Cheap and efficient! Flea and tick celandine for cats


Celandine or witch grass, as it is called by the people, has a lot of useful properties.

Many medicines are prepared on its basis, including antiparasitic preparations for animals.

Facilities «Celandine» for fleas and ticks for cats are veterinary drugs.

«Chistotel» — line of tools

Preparations involving celandine alkaloids are potent drugs that should be used with caution and exactly following the instructions.

They are effective fight not only with ectoparasites themselvesfleas, pincers and other blood-sucking insects, but also can heal the effects of their bites in the form of helminthic invasions.

For cats developed veterinary preparations for fleas and ticks:

  • drops;
  • collar;
  • shampoo;
  • spray;
  • antihelminthic drug for adult cats;

All means can be used for adult animals and for kittens older than 8 weeks. All preparations indicate the age of the animal from which their use is possible.

Flea and tick drops

Contain besides alkaloids celandine fipronilparalyzing the fleas, and permethrinwho kills them.

Distinguished by the effectiveness of drops for cats «Celandine.» Instructions for use:

  1. Drops are applied on the withers or between the shoulders of the animal, that is, in those places that the cat can not lick.
  2. Wool pushing and dripping the drug on the skin.
  3. It penetrates the cat’s skin, enters the body and spreads throughout the skin.
  4. With sebum, poison is released outside and most often the parasite dies before it bites the cat..


Its action is based not only on the absorption into the skin and in the blood of an animal of a preparation applied on a collar.

The main effect is the scaring of insects.The strap is impregnated with a composition with a rather strong characteristic odor. The collar is recommended to use with drops.

Validity from 2 to 4 months. For kittens there is a collar «Chistotel Junior»soaked in natural essential oils and plant extracts.


It contains significantly lower concentration of alkaloids than drops. is he rather used as a prophylactic. Apply it and in case of mass lesions of the animal by insects.

Manufacturer took care of long-haired cats. For them, created a shampoo with a caring effect, facilitating combing. There is a separate shampoo for kittens.

  1. The shampoo is applied to the wet wool with massaging movements, slightly beating it into the foam.
  2. It is washed off in 4-5 minutes with plenty of water.

Antiparasitic shampoo does not have a prolonged action, it kills and flushes fleas and ticks, but does not protect in the future. For longer protection against insects, it is recommended to use the «Celandine» drops..


Spray designed for processing cat’s fur, as well as its habitats, bedding and soft toys.

  1. Before applying shake the bottle well.
  2. Spray all over the cat’s body from a distance of 15-20 cm
  3. Processed back, stomach, paws.

A glove wetted with a spray is used to apply to the head and ears. This is done to ensure that the drug does not get into the eyes and mucous membranes. After processing, carefully comb the cat, and remove the remnants of the preparation with a cotton sponge. Wash face and hands thoroughly with soap after the procedure.

Antihelminthic drugs

Some alkaloids contained in the celandine have a paralyzing effect on the worms, without causing harm to the cat. Available in two forms — tablets for adult animals and suspension Glistogon.

«Celandine» does not kill parasites, but paralyzes them, then they are removed from the body with feces. The suspension acts after a few hours. During the day, the drug is completely excreted in the urine. If you strictly observe the dosage, «Glistogon» is absolutely safe for animals.

Suspension can be used to treat kittens from 3 weeks of age. It is given to the animal during the morning feeding with food or in pure form using a dispenser.

The number of tablets for an adult individual is calculated based on its weight. It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions so that the animal is not poisoned. If there is any evidence of poisoning, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Caring for the health of the animal should be reasonable. Do not use the drug if you do not know how it will affect your darling. Be sure to coordinate the use of parasite treatments with a veterinarian if your cat is sick, pregnant, or is feeding the kittens.


Cheap and efficient! Flea and tick celandine for cats

Celandine or witch grass, as it is called by the people, has a lot of useful properties.

Many medicines are prepared on its basis, including antiparasitic preparations for animals.

Facilities «Celandine» for fleas and ticks for cats are veterinary drugs.

«Chistotel» — line of tools

Preparations involving celandine alkaloids are potent drugs that should be used with caution and exactly following the instructions.

They are effective fight not only with ectoparasites themselvesfleas, pincers and other blood-sucking insects, but also can heal the effects of their bites in the form of helminthic invasions.

For cats developed veterinary preparations for fleas and ticks:

  • drops;
  • collar;
  • shampoo;
  • spray;
  • antihelminthic drug for adult cats;

All means can be used for adult animals and for kittens older than 8 weeks. All preparations indicate the age of the animal from which their use is possible.

Flea and tick drops

Contain besides alkaloids celandine fipronilparalyzing the fleas, and permethrinwho kills them.

Distinguished by the effectiveness of drops for cats «Celandine.» Instructions for use:

  1. Drops are applied on the withers or between the shoulders of the animal, that is, in those places that the cat can not lick.
  2. Wool pushing and dripping the drug on the skin.
  3. It penetrates the cat’s skin, enters the body and spreads throughout the skin.
  4. With sebum, poison is released outside and most often the parasite dies before it bites the cat..


Its action is based not only on the absorption into the skin and in the blood of an animal of a preparation applied on a collar.

The main effect is the scaring of insects.The strap is impregnated with a composition with a rather strong characteristic odor. The collar is recommended to use with drops.

Validity from 2 to 4 months. For kittens there is a collar «Chistotel Junior»soaked in natural essential oils and plant extracts.


It contains significantly lower concentration of alkaloids than drops. is he rather used as a prophylactic. Apply it and in case of mass lesions of the animal by insects.

Manufacturer took care of long-haired cats. For them, created a shampoo with a caring effect, facilitating combing. There is a separate shampoo for kittens.

  1. The shampoo is applied to the wet wool with massaging movements, slightly beating it into the foam.
  2. It is washed off in 4-5 minutes with plenty of water.

Antiparasitic shampoo does not have a prolonged action, it kills and flushes fleas and ticks, but does not protect in the future. For longer protection against insects, it is recommended to use the «Celandine» drops..


Spray designed for processing cat’s fur, as well as its habitats, bedding and soft toys.

  1. Before applying shake the bottle well.
  2. Spray all over the cat’s body from a distance of 15-20 cm
  3. Processed back, stomach, paws.

A glove wetted with a spray is used to apply to the head and ears. This is done to ensure that the drug does not get into the eyes and mucous membranes. After processing, carefully comb the cat, and remove the remnants of the preparation with a cotton sponge. Wash face and hands thoroughly with soap after the procedure.

Antihelminthic drugs

Some alkaloids contained in the celandine have a paralyzing effect on the worms, without causing harm to the cat. Available in two forms — tablets for adult animals and suspension Glistogon.

«Celandine» does not kill parasites, but paralyzes them, then they are removed from the body with feces. The suspension acts after a few hours. During the day, the drug is completely excreted in the urine. If you strictly observe the dosage, «Glistogon» is absolutely safe for animals.

Suspension can be used to treat kittens from 3 weeks of age. It is given to the animal during the morning feeding with food or in pure form using a dispenser.

The number of tablets for an adult individual is calculated based on its weight. It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions so that the animal is not poisoned. If there is any evidence of poisoning, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Caring for the health of the animal should be reasonable. Do not use the drug if you do not know how it will affect your darling. Be sure to coordinate the use of parasite treatments with a veterinarian if your cat is sick, pregnant, or is feeding the kittens.


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Varieties of flea drops for cats and their proper use

Unfortunately, not a single pet is immune from the appearance of «uninvited guests» on the wool. The owner must be prepared for this and be aware of the rules for using flea drops. Today, their choice in veterinary pharmacies is large. Therefore it is necessary to understand their features, differences, advantages.

About application rules

In most cases, insecticidal preparations are applied to the withers of the animal. This is the area between the shoulder blades, at the base of the cat’s skull. It is there that you need to put drops, because the cat can not lick them. In another place of the body, given the flexibility of the animal, the drug may be accidentally mucified. And this is a huge risk of poisoning.

Reliable protection of the pet with drops is ensured when the dosage is properly selected. Instructions to the drug must inform what it should be. Typically, the dose depends on the weight of the animal. So before applying the cat drops must be weighed.

Apply insecticide to withers, preferably with gloves. If this recommendation is not followed, then you should thoroughly wash your hands after applying the drops. They do not need to rub into the skin. Do not rub into the withers and those drops, which are based on celandine. Usually, fleas begin to die during the day, and in order to achieve an optimal effect, it is not recommended to bat cats for 48 hours after using insecticides. It is also important for this period to isolate the animal from contact with children, as they often stroke, kiss animals and may thus be poisoned.

It is recommended to change the litter to the animal after using the drops in order to avoid reinfection.

