Folk remedies of treatment of head lice, Medicine of the world

Folk remedies of treatment of head lice

The treatment for scabies at home

The most reliable and effective way to get rid of lice is to shave my head, but, of course, for many this treatment is not always suitable.

Today at drugstores you can find a lot protivopedikuleznoe funds for one or two application will remove all signs of the disease, and you can use the recipes of folk medicine for head lice . which are tested for years and is not less effective.

• The procedure makes the night. Take a large metal bucket and pour into it half crushed pine needles. Now fill to top with water and simmer all on low heat for two hours. After wash your head with soap, thoroughly rinse your hair (but you can hold them any capacity for a couple of minutes) strained decoction. Not washing and not drying the head, wrap and insulate using plastic caps and towels. Insects in the morning to comb nits and select.

• Take a glass of pure organic pomegranate juice, add a tablespoon of mint and wormwood. Simmer for 10 minutes, then strain, and warm broth RUB into the scalp and treat Voloshyna night. Insulated, as in the first case.

• You can prepare an infusion of rhizomes of hellebore (25 g), leaves (25 g) and grease (30 g). All mix and infuse for 12 hours. After the mixture is heated and filtered. Rubbed into the scalp twice a day for 5 days.

• Will help eliminate insects grass Larkspur (15 g), steamed in a Cup of boiling water with the addition of 5 g of citric acid. Insist the solution is six hours. Then filter and RUB into the scalp.

• Mix a couple of crushed garlic cloves, the juice of wormwood (3 parts), cranberry juice (3 parts) and petrolatum (1 part). This mixture treat all hair and hold until the sensation. Further wash your head Dustov soap and rinse with lemon water (juice of half a lemon per liter of water).

• A proven method treatment of head lice such as kerosene. Just carefully apply the entire head and hair with kerosene, wrap and keep for two hours. After a good rinse of water with vinegar or lemon juice.

• Women can be advised to do hair coloring. Funds contained in the paint, and kill lice and nits.

Don’t forget that after you use any means necessary mechanical cleaning of the hair using a comb or by hand from lice and nits, even if they have already died. Definitely in two weeks to recheck the condition of the hair. In addition all items must be washed with boiling, and all surfaces in the house be treated with disinfectants. If this is not done, chances of re-occurrence of head lice.

Home Treatment of Head Lice with Custard Apple

March 28, 2014 by Karishma

It is very important to treat your head lice as it is contagious and can be contracted by your spouse and children very easily.

How to choose a treatment method for head lice?

Treatment of head lice can be done with both over the counter products and home remedies. However you should first diagnose the degree of infestation before applying any product on your head to treat head lice.

Children below 6 years of age should not be given any head lice removal treatment without consultation of the pediatrician/doctor.

Most of the products require repeated applications for complete removal but be careful that you dont overdo the usage of such products.

Custard Apple Home Remedy for Head Lice Treatment

Custard Apples are being used in Thai folk remedies since long time. Both the leaves and the seed of custard apple tree have medicinal properties and they can be used in the treatment of head lice too.

Treating Head lice with Custard Apple Leaves

Take fresh leaves of Custard Apple tree and crush them to take out the juice. You mar crush the leaves with mortar and pestle and then strain the juice with the help of a cheese cloth.

Apply this fresh juice on the scalp and leave it for 20 mins. Now rinse off the juice and wash your head with a mild herbal shampoo.

Home Treatment of Head Lice with Custard Apple Seeds

Grind Custard Apple Seeds to fine powder, mix this with water to make a paste.
Now apply this paste on head and leave it overnight. Cover your head with a shower cap or with a cloth. Rinse it next morning and shampoo your hair.

Precautions while using Custard Apple home remedy for head lice

The oils present in the custard apple seeds are very dangerous for eyes. They may cause severe burning, redness and can also affect vision.

Home Remedies for Lice Treatment (Simple and Effective)

How to use home remedies for lice treatment? On the off chance that you all of a sudden discover your hair has been attacked by lice, then that is without a doubt not a pleasant feeling, we can all concur upon that. The horrendousness of seeing your body attacked by irritated and persistent little parasites historically connected with foulness and ailment can be matched by few other abhorrences. Treating this condition at the earliest opportunity and getting rid of them for good is therefore a justifiable need for anyone who has to experience this trial. We’ve assembled a short rundown of home remedies for lice that really work and that you can make effortlessly in your home in order to treat this issue naturally. But first, how about we take a glance at what causes the lice infestation in the first place and at the instruments behind it.

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What Causes Lice Infestation in Humans?

