How to choose and install the mosquito net on the door, and what are the options for mounting

How to install the mosquito net on the door

Without mosquito nets in the summer it will be impossible to open the windows and doors to the balcony or outside, if you live in a private home, as different insects will fly into the house, bite, bring discomfort and spoiling products. Get rid of them easily, thing to know, how to hang a mosquito net on the door. This can be done by their forces.

The use of mesh in an apartment or cottage

In order to get rid of the insects in the house, on windows and doors installed mosquito net. They may have different mounting and installed in different ways. Installation of mosquito nets to the door or window will help prevent mosquitoes entering, flies and other intruders in the house. The grid can also be useful to protect from dust, plant down, other small debris.

Most often, the product has a small cell and stretched on a sheet of aluminum profile. This is a standard option, used in most plastic constructions. This system has a special fasteners, accessories, mounting and connection profiles. The design has the following advantages:

  • easy to use.
  • It does not require complex care, simply wash.
  • You can quickly install and remove.
  • Malozametna.
  • Completely closes the window or doorway, It can be used on all types of windows.
  • The material has high strength, if necessary, the grid can be quickly removed.

time to think, how to hang mosquito net on the door, you will not have to. Manufacturers produce a mesh structure with loops: they put the second door. This allows not only to protect the room from insects, but also use doors, without removing each time the net. It established a very simple design, by screwing to the door frame.

What other options are there?

For doors should choose certain types of mosquito nets, because of their high strength and durability. The grid itself can be made of different materials: commonly used nylon, fiberglass, polyester, cotton. Each material has different advantages, It has a different strength, and price ranges. several species of mosquito nets is available for doorways:

  • swing: they are used for the standard door systems. Made of aluminum frame door inner, instead fabric mesh used against insects. This door is hung on hinges, It has a special device, allowing to lock it in the open or closed state. This grid differ convenience, reliability, easy installation, shape and color can be selected by the owner of the premises.
  • magnets. Think, how to fix the mosquito net on the door, do not have. This system is quite handy, since the edges has a self-adhesive tape, which helps to quickly fix the net on any surface. There are two parts of the structure, between which there are magnets. Once you have passed, parts are interconnected by means of a magnet.
  • Pleated has the shape of a rigid door. Net fixed on special frame; most often it takes the form accordion pleats, leaf surface can be decorated with a variety of drawings, allowing you to perform out of the door of the interior decoration.
  • Roll models are equipped with aluminum duct, which is located above the door. mesh pulled out therefrom and fixed if necessary. If you need to remove the grid, her release, and she folds into the box, which protects it from dirt and mechanical damage. This kind is also easy to assemble, just enough to tie the finished box with available inside the net in the right place. The apparatus has the following advantages: useability, mobility, there is no need to remove the grid under improper conditions for operation (box can protect the material in the winter, would not allow him to break down under the influence of the sun).

Use of systems with additional functions

solving, how to set up a mosquito net on the door, and which model to use at the same time, you need to think and over, Do you need the additional features. for example, if you have small animals, in particular cats, they can save you from falling out of the window, if you set «Antikoshka» system. Such a grid is not only has a higher strength, but also has high rigidity, because it is covered with fiberglass. The cat will not be able to break or squeeze a grid, so it does not fall out of the window and not the device itself will tear claws.

Set this grid in the same way, as a regular. It is equipped with mounts, which are bolted to the frame of the door or window frame, and then the frame with a mesh insert in them.

Grid «Anti-dust» can be installed instead of the usual mosquito nets, it can be used both for windows, and for the doors. The main objective of such a device is to protect the premises from being hit by the dust. The grid will be useful for people with allergies, because it does not allow fluff, dust, pollen enter the room. The room will be much clearer, wipe the smooth surface can be less. Installation is the same, as a conventional grid.

Characterized by such a model the, that it is much less standard cell. Their total size 06-08 mm. The only drawback is the complexity of the mesh ventilation, as it significantly delays the movement of air. It is therefore recommended to use the opening frame or use a removable structure.

How to choose the right product at the door?

Mesh should fit snugly and match the size of the door opening, so you need to start with the selection of the measurement of the door frame. You can choose to collect from boards hinged door and tighten the net on it, you can order a higher quality and a neat option for companies, are engaged in the production of mosquito nets, including opening for balcony doors. Pay attention to the diameter of the cells: it should not be too large.