Drops reliably protect your pet from external parasites for a period of one to two months.

The mechanism of action of such veterinary drugs is nerve-paralytic: first, the flea is paralyzed, then it dies.

By the way, one female parasite is capable of laying up to 400 eggs per month, which mature for 12 days.

About popular insecticides for cats

It should be noted that infected animals experience severe discomfort and itching from living together with uninvited guests. Due to scratching the skin, dermatitis may occur, and later hair will fall out. Therefore, you need time to identify parasites on the skin of domestic animals and apply these types of drops:

  1. Advantage. This is a remedy from a reputable German manufacturer, Baer. Its main active ingredient is imidacloprid. The drug protects the animal from external parasites for a month.
  2. Beaphar. Drops of Dutch production. Their advantage is that they are suitable for weak, old animals, kittens, pregnant cats. The drug is safe because its main active ingredient is an extract of neem. Even in the event of accidental licking, this substance does not pose a danger to the body of the animal. Drops act one month.

Features of life fleas

The feline parasite is a wingless insect that sucks the blood of an animal. Fleas have a flat body, without problems, get into the hair to the cat due to the presence of the ridges, consisting of thorns. They are easily interspersed between hairs. Fleas jump well because their hind limbs are highly developed. Insects can consume a lot of blood, as their stomachs can stretch. It is known that a flea can live without food for about 1, 5 years. The parasites are very prolific — the female lays about 400 eggs. They can be found in various places of the home. The larvae mature for 12 days. Most often, the victim newly minted individuals attack in a month. After which the female lays eggs.

How many fleas can be on the wool of your fluffy after a week? Up to a few hundred. When infected with insects, you can see the concern of the pet. He begins to itch often, there are frequent cases of dermatitis and subsequent hair loss.

The most dangerous occurrence of pests for pregnant cats and babies. It is necessary to act immediately, using a collar from fleas or drops, in time to save the health of the animal, and sometimes it itself.

Popular types of drops

When starting a fight against fleas, pet owners face the challenge of choosing and often don’t know which flea drops are more effective. There are many products from different manufacturers on the market that can help your pet. Choosing drops from fleas, it is better to know more information about their composition, principle of action and how to use. Let us dwell on popular means, and what is better to buy, you can decide for yourself.

The drug «Advantage» is applied to the injured animal on the withers. The main component of the «Advanceage» is imidacloprid.

«Advantage» is good to protect the wool of your pet for a whole month. The drug «Advantage» is represented on the market by the famous German manufacturer Bayer Health Care. Used at home, «Advantage» will give the expected result. Just do not let your pet lick out at least for several hours after treatment.

“Delix” is another effective drop that will help rid the animal of parasites. Under this trade name, the manufacturer produces a whole series of tools that can destroy any flea trail on wool. Among them are droplets, insectoacaricidal collar, spray, zoo shampoo. This drug can be used for babies from 2 months. After treatment and 2 days before it is advised not to bathe the pet with shampoo and soap. You need to spend it no more than 1 time per month. The tool is convenient to use, does not adversely affect health, does not cause allergies, is resistant to light and moisture.

Domestic flea remedy “Bars” for cats has been trusted by consumers for more than a year now. The kit includes 3 pipette droppers and simple instructions for use. Drops from fleas «Bars», like the rest, are applied to withers. They have low cost and high efficiency. Although these anti-flea drops for cats are safe, it is best to consult a veterinarian before use.

The preparation “Rolfclub 3d” is a liquid that contains components such as fipronil, etofenprox and pyriproxifene. The release of “rolf club 3d” is made in polymer pipette tubes with a volume of 0, 5 and 0, 8 ml. Such tubes “rolf club 3d” are offered to consumers in convenient blisters. The drug «rolf club 3d» is endowed with a powerful knockdown effect, which manifests itself within a few minutes after application. At the same time, the “rolf club 3d” has a repellent effect on flying bloodsucking insects.

Drops from fleas for kittens and adult animals called «Celandine» also confirmed their effectiveness in practice. Means «Celandine» is allowed to use for babies from 2 months. «Celandine» does not irritate the pet’s delicate skin, solving the problem delicately. Flea drops do not have an unpleasant odor; they are relatively safe for the health of fluffy. Biological product «Celandine» perfectly copes with both adult parasites and their larvae.

Application rules

Caring owners are interested in how to properly use drops. Any modern remedy for fleas is advised to be applied around the withers. Before you drip the selected drug on the coat, the pet must be weighed, since the dosage is taken from the calculation of the weight in kilograms. Before applying the product with a pipette, it is recommended to wash your hands with soap and water. If suddenly you feel an unpleasant tickling in your throat, drink some water.

Operating principle

Another important point is how cat flea drops from fleas work, and why are they so popular with buyers?

The parasites die already a day after the application of the drug, but it is best not to bathe the animal for 2 days. During this period, you also can not allow contact with the pet children.

In case of correct application, droplets from fleas will reliably protect the animal from parasites for another 1 to 2 months. For those Fuzzies who visit the street, repeated processing is obligatory. A few months after the application of any tool you need to clean the pet litter and the surface of the plinth.


Drops from fleas for cats are not advised to apply if your pet is pregnant, feeds offspring, and for babies under the age of 10 weeks. No matter how safe are the products produced in this form, veterinarians do not advise using them if the animal is sick, or when it recovers and comes to life after the disease.

The main advantages of liquid products

Drops against fleas have a number of advantages, which include:

  1. Convenience to use. The tool is produced in small ampoules or pipettes, which allows it to be applied to the pet’s skin without difficulty. Most of these drugs are divided into a single treatment.
  2. Security. Drops are designed for application to the withers, in a place inaccessible to the kitty, with the expectation that the pet will not be able to immediately lick off the poison from the skin. Even if the drug enters the cat’s body, it can only cause vomiting, loss of appetite for a short period of time, as tested insecticides that are safe for animals are added to the drops.
  3. Performance. The composition of flea drops allows you to quickly destroy parasitic insects. Treatment with the drug once relieves the cat from fleas for about 3 months. Drops paralyze pests for 24 hours to 2-4 days.
  4. Long lasting result. To prevent the pet from infecting with fleas, a liquid preparation is used every two months. All kinds of products provide long-term protection for the cat.

Protection of the animal from other ectoparasites:

  • Ixodic ticks,
  • Ear ticks,
  • Voyoedov,
  • Subcutaneous mites,
  • Scabies ticks.

Protection against the effects of flea bites, in particular against helminthic invasions.

Precautionary measures

When using drops you need to know that:

  1. Means can cause an allergic reaction, irritation of the skin, dermatitis. The pet may have an individual intolerance to one of the components of the drug.
  2. Many products are not allowed for the treatment of kittens or pregnant cats.
  3. Efficacy against fleas is longer than ticks. Given this fact, from spring to autumn it is better to buy drops against fleas and ticks.

The most common insecticides that are active substances in the composition of preparations from fleas for cats:

  1. Permethrin. This is a strong toxic substance that destroys the body — the pest system. For a pet, it is relatively safe, due to the fact that when it gets into the stomach it splits and does not penetrate into the bloodstream.
  2. Fipronil More modern insecticide, completely safe for cats. The substance enters the gastrointestinal tract of insects and after 8 hours paralyzes ectoparasites.
  3. Piriproxifen. It has a uniform effect on adult insects and larvae of the pest. The toxic substance inhibits the growth of larvae, helps to reduce the flea population.
  4. Ivermectin. A unique component that destroys fleas, lashing, ticks. The substance is dangerous and for the cat, so the drug, which includes such an ingredient, should be used with caution, strictly adhering to the dosage.

The use of drugs is allowed for kittens from 2 months. The components of liquid preparations against ectoparasites penetrate through the skin of the pet into the fat layer or into the blood, making cat blood toxic to insects. All insecticides have an unpleasant smell, from which fleas and other pests rush to get rid of and quickly leave the owner — the cat.

  • The drug quickly eliminates the cat from adults,
  • Deferred larvae in pet’s fur die,
  • Under the influence of the means, the hatched fleas quickly jump off the cat,
  • The use of the drug eliminates the likelihood of re-infection in contact with other carriers of parasites,
  • All ectoparasites are avoided from the pet’s skin treated with such agents.
  • Mite, falling on the treated skin of the cat can not infiltrate and disappears.

All insecticidal ectoparasites are harmless to animal and human, but disastrous for pests.

Instructions for use

Each drug is accompanied by instructions, according to the points of which the pet should be processed.

