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How to get rid of lice on bedding


Read on to discover how to get rid of lice from your bedding in our five-step guide.

Updated 8 April 2020


Key steps

  • Treat everyone’s hair to prevent head lice getting back in your bedding.
  • Wash everything, even pillows and duvets.
  • Use a long, hot wash cycle.
  • Dry on high heat.
  • Vacuum your mattress.
  • Remake your bed in clean, fresh bedding.

Can head lice live on pillows and bedding? The answer is yes! But don’t worry – here we’ll provide top tips for getting rid of lice, so you and your children can sleep safe and sound without catching more headlice. Be aware that some bed nasties might not be head lice but instead, bed bugs! If you’re worried about bed bugs, click here.

Want to make sure that head lice are dead and gone from your bedding? Use a hot wash and good quality products.


Do you use powder, capsules or liquid to wash your clothes?

FAQs: Head lice on bedding

Before we show you our guide for getting rid of lice, here are a few answers to questions about head lice that may have been bugging you:

  • Can head lice live on bedding? Yes! Head lice can live on pillows and bedding which means that you risk inviting more creepy crawlies into your hair or your children’s at bedtime, even after treatment!
  • Can head lice fly? Head lice are unable to jump or fly, so will only survive if they are on the bedding for a short time before coming back into contact with hair and a scalp.
  • How long can head lice live on bedding? Head lice can only live up to 24 hours without getting back into yours or your children’s hair, so it is best to make sure that you treat pillows, sheets and other furniture immediately as well as treating everyone in the family.
  • What is the difference between nits and head lice? Nits are the eggs of the female head louse. Once mature, she can lay up to eight nits a day, and live for 30 days. If you’re wondering if nits can live on pillows and bedding, the answer is no. They need heat and blood to survive. You may find them on bedding, however, if they have rubbed off your hair into your bed. They can be treated and removed using our guide below for getting rid of lice.

Get rid of lice in your bedding: a five step guide

There are just five easy steps for you to make sure that you and your family are free from these little pests.

  1. Make sure that you have treated everyone’s hair. Even if you or a member of your family does not appear to have head lice, it is better to be safe than sorry. Making sure that everyone’s hair is fully treated and you have removed all traces of head lice and eggs (nits) will allow you to make sure once your bedding is clean you won’t get them back in your beds!
  2. Strip the bed fully. This means every single part needs to be stripped and removed. Remove all pillow cases, pillow protectors, duvet covers, sheets and mattress protectors. Take it right down to the mattress.
  3. Wash anything that can be washed. Pretty much everything that you make your bed up with will be washable. If you have a small washing machine and want to wash duvets and pillows, do not be afraid to bag them up and take them to a laundrette.
    • Use a hot wash.
    • Use a long cycle, so that the bedding is washed in the heat for as long as possible.
    • Use good quality products like Persil and Comfort for extra germ-killing power.
    • Heat will kill off any surviving head lice.
  4. Dry the bedding on a high heat. The best way to make sure that all head lice and nits are killed off is to use more heat, after your hot wash, to dry your bedding.
    • Where possible, use a tumble dryer to dry the bedding on a high heat.
    • Alternatively, hang in a humid space in your home.
    • Finally, direct, warm sunlight will also do the trick.
  5. Vacuum your mattress. You may think that changing the bedding is enough, but we recommend making sure that you do this final step before making up your bed in freshly washed linen. Take care to pay attention to any creases or little hiding places the head lice may have been able to find.

So, there you go; now you not only have FAQs answered, but a super easy five step guide for how to get rid of lice from your bedding. Now you can sleep easy at night in a head lice free home.

10 Ways To Get Rid of Body Lice Fast

Body lice are small insects that feed on human blood and live in our body skin or in cracks and folds of clothes and linens. They even deposit their waste on skin and also lay their eggs there and often cause severe itch. Body lice bites may appear like red swollen rashes on skin and these bumps cause severe scratching and itching and can gradually spread to extreme levels if not taken care of properly.

Body lice problems usually occur due to poor hygiene. Not washing your clothes regularly or not taking proper baths and cleaning your body can gradually lead to problems like body lice. There are numerous lotions and ointments for body lice but there are some effective home-remedies also that can help you get rid of body lice fast and naturally.

1.) Fenugreek And Mustard Oil To Get Rid of Body Lice Fast

Fenugreek seeds are known to have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and are good natural antiseptics. These combined with the strong odor of mustard oil helps killing body lice and their eggs and also prevent chances of facing body lice problems soon. Grind fenugreek seeds soaked overnight in water into a thick paste. Add some mustard oil and apply this mixture over affected areas or all over your body and let it dry for 20-30 minutes. Later rinse with soap and water. Regular use of this mixture can help cure body lice problems naturally.

2.) Camphor, Coconut oil and Milk To Get Rid of Body Lice

Mix one spoon of camphor and coconut oil to a cup of milk and apply this all over your body. Massage for a few minutes and let the solution dry for 20-30 minutes. Follow this process daily before taking a bath to get rid of body lice fast and effectively.