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Using the standard mosquito net on the door, hang it on your own is not difficult, can simply attach the hinges to the door frame.

Choosing a Mosquito Net

Choosing a mosquito net? Confused about what types of mosquito net there are or which is best for you? Don’t Panic! This is our advice page for everything you should know before choosing a mosquito net. Let This Mosquito Net Guide help you choose which net is most suitable for you. Now you won’t be eaten alive, confused by bells and boxes or perplexed by permethrin.

Everything You Need to Know About Mosquito Nets before you Choose

Self Supporting Mosquito Nets

Description: Self supporting mosquito nets use special flexible wire hoops or metal or plastic wands to make a stiff frame that suspends the net over the user much like a tent. They don’t require any other form of support. Some self supporting mosquito nets also have a sewn-in base so that the interior of the net is completely enclosed.

Advantages: Do not require net frames, hooks, string, ladders, improvisation or clips in order to be erected. Can be set up quickly or packed away. Can be used on a bed, in a tent or on the ground, indoors or out. Some have sewn in groundsheets and so give all round protection from crawling bugs, small snakes and scorpions as well as flying insects. They can also be used outdoors in windy conditions.

Disadvantages: Because they include poles or hoops to support the net they are heavier, bulkier and generally more expensive than similar sized conventional nets. The poles or hoops don’t squash or bend easily so packing, particularly in a rucksack, is harder. The poles or hoops can be damaged and are hard to repair. Tend to have a smaller volume than bell and box nets so there is less air circulation, making relatively warmer to sleep in.

Geonet Mosquito Net


Treated: Yes Weight: 1.5kg Size: 215cm x 90cm x 75cm

Mosinet Double or Mosinet Single


Treated: Yes Weight: 1.65kg, 1.08kg Size: 200cm x 165cm x 155cm Size: 200cm x 95cm x 155cm

Pop-up Mosquito Net


Treated: Yes Weight: 420g Size: 2.5m x 86cm x 61cm

Arc-2 Travel Cot

Wedge & Ridge Mosquito Nets

Description: Wedge shaped mosquito nets are like a wedge or slice of cake on it’s side. The high end provides space for the user while the low end drapes over the sleeping bag or bedding.

Advantages: Simple and inexpensive. Easy to put up and take down because they need only one or two, low level supporting points. Can be hung close to or even from a wall making them easy to position even when space is limited. Can be used in many tents. Lightweight, compact and easily to pack and carry because they use less fabric and fit in smaller spaces. Suitable when moving from place to place.

Disadvantages: Have a relatively small enclosed volume so less air circulation and more stuffy than the bigger bednets.

Superlight Micro Mosquito Net


Treated: Yes Weight: 180g Size: 200cm x 85cm x 135cm

MicroNet Mosquito Net Single


Treated: Yes Weight: 300g Size: 210cm x 100cm x 160cm

MicroNet Mosquito Net Double

Bell Mosquito Nets

Description: Bell mosquito nets are shaped like a bell with a high, single suspension point and spreading out to cover the bed. They usually have an internal spreader a short distance below the apex to increase the volume and improve the hang of the net. The lower edge of the net may have a skirt of heavier fabric that serves the twin task of weighting the net to improve hang and reinforcing the net where wear and potential damage are greatest.

Advantages: Needing only a single high level suspension point makes the net relatively easy to erect. Large enclosed volume creates a cool and airy space over the bed. The way bell mosquito nets drape makes them very versatile and able to work on a wide range of bed sizes and shapes. Suitable for use in both temporary and permanent locations. Very attractive, so used as a bedroom interior decoration feature.

Disadvantages: Use a lot of fabric and often have a spreader, so tend to be heavy and bulky to carry around. Need a high and fairly strong suspension point to hang the net from.

Double Bell Mosquito Net

BellNet Double Mosquito Net


Treated: Yes Weight: 661g Size: H: 2.1m, Circ: 8.5m

BellNet King Mosquito Net

Cot Mosquito Net Bell

Box Mosquito Nets

Description: Box mosquito nets have a rectangular shape that fits the bed and is suspended from the four top corners and usually from along the top edges also. They are hung from a special mosquito net frame located above the bed. They usually have a skirt made of heavier fabric to weight the net and reinforce the net where wear and damage are most common. Most suited to indoor use in a permanent location eg long term accomodation, hotel, hospital, etc.