  1. Drops should be applied to the withers closer to the base of the skull. The hair in this area is pushed apart and the contents of the pipette are squeezed out onto the skin. Some treatments are recommended to be applied evenly along the cat’s spine. With this application of the drug should drip on the upper zone of the body so that the animal could not lick them.
  2. The washing procedure should be carried out a few days before and after treatment.
  3. Some products are recommended to rub into the skin in order to evenly distribute.
  4. After the procedure, the animal can not be combed for 5 days. If possible, it is better to avoid touching it with your hands so that toxic substances do not get into the human body through hands.
  5. When using, care must be taken to avoid contact with the ears, mouth, eyes and nose of the cat. In the event that this happens, you should rinse these places with water and immediately contact the veterinary clinic.
  6. If the animal is severely infected with fleas or ticks, treatment should be carried out outside the dwelling. In this case, you need to process and bed pet, as well as the whole house.

Safety regulations

Flea preparations for cats contain a small concentration of poison that is safe for the animal. There are cases when a cat licks heavily processed kittens. Insecticides cause nausea, vomiting, the pet can refuse to eat for 2-3 days, the weight can be reduced. But there is no danger to the life of a furry animal.

There may be situations when drops from the back> or> are licked by another kitten. The baby has symptoms similar to poisoning, and toxicosis develops. In this case, an urgent need to seek the help of a veterinarian.

Such agents can cause allergic reactions in humans. In order to avoid this reaction, the treatment must be done in rubber gloved hands.

If the pet owner has a cough, pain in the throat, you need to drink water, take a tablet of activated charcoal.

How to treat a pregnant cat?

It is not allowed to use ectoparasite drops for a pregnant cat. To cure a pregnant or lactating cat from parasites, apply an effective and most benign remedy.

Getting the pregnant cat free of bloodsucking insects before the kittens are born is an important task for the cat owner.

Newborn babies can be seriously affected by fleas, which cause them severe itching, and infection of the body with an unformed immune system with helminthic invasion can have undesirable consequences. Kittens infected with ectoparasites grow very weak and are stunted.

For a pregnant or nursing cat, you need to choose an anti-nodule remedy, taking into account the exclusion of even a small amount of the drug inside. The components of the drug are harmless to an adult pet, but rather negatively affect the process of pregnancy and can provoke a spontaneous miscarriage or abnormal development of the fetus.

For pregnant animals apply:

  • Flea collar,
  • Special flea shampoo,
  • Drops from fleas with a special purpose, after consultation with the veterinarian.

The first two tools do not affect the development of the unborn fetus. However, experts advise the use of a collar, as the procedure of bathing with the use of shampoo often causes stress in the cat, directly affecting the future offspring.

How to choose flea and tick drops?

The choice of means against ectoparasites should be made, given the factor of pregnancy, also on the basis of:

  1. Age of cat
  2. Weight and general condition of the pet.

You can choose a drug with a double action (from fleas and worms) without fear, since such a drug copes with these problems due to its composition.

Of all the proposed drugs the most popular cat owners are:

  • Advabteydzh (manufacturer — Bayer) Insecticidal agent designed to kill insects. The active element in it is imidacloprid. Used by applying on withers. First you need to make sure that there is no damage on the area of ​​application of the drug.


In the summer, our cat began to go out into the courtyard and probably got infected with fleas there. On the Internet, read about the drug Advabteydzh. I consulted with a veterinarian, he reassured that the tool was completely harmless to my fluffy. Put on the withers with a pipette and did not bathe for 5 days. Satisfied with the results!

  • Lawyer. Produced by Bayer. The main active ingredient is imidacloprid and moxidectin. Application — once a day, at the withers. За счет состава, разрешается применять и для котят после 2 месяцев.


Регулярно использую препарат Адвокат для обработки шерстки нашего кота. Был случай заражения, после чего с целью профилактики применяю средство через каждые два месяца. Блох нет, питомец свободно гуляет по квартире, общается с детьми.

  • Leopard. Effective means with the active ingredient fipronil, which allows you to fight all ectoparasites. The liquid preparation is applied by rubbing into the skin of the animal. The price of such drops is significantly lower than the above means.


Our kitten in 5 months was treated with the preparation Bars, after it appeared fleas. The procedure passed without side effects, but after 4 days there were no fleas, our cutie got rid of harmful insects.

  • Barrier. The main component of the tool is fipronil, it is used by rubbing. Designed for both cats and dogs. It is not recommended to use medicine for kittens.


Our cat itched, meowed, became nervous. After inspection, the fur found moving dots and immediately turned to a veterinary clinic. The doctor prescribed a remedy for fleas. I got acquainted with the basic requirements when using the drug and began to apply it. The cat recovered, as indicated, the action lasts for 1 month. Calm for your pet, because at hand is such a wonderful tool.

  • Hartz. A well-known brand, the effective substance of the drug is methoprene. It is applied along the spine of the cat. It is not allowed to use for kittens up to three months.


In the summer, we spent holidays in the countryside with the whole family. Kota took with them. The drug Hartz was used for prophylaxis, because before our Mars had fleas and ticks after village life. As always, it helped, rested without problems, an excellent drug!

  • Inspector. Used to destroy ticks and demodectic ticks, lashing-eagles, fleas and intestinal nematodes. Apply on withers. It is forbidden to use for kittens up to 7 weeks. Can be used for pregnant animals after consulting with a veterinarian, also for the purpose of prevention.


When I noticed the presence of fleas in my Lanushka confused. After all, she waited for posterity. I became interested in how to cure a pregnant cat from ectoparasites. All proposed non-drug means did not inspire confidence. The most effective, according to the owners of cats, are preparations from fleas for cats. A veterinarian recommended the use of the tool Inspector. With caution began to apply, the result was excellent, and the cat and the future kittens are not affected. Now use the tool for prevention. I advise!

Flea medicine for cats — which one to choose?

The assortment of pet stores offers a wide range of insecticidal and acaricidal agents, and it is not easy to decide which one is better. Universal Council in this case does not exist, but we have selected for you the most effective and modern preparations that have proven themselves in animal ownership.

What are the means of fleas for cats are?

All drugs are divided into several basic types of form: drops on withers, sprays, pills, flea collars. Each of them has its advantages. The easiest to use are the drops on the withers — they are easy to apply, and they usually have a complex effect. In fact, the option of drops on the withers are tablets for ingestion — the only difference is that the active substance enters the body through the gastrointestinal tract, and not through the skin. But in this and in the other case, the remedy still turns out to be in the blood of the animal, therefore there are no grounds for considering the tablets more “dangerous”.

Another option — collars, they are also quite comfortable, if the cat has nothing against such a «decoration», but, as a rule, if for the first time he causes objections, then the animals stop noticing him.

Sprays are also quite effective, but we must understand that their use is associated with the need to take additional precautions. First of all, try to treat the cat so that the tool does not fall into the eyes, evenly distributed on the coat. Sprays should not be sprayed indoors, so that the drug does not penetrate into the lungs, and also wash hands thoroughly if it gets on the skin.

Whatever means from fleas for cats you choose, and no matter how much the manufacturer praises them, remember that cats are individual. The fact that the ideal one, the other can cause an undesirable reaction.

The most popular flea medicine for cats

In this list you will find products that differ in active ingredients and the breadth of the spectrum of action. If your cat goes out, she will need protection not only from external, but also from internal parasites, simply, worms. Well, for those pets that are contained in the apartment, it is possible that such complex drugs will be superfluous. All modern insecticoacaricidal preparations possess not only preventive, but also therapeutic action, that is, not only do they prevent the parasites from settling, but also destroy those who are already well settled. All presented products have different active ingredients or their combinations. If you have already had a negative experience of using one of them, then, most likely, you are dealing with an individual reaction of your cat, and then you need to choose the remedy with another active substance next time.

“Broadline Spot-On” — drops on withers, active ingredients: fipronil, S-methoprene, eprinomectin and praziquantel. The most powerful drug, acts on 20 types of external and internal parasites. It is very important that it protects not only from the round ones, like most broad-spectrum means, but also tapeworms. That is, it practically protects against everything, the last generation tool, clinically established safety for cats from 7 weeks of age.

«Frontline Combo» — drops on withers, the active substance fipronil. Acts only on external parasites. It protects against fleas, including the killing of eggs and larvae — up to 6 weeks, from ticks — up to 4 weeks. Funds for fleas for cats on the basis of fipronil used for a long time. In large cities, where many domestic animals are regularly treated, it has been observed that ticks evolved and adapted to the action of fipronil. However, from fleas, and from «wild» ticks on nature is still effective, proven over the years of use and safe.

The “lawyer” — drops on withers, active ingredients — imidacloprid and moxidectin, is effective against fleas, round worms, fights larval and adult forms, also protects against ear mites and mosquito bites that carry dirofilariasis. Valid for a month. Not designed to protect against ticks!

