How to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment with the help of chemical and folk remedies

How to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment with the help of chemical and folk remedies

Cockroaches knows every resident high-rise building, these nasty insects are carriers of dangerous infections. They multiply rapidly, large accumulations of cockroaches as well as the only representative had been running, causing the owners disgust and horror. For dwelling insects selected dirty, hot and humid places are located in basements, porches, waste chambers and attics. Dwelling among the decayed remnants of food, cockroaches in the legs carry dangerous germs.

  1. The basic rules of combat cockroaches
  2. Chemical agents against insects
  3. pasta Global
  4. means Regent
  5. Microencapsulated Get
  6. gel Dohloks
  7. traps Combat
  8. crayon Masha
  9. Application of dichlorvos
  10. The fight against cockroaches using folk remedies

The basic rules of combat cockroaches

To get rid of cockroaches in the home and avoid getting accidentally taking a fast insects in an apartment, you must:

  • Remove all moisture (Wipe the sink, spray from the wash in the bath and on the floor, close the toilet, remove the leaking pipes and taps) because the insects for a long time there without food, but without water they disappear.
  • Restrict access to the remains of food (To put food in the refrigerator, remove the bread crumbs on the table and the floor, close the lid trash can), so that cockroaches have not had a chance to eat.
  • In his own apartment owners have successfully fought against insects, but to destroy the cockroaches in an apartment forever, often treated in a sanitary station and order a professional disinfection of common areas of use in which insects more than a few times.
  • Close entry into a dwelling way (Mesh put on the vent hole seal the gap under baseboards and door trims) from neighboring infested apartments.
  • To try to maintain cleanlinessAs it is the worst enemy of pests.

Chemical agents against insects

chemical action means are a reliable insect repellent, and within a specific housing space they work perfectly to destroy the uninvited guests. Preparations for destroying operate depending on the form of release and exposure to insects:

  • Aerosols and sprays poison are in the gaseous state, which is sprayed on the flat. She settles on the insect’s body and into the respiratory tract. The action of the preparation is instantly destroyed those individuals who are nearby. But for posterity it means no harm.
  • Powders, chalks, gels act as a slow bomb and actively help to get rid of cockroaches once and for all. Preparations are expanded in numerous habitats of insects and poison every cockroach that after returning to neighbors infects them all. The disadvantage is that to get the children of these funds, it is dangerous to their health.
  • traps cockroaches for some users praise, others have expressed rave reviews. This tool quickly removes unwanted people, only if there are trapped poisons and cockroach out of the trap, he starts to destroy relatives. In the case of adaptation actions as a cell, it will only reduce the number of uninvited guests.

If we talk about the action of chemical agents, they act selectively, constitute a serious problem for animals and small children, emit unpleasant odors and harmful, do not guarantee complete recovery from the cockroaches. When sprouting population uninvited inhabitants to catastrophic proportions are gels, traps. In other cases, use chemicals.

pasta Global

A popular and effective means for the destruction of having a part of chlorpyrifos. It includes preparations of a 5 class of toxicity and is safe for family members and animals in the case of indirect contact. The paste is spread out in small pieces in the form of peas in neighborhoods and clusters cockroaches.

The death of the pesky citizens begins in a couple of hours, when the cockroaches are trying to remedy the taste and transferred to a mustache and legs paste their relatives. Complete destruction of pests occurs within 14-15 days.

Effectively it acts on the large clusters of insects, works quickly, efficiently, helping for a long time. An important aspect is that the insects do not get used to it. Significant shortcomings in the preparation detected.

means Regent

The drug is used to kill cockroaches, but initially this tool has been developed to get rid of the Colorado potato beetle. Refers to enteric contact insecticides and marketed in the form of powder, capsules or ampoules. To use one dose of the drug is diluted in a glass of water and treated with surface infested cockroaches. substance fipronil as part applies to Class 2 toxicity, treatment is carried out in protective means. After application of the premises of the drug free for two or three hours, then aerate. The advantages are:

  • a chain reaction of destruction;
  • rapid onset of action — a couple of hours;
  • means without sharp odor, in contact with the surface of non-marking.

