Recipes of folk remedies for bedbugs at home: essential oils, boric acid, turpentine and kerosene

The appearance of bedbugs in the apartment turns into big problems for its inhabitants. If this happens, it is necessary immediately, without delay, to begin the fight against insects.

It is believed that chemicals have the greatest efficiency, however, it is not advisable to use them if there are small children in the room.

In these cases, folk methods based on the special properties and smells of individual plants and liquids come to the fore. But it should be understood that the fight against bedbugs at home using folk remedies is a long and not always effective way of deliverance.

Folk remedies for bedbugs at home

Today we will talk about how to get rid of bugs folk remedies, what bugs are afraid of — bed and linen. What to poison bugs best?

Essential oils

Bedbugs extremely unpleasant smell of essential oils on the basis of plants — eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender and others.

They need to lubricate the habitat of parasites.

Evening treatment of the frame or only the legs of the bed with one oil or a mixture of several helps from bedbug bites very well. However, it is necessary to understand that essential oils only repel insects, they cannot destroy parasites. It is likely that after some time, domestic bugs will get hungry and will start to ignore the unpleasant smell.

Therefore, the removal of blood suckers with oils is impossible. Perhaps this is one of the most pleasant folk remedies for bed bugs.

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Tea tree oil

Is an very effective remedy in the fight against bedbugs. It has a deterrent effect, forcing bedbugs to leave the inhabited places. Tea tree oil is good to use as an aid — after carrying out high-quality cleaning, it is necessary to clean all things and bedding, adding a few drops of it to the water.

For the processing of furniture, it is necessary to prepare an oil-based solution — in a container 18 drops of oil are added to every half liter of water tea tree The resulting mixture is sprayed from a spray bottle onto all available interior items in the apartment, beds, and carpets.

ATTENTION! To obtain a quick effect, it is recommended to treat all places where bugs can live at least 2 times a day.

Boric acid

Boric acid is the oldest insect repellent. She is low cost, practically non-toxic, easy to usecan be used in rooms with small children and pets.

Boric acid has a contact and intestinal effects on pests. In the first case, upon contact with the body of an insect, it dries it and eats away, and in the second, the poison affects the digestive system.

Since the bugs are almost impossible to make them eat, they are completely indifferent to the bait with boric acid, It should be used only in dry form..

For this you need to carefully inspect the room, furniture, interior items, and when finding the nest immediately fill it with powder.

It is impossible to delay, since the parasites can hide in another, inaccessible place and even in clothing.


Turpentine oil is a clear flammable liquid, which is the result of the processing of resins of coniferous trees. It contains a large amount of essential oils.that are unpleasant bugs. In the same time turpentine is very toxicand you cannot work with it without gloves.

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To combat parasites, you must prepare a special solution for one of the recipes — 100 ml of turpentine and kerosene, 25 g of naphthalene; or 50 grams of ammonia and household soap, 150 ml of turpentine. There are many other time-tested recipes.

The resulting composition is necessary to treat the infected places. After use, the room must be left for 1 day, leaving the windows open for airing.


Kerosene is a clear liquid that is a by-product from the distillation of petroleum. This is one of the most popular means of pests that has wide application in everyday life, for example, for the destruction of lice. The principle of kerosene is based on insect poisoning, which conducts to their suffocation. Impregnating the body, the substance enters the respiratory system, blocking the flow of oxygen.

The substance is used both in pure form by applying it in place of the nest, and in the composition of the prepared solutions. For example, you can mix 1 part of naphthalene, 4 parts of laundry soap and 5 parts of kerosene.

Camphor oil

Fight with bedbugs can be a mixture of camphor oil and turpentine, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. In order to prepare the composition, you need mix a bottle of camphor oil and a tube of turpentine ointment.

The resulting substance is used on the legs and frame elements of sofas, beds and other furniture. Also necessarily processed the lower part of the mattress, and that part of the bed on which it lies.

but The disadvantage of this method is strong smellwhich will stay indoors for many days and will require thorough airing of the room.

Tansy, wormwood and other plants

Bedbugs do not tolerate a sharp smell, which emit bundles of wormwood, tansy, wild rosemary, camomile.

Fresh bundles of wormwood should be put in hard-to-reach places where the appearance of parasites is possible. Its aroma removes the natural smell of a person, especially if it is located close to the body. The disadvantage of wormwood is a rapid decrease in efficiency as it dries (within 3-4 days).

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Flowers of tansy are scattered in places where insects can appear. You can rub the skin before bedtime to protect against bites in children. Infusion based on tansy with a direct effect can cause paralysis of the bug.

Ledumberry is used in dried and crushed form — the places of possible habitat are sprinkled with such powder. The greatest effect is provided by plants collected in August — September.


Vinegar is a popular folk remedy for bedbugs in the apartment. However, it has a deterrent property — this acid can kill a bug only if it falls directly into the jar. The disadvantage of the method is that the apartment will have a long time specific smell of acetic acid.

To combat bedbugs in the apartment, folk remedies use bundles of wormwood or tansy flowers, processing furniture frames with essential oils or boric acid, creating mixtures based on kerosene, turpentine, and others.

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. If the question is how to remove bedbugs at home quickly, folk remedies are unlikely to help you, it is best to contact the specialized service for the destruction of parasites.

If it is expensive for you, then you can use the following drugs yourself: Clean House, Geth, Karbofos, Raptor, Combat, Hangman.

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