Advantages: Spacious and comfortable with the largest enclosed volume of any net style. This allows greater air circulation and hence is cooler.

Disadvantages: Difficult to put up and take down. Requires multiple points of support and is usually attached to a purpose built frame. Heavy due to the large amount of fabric used in this style.

BoxNet Mosquito Net Double

Cot Mosquito Net Box

Associated Products

Insect Killers For when you need to clear a room or tent of insects before retiring to bed. Or perhaps you’re having a barbeque and would like to eat not be eaten.

Bite Relief If you forget your repellent or are unlucky and still get bitten then the products below will help ease the discomfort and swelling. These will also work for stings.

Mosquito Head Net

Midge & Mosquito Head Net

Micro Midge Head Net

Bush Hat with Head Net

Head Net Hat

Mosquito Net Hanging Kit

EX8 Net Treatment

Mosquito Net Glossary and Terms

Strong, durable, and spacious nets with good air circulation making them cooler in hot climates, however heavier and bulkier than travel nets so better suited to more permanent and fixed locations. Example: Box Nets and Bell Nets

Mosquito Net Mesh Size

Different nettings have different hole sizes. The size of the holes determines what size of insects are kept out and airflow and hence the temperature that the inside of the net reaches.

Hole size is a compromise between comfort and blocking insects. The larger the holes, the more breathable the net, thus the more comfortable, but larger holes mean that more insects can get through and bite you.

Smaller holes, while preventing almost all insects from penetrating to biting level, prevent air recycling, and are therefore much more clammy and hot to sleep in.

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Mosquito Net Treatment

Some mosquito nets are treated with Permethrin or longer lasting pyrethroids like Deltamethrin or Durallin help enhance their protective qualities. Permethrin is a naturally found insecticide with an excellent safety record and has been used for decades. The pyrethroids are synthetic insecticides, similar chemically to Permethrin but stronger, longer lasting and able to resist being washed out. They are sometimes considered as «permanent» and able to last the life of the net.

Permethrin and pyrethroid net treatment is recommended by the World Health Organisation and has three key benefits: it reduces the number of insects within a room (and hence risk of bites and disease), it deters insects from biting through the netting, it helps protect the users of a damaged or poorly erected nets.

Pyrethroid treatments can last a couple of years and numerous washes before any re-treatment is needed. A Permethrin treatment lasts approximately 6 months depending on net storage and use. By using a re-treatment kit , you can ensure your Mosquito Net is always protecting you.

Travel Mosquito Nets

Less spacious but lightweight and versatile, making these nets perfect for overnight/short stay use. Most come with their own small stuff sack so are easy to store or pack. Fit easily in luggage or rucksacks. Example: Wedge Nets and Self Supporting Nets

Mosquito Net Volume

The available space inside your Mosquito Net can affect temperature and general comfort significantly.

A Box Net provides easily the largest volume. There is plenty of space to stay cool, and sufficient room to move around.

A Bell Net is easier to erect, and provides only slightly less space due to the spreader and extra height.

A Wedge Net is smaller still, with little space at the base of the bed. They’re much smaller and easier to pack away, and there’s still plenty of room around your upper body.

The smallest nets are Dome or Self-Supporting nets. They have less space and are built primarily for travellers in need of a versatile and low-weight net.

Mosquito Net Fabrics

Mosquito Netting is usually made from polyamide (nylon), polyester (terylene) or cotton.

Cotton is not widely used now on account of low tear strength and low resistance to damp and mould. Despite this, cotton, due to the «hairy» nature of cotton thread, works well at blocking insects and is very resistant to degradation by UV (sunlight).

Polyamide and polyester nets are the most common net material nowadays having very high strengths, low weight and high resistance to damp or humid conditions.

Recently, nets from monofilament threads have begun to appear on the market. These are cheap to produce but have a lot of disadvantages and are not recommended. The net structure is easily damaged and distorted making irregular and potentially insect large holes, also they do not hold permethrin treatment well. They can be recognised by an appearance similar to knitted fishing line.