«Stronghold» — drops on withers, the active ingredient — Selamectin, fights both fleas and roundworms, acting on both adults and immature forms of parasites, as well as ear mites and mosquitoes that carry dirofilariasis. Requires repeated processing monthly. Not designed to protect against ticks!

«Advantage» — drops on withers, the active ingredient — Imidacloprid, affect only fleas for 4 weeks.

«Inspector Total K» — drops on withers, active ingredients — fipronil, moxidektin.

“Comfortis” — pills, the active ingredient — spinosad, taken orally with food, acts on fleas for a month.

«Foresto» — collar, active ingredients — imidacloprid and flumetrin, acts on fleas and ixodic ticks for eight months.

“Bolfo” is a collar, the active ingredient is 2-isopropoxyphenyl methylcarbamato, 4 months for fleas, and 10 weeks for ticks.

«Beafar» — the collar, the active substance — tetrachlorvinphos, protects against fleas for up to 5 months, from ixodic ticks — up to 2.5 months.

«Frontline spray» — the most gentle form of protection, acts only on the surface of the coat, protects against fleas and ticks. Usually used as an additional means of protection in the period when there are a lot of parasites, or for very small and weak animals (kittens can be treated from two days of age), as well as pregnant and lactating. However, the effect of the drug quickly weakens, requires repeated treatments. In addition, it is very difficult to cover the body of the animal evenly — it is easy to leave the “Achilles heel”. The product is sprayed into the air, it smells rather sharply, it is better to carry out the treatment outdoors.

«Bars» — a remedy for fleas for cats. Special opinion

Additionally, I would like to say a few words about the Bars flea and tick remedy. Its main advantage is the low price, but we can not fail to note a large number of negative reviews on this drug. And under the fire of critics and drops on the withers, and collars. In animals, especially pedigree, often there is a local allergic reaction, in addition, according to reviews, the tool does not provide one hundred percent protection.

The latter can be explained by the fact that “Bars” uses fipronil — an active substance that has been used for a long time, which has only the disadvantage described in the description of the “Frontline Combo” preparation. But, in addition to fipronil, Barça also contains diflubenzuron and dicarboximide (MGK-264), perhaps it is these substances that cause individual intolerance.

In any case, we advise you to be wary of this drug, although, of course, there are many pets who have “Bars” as a remedy for fleas for cats have not caused any negative reactions.

Review of the best and most effective cat flea products

Fleas are one of the varieties of blood-sucking insects, which often appear in various domestic animals, including cats. In this case, parasites can occur even in an animal that does not walk on the street.

The reason for this can be dirt brought home on shoes, or stray animals settling in the stairwell and bringing there parasites on their fur.

Signs that a flea has appeared in a domestic cat may include the following factors:

  1. Changing the nature of the cat and its strange restless behavior, which can be expressed in combing certain places, too frequent and careful licking their own wool or riding in dusty places.
  2. Detection of small wounds, abrasions or scratching to the blood.
  3. Detect the very small insects that inhabit the cat’s fur.
  4. The fall from the wool of small grains of black or brown color, which are the products of vital activity of fleas. It is very easy to distinguish them from ordinary dirt, for this it is necessary to soak them in water and if the substance turns blood-red, then this is flea feces.

General recommendations

If a cat has been diagnosed with the appearance of fleas, then it is necessary to move as quickly as possible to combat them, today there are a large number of various means, preparations and methods for the destruction of this type of parasites.

However, regardless of the means chosen, there are a number of general recommendations with which it is necessary to become familiar before starting self-treatment of the animal:

  1. If several animals live in a house or on the same territory, then all of them are subject to treatment or prophylactic treatment, and not just the cat in which the parasites were found.
  2. A few days before the cat’s treatment and a few more days after it, it is undesirable to carry out any water procedures.
  3. The use of any special means for the destruction of fleas in pregnant or nursing cats, as well as small kittens, is allowed only after prior consultation and obtaining the appropriate permission from the veterinarian.
  4. The use of drugs intended for other species of animals may not only be ineffective, but also dangerous for the cat, so this practice must be abandoned.
  5. After external treatment, it is necessary to monitor the animal so that it does not lick the product from the coat for at least the next half hour.
  6. It is necessary not only to cure the cat, but it is also mandatory to process its place for sleeping and playing games.
  7. Before using any special equipment carefully read the instructions for use, which is attached to it. There are not only contraindications and rules of use, but also a safe dosage.
  8. After getting rid of parasites do not forget about preventive measures to minimize the risk of re-occurrence of fleas. First of all it concerns the cats with free access to the street space.
  9. The outer treatment of kitten hair is allowed only in cases when they have already been weaned from the mother.

Types of funds

Today, there is not only a wide range of flea products for certain types of animals, but also differing in the way they are used. Each species has its own individual characteristics, so they all need detailed consideration.

Shampoos are represented in the relevant segment of the market for quite a long time and for a long time were one of the main means for combating parasites, so they are still quite popular.

This is due largely to the following advantages:

  1. In addition to the anti-parasitic effect, they also have a positive effect on the condition of the coat, providing quality care.
  2. Shampoos are a tool with a fairly mild effect, so they are often recommended for breeding fleas in kittens weaned from the mother.
  3. The treatment is well tolerated by animals with sensitive skin and hair, as well as acutely reacting to chemical exposure.

If such a method of removing parasites was chosen, then it is necessary to carefully monitor that the product does not fall into the ears or on any mucous membranes.

There is only one significant flaw in antiparasitic shampoos — they effectively destroy fleas, but they are not able to prevent their possible occurrence, and therefore are absolutely not suitable for preventive measures.

In some cases, powder antiparasitic drugs are indispensable assistants in breeding fleas, mainly due to the following significant advantages:

  1. Most varieties are not contraindicated in kittens that have already reached one month of age and were weaned from the cat.
  2. They are actually the only remedy that can be used for breeding fleas in adult animals during pregnancy.
  3. Powders are quite easy to use.

However, there are powder remedies and some negative aspects, which for the most part consist in side effects:

  1. Possible increased dryness of the coat after application.
  2. There is a risk of an allergic reaction or irritation of the mucous membranes, as well as the respiratory tract after application.

Special anti-parasitic collars are another fairly well-known and popular device. The leading positions of these funds in the market are provided not only by a high degree of efficiency, but also by ease of use. The owner of the animal just needs to put the collar on his pet, after which he will begin to act.

However, if this particular version of flea control was chosen, it is necessary to remember about some features of this technique:

  1. It has a preventive effect, preventing or reducing the likelihood of fleas, this property of collars is especially useful for animals that often go on street walks or live in the yard.
  2. Different models of collars have a different period during which the animal can wear a collar. The term usually varies in the range of 2-7 months.
  3. Special accessories for kittens are produced, but it is important to know that they are not allowed to use if the pet has not yet reached the age of three months.
  4. In hot weather, it is best to abandon the use of the collar, if there is no urgent need for it, since due to similar weather conditions, irritation may occur at the place where the fur touches the device, which will cause molting.
  5. Some collars have a specific smell, which may not be particularly pleasant, it is best to know about this even before making a purchase.
  6. It is necessary to choose the collar correctly in size and fix it securely on the animal, and then look at its reaction and the process of adaptation to the device. Some cats do not tolerate collars and may try to remove them, unsuccessful attempts lead to the risk of various injuries.
  7. Insecticides with which the manufacturer infiltrates the collars, gradually begin to fizzle out and lose their abilities immediately after opening the package, so it will be necessary to put the device on the cat as soon as possible.

Drops appeared on the market a little later shampoos and collars of anti-parasitic effects, but rather quickly became a very popular means. This is due primarily to ease of use and a high level of security, since there is always the possibility to put the drug in the most inaccessible place on the body of the animal, from where the cat will not be able to lick the product.

There are several features of the use of drugs of this type:

  1. Application is possible both in order to get rid of existing parasites, and as a preventive measure.
  2. It is recommended to put drops on the withers of the animal, since this is a place to which the animal does not have access, and it will not lick the preparation.
  3. В основу большинства современных капель входит перметрин, ивермектин, фипронил или пирипроксифен. Это безопасные для теплокровных существ разновидности инсектицидов, особенно предпочтительными являются препараты на основе ивермектина, поскольку он является универсальным веществом, которое помимо блох позволяет уничтожать клещей и иных паразитов.
  4. Drops should be rubbed into the wool as carefully as possible since most of them have a strong odor, this can additionally provoke the cat to try to wipe them off with its tongue or paws.
  5. Sometimes a manifestation of an allergic reaction is possible, so most varieties of drops are contraindicated for kittens of any age, pregnant or lactating cats.

