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How to get rid of lice

Lice distinguish head, clothes and pubic. Sticky saliva irritates the skin, lice bites strongly itch, so people comb these places, contributing to the appearance of a secondary infection with crusts, impetigo, folliculitis, boils and suppuration, blood wounds. Lice feeds on human blood and contributes to the development of infectious diseases carried by the blood and lymphatic fluid from enlarged lymph nodes. The neglected and severe form of pyoderma leads to the formation of a mite from a mass of tangled hair with lice, nits and crusts. All this will be glued exudate, which highlights the louse.

The skin is particularly affected by the bites of a body louse: an itchy allergy appears with severe flushing, scabs on the comb and bloody wounds. Carriers of clothes lice are people without a certain place of residence and children playing in the corners of dirty and dusty yards, basements and other dirty rooms and places. Head and pubic lice appear when non-compliance with basic rules of sanitation and personal hygiene, sexual contact, in places of large concentrations of people, especially in extreme points with the fighting. We can not exclude kindergartens, motels, schools, summer camps.

How to deal with head lice and nits

Louse can live 55 hours and reproduce during this time a huge amount of nits that are attached to the hair with uterine glue. It is not recommended to use other people’s hats, hairbrushes and hairbrushes and contact directly with patients with lice. She chooses not only the scalp as her habitat, but also penetrates the eyebrows, mustache and beard.

To date, the old method of getting rid of head lice and nits remains effective. Hair is cut as short as possible and moistened with a mixture of kerosene and vegetable oil. The head is covered with paper for compresses or cellophane and tied with a scarf. At the same time, you can take a bath with lavender decoction (2 liters) or lavender essential oil (15-20 drops per 100 liters), then thoroughly wash your head with soapy soap and pour over the body, including the head and hair, with water and sea salt. The solution should be weak, about 50 grams per bucket of water. Slightly dried hair combed with frequent comb, washing periodically in hot vinegar.

As a preventive measure, it is necessary to inspect the body’s hair every day and wear silk or linen clothing. Lice do not like these fabrics.

You can fight against lice by rubbing garlic gruel or from a bear onion in the habitat of lice on the head, behind the ears. Wormwood juice and ointment from a mixture of wormwood (dry powder — 1 part) and vaseline (3 parts) are also suitable. It helps to get rid of lice and peel off unmernant nimera hair. It is in the morning and evening wash the affected areas. You can boil the leaves of the pomegranate (1 tablespoon) in half a liter of boiling water or flax leaves and moisturize the hair, then comb them with frequent comb.

An acidic medium is not suitable for head lice, therefore broths are prepared for the baths, using leaves and roots of sorrel, leaves of the grenade and flax. These broths also wash off the head and hair. Destroys lice radish oil, it should be added to the bath and water to rinse hair. Lice die and do not go over if a person uses saliva, Althea root, thyme, Dubrovnik, anise, nettle seed, Chernobyl, wild cumin and hellebore for making decoctions and infusions. They not only kill the louse, but also treat the effects of their stay on human skin.

When parasites appear in one family member, all relatives living in the same area should fight and be prevented. Medicines process not only the head and places on the body, covered with hair, but also hats, bedding. Insect is able to continue its livelihoods without food for 2-3 days. Treat with the drug once, but after a week the procedure must be repeated, and if necessary, repeat the third time.

Drugs for head lice and nits

The main effective remedy for the treatment and treatment of pediculosis is Permethrin. It does not cause serious side effects and toxic effects on the human body.

Lice and nits are destroyed with such preparations:

  • Medfoksom, Knicks, Nittifor. Medifox is an emulsion (5%) and is allowed to be used by pregnant and lactating women. Children up to 2 months, the drug is not used. From the head and pubic pediculosis, adults use Medifox pediculicide (1% gel), it is allowed to apply to children over 5 years of age. Together with Knicks (1% cream) they sell combs with frequent teeth. The cream is designed for external treatment. Allowed to process skin for pregnant, lactating women and newborns. Nittifor (0.5% lotion and 1% cream) can not be used by pregnant women and children under 5 years.
  • Cream shampoo NOK . It is convenient to use it for adults, but you can not use children up to 2 years. It is allowed to process hair and skin for pregnant and lactating mothers.
  • Phenotrin (synthetic pyrethroid insecticide) is allowed to use children from 2.5 years, adults and the elderly.
  • Veda shampoo is allowed to use from head lice and nits everything except pregnant and lactating women. For them, released shampoo Veda-2.
  • The drug Melation, combined aerosol Para-Plus , which includes Melation, Permethrin and Piperonyl butoxide, as well as Pedilin — shampoo, emulsion and gel 0.5%.
  • Pyrethrin, produced in combination with a drug such as Butoxide to get rid of pubic lice.

