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How to Remove Lice & Nits with No Fear

by Amy · Published August 5, 2019 · Updated August 5, 2019

There is a lot of excitement in the air as your children head back to school and prepare to meet their new teacher, see their friends, and get back into their routine. But there may be a voice in the back of your head warning you about some of the downsides that come with the new school year. Most notably – lice.

The last thing you want is for your child to come home from school with the lice letter. You’ll instantly be filled with dread and fear as you prepare to rid your child and your home of these icky pests, right?? Not so fast!

We’re here to tell you that eliminating a lice infestation can be fear-free and drama-free. The key to it all is the wet combing method . This safe, effective and all-natural method of lice removal is all about physically removing lice and nits from the head. It’s as simple as that!

UNDERSTANDING THE ROLE OF NITS Before we tell you how the wet combing method works, first you need to know what nits are. When you visit the lice removal aisle at the store, you’ll see many products that claim to kill lice. And they do! But they don’t kill nits, and that’s why they don’t work. Nits are lice eggs and as long as they remain on your child’s head, they will continue to hatch and produce more lice. That’s why physically removing the nits from the head is the only way to eliminate a lice infestation!

HOW TO USE THE WET COMBING METHOD All you need for the wet combing method is water, conditioner, and a lice comb. Why water? Because lice freeze in place when wet, making it that much easier to capture and remove them. And the conditioner doesn’t harm or kill the lice or nits. Its only purpose is to condition and lubricate the hair so you can easily comb out the lice and nits.

The best part about the wet combing method? No pesticides are required! We believe in keeping potentially harmful products off children’s’ heads.

The wet combing method is effective, but it certainly takes time and patience. You can find detailed lice removal instructions, including a video in both English and Spanish, at /instructions .


Where can you get all the tools needed for the wet combing method? Stop by your local Dollar General to purchase a Dollar General Lice and Nit Removal Kit with WelComb® ! It has all you need and nothing you don’t. The kit includes:

  • Conditioner that’s free of harsh chemicals and ineffective oils to lubricate the hair, making it easy to comb out lice and nits.
  • A Detangler Comb to remove tangles and evenly distribute conditioner throughout the hair.
  • A WelComb® that has rigid teeth just the right distance apart and a beveled edge that allows you to get right down to the scalp where lice and nits live so you can capture and remove them.

Hellebore water

Hellebore water — a drug for the treatment of head lice.

Structure and Composition

The drug is produced in the form of a turbid, brownish-yellow solution for outdoor use. In 100 ml of solution contains 50 ml of tincture of hellebore.

Supporting components: purified water.

During dark glass bottles at 40 or 100 ml.

Pharmacological action hellebore water

The drug is an antiparasitic drug. It produces neurotoxic effects on mature specimens of lice. Has expressed disinfecting and anti-parasitic effect, it destroys not only the parasites in the affected areas of the body, but also on clothing.

Tincture hellebore good as a preventive measure for the disinfection of clothing that is justified in dealing with body lice.

In addition to the destruction of the parasites, the use of hellebore water has a beneficial effect on the hair, making them pleasant to the touch and more powerful.

Numerous positive comments about hellebore water show that it is, in addition to disinfection, eases joint pain. Therefore, drug commonly used to treat arthritis and neuralgia.

Indications hellebore water

According to the instructions hellebore water is indicated for pediculosis capitis.

Dosing hellebore water and dosing regimen

According to the instructions hellebore water intended exclusively for external use. Before use, the vial should be shaken. The procedure is carried out vermin destruction in rubber gloves.

The drug is abundantly applied to wet hair and scalp, paying special attention to the site behind the ears and back of the head. The drug is left on the hair for approximately half an hour, then thoroughly washed with warm water and soap or shampoo.

After washing the hair should be combed with a toothed comb for removal of dead insects.

A week later, the procedure must be repeated again.


Hellebore is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • hypersensitivity;
  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • infectious skin disease;
  • Children up to age 2, 5 years.

It is strictly forbidden to take the drug inside. Ingestion of 100 ml of the product may cause serious poisoning hellebore water until death. Ingestion detrimental effect on drug metabolism in the body, particularly affected the gastrointestinal tract.

In the case of poisoning hellebore water is urgently needed gastric lavage, and undergo a medical examination.

Avoid contact with the drug on the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and eyes. In case of contact wash thoroughly with running water.

Side effects hellebore water

The drug is a potent drug, so it must be used carefully and in compliance with the dosage. In the opinion of hellebore water for prolonged use can cause the following undesirable side effects:

  • vomiting;
  • nausea;
  • depression of cardiac activity;
  • erythema, pruritus;
  • tingling, tingling and burning sensation at the site of application.

storage conditions

The preparation is stored in a dark cool place at a temperature of not more than 24 months.

How to Get Rid of Lice for Good: A Simple and Natural 5 Step Plan

One late fall day when I was in the third grade, I remember each of the kids in my class being called down to the nurse’s office. As I waited my turn, I wondered why many of those kids didn’t return back to class for the day. I soon learned the reason as the nurse put a comb through my hair and promptly called my mother to come pick me up.

The rest of that day, I sat with a mayonnaise concoction on my head, a cap over it, and then, many hours later, with my mother carefully combing through it to remove the lice bugs and their eggs.

Being that it wasn’t so pleasant, I am happy to report that the natural lice treatment plan below is quicker and doesn’t involve the smell of wet mayonnaise!

Thankfully, I haven’t had the pleasure of having to comb lice out of any of my children’s hair. At ages 9, 7 and 4, though kids in their classrooms have had lice, our preventative measures have worked like a charm!

So, when Ariadne of Positive Parenting Connection offered to write a guest post about treating head lice naturally based on her experience, I was thrilled!

Head Lice is a Hassle!

Head lice can be a hassle and to some parents, it may be embarrassing or totally gross. When lice struck in our house last year (eek!) what worried me most wasn’t being embarrassed, but rather exposing my three young children to the neuro-toxins found in most of the commonly used treatments available at the pharmacy.

Why You Don’t Want to Use A Standard Chemical Based Treatment

Permethrin is a pesticide and is the most widely used treatment for head lice. While permethrin is considered by regulating agencies to be an ‘OK’ risk, it is a highly toxic substance to both freshwater and estuarine aquatic organisms. What’s more, recent research and trials showed that it is not actually the most effective method for getting rid of lice.

An applied research study conducted in the UK (link to study here), released in 2010, compared the use of natural, oil-based treatment to the permethrin-based treatment and concluded that the natural alternative was more effective.

