How to get rid of ants in apartment? effective means

Ants in the apartment — what to do, how to get? effective means

The occurrence of ants in an apartment is often a huge problem, which is always difficult to handle. With her face everywhere in the city, and in rural areas. The house or apartment can receive a variety of data types of insects, and get rid of them is only possible with the help of special tools and proven methods of folk.

The appearance of ants in the apartment — this is quite a serious problem, so how to get them is not easy

What is the crux of the problem?

With the onset of warming it is very often in many apartments there is a nuisance and a serious problem — ants. The apartment can attend the same frequency as a red, and red ants. They begin to settle in various hiding places in homes, the type of overlap in the parquet, cracks and plaster plinth. However, most often their principal place of residence is outside the dwelling, to the apartment or home, they are treated as a source of food.

Causes of ants in houses and apartments:

  • Migration from one apartment to another. I.e, possibly, your neighbors had a problem, and they conducted intensive destruction of ants in the apartment, after which the pests moved to you.
  • In your kitchen are often leftover food, which are very attract insects.
  • You rarely or never spend quality wet cleaning.
  • On clothing or shoes can be brought to the apartment ant queen.
  • Ants can migrate through the open windows, basement or porch.

The proximity of these small insects just seems safe. In fact, small red ants can be carriers of a variety of infectious diseases, that can infect people. Ants often creep in appliances and cause a short-circuit, which in turn can lead her into disrepair. They can cause many foods unfit for use, spread to different parts of the apartment leftover food, which deteriorate over time. it, in turn, may contribute to the emergence and spread of microbial flora, causing insanitary conditions in the room. In such circumstances, dangerous and unpleasant to live, so everyone, which is faced with the problem of ants in the apartment, I wondering — how to get rid of small pests?

Ants can move into the apartment from the neighbors

Destroying of ants in the apartment. Basic principles

First of all you need to tune in to, that the fight against ants — it’s quite a long process, which requires some endurance and patience. As in any war,, in the fight against these small pests you have to take the place of the tactics and strategy. Therefore, you need to know all about the «enemy» and to make a strong blow to the «weak points» of their defense. Of course, you first need to scout, where the ants nest — this is the place, from which appears each time more and more annoying insects. The trouble is, that is the female sockets, and which reproduce in such a short time. This «root of all evil» is often in the dark and inaccessible parts of the room, under the baseboard, sex, in furniture, ie there, them where you, probably, not see with the naked eye.

It is important to understand, that the victory will be yours only if, when it will be destroyed and socket, and female. For example, in a nest of red ants can be only one queen. therefore, if it will be destroyed, it will perish and all the colony with her.

Fighting ants, though a long process, but to defeat them is quite real

But the search for the colony nest may take a long time did not give the result, as worker ants often hide it in defects, crevices and cavities of walls and floors. To get to the hearth you have to go the distance, calculated in meters, about as long maze of these small builders. Of course, such an option is absolutely not acceptable, very few people want to destroy the walls and floor, to get to the nest, and then tinker with the repair and bear losses. But if you know, what he eats, «Queen», you can easily outwit these small pests.

In principle it does not matter, what kind of parasitic ants in your apartment, methods of dealing with them the same. If you notice even a few ants, the poison they must immediately. To start general cleaning must be performed. If that does not work, should go to the main methods of controlling these pests.

Fighting them may be carried out by several methods, These include:

  • Prevention of insects entering the housing through the creation of special barriers. To prevent the penetration of ants in the apartment should be carefully checked all the hiding places in the apartment. It is necessary to remove all cracks and damage in the floor covering. At first glance, it is very easy to perform, but in fact completely sealed apartment is very difficult. Yet in order, to get rid of insects perform these methods simply need. It is the cement composition to close all the holes in the walls, plastered all damaged surfaces. Ventilation pipe and the injection point be treated with silicone sealant, because it is an excellent remedy for ants in the apartment. Places sheeting damage can be closed with adhesive tape. These activities, at least, prevent the development of an anthill in the living room.
  • Elimination of all kinds of feeders ants. Since ants are most often feed on the remains of food, All foods should be stored in sealed packages. Be sure to provide a trash can with a tight lid, and try as much as possible of its cleaned of waste. Also, do not leave dirty dishes for a long time and try as much as possible to carry out wet cleaning in the kitchen. If at least a week to make some effort and maintain the cleanliness of the apartment, the small ants in the apartment will not appear, because it will not be the source of their livelihood.
  • Creating a deterrent effect. There are many natural ways to repel ants forever. For, to discourage ants, frequently used substance, which have a pungent odor. Most often, red ants helps garlic. Garlic cloves rubbed the penetration of ants in apartment. Also get rid of small ants to help the orange peel, parsley, anise, mint leaves. They are also trying to spread in places ants penetration into the apartment, and odorous substances repel pesky insects. Essential oil also excellent effective means of ants in apartment. It will be enough only a few drops, to protect the apartment from the yellow ants.

With any kind of ant control methods are exactly the same

Chemical means to combat ants

Nowadays in the market there is a huge amount of chemicals to control insects. But how to understand, which ones are most effective and safe for humans? Consider the basic methods of dealing with the ants using himsredstv.

  • The easiest way — use a pencil-crayon «Masha». It can be used to delineate the place, of which there was penetration of ants in your home, it should stop them, scare, and insects will be less.
  • There is less budget, but more effective and convenient option. It’s all kinds of special funds in cans in the form of aerosols («Raid», «Dihlofos», «Kombat», «Frontline»). These poisonous to insects suspension effectively sprayed directly into the slot. Separately, you can select «Front Line» since this facility is also effective against fleas, cockroaches and bedbugs, but due to its high efficiency, it has a corresponding price.
  • less comfortable, but also popular «Regent», «Tetrix», «Executioner», «Sinuzan». Less is, that before applying them should spend preparing a mixture of: first they diluted with water and only then sprayed.

Quite often, for the control of ants in the house use spray

  • Funds in the form of powders (or as they are called — dust): Fenaksin, pyrethrum. Good destroy it ginger ant.
  • Tools based on the gel: «Globol», «Fass», «Dohloks». The poison is applied along the ant tracks. The principle of operation is, insects on pads bring poison into the slot and the defeat of the colony takes place directly from within. For do not appear by this yellow and red ants in the apartment.
  • But how to deal with the «queen» of the colony? ant body is covered with chitin, Therefore, as a method of combat is perfect boric acid from ants (And even a small concentration, about 2%). Ant shell withstand poison until such time as the working ant will carry no poison to the uterus.

How to get rid of household ants in the case, if its own forces were not sufficient to eliminate the problems associated with ants should take advantage of services insect control. Further, to such trouble is not repeated, and you do not have to again display the pests, you need to constantly maintain a clean and process the geometric means of places of possible penetration of «unwanted guests», in particular need to be more careful in the kitchen. If you still are faced again with the invasion of ants, it is necessary to stop the advance of their spread and expansion of the colony. Upon detection of the pioneers have to determine the place of their entry into a dwelling. To do this, follow the movements of the «scout», in this way, you find a nest quickly and be able to destroy it.

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Folk remedies to combat ants

How to withdraw from the apartment ants, when you can not use factory repellents for one reason or another (substances family members intolerance, the high cost of funds)? With a small number of ants, as well as in the case of allergic reactions to the chemicals in the media of the store people’s councils are ideal.

