How to Analyze Your Dreams (And Why It — s Important)

How to Analyze Your Dreams (And Why It’s Important)

When people think about analyzing their dreams, they usually think of psychics with crystal balls, dream dictionaries, or lying on a couch while a Freud-like psychologist tells them precisely what their dreams connote (and it sounds a lot like cigars and sex).

But dream analysis is none of these things. And it’s actually a valuable way to better understand yourself.

Below, clinical psychotherapist Jeffrey Sumber explains why we dream, why analysis is important and how to start interpreting your dreams.

Why We Dream

“Dreaming is non-essential when it comes to survival as a body but is essential with regard to our development and evolution as metaphysical beings,” according to Sumber, who studied global dream mythology at Harvard University and Jungian dream interpretation at the Jung Institute in Zurich.

Dreaming is the communication between our conscious mind and our unconscious mind, helping people create wholeness, he says. “Dreams are the bridge that allows movement back and forth between what we think we know and what we really know.”

Dreams let us play out painful or puzzling emotions or experiences in a safe place. “Dreams also allow us to process information or events that may be painful or confusing in an environment that is at once emotionally real but physically unreal.”

“Dream analysis is a key component in the process of becoming whole as a person,” Sumber explains. Dreams reveal a person’s “deepest desires and deepest wounds.” So analyzing your dreams helps you gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

How To Analyze Your Dreams

One of the biggest myths about dream analysis is that there’s a set of stringent rules people need to follow. But every person is unique, so there are no formulas or prescriptions.

Dreams “can only be understood in the larger context of the individual’s unfolding and self-discovery,” Sumber says. However, there are several guidelines that can help you see your dreams more thoughtfully and dig deeper into their meaning.

Record your dreams. This is the first and most important step in analyzing your dreams, Sumber said. “Taking notes, even a few sentences that encapsulate the dream, literally draws the content of the unconscious out into the realm of the concrete.”

Think you don’t dream or can’t remember your dreams? He suggests simply keeping a journal by your bed, and writing “No dream to record” every morning. “Within two weeks of this process, the person will begin to remember their dreams.” (In fact, “you might open the floodgates!”)

Identify how you were feeling in the dream. For example, Sumber suggests asking yourself: “Was I scared, angry, remorseful, etc.? Do I still feel those feelings the morning after? How comfortable am I feeling these feelings?”

C.G. Jung referred to dreams as “feeling-toned complex of ideas.” In other words, according to Sumber, “We are always being called by our unconscious self to feel into our ideas, thoughts and actions so as to gain a deeper sense of who we are and where we are going in our lives.”

Identify recurring thoughts in your dreams and daily life. Sumber gives these examples of recurring thoughts: “They are going to kill me.” “I don’t understand.” Or “I’m not going to make it.” Next, ask yourself if you’ve had these thoughts throughout the day. If so, in what situations have you had these thoughts?

Consider all the elements of a dream. You can show up in your dreams in various ways. Many times, “we can find ourselves, our personalities, in many elements of a dream, even if there is a clear distinction between us and another character in the dream.”

You can ask yourselves these questions, Sumber said: “What is it like to be the villain in the dream? What is it like to be the aggressor, or be passive?”

Put down the dream dictionaries. You’ve probably come across dream dictionaries that feature specific meanings for objects. As Sumber notes, while there may be some universal meaning for these symbols, the key is to figure out what the dream means to you.

“While there may be a trace of collective meaning for certain universal symbols that do have some bearing on our internal analysis and growth, I am far more interested in where the dreamer goes with the symbol and what the dreamer connects to as a result of the dream.”

So, even though there may be some universal elements, symbols have different meanings for different people. “I believe we are all unique and carry very personal histories that impact the symbols, objects, tastes and smells that we associate with a particular dream story or event.”

Remember you’re the expert. “There are no experts other than yourself when it comes to your own psyche so don’t stop trusting your own inner guide to your unconscious,” Sumber says.

He adds that, “therapists need to place aside all of their information, tools and associations for universal symbols and dream interpretation with each new client and treat each person as a unique, new world to be discovered.”

You can learn a lot from even the most mundane dreams. You may be thinking that your dreams just aren’t fascinating, flashy or profound enough to explore. But even dreaming about having oatmeal for breakfast can yield thoughtful results, Sumber believes.

As examples, he lists the following questions you can ask:

“Am I alone with my oatmeal? Am I inside or on a veranda with a gentle breeze? Are the oats organic? Overcooked? Is there a horse nearby? How do I feel about the oats? What do oats typically symbolize for me? Are there any memories that I can tie to eating oatmeal? When was the first time I remember eating oatmeal for breakfast? How did my mother make oatmeal and do I make it the same way as an adult?”

“There is always something to learn about [yourself] in a dream,” Sumber says.

Further Reading on Dream Resources

Below are Sumber’s favorite books on dream interpretation:

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Why Can’t I Remember My Dreams When I Wake Up?

Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital.

istockphoto / Getty Images

If you wake in the morning feeling disappointed that you again don’t recall any dreams that you had overnight, you might question: Why can’t I remember my dreams? Learn about the nature of dreams, the association of vivid dreams with rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, normal sleep patterns and the pattern of dreaming, triggers of dream recall like untreated sleep apnea, and how you might learn to better remember your dreams.