Complex treatment in the house, including household items, bed linen, clothes and hats that are not subject to washing and heat treatment, perform aerosols Para-plus or Spray-Pax, or the complex preparation A-PAR. The treatment is performed two times: during treatment and one week after it in order to exclude the appearance of new lice and nits. The basis of drugs are Exdepalletrin and Piperonyl butoxide, which do not leave stains on objects and clothing. The human body, skin and hair of the head is not treated.

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Get rid of lice and nits such drugs traditional medicine:

  • Infusion for rubbing into the skin and hair: a mixture of Hypericum and tansy (1 tbsp.), Pour boiling water (1 tbsp.), Insist in a thermos for 6 hours, filtered.
  • Broth: chop the root of soapwort (300 g) and pour into boiling water (5 l), boil for 15 minutes, infuse for 10 h, filter, add citric acid (1 tsp). Rinse hair after washing with tar soap.
  • Infusion: Tansy (2 tablespoons) is poured with boiling water (1 l) and infused within three hours, filtered and rubbed into the hair and scalp, after half an hour the infusion is washed off.
  • Infusion: oak bark (5 tbsp. L.) Is steamed with boiling water (1 tbsp.), Honey is added (1 tsp.), Infused for half an hour and rubbed into the hairy part of the head and body. Keep one hour.
  • Broth: cut three lemons into small pieces and pour boiling water, boil for 15 minutes. After washing the hair with tar soap, rinse with water and a decoction of lemon.
  • The mixture of treatment: a mixture of anise, fish or olive, burdock oil and cranberry juice lubricate the scalp or body and hair. After half an hour, wash off with water acidified with vinegar.
  • The mixture of treatment: a mixture of anise oil with turpentine (a little) lubricate the whole body to get rid of parasites.
  • The mixture is medical: in pomegranate juice (1 tbsp.) Mint is boiled (2 tbsp. L.) For 10 minutes and rubbed into the skin from lice. It will be useful to rub garlic gruel no more than 2 times a day.
  • Ointment: Mix Vaseline with juice or freshly chopped leaves of wormwood (3: 1) and rub into the scalp and body.

Methods for getting rid of clothes lice

From the folds of clothes and underwear, a body louse falls on the body, often on the neck, between the shoulder blades, on the lower back, stomach and chest. In these places there is a strong hyperemia and light brown pigmentation. Parasites spread recurrent and typhus. Their bites ache and itch violently, the skin becomes rough, thickened. Wounds and flakings appear.

Get rid of the louse by the above methods, disinfecting the laundry with Lekt emulsion (10%) and heat treating it. They use insecticides and iron the laundry. Often smeared the skin with essential oil of lavender or tea tree (5 drops), mixing with vegetable oil (30 ml), add to the bath decoctions of lavender.

Methods of getting rid of pubic lice

It is transmitted to the pubic louse during sexual intercourse, through underwear and while bathing in ponds. When migrating through the body, it falls into the area of ​​the beard, mustache and eyebrows. From their bites, the body blisters and blue spots. Staphylococcal infection and boils, infectious diseases may occur. He likes to localize on clean hair and can swim in water. It is recommended to shave hair or wash it with tar soap, lubricate with tar sulfuric ointment.