Sprays are another type of antiparasitic agents, but they must be used very carefully, taking into account the following features of the use of aerosols:

  1. The main components of the vast majority of sprays are organic chlorine compounds, such as dichlorvos or karbofos. Therefore, it is necessary to use the aerosol carefully so as not to cause poisoning in yourself or your pet.
  2. When applying the product to a cat, it is recommended to wear a special protective collar to it, it can be removed after 5-30 minutes after the treatment is completed, in order to prevent the likelihood the animal will lick the preparation from its coat.
  3. The dose of the drug depends on the length of the coat of a particular animal. The longer it is, the more aerosols will need to be sprayed for the high-quality and effective elimination of parasites. Detailed information about the dosage is always available in the instructions, so it must be carefully studied before using aerosols.
  4. If possible, it is recommended to use other types of anti-flea products in pets, and apply sprays to the treatment of bedding and various resting places and frequent stays of the animal.

Tablets and shots

Tablet preparations and subcutaneous injections are another effective method of flea disposal. However, today they are not as popular and common as other methods of combating parasites.

This is mainly due to the fact that not all pet owners can self-inject them, and pills against fleas have appeared on the market relatively recently and many people use more familiar means.

When choosing a cat treatment option, you need to know some of its features:

  1. It is recommended to choose drugs based on luferon, since they not only kill adults, but also the larvae of parasites. Such means are presented both in the form of tablets and in the form of solutions for the implementation of injections.
  2. The main advantage of most drugs is their ability not only to rid the cat of fleas, but also to protect it for a certain period from possible relapses.
  3. The main disadvantage with the use of pills is the fact that it takes at least 2-3 weeks for the drug to reach a therapeutic dose in the blood.
  4. The use of drugs in tablet form usually does not cause difficulties, since modern manufacturers give them the aroma of cat treats. However, it is recommended to combine the medication and food intake, because in this case the remedy for parasites will be absorbed faster and will begin to act.

Folk remedies

Not only store products have proven their high efficiency, there are also a large number of folk remedies that also allow you to get rid of fleas.

The following are some similar methods:

  1. Prepare the brine, the approximate proportions are — about 50 grams. salt for every liter of water. The cat must be held in such a solution for about 5 minutes, but it must be done carefully so that the liquid does not get on the mucous membranes.
  2. Prepare about 700 ml of garlic solution using 7 cloves of garlic. Ready tool rubbed withers of the animal.
  3. Mix tansy and wormwood in the same proportions, brew these herbs. The resulting solution is also rubbed into the withers.
  4. In a place where the cat usually sleeps and rests, put a specially made pillow, which consists of wormwood and pine sawdust, such a measure should quickly scare off all the parasites.

Criterias of choice

Before acquiring funds for parasites, regardless of its type, it is necessary to consider the following factors influencing the choice:

  1. Age, state of health and physiological condition of the animal.
  2. Wool color because drops can change it.
  3. The individual characteristics of the pet and its ability to carry a variety of drugs.
  4. The purpose of the treatment, which may be treatment of fleas or preventive measures.
  5. The degree of defeat fleas and the complexity of the situation.
  6. Having contact with other animals in the cat, which can lick off its outer coat.

Review of best effective means

In order to make it easier to navigate in a wide range of modern tools, below is a detailed overview of the most effective drugs that have managed to prove themselves from the most positive side:

  1. Beapher drops are a fairly well-known Dutch product, one of the current market leaders. The validity of the drops is one month. There are various types of the drug, which are specifically designed for healthy and weak animals, young kittens, pregnant and lactating cats. Depending on the chosen means the price is 100-150 rubles.
  2. Insecto-acaricidal drops “Bars” are one of the most popular means of domestic production. The main advantage is the absolute safety means for cats, as well as its versatility, in addition to fleas, it will help remove ticks and other parasites. The cost is only about 50-70 rubles.
  3. Hartz collars are the most effective device of this type. Moreover, they are able to protect a pet from fleas for 6-7 months, which is very rare for anti-parasitic collars. The price is quite high — 500 rubles, but as long as Hartz will act, several analogs from other manufacturers will have time to completely exhausted.
  4. Bolfo collars are inferior only to Hartz in terms of service life and efficiency, they last for 4-5 months, but they have another important advantage — these devices are suitable for kittens from 2 months on. The approximate cost is 200-250 rubles.
  5. Shampoo for cats Mr. Kiss from the famous Swiss manufacturer will not only get rid of blood-sucking parasites, but also have a positive effect on the condition of the skin and coat. Available in bottles of 200 ml, the approximate cost is 150-180 rubles.
  6. Hartz Spray is not only effective, but also a safe tool that does not cause an allergic reaction and is shown to kittens from two months of age, and also destroys flea eggs. The approximate cost of funds is 800-860 rubles.
  7. The tool «Broadline Spot-On» is one of the modern developments, which is applied externally and protects the animal for several months from 22 different types of parasites. There is a built-in dispenser that will help calculate the amount of the drug. The price is 900-1700 rubles, depending on the volume.
  8. Tablets «Comfortis» are potent means, which is distinguished by its uniqueness, because it can be given to dogs. The main advantage — fleas die within half an hour, so they do not have time to lay new eggs. The price of the drug is about 600 rubles.
  9. Advantage antiparasitic drops have been on sale for a long time and have managed to positively recommend themselves. The tool is notable for its efficiency, besides, it is not necessary for them to process the whole animal; it is enough to wet one point on its body. You can buy the tool for 150-170 rubles.
  10. Drops «Frontline Combo» are used to destroy different types of parasites, as well as for the treatment of ear scabies. A distinctive feature of the drug is the change in coat color at the application sites, therefore it is not suitable for the treatment of show pets. The price is 850-900 rubles.


In order to prevent the appearance of fleas in the domestic cat, it is recommended to take the following preventive measures:

  1. The destruction of parasites in the house and the surrounding area, if the cat has access there.
  2. The use of antiparasitic prophylactic drugs that have a long duration.

Reviews of different tools

Below are the opinions of people about some of the tools that they managed to try to protect their pets from parasites:

  1. Victoria: “I live in the countryside, and my cat often walks down the street, so the problem of fleas is very important for us. I got the drops “Bars”, but a few days after the treatment of the wool, I still found parasites. Then it turned out that they, it turns out, need to be rubbed, and not just dripped, besides, the cat often mooc during walks, apparently, the tool was washed off. After I started using them with this information, the fleas really disappeared. ”
  2. Anna: “If there are fleas, then only complex measures help us. For the destruction of the parasites themselves, we use Beapher drops, for the treatment of places where the cat is often found, sprays are used, and for protection for even a certain period — collars. Only in this way can you get rid of parasites for a whole year. «

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Choosing a good flea medicine for cats

Parasites living in cat hair bring many problems to animals and their breeders, so it is important to know which cat flea medicine will help you quickly and effectively remove them. Detect pests in your pet can even owners who do not release it on the street and carefully monitor its hygiene. Infection of a cat is possible from the larvae that we bring home on shoes, fleas can get into the house from the street or from the basements.

Pests cause great suffering to animals, piercing the skin, they admit saliva into the wound, which can cause allergies. In cats, severe itching begins, it itches actively, damaging the skin, resulting in dermatitis and abundant hair loss. Fleas can also provoke inflammation of the eyes and nose, otitis, and more serious infectious diseases of which they are carriers.

These parasites are especially dangerous for kittens, babies lose weight rapidly, they develop anemia and can die without human intervention. These insects multiply rapidly, are capable of spreading over the whole dwelling in a short time and then not only animals, but also people will suffer from their bites. It turns out that an effective remedy for fleas is the same necessary component in the care of a pet, as well as high-quality food.

What are the types of drugs

Means of control of fleas today are represented by a wide range. They are divided into different forms of release and differ in how they are used.

  • Insecticide drops on withers

They are the best way for an adult and healthy cat. Such drops are easy to use and practically harmless to the animal; after application, they are gradually distributed throughout the body and protect against insects for a long time. To drip these preparations from fleas it is necessary to the place which the cat cannot lick. The downside is the individual intolerance of the components of the droplets to animals and allergic reactions. If the cat itches after the drops, you need to wash it from them and consult a doctor.

The most effective means. To combat parasites, you must either spray the animal, or put it on your hands and stroke the cat. The lack of these funds in high toxicity. During their use it is necessary to strictly adhere to the recommended safety measures, animals have a high risk of side effects, therefore, these drugs have many contraindications to use.

Also, a significant disadvantage of aerosols is that it is quite problematic to spray them, without hitting the eyes and ears, after treatment the animal will lick, and this may be followed by cat poisoning. Their use is advisable if the pet is severely infected.

One of the safest and softest pest control products. They can be used when the parasites on the animal a bit, as well as before further application of the drops on the withers. Shampoos are suitable for treating small kittens. In their composition there are components caring for the fur of a cat. The disadvantage of this tool is a short-term effect and the fact that they are not suitable for prevention.