7 Theories on Why We Dream Simplified

What Is a Dream?

Nearly everyone has had a dream at some point in life; even blind people are known to dream. The frequency of dream recall may vary or even fade at points in one’s life. A dream is a series of thoughts, images, or sensations that occur in the mind during sleep. It is a function of the brain. Dreaming may occur as specific regions of the brain are activated through sequenced electrical patterns and chemical activity.

Vivid dreams—like a movie that occurs with you as the actor—are associated with rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. This state of sleep was first discovered by William Dement, MD, PhD, considered the father of sleep medicine.   REM is associated with intense activity within the brain. In fact, the brain uses as much energy (and glucose) in REM as it does during wakefulness.

The muscles controlling the eyes are active, as is the diaphragm that is responsible for preserving breathing. The rest of the body’s major skeletal muscles are paralyzed during this state. This prevents the acting out of dreams from occurring (and abnormalities of its regulation account for both sleep paralysis and REM sleep behavior disorder).

The exact purpose of dreaming is still being examined. It seems to have an important role in memory consolidation, including the elimination of irrelevant daytime experiences. It also is important to learning and problem-solving.

Curiously, it is possible to experience fragmentary dreams in non-REM sleep. This includes the lighter stages of sleep (called stage 1 and stage 2) and slow-wave sleep (called stage 3). It is believed that the dream content of non-REM is more simplistic. It may be the dream of an image, an idea, or a concept that is more static. If REM-related dreams are a movie, non-REM dreams may be likened to a photograph.

The nature of dreams and their specific meaning has been a subject of interest for millennia. The famous neurologist and founder of psychiatry, Sigmund Freud, MD, famously explored the topic in his seminal work from 1900 called The Interpretation of Dreams.   There is no consensus on the scientific basis for the interpretation of dream content; reflection and derivation of meaning may be best reserved as a personal exercise.

The Normal Patterns of Dreaming in Sleep

It is normal to dream, but it is common to not recall the dreams that occur. The dreaming state can be identified by measurements made as part of a diagnostic polysomnogram, including the recording of the electroencephalogram (EEG), the electrooculogram (EOG), and the electromyogram (EMG). The tell-tale signs of REM sleep include an active brain, rapid eye movements, and a transient loss of muscle tone.

REM sleep occurs at intervals throughout the night. The first period of REM may be noted 90 to 120 minutes into the night. If it occurs early, in less than 15 minutes, this may be a sign of narcolepsy. REM periods become more prolonged towards morning. As a result, the last third of the night may include mostly REM sleep. It is common to wake in the morning out of the last period of REM.

Just because they are not recalled, the dreams associated with REM sleep are likely still occurring. There may be variability night-to-night and across the lifespan.

Why Dreams May Be Forgotten

There are a few possible explanations for dreams that cannot be remembered. First, it is possible that REM sleep is not occurring (or at least not occurring as much as normal). Medications may suppress REM sleep. In particular, antidepressants seem to have a powerful influence by delaying the onset or reducing the amount of REM sleep. Alcohol may also act as a REM sleep suppressant, at least until it wears off.

If REM sleep is occurring, the vivid dreams that are associated with it may not be recalled. If there is a transition from REM sleep to another state of sleep (most often stage 1 or stage 2), prior to recovering consciousness, the dreams may be forgotten.

As a general rule, dreams fade quickly after waking. The electrical signals and chemical signatures that constitute the experience of the dream may disappear as wakefulness ensues, like a message written on a fogged mirror that vanishes as the steam evaporates. It is possible for elements of the dream to be recalled later in the day, perhaps triggered by an experience that reactivates the same area of the brain that created the dream overnight.

Particularly memorable dreams may create an impression that persists for decades. Recounting the dream to another person may help to stabilize the memory. Dreams (or nightmares) that are associated with intense emotions, including fear, may also stick in the mind. The amygdala is an area of the brain that may help to elicit these emotion-laden dreams.

It is more likely that dreams will be remembered if your state of REM sleep is fragmented. Alarm clocks notoriously interrupt REM sleep towards morning. It is possible to fall back asleep and to re-enter the same dream experience repeatedly.

Sleep disorders may impact dream recall.   Untreated obstructive sleep apnea may also contribute to fragmented REM sleep as disturbed breathing occurs due to relaxation of the airway muscles. For some, this may lead to increased dream recall (including dreams of drowning or suffocation).

Sleep apnea may likewise lead to REM sleep deprivation and effective CPAP therapy may cause a profound rebound of REM sleep. People with narcolepsy also experience sudden sleep transitions that contribute to dream recall, sleep-related hallucinations, and sleep paralysis. Poor sleep habits, stress, and psychiatric conditions may also fragment sleep and increase dreaming and recall.

Ways to Better Remember Dreams

If you are interested in improving your dream recall, consider a simple change: keep a dream journal. By keeping a pen and a notebook on the nightstand next to the bed, it becomes easy to quickly record dreams immediately upon awakening, before they have had a chance to fade. This may encourage improvements in dream recall. If the scribbled notes can be interpreted later in the morning, it may be possible to reflect on the meaning of your dreams.

