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How to get rid of Woodlice


Woodlice belong to the class of arthropods known as crustaceans, which is a predominantly aquatic group containing the crabs and lobsters. Although they now live on land the woodlice have not completely shaken off their aquatic habits. Their skins are not completely waterproof, and the animals very soon desiccate in a dry environment.

This is why almost all of them are confined to damp areas and why they only come out to feed at night, when the air is cooler and damper. Many of the species can breathe only if their bodies are covered with a thin film of moisture, although they would soon drown if immersed in water.

Where are they found ?

Woodlice are treated harshly by gardener and housewife alike and as soon as they appear they are squashed underfoot. In fact, in many areas it is considered to be unlucky to have a woodlouse in the house. They are in fact harmless creatures however, and certainly don’t deserve to be slaughtered whenever they are found. They may occasionally nibble young seedlings, but they are generally more interested in dead leaves and decaying material and their presence in the garden is probably more beneficial than harmful.

Those species that can roll up into a ball were once thought to have a medicinal value and were swallowed whole, alive, in attempts to cure digestive problems. They were also given to cattle and this is probably why they are called cud-worms in some areas.

How to get rid of woodlice

To get rid of woodlice we recommend using a spray, powder or fumer product. A spray will kill any easy to reach woodlice, whereas a fumer can help clear out restricted areas. We have a range of products to help control woodlice.

How to prevent woodlice entering your home

It is important to remember that woodlice are not harmful in any way. Certain species will nibble house plants, but they pose no threat to humans. They may wander indoors to protect themselves from inclement weather or if there is a build up of vegetation around the home. Woodlice love rotting wood if you keep a wood store next to the house this will increase the likelihood of them entering your home.

The best way to deal with them is to vacuum them up and spray a residual spray such as Dethlac around entry points to deter them. Blocking any obvious points of entry with a sealant such as decorators caulk is also advisable. Bear in mind though that a cluster of woodlice in one spot may be an indication of a damp problem that should be investigated.

Products available to control woodlice

Product 1: Woodlice Control Kit

The woodlice control kit is an all in one solution to any woodlice problem and will help you get rid of woodlice effectively in your home. The kit contains four complimentary products an Insecticidal Spray, Organic Powder, Bellows Duster and Smoke Fumer.

Kit price = £25.50

The woodlice control kit is an all in one solution to any woodlice problem and will help you get rid of woodlice effectively in your home. The kit contains three elements , a spray, powder and fumer.

The Rentokil Insectrol spray is ideal as a knock-down spray and can be sprayed onto the woodlice infestation for an immediate kill or onto a hard surface where woodlice can harbour in cracks and crevices to achieve a longer lasting effect.

The Organ X powder (diatomaceous earth) is more suitable for areas where liquid would not be appropriate as it can be applied in a fine layer to carperts, cracks and crevices. We also include a Pest Pistol Duster in the kit as this allows the Organ X powder to be applied with ease into cracks, crevices and voids, all places that woodlice like to gather.

The final product within the kit is the Forte Fog P Midi Fumer. Smoke Bombs are ideal for infestations in lofts, old chimneys or under floors.

Product 2: Dethlac Insecticidal Lacquer

Dethlac 250 ml, Ant and Insecticidal Lacquer, probably the best Ant Killer on the market, is celebrating its 57th year, having sold millions of cans to its loyal customers throughout the UK.

1 can price = £5.28 each
3 can price = £4.68 each

Dethlac Insecticidal Lacquer is one of the best woodlice killers on the market and has existed as a trusted household pest essential for over 50 years.

The reason Dethlac is so effective against woodlice infestations is because it dries to a hard clear film which remains active for months even in rainy conditions. The spray works best when it acts as a barrier as it dries leaving a toxic line and any woodlice who attempt to cross this line are killed instantly.

Dethlac can be used both indoors and outdoors which makes it the ideal solution to get rid of woodlice.

Product 3: Organ X Killing Powder

Organ-X Natural Insect Killing Powder 450g or diatomaceous earth is a naturally mined mineral product made up of fossilized remains of diatoms.

1 tub price = £7.02 each
3 tub price = £5.84 each

Means of fighting insects: how to get rid of wood lice in the apartment yourself?

You may have seen in your apartment this rather disturbing and unpleasant-looking insect called lice. Although it provides a secretive dark lifestyle, you had the opportunity to simply not meet with him.

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Why do they appear in the bathroom and toilet? Are they dangerous to humans? Read on and you will find out whether you need to contact the appropriate services or you can deal with these insects with home remedies yourself. What difficulties may arise. And also, what preventive measures should be taken so that these arthropods do not reappear.