First of all, just to be clear, we should say that head lice (or hair lice) and body lice (or pubic lice, however, they occupy the whole body and garments) are particular species which can torment people. The two species are in reality similar and they can breed when constrained by research facility conditions, but don’t meet in natural settings, since each sticks to its own territory (area of the human body). The most common lice infestations, these days are with head lice, and children instead of grown-ups are affected. As per measurements, six to 12 million children in the U.S. alone get head lice each year, especially through contact with vast groups of children or by offering lodging in summer camps et cetera.

Contact with other people (especially children) is therefore the greatest empowering agent of lice transmission. The becoming notoriety of gathering selfies has also prompted a development in lice infestation cases, since people incline their heads closer together for the photograph, allowing the small parasites to relocate from one scalp to another. Another common reason is the absence of fitting hygiene, but this one is more genuine in a recorded connection than today. Traditionally, the poor who couldn’t bear the cost of legitimate hygiene and additional changes of garments were a more common target for lice compared to the people in the high societies. Unfortunately, this affiliation has prompted a kind of disgracing that still goes on today: who wouldn’t be humiliated to concede they are right now battling with a lice circumstance? People may then make presumptions about uncalled for hygiene and that future just humiliating.

The fact of the matter is that lice spread for the most part through contact and closeness with other people; regardless of how clean you usually are and how improbable you thought this event may be for you. Everyone is prone to contract lice at any rate once in their lifetime, especially amid adolescence or when they have children of their own. Also, there has been talk of a certain increment in the trouble of evacuation, because of the way that over the counter arrangements appear to be not that productive anymore, most likely after the creepy crawlies have gotten to be more adjusted to oppose them. This is also the purpose behind which a few faultfinders say that natural and home remedies for lice aren’t that effective and that people should go straight to the business or solution treatments. Still, we think you shouldn’t surrender just yet: whenever you or someone you know are managing lice, attempt our home remedy recommendations first and we make a guarantee to they will work like nothing else.

Home Remedies for Lice Treatment:

The fundamental challenge when treating head lice is getting rid of both the creepy crawlies and their eggs (known as nits). On the off chance that you neglect to decimate the eggs totally, the lice issue will return at the following trap door, in about two weeks since you thought you were lice-free.

1.) Applying Gas to Get Rid of Lice

Applying gas on the affected scalp and hair. This is viewed as the best option for a stun treatment, as it will execute the bugs in your hair immediately. You should wash your hair with shampoo, then simply apply fluid, gas (the kind you top off your auto with) on the whole scalp area and cover up your head with a shower top or a soggy towel for 10 minutes or thereabouts, to allow the gas to do the killing. Then, apply shampoo and wash off your hair gently, once more. The good news is that this treatment isn’t harming to your hair at all, and that it murders the bugs effectively, abandoning you to arrange just with a few nights afterwards. The terrible news is that it may sting a little on the off chance that you have a touchy scalp, and that the emanation is really solid and can result in unsteadiness.

2.) Nitpicking and Combing to Get Rid of Lice

Another attempted and tried strategy which people have been utilizing for quite a long time to get rid of lice infestations is the purported lice comb, with exceptionally restricted holes, which has the capacity effectively comb out the nits. This isn’t such a large amount of a remedy as a mechanical activity which is compulsory to perform in relationship with virtually any treatment option you may pick. It’s best on the off chance that someone else does it for the person experiencing the lice infestation, since a perspective from above allows you to see better and not miss a solitary nit.

3.) Lice Shampoo to Get Rid of Lice

Utilizing a home grown against lice shampoo. Such a shampoo is effortlessly found in most drugstores and drug stores and sold as an over-the-counter natural remedy for lice. Shampoos like RID contain pyrethrum, a concentrate got from chrysanthemum blossoms, which assaults the bug’s sensory systems. After the starting wash, took after obviously by a thorough combing for devastating the nits (eggs), you should utilize the shampoo again after 7-10 days to take care of any leftover crisply incubated.

4.) Olive Oil to Get Rid of Lice

Applying an olive oil to hair overnight. Another treatment option which should be both effective and charming, also sustaining for your head and scalp too, the olive oil, cover is a late remedies that most masters swear by. Simply apply a liberal amount of oil to your whole scalp and hair and put a shower top on firmly. Abandon it overnight and the lice will suffocate and bite the dust, while the nits will be easier to comb out because of the oil’s smoothness. On the off chance that you discover olive oil too drippy and you’d favor a creamier consistency, don’t hesitate to utilize mayonnaise rather, it works just also.

