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Home Remedies for Lice Prevention: Vinegar, Listerine & Oils

Knowing how to get rid of lice permanently by home remedies can help you save lots of money on head lice prevention. In this article, I outline the different home remedies for lice prevention that you can safely apply in your homestead. The remedies discussed here include lice Listerine and lice vinegar. First, let’s see what exactly is a head louse.

What is head lice?

Ever remember your head being checked for lice in your childhood? It is a common problem in childhood. Though not harmful, head lice are very annoying, uncomfortable and itching to the head.

However, the truth is that most people have faced this problem and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Head lice are very minute parasites that thrive well on hair shafts and scalps from where they can suck blood for survival. Head lice spread easily by from head to head contact and sharing of head items with infested children.

This may happen through playing, sleepovers sports. as well as contaminated personal items such as combs and brushes and also clothing materials with infested persons.

In this regard, they are very common among school children aged between 4 and 10 years. Red bumps and head itching on the scalp are common signs of their infestation.

These parasites reproduce so quickly thus making it hard to get rid of them within a few days. You can also read my other article titled “What do head lice look like? to check their pictures at different stages such as eggs, larvae, and adult.

Even though they are largely not dangerous and do not transmit any disease, head lice can be frustrating and irritating if left untreated for a long time. Below are the main characteristics of head lice:

  • They don’t jump, fly or swim
  • They spread but does not carry or transmit any disease
  • Head lice infest people only and cannot be found on animals
  • They die easily after being detached from your head and hair
  • They commonly spread through head to head contact
  • They can also spread through items like clothes, combs, and hats.
  • They have no preference for specific hair whether short or long, clean or dirty.

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What is a Nit?

A nit is the unhatched lice an egg attached to hair shafts from where lice hatch. Nits are tightly held onto hair shafts using special glue known as Chitin produced by head lice.

These tiny white eggs can be easily detected in hairs at the back of the neck and behind ears.

Since they are strongly held on hair shafts, some lotions are used to dissolve them before combing to get rid them from the hair.

Can Lice be removed using Home Remedies?

On whether home remedies can get rid of head lice, the answer is definitely yes; home remedies for lice are effective if used correctly. The process of using home remedies to get rid of head lice is simple.

However, it is also important to follow the procedure and instructions correctly.

However, as stated above, eliminating head lice and nits can be very cumbersome and frustrating. This is because they are not only tiny to notice, but eggs remaining on hair shafts and scalps can also hatch after treatment thus reproducing new lice.

Furthermore, lice are known to reproduce so rapidly and spread very fast through contact with infested items hence a lot of caution should be taken if you want to obtain positive outcomes.

A variety of home remedies for lice do exist, but the question is: what works? Most home remedies for lice works. However, note that some things are critical when dealing with head lice.

  • First, although they spread rapidly, head lice do not carry any disease and hence do not in any way imply untidiness on the part of infested person.
  • Secondly, lice comb is a critical tool in the removal of head lice, nymphs and nits from your child’s hair.
  • There is no need to panic if you realize that your kid has been infected with head lice. If discovered early, the chances are good to get rid of head lice by repeated combing for three weeks every morning and evening.
  • Thirdly, combing can also be combined with home remedies for head lice.

Home remedies to get rid of Lice Fast Permanently

Most home remedies for lice work by smothering or suffocating lice to move slower and hence easy to catch on the comb. Though some home remedies can be messy, it is vital to use appropriate and working home remedies for lice instead of exposing the head to some harsh chemicals.

The main concern these days is that most treatments and prescriptions including medicines and lotions contain harmful toxins and chemicals.

Some studies have also shown that some have mutated and have become immune to over the counter treatments due to overuse.

The best alternative is nontoxic home remedies for head lice since they have fewer chemicals and less costly. Below are some reliable home remedies to get rid of lice fast and permanently- always follow instructions for best results.

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Home remedies for Lice: Vinegar

Vinegar is a common home remedy for lice and nit treatments.