Mosquito net — how and what to choose?

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mosquito Net

How much weight are you carrying?

If you want to travel light then the Compact mosquito net is your perfect travel companion. It is the most lightweight design in the range and is the ideal camping mosquito net for backpackers.

The Wedge net is also lightweight and provides a more spacious sleeping area than the Compact net. This design is part of our Premium Mosquito Net range which incorporates extra features, including double stitching and a deep net skirt for tucking under your mattress. All our nets come complete with their own shower-proof carry bag for ease of packing.

Where are y ou staying?

Indoors in a Hotel or Hostel:

The Mosinet is ideal for fast protection from mosquitoes. It’s a self-supporting net and re quires no hanging points. It is available in both double and single bed sizes and has adjustable struts for a snug fit.

The Bell mosquito net only requires one hanging point and has a large canopy space allowing for greater air circulation. The Wedge net can also be used indoors and is very space efficient making it ideal for an overnight stay. Its reduced volume may result in it being hotter than other larger nets available.

If you are staying for a longer period of time you may want to consider the Box net. It is the largest style of net available. This net requires multiple hanging points, usually part of a purpose built frame. The volume of the net allows for greater manoeuvrability and better air circulation allowing the net to stay cool.

For sleeping outdoors we recommended the Pop-Up Dome mosquito net. This net requires no hanging points allowing for a quick setup. It’s also lightweight and small so will fit in most tents. The net comes with a deep net skirt and double stitching for extra security.

Another two options are the Compact net or the Wedge net. Both are lightweight and can be used with only one hanging point either inside a tent or outdoors.

How long are you staying for?

Visiting a base camp for several months? Take the Box Net which is ideal for staying in long-term accommodation and provides the largest and airiest canopy. Its larger design means that it is less suited for backpackers and short-term travel.

If you plan to visit multiple destinations and want a lightweight net for travel choose the Compact Net. This hanging net has one hanging point and can be used outdoors or indoors. Alternatively if you want instant protection for a night’s stay use the Mosinet or Pop-Up Dome.

Looking for a versatile mosquito net?

The Pop-Up Dome requires no hanging points and sets up in seconds. This self-supporting net can be used both indoors on a single bed and outdoors over a sleeping bag or camp bed. Lightweight and with its own carry bag, it won’t let you down wherever you go. The Pop-Up Dome is perfect if you are unsure whether you will be able to hang a net at your destination.

The Wedge net is another great multipurpose net as it can be hung over a bed, inside a tent or outdoors.

Travelling with a young child?

The Baby Bell Cot net is specifically designed to protect young children in their cot or play pen. Its spreader allows for an airy canopy that is accessible from the bottom and the deep net skirt can be tucked underneath the cot for all round protection for your young children.

What They Never Tell You About How to Choose a Mosquito Net

A mosquito net has become more than a utility. With the interesting designs and patterns available in the market, it has become more of a bedroom accessory. Here are some effective tips on choosing the right mosquito net, and also some alarming facts, that make it a must-have item for our living space.

A mosquito net has become more than a utility. With the interesting designs and patterns available in the market, it has become more of a bedroom accessory. Here are some effective tips on choosing the right mosquito net, and also some alarming facts, that make it a must-have item for our living space.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, even though malaria has been eliminated from the U.S. in the early 1950s, 1,500 cases are still reported every year. There is a potential risk of the disease being reintroduced in the United States.

Buying a mosquito net becomes absolutely necessary, especially when your surrounding is infested with these tiny―yet dangerous―flying insects. According to the World Health Organization, 219 million cases of the mosquito-borne disease, Malaria, were reported in 2010, worldwide. There were 660,000 deaths that year, wherein 91 percent of the deaths occurred in the African Region only. About 86 percent of the deaths worldwide were of children.

In fact, chances of acquiring mosquito-borne diseases increase when local mosquitoes bite those people who have carried the parasites from the endemic areas. These infected mosquitoes then spread the parasite locally. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 63 such outbreaks have occurred in the United States between 1957 to 2011.

We don’t mean to scare you with these facts and figures. However, by putting forth this data, we are just trying to emphasize the need of taking effective preventive measures to save yourself from mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever, and Rift Valley fever. Using mosquito nets is a great preventive measure. The following section will give you some essential tips on how to pick the right option.