The disadvantages include the substance of its toxicity to humans and animals.

Microencapsulated Get

It refers to contact of the barrier effect of substances with action. After working on the removal of the parasite prevents the arrival of new non-infected individuals in treated human habitation. Simultaneously with cockroaches destroyed unsolicited other insects in the flat (mol, ants, bedbugs and t. D.). The active substance acts chlorpyrifosWhich is non-toxic to living organisms of the highest order. The drug is dissolved in water at a concentration of 1:10, and sprayed in problem areas.

Cockroaches disappear for 30 days, then for a long time do not come into this apartment at the residence. The drug is added in the manufacture of the bait, this method is most effective. Considered positive characteristics:

  • contact action, that is, we should not expect money eating insects, enough to hit it on the body Prusak;
  • prepared solution for use has no unpleasant odor and upon drying leaves no residue;
  • the drug is not toxic to animals and humans;
  • the solution has a prolonged effect (about six months).

The disadvantages include the high cost of material.

gel Dohloks

Active ingredient acts fipronil, The amount thereof in the formulation is 0.05%. Agent refers to low toxic Group 4 class. Insecticide poisoning affects the nervous system, causing paralysis. Agent is applied in the field of living and breeding of cockroaches in the idea of ​​a dotted line. The rapid effect of the agent is manifested after 6-7 hours, and all unsolicited tenants die within 72 hours.

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The advantages include the imminent destruction of insects, low cost and low toxic effect. A significant drawback is the addictive cockroaches to this substance, which is why it has to be replaced by another.

traps Combat

Easy to use and safe for the human agent is made on the type of traps in the form of discs. Inside the inherent lure substance, in which the composition has hydramethylnon. Cockroach dies trapped by eating the bait, he goes out and when in contact with other Prussians destroy their infection, and at the same time he is killed. Traps exterminate cockroaches in two weeks, but the efficiency of the device remain for 90 days.

The apparatus is safe for human and animals, it is convenient to use, the active ingredient does not cause addiction of individuals, and traps turn repeatedly. Negative characteristics include the fact that when a large cockroach populations using multiple devices as one trap passes through a small number of cockroaches.

crayon Masha

It is a contact insecticide direction. Very popular among the population because of the ease of use and efficient staff. In the shallow part zetacypermethrin at a dosage of 0.1% and deltamethrin at a concentration of 0.05%. The substance is assigned to the 5th class of toxicity, it does not constitute a danger for humans and animals. The use is to carry out the continuous nature of the thick lines on all planes, where there are cockroaches, such as cabinet doors, baseboards, around the sink and vents.

Cockroaches die within days. For this to be rather not leave water droplets on the surface, everything is wiped dry. If this is not done, then the insects that after poison drink water, do not die at 90%. Chalk lines are toxic to cockroaches within a week, then repeat the process. The substance is a safe, convenient to use, there is no smell. Disadvantages include short-term actions and the active destruction of cockroaches only in small populations.

Application of dichlorvos

The most effective is the classic dichlorvos, however, removed the sharp smell in the latest developments, from which the drug has become less effective. Dichlorvos effect is that the cockroach dies, when the substance enters his body. Refers to substances grade 3 toxicity, the structure includes:

  • piperonyl butoxide;
  • tetramethrin;
  • cypermethrin;
  • permethrin;
  • diethyl tuolamid;
  • dimethyl sulfoxide.

The drug is available in the form of a spray and sprayed directly onto the cockroaches, only in contact with the body substance on a cockroach dies immediately as its larva. Means for two-three days repels cockroaches. The disadvantages are the high toxicity of the substance, unpleasant odor even in the modern version. Also worth noting is that with prolonged use insect accustomed to the insecticide.

The fight against cockroaches using folk remedies

Common means of home production repel and kill insects, but are poorly effective and inferior shopping chemistry. Folk remedies of cockroaches in the home are slower deadline to complete destruction there, the least about a month. Using folk remedies justified when living in apartment allergik which sensitive to synthetic derivatives destroying preparations.