Concerned about the potential toxicity to my 1,3 and 5 year-olds, I spoke with my pediatrician. Since I was still nursing my little one, the doctor highly recommended that we avoid exposure to the Permethrin and so we agreed to try a very natural oil and vinegar based alternative. Here is what we used as our natural lice treatment plan. Thankfully, it worked quickly and the lice were gone for good. Since then, we use a natural lice prevention spray that has kept them away.

Materials Needed:

  • Olive or Coconut Oil: Oil drowns the lice, making them unable to crawl around to deposit eggs.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: The vinegar dissolves the ‘glue’ that the eggs use to attach to the hair.
  • 15 Drops of Tea Tree Oil:KILLS the lice and the eggs, as shown in this study .
  • Fine tooth comb: To properly comb out the lice and the eggs.
  • Shower caps: I found it easiest to have 2 for each head being treated / cloth is ok but might soak through.
  • Masking tape or hair pins: to fasten the shower caps completely closed.
  • Shampoo: A shampoo specifically made for prevention and treatment of lice is best. Most of them out there are toxic, but there is a great and effective one that’s not here: Lice Prevention Shampoo.
  • Towels: We used these to protect the children’s clothing from stains.

The 5 Step Natural Lice Treatment Plan

Step 1

Pour 15 drops of tea tree oil into 1/4 cup of olive oil and then apply the mixture generously to the hair and scalp. Place a shower cap over the had, useing a bit of masking tape to keep it really closed tight. Set a timer for an hour.

Step 2

After an hour, comb out the hair using a very fine tooth comb and pick out any lice and eggs.

Step 3

Rinse hair with warm water and a dash of dish soap.

Step 4

Soak the hair with the apple cider vinegar, ring the hair out a bit and then place a shower cap over the head. Wait 45-60 minutes.

Step 5

Comb hair out very carefully to pick away any eggs then rinse again, using a nice shampoo, to get rid of the vinegar smell. That’s it, the hair is done.

Follow Up & Prevention

I recommend checking hair daily for at least 7 days after treatment and possibly repeating the process if there are many cases of lice at school or in the community.

After this experience I also learned a few preventative measures that we take whenever we hear of any cases of lice at school or in our community:

  • In winter leave coats and hats in the car overnight; the freezing temps kill any stray crawlers.
  • Apply a lice prevention spray on the kids’ heads as they walk out the door. We love this one , as it is the most natural we have found. Unfortunately, Fairy LiceMother’s is not as natural as they suggest.
  • Do a lice check every evening until the break out seems to have passed.

Want to prevent lice? Check out this post: Preventing Lice so that You Don’t Have to Deal With Them

If you find this post useful please share it with others so that they can treat head lice naturally too. Thank you!

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About the Author

Ariadne is a happy and busy mama to three children. She practices peaceful, playful, responsive parenting and is passionate about all things parenting and chocolate. Ariadne is a certified Positive Discipline Parenting Educator, and has completed several graduate courses in Psychology and Family Counseling. She created the Positive Parenting Connection, a website dedicated to collecting and sharing resources, ideas, tips and helpful information with other parents that are striving to have connected, peaceful relationships with their children. Ariadne’s family currently lives in Switzerland on top of a beautiful mountain with their spunky dog and blue fish. You can connect with Ariadne on Facebook.


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My poor 4 year old got lice from a coworkers daughter at the end of December.. We had treated her head and cleaned the house.. Then did a re-treatment along with “prevention” spray made from essential oils… now over a month later she had new nits and only one adult. Poor kid is going through this all over again. No one else in the house has gotten them but I am at a loss on how we went from having cleared it all up.. to her suffering through it again. She doesn’t go to daycare.. and my coworker claims she has not found anything on her daughter since the beginning of January… I am at a loss and feel so bad for her, especially because she has curly hair.. so the combs tangle even when her hair is nice and wet… Just wish I could get rid of these dang pests…

Dawn Lorenz says

that must be so frustrating! She could have gotten them again from being out just about anywhere.

Good to hear there are other things to fight with less than those chemical preparation.

I have a lot of hair. Will 1/4 of olive oil be enough for me? Or can I add more oil?

Dawn Lorenz says

you can always add more!

How much Apple Cider Vinegar? I didn’t see anywhere on your post how much to use.
Thank you for sharing I am in the process of doing this method.

Dawn Lorenz says

as much as it takes to soak the hair, so have a full bottle ready.

Should i dilute the apple cider vinegar before use it to 3 yo kid? Thank you

Dawn Lorenz says

Has anyone ever let off a bug bomb in the house? We just found lice on 2 heads and want to make sure there’s no eggs in the house . Is this necessary?

No not necessary. Head lice don’t live very long off the head because they require heat and blood to live. Vacuuming places where infected heads may have laid and drying anything for 30 minutes that will fit in the dryer is more than sufficient!

Nicole St James says

This helped so much… Thank you. We had our first and hopefully last case. I ordered the every day spray as well. Here is hoping for good results!

I have done this and found it does work, although I haven’t been able to comb out every egg because my daughter is 3 years old and her hair is very fine but thick, she’s got a lot… So I’m wondering could these eggs still be alive even after all of these steps? I feel they will come out eventually or fall out but what it they are living??

Dawn Lorenz says

Yes, I think they still could be alive and you may want to repeat the process again before they hatch…

What kind of oil can I substitute for the tea tree oil?

Dawn Lorenz says

Why do you need to?

Maybe oregano. It is very strong also. Very antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Hi I have a question about lice treatment. You mention Olive oil. Is it the cooking oil? Or is there olive oil for the hair?
Thank you

Dawn Lorenz says

The same you would use for cooking – you want extra virgin cold pressed.

Does the hair need to be dry before soaking it with the vinegar? Or directly after rinsing the oil mixture?

Dawn Lorenz says

no, it does not need to be dry.

15drops of tea tree oil is way too much. My 3 year old grandson was salivating excessively during the first stage of the treatment and i have just read that excessive salivation is a symptom of tea tree poisoning!

Dawn Lorenz says

I have never heard this before and took some time to consult 2 aromatherapists who have also never heard this. Can you please share where you read this? Thank you!

Thank you for your reply. I read that excessive salivation was one of the side effects of tea tree poisoning in pets at
It is therefore obviously what caused my 3 y.o grandson to suddenly have a continuous bubbly flow of saliva dribbling down his chin during Step 1 (which immediately stopped after washing).
Otherwise I am very happy with the tesults of the treatment thankyou and would use again rather than using harsh chemicals (but with say 5 drops of tea tree oil).