3.) Tea-tree oil and Yogurt To Get Rid of Body Lice Fast

A mixture of yogurt and a tablespoon of tea-tree oil together combine to form a potent home remedy to kill body lice. Tea tree oil has healing properties which helps heal the affected skin and yogurt along with tea-tree oil have essential oils with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal elements which make them effective against body lice. They can help reducing skin inflammation and itchiness to a great extent.

4.) Neem (Indian lilac) and Turmeric To Get Rid of Body Lice

Indian lilac and turmeric both are extensively well-known for their anti-septic and healing qualities. They find use in numerous home remedies and needless to say are effective against skin rashes and kill body lice too. Grind raw turmeric with a handful of neem leaves to a paste. Once they are of thick paste like consistency, apply all over your body and leave undisturbed for 20-30 minutes. Later wash or take a bath. Apply this mixture of neem and turmeric 3-4 times a week for instant results.

5.) Yogurt and Lavender To Get Rid of Body Lice

Lavender is known to have anti-septic properties and its fragrance also keeps insects at bay. Yogurt along with it acts as a potent healer helping in soothing the skin while lavender cleanses your body of lice and eggs.

6.) Apricot Extracts To Get Rid of Body Lice

Body lice can take extreme turns and serious body lice infestation should be taken care of immediately. Often excessive lice bites can lead to skin infections which make the skin follicles break and cause severe lesions. Apricot extracts or apricot juice helps is such severe cases too and can help reduce swelling and itchiness. Extract juice from apricot leaves and gently rub all over your body. Let it dry for 20-30 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water for best results.

7.) Drumstick Leaves And Sesame Oil To Get Rid of Body Lice

Oil extracted from drumstick leaves has potent anti-bacterial properties which help curing skin irritations and sesame oil is a natural healer soothing skin rashes and itch. Combination of these two can be really effective to get rid of body lice naturally and fast. Take a bunch of drumstick leaves and extract its oil. Mix similar proportions of sesame oil to it and heat till you see the water evaporating. Let this mixture settle down and then apply it all over your body. Let it dry over a period of 20-30 minutes before washing or taking a bath in warm water. Both drumstick extract and sesame oil is being used since ancient times for their healing properties and this mixture can help kill body lice and reduce itchiness.

8.) Vinegar To Get Rid of Body Lice

Body lice bites can cause an uncontrollable and unbearable itch and this can gradually lead to skin lesions and more severe rashes or infections. It is important that you don’t scratch if infected with body lice and take natural precautions against it. Vinegar has an acid base and can effectively kill body lice providing instant relief from the itch and irritation. Vinegar being acidic can also pose harmful to human skin and it is mandatory that you use vinegar mixed with vegetable oil in at least double proportion and then apply the mix to your body. While the vinegar will be effective to get rid of body lice, the vegetable oil will act as a protective sheath guarding your skin from corroding under vinegar’s acidic effect.

9.) Hot Water To Get Rid of Body Lice

Just protecting your body from lice is not enough once infected. It is crucial to understand that body lice can easily transfer to and from clothes and linen. Ensure that you wash your clothes properly with hot water. Extreme temperatures kill lice easily and re-washing with detergent or soap will foolproof the elimination process. Same applies to your body. Take proper care of health and hygiene to ensure eradication of body lice. Shower regularly and scrub your body well. Maintaining proper hygiene eliminates half the threat of body lice.

Other tips to get rid of body lice (Dos and Don’ts)

Maintain proper hygiene. Bath regularly and clean and scrub your body. Lack of proper hygiene is the main cause of body lice.

  • Do not share clothes, sheets or linens with someone who is infected. Or if you are infected, prevent other people from sharing your things till you get rid of body lice. They easily transfer via clothes and linen and it should be an individual’s lookout to ensure he is not infecting others too and maintaining proper precaution.
  • Do not scratch or itch affected areas. Even though body lice bites can be uncontrollably itchy, scratching them might make things worse and lead to skin infections.
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Use anti-bacterial shampoos and soaps and use moisturizers or calamine to maintain skin health and prevent body lice infestations.

10 Ways To Get Rid Of Pubic Lice Fast

A pubic louse is often referred to as Pthirus pubis, even though it has yet another name, Penis louse. It feeds totally on our blood, spending all its life on pubic hair. What is even worse is it preys only on human beings.

A pubic lice invasion could be a continuing problem, particularly in case you maintain a constant connection with somebody who already has them. In this article, we will mention 10 best ways to get rid of pubic lice fast.

1.) Cut Your Pubic Hair

Trim it; however, do not shave it entirely. This can only result in additional irritation. Once you do this, utilize lice shampoo to dry out the hair. Never wet the shampoo, since it may make the solution dilute. Make certain to apply therapy carefully from root to tip, such that all the pubic lice touch the solution. Leave the medication on for 5 to 10 minutes. Following this, make use of warm water to wash off the shampoo from the pubic area.