A Word From Verywell

Dreams are a fascinating part of sleep and life is enhanced by an enriched experience of these phenomena. Though you may feel distressed by not remembering dreams, rest assured that this state of sleep is likely still occurring. The benefits yielded, from memory processing to learning and problem solving, are likely just below the surface of awareness. As you fall asleep, imagine a world that might be, and it may come to you in the night.

Interpreting Your Dreams

Ever wonder how you can interpret some of the most common dreams? Use our dream interpretation tool to decipher the meaning of twelve universal dreams and their opposites.

Each dream is a mixture of our biological instincts, our cultural assumptions and our own personal experience. As we dream, our brains create stories from these ingredients, sometimes to «replay» recent events, and at times voice concerns that our waking minds are not yet ready to face. These stories are occasionally laced with complicated plots, and sometimes populated with elaborate visual or verbal puns that help us unlock their meaning.

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The meaning of dreams is something that has puzzled humankind since earliest civilizations, and several systems for categorizing dreams exist today. Psychologist Patricia Garfield, a leading dream researcher and co-founder of the Association for the Study of Dreams, has identified 12 archetypal dreams that appear throughout the world. She describes these in her book, The Universal Dream Key (Cliff Street Books, 2001). Each of the types has a negative variation and a positive variation.

Dreams Starting With H

Letter H

Hacking: A dream that you are hacking into someones computer suggests that you are trespassing into places, peoples business or situations but it is not your place to do so. On the other hand, if others are hacking into your computer it indicates your openness and susceptibility with people. Your unconscious is telling you that people are walking over you and you need to stop letting so many people in because you are weak. You need to learn how to have some faith in yourself and how to put yourself in a place where people cannot take advantage of your insecurities.

Hag: A hag in your dream symbolizes a motherly figure. Depending on how the hag acts and is portrayed in your dream is how you see yourself in motherhood.

Hail: Hail is frozen water that hurts when it falls on you. When you dream of it falling all around you then it means that you feel attacked in some situation and it is bringing you down emotionally. If you are inside listening to the hail falling on the roof then you are trying to avoid these feelings that you are experiencing due to the problems in your life because you know it is only going to be temporary.

Hair: In depth analysis: Dreaming about your hair can be quite vivid as it brings our attention to self reflection and image. These symbolic dreams are usually presented to us by either our hair falling out, growing long and even changing color. If you noticed your hair falling out it could be connected with self confidence, poor sex drive and virility. It is also possible that you might have unconscious feelings of feeling inferior, insecure and vulnerable. If you hair is turning grey suggests you being more wise and mature. If your hair is messy and full of knots then it means your life is in chaos at the moment due to your lack of organization of thoughts.

Haircut: Cutting your hair in a dream is similar to making hairstyle changes. The dream is suggesting that you are changing your ways of thinking. If someone is cutting your hair it implies that you feeling weakened or brought down by someone. It also means chopping off the past, getting rid of those dead ends to start a new.

Hairpiece: When you dream of putting on a false hairpiece or wearing one, it means that you are trying to be someone you are not and give off a false impression. If you lose the hairpiece then you are getting rid of the false impressions people have of you, you are trying to correct your image. It could also mean that you are losing whatever is protecting your head from losing control.

Half: Something seems to be incomplete and missing its other half or is it half full? What is your reaction to the dream? If you feel like you have gotten half way there then this is a good sign, keep working to complete your goals. If you feel disappointed then something is incomplete in your waking life and someone or something is not allowing you to make it complete.

Hall: A dream of a hall symbolizes social activities. If it is empty or you are unable to feel comfortable in the situation in the dream then you feel awkward in social meetings. On the other hand if it is full and you are interacting with other then you are satisfied with your current relationships.

Halloween: Halloween is another important dream symbol. You could be getting an insight into the life after death or maybe your shadow archetype. You could be reminiscing the past of your childhood days when going and getting candy seemed more exciting. On the other hand you could be longing for excitement in your life. Your unconscious could be informing you of other parts of your soul that you do not realize in your conscious life. Otherwise, it could simply mean that you feel to hide and put on a disguise from rest of society.

Hallucination: If you dream of hallucinating it suggests that you are trying to release your emotions. What are you hallucinating about? You probably feel uncomfortable in the situation you are currently in and things do not seem real enough to you.

Hallway: A dream of a hallway signifies a journey of self. You are trying to organize your life and transforming in many ways. If it is a hallway that seems to be never ending then you feel stuck in a situation and you do not know how to get out.

Halo: A halo is representative of angelic attributes and enlightenment. It could also mean that you are trying to attain these perfect characteristics that we believe exist in angels.

Ham: Ham is a form of nourishment and providing energy. If you are eating ham in your dream then you need energy in your waking life. If you just see ham then you need to learn how to indulge in emotional impulses.

Hamburger: Similar to ham, you need to let loose in order for you to feel full and complete. You could also be feeling unhappy with a current situation or person in your life and need a bigger portion to feel satisfied.

Hammer: A dream about a hammer suggests that something needs to get done and it needs a lot of work to be completed. If you are using the hammer then you are determined to put the work in to get things done.