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Dawn Lorenz says

Glad it worked. Tea tree oil can be toxic to cats. it would not cause a “bubbly flow of saliva dribbling” unless maybe he swallowed some, or at the least some got in his mouth. Could this have happened? The only other thing I can think of is maybe the brand used wasn’t pure and had something else in it?

Everyone is different when it comes to essential oils. Some experience side effects or reactions mean while others simply do not. It all depends on tthat person. Everyone is different. Always. When it comes to everything in life. This is why before using the essential oils or anything you should do a small oatch test on the skin. Somewhere such as the hand. Same way you would do a ‘Strand Test’ before dying hair or a ‘Patch Test’ before using certain cleaners. Most essential oils (Especially Tea tree oil) are fairly strong in odour and should be used in a well ventilated area (Not in a enclosed room). Also when it comes to children (Especially the younger children) you should almost always chose the ‘Natural’/’Homeopathic’ method. I guarentee you that using this ‘Natural’ method that you used compared to using the ‘Traditional’ toxic method is still more safer for children.

Apple Cider Vinegar DOES NOT dry your hair.

Is it necessary to put a shower cap on, my 2 year old will refuse to keep it on

Dawn Lorenz says

I saw this too late – whatever came of it?

Dawn Lorenz says

Do what you can Of course, the cap will help keep a mess from occurring if he is running around, but if you can get him to sit still to do a craft or read, it should be fine.

I used plastic cling wrap as the shower caps were way too big for my 1 year old and both kids kept trying to take it off. They hardly noticed the cling wrap and happily sat and played with them on for the entire treatment

Dawn Lorenz says

Thank you so much i have tried everything this is great

I use vinegar first has it detaches eggs and breaks down their protective coating. Then follow with Olive oil to suffocate the babies and adults. As the eggs are no longer sticky and the lice within them are now dead them simply wash out. No need for combing.

Brooke, do you still leave the vinegar on for the 45-60 minute time frame? And is the hair wet before the vinegar? So you need to rinse the vinegar out before applying the oil?

Is it necessary to use. A special shampoo (lice) duribg the treatment and can i use coconut oil confitioner or does it have to be coconut oil.

Dawn Lorenz says

would have to be coconut oil – to smother them

Is it ok to,use white vinegar or aplle cider vinegar …??

Dawn Lorenz says

apple cider vinegar is better

A non-chemical approach is the best one . A good wet-comb technique AND some natural ingredients can do the trick. You can use any tipe of oil and the effect will be the same as the coconut’s one.
Stacey has a point, the use of vinegar does remove the glue from the eggs.

Apple Cider Vinegar will not dry out your hair! It is known to “condition” hair, making it soft and shiny. During the Great Depression this was a common product to use on your hair. My grandmother recommended it when we ran out of our regular commercial conditioner and it really does work.

How long do you leave apple cider via agar in?

Dawn Lorenz says

45 minutes to an hour.

Yes I agree with you wholeheartedly!! I grew up in the age of vinegar 101! LOL I will also say that I have used vinegar for many other things in my 64 years. Another thing vinegar works for is as a fabric softener in the laundry. I put it in the downy ball as a softener with and without the fabric softener and it does work. Another reason to believe it softens hair.

I couldn’t find the shampoo as the link didn’t work for me. What is it? Thanks.

Love your natural approach to lice removal however as a professional nit picker with Simple Head Lice Solutions I can make this way easier for you.

1. Saturate the hair with a product of your choice. Coconut oil is great but really expensive. You can use any kind of oil or thick conditioner to saturate the hair to kill all of the live bugs. Lice can hold their breath for up to 2 hours so once you saturate the head with the product of your choice cover the heads with a shower cap and leave it on for 2 hours or more. You do not have to tape the cap just tie it in the back you’ll be fine!

2. Comb the hair out with a fine tooth comb. The Nit Free Terminator comb is the best! Make sure you detangle the hair with your regular brush or comb. Then use your nit comb to remove all the nits and bugs possible. Make sure you literally scrape your scalp with the comb! If you are not keeping scalp contact with the teeth of the comb you will not remove all of the nits and you will get re-infested. This is sooo important I cannot stress it enough.

3. Skip the vinegar!! It will only dry out your hair and make you stink! Trust me it does nothing to help with releasing the glue from the eggs your oil or conditioner treatment will do that for you.

4. Continue combing daily with conditioner until no nits or bugs are found three consecutive days in a row, then repeat the entire treatment process in one week. If no nits or bugs are found then you are officially lice free. If you do pick up a few nits or a few bugs don’t panic you probably just missed a few and if you continue to comb again daily until no nits or bugs are found three consecutive days in a row you will be lice free.

I really don’t think ur way works I think you should use the vinegar it’s a scientific fact that it removes the glue from the egg

What Most Bloggers Don’t Tell You About Using Rice Water for Hair Growth

Lately, we’ve been asked if there are benefits to using rice water for hair and skin care. We’ve seen several before and after photos, but those pictures are often misleading.

Can rice water rinses prevent hair breakage?

Does rice water help your hair grow?

What are the benefits of using rice water for natural hair?

In short, rice water is the starchy water obtained by draining boiled rice.

To make your rice water, we recommend cooking rice in a pot of boiling water according to the cooking instructions on the package.

The starch from the rice is released into the water, creating hair milk made from rice water.

Remove the rice, and you’re done. This process creates what some people call “rice water hair milk.”

Brief History of Using Rice Water for Hair Growth

There is a town in China called the Huangluo Yao Village, where the Red Yao tribe currently lives. The village is commonly referred to as the “Land of Rapunzel’s” because many of the women who live in the Huangluo Yao Village are known for having long beautiful hair.

This long hair village was even referenced by the Guinness Book of World Records. So, what is their secret? The women who live in the village wash their hair with rice water.

Hundreds of years ago, women from Japan were known for their beautiful long hair, too. The interesting thing about it is that they had something in common with the women of the Red Yao tribe, they were also using rice water to wash their hair.

While it is something that occurred centuries ago, it is a tradition that has since been passed on to different generations.

As time has passed and technology has advanced, more people from areas all around the world have been able to research and learn about the hair care practices of different cultures, including the use of rice water.

So, are there benefits to using rice water for hair growth, breakage, as a hair spray, or as a hair rinse?