2.) Shampoos

Medicated shampoos can be purchased from the stores that can be applied on the pubic region for wiping out crab lice. However, we do not need to go looking for that when there exists a home cure for making a customized shampoo for dealing with crabs pubic lice. For producing a homemade shampoo, get a cup of almond oil and also include 1 tbsp. of lavender oil, 1 tbsp. of eucalyptus oil along with 1 tbsp. of bergamot oil.

3.) Petroleum Jelly

This particular jelly destroys the crabs by simply suffocating them, and this is particularly great for applying to the eyelashes and eyebrows in case these happen to be infested. Apply a generous quantity of the jelly to the affected region and let it stay on for a few hours. You might have to repeat the therapy two or three times each day. To wash it off you may use tea tree shampoo. For getting rid of the nits make use of lemon scrub or perhaps a fine-tooth hair comb.

4.) Vinegar

A combination of vinegar, as well as water, in identical amounts, gets rid of the crabs. You blend a reasonable amount of the mixture, say half a liter. After that you moist a big cotton wool swab with the solution and push this particular swab up against the afflicted area for no less than half an hour. If required, you need to use more solution to keep your swab moist. After thirty minutes, the crabs must be dead. The subsequent thing will be to eliminate their eggs and you perform this by scrubbing up the region with a dense paste produced from lemon juice (several tablespoonful), salt, honey as well as sugar.

Carefully wash the infected region with this particular paste to free it from the nits. If the crabs have attacked other areas of your body you ought to soak your entire body in a solution of vinegar and water. In such cases, you combine the entire bottle of vinegar along with the bathwater, sufficient to immerse all the body. Remain inside the tub for about half an hour. Following the bath, you need to use the lemon scrub just like before, but on this occasion wash your entire body.

5.) Astringent Therapy

Astringent’s acidic base would smother the lice to demise. There are lots of astringents on the market in case you prefer a quick pubic lice treatment. Nevertheless, astringents could be produced at home as well. Vinegar is actually the best foundation for preparing an astringent at home. For this, blend 1/4th glass of vinegar together with identical levels of water. Add 1 tbsp. of each of sugar, honey, and salt, and blend properly. Whilst adding, ensure that the blend is rough as well as thick. Keep including more of all the components till you obtain a thick blend. Implement this mix on the pubic hair using cotton and let it stay for around 30 minutes. As soon as it is dried out, you may wash it off using the cotton. Following this therapy, fill up the bathtub with hot water. Get some margosa leaves and include these in the water. Soak your entire body in the bath to get rid of any kind of traces of nits as well as lice successfully.

6.) Margosa (or Neem Tree) Leaves

Boil a number of Margosa leaves inside a container and put the infusion to the bath water. Margosa features antiseptic qualities. Following your bath (soak for a minimum of thirty minutes) you employ the lemon scrub to clean up your body and also eliminate the nits.

7.) Washing Of Clothes, Bed Linens etc.

All clothes, bed linen, bath towels and so on must be machine-laundered in an exceedingly hot cycle (50 C or more) to destroy the lice as well as prevent recurrence of the contamination. Items like linen which cannot be laundered must be put in covered packages and kept for no less than a couple weeks. This eliminates all of the newly hatched nymphs plus the mature lice if existing inside the linen.

8.) Tea Tree Oil

This is an organic antifungal and also antiseptic therapy for acne breakouts, as well as nail fungus. Dilute several tea tree oil drops with some amount of water and implement on the afflicted region utilizing a cotton ball. It eases and also cures the bites.

9.) Peppermint Oil

Even though utilized as a fix for upset stomach and a typical component in oral care products, this peppermint oil provides cooling effects which relax the bites.

10.) Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is acidic and eliminates lice as well as nits on contact. Wash the region with gauze drenched in lemon juice, sugar, honey, and salt to get rid of the rest of the eggs.

Other Useful Tips:

The itchiness is going to be pretty intense; however, you need to abstain from scratching on your own, since this may cause secondary contamination from the other parasites which get into your system through the damaged skin. To defend against this you need to actually cut your fingernails short. We said to abstain from scratching by yourself, but no one wants you to be seated like a dummy and also wait out your pain. The irritation might become so intense that you will likely find it irresistible to scrape on your own. Remember to keep all those nails short.

Another thing regarding scratching yourself is the fact that the nits or the eggs of the crabs might lodge underneath your fingernails and from there they might infest yet another area of the body. In case, you have scraped yourself it is strongly recommended to clean yourself with hot water and also a medicated as well as antiseptic soap to protect against feasible secondary infections.

Bottom Line:

Removing hair from the affected area might seem like a good suggestion; however, you should never shave. The reason behind this is that the region is already sensitive and most likely swollen and shaving might lead to more injury and also break the epidermis in certain places. Simply clip the hair short to reveal those crabs and thus, make it simpler for the natural home remedies to reach them.

Home Remedies and Natural Treatment to Get Rid of Lice

Lice are probably the most disgusting creatures of this world. Don’t get surprised! It is true and the sufferers, who are affected by this problem, would concur with our theory, right? Lice are a nightmare for girls as well as boys, and once you get contaminated by this crisis, it is next to impossible to get rid of this trouble from your hair!