Fight the ants can not only by chemical means, but traditional methods

Here are a few effective ways to:

  • In the field of movement, in places of penetration into your home of ants (ventilation holes, defects in the walls or the floor) you can place baby powder, coffee grounds with a sweet juice, vinegar applied on the surface of and treatment of detergent.
  • traps. For them, using a recipe: boric acid (2% a concentration of about 20 g), a little jam and egg yolk. From this mixture necessary to form a smaller seed beads and placed in the field, where allegedly crawling pests. This method is effective, since they destroyed not only single individuals, but the «queen» of the colony.
  • Can be placed around the housing dry grass, such as wormwood, elder, lavender, chabrets, acacia flowers.
  • Deters ants smell of camphor, Skipidar, kerosene, White-Spirit. Soaked cotton swabs place in «problem areas» apartments, do not forget to change tampons.
  • Another effective recipe of the people: glycerol half, half tablespoon of boric acid, a quarter cup of water, and a spoon of honey. This mixture is slightly warm, that all components of the solution. Position the tool in places where pests.

Prevention of occurrence of ants in the apartment

In order not to wonder about, how to get the ants out of your home, Be sure to carry out preventive measures in the home:

  • Always have to spend a wet and a thorough cleaning of all working kitchen surfaces, and cabinets, sink and stove.
  • Keep all sweet foods in closed containers, since they are very attracted to these insects.
  • Carefully monitor the condition of the flooring and ventilation ceilings. Always dispose of various holes and cracks in them.
  • Monitor their own hygiene and cleanliness of clothing and footwear. Because the finer the ant, so imperceptibly it on clothes, and the more likely, he gets into your home.

By following these simple recommendations, you can protect yourself from problems, that may occur with the arrival of your home of these pesky insects.

Neem parasite cleanse

You have probably already heard of Neem. The neem tree is an incredible plant that has been declared the “Tree of the 21st century” by the United Nations. (Citation: 1)

It has been called everything from “the village pharmacy” to the “tree of a thousand and one uses”. Almost every part of the neem tree is used for herbal medicinal benefits. It is already highly regarded among naturopaths for its ability to prevent gum disease (gingivitis), boost the immune system, speed healing of wounds, birth control, treat intestinal irritations, help manage diabetes, prevent malaria and even fight cancer. But did you know that neem is also an important part of an effective parasite cleanse? It has renowned insecticidal, antiviral, bactericidal, antifeedant, antifungal, larvicidal, nematicidal effects against parasites in humans.

What is Neem?

Neem (Azadirachta Indica) also goes by the common names Indian lilac, Nim Tree and Margosa tree is a cousin of mahogany in the Meliaceae family. (citation: 2)

The tree is native to Indian sub-continent. (Citations: 3, 4)

Neem is a tall evergreen tree characterized by its bright green small leaves. When it is fully grown its height can reach up to 100 feet. In the springtime, it blossoms beautiful small white flowers. Its bark has hues of both gray and brown.

Neem oil has been approved by both the USDA and the EPA for insecticidal use. The EPA classifies neem as “practically non-toxic” requiring high doses to induce poison in experiments. If you are trying to become pregnant do not use neem! One of the effects of neem is to prevent pregnancy.

History of Neem

Siddha medicine is one of the oldest medical systems known to mankind. (Citation: 5)

So ancient that many believe that Siddha medicine predates all other medicinal systems in the world. In the ancient texts of the Siddha medicine system, the first medicinal plant described and written about is Neem. ( citation: 6 )

Neem oil which is made by extracting compounds from the neem tree has been used as an herbal medicine for over 4,000 years. The Sanskrit name of Neem is Arishtha, which means the “reliever of the sickness”. (Citation: 7) Neem is also called Arista, a Sanskrit- a word that means “perfect, complete and imperishable”. The Sanskrit name “Nimba” comes from the term “ Nimbati Syasthyamdadati” which translated means “to give good health”. Pinchumada, another of the many ancient names of Neem in Sanskrit means “the destroyer of leprosy and healer of skin infections”.

In the ancient documents “Carak-Samhita” and “Susruta-Samhita” there are entries detailing the medicinal properties of Neem. These books are the foundation of the Ayurvedic medicinal system.

Neem is widely mentioned in ancient Hindu mythology. It is said that Neem gained its healing properties from drops of heavenly nectar that fell on it from the sky.

There does not seem to be a single part of the Neem tree that has not been used for its medicinal properties. For thousands of years, Neem has been used by hundreds of millions of people and continues to benefit people all over the world today.