They are more likely to be prophylactic agents. They should be used after removing pests with shampoo to prevent re-infection. This is especially true for cats walking on the street. The action of the collars is limited in time, since the substances with which they are impregnated gradually evaporate. Also, they are not suitable for pregnant and lactating cats.

A good remedy for fleas in cats. The main active ingredient in them is lufenuron, capable of destroying chitinous cover, therefore not only adult parasites are exterminated, but also their eggs. Injections are used for prevention. One injection lasts six months. If pests are found in a pet, then pills are used and they poison the pumped fleas when they get into the blood of the animal.

You should not give the pills on your own, as they may cause allergies and the dosage must be correctly calculated, therefore, a preliminary consultation with a veterinarian is necessary. Also, the pills are not suitable kittens.

Safe tool for kittens and adult cats, almost do not cause allergic reactions and other side effects. To get the result, rub the body of the animal and the fleas will die. But there are downsides in the form of drug particles scattering throughout the house. Today, the stores have products brands Hartz, Puldis, Fluff, Puss. Folk remedies are also safe for animals, but they are significantly inferior in efficiency to chemical preparations and require repeated treatment to obtain the desired result.

It is also important to take into account that many insecticidal agents, which are included in flea and tick remedies, dry the skin of a cat, therefore it is undesirable to use them for breeds with particularly sensitive and delicate skin.

How to clean a house from fleas?

Pet owners need to know how to properly clean premises from harmful insects after pet processing, in order to destroy them completely, also to prevent recurrence of ectoparasites.

It is necessary to make general cleaning in the whole apartment:

  1. Wash bedding, curtains. Upholstered furniture should be cleaned with a wet wash with special products. The toys are treated, and the place where the pet sleeps.
  2. Need to clean carpets and furniture. Especially carefully it is necessary to process rugs in front of the entrance and to the bathroom. After collected garbage must be put in a hermetic bag and thrown into the trash can, so that the fleas do not have time to return home.
  3. Floors must be cleaned with bleach. Carefully wash the corners, baseboards and areas under the furniture.
  4. Heavily soiled mattress, best filled with insects and their larvae on which the cat sleeps. This will save both manpower and money. After all, the new mattress is much cheaper than the treatment of a pet.
  5. Wash all outdoor shoes, as with footwear any ectoparasites can penetrate into the house.

If the measures taken are not sufficient to completely get rid of pests, the room is disinfected by special means, at a professional level.

Flea drops for cats have many advantages, the most important of which is their easy and safe use. Such means can be used as preventive means, protecting your pet from parasitic infections and their consequences.

Overview of cat flea and tick products

Fleas, mites are blood-sucking insects that in the adult stage (imago) parasitize on domestic animals. The bite of an ectoparasite leads to the development of an allergic reaction: the cat experiences severe itching, combing the skin, which causes dermatitis of various kinds.

In addition, the massive accumulation of blood-eating ectoparasites on the cat for a long time leads to

  • progressive exhaustion,
  • anemia,
  • alopecia (alopecia),
  • deterioration of wool quality
  • reduce overall resistance and immunity.

In order to avoid all these problems, it is necessary to carry out periodic disinsection for the prevention and treatment of entomosis.

Ways of deliverance

To combat any insects, including cat ticks and fleas, special preparations were created, which are used in the form of:

  • dust based on karbofos, chlorophos, pyrethrum, etc.
  • shampoo — the active ingredient in its composition is permethrin,
  • aerosol,
  • tablets,
  • injections,
  • concentrated emulsions — usually these are Stop On drops, that is, for direct application to the skin,
  • collars soaked in insecticide solution.

The basis of each of these funds includes chemical compounds, which are divided into four large groups:

  • organophosphate,
  • organochlorine,
  • carbamate,
  • inorganic origin.

By type of impact on insects, there is also a division:

  1. sexually mature fleas,
  2. destroy larvae
  3. Imago’s destructive eggs.

Попробуем разобраться во всем этом разнообразии инсектицидных препаратов.

Капли против блох и клещей для кошек

Этот вариант лечения и профилактики считается наиболее безопасным в плане токсичности для домашних питомцев. Обычно в качестве действующего начала используют эмульсии на основе фипронила, перметрина или фентиона. Препарат наносится на кожу холки таким образом, чтобы кошка не имела возможности его слизать до тех пор, пока он полностью не впитается.

After treatment, the animal can be bathed (but not earlier than two days after application) — the therapeutic and prophylactic effect of water procedures is not reduced.

Most often on the shelves of Russian veterinary pharmacies there are drops of the following companies:

Celandine (active ingredient fipronil and permethrin). It is completely incomprehensible why the manufacturer decided to combine two insecticides in one preparation? Apparently for greater efficiency.

The leopard (based on permethrin) is notable for its particular non-toxicity for cats. The active ingredient accumulates in the subcutaneous blood vessels. Any attempt at a flea to bite an animal leads to a violation of the neuromuscular conduction of the insect, which leads to its death.

Frontline, or Frontline, (active ingredient fipronil) — works against both fleas and ear mites.

Hartz (Hartz) includes a rather aggressive insecticidal drug metropen, which is contraindicated in kittens for up to three months, as well as in a weak and exhausted animal. It is not advisable to use it for pregnant and lactating cats.

The barrier (consisting of fipronil) insecticidal period of work for about two months, after which the drops again applied to the skin.

Advantage (imidocloprid), its active ingredient, unlike other insecticides, does not possess teratogenic, mutagenic, carcinogenic, allergenic, sensitizing properties.

The manufacturer claims that their drops are absolutely harmless even for sick, weakened cats, although some sources suggest otherwise. One of the drawbacks of this drug is sensitivity to washing a cat with shampoo: after bathing, the pet will have to be processed again.

Anti-flea shampoos

They are used as an emergency aid for cats with a high degree of infection, as well as for animals suffering from hypersensitivity to chemistry and kittens of one month of age.

In fact, there are a lot of means to try to list them, it is important to understand that permethrin is the basis of almost every means.

The obvious advantage of using shampoo is the ability not only to get rid of parasites, but also to care for the cat’s hair.

Anti-flea shampoos only get rid of existing insects, but do not protect against a new attack.

Cat Flea Sprays

Insecticidal spray on the assurance of many practicing veterinarians the most effective means of instantly getting rid of any parasitic insects: fleas, ticks, lice, lashes, etc.

When treating a cat with a spray, it is necessary to take maximum care not to damage the health of the animal, as well as to monitor its own safety — you can get a serious poisoning.

During application, a protective collar is put on the cat, which is left on the pet for five minutes to half an hour to prevent the drug from licking. Keep in mind that for cats with long hair the amount of aerosol may need a little more.

By and large, it is better to use sprays not for treating pets, but for destroying insects in the room and resting areas of the animal (bedding, sofas and chairs).

The most popular brands are: Front Line, Hartz, Bars, Celandine and others.

Serve to prevent re-infection. They are a polymeric material impregnated with insecticide (permethrin, dichlorfos, diazinon, propoxur, sevine).

This method of protecting cats from fleas and ticks is one of the safest. The fact is that the doses of insecticide, in principle, cannot be harmful to health, but at the same time they have a paralyzing effect on the nervous system of insects.

With prolonged wear, the skin in the neck area is checked for irritation and degree of pressure, so that the cat does not experience discomfort. It should be remembered that the drug reads “dry out” from the collar immediately after opening the package, so do not pull it on the animal with it.

Again, the release of this therapeutic and prophylactic accessory engaged already known to us the company, voiced above. Judging by the reviews of cat owners, Hartz collars that protect a pet for 7 months are very popular.

Injections and pills

In fact, injecting drugs are not so often used in domestic animals due to the difficulty of their independent use — rarely anyone of the owners is able to give a subcutaneous injection to a pet.

One of the best injecting insecticides is lufenuron-based products (produced by Novartis, Program) and ivermectin, which inhibit the development of chitin and the formation of insects.

These substances are able to protect the animal from the onslaught of fleas and ticks for up to six months, in addition, they also have a healing property.

Lufenuron is used for treatment and in pill form. The active principle, absorbed through the mucous membrane of the small intestine, accumulates in the adipose tissue, gradually released, getting into the blood.

One of the drawbacks of the tablet form is the long-term achievement of therapeutic doses in the blood (usually it takes at least three weeks). In this case, the drug is only a month.

What to choose?

When choosing a drug for treating cats harmful insects is guided by simple rules:

  • the degree of pet damage by ectoparasites,
  • objectives: treatment or prevention,
  • Peculiarities of the pet — hypersensitivity to the drug, individual intolerance, age, etc. So for cats with light wool, participating in exhibitions, it is not recommended to use drops, as this may affect the color, making it dirty yellow and untidy,
  • physiological state — some products are strictly prohibited for use in small kittens, pregnant, old, exhausted cats, animals under stress or in the process of postoperative rehabilitation.