Apply the above drugs, as well as the treatment performed:

  • Piperonil butoxide for paralysis and insect death.
  • Spray-lax (aerosol).
  • AntiLail (shampoo)

Folk remedies for pubic lice:

  • Pour mint with pomegranate juice (2 tbsp. 1 per tbsp.) And boil for 15 minutes. The solution is rubbed into the habitat of parasites.
  • Pour boiling water (1 tbsp.) With 10 g of larkspur and 5 g of citric acid, infuse for 6 hours and lubricate the problem areas.
  • Ledum and Chemeritsa repel blood-sucking insects. Powder from dry plants (2 tablespoons) is mixed with pork liquid fat (30 g) and infused for 10-12 hours. Rubbed into the affected area at least 3 times a day until the lice disappear completely.
  • Broth of sorrel. It is added to baths and rubbed into the skin and hair.

Head lice, pubic and lingerie are afraid of hydrogen peroxide, acidic products, bitter and salty environment, tar and dusty soap, from plants — lavender, wormwood, wild rosemary and hellebore.

верхний 5 Простейшие естественные способы, чтобы избавиться от вшей яиц и гнид

Вши в голове действительно мешая почти все, особенно если у вас есть сообщество. Вы пытаетесь разные лекарства, но и боятся волос методов damage.Natural, чтобы избавиться от вшей в голове являются наиболее эффективными и полностью свободны от побочных эффектов. Прежде чем познакомить вас с такими методами, первый, вы должны знать о полностью появлениях вшей в.

Вши требует крови человека скальп жить, поэтому они не выживают долго после того, как они падают с головы человека. Головные вши могут вылиться в тех, кто все же возраста и пола.

Если вы или кто-то в вашей семье развивается вшей, Вы должны заботиться о проблеме сразу. вши яйца Головные сбор и расчесывать волосы с расчески нит может помочь много. Другие методы могут занять много времени и являются наиболее эффективными, когда проблема поймана рано. к счастью, Здесь очень много естественные способы, чтобы избавиться от вшей и гнид.

как знать, если у вас есть вши:

общий вши симптомы это чувство, что что-то ползает по голове, зуд кожи головы, а иногда красные пятна на коже головы. Наиболее коммунальный симптомом любого типа вшей умирает.

В накоплении к проникающему зуду, вши могут также источником других симптомов, такие как:

  • щекотки ощущение чего-то движется по голове, волосы, или тело
  • Язвы, которые развиваются от царапающих чешется
  • раздражительность
  • трудности со сном
  • красные шишки на голове, шея, плечи, или лобка
  • появление яиц вшей, или небольшие белые объекты в волосах

где же вши происходят из:

An насекомое, называется педикулезом лишай, чаще всего поражает детей и обычно является результатом прямых сдвигов вши от одного человека к волосам другого.

что же вши яйца похожи:

Жизненный цикл вшей:

Домашние средства, чтобы избавиться от гнид:

Часто мы слушаем вопрос, который как избавиться от вшей из волос в домашних условиях?Есть различные вещи, чтобы иметь в виду при торговле с вшами. Первый, в то время как они могут пировать, они не передают болезнь, и они не означают, что вы или ваши дети какой-либо образом «нечистый.» Во-вторых, Есть моменты, когда все, что вам нужно сделать, это использовать вшей гребень, чтобы вычесывать гниды, нимфы, и взрослые вши в волосах. Почти природные средства правовой защиты зависит от некоторых методов, чтобы задушить вшей. Использование домашних средств для удалить вшей яйца волосы естественным вероятно, предпочтительнее лечения, чтобы положить агрессивные химикаты на голове.

Вот 5 Лучший природные средства правовой защиты чтобы избавиться от вшей мгновенно:

Очень чистое и эффективное лечение для устранения NIT яйца в волосах уксус. Избыточное количество уксусной кислоты содержится в уксусе может действенно убить вшей. плюс, уксус способствует раствориться бесполезные гнид.
• Смешайте одинаковое количество уксуса и минеральное масло. Практика этого сочетания для вашей кожи головы и волос, прежде чем матрасу. Клобук головы и волос с ванной крышкой и уйти его на ночь. Следующим утром, мыть волосы с обычным шампунем.
• В качестве замены, разбавьте уксус с таким же количеством воды и использовать раствор полоскать свеже шампуня волос. Вылет его на 10 мятные, после чего вымойте волосы снова с газированной водой.
Использование любого из этих средств или трех экземпляров в неделю в течение двух месяцев. также, расчешите волосы тщательно с нит расчески после использования этих процедур.