The oldest and proven remedy is boric acid. Its spread in a thin layer on the working surfaces are coated with the floor at the baseboards. Another use is to prepare lures. Take boiled egg yolk or small potatoes, milled products, and stirred with a spoon boric acid. Make balls and laid out in problem areas.

Another way is to dissolving the acid in water, Then the solution is left in the form of droplets in the same locations. Cockroaches die in a week, they become much smaller, they disappear in a short time. This tool effectively if the destruction is within the same apartment. But in the case of huge populations in the next room to get rid of cockroaches in this way does not work, because the cockroaches will come again.

popular usage borax. Bait is prepared for that 200 g of the crystals was mixed with sugar (60 g) and starch (60 g) was added a pinch of vanilla. Another embodiment provides bait boiled potatoes or yolk and one spoon borax.

Another popular method is considered to freezing cockroaches. For this room is left without heat in freezing temperatures for 5-6 hours. In this case, all the individuals die, because cockroaches can not survive the cold.

Dried chamomile powder (Flowers) called pertrium and dispersed on the homely cockroaches places to scare them. Similarly acts on cockroaches smell ammoniaWhich when added to water mopping . Cockroaches do not like flavor leafsBut these odors they are not sacrificed, the insects leave their homes, but may occur in others.

Cockroaches becomes constant and routine, if not taken care of simultaneously processing together with its neighbors. Otherwise insects will constantly travel from them to you.

Folk remedies for the cockroach. Tested in practice!

Probably, each of us at least once in a lifetimewaged a ruthless war with cockroaches. Maybe these uninvited guests have settled at your house or you were «lucky» to get acquainted with them in the office, but wherever it happened, such neighbors do not deliver joy exactly. What is best in this unequal struggle? Folk remedies for the cockroach or the modern novelties of the chemical industry? Let’s understand.

Quite often one can hear such an opinion thatif the house is in order, the trash can is released in time, there are no crumbs on the table, then there will be no cockroaches. This is not so, scientists have long concluded that even if these conditions are met, these creatures can safely exist in a warm room for a month, remaining hungry.

In today’s market of pesticidesa huge amount of funds to help get rid of cockroaches. Which one to choose and not to be mistaken, because the right solution depends on a comfortable existence, the safety of family members, pets, as well as the amount of finance spent on this fight? I want to note that the more effective the drug against cockroaches, the more expensive. Therefore, to begin with, you can try folk remedies for the cockroach. Financial costs are almost none, but efficiency is checked by our great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers. With what to begin?

Our ancestors knew one very effective folkcockroach repellent. It consists in the following. The poison will consist of three ingredients. These are: borax, wheat starch and powdered sugar. They are mixed in the following proportion — 3: 1: 1 according to the order of enumeration. Having tried such a treat, cockroaches languish with thirst. The main thing is to do everything at this time so that they do not get to the water. The property of borax is the ability to cause dehydration of the body. And if you cope with the task of blocking access to water resources, the cockroaches will not bother you anymore. Agree that the recipe is not at all complicated. Virtually all the folk remedies for the cockroach differ in accessibility and simplicity.

If you live in a private house, then you willnext method. Using it in a multi-apartment building, you can accidentally attract neighboring parasites to your living space. So, it is necessary to arrange a kind of trap for cockroaches. For this, knowing their addiction to beer, black bread is poured on the bottom of a three-liter jar, which is filled with beer. Note that it should not be much, centimeter 2-3 from the bottom is enough. Now the inside surface of the walls of the jar should be greased with something greasy. It can be vegetable oil. There is such a trap somewhere in a dark warm place. After a day you will be surprised to see the contents of the can. The spectacle is not pleasant. Caught pests are best destroyed with boiling water.

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What else do cockroaches do not like? How to bring out the people’s means of these creatures? Here is another ancient way. Its effectiveness was known back in 1785. Flowering elder — that’s what will help you get rid of annoying guests. Having placed fragrant flowers at home, you will create an unacceptable environment for cockroaches. They do not tolerate the smell of this plant and can simply escape to another apartment. But the downside of this recipe is the inaccessibility of the elderberry flowers all the year round.