The most difficult part of dealing lice is that people are usually ashamed of these things, and that’s why they hesitate to ask about the remedies of lice. If you are also tormenting with the same problem and falter where to start then, comprehend some of these home remedies in this article below. In addition, find some answers of lice-topic, learn how to clear nits, how contagious is lice, and discover a few new or unknowing things about these creatures along with ideas on how to get rid of lice permanently. Check it out-

1. Salt Water Cleansing for Lice:

Salt water in another preferable procedure to get rid of disgusting bugs lice in a perfect inexpensive method. Organic salt has many good qualities and working as a natural anti-lice products is definitely mentionable one among them! Let’s find out why and how we could use salt water to combat lice and eggs in your hair-

The Goodness of Salt Water:

  • Saltwater prevents the infestation of lice in an instant manner that any other natural lice insecticides.
  • Lice thrive because they drag blood from our scalp, but salt water stops this natural path of their nourishment by spreading an acidic layer on it.
  • The sodium chloride of salt water interrupts the growth or more production of lice.
  • The ion property of salt loosens the grasp of nits on your every single hair and thus, could be removed from the head more effortlessly.
  • Salt water has no toxic content or never harms your harm from any aspect.
  • Though, one should avoid this solution if there is any scratch or wounds on the scalp as salt water could escalate the inflammation of that wound unbearably.

How to Apply:

  • Firstly, wet your entire hair with lukewarm water and let it soaked your hair entirely.
  • Then, take some warm water in a metallic bowl and add one pound salt into it.
  • Stir the salt with a utensil until it dissolves into the water completely and takes a cup of your main process.
  • Then, bend over a sink and keep that bowl below your head into the sink.
  • Now, apply the salt water solution slowly over your entire hair via that cup.
  • After that, massage your head with that salt water for at least 5 minutes, and keep it untouched for 2 minutes on our hair.
  • Then, rinse your hair off with fresh water and comb to get rid of the dead lice with a nit comb.

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2. Apply Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a wonderful treatment to deal with the head lice and nits. Coconut oil not only nourishes our hair and strengthens the root but also helps to get remedied from lice in an effortless way. Before finding out the applying process of coconut oil to treat the lice, let’s check out the righteousness of this product to wipe out the lice and nits from our head

The goodness of Coconut Oil:

  • The semisolid extracted fat from a coconut uses as the coconut oil, which we often apply on our hair to get natural nourishment. But it is more surprising to us that how this single product could kill the lice along with nourishing our hair!
  • The natural fatty properties of coconut oil suffocate lice and create the whole atmosphere difficult for them to maintain a grasp on the hair follicles.
  • The lubricating quality of coconut oil prevents the movement of lice along with their growth.
  • Coconut oil soothes the inflammation of our scalp and mends the damages which may occur because of the itchiness of lice-existence.
  • This natural anti-lice product manages head lice infestations and works as the most effective revolting product for lice in the future.
  • The brilliant part of using coconut oil for lice treatment is that it acts in the most chemical-less way than other anti-lice products.

How to apply coconut oil:

  • To apply coconut oil as the anti-lice treatment, merge this element with some other effective components which also efficient to wipe out the lice and nits from our head.
  • You can add more than one object to your anti-lice coconut oil mixture to get the best outcome of your application.
  • We are referring you the best coconut oil anti-lice preparation recipe for that you will need 1 tbsp of fresh garlic juice, 1 tbsp of lemon extract, and 2 tbsp of sugarless green tea.
  • Mix all these ingredients finely in a mixing bowl and apply this solution thoroughly on your hair.
  • Now wear a shower cap on your head to make the circumstance more suffocating for lice and leave it on your head for 30-60 minutes.
  • After that duration, comb your hair repeatedly to remove as many dead lice and eggs from your hair as you can.
  • Then, shampoo your hair meticulously and condition with a light conditioner.
  • Repeat this process weekly for 2 months when you get lice problem and gradually fewer the application as soon as you get your head out of lice or nits.
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3. Use Nit Comb for Lice Removal

Head lice are gray or brown colored insects that come in real tiny shape and used to clutch blood from out head, while nits are the blank yellow-white eggshells of lice which are left when they hatch. To get the best outcome of an anti-lice product, you need to clear your head at the beginning or at the end of your application, and a nit or lice comb is the most excellent object to do so in an easy way.

You may get remedied from lice after applying a few powerful anti-lice remedies but, it is more intricate to get rid of these nits from your hair, isn’t it? Nit comb is probably the one and only solution to your nit problem, and if you have still any doubt about the functionality of this nit comb to clear nits, then let’s check out some necessities of this item below-

The requirement of Nit Comb:

  • You can’t wash off nits from your hair with any anti-lice solution without a nit comb.
  • Lice greatly vary by the intimation of heads and if you could find out the existence of lice in your head immediately then, a nit comb could help you to get rid of them as soon as possible!
  • The lice may hide inside your hair and could not visible easily, but nits are the most disgusting part of having head lice, as they seem like dandruff on your head and apparently visible through your hair. Thus, it is essential to comb out the nits as much as you can via a nit comb!
  • No matter what kind of anti-lice course you are applying but, a nit comb is obligatory for taking out the dead or rest lice from your head long with the nits.
  • The best part of applying nit comb to treat lice and nits is that it takes less than quarter an hour, which is much faster than any other solutions!