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Некоторые другие известные домашние средства для вшей в волосах является майонез. Майонез может эффективно задушить маленьких монстров и в конце концов убить их. Миннесота филиал здоровья даже перечисляет майонез в качестве подходящего подхода для лечения головных вшей.

  • Смазать волосы очень wellwith майонеза.
  • Coverit плотно пластиком или ванну Вы можете даже обернуть полотенцем пластике.
  • Departit в течение не менее 5:55
  • Вымойте волосы properlywith ваш обычный
  • Высушите волосы феном usinga, как горячий воздух гарантирует, что вши являются безжизненными.
  • Используйте гнид расческой removethe вшей и гнид.
  • Повторите onceper неделю в течение примерно

Кокосовое масло:

Эта кухня является основным продукт высшего класса удушения агента, а также прав для ваших волос. Кокосовое масло задушит вшей и в конце концов убить их.

  • Разогреть 3 ложки кокосового масла и загрузки сенсорной камфоры к нему.
  • Applythis масла по всей голове, и втирать в кожу головы.
  • Cowlyour головы и волос с ванной крышкой и уйти его на ночь.
  • Последующее утро, вымойте волосы с шампунем. В то время как сухой, расчесывать с нит расчески.
  • Используйте эту процедуру ежедневно в течение пяти дней, чтобы уничтожить

Масло чайного дерева:

Один из лучших волос лечения вшей домашних средств также включает в себя масло чайного дерева. Это травяные инсектицид, который может успешно убить вшей и помочь успокоить зуд.

  • Blendtogether 3 в 5 капли масла для каждой унции шампунь. Используйте агрегат для мытья волос. В то время как сухой, использовать НИТ гребень, чтобы избавиться от вшей. Используйте этот сортированный шампунь для минимум два
  • Иначе, MIX3 столовые ложки оливкового масла и одну чайную ложку масла чайного дерева. Вы можете дополнительно загрузить одну чайную ложку масла эвкалипта. Обратите внимание на ответ на волосы и кожу головы тщательно. уходят его на 20 до получаса, после чего моют волосы. Используйте это лечение два раза в неделю в течение одного до 2
    Заметка: Будьте осторожны, в то время как использование масла чайного дерева, как это довольно прочная.

Лимонный сок:

Лимонный сок также может быть использован для Лечение вшей бытового, из-за его кислой природы. Это дополнительно очень мощное при остановке инвазии в случае, если ваша школа или детский сад сообщила вам, что вши стали найти на других детях.

  • Нанесите свежий лимонный сок на кожу головы. оставить его на 30 минут, затем промойте его с уксусом, после чего с теплой водой. Используйте это лекарство, как только в неделю, чтобы спасти вас проблемы вшей.
    • Перенести вшей, добавить одну столовую ложку свежего лимонного сока с первой скоростью пасты 4 большие дольки чеснока. Обратите внимание эту смесь на верхней и тщательно обтирание через кожу головы. Заверните волосы в толстое полотенце и оставьте на полчаса. затем, промойте его водой, а затем моют с шампунем. Повторите эти действия для 5 последовательных дней, чтобы убить вшей.

How To Get Rid Of Lice Fast

Do not be surprised that the problem of lice appearance remains relevant in our time, even though most of people live in comfortable and tidy conditions. Even provided that you wash your hair regularly and keep your clothes clean, there is no guarantee that you will not face the issue of headlice. This article will tell you how to get rid of head lice at home and what preventive measures should be observed to keep these parasites away.

Lice are quite unpleasant and dangerous creatures, because they can transmit various diseases and their bites cause itching. No one is safe from being infected by these insects. Very often children become victims of lice when they go to schools, kindergartens or summer camps. Adults can catch lice from their children or in public places. That is why one should know how to get rid of lice fast.

There are three types of lice: head lice, body lice and pubic lice. The most common is a head louse. That is why we will discover natural ways to get rid of hair lice. You should understand that killing adult insects is not enough as in a week lice eggs will turn into new parasites. That is why getting rid of nits is the task number one.

What to do if these insects settled on your head? You need to start treatment immediately, because these parasites multiply very quickly. Usually you can tackle the problem without visiting a doctor.