Vinegar for Lice Prevention

The Steps to follow are:

  1. Make a mixture of vinegar with water and apply the mixture thoroughly to your to make it wet
  2. Wait for a few before rinsing your hair in water to get rid of the vinegar. Spend some time to comb out dead lice and nymphs and nit cases from your hair.
  3. Repeat the process for two day to get rid of any hatched or surviving louse from your head.

Home Remedies for Lice: Listerine

  1. Generously wet your scalp and hair with Listerine and cover using a disposable shower cap- always cautious to protect ears and face.
  2. Wait for two hours after applying Listerine lice treatment- you can wash out earlier if you notice irritation.
  3. Remove leftover nits and lice using a metal nit removal comb.
  4. Treat your hair with normal shampoo or conditioner

It is necessary to repeat this process after seven days to get rid of hatched lice. Ensure thorough scrubbing and cleaning any items in the life of an infested child capable of providing shelter to the lice.

These include pillows, bed sheets, car seats, toys, and hats. These items should be sealed in tight plastic bags for two weeks after sterilizing, washing and bleaching to ensure that any surviving lice have died.

Olive oil for head lice

Using Olive oil for head lice is also an effective smother for these hair bugs. The oil can be used as an effective remedy through the following steps:

  1. Generously apply olive or almond oil to your head prior to going to bed to sleep.
  2. Cover your head with a towel of shower cap to hold the oil overnight
  3. Comb your hair in the morning using a lice-comb to remove parasites and nits
  4. Wash your hair in brand shampoo or conditioner.

Alternative procedure

  1. Mix your hair conditioner with olive oil on an equal measure and add liquid soap.
  2. Apply the mixture to your hair to wet and eave for about one hour
  3. Cleanse your and apply normal condition
  4. Comb your hair thoroughly to remove dead lice and nits

Repeat this process after one week to kill any hatched and surviving lice.

Home remedies for lice: Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil natural and effective home remedies for head lice. Steps:

  1. Make a mixture of one teaspoonful of tree tea oil, three tablespoons of olive or coconut oil and one ounce of shampoo.
  2. Wash your hair gently using this mixture to wet your and cover it with a towel or shower cap to hold the solution for about 30 minutes
  3. Use hot water to rinse your hair
  4. Comb your hair thoroughly while still wet to remove dead lice.

Caution: Do not apply tree tea oil directly onto your scalp or hair.

Home remedies for Lice: Baby Oil

Baby oil is a natural and easy home remedy for head lice; It used together with white vinegar and laundry detergent to smother head lice. Steps:

  1. Apply baby oil to your and start combing for some lice to fall off the head.
  2. Wash your hair in hot water with laundry detergent
  3. Apply white vinegar to your before going to bed and cover with a towel of shower cap for the whole night.
  4. Wash your in shampoo in the morning and apply some conditioner.
  5. Repeat this course for 3-4 days to obtain positive results.

Home remedies for lice: Salt

Salt has desiccation properties make it a good home remedy used to get rid of head lice

  1. Make a solution using one–quarter cup of salt and an equal amount of vinegar
  2. Spray this solution gently to your hair to make it slightly wet and cover your wet hair with a shower cap for about two hours
  3. Wash your and condition your hair to remove dead lice
  4. This process is repeated for three consecutive days to kill any survived or hatched lice.

Home remedies for lice: Petroleum Jelly

The stifling property of petroleum jelly affects roaming of head lice making them easy to catch on the comb.

  1. Coat your scalp with a thick layer of petroleum oil before going to bed
  2. Use a towel or shower cap to cover your head overnight
  3. Remove petroleum jelly using baby oil in the morning
  4. Comb through your hair to remove head lice in the morning
  5. Repeat the process for a number of consecutive nights.


How to Use Home Remedies to Get Rid of Head Lice and Their Eggs

When it comes to treating head lice, some people swear by chemical treatments and other people highly prefer using home remedies they can make themselves.

Not only because these home remedies are much cheaper than commercial products, but also because they know what they put on their kids’ heads.

This way there is much less risk of having to deal with undesirable side-effects.

Home remedies for head lice are most of the time grandma’s recipes, but most of them are proven solutions, sometimes even by scientific trials and a few studies.

