting 3 camping cooking utensils in one tool is what we call … “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!”

These tools make outstanding camping gifts for people who enjoy grilling but have minimal storage space for their kitchen gear.

Every campfire cook needs AT LEAST one set of these 16-Inch Locking Tongs.

Not only do they give you distance from the hot coals to avoid burning your hands, they also grip really well so you don’t have to worry about one of your scrumptious t-bone steaks accidentally falling in the fire!

Whenever you are cooking your food directly over a campfire, you want to make sure you are using the right wood.

Cooking over oak or mesquite will give your food a magnificent flavor … cooking over pine, on the other hand, will make your food taste like you marinated it in Pine-Sol … YUK!

The other thing you want to do is clean campfire grills with a Stainless Steel Wire Grill Brush that allows you to remove old food and grease from the grates.

Some people can do the “touch test” to accurately determine if their meat is cooked to the desired temperature, others need a little help!

Using an Instant Read Meat Thermometer takes the guesswork out of the question, “Is it done yet?”

It is fast, instant and easy to read the digital display!

No more overcooked steaks allowed! LOL

You can’t cook over your campfire until you get it started LOL.

If you need a little help, these are some really cool camping fire starters that will have you cooking over beautiful campfire coals in a flash!

Your campfire cooking utensils collection would not be complete without accessories for grilling.

We love having our camping gear packed in carrying cases like this Grill Set.

It allows for safe transportation of sharp items and keeps everything organized.

This kit has a spatula, tongs, basting brush, corn holders, skewers, cleaning brush with replacement head.

PLUS, a digital temperature fork that displays actual and desired temperatures, has an alarm alerting you when food is done and has an integrated LED light for checking food at night!

When you are cooking after the sun goes down, the LED light on this digital fork may not be sufficient for all of the tasks you need to do to complete the meal so make sure you have campsite lights set in strategic locations!

One of our favorite campfire cooking grill recipes for summertime camping trips is sweet corn that is grilled over the campfire.

We actually do this recipe over a charcoal grill at home too.

If you always boil your sweet corn, I encourage you to try grilling it because the char adds a nice texture and flavor you just can’t get from boiling.

If you are boondocking in an area without campfire rings, you can “build” your own by digging a shallow pit and stacking rocks around the outside to keep flames and sparks within the ring.

Alternatively, you can use a Portable Campfire Ring that is easy to set up because it is hinged and compactly folds to fit in its carrying case for handy transportation and storage!

Did you know campfires don’t have to sit on the ground?

Try an elevated version with this innovative Steel Mesh Campfire Stand!

This lightweight and portable campfire stand holds your firewood in a woven stainless steel net that is suspended by legs that fold for transportation and storage!

When you are ready to pack up and head for home you just roll the net, collapse the stand and drop it into the carrying bag!

Who knew you could carry campfire pits with you everywhere.

This is a great way to cook food using a campfire tripod as well as cooking food on sticks (yes, that is coming up later in this post!)

Backpackers and car campers who don’t want to carry lots of bulky cook gear but want to be able to cook over an open fire will love this Mini Folding Wood Burning Campfire Stove.

It easily snaps together without needing special equipment and when it is dismantled it fits into the carry bag measuring only 10x7x1.5 inches.

It is so convenient to be able to cook a meal using twigs, leaves, pinecones, wood or solidified alcohol!

Never been boondocking before but want to try it?

It is especially helpful to go dispersed camping on busy holiday weekends when campgrounds are full and hang out the “No Vacancy” signs!

Campfire Griddles, Dutch Ovens And Pan Equipment

We like using gear that is multi-purpose.

Cast iron cooking equipment is great for durability and it is made for campfire cooking but lighter weight “nested” campfire pots are nice to have too.

It might take you some time to determine all of the items that fit your style of cooking but when you complete your campfire cooking set, you’ll be cooking like a world-class camp chef in your very own campfire kitchen!