Best Ways To Get Rid Of Lice

There are many effective and proven ways of getting rid of lice, but all of them include thorough treatment of your scalp with a special agent and further combing nits and dead lice out of hair.

There are several home remedies against lice. They include using vinegar, kerosene or tar soap, but we would strongly advise you to use special medicine for lice bought in a pharmacy. Most of them are available without prescription.

In case you still want to remove lice naturally, mix vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:1 and treat your head and hair with this solution. Put on a plastic cap for 10-15 minutes, then rinse your hair with warm water. Instead of vinegar, which has rather unpleasant smell and can adversely affect your scalp, you can use cranberry juice.

The most time-consuming procedure is combing the dead insects and nits out of your hair. Acid contained in cranberry juice and vinegar dissolves the upper shell of the eggs and the glue making combing fast and easy. For that you will need a special comb which you can buy at a pharmacy. The best way to get rid of lice is to repeat the entire procedure after 5 days. Don’t forget about lice eggs in hair, you should comb them out every day.

The easiest way to get rid of lice is to shave off your hair but such drastic measures are not always acceptable. However, this is the only one method that helps you to remove lice in one day.

Medicine Against Lice

Though “grandmother’s recipes” are quite effective and time-tested, our medicine develops permanently. So today you can buy a whole arsenal of means against lice at any drugstore.

Now the question “How long does it take to get rid of lice?” has a very promising answer. The fastest way to remove lice is using modern remedies. They can be in various forms: a solution, a gel, a shampoo, a cream, etc.

Whichever means you choose, read the instruction before applying the substance to your hair. Pay special attention to the comb with which you will remove nits and dead lice. It has to be with thick teeth. The best option is a metal comb. Nowadays there are special electrical combs available in drug-stores, which affect the insects with electricity. Such device is very helpful when you have lice. Besides, using an electrical comb saves you from the necessity of applying some medical of chemical substances to your scalp.

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How To Protect Yourself From Lice

If you were able to get rid of lice successfully, then your primary concern will be to prevent reinfection. Perhaps everyone should know these simple rules that allow protecting you from parasites:

  • Be careful when performing hair processing. After you complete treatment it is necessary to immediately throw out or process with high temperatures all the items that you or your child contacted with. If one family member is infected, you should carefully examine the heads of the others;
  • If your child has lice, you should notify the school or kindergarten. It will enable other parents to treat lice timely and therefore exclude the possibility of reinfection;
  • Change pillowcases and bed sheets regularly. Boil them or wash at high temperature and then iron them. If you have several children, and one of them got lice, make him or her wear a cap. That would prevent others from infecting. Make sure you can to protect your family members from contact with an infected person;
  • Remember that early detection of parasites helps to kill lice faster. Carefully inspect your child’s head from time to time. Pay special attention if you notice that your child often scratches his head;
  • Make sure you and your children do not share personal items or wear somebody’s hats;
  • Follow the rules of personal hygiene and teach your children to do so.

Knowing all that, you can quickly decide how to get rid of lice and nits and effectively deal with the problem. Of course the issue is quite delicate, but do not hesitate or delay the start of treatment. The speed of your actions and the quality of treatment will certainly affect the results.

Cranberry. Profile, Benefits & Uses

Cranberry’s medicinal properties have been recognised for centuries. Native Americans used raw cranberries as a wound dressing. Early settlers from England learned to use the berry both raw and cooked for a number of ailments including appetite loss, digestive problems, blood disorders, and scurvy.

In their natural habitat, the plant grows vigorously in acidic sandy bogs throughout the cooler parts of the Europe, Northern states in the United States and Canada. The plant is actually a dwarf, creeping shrub, or vine, which runs up to 10 to 20 cm in height. It features slender, wiry, not so thick, woody stems bearing small, evergreen leaves.

For medical purposes use ripe berries, collected in the fall until the snow cover plants. Cranberry collected in early spring after the snow melting, more delicious, it accumulates a lot of citric acid, but it is almost devoid of vitamins and lasts very long. Berry gathered in late August and September solid enough, but matures and becomes softer during storage. In October, the berries are dark and juicy. Harvested in late autumn cranberries can be stored until the next harvest (mainly due to the presence of benzoic acid, which is able to kill bacteria and inhibit putrefaction). Berries, stuck by frost, it should be stored frozen.