It is true that there are very few studies that have been conducted to evaluate the efficiency of homemade remedies, because let’s be honest: who would finance such studies? It’s just not profitable to spend money to know if olive oil or vinegar are effective against lice.

It’s much more profitable to spend money to show that commercial lice shampoos have some efficacy, even if it’s not 100%. And in absence of studies, the medical community doesn’t trust natural remedies and doesn’t consider them as effective.

However, lice remedies that use readily available ingredients have one thing in common: they have no side-effects for most of them, and they can fight both head lice and their eggs. The other major advantage of such home treatments is their low cost.

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Why do many parents prefer home remedies for treating head lice?

Anti-lice shampoos used to be very effective a few decades ago but are now not so powerful anymore, especially because head lice have developed some resistance in many Western countries including United States, Canada, France, and United Kingdom.

But the big drawback of pesticide products are the side effects they can have. After all, what they contain are pesticides (insecticides, because they kill insects), and when we know how bad for our health pesticides can be, we’d most often rather stay away from them.

Pesticides on our food have been shown to cause illness, and putting pesticides on our scalp is not safer, as our scalp absorbs about 50% of any substance put on it.

If you think that these shampoos and lotions that contain chemicals are safe, take a look at Jesse’s story here, and think twice before you use them. Thousands of parents are using them every day worldwide, and many have no issue at all, but caution should be the rule.

If you are looking for a 100% risk-free alternative to using an OTC lice shampoo on your child’s head, the simplest home remedy would be to just comb his hair or pick the lice and nits out using a lice comb or tweezers.

This would have to be done over several days and would thus be very time consuming. But it has been shown scientifically to be the only solution that works 100% (apart from head shaving, which is not recommended for obvious psychological reasons).

Basically it is important to understand that if you want to be successful in your battle against these parasites, you’ll need to find the right home remedies for killing adult head lice and nymphs, and other remedies for getting rid of nits.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the same remedy will not always work for both head lice and their eggs at the same time .

Home remedies for getting rid of adults and nymphs

In order to kill adult head lice and their nymphs (the baby lice), you can use home remedies that contain suffocating substances. This is for example oil, petroleum jelly, or any substance that has some viscosity.

Why can it work? Because suffocating substances will prevent lice from breathing, and once coated in the substance, they will die asphyxiated.

Of course, like any other natural remedy, this one will not be 100% effective and there is no guarantee that it will work for you, but many people have had good results and it may be worth a try.

In a 2004 study, among 6 remedies including olive oil, vinegar, butter and mayonnaise, petroleum jelly was the most effective of all, and had some ability to kill eggs, too.

Here are some useful resources on suffocating substances:

Another option is to combine a substance like oil with essential oils such as lavender or tea tree oil. Tea tree oil contains terpenoides, which act pretty much like pesticides on the nervous system of the louse. However, you should know that just like pesticide shampoos, tea tree oil can have undesirable side-effects and should be used with caution.

What about essential oils on their own?

A few drops of lavender essential oil behind the ears make head lice flee… If this solution can work, be careful to not use it as a real treatment though. Its effectiveness will depend on each child, but also on the degree of the current infestation.

There are dozens of formulations based on essential oils of many plants, but in practice the majority of these essential oils are only effective if their application is combined with other substances like olive oil and with adequate combing of the hair.

There are some essential oils that are effective on their own, this is the case of tea tree oil, but it should be applied with great care, as mentioned previously.

Home remedies for eliminating lice eggs

One of the best ways to kill live lice eggs, also called nits, is to dissolve their protective shell. They will for sure die if they are no longer protected by their exoskeleton. Doing so will also help to comb them out because it will unglue the shell from the hair shaft.

To dissolve the shell of nits, you can use products that contain acid, such as vinegar or lemon juice.

Then, you need to comb nits out until there are no more left in the hair. This is an unavoidable step of the treatment and should never be overlooked.

And eventually, a great way to not have to deal with lice is to prevent them from infesting your child.

More questions about home remedies? Check out our FAQ section on home treatments.