How to Use:

  • If you are wondering how to use nit comb on hair to get the best outcome of it then, try to drive it on wet hair.
  • Firstly, wash off your hair with any regular or anti-lice shampoo and apply lots of conditioner on your hair.
  • Then, brush your hair with a regular hairbrush to smoothen the tangles from your hair.
  • Now, bring the nit comb or detection comb and comb out your hair thoroughly.
  • To do so, slot the fine-toothed comb at the root of your hair and make sure it touches the scalp clearly.
  • Then, roughly draw the nit comb through to the ends of the hair, and this way cover the entire head.
  • Check your nit comb after each stroke and after catching any lice at your comb, firstly wiping it out, then, kill it with the pressure of your nail.
  • Continue this process until you could get the entire or at least foremost lice and nits from your hair.
  • Do this process, daily, and you will get a lice-free head within a week and without any chemical content!

4. Neem oil for Lice

Neem oil is the most effective way to treat the head lice with a chemical-less quality along with easy-to-pocket benefit! We often see that several hair experts prescribe neem oil to get rid of head lice in a smooth way. Today, we will demonstrate you a few mentionable points of neem oil as the anti-lice solution, before displaying you the applying process of this thing on your hair, take a look-

Why to use neem oil:

  • Neem oil contains insecticidal constituent that is called ‘azadirachtin’ and this element naturally disrupts the growth or reproduction of head lice, once you apply it on your hair.
  • The smell of neem oil suffocates lice and destroys nits, which lends a hand to restrict the crawling of lice on your head.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of neem oil heal and soothe the irritations of our scalp, which occur because of these disgusting bugs.
  • Neem oil spreads a bitter layer on your scalp that retrains the swallowing process of lice and starves them to demise!
  • Neem oil also brings back the shine and freshness of your hair, which get interrupted because of the lice existence.
  • One more mentionable quality of using neem oil is that it reduces the itchiness of our scalp once apply on our head.

How to Apply:

  • You can apply neem oil on your head or scalp in several ways and to make a more effective anti-lice solution from this component, you can amalgamate it with other functional elements as well.
  • To get the best effect of neem oil as the anti-lice solution, we will recommend you to apply the raw form of neem oil directly on your scalp.
  • Firstly, wash off your hair with regular shampoo and dry out thoroughly.
  • Then, apply raw neem oil to hair and scalp and let it stay for a few minutes.
  • After that, comb out your hair with a nit comb and keep repeating this process until your hair is completely remedied from the lice attack!
  • Mentionable here, that you can replace the neem oil with the paste of dry or tender neem leaves, as the excessive application of neem oil, could bring your premature gray type hair on your head!

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5. Best Essential Oil for Lice – Tree Tea Oil

Essential oil is another magnificent component to get rid of head lice in a chemical-less way. The best part of using this item to treat lice and nits is that you can remove these bugs from your head in an aromatic manner! There is various type of essential oils are available in our list which works spectacularly to control lice like, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, cinnamon leaf oil, spike lavender oil, geranium oil, rosemary oil, thyme oil, etc. Let’s find out the goodness of these essential oils, before applying it to your scalp or hair-

The goodness of Essential Oil:

  • Essential oils not only suffocate the lice into the hair but, as the same time, they numb them satisfactorily, which help you to get them out through a nit comb.
  • Essential oil asphyxiates lice but without any insecticide properties, which brings us a less harmful effect on our scalp.
  • Though the utmost essential oil comes with a nice fragrance yet, it gives you a headache after bearing such deep fragrance on your head for an extended period! But the best part is that such essential oils work comparatively much faster way than the other equivalent!
  • When the other anti-lice solutions are not allowed to apply more than twice or thrice a week, you can try this process daily until you are ensured that the infestation of lice is completely cleaned.
  • The most exciting part of using essential oil as the anti-lice solution is that it claims a very small time as a combing period to get the lice or nits out of your hair!

Hint: Tea tree oils are effective again lice and its eggs nearly 100% mortality within in an hour.

How to Apply:

  • To apply the essential oils on your hair, combine 3 tbsp of olive oil, 1 tbsp of tea tree oil and 1 tbsp of eucalyptus oil in your shampoo.
  • Now, apply this mixture on your hair and wear a shower cap on our head.
  • Let the oils work for more than 1 hour and kill every single louse by suffocation.
  • Then, simply remove the cap, wash your hair and untangled it properly before applying the nit comb on your hair.
  • You can add 1 tbsp of chamomile oil to the mixture if there is any irritation or soothes on your scalp.
  • Try this process once a day and you will make your head absolutely lice free within one or two weeks for sure!
  • Mentionable here that the people with sensitive skin or kids should avoid this solution for treating lice!