Points to Consider Before Buying a Mosquito Net

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ mantra when it comes to making the right choice. Different nets will suit different needs. For instance, a self-supporting mosquito net would be an ideal choice for outdoor camps, or while traveling. However, for home usage, nets according to your bed’s size and make, would have to be chosen. The following points will give you an idea about the size, designs, material, and other essentials of the mosquito nets, to pick among what is available in the market. Evaluate these points and take a decision accordingly.

Be sure to measure the dimensions of the bed, and choose a net that leaves enough margin to comfortably tuck the edges under the mattress, without leaving any room for the mosquitoes to enter. Keep in mind the thickness of the mattress, and decide the required margin accordingly. Most people end up buying nets that are too short to be tucked evenly from all sides, leaving unnoticed gaps that allow insects to enter.

On the other hand, an over-sized net, when tucked under the mattress would make the base uneven and uncomfortable to sleep. If left on the floor, there are chances of insects finding their way in. So, be careful about the size to ensure your purchase is fruitful.


Most mosquito nets are made from materials such as polyester, polyethylene, or polypropylene. Do feel the material and its softness before placing your order. There might be a possibility of the seller claiming the material to be skin-friendly, wherein the reality is otherwise.

Special caution needs to be given in case of children. They tend to roll all over the bed while asleep, with chances of their skin getting rubbed against the rough material of the net. Therefore, it is essential to choose a fabric that is soft, yet durable.


The ideal design for you would highly depend upon its functionality.

To give you a brief idea for the same, the following list contains the information of the most common shapes/designs and their pros and cons, to help you make a decision.

  • Box Mosquito Nets
    These need four hanging points at each corner of the bed to be able to form a rectangular boxlike shape to cover the entire bed. Though they are large enough to cover the area efficiently, a major problem is that they need four hanging points to stay intact. Also, they take a lot of space when it comes to storing them.
  • Wedge Mosquito Nets
    These are shaped like a wedge, with more space at the top, which gradually decreases towards the bottom. They are comparatively easy to pack and carry. However, their drawback is that they do not provide adequate internal spacing. People who are not comfortable sleeping in compact spaces shouldn’t go for this option.
  • Bell Mosquito Nets
    These nets need to be hanged from a single point, which should be located above the sleeping pillow. The net is then spread across the entire bed, tucking the edges under the mattress. Be sure to choose the appropriate size as per your bed.
  • Freestanding Mosquito Nets
    These come in various shapes and sizes, and are usually shaped like a tent. Unlike the designs discussed so far, these nets do not need any external support or hanging points to stay intact. These have a firm base, and can be packed and assembled anywhere you want, on your bed, or at a camp site. Some options come with a water-resistant base that prevents the internal space from becoming stuffy, ensuring a comfortable stay.
  • Mosquito Net Hats
    While the aforementioned options are ideal for a safe and peaceful sleep, you can’t really carry the entire net with you while walking in a mosquito-infested area. These net hats would prove to be extremely helpful while trekking. However, their major limitation is that they would cover only the face and neck, not the rest of the body.

Insecticide-treated Vs. Regular Nets

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the use of insecticide-treated mosquito nets (ITNs), as they not only are efficient enough to kill mosquitoes and other insects, but they also repel them to a great extent, preventing them from entering the room. Opt for Long-Lasting Insecticide-treated Nets (LLINs) that are manufactured in such a way that they tend to retain the insecticide effectively, till the span of 3 years, even when they are repeatedly washed.

Pyrethroid insecticides are approved for these nets, as they are not as toxic to humans and other mammals. However, pregnant women and children under 5 years of age should refrain from these chemicals as they may pose potential health risks.

Not only do mosquito nets keep you safe from unwanted pest-related illnesses, they also enhance the look of your bedroom. Bed nets are available in the market in various colors and designs, and many buyers keep in mind the decor of the bedroom when it comes to choosing the appropriate net. These nets also come accessorized with beautiful designs and patterns stuck on them, making them look more of a decorative bed accessory than a pest-prevention tool. Do a thorough research to compare the warranty and prices offered by various sellers, be it online or at a physical store.

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