Enjoy the process of building your collection!

With the right cast iron outdoor cooking equipment, you can keep cooking over your campfire all day long!

This Heavy Duty Reversible Cast Iron Grill And Griddle will allow you to cook pancakes and eggs on the griddle side in the morning and with a quick flip, you can grill your steaks on the grill side at night!

Cast iron Dutch ovens are the cornerstone of campfire equipment for cooking in the great outdoors.

We have several ovens in multiple sizes and like using our 6 Qt/12 In Camp Dutch Oven for camping meals that are smaller and they also work well when stack cooking.

Most of my Dutch oven camping recipes use a 12-inch oven but they are versatile enough to use other sizes too.

I don’t know about your family … but our family LOOKS for excuses to make cornbread when we are camping!

You can make it in a regular camp Dutch oven or use this super cool Lodge Cast Iron Cornbread Wedge Pan!

Don’t forget to try a batch of scones in this little piece of equipment too!

You’ll have to reduce the cooking time if you are going from a “single pan” recipe to individual servings.

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Just like you do when you use cake batter to make cupcakes.

We love campfire gear that does double duty!

This Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Combo Cooker Set is not only a Dutch oven, cast iron campfire cooking pot but also includes a shallow skillet that doubles as lid too!

Personally, I believe the best pans for cooking over campfires are made from cast iron but it is heavy so it is not a great option for backpackers.

If weight is a consideration, the best campfire cookware is made with aluminum rather than cast iron.

Anytime campfire supplies can be “nested” to reduce the space required for packing and storage, it is a good thing.

This Coleman 5-Piece Aluminum Mess Kit includes a cup, frying pan, pot with lid and deep-dish plate.

Sometimes bigger is better when it comes to the best campfire cooking equipment for feeding large crowds of hungry campers.

This Big Daddy Skillet is perfect for that situation.

The only drawback to this long handled campfire skillet is that it is a huge campfire pan that measures 20.5-inches in diameter and it can take up a large portion of your campfire grill grate … depending on how big your grate surface is. Additionally, it is a bit cumbersome to transport.

Hanging a campfire kettle on a tripod or setting it on a campfire grill grate is an efficient way to quickly heat up water for tea, coffee, freeze dried/dehydrated meals and cooking.

You can find various sizes of campfire kettles … but, the most common sizes are 10-Cup and 6-Cup kettles.

Campfire Dutch Oven Accessories Equipment

The right accessories are great because they tend to make clean-up, transportation and storage easier.

They also help to prolong the life of your campfire tools equipment.

We love using our cast iron Dutch ovens for campfire cooking.

We serve directly from the oven to the plate and clean-up is a breeze.

But, if you want next-to-no clean-up, these Disposable 12 In/6 Qt Dutch Oven Liners make the best open fire cookware accessories!

They are also fabulous when making cakes that you want to “lift” out of the oven when they are done.

These liners come in different sizes to fit different camp Dutch ovens so make sure you get the right size for your fire cooking equipment.

It is really hard to put a 12-inch liner in a 10-inch camp Dutch oven!

Campfire Dutch oven cooks are proud of their equipment (and the culinary creations that come out of them!)

Transporting Dutch ovens is easy when you use a Camp Dutch Oven Tote Bag!

These bags have a padded bottom, heavy duty zipper and sturdy straps.

They are AWESOME!

Make sure you get the right size to fit your oven, they come to fit 8, 10, 12 and 14-inch oven sizes.

Most open fire cooking tools will last a lifetime if you take care of it so we like to use carrying cases like this Camp Chef Griddle Carry Bag to transport and store our cast iron cookware.

This one has a zipper and weather-resistant liner and comes in various sizes too.

This is the best camping cookware for open fires with large pits because the legs are long enough to straddle a wide size range of fire rings.

Cooking with a Campfire Tripod takes a little getting used to because the Dutch oven will swing and sway a bit when you stir your food and in the wind.