6. Apply Apple Cider Vinegar for Lice

Despite that fact that head vinegar couldn’t kill mature lice, for the lacking of deadly properties, it has been seen that several medical experts prescribe to apply apple cider vinegar to get rid of head lice. Prior to seeing the application process of this beneficial item on your head, let’s discover the goodness of this element first, take a look-

The Goodness of Apple Cider Vinegar:

  • Though apple cider vinegar could not kill big lice but, it can destroy the eggs of lice before born.
  • It also helps to remove the nits from our hair in a smoother way.
  • The acetic acid of vinegar converts an alcoholic layer on the head which makes it difficult to breathe for the lice.
  • The acid properties of apple cider vinegar lend a hand to loosen the glue which holds the nits.
  • This way, vinegar may not break up the exoskeleton on lice eggs, but it helps to drag them out of your hair with just one or two brushes!
  • Apple cider vinegar doesn’t have any harmful toxic chemicals thus; it never harms your scalp or spoils your hair for a single time!
  • The sourness of vinegar, compel lice to endure the hunger for a long while and if you could repeat this vinegar process on a regular basis, lice will leave head soon!

How to Apply:

  • To apply the apple cider vinegar, directly pour a few drops on nits-congested areas like neck, behind the ears, or anywhere on the scalp and rub with your hand gently.
  • To get the best outcome of apple cider vinegar as the lice remover, better to use it n raw form.
  • Wait for a few minutes and let the sourness of apple cider vinegar do its work to loosen the nits or kill the eggs.
  • After that, prepare a mixture of vinegar and water in 50:50 ratio and use this mixture to wash off the raw vinegar from your head.
  • Now, take out your nits comb and do combing out nits or eggs from your hair as much as you can.
  • Repeat this process for twice or thrice within a week and keep repeating this procedure until you could get rid of every single egg or nit from your head.

7. Take Listerine Treatment for Lice Infestation:

Listerine, the noted product manufacturer has made an effective artifact that helps to get rid of head lice in a cheaper way. Let’s check out why we should choose this one over other home remedies or readymade lice removers for lice along with the applying process of this element-

Listerine to Prevent Lice Infestation:

  • Listerine lice treatment hugely helps to prevent lice production or infestation.
  • Lice home remedies work in a non-toxic way, while the medical store-brought lice treatments work a bit chemical-prone manner. But, this single element has shown us, how a market-based product could work in a complete toxic –free way!
  • Listerine works in a completely harmless way because of the natural properties of this product.
  • Listerine is made of 30% of alcohol and 60% of essential oils along with herbal oils, which perform for the prevention of lice in both ways.
  • Alcohol acts poisonous to the lice and the essential oils bring suffocating atmosphere for them a well.
  • The best part of applying this component to for lice is that it never harms or irritates the scalp at any condition.

How to Apply:

  • To use Listerine as the lice remover, pour some amount of separately on your head and rub it generously with your finger.
  • When all your hair and the scalp are entirely wet by Listerine, wear a shower cap on your head.
  • Now, let the solution work for at least 2 hours on your scalp as well as hair.
  • After that duration, wash off your head with water and comb out lice, nits or eggs from your hair with a nit removal comb.
  • After combing your hair for several times, wash your hair with your regular shampoo and apply some conditioner too, for keeping your hair away from any kind of damages.

Avoid using flavored Listerine as it may feel sticky as it contains sugar –

8. Apply Liberal Amount of Olive Oil for Lice:

Olive oil is one more stupendous object to combat head lice in an organic way. Once the head lice infestation is discovered on your head or one of your children’s head, the anxiety will never go until there are any of the lice, eggs or nits found in the hair, right! Only homemade remedies could work in a chemical less way and some of those homemade preparations, work for the betterment of our hair as well as prevent lice from infestation; and olive oil is definitely one of the brightest ones among them! Let’s find out the usability of this product as a lice treatment along with the application procedure below-

Whats so Special About Olive Oil ?

  • The most applauding part of the olive oil is the natural suffocating agent of this product, which works as an insecticide ingredient for lice.
  • It provides a natural shine to our hair as well as destroying the lice inside it.
  • We always need to choose between chemical pesticides and natural substances to treat the head lice, but olive oil is one of that kind of elements, which work as a highly effective chemical pesticide medicine but, comes with the goodness of natural resources.
  • Olive oil soothes the itchy inflammation of scalp and heals the damages that may occur for the irritation of lice existence.
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How to Apply:

  • Firstly, spread the liberal amount of olive oil on all over your head through the entire hair.
  • Now, gather your hair on the top of your head and tie a tight top-knot or top bun.
  • Then, wrap your whole head with a plastic wrap and keep all the oiled hair strands inside that wrap.
  • After that, wrap a towel over the plastic cap as much tightly as you can and keep your head this way for the overnight.
  • On the next morning, take out both of the wraps and comb out your hair with a metal comb.
  • Keep combing your hair as many times as you can to remove not only the dead lice but, the nits and eggs as well!
  • Apply this process after several days and keep repeating it until you clear your child’s head completely out of lice!