What kind of insect is this?

Woodflies — insects that belong to the suborder of crustaceans, have a rounded body, divided into sections. It includes the head, chest, and abdomen. Insects occur throughout the year and are considered the most intense in spring and autumn, reproduction takes place during the summer period, while it is curious that the female carries her eggs in a bag, on her body, until she finds a protective place from predators to transfer them.


Mostly in the apartment, wood lice occurs in places where it is wet: under the tiles, in the basements, the bathroom, even under the stones, in the showers, as well as toilets and cracks. The duration of their existence is 2-3 years. The insect feeds mainly on decaying plants (very rarely fresh), in some cases can harm the garden, ferns suffer more, orchids, certain types of cacti, but also their work contributes to the enrichment of the soil, providing it with high-calorie elements.

Catching an insect is not so difficult, it is quite simple to block the way for it, as it stops. Their safety response is considered to be that insects coagulate, «shell» out, as if pretending to be dead.

Causes of wood lice: in 100 percent of cases — it is moisture, since it is a perfect habitat environment, and in convenient conditions, they rapidly increase and multiply, for example, wood lice in the bathroom come across quite often. Of the 160 registered types of woodlice (and in total there are about three thousand) only a few units will be able to endure dry air.

Mokritsy live in inaccessible areas under the floor, wallpaper, tiles.Insects themselves can arise from dark corners, crevices, when storing wet towels or things. If neighbors are flooded or pipes are leaking, there is a significant possibility that you will find insects in your apartment.

For the appearance of wood lice, special atmospheric conditions are needed, however, these outbreaks of their invasions continue briefly. Limes do not prefer the light and lead an intense lifestyle in the nighttime period.

Fight on your own or call specialists?

In the fight against pests, not all, without exception, means are excellent — some are completely in vain. For example, at the dacha, independent struggle with them only leads to a quick improvement in the situation. Even if numerous crustaceans fall into the traps or under the attack of an insecticide, in the corners there are enough to continue to actively aggravate your life.

It is important to approach the solution of the problem collectively. Only the top-notch disinsectors specifically understand how and what to poison the wood lice so that they disappear forever.

We get rid of different means

Let’s tell how to get insects at home.


At present, it is possible to find in the assortment special means directed not only against wood lice, but also other household pests. More popular: «Dichlorvos», «Tetrix», «Mole», etc. In addition to those mentioned, fine can help the gel of the German manufacturer Schabengel. In fact, it is considered a poisonous bait for crustaceans. Multifunctional, it is used for almost all parasites.

It is imperative that the apartment be ventilated and after a specified time wash the treated surfaces.

What else can be brought unpleasant crustaceans?

How else can kill woodlice? Not less productive are the folk ways.First of all, they are the cheapest, and they are not dangerous. The destruction of insects with the help of folk remedies is possible, moreover, quickly, like the use of poisons.

Consider the main methods of how to get rid of woodlice by folk methods:

  • Liquid kvass composition, boiling water — in the ratio of 100 grams per half liter, sprayed around the room. After a day it is already possible to flush.
  • Boric acid — preparing the composition in the same proportion as the kvass, the method of use is similar.
  • Bleaching — diluted with water at a ratio of 40 grams per liter of water, the substance must be processed all floors, walls.
  • It will take a mixture of half a teaspoon of pepper, soda, tobacco — dilute in a liter of water, then cultivate the main places of lice aggregation, and after a while it is necessary to wash it off with water and chlorine.
  • Salt — pours in corners, cracks.
  • Birch brooms — put in the corners all night, for wood lice their action as a trap, in the morning brooms with insects must be thrown away.
  • Potatoes — a share hole is made in this vegetable, the ready trap needs to be laid out in the place of insect accumulation. During the night, a large number of individuals climb into the potato, and in the morning the trap is thrown out.
  • Lime — a very effective way in case there is a difficulty how to get rid of wood lice in an apartment. Quick bleach is placed in a bucket, the capacity is extinguished by water. After the manipulations, it is necessary to close the door closely and not enter the room for several days.

However, if the reason why the wood lice live directly in the area has not been eliminated in a timely manner, then it is necessary to be prepared for a new invasion of small, unbidden neighbors.

Now you know how to destroy nasty insects.

A photo

In the photo you can see how to deal with insects in your home.

What is not recommended to do?

Chemical solutions are not recommended for use at home. This is a huge risk for the child and pets, which can be exposed to poisoning. When applying them, you must be very careful. In order to protect yourself, it is better to use chemicals to beware.

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Problems and difficulties

You most likely understand that the use of chemistry may be unsafe for health. For this reason, it must be handled very carefully. Of course, after the chemistry has done its own business, it must be well swept away.