Hammock: A hammock is symbolic of relaxation and taking things easy. You may need to take some time for yourself and decide what you want in life. If you are lying in the hammock then you need to be careful not to spend too much time alone to get rid of relationships. You should be careful cause if you fall off the hammock then you have been too involved with taking care of others that you feel to guilty to take time for yourself in your waking life.

Hamster: A dream of a hamster is representative of your ability to understand your emotions and you know the difference between infatuation and love when it comes to your sex life.

Hand: In depth analysis: Hands are one of the most useful body parts and we depended on them so much in our daily lives. Hands connect us from one another, they represent work, love and friendship. They are very symbolic in many different cultures especially in Buddhism, where Buddhas hands are held in front of his heart showing his teaching are straight from his heart. In the Middle East the Hamsa meaning five in Arabic is a palm and fingers that protects one from bad eye. Depending the context of your dream the meaning of your hands can alter. If your hands where bitten, injured or pulled implies an issue pertaining to moving forward. These issues can be related to work, friends and relationships that could be effected. Holding someones hand in your dream shows a connection and unity between the two people. Your right hand might be a metaphor for you ‘right hand man’. To see someone else hand is a message your unconscious telling you that you need to accept the help being offered to you or you need to look for help. If it is your hand outstretched then you should reach out and help someone.

Handshake: Shaking someones hands in your dream represents a fresh start or conclusion of something. You have finalized and agreed to something or with someone.

Handcuffs: Dreaming of being handcuffed represents your feelings of being tied down to a situation or being held back and suppressed. You feel like if someone is being possessive of you. On the other hand, if someone else is being handcuffed or you are handcuffing someone it means that you are being too controlling and over protective of others.

Handicap: A dream of being handicapped symbolizes you being unable to complete everyday tasks and do well. You feel like you need to find new ways of dealing with problems. To be in a wheelchair suggests feelings of overall helplessness. A wheelchair is a symbol of dependency and the reliance on the help of others.

Handkerchief: Need to wipe away some tears? A handkerchief in your dream suggests that you will be shamed or something is going to cause you pain. If the handkerchief is dirty or damaged it means it would be caused by a friendship.

Handle: The dream is a metaphor of your having a handle on things in your life. Alternatively, if the handle is broken it represents that you do not have control of what is going on in a situation in your life.

Hanging: Dreaming of a hanger implies that you are learning to deal with something which could be dealing with life or a problem. If you witness a hanging it symbolizes characteristics that you want to get rid of in yourself. If you are hanging yourself it indicates feelings of fright that you would be framed for something. You are trying to run away from whatever responsibilities that you have left. Hanging clothes in your dream denotes that you are clearing your mind.

Hang Ups: Dreaming that you keep getting calls that keep cutting off means that you are having trouble communicating with people.

Hard Drive: When you hard drive crashes in your dream it suggests that you feel burdened with too much information and feel you are about to crash.

Harmonica: A harmonica in a dream is a metaphor for harmony. You need to find things in your life that would make you more relaxed and at peace.

Harp: Generally, dreaming of musically instruments represent relaxation. A harp signifies peace found in spirituality.

Harvesting: When you dream of harvesting crops it represents the work you have to do in order to reach your aspirations. You will reap what you sew. If you grew up in a similar environment, the dream just serves as memories.

Hat: A hate symbolizes protection of the head and thoughts. If you change your hats in your dream it indicates that you are confused and have many conflicting ideas lately. If you are wearing a hat in your dream it denotes that you are keeping certain characteristics a secret and concealed for no one to see. If you wear different hats then it represents your different tasks and positions you play in your life. A top hat symbolizes status and prosperity. If you lose the top hat it means you are fearful of losing your rank and power in life.

Haunted House: In depth analysis: These dreams are usually metaphoric donating to areas in your life that have been left neglected and now its coming back to haunt you. The house is represented as your mind/psyche or where building or place is something that you have built up in your consciousness. It never means an actually haunting just a clue to bring awareness to aspects of guilt that has built up over time.

Hawk: In depth analysis: A hawk in dreams symbolize great vision, intuition and wisdom. They are birds of prey with the ability to see things from miles away shows your ability to navigate though life. They bring are awareness to reaching highest of heights possibly connecting us with higher consciousness.

Hazard:This dream could be a warning from your unconscious, pay close attention to it. Otherwise you just need to look at your life from the bigger picture and proceed with caution.

Head: Seeing a head in your dream represents intuition and knowledge. If someone is trying to take your head of it suggests that you are not looking at things in the right way. Whatever problem is causing you trouble you should pay attention to the facts and truth and stop letting your vision be blurred. If you have two heads in your dream it means that you need to allow others to help you out. Sometimes others could help us better than we can help ourselves. Also two minds work quicker than one.

Head Lice: In depth analysis: These gross dreams actually give you a heads up of what might be going on in your mind. Negative thoughts appear to be lice emanating from your head.

Headline: Reading the headline from a newspaper article is a message from your subconscious. Try and relate it to your life to see what it means.

Headstone: A headstone in your dream signifies something or someone that is dead to you. The message on it could serve a purpose as well, try and relate it to your life.

Hearing: These dreams connect us to our ears that connect us to our listening. If you are unable to hear others might suggest to listen more, or it could suggest that people do not hear you.