9.Use Mayo to Get Rid of Lice:

Mayo or mayonnaise is one of our favorite items to eat in several fast foods like burgers, hot dogs, or sandwiches, but do you know that this tasty thing could actually help a lot to get rid of head lice in a smooth way! Let’s check out the lice remedial properties of this product, along with its applying process to remove lice and nits from our head-

How Mayonnaise can help you:

  • Mayonnaise is made of several organic properties which naturally work for the lice removal, like oil, vinegar or lemon juice.
  • Oil content of this product works as the deadly substance for the adult lice, while the sour content of vinegar or lemon juice acts lethally for the lice eggs.
  • The viscosity properties of mayonnaise use to suffocate the lice along with nymphs.
  • On the other hand, high-fat saturation loosens the nits from your hair.
  • The best part of using mayo as the lice cleanser is that you don’t need to apply the combing process with this solution to drag out or kill lice.
  • To get the best result of mayonnaise as the lice removal, always use high-fat mayo on your head lice.

How to Apply Mayo:

  • To apply mayonnaise on your head, wash out the hair clearly and then, coat the head with high-fat saturated mayo pack.
  • Spread on the scalp as well, while coating your hair with a thick coat of this item.
  • Now, cover your head and leave the solution work for at let 8 hours on your hair.
  • After that duration, wash your hair with lukewarm water and then apply your regular shampoo on it.
  • Before applying the shampoo, make sure that you have cleared your head properly from the mayonnaise.
  • After doing this process once a week, you will surely get permanent relief from head lice soon!

Though some users find mayo as a effective home remedy for lice, article from healthcare utah says mayo cant help it.

10.Best Shampoo to Get Rid of Lice and Itchy Scalp:

If you don’t like those lice solutions to apply because of their time-consuming steps, then, simply apply some shampoos which are effective on lice or helps to get rid of lice with just a few washes. Let’s find out why shampooing is the way to get remedy from lice along with some recommendations of best lice shampoos-

Why these Shampoos are best for Lice Treatment:

  • Apply lice removing shampoo is the easiest way to get rid of this bad bugs effortlessly.
  • Several dermatologists suggest for applying shampoo to treat lice instead of any kind of homemade or chemical lice solutions, especially when it’s come to the matter of a child’s hair!
  • These types of shampoos contain natural bugs killer properties like Pyrethrin that not only kill the existence of lice in your kids’ hair but, also prevent the lice infestation on your head!
  • When any kind of lice treatment takes several hours to work or kill lice and eggs, these lice shampoos could bring that deadly effect with a few minutes!
  • While some chemical based lice products could damage the scalp of your head or increase the irritation of the itchy skin, lice shampoos soothe the scalp, reduce the itchiness and untangle your hair, which ultimately helps to drag out them from your head!
  • Though, most of the lice treatments killed adult lice, nymphs or eggs but couldn’t help to remove the nits. Nevertheless, these lice treating shampoos could do that job swiftly!

Best Lice Shampoo Recommendations:

You can find several market-based lice shampoos to choose from, which all are individually effective on head lice. Here are a few recommendations for you-

  1. Mediker Anti-Lice treatment,
  2. Jungle Formula Head Lice Shampoo,
  3. New Lice Shield Shampoo & Conditioner,
  4. Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Shampoo & Conditioner,
  5. Keto Care Anti-lice Shampoo,
  6. Head Lice Repel Shampoo,
  7. Clear Lice Repel,
  8. Nix Permethrin Lice Treatment Family Pack,
  9. Vamousse Head Lice Protection Shampoo,
  10. RID Shampoo for Lice.

11.Rubbing Alcohol to Reduce Lice Production:

Though using pesticide shampoo to treat the head lice is one of the easiest processes to get rid of lice, but it is not the safest one! Thus, several parents are unwilling to use them on their kids’ head. In such matter, alcohol could a brilliant job in a harmless way. Let’s watch out why and how rubbing alcohol on our head could prevent the infestation of lice in your hair-

The Goodness of Alcohol:

  • Alcohol contains isopropyl property in a high amount that spread a layer of weird taste on your scalp which keeps lice hunger for a long period.
  • It is also enriched with powerful disinfectant contents that remove lice and nit in a safer way than the other lice treatments.
  • Rubbing alcohol not only allows to kill adult lice or lice eggs but it also reduces the production of them along with removing nits from your hair.
  • Rubbing alcohol on your scalp and hair brings you more than one advantage as; it helps you to get rid of lice in a natural or organic way and at the same time, provides a glossy shine to your hair at the end of your course.

