How to Remove Insects From the Ear Canal, Healthfully

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How to Remove Insects From the Ear Canal

How to Remove Insects From the Ear Canal. There may be a situation in which you find yourself or someone else with an earache or ear problem as a result of an insect crawling or flying into the ear canal. It rarely happens-but if it does-this article will offer some tips to help you remove this irritating, painful, «creepy» problem.

If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.

Take a mini flashlight and shine it into the affected ear. The light ray may attract some insects to move toward it. However, there are certain species of bugs that will do the opposite and move away from the light source. If you feel the pain getting worse, immediately shut off the flashlight.

Another method to remove the bug is to position your head so that the affected ear is facing upwards. The natural light at the ear opening might attract the insect to toward it and to crawl out of the ear canal.

Use a tablespoon of baby oil or mineral oil at room temperature, and slowly pour into the affected ear canal to drown the bug. Turn the head where the affected ear is in a down position to allow the oil, and hopefully the bug, to drain out of the canal together.

Cleanse the ear canal out with warm water after you have extracted the bug from the ear. If there is any sign of bleeding or blood as you clean the affected ear canal, squeeze some antiseptic ointment onto a cotton swab and carefully wipe the affected area to reduce any risk of an ear infection. It is advisable to see your doctor for a thorough ear inspection to ensure that the canal has no lesions or irritations, in order to decrease the risks of infection.

The most common situations in which an insect can enter the ear are: sleeping outdoors in the grass or when camping at night and swimming in the ocean or in an unclean pool. Wear ear plugs when swimming or ear muffs when camping outdoors.


Do not attempt to use a pair of tweezers or ear swab to extract the insect, as this might cause the insect to crawl deeper into the ear resulting in further pain and complications. This article is not a substitute for seeking medical attention from your own medical doctor or healthcare professional.

How to Remove Insects From the Ear Canal. However, there are certain species of bugs that will do the opposite and move away from the light source. Turn the head where the affected ear is in a down position to allow the oil, and hopefully the bug, to drain out of the canal together.

How to Remove Insect From Ear: First Aid

  • There are times when bugs would crawl into our ears and it cannot be avoided. If this happens to you or to someone you know, don’t panic! Instead of freaking out, what you need to do is stay calm and figure out what to do next. In this article we will talk about how you can safely remove an insect from your ear with simple steps. In case you find yourself in this situation, you might just find these steps helpful so go ahead and read what it is all about.

    Steps to Take

    First of all, keep calm. Panicking will not do any good and might just make the situation worse. If someone you know has insect in their ear or perhaps it is your child, make sure to remind them to stay calm. Reassurance is always a good thing and as the person who can help in the situation, you should also remain calm as you are about to remove the insect.

    Next place the person in a comfortable position. Let them lean over or life on a flat surface with the ear that’s affected facing upwards and towards you.

    With the use of oil (it could be baby oil, olive oil etc.) pour a few drops gently on the affected ear to prevent the insect from moving. If in case you cannot find any oil around, use clean water. This can also help. You can use a wet cotton ball with alcohol as well. By squeezing it and dropping the alcohol go through the ear. However this may be painful so make sure that you can do this as gentle as you can. The smell of alcohol will force the insect to come out but if you don’t want to do this you can try something else.

    Another good option to take is by flushing the ear with warm water. With the help of a syringe (no needle) you can flush out the insect inside the ear by flushing it out with water. Make sure to do this as gentle as you can and make sure to watch out for the insect as you are flushing the ear.

    If in case the insect is not removed after all attempts of getting it out, have it checked by the doctor immediately. This way you are sure that there are no damaged done to the ears. This will also tell you how far the insect has invaded the ear.

    Additional information

    When removing an insect from the ear, do not use cotton swabs, hair clips or tweezers. This will only push the insect deeper in the ear canal and might cause damage to the eardrum. This can also lead to permanent hearing loss, so make sure to avoid these. Make sure to seek immediate medical attention if all your attempts to remove the insect fail. This way you can be sure that no further damage is done.

    As much as we take care of our ears, it cannot be avoided that insects may sometimes crawl in. After all, it is an opening. However if this happens, just make sure to remember these steps. If in case nothing happens then you know which step to take next.

    Insect Removal from the Ear or Nose

    If you are experiencing symptoms as a result of insect in ear or nose, contact an ear nose and throat doctor from The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida) in Fort Lauderdale. They can help you remove the bug from your ear or nose and give you the guidance you need to stop the bug from causing permanent damage. Contact them to learn more about their services.

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    Have You Found an Insect in Ear or Nose?

    As rare as the occurrence may be, this is a real possibility and it is important to be prepared in order to prevent the worst from happening. An insect in your ear is usually harmless but it can have serious ramifications if it is not taken care of properly. There are a few methods to removing a bug your ear, but the main thing to concern yourself with is to make sure that it is safe.

    The first thing to consider is whether or not the bug is still alive when it ends up in your ear. If the bug dies after entering your ear then you are likely going to be able to remove it more easily without having to worry about damage. However, if the bug is still alive after it enters your ear then you are going to have to use some baby oil to drown it before you can effectively remove it.