When working with chemicals, use gloves and a mask.Leave windows open. Like chlorine, quick lime has a great effect on insects.


Woodlice are known to prefer water. For in order to prevent the secondary occurrence of insects should be monitored for the degree of moisture in the house. Useful recommendations:

  1. After hydrophyte operations constantly air the bathroom or leave it open.
  2. Once a day, clean the surfaces in the room dry.
  3. Carry out in the bathroom scrupulous cleaning, paying special attention to the areas under the bathroom, toilet, sink.
  4. In the presence of domestic plants, observe that there is no accumulation of excess water in the pallets.
  5. Take out the trash every day.
  6. Linen properly dry on the balcony or on the street, but not in the bathroom.
  7. Timely eliminate leaks, seal the cracks and cracks in the walls.
  8. Install the hood in the bathroom.

What if you appear again?

Even if you manage to deal with insects, but do not remove the root cause of their occurrence, they will soon visit you again. In order to completely get rid of these crustaceans, it is necessary to regularly maintain cleanliness in the apartment, often ventilate the room, to avoid the appearance of damp floors and walls.

Without moisture, insects will disappear. For this reason, thoroughly dry the room, make sure that the pipes are not damp, do not flow.

Watch the video on the topic:


As you can see, the measures that need to be taken are not particularly complex, but they will productively reduce the possibility of unwanted insects in the house to a minimum amount. As a result, if you follow all the required rules, it is possible to be completely convinced that your living space will be protected from such unpleasant problems as the invasion of wood lice. Now you know how to get rid of these insects once and for all.

Uninvited guests — woodlice. Where do they come from in an apartment or private house?

Woodfishes are not insects at all, as most people think, but small relatives of ancient crayfish. Woodfolds live in a humid environment, as they breathe through the gills.

In nature, they occur quite often, are perceived by humans as pests — as they eat the crop, spread dirt and carry diseases. But it is especially unpleasant when these small creatures get turned up in a living room.

Consider where in the apartment, for example, in the bathroom, and in a private house, these small pests appear and how to get rid of them.


In nature

Where do woodlice live in their natural environment? In nature, they can live wherever conditions are favorable — there is moisture and there is a large amount of food. Wood insects feed on semi-decomposed organic matter, root crops, vegetables, eat tender leaflets of plants, can eat spoiled graminoids, rotten fruit.

In the garden or vegetable garden, they can be found under stones, in secluded wet corners of the garden — near the pond, not far from the well, near the rain ditch or sewage system.

In the wild, small crustaceans select habitats near the river or lake, slightly wetlands, natural depressions in stones and soil, where moisture accumulates.

In the apartment

Why in the apartment, especially in a bathroom, these small wreckers get up? For breathing, woodlice need very humid air, so they settle in apartments where conditions for their life and breeding are favorable — in bathrooms, kitchens under the sink, air ducts, where it penetrates and where rainwater accumulates.

Why start up?

Why wood lice, which are often mistakenly considered insects, choose a city apartment as their habitat, which is why there are many of them in attics and basements, what are the reasons for their appearance in a country house?

In the apartment

Consider where do woodlice come from in a city apartment. In apartments, small pests appear most often from common areas.where sanitation standards are not respected. These are mainly basements of the MKD or attics.

In the cellars, woodlice can live for a very long time and successfully reproduce, as it is damp and organic for food:

  • mold spores;
  • mushrooms;
  • grass roots;
  • rotting vegetables.

On flowing attic crustaceans can feed on the remnants of grain from pigeon droppings, rotting wooden floors.

From these habitats, wood lice can move through air ducts or through cracks to the first and last floors where residential apartments are located, and if they find favorable conditions there, they will live and multiply.

In a private house

In private country houses pests can be brought from the garden, along with vegetables and herbs. But often small crustaceans make their way into wet cellars, attracted by the food stocks stored there.

Damp, poorly ventilated basement or the current attic, rotting wooden structures of the house, not drying out ditches near the summer cottage, damp sewage systems are ideal conditions for woodlice survival.

How to determine where to breed?

First of all, you need to understand that these creatures breed where there is maximum humidity. Consequently, one should look for their habitat exactly in such places — in the bathroom, under the floor in the kitchen in the sink area. If possible — need to inspect the attic and basement.

In country houses, be sure to go down to the basement and look for masses of pests in dark corners, turn over stones and bricks, check the water supply system and sewage system for leaks.

The invasion of woodlice often leads to the fact that tenants discover the current roof or undermining water supply.