5.) White Vinegar to Get Rid of Lice

Rubbing the scalp with Listerine or white vinegar (or both). An extraordinary option to the cruel gas treatment depicted above is to liberally apply Listerine or vinegar or even a mix of both to the affected person’s scalp. They work in a similar manner, by suffocating and effectively slaughtering the lice with their destructiveness, while also giving your scalp one of the most thorough rinses it encountered in a while. Listerine is also rumored to be effective against those bugs which have turned out to be to be lice shampoo safe for a complex reason, so keep it as a primary concern in the event that you notice the uncommon shampoo doesn’t appear to work. There’s no need to stress over the well being of these substances for your own well being, since Listerine is innocuous, and vinegar is actually useful as a hair and scalp treatment, forestalling hair misfortune and advancing sparkle and non-abrasiveness. Likewise with the other home remedies for lice exhibited above, this option too, obliges you to reapply it after a week and to manually evacuate the nits immediately after flushing.

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Further Advice to Keep Lice Away

It’s vital to keep as a top priority that most home remedies for lice need to be utilized as a part of conjunction with each other in order to ensure a complete evacuation of those parasites. This is especially valid for the combing activity, which needs to go hand in hand with all the other substances which you apply to your hair and scalp in order to get rid of the effectively brought forth bugs or in order to disjoin the nits making them easier to comb. Whatever treatment option you pick, you still need to perform the combing action on wet hair after the washing the treatment (gas, oil, mayo, vinegar, Listerine, extraordinary lice shampoo and so forth.). In case you’re experiencing an infestation with body lice, follow the similar line of treatment. They are much easier to work with. Apply lice shampoo on the affected areas and you should be free of the parasites immediately after.

The extent that anticipation goes, there isn’t that much you can do, with the exception of maybe for maintaining a strategic distance from to incline in too close, head to head, with people whom you think may be lice transporters. Case in point, in case you’re a teacher or an administrator in a kid’s camp, you can make certain that there’s no less than one person affected by lice and soon there will be numerous more. On the off chance that you are a parent of a youngster planning to go to a late spring camp, then just verify you have a lot of Listerine and lice shampoo accessible for the give back, that is all we’re stating. Gracious, and put resources into a good comb too. Odds are you won’t get through the first 10 years with a kid without at any rate, once round of lice, but don’t stress: things are totally under control with these home remedies for lice.

How to Get Rid of Lice? (Lice Treatment at Home)

How to use home remedies to get rid of lice or lice treatment? Head lice are a common parasitic problem, which affects small kids and teenagers mostly. They inhabit the scalp and feeds on the small amount of blood from the scalp. Children tend to lose hair and develop red and itchy scalp once, they suffer from lice infestation. The female lice lay an egg close to the hair shaft, where the temperature is perfect for them to thrive. It takes approximately 7 days for an egg to hatch. The young lice is called a nymph. Adult lives up to 2-3 weeks. The infestation of head lice is very common and it has been estimated that one in every 10 school going children suffers from this problem.

Types of Lice:

Lice are differentiated depending on which part of the body, they are found. The most common among them are head lice.

  • Head Lice- Head lice feeds on the blood from the scalp and are spread through close contact, or by sharing hair care accessories. However, they don’t have a very long lifespan and can only survive for a day or two away from the host. They are not harmful and don’t cause any serious problem, except an irritating itching sensation.
  • Body Lice- Unlike head lice, body lice are harmful and can be a medium for spreading serious diseases like trench fever. They attach themselves to the clothing a particular person and lay their eggs there. A typical female lice lays around 900 eggs in her lifetime. The egg takes a few weeks to develop into full grown lice. However, with advanced sanitary and hygiene standards the occurrence of body lice has significantly been reduced.
  • Pubic Lice – Public lice is very rare and occurs in the pubic regions of a person. They are transmitted through sexual contact and shared cloths and bedding.

Causes of Lice Infestation:

The origin of lice is not known to human as of now. It has been found that even in ancient Egypt mummy’s had the problem of head lice.

Lice usually spread by close contact. They cannot fly, so for them to spread, it is important that a close contact with the victim is established. This contact can be established in a number of ways.

  1. Using same combs.
  2. Direct head contact among young children in the playground.
  3. Urban day care centers or schools, where children spend a lot of time.
  4. Sharing clothing, like towels, bed sheets or pillows.
  5. Sharing headgear, helmets, coats or any other types of personal belonging, which comes in direct contact with the body.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Lice (Lice Treatment)

Lice infestation is a cause of embarrassment, more than that of concern. There are several chemical shampoo’s available in the market, which can kill the lice. They are however not very gentle on the hair and can lead to hair fall. There are a number of natural home remedies to get rid of lice, which are not only effective, but also a good medium for treating the problem, without any serious side effects.