How does Neem kill parasites?

Virtually every part of the neem tree has medicinal properties. Although most of the commercially available neem oil comes from oil extracted from the seeds and powdered leaves.

Neem has a variety of chemical compounds which have been isolated and studied. While other herbal remedies may present with one or two substances that can fight parasites, the neem tree contains many.

Nimbidin – Antifungal, Antibacterial (Citation: 8)

Nimbolide – Antibacterial, Antimalarial (Citations: 9, 10, 11)

Gedunin – Antifungal, Antimalerial (Citations: (10, 12)

Azadirachtin – Antimalerial (Citation: 13)

Mahmoodin – Antibacterial (Citation: 14)

Margolone – Antibacterial (Citation: 15)

Cyclic trisulphide and tetrasulphide – Antifungal (Citation: 16)


Neem has been used as an herbal medication against malaria for thousands of years. In the ancient Ayurveda books dating back to 2000 B.C.E., healers would use neem to fight malaria. Modern medicine has conducted numerous studies documenting the ability of neem to fight malaria.


Substantial evidence exists of neems ability to fight against bacterial infections. Many studies have been conducted and neem has been able to suppress many different types of bacteria.


Neem has been proven highly effective against a number of viruses. It is regularly used to treat different variations of the Pox virus. This includes chicken pox and smallpox, as well as warts.


Neem has the ability to destroy a number of different Fungi that infect the human body including Candida. Even fungi that have not been affected by synthetic fungicides do not show resistance to neem oil. (Citation: 17)


Neem tea is a very popular herbal medicine to combat intestinal worms. Not only does the neem oil kill parasites in the intestinal system, it has properties to help the body remove toxins that are released.


Neem oil applied to the skin has shown the ability to kill both scabies and lice. Azadirachtin appears to act as an “ecdysone blocker” against insects. This leaves them without the ability to reproduce. The insects become unable to produce and release a series of hormones which help them find each other. For many insects, Azadirachtin also prevents their ability to feed. If they do not die of starvation and do feed, even a small amount will kill them. (Citation: 18)

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How to get rid of head lice without spending loads of money

Parents are being warned there could be a big rise in head lice outbreaks in schools this winter. The health charity Community Hygiene Concern has predicted that low-income families will be hit hardest after a change in NHS England guidance, means GPs are now routinely prevented from prescribing any treatment for the parasites.

Transmission of head lice among toddlers and children is common and is often the result of close and frequent head or hair contact. Toys, furniture, carpets and clothing can all offer temporary habitats to lice that will jump on a child if the chance arises – offering head lice the opportunity to be transferred and to thrive.

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But while schools and parents often talk about «head lice outbreaks» the reality is that humans have had head lice living on them for thousands of years. And they were so common in the past that almost every family was in possession of a special comb to remove and keep them under control or in low numbers.

Our ancestors produced these fine combs using different materials, including bone, wood and even cactus spines, to allow a minimum space between the teeth of the comb to remove lice. And as the majority of people in the community had head lice – not just infants – these combs were the main or only tools used to tease or brush the hair.

In fact in Poland in the 1600s, a hair style known as «plica polonica» or Polish plait, was quite fashionable. The style, which resembles a matted mass of hair, formed as the result of neglect – often combined with a severe head lice infestation – and would be sticky and moist.

The science of head lice

The cycle of head lice starts when a female lice lays eggs which are attached to the hair by gluing them at the root end. The lice produce a very strong, cement-like substance to do this.

The position of the newly delivered egg (known as a nit) is approximately 5mm from the scalp. This distance cannot be modified, or the embryo will not develop – because the temperature won’t be right.

During development, nits follow a specific regime of temperatures, a slight decreasing gradient of temperature as the hair grows and the nits become more and more distant from the scalp. So those nits closest to the scalp are the most recently laid on the hair – and chances are these are healthy living embryos. Those nits more than two centimetres away from the scalp look very obvious, with a whitish reflection. These are the empty eggs shells.