The presence of wood lice in common areas is alarming. The pests themselves can be carriers of disease., but also their presence speaks of high humidity in the premises, and this is the cause of mold and fungus, which is already very dangerous for the health of the residents of the MKD. Finding wood lice, you should immediately call the housing office and call the sanitary control service to check the basements and attics.

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If there are pantries or storage rooms in the house where vegetables are stored, they should also be inspected, successively lifting containers where the supplies are poured.

What are the first signals of appearance in housing?

Small crustaceans are nocturnal creatures, so their presence in the house can be detected quite late. Sign can serve:

  1. spoiled vegetables;
  2. traces of feces near the garbage can and in the kitchen sink area;
  3. traces of vital activity in croup or greens.

Also an indirect sign can be dying domestic plants — wood lice often settle in pots of soil, feeding on the roots and leaves of a flower.

If these moments are there, you need to make sure that these are wood lice. For direct detection of crustaceans, it is necessary to inspect the dark corners of the bathroom, the basement or the attic of a dwelling house at night, illuminating all corners, crevices and possible cracks in the walls, basements with a flashlight — lifting objects that are not on the ground. It is under the bricks, turned buckets and folded boards these pests love to nest.

How to get rid?

To get rid of uninvited guests there are many ways — from home to purchased. Means you can use the same as cockroaches:

If there are too many wood insects in the attic or in the basement, special services should be called in to destroy insects.

But all destruction measures will be useless unless they create unbearable conditions for pests..

Therefore, first of all it is necessary:

  1. to dry a bathroom, having put an additional heater;
  2. to seal up the gaps in the floor and walls, from where new batches of crustaceans can crawl;
  3. time to throw out the trash, leaving no waste overnight;
  4. check all pipes and taps for damage;
  5. dry the floor in the apartment, temporarily do not dry the laundry in the kitchen and bathroom;
  6. in the country house thoroughly air the basement and repair the roof, preventing leakage.

Only under these conditions, it will be possible to get rid of wood lice forever.

Prevention of appearance

The most the main thing to do so that the pests do not appear is to keep the house clean and dry.

  1. Prevent leaks or eliminate them in time, prevent rotting of fruits and vegetables in their storage places, regularly air / dry the bathroom, take out the garbage in the evening.
  2. In summer houses, it makes sense to dry the basement well in the summertime, creating a draft, and regularly inspect the roof and repair it in time.
  3. At the dacha plots you should not store a large amount of organic garbage close to the house, a compost pile, where woodlice love to nest, it is better to move to the far corner of the garden.

Thus, wood lice are extremely unpleasant pests that can not only scare with their appearance, but also bring a lot of harm — to spoil supplies, to erode the wooden structures of houses, to carry diseases. For their destruction and prevention of appearance, it is necessary to observe the main condition — dry air. Without sufficient moisture, woodlice cannot breathe. and either die or leave home forever.

How to get rid of head lice in your home

Don’t drive yourself crazy. As the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) puts it in a clinical report on head lice released in July 2010, «Herculean cleaning measures are not beneficial.» So, while scrubbing the house from top to bottom and boiling the bedding may make you feel heroic, it won’t help get rid of an infestation.

Why housecleaning doesn’t help eradicate head lice

Lice can’t hop or fly. They can crawl, but they prefer to stay on human heads. Most can live no longer than 24 hours away from their food supply.

A hair-covered scalp is their natural environment and that’s where they live out their brief, blood-sucking life. A healthy louse will not voluntarily crawl off your child’s head, but they do sometimes fall off the head.

Proper application of over-the-counter lice treatments with comb-outs and close follow-up inspections are your best weapons against lice. That said, you may want to take a few basic housekeeping measures – just in case.

What you can do

Many experts recommend doing some laundry and vacuuming to prevent reinfestation from lice that fall out of the hair, but these are probably not strictly necessary. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other experts, the risk of getting infested by a louse that has fallen onto the floor or furniture is very small.

Here are some steps you can take that might help prevent reinfestation:

  • Vacuum your child’s car seat cover each day, where she rests her head.
  • Change pillowcases, sheets, pajamas, and towels daily. If you only have one set, you can wash them each day using the hot water laundry cycle and the high heat drying cycle.
  • Seal nonwashable items that have touched the head (such as stuffed animals and hair bands) in a plastic bag for two weeks. Alternatively, you can simply keep them away from your child until the lice is gone
  • Wash combs and brushes in hot water each day to dislodge any lice and nits.

Don’t worry about cleaning or quarantining your pets. Head lice don’t infest animals and you can’t catch lice from them.

Warning: Whatever you do, the CDC says, don’t use fumigant sprays, including the ones that come with some shampoos. They can be toxic if inhaled or absorbed through the skin.

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