Hearse: A hearse suggests that you need to make some changes in your life in order to move forward. A symbol of death suggesting a rebirth as the old is now gone.

Heart: When you dream anything related to the heart represents love as it connects deep in our emotions. These might be stored memories, experiences and past hurt that is being repressed, appearing in your dream as a metaphor. Dreams of being shot or stabbed in the heart link us to the people who may have hurt you emotionally, as its time to forgive and heal. If you have some heart surgery it implies that you may be in need of working on your heart (emotions/empathy)

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Heart Chakra: Known as the balance point of all the other Chakras, the heart or the fourth (green) is located at the lower center of the chest. This Chakra deals with love and relationships and represents the energy center for an individual’s happiness and feelings of compassion. If this is blocked you may experience lack of love and care for others. Dreaming of this chakra lets you know to open your heart to let the divine light shine through.

Heartbeat: Hearing heartbeat in your dream indicates that you are not being open and honest with your feelings to yourself. On the other hand, if you feel worried or afraid of something in your waking lifer then the heartbeat in your dream is expressing it.

Heaven: When you dream of heaven it represents that you want to discover pure bliss. Since you cannot feel the same way in your waking life, you find happiness in dreams of such nature. These dreams might connect you to your higher self, a possible need to connect on a more spiritual level.

Heavy: Dreaming of something being too heavy to carry relates to your situation in your life. You are carrying too much weight that you are unable to handle. Stop trying to do so much, carry little each day and you would get through things faster.

Hedge: A dream of a hedge implies that something is holding you back and hindering you from moving forward. While trimming it would suggest that you are getting used to it and learning how to be optimistic with things.

Heel: Having a dream of your heel implies being at a low stage. Whether it means you are susceptible to things because of depression or you are just allowing things to go by unsaid, you need to learn how to pick yourself up. Do not let others walk over you. Also consider the pun on the word heal perhaps something is causing you heartache? You might need some love so you could feel better.

Height: In depth analysis: Being at a high level of a place in your dream means that you have attained your greatest aspirations in life. However, most common dreams of heights revolve around trying to not slip or fall to the ground. These dreams suggest you might need to become more grounded, secure, confident and protected in your life.

Helicopter: Helicopters can bring you from one place to another, this connects us to our life movement and destinations. The unique part about this type of transport is it takes off going directly up linking it to your goals and achievements. How the helicopter is presented to you in the dream dictates if you are taking off of not. Like a plane it has similarities taking off very fast rapidly. This might be showing you that your future plans will be coming to you sooner than later.

Hell: Hell in dreams can translate to your own self created misery. These dangerous emotions such as anger or resentment is stuck to you, or a sense of being different or unwanted. If your life in the past was full of regret and guilt for all the wrongs you have done, you may encounter hell being unresolved. As a metaphor you will be burned for all the wrongs you may have done. However these dreams help you find your own peace when you recognize your past.

Helm: Being at the helm of a ship suggests that you are in charge of where you are going. You also have the strength and determination to get there. However, if another person is at the helm it denotes that someone has a big part to play in your decisions in life.

Helmet: Helmets are meant to protect the head and dreaming of them represents precisely the same thing. You need to keep your feelings and views safe.

Help: When you dream of helping someone it suggests that you are very accepting and understanding. You make the necessary sacrifices in order to meet others half way. If you know the person you are helping in your dream and you do not like them in reality or they seem to be an enemy in the dream then it symbolizes that you need to compromise a little. If you need someone to help you or you feel helpless in your dream then it means you are a bit confused and lonely in life. You may need someone to help guide you and a friend to keep you company.

Herd: Are you a follower and not a leader? Having a dream of a herd indicates that you are a follow fashion. You do not make trends but you just go with the flow.

Hermaphrodite: If you are feeling a bit lost and confused about your sexuality then the thoughts manifest themselves into dreams of hermaphrodites.

Hermit: Being a hermit in a dream suggests that you want to be left alone or you feel lonely. Stop letting life get you down, go out and have fun with your friends.

Hero: Connected to the ‘hero archetype’ in Jungian psychology. Connected to the ego the hero represents the process of overcoming obstacles to achieve specific goals. In your dream it is an emotional symbol that signifies your deepest wishes and feelings.

Hex: When you put a hex on someone in your dream it signifies your spiteful and ruthless behavior. If someone is putting a hex on you in your dream then someone is being cruel towards you. You are sensitive to whatever is happening.

Hickey: Hickeys do not signify anything sexual. Dreaming of having one suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed and as though something is sucking your energy. You are not unable to think properly for some reason because of how weak your feel.

Hide ‘n seek: Are you the one hiding or seeking? If you are hiding things then you are trying to make sure something is concealed. Dreaming of playing hide n seek, and you are hiding, it indicates that you are trying to hide something but you know that it is constantly as risk to being exposed. On the other hand, if you are seeking, it means you are on a quest for more information. If it is a bunch of younger children then you are just reminiscing your past.

Hiding: Someone seems to be trying to conceal information. This dream implies that you are trying to protect yourself from someone by hiding things. If possible, try and confront the situation instead of running from it.