Easy, inexpensive remedy that completely eliminated lice after 3 treatments. Mix equal parts of 91% rubbing alcohol and white vinegar into a spray bottle. Add 1 drop of tea tree oil for every fluid ounce of mixture. 3-4 ounces will be sufficient to treat a head of long hair. Thoroughly wet hair with mixture, and comb out in sections with metal nit comb. After every few strokes, rinse the comb in a container of water to see what is coming out of the hair and to track progress. Wash and condition hair afterwards with coconut based products. Repeat treatment every other day to break the reproduction cycle until lice are gone.

i have been searching for any way i can,to take control over this.so as i read this treatment i have began to get hopes up! i surely do hope for this to work. i am a single mother of 3,an take care of my 80 year old mother,we are on a low fix income. we live in a appartment with only coin op. laundrey room,to wash all the beddings/towels etc. is a large extra exspence of its own. i can’t keep going in circles with this. so i wish to thank you in advance for shareing your treatment!

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My daughter and i have been battling lice for two months now. We spent hundreds on treatments, but nothing seems to work. BUT i found a way, get some vinegar and cover their hair in it, put a shower cap over their head and let it stay for about 2 hours, but watch out for the vinegar getting in their eyes. Then wash their hair out with Palmolive dish washing liquid, then starting combing, comb comb comb, and comb some more. Once you are sure you got all those nasty bugs out, blow dry and straighten the hair, and just keep repeating every day. Also make sure you wash the bed lining, and pillow cases.

Thank you! This helps a lot!

After our third lice infestation in a year, I decided to go with the olive oil route instead of more pesticides. I used a large syringe for the oil in order to really coat every strand of my 6 year old’s massive amount of long hair, then put a swim cap over it. We left it for 3 hours. The adults and nymphs were all dead. No more pesticides here! I also did the vinegar afterwards to loosen the eggs. Even if I didn’t get all the nits, at least I now have something non-toxic that really kills the egg layers.

My daughters got lice this year for the second time. I tried the OTC medicines at the local drug store, i tried the electric lice removing combs… nothing seemed to get it under control. Then i ran across this website, I tried the vinegar saturation one night (apple cider vinegar on hair for 15-30 minutes) and the lemon saturation the next (REAL lemon juice squeezed from the fruit for 30 mins). We have almost got this thing beat.

Thank you so very much! I have been battling these little monsters for well over a month now and am sick of my daughter scratching a few days after thinking they are gone. Maybe I can now get rid of them once and for all!

Well I read a lot , researched a lot and this is what worked for us.
My daughter has thick waist long hair.
First we coated the hair with a cup or two of mayonnaise. Then wrapped her head in plastic then a towel to keep a tight seal.
We waited 5 hours. Then rinsed it out. Saw a lot of dead bugs just drop off in the sink.
Then soaked her hair in white distilled vinegar for 20 minutes.
Then without rinsing used a metal lice comb and removed the eggs, or nits, they came off easily, plus mote dead bugs. This took a few hours because her hair is so thick.
After that we soaked her hair in vinegar again for 20 minutes, then she shampooed and conditioned with coconut milk shampoo and conditioner with a few drops of rosemary, peppermint and tea tree oil mixed in .
Lusterous hair NO BUGS, NO NITS!
We will repeat in 7 days to be cautious.

Thanks for all the info. I am happy to have alternative remedies to conquer these pests. I nor my children have ever seen or been exposed to lice so this is what it is. A pest for all people. The tea tree oil seems the best. Look forward to killing this problem.

I worked at all children’s hospital for 10 years in pediatric icu. We always used mayonaise, a shower cap, and a lice comb on the children. They had medical conditions that made them super senative to chemicals as well as lice treatments can be neuro toxic. We cleaned the beds changed all linens and used straight mayo under a showercap for about 6 to eight hours depending on the amount of lice and nits followed by combing washing and conditioning. It worked every time. I wouldn’t allow any chemicals in my children’s hair after seeing the effects on simple store bought pesticides on small children’s nervous systems. Just one nurses experience after 20 years of the mayo method on all races of hair. After reading the site it probably provides both the vinegar and the oil in the mayo that suffocates lice and loosens nits. Good luck.

Thanks Brit for sharing, this is very helpful!



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