The benefit to using it is the ability to raise and lower the oven by adjusting the length of the chain to increase or decrease the heat for cooking.

If you are interested in grilling your food directly over your fire, a Campfire Tripod Grill is the way to go because it allows you to easily raise and lower the grill grate to adjust the cooking temperature.

It has galvanized steel legs that collapse for convenient transportation and storage.

The 17-inch diameter grill grate is large enough to grill meat for a typical family of 4-6 people.

When you are not using this campfire tripod as a grill … it works great as a lantern hanger too!

This Cast Iron Dutch Oven Lid Lifter is NOT the most compact piece of camp cooking equipment but its ease of use and functionality overcomes that drawback.

The design of this particular handle allows for easy grip and complete control when moving the lid as well as the oven.

Once you remove the lid during cooking, you need somewhere to put it while you are stirring your food in the Dutch oven and you don’t want to put it on the ground because you might pick up dirt that will fall into the food when you replace the lid to continue cooking.

Using a Camp Dutch Oven Lid Stand is one option in fire pit cooking tools that solves the problem.

There is absolutely no reason to scorch food when cooking in a camp Dutch oven.

You just need to get the food off of the bottom of the pan so there is no direct contact with the oven.

This is especially important when cooking pies and large pieces of meat that are not in a simmering sauce.

You just set a Cast Iron Meat Rack/Trivet in the bottom of your oven and place the food on top of it.

You have to admit, some campfire cooking accessories are mostly for fun like this Triangle Dinner Bell.

Sure, you could yell “Dinner Is Ready” or you could just ring the bell!

P.S. This is one of those campfire accessories that also works like a manual alarm clock to get tired campers out of bed for early morning fishing.

Lodge is the most well-known campfire cooking equipment company and they make every type of cookware imaginable!

Some Dutch oven cooks will use any brand of gear while others are loyal to Lodge Dutch oven accessories so we have a “Lodge-only” post for you!

Campfire Cooking Equipment On Sticks

Let’s be honest, playing with your food while cooking on sticks is half the fun of camping!

This Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster is probably the most unique gear we have found making these poles really fun campfire gifts!

You “Jig” it to flip the marshmallows!

Some camp fire tools are for safety, others for fun … these are both!

These Telescoping Marshmallow Roasting Sticks allow you to stay further away from the heat of the campfire compared to shorter sticks.

When we are roasting s’mores, I like to put a variety of ingredients on a campfire table near the firepit so everyone can get creative and build their own sweet treat.

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If you need a little inspiration, check out our smores camping variations … and, if you try my favorite s’more #2 … let me know what you think!

Who remembers making popcorn before the microwave arrived in homes across America?

It was almost a tradition to do Jiffy Pop on the stove and now many people want less-processed food and prefer to pop plain popcorn.

You can do that directly over your campfire with the right cookware for open flame cooking , like this Outdoor Popcorn Popper .

This Cast Iron Chuckwagon Waffle Iron allows you to enjoy a freshly cooked, slightly crispy and hot waffle at your campsite without needing the electricity for an electric waffle iron.

Just pour your batter in this iron and cook over your campfire.

No plugs required with this cool campfire cooking irons!

Whether you are car camping or have a big “basement” in a Class A motorhome, it can be a challenge to store your pie irons.

This Pie Iron Storage Bag can store 3 or 4 pie irons and with the handles … it makes them easy to carry!

Now, let’s go make some campfire pies!

I’m thinking apple with a little cinnamon and sugar glaze sounds perfect right now! YUM!

Don’t we all remember using this camp fire gear to make little round pizzas over the campfire?

Nothing can replace a Round Pie Iron for making camping memories and toasted bread pizzas.

Let’s keep up the tradition!

Tired of holding your pie iron in the air while it cools down after cooking with it over the campfire?

Guess what … You don’t have to do that anymore.