High Chair: When you dream of a high chair it suggests that you want to have a better look at a situation. If you are sitting on a high chair it represents your habit of thinking you are better than others. You think people need to look up to you because you feel you are at a higher level than them.

High Heels: In depth analysis: High heels are symbolic of feminine power. The dream indicates that you are confident in yourself and know you are able to make a change as a woman. However you feel in them will reflect your future path ahead.

High School: In depth analysis: High school is a time where you learn a lot about yourself and go through puberty. Are you still in high school? If you are not and you dream of this time in your life, it denotes feelings and relationships that you had. These can be repressed or stored memories, possibly aspects of your personality that needs to grown up. Taking a test or exam are common dream symbol that have nothing to do with high school but your organization.

Highlighter: Seeing a highlighter in your dream signifies wisdom and clarification. Pay attention to what you are highlighting for a better understanding of the dream.

Highway: Dreaming of a highway symbolizes your journey in life. Using the infrastructure of the roads you could relate it to how you feel in your waking life. For example, if you are on a bumpy highway it means that you have many challenges coming your way.

Hijack: Having something hijacked from you represents that someone or some situation has taken your power from you. It has caused you to lose control of a certain part of your life. If a plane as been hijacked it represents anxiety about flying due to current terrorist problems.

Hiking: The dream symbolizes your strength and ability to strive for what you want in life. You will be very successful in life because of these characteristics.

Hill: Dreams of hills are analogous to difficulties of attaining your ambitions. If you are on top of the hill it signifies you have been successful in reaching where you wanted to go. It could also mean that you have the ability to reach the top if you continuing going in your waking life. These dreams can also be connected with spirituality (see mountain).

Hippie: You do not care about what society is trying to force you to think. The dream symbolizes your liberty to express yourself.

Hitchhiking: Someone is jumping on others to get to higher positions. The dream suggests that you are taking the easy way out and relying on other people to get you further. You did not work for where you are at now since you used people in order to get there. Picking up a hitchhiker in your dream implies that you are letting people walk all over you. You are too generous, learn how to help people who need it.

Hitler: A dream where Hitler is involved symbolizes power, tyranny and cruelty. Possibly connected to the shadow part of your personality that has been left in the dark.

Hit-man: A hit man, in your dream, represents some characteristic that you want to get out of you. Consider how the person who is being gunned down or targeted is acting for more significance.

Hives: Dreaming of having hives suggests that you are anxious about something in your life.

Hobby: When you dream that you have a new hobby it indicates that you should recognize and accept your abilities. Stop repressing things that you could enjoy.

Hold: Holding something in your dream represents how you are dealing with things in your life. You influence situations and people easily. Try to relate the meaning of the object to your life. Perhaps it simply symbolizes an object that you are very fond of and feel you need to protect.

Holding A Baby: In depth analysis: Holding a baby is a positive symbol suggesting happiness from something new in your life. You are nurturing a part of your inner self or connecting you to inner growth.

Hole: Dreaming of a hole in the ground indicated things you have done that have gone unnoticed. Alternatively, you might be feeling as though something is missing in your life. Could it be you are feeling a need to fill that hole to become complete; parts of the unconscious. If you fall into a whole it implies that you are have taken a fall and feel trapped. Have you tried to reach someone but dug a hole too deep for you to get out? If there is a hole in your garments it symbolizes your imperfection and errors in your beliefs. On the other hand, you may need a new wardrobe and your unconscious is telling you, go out and treat yourself!

Holidays: Does the specific holiday in your dream serve any significance to your waking life? Perhaps you just need a break from the hustle and bustle of life so you can relax.

Hollywood: When you dream of Hollywood, it represents your feeling of wanting to be part of that celebrity and glamorous lifestyle. If you feel lost in the dream then it means you need to come back to reality and focus on more realistic goals.

Holocaust: Do you feel that people are blaming you for something you did not do? If you dream that you are part of the holocaust it suggests that you are feeling criticized and attacked by some higher power although you did nothing wrong. Also, your own feelings about the holocaust may come into play in your dream as well.

Hologram: Your unconscious is trying to tell you to stop looking at things piece by piece and put everything together. The dream means that you need to look at the entire picture in order to understand what is going on.

Holy Grail: Have you lost a sense of spirituality? Maybe you are on the search to find what you lost and regain aspects of yourself once again.

Home: In depth analysis: Dreaming of your home is unique to every dreamer as no two people share the same lives. Homes are are the places we reside in for comfort, rest, rejuvenation and shelter. They also contain past memories, events, experiences that we may have forgotten about. The house is a representation of our psyche/mind and you will need to investigate the purpose of the contents inside. This is a part of you, a substructure that has molded you to who you are today. Going back to your childhood home brings us back to old memories and experiences that have been ignored.

Homecoming: Turn the words around and consider the pun on the words that your unconscious put together to be coming home. Are you expecting someone or longing for someone to return? Otherwise to dream of a homecoming means that you need to embrace your past as a learning experience that made you who you are. Stop trying to get rid of it and just use it to make you stronger and be grateful for people who helped you.

Home Improvements: Dreaming of making home improvements actually have nothing to do with your home, the dream suggests that you need to make some changes to better yourself. Pay attention to what renovations you are doing to the house in your dream. For example, if you are trying to fix the plumbing in your house, it signifies that you need to learn to deal with your emotions.