Usually, they consult with a practitioner before buying, but if there is no one nearby, then the best way not to harm the pet is to carefully study the instructions, where all recommendations for use are mandatory: age, dosage, method of use.

It is important to pay attention to the duration of the action of the drug in order not to miss repeated processing and to prevent the cat from infecting with dangerous insects.

Preparations from fleas and ticks for cats

Cats in ancient Egypt were popular pets. With their purring, they calm, give joy and a lot of positive emotions, so it is very important to monitor the health of your pet, noticing and eliminating problems in time.

A common flea can cause a number of diseases — helminthiasis, dermatitis, infectious anemia, and others. Once inside the house, the parasites lay eggs that persist for a year.

There are many ways to protect a pet: you can buy a flea collar for a cat or an effective spray, and maybe a drop on the withers. However, first things first.

Drops from fleas and ticks are easy to use: they are applied to the skin of the neck between the shoulder blades. Choosing them, you should consider the lifestyle of the cat.
If there is one cat in your family and she is always at home, Advantage drops will be the best choice.

For those who like to spend time outside, you need absolute protection from other parasites. In this case, it is better to purchase drops of Stronghold, Inspector, Advocate, Gelmintal Spot-on, or Broadline.

If you want to protect your pet as much as possible for a long time, you should buy a collar from ticks for cats. This is especially important if the animal spends much time on the street or if you do not always have the opportunity to use drops.

Collars provide comprehensive protection for a period of 4 (Bars, Beafar Bio) to 6 months (Beafar).

Sprays are indispensable not only for prevention, but also for treatment. Thanks to them, you can get rid of eggs and larvae that are in the room.

Sprays are the safest drug that can treat even a kitten at the age of six to eight weeks. Some brands (“Front Line”, “Fiprist”) are recommended for use from the first days of life.

Shampoo Lugovoy from fleas

Insecticide zoohampun «Lugovoi» with an exotic camera, calendula, mother-and-matche.

  • It is highly effective against block.
  • The hair is beautiful and unwilling, nourishing and restoring them.
  • PH value is beneficial for skin.
  • Give your pet a cleaner, apply the shampun, carefully dilute until the foam has formed, and after 3-4 minutes, wash it with water.
  • Avoid touching the eyes and ears of the shampun.

Faithful friend shampoo for long-haired cats, flea repellent

The “True Friend” shampoo with herbal extracts and tea tree oil to care for the skin and hair of long-haired cats with a scaring effect from fleas and ticks has a detergent and antistatic effect, stimulates metabolic processes in the skin and hair follicles, eliminates itching and irritation, scares off fleas and ticks.

It makes combing easier and prevents tangling of wool, makes wool silky and shiny. Phytoncides of essential oils, which are contained in extracts of lavender, wormwood and chamomile, protect the animal from the attack of fleas and ticks.

Nettle and hop extracts have an anti-inflammatory effect, tea and almond essential oils restore brittle and dry wool, prevent dandruff and itching.

Washing components and air conditioners significantly reduce the entanglement of wool and the formation of mats. Give wool perfect purity, natural elasticity, silkiness and shine. It has high foaming in water of any hardness.

Designed for frequent use. Economical. After shampooing, the skin becomes clean without dandruff, and the hair is silky, shiny and elastic with a pleasant smell of freshness.

Spread evenly over the entire surface of the body with massaging movements until foaming, avoiding eye contact. For best results, leave the shampoo on the coat for 3 minutes. After that, the shampoo is washed off with warm water.

Wool dry with a towel, dried with a hairdryer and combed. In case of severe contamination, the procedure is repeated.

  1. The shampoo is designed to care for the skin and hair of long-haired cats. Active substances — surface-active substances, plant extracts: lavender, wormwood, chamomile, nettle, hop), essential oils: tea tree, almond. Excipients: purified water, citric acid, perfume, preservative.
  2. Shampoo is a homogeneous transparent gel light yellow color or slightly opalysiruyuschuyu liquid with a faint aromatic odor.
  3. The tool is available in plastic bottles with screw caps.

Volume 300 ml. Shelf life — 2 years. Store means in the closed original packing in the dry, aired room at a temperature of 4-28ºС.

  • Scares off fleas and ticks,
  • Relieves skin inflammation,
  • Removes dandruff and itching
  • It gives wool a healthy look,
  • With high foaming.

Advantage drops

Advantage — an insecticidal drug for fleas, lice, lashes. Designed for cats over 10 weeks of age weighing less than 4 kg. Validity — 4 weeks

Indications for use: Advantage is used to kill insects (fleas, lice, lashing jaws) parasitizing cats, providing a protective effect against insects for 4 weeks after a single treatment of the animal.

Application: Advantage can be applied to kittens older than 10 weeks of age. Treatment of pregnant and lactating females, if necessary, should be carried out with caution under the supervision of a veterinarian.

After applying the drug to the skin, Imidacloprid is gradually distributed over the entire surface of the body and accumulates in the epidermis, hair follicles and sebaceous glands of the animal, providing a long-lasting (up to 4 weeks) insecticidal action.

It is not recommended to bathe and iron the animal at the site of application of the drug until the site of application becomes dry.

Mechanism of action: The mechanism of action of imidacloprid is based on interaction with acetylcholine receptors of arthropods and impaired transmission of nerve impulses, which causes the death of insects.

Contraindications: Side effects and complications when using the drug in accordance with this instruction, as a rule, are not observed.

In rare cases, after the use of the drug in some animals, individual skin reactions (redness, itching) are possible, which spontaneously disappear within 1-4 days and do not require the use of drugs.

Accidental licking of the drug to animals can cause salivation as the drug is bitter in taste, which is not a sign of poisoning and spontaneously passes after a few minutes.

Storage conditions: The shelf life of the drug under storage conditions is 5 years from the date of manufacture.

Beaphar flea and tick collar

BEAPHAR collars are used for animals older than 6 months of age for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, with entomoses (fleas, lice, lashes), cheyletiosis and ixodic ticks.

Release form and composition. PVC tape in different colors, with retainer and notches, which contribute to instant stretching of the collar and the rapid release of the animal.

Active ingredient: dimpilat (diazinon) — 15% Auxiliary substances: a mixture of polyvinyl chloride «C naturel» — 82.1%, epoxidized soybean oil — 1.4%, barium laurate — 0.6%, mint oil — 0.8%, dye rusprintex (E153) or erythrosine L (E127) — 0.1%.

Let out 35 cm long in hermetically closed polymeric package placed in a cardboard box with the instruction for application.

Pharmacological properties. Insektoakaritsidny preparation. Dimpilatus (diazinon), which is part of the collar, standing out from the surface of the tape, is transferred to the animal’s skin and its perusomestromus (Ctenocephalides canis, Ctenocephalides felis), lice (Linognath churus and aesthetosceals canis, Ctenocephalides felis), lice (linognathus) and the churus, a part of the human body, a part of the human body, a part of the body. Trichodectes canis) and Ixodes ticks, parasitic on dogs and cats.

Indications for use. For the destruction of fleas, lice, jaws and ticks in cats and kittens over 6 months of age.

Method of application and dosage. After opening the package, the collar is unrolled and put on the animal, adjusting in size so that there is a gap of 1.0-1.5 cm between the animal’s neck and the collar, then fix it with a clamp, and the excess tape is cut off.

In the first days of the use of the collar, the attack and attachment of ticks to the animal is possible, but after 2-3 days the parasites spontaneously disappear.

If the animal is infected with insects before use, it is advisable to wash the animal with a insecticidal shampoo, and treat the litter with an insecticidal agent in accordance with the instructions for use.

Side Effects: As a rule, there are no side effects or complications when using the drug in accordance with the instructions.

In case of increased individual sensitivity of the animal to diazinon, individual reactions are possible: excessive salivation, tearing, signs of skin irritation.

Contraindications. The use of a collar is prohibited:

  • infectious diseases and recovering animals,
  • Lactating and pregnant cats,
  • kittens younger than 6 months of age.

Special instructions: Do not use other insecticoacaricidal agents at the same time. Beafar dog collar insecticoacaricidal for cats is not intended for use by productive animals.

Personal preventive measures: When working with the drug Beafar collar insectoacaricidal for cats, you must follow the general rules of personal hygiene and safety, provided for when working with drugs.

While working with the drug is not allowed to smoke, drink and eat. At the end of the work, wash your hands with warm water and detergent.

The owner of the animal in the presence of cuts and abrasions in the hands during the manipulation of the collar should use rubber gloves. An animal with a collar should not be allowed in small children, especially infants.