1.) Mouthwash and Vinegar to Get Rid of Lice

  • Get hold of a few bottles of Listerine mouthwash, depending on the length of your child’s hair.
  • Use the mouth wash liquid to wet the entire hair.
  • Once the hair is sufficiently wet, place a shower cap on the head and tightly close it from all ends.
  • You can also use a garbage bag, in case you don’t have a shower cap.
  • Leave the cap on for a couple of hours.
  • After a few hours when you open the cap, you will notice a lot of dead lice on the cap.
  • Wash the mouthwash from the hair, with the help of plain water and wet the hair using Vinegar.
  • Place the Cap once again around your child’s head and leave it there for a few hours.
  • Vinegar will help to loosen the glue, from the lice eggs, which, then can be easily combed out.
  • Use a mild shampoo to wash the hair after the vinegar treatment.
  • Use a lice comb to comb your child’s hair to get rid of lice.
  • You can spray a small amount of diluted spearmint oil in your little one’s head, to keep the lice at bay.
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2.) Olive Oil and Combing to Get Rid of Lice

  • This method is quite old and has been used for centuries to get rid of lice related problem. The ingredients required in this method are also very minimal. Olive oil and a lice comb.
  • Apply olive oil all over your head in generous amount.
  • Part the hair in small sections and use a lice comb to comb the hair, as close to the hair shaft as possible.
  • Once a section is done, pin it away with the other combed sections.
  • After the entire combing process is complete, wash your hair with a regular shampoo for a couple of times for the oil to disappear.
  • When you are doing this process to make sure you repeat the process after two weeks, to make sure no eggs are left and the lice has not multiplied.
  • Make it a point to conduct this process on all members of the family to ensure all the members are lice free.

3.) Tea Tree Oil Treatment to Get Rid of Lice

Tea tree oil is a natural essential oil, which is very effective in lice treatment. It is known to destroy almost 99% of lice infestation, when chemical cleaners have only managed to wipe out 25% of lice from the victim’s head. Tea tree oil can be used in combination with other oils or mixed with vinegar to get rid of lice.

  • Take 20 ml of normal oil like coconut or olive and add approximately 10 drops of tea tree oil in it.
  • Mix the oils and apply it on the head.
  • Alternatively, you can combine the same amount of tea tree oil with alcohol and spray it on your child’s hair.
  • In both the cases make sure your kids hair is covered tightly with a shower cap.
  • Do not remove the cap before 12 hours of application.
  • After 12 hours when you open the cap, you will be able to see a lot of dead lice in the cap.
  • Use a regular shampoo to wash off your hair and get rid of lice.
  • You can spray the tea tree and alcohol solution in your kid’s hair in moderation to keep the lice at bay.

4.) Mayonnaise or Vaseline to Get Rid of Lice

This method aims to kill the lice by suffocating them. Even though this method is a bit messy, it is highly effective and helps to kill the lice without injecting harmful chemicals in the blood stream.

  • Get hold of some mayonnaise and apply it all over your head.
  • Cover every inch of your head from the back of the ears to the back.
  • Cover your head with a shower cap.
  • If you are applying Vaseline, apply it in a similar manner.
  • Keep in mind that Vaseline can only be removed by dabbing your hair with baby oil.
  • After 6 hours, remove the shower cap and apply oil sufficiently and squeeze out the vaseline from the hair.
  • Apply shampoo, at least a couple of times to remove all the mayonnaise and vaseline from your hair.

5.) Salt and Vinegar Solution to Get Rid of Lice

  • This is one of the cheapest ways available to man, to treat head lice.
  • Combine ¼ cups of salt and 1/4 cups of vinegar in a bottle.
  • Shake the solution, until all the salt dissolves in the vinegar.
  • Spray the solution on the hair, until the entire head is covered with the solution.
  • Allow the vinegar to dry.
  • Apply some olive oil to your head and cover your head with a shower cap.
  • Keep the head covered for at least 6 hours.
  • Wash your hair with a regular shampoo a couple of times and comb using a lice comb to get rid of the lice and the nits.

Other Useful Tips to Prevent Lice:

Lice infestation is a serious problem and can spread to the entire family, if not treated in time. The basic clue to fight this problem is to maintain a good hygiene. However, there are some preventive measures, which can be undertaken to ensure that you avoid a lice attack.

Don’t share your personal things- resist the urge to share personal belongings, like combs, towels, hair brush, cloths etc. Sharing the stuffs of a victim, will only aggravate the problem further.

Maintain Proper Hygiene – Use warm water to wash all your clothes and upholstery, every time a family member suffers from a lice attack. If possible use a disinfectant to make the wash more effective. Wash the combs and towels in warm water, after combing your kid’s hair.

Talk to Your Children – it is important you make your kids aware about the subject matter. Teach them that it is important to avoid close contact with students, who might be suffering from the problem of lice. Prevention is always better cure.

Check Your Kid’s Head at Regular Intervals- When you hear about the outbreak of lice infestation in your child’s school, use a lice comb to brush their hair regularly to get rid of lice. Use a spearmint spray, to keep the lice at bay.

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