There is a fair amount of anecdotal evidence claiming numerous benefits to using rice water, including before and after photos. Although, there isn’t much reliable scientific evidence.

Most beauty bloggers writing about this topic reference an article from the International Journal of Cosmetic Science. Although, I’m not sure that the article can be reliably used as a standalone source.

The article references hair care techniques from the Heian period. In Japanese history, the Heian period occurred during the years 794-1185.

Due to the age of the study, it’s unlikely that the study used modern scientific controls focused on an independent variable. Consequently, this study is most likely an anecdotal report, rather than an experiment conducted in a controlled test environment.

This particular article studied the effect of a hair rinse obtained from boiling rice and using the rice water as a hair treatment. The goal was to explore the history of hairstyles and hair care practices used by women in Japan.

For example, during the Heian time, many women combed their hair each day using Yu-Su-Ru (i.e., rice water). The thought was that rice water would reduce hair breakage and increase elasticity.

So, does rice water increase elasticity and reduced friction when you’re combing your hair?

The article from the International Journal of Cosmetic Science would lead you to believe that rice water can do these things. Although the article doesn’t mention that scientists conducted controlled experiments, it merely refers to practices of Japanese people from the Heian period.

So it’s likely that they’ve found some form of evidence, like written text from the Heian period.

So, does that mean that rice water is not useful for natural hair?

No, it just means that the practice of using rice water for hair growth and other beauty practices is only supported by anecdotal evidence. Said simply, it’s a cultural practice supported by word-of-mouth.

For example, you will find several women that claim castor oil encourages hair growth or regrowth of thinning hair edges.

The problem is there is no scientific evidence supporting this castor oil claim, so we can only use anecdotal evidence.

Anecdotes from Asia suggests a rice water hair rinse, including fermented rice water, gives the hair strength and elasticity. Since this can’t be proven, our guidance is that you can try if you’re interested, but it may or may not work for your hair.

It’s worth mentioning that rice water rinses aren’t an exclusive solution limited to those on the continent of Asia, even though the techniques were originated and were heavily used during the Heian period.

From the studies we have seen, all hair types are basically the same structurally, including African, European, and Asian hair types.

Although, there are differences between hair types. Some hair types are straight, wavy, curly or kinky. In general, all hair types have a common structure with the cortex surrounded by a cuticle layer.

Ultimately, whatever effects a rice water rinse has on one hair type, it’s likely to produce similar results on another hair type, including natural hair.

So, what is rice water? It’s actually pretty simple. If you boil rice as per usual, the milky water that the boiled rice produces is rice water. You can use white, brown, jasmine, basmati or any other type of rice for most recipes.

Finally, is rice water good for your hair? I think so, but I don’t really know (honestly). Many people referenced the study that we’ve linked to in this article as evidence.

Although the reality is that even though this study was published in 2010, it references hair care practices that occurred during the Heian Period in Japan.

My understanding is that the Heian Period occurred during 794-1185 BC. I’d like to see a more recent set of scientific studies to substantiate the results of rice water.

At any rate, there doesn’t appear to be any reason not to use the rinse. I recommend giving it a try. If you like the way it makes your hair look and feel, keep using it.

Reader Interactions


Lidd Dials says

Hi, do you know how the left over rice water should be stored and for how long? Thanks

One week in the refrigerator

If you’re fermenting, there’s no need to do over 24hrs. If you’re storing excess, unused rice water, it will start to stink so it’s best to just create a fresh batch each time.

I make huge batches, then to continue to make one batch for each time I want to do the rinse. As long as you remove the rice and store it in the refrigerator it will not ferment. Add few drops of essentail oils like rosemary, sweet orange or lavender. This removes pungent smell. But it will definitely keep as long as you refrigerate.

I add a slice of ginger to the jar. It smells amazing & I get the add d benefits of fresh ginger

I use the rice water but still my hair breaks. What should I do

Will rice water work for white peoples hair

Did it work for your hair I am white to

It worked for Chinese and Indian women, (if it worked at all) so it obviously works for white people too. I am white, btw.

Indians and Chinese are not the same as white—the hair types/ thickness and shaft diameter aren’t even similar, lol. But rice water effectiveness depends on the individual and how receptive the hair strands are to the amino acids present. It doesn’t hurt to try it for a small period of time.

Def not the same

Hair differs based on genetics, however it is made up of the same protein – keratin. Fundamental practices will have similar effects at the molecular level.

Chinese and Indian people have much nicer hair than white people so it may or may not.

“D says Chinese and Indian people have much nicer hair than white people so it may or may not.”
I wouldn’t say anyone has nicer hair than anyone else, it just depends on your preference. I prefer very curly hair and I also like fine hair. This would leave out coarse and/or straight hair. Everyone has their own preferences.

The hair type may not be the same between diffrent races but what makes up hair is the same. The article says as much of you bothered reading it.

Tana Fedric says

I have used it one time and the next time I washed my hair, I had huge amounts if hair loss. I had probably 3-4 times as much hair loss when I put the condition in. I am losing my hair anyway and this scared me really bad. Now I am afraid to use the rice water. I am caucasian/white/anglo. 95% of the comments and demonstrations I have seen are African or Asian hair. Is this a safe practice for anglo hair?? This is scary, I don’t want to be bald.

And what about black people .

Chazidy Bowman says

I mean I’m African American and I am using it. My hair and Indian hair, as well as Asian hair, are totally different. I dont really think it is an issue.

I’m white as snow and have used it several times so far. I used it once without fermenting and it didn’t do much. I used it fermented a few times and my hair came out shiny and each individual strand seems thicker and stronger. I did have some hair loss, but my hair LOOKS thicker even with the hair loss. I’m going to just guess that the lost hair is maybe hair that was dying and about to fall out anyway? I don’t know, but my hair looks and feels nicer so I’m going to keep doing it. I should mention I am a blonde with very straight hair who used chemicals to dye my hair dark. I don’t know if dying my hair may be why I had some hair loss. None the less, it is still better after using fermented rice water on it.

Anyone know if you should wash the rice first or not? Thanks

Yes rinse the rice first to wash out any dirt or debris.

I would suggest washing it first. Especially if it’s not organic. I’ve heard organic is the best one to use because it doesn’t have the chemicals in it that the regular rice does. But long story short try to get organic rice it’s better for your hair.