How to get rid of them

Two forms of head lice should be certainly considered as targets for control: the females and the newly born nits. To remove both forms, a fine comb – known as lice or louse comb – has been shown to be effective in terms of treatment and prevention of he … vy lice infestations.

Of course, pharmacies tend to be well stocked with formulas and solutions to kill head lice – but there are other natural or non-chemical treatments that may still be worth a try. Traditional plant remedies are still used in continental Europe – for example, a herbal infusion from the chickpea plant. The infusion is made from dried beans and is then applied on the scalp.

In the UK in Tudor times, Hyssop’s oil, an aromatic herb was also used as treatment for head lice. And Hyssop’s oil is still used to control lice to this day.

Considering the specific temperature needed for lice eggs to develop – and that drastic changes in temperature kills them – new methods are also now being developed to incorporate heat as part of regular treatment. Investigations on devices producing hot air indicates high efficacy when properly applied on a regular basis.

So to combat head lice without using messy shampoos and toxic chemicals, parents may want to try a combination of treatments: a traditional metal louse comb, as well as herbal infusions to apply topically on the hair or scalp, along with exposure to short but regular use of a hot hair dryer.

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

How to poison wood lice — effective means to combat parasites

Many pond owners believe that fish diseases are mainly introduced and passed on by sick fish. Fortunately this is very rarely the case and it’s mostly up to you whether your fish keep well and fit. More than 90 % of the diseases are caused by inappropriate living conditions, such as water values and inadequate nutrition!

Many pond owners believe that fish diseases are mainly introduced and passed on by sick fish. Fortunately this is very rarely the case and it’s mostly up to you whether your fish keep well and fit. More than 90 % of the diseases are caused by inappropriate living conditions, such as water values and inadequate nutrition!


White spot disease (Ichthyo)

This is a parasite from the group of the single-celled animals (Ciliates), which can be killed off quickly and safely with JBL MedoPond Plus . This parasite has a life cycle with several stages during which it cannot be killed. Only during the free swimming ”swarm out“ phase is a successful elimination possible. Therefore the treatment needs to be carried out over a time period of two weeks at a water temperature of 25 °C. With cooler temperatures the treatment time is prolonged. After completion of the treatment JBL AccliPond should be applied to aid the regeneration of the mucous membrane.

Helps effectively with: Fungal infestations, white spot disease (Ichthyophthirius), other single celled skin parasites, such as Costia, Trichodina and others

Fish leech (Hirudinea)

These large leeches ( up to 5cm long) attach themselves to the fish skin, suck blood and afterwards cause bacterial and fungal infections. You can’t combat leeches with over the counter medicines. Not even prescription medicines can kill the leeches’ eggs. A mechanical removal of the leech is possible with pincers. Afterwards you need to add JBL Ektol bac Pond Plus into the pond water to prevent likely secondary bacterial infections.

Alternatively there is the option to bathe the fish for a few minutes in a 2 to 3% sodium chloride (common salt) solution. The bath removes the leeches from the fish. A subsequent prophylaxis against bacterial infections is also advisable here.

Helps effectively with: Bacterial infections caused by bacteria of the genera Aeromonas, Pseudomonas, Columnaris and others.

Anchor Worm (Lernaea)

Although this parasite, which can grow to about 20 mm long, is referred to as a ”worm“, it belongs to the group of crustaceans. The juvenile stages of these parasites can survive for about 5 days without a host. With JBL ArguPond Plus a quick and safe treatment is possible. Afterwards we recommend the application of an antibacterial remedy, such as JBL Ektol bac Pond Plus , in order to prevent a bacterial infection of the ”wound“. The infection with Lernaea crustaceans weakens the host fish and harbours the risk of a fungal or bacterial infection.

Helps effectively with: Carp louse (Argulus), anchor worm (Lernaea), gill magott (Ergasilus etc.) and further parasitic crustaceans (wood lice) in the garden pond’s ornamental fish and/or bacterial infections caused by bacteria of the genera Aeromonas, Pseudomonas, Columnaris and others.