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Homosexuality: To encounter a same sex dream and having to be straight is quite common and doesn’t mean you are gay. The unconscious is androgynous as humans are made up of both male and female characteristic. In the dream you maybe identifying with qualities that both sexes or the individual possess. Think about the qualities in a woman being nurturing, strong, or kind. You have men who are strong, aggressive and dominant. By you kissing or having intimacy suggest a closeness or a need to inherit them in yourself.

Hometown: Having a dream about your hometown represents emotions from your past that are holding you back and keeping you attached. Perhaps you have some unfinished business or forgotten memories. Alternatively if you changed as a person when moving from your hometown then the dream means that you are reminiscing on how you were.

Homework: Are you still in school? Consider what you have to complete from homework in the dream. If you currently have assignments and projects to get done then the dream indicates that you are worries about doing well. On the other hand, if you are out of school and have no work to do in your waking life then you should relate the homework assignment to your life and what training you require to move forward.

Honey: Dreaming of honey implies wealth and prosperity pays off with hard work, see bee. Its possible that honey related dreams are connected to female fertility and male orgasms. However, on the spiritual side it could also suggest immortality and rebirth. According to ancient Druids saw the bee as symbolism of the sun, the Goddess, celebration, and community.

Honeycomb: Honeycombs, in dreams, are symbolic of life enjoyment, protection and hard work. You are trying to keep whatever is causing you this joy in your life. Alternatively it may mean that you yearn for something of such delight in your life.

Honeymoon: When you dream of being on your honeymoon, it suggests your anxiety about sex. Perhaps you have reached a new stage in your current relationship and it is causing you to be a bit uneasy. On the other hand, you may just want to go away and relax with someone special, it may be the honeymoon of your dreams.

Hood: Having a hood on in your dream indicates covering up or hiding or covering aspects of yourself. You are trying to get away from someone or something by masking up your appearance and deceiving others. If you see someone else wearing a mask then someone else is doing you this.

Hooks: Hooks in your dream signify that you are trapped in things. Something is holding you back and trying to get you hooked on some habit. To dream that you are catching something with a hook, suggests that you need to acknowledge and incorporate some aspect or characteristic into your self-image. Alternatively, the dream refers to a sexual relationship. It may refer to your love or sexual relationship and issues of intimacy.

Horizon: A dream of the horizon is indicative of starting a new phase or the ending to something in your life. Look forward to the new journey ahead of you.

Horn: When you dream of animal horns it symbolizes that you are clashing heads with someone. If you hear or see a horn that is blown, it suggests that you listen to your emotions and instincts.

Hornet: Dreaming of hornets brings your attention to possible trouble in the near future. If you are stung it suggest someone might have it out for you. They also could be a symbol of your shadow, the unknown aspects of yourself that has the ability to be revengeful and vengeful. If you see a hornets nest suggest danger is around you and to proceed with caution.

Horoscope: Could this be a sign from your unconsciousness? You could have met someone of that horoscope that could mesh well with you. Try to understand the connection of with that particular sign.

Horses: In depth analysis: Horses bring our attention to our sexual repressed urges and drives. Is this horse wild or tamed? They also can connect the dreamer to masculine energy; power fast force that carries you. Depending on how the horse behaves can give you insight if this is controlled or not.

Horseback Riding: Dreaming that you are horseback riding is indicative of superiority, sensuality or success. You are positive in your ambitions and know that you will reach a superior position if you are not already at that stage. On the other hand, it implies that you will be devious in your approach to success. If you are the horse in your dream is wild and you are unable to control it it indicates that you are letting your fervor lead you astray from your goals.

Horseshoe: Seeing a horseshoe which is not faced downward in your dream symbolizes fortune, luck and accomplishments in your life.

Hose: A dream of a hose has two meanings, it either signifies the male penis or it represents you are overcoming your emotional pain. Try to figure out your feelings to understand the dream.

Hospital: In depth analysis: Hospital dreams are signals from your unconscious suggesting a need to rest and heal aspects of your mind, body and soul. The hospital is a place where you come in damaged and leave healthy, alternatively it might be a positive dream for change in your life.

Hostage: Being held hostage by someone is usually a metaphor for being controlled by others. They have the power over as you are vulnerable in your movements. You may feel trapped in some aspect in your life and you are needing to break free.

Hot: When you dream of being hot it indicates feelings of intimacy or anger. Some situation is probably causing you frustration and you should figure it out before your temper is released. Otherwise your sensuality is on its prime lately, you have to release it somehow or you would get sexually frustrated.

Hot Air Balloon: Dreaming of a hot air balloon implies that you want someone to notice you and look up to you. On the other hand it could also mean that your temper is getting worse as a situation goes on.

Hot Pepper: Something is heating up! The hot pepper in your dream indicates that your life needs some excitement in it. Otherwise, some situation or person is causing your temper to heat up.

Hourglass: An hourglass in your dream represents you have a deadline coming up. You are worried that you would not be finished in time.