How do you like these folk remedies for the cockroach? At least, using them, you will definitely save on the purchase of expensive chemicals.

How to get rid of parasites in the human body folk remedies

What are parasites? These are animals, plants or microorganisms that live at the expense of their owner. They feed on its cells or tissues, use vitamins and nutrients that were supposed to go to build the cells of the host body. Parasites also poison the body with substances that release during their life.

In medicine, human parasites are called only multicellular and protozoa, and viruses and bacteria are causative agents of diseases. Consider what are the parasites in the human body, the symptoms of their presence and treatment of folk remedies.

Types of parasites in humans and where they live

In the body or on its surface, a person can have both protozoa and multicellular parasites. If the parasite lives on the skin, then it is called an ectoparasite, this type includes lice, bugs, scabies pathogen. Endoparasites are protozoa (lamblia, amoebas), helminths (worms, worms) or insect larvae that can live in human organs and tissues.

Each parasite develops in a certain part of the human body, where the conditions for its vital activity are most appropriate. Some parasites, depending on the stage of development, migrate (move) throughout the body from one organ to another. Ectoparasites live on the skin, and endogenous can be found in the intestines, muscles, blood, heart, lungs, liver, and even in nerve tissues.

How parasites enter the body

A person can become infected with parasites in different ways. This is due to the development cycle of a particular type of parasite. So, there are several ways for the parasite to enter the host.

Through contaminated food and water. And in some cases, it becomes contaminated during storage, preparation, flies, cockroaches also contribute to this. And sometimes food can be contaminated initially, for example, when using heat-treated fish or meat of infected animals for cooking.

  • Contact-household way is when parasites are transmitted from one person to another, through household items or pets.
  • Transmissible pathway when parasites are carried by blood-sucking insects.
  • Some larvae of parasites, hitting the skin of a person, are able to chew on it and penetrate the body. For example, the larva of a human skin gadfly that causes dermatobiosis.

    Symptoms of infection of the human body by parasites

    Symptoms that occur during infection can be varied, they are often associated with the habitat of the parasite. So, ectoparasites cause damage to the skin. If the parasite lives in the lungs, then the patient may be bothered by a cough or shortness of breath. When parasites are detected in the intestines, there are disorders associated with digestion, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, and many others.

    The general effect of parasites on the body is manifested by weakness, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, which indicates intoxication. Allergic reactions are common, leading to dermatitis, skin rashes and even bronchial asthma. Reducing the amount of vitamins and nutrients that the parasite consumes leads to a decrease in immunity, delayed development in children.

    Traditional methods of treatment are not always effective, in addition, the drugs used in medical parasitology, are often toxic to humans, and they must be used with caution, as prescribed by a doctor. Therefore, cleaning the body of parasites folk remedies is of great importance in the fight against them.

    The impact of parasites on the body

    Parasites in the human body disrupt organs, cause inflammatory processes in them, destroy tissue. Often in the course of their vital activity, parasites produce substances that are toxic to humans, which leads to the gradual poisoning of his body.

    Parasites in the intestines use for their growth and development of nutrients coming from food. Because of this, the human body begins to experience their shortage. This is especially dangerous for children, as their growth slows down, their physical and mental development is impaired.

    Parasites adapt well, are able to live in the same organism for years, and their eggs and larvae possess significant resistance to the environment. In the digestive organs, for their protection, parasites can secrete special substances that inactivate enzymes and disrupt the process of food digestion. Therefore, in a patient with parasites in the intestines, the symptoms often resemble diseases of the digestive system.

    What are the dangerous worms (worms)

    Helminths are worms, they can be small in size or reach a length of 7–10 meters. Sometimes the development cycle of worms is such that a person becomes infected with them again. The first part of the cycle takes place in the intestine, and when reinfected, the eggs penetrate the muscles, lungs, liver, and kidneys.