All rice, organic or non organic have arsenic in it. For all rice, rinse it a few times or rinse then boil the rice & use the left over water to ferment. You can also put the fermented rice in a spray bottle & use it that way. I’ve had my fermented rice water in a mason jar & spray bottle in the fridge for 3 weeks now. I’m a 46, have had ongoing hair thinning since my daughter was born 13 years ago. After using the rice water, I’ve notice no new thinning areas & I have new hair growth. Less hair is coming out & my hair feels even more softer than before.

See also:  National Infection Prevention and Control Manual: A-Z Pathogens

That’s awesome to know thanks for sharing

That is brilliant. Are you just rinsing your whole head with the rice water and then washing off with clean water ? Like what’s your process? X

Hi Can,
How often do you use rice water?

I’ve been using it for the past 4months. I am African American and one thing that stood out is the fact it turned my hair jet black my first time trying it, so I use it as a natural rinse. Also, INSTANTLY my hair strengthened and I barely had 10 strands of hair in my comb/brush. Haven’t straightened it yet, but I have a good 2 inches of new growth.

What do you mean, it turned your hair black? Was your hair gray?

I have been using rice water for about 3 months now. Like you, I noticed my hair stopped shedding. Before I started using it, when I would comb or pick out my hair I ALWAYS had a palm full of hair and my hair was thinning badly. (thinning hair runs in my family) however, this has been a Godsend. It has been the only thing that I have tried that has actually worked to strengthen my hair. I love it.

How often are you ladies using the rice water? Do you just rinse with it or leave it in? I see so many different ways to use it. Thanks so much for info!!

Morenike Fashina says

You can actually do both as the rice water has a high ph and so it penetrates your cuticles really quickly and the effects are still visible after washing , I like to leave mine in though

I use the spray maybe 1-3 times per week. I don’t use the rinse every week. Only when I remember to warm it up before my hair is washed then I’ll use it. I think the spritz works better with my schedule.

Hey did you use fermented one or regular one ?

The fermented one works,but if you use it too often,your hair can get protein overload and become too dry and feel like straws.The plain one also works without fermentation but the effects are a lot less visible.

Do you boil the water first? How many times do you use rice water?

Damienne Lansdorf says

Have you used it continuously for 4 months?

I’m Black American and last year I use the white rice water rinse and I over did it and it was to hard on my hair, I believe because I used it to much, I over did it. Now I’m using the black rice water rinse and I love it! I know to do this treatment only once maybe twice a month most. Most likely just once but no more hair shedding and definite grow! Very Happy

i used rice water twice and the result was bad my hair is shedding amd now i have bald edges dunno what to do
any help please

Hi! I’m sorry that happened to you! Did you wash it out? Did you deep condition afterwards?
I had a rice water mini disaster too. But I realized that I was using it incorrectly. So now when I use it I don’t leave it on too long. Half hour tops. Once per week. I condition immediately. And through out the day I spritz with water and moisturize with good old Dax grease.
My hair is relaxed but that spritzing is still necessary. At least for me. It prevents the dryness.

Oh! I also put organic honey in my shampoo and conditioner!

I had hairloss too, but each strand seemed stronger and thicker. I think the hair loss may have been dead or damaged hair that was shed all at once due to the rice water nutrients and new healthy hair will grow in it’s place. I know that even with the hair loos I had my hair still looks thicker and shinier. I tried it fermented and unfermented and the fermented water worked much better.

Don’t boil the water, as you boil out the nutrients in the rice. Let it ferment at room temp for 24-48 hours. When used as applied, dilute the water as its used as a protein treatment, and can be overly potent, which can cause dry hair. Also Always use moisture with any protein/strengthening hair treatment.

Maryt Mvula says

What kind of hair strengther to be pricise

That is false. The Yao women boil the water that was used to wash the rice and then they ferment it for a week. Watch the documentaries.

how is your porosity of your hair. that is the main concern….if your hair has a high porosity then the rice water is way too strong for your hair….google this information and hopefully you will find your answer

Hi, i rinsed my hair with 8days fermented rice water and it is causing extreme hairfall.

If you use the water as a rinse, rinse it afterward with warm water. Them moisturize your hair or use a leave in conditioner on your hair. Don’t let the rice water be your last rinse, it maybe too much for your hair to take.

Rice water can be stored up to 1 week.
Also, When I use the rice water I would add a essential oil like lavender oil or tea tree oil to give it a nice smell. I do the rice water rinse once a week. And, so far it changed my hair texture, my hair is alot more manageable and, soft. My hair is a 4c type I definitely recommend it. If your not sure research more and look at youtube videos.

Do you have to wash your hair first

Do you have to wash your hair first?

I would say yes so your scalp will be clean and the RW can penetrate into your scalp…

can you leave rice water in your hair as condition, do you rinse it out.

Allison Burd says

It has been wonderful for my thin, fine wavy hair. I even use it as a leave in conditioner! My hair feels like it s a kids!

I use the rice water two days in a row and I put a tea bag in it and put it in a water bottle and let it soak for a day but it doesn’t smell yet it’s been 3 days sitting on the counter. When I put in in my hair I put a plastic bag on my head for 30 minutes than rinse it out and my hair feel so soft and conditioned.

Hi, I rinsed my hair with 8days fermented rice water. I think it got spoiled and is causing extreme hairfall. Please help

lanika campbell says

it wasn’t just the stinky spoiling if you read the label of rice it contains nothing so don’t expect something from using this mess it is full of only carbs and thats it so why would it make our hair grow it won’t these claims are flat out lies. And if you are an African American woman please run away from rice water causes excessive dryness which African American hair requires oils to grow.

Not true. I’m a black woman with fine hair. Our hair are all not the same however at minimum we should wake our hair up in the morning by spritzing it with some water just like washing your face & brushing your teeth. I learned this by doing it on my sons hair & saw a huge difference in maintaining moisture in his hair. He has thick hair & very sensitive scalp. I noticed it’s easier to comb after I spritz water in it. Just that alone does the trick. I usually Add a moisturizer or oil too. If we do this at minimum & comb, rub or brush the hair every morning your hair will wake up & you’ll see the difference. Many people(men & women) feel like they don’t have to do anything to the hair & those are the ones that have the dried out hair. If you use rice water as a rinse, wash it out with warm water afterwards then do your moisture routine.

Is it bad if I ferment my rice water for like +- 2months?