    After the bug has died, you can then flush out the insect with some warm water and a syringe. This is because using a Q-tip or probe method may accidentally drive the insect further into the ear.

    Similarly, with your nose, you have to be very careful to flush it out after it has died. With your nose, however, it may be easier to blow your nose and get the insect out that way. Simply cover the unaffected nostril and blow to create more force in the affected nostril.

    What Can Happen?

    If you do not take the time to remove the insect, you may be subject to serious repercussions. If the bug is found in your ear and you do not take the time to remove it, you could end up with a scratched or ruptured eardrum as the bug struggles to get out. This could lead to bleeding and hearing problems. That is why it is important for you to get it removed as quickly as possible.

    With bugs that get stuck in your nose, you could experience trouble breathing as well as bleeding and damage done your nostril. The symptoms can worsen over time if the bug remains. Because it can be harder to remove an insect from a nostril than from an ear, it may be necessary to go to an ear nose and throat doctor in order to have it removed.

    Contact Us

    If you are suffering from having an insect in ear or nose, contact The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida) in Fort Lauderdale to learn more about how an ear nose and throat doctor could help you.

    How to Remove an Insect From Your Ear

    CrisSp is your Emergency Specialist at 37 thousand feet. Domestic Diva depending on the mood. Surely, WonderWoman consumed by wanderlust!

    Summer is here and the bugs are out. Get ready to play outdoors! Insect repellents are now in demand. Hopefully, you use one that is all-natural.

    You’re outside, minding your own business, when suddenly you hear a loud buzzing sound. To your horror, you realize that the noise is actually coming from inside your own ears.

    Yes, this can actually happen. Having a live insect in your ear can be very disturbing, not to mention annoying. Small insects, like moths, beetles, gnats, and other small winged critters, can accidentally enter our ears; however, once they are there, they cannot fly or crawl out anymore. They’re stuck. They will try to fly their way out, and their movements inside our ears can be very uncomfortable, painful, itchy, and scary. In some cases, in may even lead to an infection.

    Structure of the Outer and Inner Ear Canal

    Never Probe the Ear Canal With a Tool


    Never try to remove an insect with any kind of tool, including:

    • cotton swabs (Q-tips)
    • tweezers
    • hair clips or bobby pins

    This can make the situation much worse. It can lodge the insect deeper into your ear canal and may damage your eardrum, potentially causing permanent hearing loss.

    It is best to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

    However, you can also get rid of it immediately by the following techniques.

    Step 1 — Keep Calm

    How to Remove an Insect From Your Ear

    1. Keep Calm — If it is your child or someone else, ask them to stay calm and give him or her re-assurance. Don’t panic.
    2. Put the person in a comfortable position – Lean over or lie on a flat surface with the affected ear facing upward.
    3. Get some oil (baby oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, mineral oil) – Stay still and pour in oil gently through the affected ear. This will stop the insect from moving around inside the ear and the insect will eventually die. NOTE: If any of this oil is not readily available, you may use clean water, but make sure to slowly pour it through.
    4. Optional step — Wet a cotton ball with alcohol. Squeeze it and let droplets of alcohol go through the ear. Be careful, this may sting and can be painful. The alcohol will evaporate but the smell will pressure the insect to come out. This will also disinfect the ear. If you can’t do this, proceed to number 5.
    5. Flush the ear with warm water – Use a syringe (without the needle) if one is available to swish it out. Otherwise, a measuring cup with a small spout will be good enough. Let the water slowly overflow and watch for the insect to be flushed out.
    6. Follow Up – Make a follow-up appointment with your doctor after this removal technique to ensure that you did not damage the inside of the ear during the course of removal.

    Important Warning – As advised by the Mayo Clinic, DO NOT use this method if:

    • For a child if ear tubes are in place.
    • If you think the eardrum may be perforated (signs of this are pain, bleeding or discharge from the ear).

    Summing Up

    This is the basic game plan:

    1. Kill the insect by drowning it. The emergency is over once the insect is dead.
    2. See your doctor as soon as possible.

    Important Notes:

    • This process usually works. However, if for some reasons the insect decides to stick around and won’t come out, seek medical treatment as soon as possible.
    • When the insect comes out, carefully check it for some missing parts, like the head, legs, etc. If you notice any missing parts, again seek medical attention as soon as possible.

    Test Your Knowledge -1

    Test your knowledge-2

    Bonus Ear Fact

    Did you know that earwax in small amounts could actually be useful for you?

    It serves as natural cleanser as it moves out of the ear. It protects the skin of the ear canal and helps in the lubrication. Tests have also shown that it provides protection from bacteria, fungi, insects, and water.


    The author is NOT a medical practitioner. However, she is certified in first aid and holds a degree in medical science. This information is only intended for first aid purposes. Reader’s discretion is advised in using the techniques.

    This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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    In the ocean or deep rivers we just make them so swimming, head under for as long as it takes.

    this article was way cool and taught mucho. Thanks much.

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