    Helminths that parasitize the intestines, gall bladder, ducts and liver and cause the most common in humans are:

      ascariasis, the larvae migrate through the liver to the lungs and re-enter the intestine, where the adult individual develops;

    opisthorchiasis, often affects the liver, can lead to cancer or cirrhosis;

  • cestodosis — infection with tapeworms, which occurs through the use of thermally poorly processed meat, fish;
  • tapeworms live long and reach enormous proportions. Pork tapeworm is very dangerous; its eggs penetrate into blood vessels and can migrate to muscles and brain;
  • schistosomiasis, it is caused by parasites flukes, flatworms;
  • toxocarosis, difficult to detect, can affect the eyes and nerve tissue, often causes allergic reactions;
  • Echinococcosis — Echinococcus parasitizes in the liver and lungs.
  • There are more diseases that are less common. These are trichinosis, fascioliasis, enterobiosis, echinostomiasis and others.

    Identifying and treating parasites can be quite difficult, but people have long tried to fight them. It has long been known and successfully used from parasites in the human body folk remedies.

    Treatment of folk remedies for specific types of parasites

    There are several ways to treat parasites in humans with folk remedies. Some use against specific parasites, others help to get rid of a whole group of parasitic infections, and some help cleanse organs and systems. Let us consider in more detail how to get rid of specific parasites in the body with folk remedies.

    How to get rid of protozoa, protozoan parasites

    The most frequently of protozoan parasites are found:

    amoeba, giardia, blastocysts, balantidia, leishmania and others parasitic in the intestines;

  • trypanosomes, pathogens of malaria and babesia are detected in the blood;
  • in the genitourinary system — Trichomonas, infection occurs sexually;
  • in the heart, liver, brain and eyes — Toxoplasma (infection occurs more often from cats, infects nerve tissue and causes early miscarriages), trypanosomes, Fowler’s non-gleria, acantameba.
  • It is noticed that parasites do not like hot peppers and fragrant herbs, so if you cook food by seasoning it with onions, horseradish, garlic, and using cinnamon and cloves in baking, this can help in the fight against parasites.

    1. Cranberry juice cleaning. Make enemas — 2 liters of water, 2 tablespoons of cranberry juice and a tablespoon of salt, twice a day. Helps with protozoan parasites and helminths.
    2. Cleansing enemas with garlic. To do this, 6-7 cloves of garlic are boiled in milk and this solution is used for cleansing enemas.
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    Giardiasis treatment

    For the prevention and treatment of giardiasis of the liver, use sauerkraut pickle (drink half a cup before a meal), strawberries, take dill and cumin seeds a teaspoon a day.

    Giardiasis also has recipes for decoctions, fees.

    Collection of medicinal herbs. Mix 4 parts of birch buds, 4 parts of tansy, 2 parts of yarrow, horsetail, 1 part of celandine. Brew a tablespoon in a glass of boiling water. You need to drink 1 glass 2 times before meals for 10 days.

  • Tincture of lilac flowers. Dried flowers are poured with alcohol, left for 10 days, drink a teaspoon before each meal.
  • Pumpkin seeds. They need to grind 300 g, add 100 g of water and honey, eat immediately and take a laxative.
  • Treatment of ascariasis

    1. Cognac and castorca. Adults can use this recipe. Drink high-quality cognac 50 grams, drink sweet fruit juice and after 15 minutes drink 50 grams of castor oil. Do it need 2-3 days.
    2. Infusion of dry mushrooms. You can use chanterelles, white fungus. They need to grind and pour vodka for a day. Drink a teaspoon at night.
    3. Infusion of onions. Chop the onion and pour boiling water, leave for 12 hours. Take half a cup per day, 3-4 days.

    How to get rid of parasites of worms in the body of folk remedies? There are several traditional medicine recipes that help to do this.

    1. Tincture of horseradish and garlic. Helps with tapeworms and roundworms. In equal quantities take horseradish and garlic, pour alcohol for 10 days. Drink a tablespoon per day.
    2. Broth leaves Avrana against Ascaris and dwarf chain. Half a teaspoon of grass pour hot water, keep on low heat for 30 minutes. Drink a teaspoon every 20 minutes.
    3. Pomegranate bark. Helps against tapeworms. It is necessary to brew boiling water and drink 1 teaspoon before a meal.
    4. Coriander — seeds need to fry and grind. To accept powder within 5 days on 1 gram.