How to Apply:

  • To apply or rub alcohol on your head, bend over your head on a tub or sink or basin and then, pour raw alcohol on your head.
  • After that, gently rub it over your head all through the hair with your fingers, particularly on the neck side, and behind the ears portions.
  • Now, let the solution work for the next few minutes and then, apply a light conditioner on your hair over the alcohol layer.
  • Rub the conditioner on your scalp finely and after that, use a long-tooth comb to brush out all the lice and eggs from your hair.
  • After comb-out, your hair for several times, use your regular shampoo and wash off the alcohol from your head.
  • Use this process once a week and you will get a surprising result of lice treatment within a month!

12.Take Cetaphil Lice Treatment

Cetaphil is a cleanser to kill the lice, clear nits from your hair, and do its job throughout the entire night. Let’s take a look at the goodness of this product firstly, before applying it as lice remedy-

How Cetaphil is good for lice:

  • The most applauding part of Cetaphil is that, despite being a market-based product, it comes with a less-chemical quality and you can blithesomely apply it on your kids’ hair as well!
  • It is so safe to use that, you don’t need a prescription to buy it from a medical store and can get an absolutely clear head after just 2 or 3 usages or treatment by this Cetaphil.
  • This product not only kills or clears the lice or nits but at the same time heal the sores of the scalp of your head which may occur because of the itchiness of lice.
  • You don’t need to use this anti-lice product regularly until lice would get back to your hair.
  • This single product come without any side effect thus, you can apply this lice-cleaner on your scalp as well as hair, even if you have sensitive skin too!
  • The effect of Cetaphil is so deep that you need to use this on your hair only once or twice in a week to get rid of lice almost 97% of your head!

How to use:

  • To apply this Cetaphil cleanser to your hair or on your kid’s head, wash out the hair clearly with an anti-lice shampoo and dry out hair thoroughly.
  • Once the head and hair are dried properly, apply the Cetaphil cleaner all through the scalp to dry hair.
  • After rubbing it properly and making the hair wet with this mix, wait for 2 minutes to soak it up on your head.
  • Now, take your comb and scour out as much extra cleaner as you can from your hair.
  • Let the Cetaphil dry on the head and then leave it for a whole night on your hair. This way, Cetaphil will suffocate the lice in your hair and destroy the nits also along with them.
  • Though Cetaphil lice-cleaner take a bit extended period to dry but, once it all dried out, leave it untouched for at least 8 hours on the scalp.
  • In the morning, wash off the cleaner with loads of lukewarm water and then apply your regular shampoo on your hair.
  • To get the most rapid effect, repeat this process twice a week and you will get a lice-free head soon.

13.Garlic and Lime for Head Lice:

Garlic is one of the efficient domestic geeks that utilize for several types of home remedies in various ways. This humble ingredient from kitchen works in the fastest way to reduce lice attack from our hair. Let’s check out the functionality of this highly beneficial product along with its using process-

The Goodness of Garlic:

  • Garlic enhances antibacterial assets that help for eradicating lice in a chemical less manner.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of garlic heal the scalp damages in a painless way.
  • The natural goodness of garlic lends a hand to confiscate lice in large number.
  • Garlic works wonderfully and rapidly to get rid of lice and the cymbals of the clove suffocate the circumstance for lice as well as for their eggs.

How to Apply:

  • At the initial stage, take 10 to 12 garlic cloves and peel them off clearly.
  • Now, blend them in your blender to get a smooth paste of them.
  • After that, add a few drops of lime juice to garlic paste and stir them well.
  • Then, apply the paste on your entire scalp, especially the lice-infested areas.
  • Leave the solution on your head for half an hour and then wash it off with fresh water.
  • You can apply a regular shampoo immediately if you want, but we will recommend you to keep the relish for 24 hours and then, shampoo your hair with your any preferable shampoo.
  • You can replace the garlic paste with garlic oil to get the same result on head lice.

14.Baby Oil for Lice:

Do you have any idea that those nice fragrant or sweetly scented baby oil how could help you spectacularly to get remedied head lice with just one or two applications? Though it seems really shocking but the theory is absolutely true and approved by the FAD as a highly effective lice-cleaner. Let’s check out why-

How Baby Oil Can Suffocate Lice:

  • The high scent of baby oil may resemble aromatic to us, but it is not a very good thing for lice and suffocates them if you put baby oil for an extended period on lice-infested areas.
  • It is also proven that baby oil might drown lice if you can leave it on your head for an adequate amount of time!
  • Mentionable here that baby oil is hugely effective on adult lice and eggs but, it can’t work on nits. So, drag out every single nit from your hair after killing lice and eggs by baby oil.
  • The harmless effect, toxic-free properties and out of the chemical upshot allow us to apply this anti-lice solution at least 3 or 4 times within a week.

How to Apply:

  • To use baby oil as the anti-lice item, apply it on your head in raw and unmixed form.
  • Then, massage it generously to your scalp through your hair with fingers and leave this solution for several hours.
  • Don’t forget to wear a plastic shower cap after completing your hair massage with baby oil.
  • Now, after that certain duration, remove the cap and drag out the dead lice, dead eggs and rest nits from your hair with a metallic nit comb.
  • After driving the comb several times and getting satisfied, wash off your hair with warm water and then apply any preferable shampoo on it.

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