Chemical Composition of Cranberry

Cranberries contain acid – lemon (it most – 3%, for what is called the northern lemon cranberry), quinic, benzoic acid, chlorogenic acid, ursolic, apple and some others in a small amount. Among the sugars – glucose and fructose, as well as a much smaller amount of sucrose. Found in large quantities in cranberries and pectin (a group of polysaccharides). Cranberries are rich in vitamin C (up to 22 mg%). There are other vitamins: B1, B2, B5, B6, PP, as well as K1 (phylloquinone), which is in cabbage and strawberries. The fruits of cranberry and bioflavonoids betaine found: flavonols and phenolic acids, leucoanthocyanins, anthocyanins, catechins, as well as macro- and microelements (potassium, calcium, phosphorus and less). There is enough iron, manganese, molybdenum, copper, there are iodine, barium, magnesium, cobalt, boron, nickel, lead, tin, silver, chromium, titanium, zinc and others. The content of biologically active substances, mineral salts displays cranberries into the category of one of the most useful berry.

Cranberry Benefits for Health

Berries and leaves of cranberries in folk medicine often used:

  • As a tonic
  • As an anti-inflammatory;
  • As a diuretic;
  • As antiscorbutic;
  • As an antimicrobial;
  • In hypertensive disease;
  • For regulation of metabolism; To treat colds;
  • When fevers;
  • Respiratory diseases;
  • In diseases of the throat and sore throat;
  • At reduced secretion of pancreatic and gastric juice;
  • In diseases of the kidneys, urinary tract and bladder;
  • As a prophylactic agent, prevents the formation of kidney stones (changes the acidity of the urine); In anemia;
  • When glaucoma to improve vision and other eye diseases;
  • In diabetes;
  • When skin diseases (psoriasis, vitiligo, urticaria);
  • If diarrhea and vomiting;
  • To stop hair loss;
  • At oncological diseases;
  • When thrombophlebitis;
  • When vasculitis

In addition to internal use berries and leaves in the form of cranberry extract, fruit drinks, juice, tea, water infusion et al., Fruit pulp and juice are used externally: as an insecticide against head lice and nits; To remove age spots; When skin diseases; For the treatment of pressure ulcers.

Contraindications in usage of cranberries

Cranberries should be cautious to use for gastritis with high acidity, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, and it is absolutely contraindicated in the acute stage of the disease as in acute inflammatory diseases of the liver, stomach and intestines.

How to Make Cranberry Infusion & Decoction

To treat atherosclerosis, gastritis, colitis, and metabolic disorders: Crush two cups of cranberry, add 1/2 cup sugar and 1 cup water, bring to a boil, strain, dilute with water to taste. Drink tea instead of hypertension. One tablespoon of cranberry leaves and 10 berries to fill a thermos cup of boiling water, real 4 hours, strain, bring boiled water to the original volume. The resulting infusion split into 3 parts and take throughout the day for hypertension.

Pain reliever for arthritis and rheumatism: Crush 4 tablespoons if cranberries with 2 tablespoons of sugar, pour 3 cups boiling water. Infuse. Take 3 times a day an hour after eating. The course of treatment – 10 days. It is recommended as a

Cranberry to prevent diarrhea: Pour 2 tablespoons of the resulting mixture, 2 cups very hot water, boil for 10 minutes on low heat, cool, filter. Take 1/2 cup 4 times a day.

To cure liver inflammation with Cranberry: Put one tablespoon of cranberries in a glass, mash berries with a spoon, fill with sugar, pour the hot infusion of black or green tea. This drink will quench your thirst, relieve fatigue, increase efficiency. Cranberry with honey Take 1 cup cranberries, 1 cup of honey and mix. Eat every day if you have inflammation of the liver and in the complex treatment of hypertension.

Cranberry Ointment to reduce inflammation: Mix 20 ml of fresh juice with cranberries 40 g 40 g lanolin and petroleum jelly. The ointment is stored in the refrigerator. Cranberry ointment provides an analgesic effect, reduces inflammation, has an antiseptic effect, dries weeping areas.

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