    How to get rid of ectoparasites

    Of ectoparasites are more common:

    • lice (head, pubic, wardrobe);
    • bed bugs;
    • scabby itch;
    • Demodex (live in the eyebrows and eyelashes).

    Of course, these parasites are often transmitted through things, and you can get rid of them only if you follow the rules of hygiene. But traditional medicine for the destruction of lice recommends kerosene, vinegar with salt, decoction of burdock, virgin. You can also use a mixture of mint with pomegranate or cranberry juice.

    For the treatment of scabies use a mixture of lard, soap and sulfur. You can also lubricate the skin with black powder with sour cream, or a mixture of garlic, onion and soap.

    General cleansing of the whole body from parasites by folk methods

    How to get rid of parasites in the human body folk remedies? There are three plants that cleanse the body and remove both protozoal parasites and helminths — a peel of green walnuts, wormwood and cloves.

    1. Clarification of vermin skinned walnuts. Take 15 nuts, remove the green crust, add 500 grams of vodka and set aside for a month. Take 1 drop in a glass of water per day, each day increasing the dose by a drop for 5 days, then increasing the dose to 2 teaspoons twice a day and then 2 teaspoons a day for a year.
    2. Cleansing wormwood. Dry seeds chop. To begin reception with a pinch of powder per day, gradually increasing the dose to half a teaspoon by 15 days. Then a week, take half a teaspoon per day, can be divided into several doses, and then use the same dose 1 time per week.
    3. Peeling clove. Seeds grind into powder. Take the powder should be starting with 1.5 teaspoons, reducing the dose to one spoon for 10 days.

    In the absence of these components, the removal of parasites can be performed with dried amir, tansy seeds and calendula. Cleansing the body of parasites folk remedies should be carried out with a parallel cleansing of the intestine and liver.

    How to clean the intestines

    Cleansing the intestines from parasites is equally important. This can help simple folk methods of getting rid of parasites.

    1. Sour-milk diet. For 2 days, you can drink kefir and eat croutons from black bread.
    2. Fruit cleansing. To twist apricots, figs, prunes and raisins in equal proportions through a meat grinder and mix with honey (200 gr). Mixture take on a tablespoon at night.
    3. Peeling brine sauerkraut. For two weeks, drink half a glass of pickle before meals.
    4. Aloe with lemon. Mix 1 tablespoon of aloe and olive oil with the juice of one lemon, take on an empty stomach.

    Liver cleansing

    How else can you remove from the body of parasites folk remedies? Many species of parasites inhabit the liver and bile ducts of the human body. To expel them from there is difficult, since drugs are often toxic to the liver itself. Therefore, the use of folk cleaning products is especially important.

    1. Collection of medicinal herbs. Brew a mixture of equal parts of the bark of oak, chamomile, tansy and buckthorn. Take 100 ml on an empty stomach for 5 days. Then clean the liver 1 time per week.
    2. Beetroot drink. Finely chop three beets, add flour 2 tablespoons, half a kilogram of sugar, keep the mixture for two days in a dark place, and shake occasionally. Then add 1 liter of water, half a kilo of raisins and a kilogram of sugar. Stir and strain. Drink a tablespoon before meals, the course can be held again after 3 months.
    3. Tubage with lemon juice and olive oil. On 40 ml of juice of a lemon and oil to accept on a throat alternating during procedure of a boom.
    4. Pine needles. Boil 25 grams of pine needles with 500 ml of water on low heat for 10 minutes. Drink a sip several times a day.
    5. Peeling with fresh vegetable and fruit juices. It is useful to drink carrot juice, cucumber, parsley beets, or a mixture of them every day on an empty stomach. The juice of one lemon and a half glass of water is drunk 2 times a day, 15 days. And apple juice is taken in 1 glass before eating for a week, then 3 days of medical fasting is required, or rather, a diet. You can only drink fresh apple juice several times a day.

    Treatment of parasites in the human body, even by folk remedies, must be carried out under the supervision of a physician. Many of the recipes presented can have adverse effects, especially if a person suffers from chronic diseases. Therefore, consult your doctor before you begin cleansing.

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