Carp Lice (Argulus)

The carp louse Argulus is easily recognised on affected fish. It is a parasite, it can grow to more than one centimetre long, and has a round, flattened body. The carp louse belongs to the fish lice (Brachiura) with about 70 crustacean species which live parasitically. They bore into the fish’s flesh to suck blood. Inflammations and infections can occur from the bite. If heavily infested, the fish will also lose weight.

Treatment: JBL ArguPond Plus has been especially developed to combat carp lice and copepodes. Sodium chloride or potassium permanganate baths do not have any noticeable effect. Carp lice can also be removed from the fish using pincers. Afterwards an application of an antibacterial remedy, such as JBL Ektol bac Pond Plus is advised, in order to prevent an bacterial infection of the ”wound“.

Helps effectively with: Carp louse (Argulus), anchor worm (Lernaea), gill magott (Ergasilus etc.) and further parasitic crustaceans (wood lice) in the garden pond’s ornamental fish and/or bacterial infections caused by bacteria of the genera Aeromonas, Pseudomonas, Columnaris and others.

Skin and Gill Flukes and Tapeworms (Trematoda, Cestoda)

The pond fish’s most frequent worm diseases can quickly and effectively be combated with JBL Gyrodol Plus 250 . Skin flukes (Gyrodactylus) can be seen by looking closely at the fish skin with the naked eye. Gill flukes (Dactylogyrus) can only be diagnosed reliably by means of a gill smear. For the egg laying gill flukes a second treatment is required. Tapeworms (cestodes) are only visible after the body has been opened.

Helps effectively with: Gill flukes (Dactylogyrus); skin flukes (Gyrodactylus) as well as tapeworms (Cestoda) in ornamental fish of the categories: carp-like, catfish-like and toothcarp fish.

Fungal Infections (Achlya)

Fungal infections are easily recognisable on fish with their cotton wool-like formations. By adding JBL MedoPond Plus fungal infections can quickly and reliably be combated. It is very important to start the treatment quickly because the fungus deposits poisonous metabolic products into the fish metabolism. This poisoning is the main problem. The fish can easily regenerate the destroyed fish skin and surrounding tissue during the healing process.

The visible fungal infection is often a secondary infection. The primary infection can be of a bacterial nature. In such cases a combined treatment is advised: JBL Ektol bac Pond Plus for the bacterial primary infection, complemented by JBL AccliPond which rebuilds and sustainably protects the destroyed mucous membrane of the fish.

Helps effectively with: Fungal infestations, white spot disease (Ichthyophthirius), other single celled skin parasites, such as Costia, Trichodina and others

Mouth and Fin Rot (Aeromonas, Pseudomonas)

These two diseases can be recognised by the fraying, rotting off and later by the complete loss of body parts through this unpleasant looking disease. By adding JBL Ektol bac Pond Plus the disease can be stopped quickly and the fish is able to completely regenerate the body parts affected. To build up sufficient energy reserves for the fish we recommend adding JBL Atvitol to the food twice a week.

Mouth or fin rot is caused by water quality problems, even if the pathogen is of a bacterial nature. The causative bacteria of the Aeromonas and Pseudomonas group reproduce in the pond alarmingly quickly if the water quality is not right. To combat the diseases permanently not only the right remedy but also an improvement of the water quality is necessary. The most important values, which need to be checked and if necessary corrected, are: carbonate hardness (KH), pH (pH value), ammonium (NH3) and nitrite (NO2). All you need to know about these water values and how to improve them are to be found in the Water Analysis Online Laboratory .

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Helps effectively with: Bacterial infections caused by bacteria of the genera Aeromonas, Pseudomonas, Columnaris and others.

Open Wounds, Ulcers etc.