Genetics must definitely play a role. I am African American with Native American, Caucasian, and Asian ancestry. I actually leave the rice water on my hair I ferment it with peppermint and lavender oil. I put a mixture of essential oils on my hair about 20 minutes after I use the rinse & dries straight !! The shedding reduced immediately my hair feels stronger my hair appears to love this. So in all fairness every thing doesn’t work for everyone no matter what race you maybe. The most important thing is to find what works for you and stick with it. No this is not a sponsored response and I don’t use any certain brand I love the Jasmine Rice and I got it from the dollar store for a dollar!!

lanika campbell says

Hello everyone I just want to say Wow what is Mahatma rice paying all these black women to flat out lie about how much your hair will grow. let me ask you what does rice really has in it to make such a dramatic change to how a person’s hair grow? Nothing right did you see that there are absolutely no nutrients in freaking rice only a very little percent of protein with a pinch of carbs. Well, you may as well just put soda in your hair it will smell a whole lot better than stinky rice water.
when I used this mess it caused me to get breakage and weak hair my hair type is very very thick kinky curls luckily for me i have so much hair the breakage and weakened hair didn’t affect the appearance of my hair but really why are so many people claiming this is gold and its not I really tried I even increased the number of moisturizers to accomadate how freaking dry this solution causes your hair to become still attacked my hair with a negative outcome I did as directed and used it every 2 weeks still the same thing weakening and damaged over dried hair yuck dont do it

I think it depends on an individual. Maybe your hair is protein sensitive . Rice water has worked wonders in helping reduce shedding and increase thickness for me

It’s protein and starch. Not a miracle hair growth formula. Our hair grows; we just don’t see the length because curly/could hair breaks more often due to weakness caused by the pattern and dryness. No different than a chemical protein Treatment; just natural and not toxic. You have to rinse, condition, and moisturize. The protein strengthens the hair and reduces breakage from styling.

Rice water is a protein treatment & everyone’s hair is different. But as a general rule of thumb, if your hair isn’t overly damaged & processed, protein treatments should only be done every 4-6 weeks. Over doing it will cause brittleness & breakage. So you probably had those results from improperly using it. Find what works for your hair, not what a YouTube video recommended.

If it has “nothing nutritional” in it just protein and carbs how could it be the cause of so many negative things. It should have no effect at all.

Be very careful of rice water. Know your hair type! If you have low porosity hair then rice water will create a protein build up on the hair that will cause extreme dryness and damage fast. I almost ruined my hair with only 3 treatments. Research high and low hair porosity. There are too many “so called” experts on here who are clueless about hair. Just because something works for you does not mean it will for another. My hair lost its life, shine and the water fried my ends. But my hair suffered damage from root to tip. Reversing protein overload is a science. So just be very careful.

Gladys Salas says

I rinsed my hair left on over night and I did see results in hair growth. My hair did get hard but nothing bad happened to it. I do it every weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday nights washing it out the morning after. I am Hispanic by the way with not thick hair. I saw results after the second weekend. I boiled the rice water let it cool and rinsed my hair leaving the rinse overnight.

Do I have to wash the rice water out of my hair or can it sit for a couple days.

I make a big batch (cup of rice, about 2-3 cups of water in a bowl, covered), let it sit for a day or two to ferment, and then strain it, adding more water into rice, straining again, until container is full, and then store it in the container in the back of my fridge (were it’s coldest). When I use it, I fill half a bottle with it and then fill the rest of it up with clean water. On non-shampoo days, I spray it into my hair, let it sit and rinse it out with warm water at the end of my shower. On shampoo days, I shampoo and rinse, then rinse with rice water, soaking hair. Leave in for at least 5 minutes ( I keep it in til the end of my shower), then rinse out with warm water. Using it every day, creates a noticeable difference to your hair. Also, I have psoriasis, my head drandruff is ridiculous, and rice water helps get rid of it in the most noninvasive and most consistent way (dandruff shampoos stopped working for me, and it’s bad to have to shampoo your hair daily, so rice water has been a godsend to me).

So, would you say doing it everyday, properly, is fine. I’ve done it and it feels And looks great and I wonder if its fine to do it every day?

This post is so and asks the question several times before answering. I used rice water in my hair journey and in my opinion in can “aide” in growing hair. It creates a certain protection, strength and elasticity, so the hair can thrive. In other words, it allows the hair to grow healthier from the scalp so it stays and flourishes thicker and longer.

I will like to know of products that will grow my 4a 4b and 4c natural hair

The key to longer natural hair(especially type 4 hair) is to RETAIN the length and clean the scalp, that way, as hair grows, nothing should clog hair follicles, and putting nourishing conditioners and sealing oils (like grapeseed and castor) on HAIR (NOT SCALP) will protect the cuticles and help minimize split ends. Penetrating oils – like coconut and avocado oil – are good for the scalp.

Putting oil on your hair and keeping it isnt a good idea it will clog your pores. Sticking to natural mousturizers for hair will work but you have to do trial and error tests to find what works for you. Putting oil in yohr hair actually breaks your face out and clogs your pores because the hair follicles grow through the scalp with the sebum from the sebaceous gland which is where oil is produced. If you add too much oil you will make your hair dirty faster. I only put oils like morrocoan oil in my hair if I am straightening my curls which causes excessive drying and damage to my hair follicles.

If your scalp is healthy and has a good flow of sebum oozing out of it, then there is no need to put any type of oil on it. The added oil would only prove to be too much for the already sebum lubricated scalp and will most likely cause itching or other problems scalp issues. Oil on your hair? Maybe. It depends on your individual hair and its needs.

Afro Textured hair needs moisturizers and oil. Sebum does not always travel to the ends of Afro textured hair like it does on straight hair. Because of this Afro textured hair is more prone to dryness. So this type of hear needs more moisturizing in addition to natural sebum.

@Lenae. Please remember there is no one size fit all. Unfortunately most black people’s hair or Afro textured hair the oil doesn’t reach the shaft and this is what constantly leads to breakage and makes it harder to attain or maintain long hair. Asians and white Europeans however are able to maintain longer lengths because the shaft is constantly nourished by natural oils. Most Afro textured hair is dry because this isn’t the case with most people of African decent.

I have 4c low porosity hair, and cradle cap. Castor oil 100% eliminates my cradle cap, grows my hair, and I have strong skin otherwise, so I never break out. I can’t use all those moisturizers and protein creams like Shea butter.
So I believe, it firmly depends on the person, and the balance between their own hair, and their own skin.