House: In depth analysis: Houses in dreams are symbolic to the dreamer as no two people share the same lives. Homes are are the places we reside in for comfort, rest, rejuvenation and shelter. They also contain past memories, events, experiences that we may have forgotten about. The house is a representation of our psyche/mind and you will need to investigate the purpose of the contents inside. This is a part of you, a substructure that has molded you to who you are today. Going back to your childhood home directs you to areas in your mind that need attention.

Each floor of the house would be used as a metaphor to symbolize areas of your psyche. The basement connects the dreamer to the unconsciousness part, the forgotten areas that need attention. The bedroom brings awareness to intimacy and love. Places like the attic and the closet are areas where memories and experiences are stored and needing to come out. Being locked out of the house symbolizes your feelings of being an denied and ignored by people in your life. If your house is broken into it implies that you feel someone is taking advantage of you.

Houseboat: A dream of having a boat in your house means control over your emotions. Water represents your feelings so look at the state of the water if you want to find out your emotional state.

Housekeeper: When you dream of a housekeeper it means that someone is helping you sort out your life. Someone is helping you with your *housework. On the other hand it represents someone trying to control how you handle matters in your life.

Housework: Dreaming of housework indicates a need for something new and exciting in your life. You are fed up of the old things in your life and cleaning out the cobwebs!

Howling: Any dream of howling signifies your feelings of being alone. You are afraid of something and feel helpless.

Hugging: Someones in need of some TLC! If you are hugging someone then you are a loving person, if you are reaching out for a hug then you need some tender loving care. Then again it could just be symbolic of the closeness you feel with someone.

Hula Hoop: If you just see a hula hoop in your dream indicates you are not doing anything but going around in circle. On the other hand if you are spinning the hula hoop around you then you are learning to balance your life and handle your tasks in a way so it becomes a routine to you.

Humming: Humming in your dream indicates ignorance to your unconscious, you are being stubborn. When you hear humming in your dream it means that something or someone is annoying you and you cannot get it to go away. The humming sound like “OMMM” is related to the Buddhist mediation technique to bring inner peace, a time for prayer.

Hummingbird: In depth analysis: Dreaming of a hummingbird is symbolic of your inability to focus and stay with one thing or person at a time. They have the ability to go backwards in flight very fast. This might be connected with going back in your past.

Hunger: What are you missing in your life? Dreaming of being hungry indicates you are missing something in your life which is causing you dissatisfaction. It could also mean that you are not nourishing your mind or body properly and your unconscious is telling you to fuel your system.

Hunting: Dreaming of hunting represents precisely this. You are searching for certain things in your life which could be sensual or a solution to a problem. Pay attention to what you are hunting for in the dream and relate it to your life. If you are hunting and kill an animal indicates parts of yourself that you think you need to get rid of. If you are being hunted then you feel attacked by someone or some situation that you seemed caught in and it is troubling you. Seeing some else hunting in your dream represents your need for advice and help to solve something that is hindering you from progressing. If the person kills an animal then they will help you find a solution but you must take advice from those offering you help.

Hurdles: When you dream of hurdles it is representative of problems in your life, things that could slow you down but you have the control to overcome them. If you jump over hurdles and racing to win suggests that you know what you want in life and you would pass anything in your way to reach then end and succeed. Otherwise, if you cannot seem to jump over the hurdles then you are letting things slow you down from reaching your ambitions.

Hurricane: In depth analysis: Dreams of hurricanes are symbolic to our unconscious emotions or possible future events that have the ability to destruct. A hurricane forms deep in the ocean (unconsciousness) the unseen as it might be sunny on your end, it is building up and ready to hit. You will have to decipher if this is connected to you or others around you that have the capabilities to destruct.

Hurry: When you dream of being in hurry it represents your brain is rushing with so many thoughts that it does not have enough time to process it all. You have a lot going on in your life and the time seems to be passing you by. Just pace things and organize so that you could get everything done.

Hurt: Is something bothering you? You are hurt from a past or current problem but you do not want to admit it. However, in order to move on and stop hurting you need to do so.

Husband: These dreams often represents your unconscious feelings towards him and the relationship. He could also be a manifestation of your father that is being projected on your husband. Husbands tend to emerge in our dreams negatively like cheating, being shot, or dying.

Hut: Dreaming of a hut is your unconscious telling you to be grateful for what you have in life. You have what you need and that’s good for your survival other things would come when necessary.

Hydrant: A fire hydrant holds water so that it could supply the mains. Therefore seeing one in your dream is a good symbol, it represents a fresh beginning in your life. If the fire hydrant

Hyena: A dream of a hyena represents bad qualities of gluttony and filth or simply a clown. You seem to be relying on others way too much and taking advantage of their generosity with your wit to benefit yourself. A hyena could also symbolize someone who makes everyone laugh with their jokes.

Hypnosis: Dreaming that you are hypnotized signifies your restrictions and how you are easily persuaded. If you cannot be hypnotized for whatever reason it indicates that something is causing you worry and you cannot seem to be relaxed or helped by anyone but yourself. If you are the hypnotist then you feel that you have control of people and their emotions.

Hysterectomy: Dreaming of a hysterectomy does not necessarily mean that you are going to have one; it signifies a progress in life. Usually when women have hysterectomy when they dream of being attacked or raped it is because they feel violated from the surgery.

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