Bacterial Infections

Internal and external bacterial infections can take on a wide variety of appearances, which can quickly and reliably be combated with JBL Ektol bac Pond Plus . Whitish coatings often appear on the fish skin. However, bloodshot spots can also be discerned or completely different symptoms can occur. A clear diagnosis is only practically possible with a microscope. We often assume it is a parasitic infection, choose a suitable medicine, such as JBL MedoPond Plus and if it doesn’t get better we use JBL Ektol bac Pond Plus , which is effective against bacterial infections. This needs to be followed by JBL AccliPond which rebuilds and sustainably protects the destroyed mucous membrane of the fish.

Helps effectively with: Fungal infestations, white spot disease (Ichthyophthirius), other single celled skin parasites, such as Costia, Trichodina and others and/or bacterial infections caused by bacteria of the genera Aeromonas, Pseudomonas, Columnaris and others.

Spring Viraemia, SVC / Viraemia / Erythrodermatitis

This is a viral disease in fish (especially in carp-like fish like koi.) The trigger is a virus by the name of Rhabdovirus carpio (RNA virus). This disease usually occurs in the spring in ponds with water temperatures between 10 to 20 °C. The symptoms are: bloodshot spots in the skin (at the edge of the fin), apathetic behaviour, sometimes pop-eyes and swollen abdominal cavities. Fish that survive the disease may remain carriers of the disease without exhibiting symptoms themselves. A direct treatment with medications is not yet possible. It is important to improve the keeping conditions of the fish. The addition of vitamins in the food with JBL Atvitol is very helpful and might be combined with JBL AccliPond which rebuilds and sustainably protects the destroyed mucous membrane of the fish. Raising the temperature to above 20 °C has also been reported as helpful (Dr. Sandra Lechleiter: Krankheiten der Koi, DATZ aquarium books).

Product recommendation: None

Ulcerous Proliferations on the Body, Skin Ulcers

The triggers for ulcers and open wounds on the body of the fish are bacteria, which are always to be found latent in the water or on the body of the fish. In a bad environment they can reproduce at great speed and cause problems. An antibacterial remedy such as JBL Ektol bac Pond Plus is highly effective against the bacteria but not against the cause. It is essential that a cause study is carried out: water load, fish stock, planting, feeding and oxygen concentration need to be checked.

In the garden pond it is noticeable that these problems always occur in spring. Increasing temperatures, combined with increasing fish activity and missing energy resources are the main reasons for the outbreak of the disease. The remedy and even more so the prevention is quite simple: As soon as the fish come out of hibernation and start to feed, they need the right low-temperature food ( JBL PROPOND SPRING M ). A weekly addition of JBL Atvitol provides the fish with strengthening vitamins to prevent an outbreak of the disease.

Helps effectively with: Bacterial infections caused by bacteria of the genera Aeromonas, Pseudomonas, Columnaris and others.

Koi Herpesvirus, KHV, Koi Pox

Often occurs in summer, even in the best fish keeping conditions, and is highly infectious. The pathogen is a virus which only reproduces above 10 and below 30 °C and which can only affects koi. The fish show massive mucous membrane changes and they die within a few days. In the gills you can detect a significant necrosis (fading and decay). The result is often that the fish stay near the water surface to gasp for ”air“. Often you see their eyes are sunken. There is no really effective method of treatment. Surviving fish are carrier of the virus and therefore infectious all their lives.

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Popeyes (Exophthalmos)

One or both eyes stand out of the head oddly. The causes of this clearly visible disease can be varied. In most cases the cause is a deterioration of the water quality. An examination of pH, KH, ammonium, nitrite, nitrate is strongly advised. It has also been observed that vitamin deficiency in the nutrition can cause popeyes. Please check if a varied diet is being fed to the fish and whether opened food containers are being used up within 3 months at most. 3 months after opening the food tin there are hardly any vitamins present in the food. A subsequent addition of vitamins with JBL Atvitol is then required. If only a few fish are affected it can possibly be a bacterial infection. In this case the rapid use of JBL Ektol bac Pond Plus is required to combat the disease and to prevent a further spread. But it can also be the incurable fish tuberculosis.