Leila Nakasinde says

I used rice water after shampoo but it started itching and am African so wat shud I do

“I have 4c low porosity hair, and cradle cap. Castor oil 100% eliminates my cradle cap, grows my hair, and I have strong skin otherwise, so I never break out. I can’t use all those moisturizers and protein creams like Shea butter.”
I have 2c to 3b low porosity hair and constantly struggle with seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp, face and back. It took me forever to learn that using the right oils was the key to healthy skin for me… Even dermatologists kept trying to remove oils as a form of treatment, and it just left my skin more vulnerable. Thank you for your comment, because somebody is going to be saved years of struggle.

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Where did it say to put the oil on the scalp? The writer distinctly said not on the scalp. Hair strands have no pores. The oil should be used on the hair shaft to lock in moisture. Not on the scalp.

Hi …thanks for the information but I didn’t wash the rice before soaking it and am an African. I hope nothing bad happens. Once again thanks.

Water & moisture it each morning. Don’t let the hair get dry. During the day after washing your hands with soap & water, rub your wet hands in your hair to add some more moisture in it. I said wash hands with soap & water because some people don’t do that then they rub their dirty hands into the hair & wonder why it smells.

I have heard to store it in refrigerator for up to a week

Shouldn’t store it in the refrigerator it will stop the fermentation process

you should ferment for at least 24 hours then store on the fridge. before use you have to delute with warm water

The yao women leave the water to ferment for a month before using it.i saw it in their video.h

Im a natural that has used rice water and yes the benefits are amazing and by reducing hair breakage and increase elasticity for me has allowed my hair to increase and I notice the growth, but you have balanc with moisture cause if the protein in the treatment can leave the hair dry and hard and moisture is a necessity.

my hair has become extremely dry after using it what can i do ?

Challais McDonald says

Deep Condition then follow up with Rice Water and rinse thoroughly.

can i use hair dryer to dry my hair after using rice water or I walk in the sun for it to dry naturally.

Don’t dry it totally as, I had did some researches that in using these rinses we should not let it dry totally as it will loose moisture… But then again it is needed to be dried in order to gain its nutrients. So you dry it under the sun or dry ur hair naturally..

Test the porosity of your hair. If you have low porosity.. rice water or any protein treatments are not for you

Protein treatment is also good for some low porosity hair like mine. Also we have different types of protein treatment. We have heavy protein, mild treatment and light protein. Our hair is made up of 95% protein and protein is important to the hair to strengthen and prevent breakage for those that are protein sensitive a light protein is preferable or the use of strengthenibgbteas and oils is also good.

How do you test for porosity?

Let’s answer a few basic hair questions:

Do you find that your hair is color resistant?
Did or does your hair reject chemical services?

Have you noticed that product just sits on your strands and does not absorb, ever?

Is your hair hard to wet or saturate with water?

Have you tried the float test and your hair is still floating?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions, your hair is on the scale of low porosity.

I always remember a single hair strand can have varied levels of porosity on it: newer hair on the lower end and oldest part of the strand tends to have a higher porosity.

Cons: Been using RW a few weeks now. My hair has come out badly, it sheds like nobodies business. I have bald patches around my edges. Random broken sections of hair all over.
Pros: My hair is soft when I first wash it(let air dry).
I use leave in conditioner along with liquid aloe Vera mixed with peppermint oil I have in bottle.

Use cocunut oil to keep hair and scalp moisturized

But beware since to my knowledge coconut oil has also got protein in it and some people’s hair is more sensitive to that. Coconut oil doesn’t work for some people

Right. Coconut oil does not work well with my hair… when I big chopped it helped… but as my hair grew longer my hair didnt benefit…

After shampooing, I towel dry my hair a bit or sometimes completely, then rinse with the rice water solution, then put my moisturizing conditioner or deep conditioner on top of it.

So, far no problem with any dryness or the mysterious protein problem. Hair is made up of protein. I think, The problem is buildup from not clarifying the hair often enough. A lot of people pike on products, but never detox the hair, which leads to breakage.

what do you mean problem from buildup from clarifying the hair is often enough. this means that it lead to end breakage.

Try adding oil into the mixture.

For my 3C curly hair I prepoo, shampoo, fermented rice water rinse, then apply a deep conditioner like you would do after a protein treatment. Then I condition. To style hair, apply rose water and aloe spray, a leave in conditioner then your butter or custard styling product. Your hair will look amazing.

Sophia Buie says

sounds like a plan!! Thx! So aloe juice will work? What do you suggest?

Hey! I’m A Natural As Well.. How Long Did It Take For You To Notice Growth?

Is it necessary to wash your hair first

The Yao Chinese women use it as their shampoo so I would think yes, provided your hair isn’t filled with lots of hair product. I was mines first but i use hair gel, hair butter/ creams, and hair oil daily.

No, it doesn’t matter….

can the rice water be used daily

Yes, you can if u want or or if it is needed

It depends on your hair type. I use it only once a week because daily use makes my hair dry and brittle. You have to do what is best for you.

Can I use rice water every single day please?

It is not advised to use it daily because the protein can build up on your hair. Once a week is fine, definitely not every day.

Considering how much arsenic is in rice and therefore in the water that will be used for the rinse I wonder if potentially poisoning yourself with such a carsongenic substance is worth quicker hair growth

Arsenic in rice. Why isn’t most of the population dead, considering the number of people that eat rice.

The arsenic can mostly/completely(?) be removed via rinsing it properly before putting it in. It’s not a lethal dose anyway, but it’s most definitely not safe to just cronch on it straight from the bag and regularly consuming it is bound to do /some/ damage. Asian countries generally know their rice and don’t just chuck it in a pot like more Western countries seem to love doing lol

Soak rice and the rinse before consuming to remove 80% of any chemicals on the rice, including arsenic. For perspective, there is much more arsenic in chicken.

Buy organic rice, is not that expensive.

It doesn’t matter if it’s organic or not. Rice grows in bogs of water. Since it’s submerged, the arsenic from the soil soaks in much more readily than with other crops. Organic wouldn’t change that as it’s still grown the same way and the arsenic comes from the soil. It’s already present in soil

After a week should I throw it out

If it is required for you

Luz Y Ayende says

I had a boy cut hair style I started using the banana mask since August 2017 and my hair has grown.
1 Banana
2 tbsp. Castor oil
2 tbsp. Olive oil
2 tbsp. Coconut oil
2 tbsp. Honey
1/2 of Garlic
Mixed in a blender put all over your hair massage into scalp put a plastic cap leave on for 1 to 2 hour then wash off.

Oh yeah the garlic would definitely grow it using that.

Wash out with shampoo or water also can I use conditioner afterwards too.