This Pie Iron Kickstand holds two hot pie irons safely while they cool and you enjoy your pie iron culinary creation by the flickering campfire light!

When you are done, just fold it for storage till your next campfire cooking experience!

If you prefer the squared version, this Square Pie Iron allows you to use an entire slice of bread without having to cut off the crust.

How about that: wood fire cooking equipment that gives you curly hair!

Or is that an old wives tale?

Round and square pie irons are really common but this fun little Heart Shaped Pie Iron will take your pie iron campfire cooking to a whole new level!

Kids love these fun shaped pies and they are also great to use for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, birthday and anniversary celebration camping trips!

For many families, hot dogs are part of every camp trip.

They get added flavor when cooked in a bed of onions and with the perfect campfire cooking supplies, you can make that happen!

This Dog ‘n Brat Cooker make it easy to cook the pair together.

What camper do you know that would not just love this Campfire Basket Grill Broiler.

There is 8×9 inches of cooking space and you just put the food inside the basket, hold it over the campfire and flip to cook the other side.

The basket closes securely so you don’t have food falling into the fire.

In addition to grilling veggies and meat for dinner, you can also use this basket as a campfire toaster for your English muffins and bread for breakfast!

This particular piece of campfire cooking gear has one main purpose: toasting bread!

The unique feature of this Campfire Toaster is that it has 3 specific depth adjustments for different types of bread:

Texas toast, sliced artisan loaves and regular sandwich bread!

Cowboy Campfire Cooking Equipment

Culinary cowboys are some of the best outdoor cooks on the planet!

Typically they cook using wrought iron campfire cooking equipment.

Traditionally they would carry their gear in a chuckwagon which was a horse-drawn wagon modified with a box for holding their cowboy campfire cooking equipment, open fire cooking stands and essentials like flour, sugar, beans and coffee.

For today’s camp cooks who want to create their own version of a cowboy kitchen, they might start with a Cowboy Swing Away Campfire Grill and a Campfire Cooking Stand along with a Pack-Away Campfire Kitchen.

All eliminating the need for a horse!

If you want to continue with your cowboy campfire cooking experience … make sure you brew a nice strong pot of coffee!

Check out our What Is Cowboy Coffee And How To Make It post to see how the real cowboys make their cup of joe and why you should NOT make it that way!

Then try our Improved Method To Make Cowboy Coffee!

Campfire Cast Iron Cookware Clean-Up Equipment

You’ve heard it before, never use soap when cleaning your cast iron. Just use water, elbow grease and oil blends that are specifically made for cast iron camping cookware.

We all know we should never use soap to clean our cast iron campfire cooking equipment, so, when you have food stuck in your cast iron cookware, just add some warm water and scrub until it releases.

This Stainless Steel Chainmail Cast Iron Cleaner comes with a hook for hanging and is dishwasher safe too.

These Lodge SCRAPERPK Durable Pan Scrapers are sooooooo popular for cleaning cast iron campfire cookware!

There is no way I would go as far as saying these things make clean-up fun but they do make it a lot easier!

There are 4 different shaped corners for cleaning any shaped pan. You are going to LOVE these!

Keeping your cast iron camping fire cooking equipment in top shape is important for maximum life.

This Camp Chef Cast Iron Cleaner is a blend of all-natural oils and cleaning agents which break down sugars and other food particles.

It is safe for all seasoned and enamel pieces.

You have heard me say it before … if you take care of your cast iron campfire cooking tools … they will last for generations!

Get our cast iron dutch oven care tips to maintain your campfire utensils and cooking equipment like a pro!

No time to look for recipes, create a menu and write a grocery list? No Problem! Get our 3-Day Dutch Oven Camp Menu Plan here!

Our Cool Camping Products Make Great Gifts!

If you need camping recipes and menu ideas, you can find them here at the Camping For Foodies Camping Recipes list.

Your purchase of our products will help support World Vision ® Building a better world for children.

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