Helps effectively with: Bacterial infections caused by bacteria of the genera Aeromonas, Pseudomonas, Columnaris and others.

Poisoning, Water Problems

Nitrite Poisoning (NO2)

It is similar to an oxygen deficiency, which becomes discernible through heavy breathing, agitation of the fins and the fish hanging around under the water surface. A common symptom is also scratching! It is caused by the toxicity of the nitrite (NO2) (to be checked with JBL Nitrite Test NO2 ), which leads to an internal suffocation of the fish. It blocks the oxygen transport in the blood. Nitrite values from 0.1 mg/l are already critical and need to be rectified. The reasons for increased nitrite values are: disturbed bacterial balance in the pond due to bactericidal remedies, very low or high pH values ( 8), too high fish stock, too low (biological) filter performance or too heavy feeding.

Remedy: Carry out a 1/3 partial water change immediately and do not clean the filter at the same time, but instead wait one week. Add JBL BactoPond (nitrite degrading bacteria) to the water as soon as you discover the symptoms.

Oxygen Deficiency

If fish breathe heavily and hang around under the water surface this can be a sign of oxygen deficiency or a poisoning symptom. Many pond owners think by mistake that the fish are only gasping for breath. But this is not quite correct. They are gasping for the thinner water layer, which is directly situated below the water surface, because this water layer has the highest oxygen content! By means of an oxygen test ( JBL Oxygen Test O₂ ) you can quickly and easily determine whether there is a problem with oxygen. Only with an oxygen content of below 4 mg/l will you notice a higher breathing activity with most fish. The remedy is quite simple: With the help of an aeration pump and air stones ( JBL PondOxi-Set ) the oxygen content can be significantly raised in just a few hours. The oxygen content can also be increased by means of a water backflow in the filter. Basically the following applies: The mores the water surface is moved, the more oxygen can be absorbed.

At the same time the following also applies: The warmer the water the less oxygen can be absorbed from the water. It is, however, more difficult to determine why the oxygen level is so low. Dying organisms (fish, algae, plants) use up quite a lot of oxygen when they are bacterially broken down. Combating algae especially leads to an extreme decline in oxygen levels and this needs to be counteracted at all costs!

The symptoms of oxygen deficiency can also indicate nitrite poisoning (see nitrite poisoning).

Metal poisoning

As a general rule metals do not belong in the pond water! A lot of metals have the property to release free metal ions (charged particles) to the water, which have toxic effects on invertebrates, fish and microorganisms. The more acidic the water (pH value below 7), the higher the percentage of dissolved metal ions in the water. An extreme situation occurs with (acid) rain, when the rainwater collects in roof gutters and is reused: The low pH value of the rain water dissolves large quantities of copper ions out of the mostly copper-bearing gutters, which then lead to symptoms of poisoning. Titanium zinc is mostly used for rain gutters. This material has a service life of several decades and yet has the merit of being relatively cheap. Roof gutters made of copper are relatively expensive when compared to other materials, but they do provide a very long service life. Care needs to be taken when multiple materials are used on the same building. Aluminium gutters are long lasting but expensive. To be brief: A rainwater drainage system using metal gutters can lead to problems. Either you avoid this kind of water supply or you use a very effective water conditioner.

The water conditioner JBL BiotoPond results in the binding (chelation) of heavy metals. A water change is still necessary if you discern any poisoning symptoms. Be careful when using tap water. Metal pipes mean that lead, copper or zinc may be present in tap water. It is, therefore, absolutely necessary to use a good water conditioner when carrying out a water change!

JBL Online Hospital

Do you have ill fish and you don’t know what disease it is and how to treat it? In the Online Hospital you can diagnose diseases using photos or identification keys and you can find out where they come from and how to treat them. By showing you over 500 photos to identify and cure fish diseases, we enable you to find a diagnosis and solution. The data base there is much larger than the outline given in this article and also contains clear palliative steps.

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