How often should you do this banana mask for hair growth in 4c hair?

Did you use garlic powder or real garlic

Clara Grayer says

I have. Even using rice water now for three months,I must say my hair has grown in fuller,thick in texture,my edges has changed a lot no longer thin,what so amazing is—my hair looks thicker

Nathalie Bermudez says

Was your hair thin to begin with?

Clara Grayer says

My hair has grown in the last four months thicker fuller no longer have thinner ages I was very skeptical but now my hair is much thicker and fuller than ever I am 68 years old and my hair is thicker shinier and now I’m I will start using the rice water twice a week it does work I wish I could send you a picture

Sakshi Sharma says

how you use it exactly

Why rice water bring my hair out what am doing wrong please reply back ASP

I watched alot of people on Youtube concerning this rice water rinse. I discovered that it is Definitely BEST if you use SULFATE FREE shampoo and conditioner on your hair. I bought this Shampoo and Conditioner called HAIR FOOD at $10 each at Target and Walmart. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, AFTER SHAMPOOING my hair I used the fermented rice AND conditioner, left covered on my head for 30 minutes and simply washed it out. My hair was very soft and manageable. You definitely have to use a good deep conditioner and this will work for your hair!! Good Luck

Do you deep condition after or before the rice rinse? I deep condition with a thermal heating cap. That would not work well with the technique of rice water and then deep conditioner on top right?

May be using rice water firstly it is excluding all the damaged hair or may be nourishing your hair in a way
Or, the way u use it may be wrong for your hair type, pattern etc.. Or may be u r using artificial products if you r using rice water even….

I rinse my hair twice a week with rice water since Jan 2018, I haven’t seen any growth.

Barbara, you should do it this way, of the two times you wash a week, rinse your hair first! when your is completely dry and then wear a cover over it, and then rinse out at the appropriate time. Then for the other/second wash in the week, just use a mild soap for the wash.

I have used rice water in a pass and my hair fell out. I am bald on top and thinner. I discovered that I am protein sensitive and this treatment is not for everyone, and make sure that you rinse it out completely and do a deep conditioner after. People are telling you to leave it in and you don’t have to do a deep condition after, my advice is rinse out completely.

Yup rice water is not for everyone. My hair is thinning out as well, alot of breakage. I only used it twice and stopped completely after noticing the difference. Now trying to reverse the damage. People please dont believe everything you see especially since its not proven. Hope this helps.

It is true that a person should NOT believe everything they see or hear, however this IS not the case. This is about what works for YOUR hair type. I CAN’T use many name brand store products on MY hair so I am open to home remedies. I’ve used rice water on my hair for a month now AND it works on MY hair type. Do what works for YOUR hair type. First do the work to find out what specifically works for your hair type. Whether store bought or home made. And be consistent with YOUR hair care regimen.

I leave it in my hair…I am bald in some areas and this method has my hair growing really great. I can spray it in my hair and massage it into my scalp…but i have to wear gloves cause the rice protein is way too strong for my nails…I absolutely love this method…Hair growth oils did absolutely nothing for me at all….so glad I came across this method..but this way is great for me and may not be for some others..

Actually in a video interview with a Yao woman, the Yao woman was constantly telling the host to wash it all out of her hair. That it’s not good to leave it in.

Zoey Johnson says

what kind of rice do you use? Also I’ve heard that boiling the rice takes out the natural minerals in it that help your hair grow. Is this true?

This is exactly what I have been trying to figure out, cant wait until someone answers your questions

You can use different kinds of rice tbh

When you boil the rice the minerals are in the water. You are putting that in your hair. They don’t “disappear”

Exactly! The nutrients left the rice and entered the water.

Use organic rice. And no do not boil it let it sit at room temperature for 12-24hrs

Hi Zoey- thank you for your comment!

Yes, bcuz some minerals or say enzymes which act on our hair scalp gets deteriorated or burnt on heating As all the enzymes are not that heat resistant.
So fermented rice water is much better but again if you don’t have time then you can use boiled rice water…….

The minerals may be taken out of the rice but they go directly into your water

When you make rice water you have to leave it overnight for 12 to 24 hours do not I repeat you do not boil the rice water because it takes out all the protein from the rice and it causes you to go bald and when it is the next day for you to go and wash your hair with the rice water use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner first cuz when you put the rice water before you wash your hair it will not help your hair grow and it will cause you to lose hair or get product build-up and make your hair become sensitive after you wash your hair with sulfate free shampoo and conditioner you add the rice water and leave it in your hair for 30 to 60 minutes and the longer you leave it in your hair you will see results from the rice water so I advise you to leave it in your hair for an hour but if you have sensitive hair just leave it for 30 minutes and when you leave it for that long put a shower cap on your hair even if its for 30 minutes you leave it in your hair still put a shower cap so nothing leaks out and when an hour passes by or when 30 minutes passes by take it off and go right back in the shower or sink however u wash your hair and wash all the rice water out your hair with shampoo and deep conditioner that doesn’t contain any sulfate in neither one of them and after you wash your hair with sulfate-free conditioner and shampoo you can go back to putting whatever moisturizer in your hair and style back in your hair you’re not supposed to use it every single day or every single week if you’re African-American you’re only supposed to use it twice a week if your Caucasian you’re supposed to use it twice a week or once a week and if you use it every single day it is going to build protein build-up and that’s not going to help your hair grow at all it will cause your hair to get thinner and get weaker that at the point your hair will start falling out and you will get baldall at sertain parts of your head so only use this twice a week for African American woman and twice or once a week for Caucasian woman so if you use this every single day and the doctors tell you that you have protein build-up it’s probably cuz you use this every single day or every single week and if your hair starts to fall out and you get a bald spot it’s probably because you use it way too much

Strange, since the two women boil the rice water after leaving it for a week. They add orange peel and other ingredient.

Their hair is long and healthy.

Boiling the rice takes the protein from the rice? And where may i ask does it go; in the air? You know that you have written a lot of questionable things with out any full stops, comas, new paragraphs, etc.
Anyway, i guess everyone is entitled to their opinions :+)

Assuming that everyone (hopefully) sits their rice in water BEFORE cooking, it would probably be best to use that water. Once it has been “cleaned” the rice you are boiling probably doesn’t have the same amount of protein. I guess it would be best to try both ways and see what works for you. Logically speaking though, you should sit it in a bowl of water for 12-24hrs. That just makes more sense.

I don’t know if this is what happens, but from what I know of chemistry heat changes chemical structures.

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