In case of accidental contact of the drug with the skin or mucous membranes of the eyes, they must be washed with plenty of water. People with hypersensitivity to the drug should avoid direct contact with the collar.

In the event of an allergic reaction or in case of accidental ingestion of the drug in the human body, you should immediately contact a medical institution (you should have the instructions for use of the drug or a label with you).

The shelf life when storage conditions are observed is 4 years from the date of production.

The most popular flea drops

Drops from fleas are a good tool for both the prevention and the destruction of existing insects. The most popular are:

  • Stronghold — the most famous among the owners of cats, poisoning adult pests and are valid for four weeks, packing is enough for the entire summer period.
  • Hartz — suitable for the treatment of kittens from three months of age, their action lasts for a month. Cannot be used for pregnant, lactating and weak cats.
  • Адвантейдж — отличаются влагостойкостью, можно лечить котят с двухмесячного возраста, также возможно использовать для обработки больных и беременных кошек под наблюдением ветеринара.
  • Frontline — хорошо зарекомендовавший себя за длительное время препарат, можно применять с двухмесячного возраста животного, после нанесения начинает действовать в течение суток и защищает кошку около трех недель.
  • Bars — also showed effectiveness in use, allowed for use from ten days of age, after treatment, the drug is absorbed into the bloodstream and poison the parasites through it, last two months.
  • Inspector — a highly effective drug that kills 14 types of external and internal parasites, acts almost instantly and protects the cat for two months. Permitted to use for animals weighing more than 4 kg. Does not harm pregnant and lactating females.

Leopard. Drops

Composition: Fipronil, auxiliary components

Pharmacological properties. Fipronil, which is part of the drug, has a pronounced systemic and contact insectoacaricidal effect on lice, fleas, hairy tongs, ixodic and sarcoptoid ticks, parasitic on dogs and cats. The drug in dermal application accumulates in the epidermis and sebaceous glands of the animal.

Indications for use. Insecticoacaricidal Bars drops are used in dogs and cats for entomoses, sarkoptosis, notohedrosis and ixodic ticks.

Contraindications. Increased individual sensitivity of animals to permethrin. Pregnant women, lactating women, patients with infectious diseases and convalescent animals, puppies and kittens up to 10 weeks of age, as well as dogs weighing less than 2 kg are not subject to treatment.

Side effects When using the drug according to the instructions, side effects and complications are not observed. With increased individual sensitivity to permethrin, allergic reactions may occur, in which case the drug should be washed off with shampoo water.

Doses and method of use. With entomoses, sarcoptes dogs and cat notoedrosis, the preparation is applied, spreading the hair, onto the skin at several points inaccessible to animals for licking: in the back area between the shoulder blades or in the neck at the base of the head, in the doses indicated in the table.

Doses and method of use

Repeated treatments are carried out according to indications, but not more than 1 time per month. In order to prevent re-infestation with fleas, animals are replaced with bedding or they are treated with the Bars insecticide spray (based on 4 presses on the spray head — per 1 m2 of the treated surface).

To destroy ticks on the body of an animal, a drug in the amount of 1 drop is applied to the tick and the place of its attachment to the skin. If within 20-30 minutes the tick does not spontaneously disappear, then it is gently pulled out of the body with tweezers and destroyed.

Special instructions. Animals should not be washed with shampoo 48 hours before processing and for 3 days after it.

Storage. Store the preparation in a place protected from light and moisture, inaccessible to children and animals, separately from food and feed, at a temperature of from 0 to 30 ° C.

Popular aerosols

Among this type of funds the most popular:

  • Spray from fleas Harts — differs by low toxicity, therefore it is allowed for use for kittens from the age of two months. Rarely causes allergies and shows high efficiency against adult parasites, instantly destroying them and protecting the animal during the week after treatment.
  • Frontline is the best means of analogs in terms of safety for the animal, it is possible to use it for kittens of two days of age and nursing cats. Thanks to the convenient design of the bottle, you can dispense a portion of the applied drug. It begins to act immediately after treatment and retains its effectiveness for forty days.
  • Bars — has a broad spectrum of activity and is suitable for most skin pests. Kittens can be processed from eight weeks. It acts immediately after application and causes a massive death of insects. Reapplication may take no earlier than four weeks.

Flea shampoos

If the question arises how to poison fleas in cats that are sensitive to chemistry, with delicate hair and skin, as well as kittens of a month of age, then the shampoo in this case will be a suitable tool. When applied, a cat is put in a bath, its wool is moistened abundantly and lathered by means, kept for several minutes and washed off thoroughly. It is important that the shampoo does not get into the eyes, ears, nose and mouth of the animal. If the choice fell on a flea shampoo, the instruction is required to study, as some nuances and features of its use are possible.

The most popular shampoos are:

  • Mr. Kiss — in addition to getting rid of fleas, provides care for the hair and moisturize the skin. Good for caring for Angora, Persian cats, Meikuns and Bobtails. Allowed for kittens monthly age.
  • Rolf Club is a more effective, but less delicate tool, allowed for use for kittens over two months of age.
  • Bars — effectively eliminates pests after the first use, gently cleanses the fur and makes it easy to comb, for kittens it is applied from one month of age.
  • Phytoelite — has a neuroparalytic effect on fleas, their mass death occurs only five minutes after the treatment of the animal.
  • Meadow — contains extracts of herbs, therefore, in addition to the antiparasitic action, promotes the regeneration of damaged skin and cat hair.

Flea collars

Flea collars are able to protect a cat for 2-7 months, how much to wear a collar from a specific manufacturer can be found in the instructions for use. In order to understand whether a collar helps against fleas to cats, it is important to know the principle of its action: it is saturated with a large amount of insecticidal substance that frightens off pests with its strong odor and is constantly present in small quantities on the animal’s body, poisoning any insect that bites it.

All substances that are used in collars are safe for warm-blooded creatures, so the question whether the cat can poison the collar will be a negative answer, which is a significant advantage of this tool.

When using a collar, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the hair and skin on the pet’s neck, since allergic reactions and dermatitis are not excluded.

The most popular manufacturers are:

  • Hartz is one of the most effective, its service life is more than seven months after opening the package, which is very convenient. In the line of this manufacturer there are collars for long-haired and short-haired cats with different lengths of wool. For kittens the collar is suitable from three months of age. It is contraindicated in pregnant cats and animals that have recently been treated with another means for fleas to avoid exceeding the permissible concentration of insecticide.
  • Bolfo — the collar lasts four months, is suitable for kittens from two months of age, and effectively protects the pet from the invasion of parasites.

How to choose a remedy for fleas

Excess of different preparations from fleas makes you feel doubts about the correctness of their choice. To find the most effective and safe means you need to consider:

  • for what purpose it is needed — prevention or treatment,
  • age of the cat
  • health status,
  • individual intolerance of some components,
  • degree of pest infestation,
  • pet’s lifestyle.

When treating an animal, you should not forget that the fleas could have already settled throughout the house, so you should also treat the room so that there is no re-infection.

Fyprist Drops

Drops Fiprist on the withers for cats from fleas and ticks (1 pipette 0.5 ml). Used to kill insects and ticks, parasites on cats, as well as protecting animals from their attack by topical (drip) application of the drug on the skin.

The drug is intended for the treatment and prevention of infection of cats with insects (fleas, lice, lashes) and ticks (Ixodes, Cheiletiella, Otodectes).

All drugs are applied to the skin, act in contact, i.e. not absorbed into the blood. The mechanism of action is the uniform distribution of the active substance within 24 hours over the skin of the animal and accumulation in the sebaceous glands.

Subsequently, with the secretion of the sebaceous glands, the drug is constantly supplied to the skin and coat, thereby maintaining the necessary concentration and providing continuous protection during the period of the drug.

The composition in 1 ml of the drug:

  • Active ingredient: fipronil 100 mg
  • Auxiliary components: povidone K25, polysorbate 80, butylhydroxytoluene, butylhydroxyanazole, ethanol 96%, diethylene glycol monoethyl ether

Pharmacological properties: Fipronil — has a pronounced insecticidal and acaricidal action against imaginal and nativyushcheginalnyh development of insect dogs, including fleas (Ctenocephalides canis), lice (Linognathus setosus), as well as ixodic ticks — Ixodes ricinus ixodic ticks — Ixodes ricinus ixodus, and lice (Linognathus setosus), as well as ixodic ticks — Ixodes ricinus sycophagus and Ixodus ticks — Ixodes ricinus syros Ixodes scapularis, Dermacentor variabilis, Amblyomma americanum.

The mechanism of action of pyriprol is to block GABA-dependent (GABA — gamma-aminobutyric acid) receptors of parasites, impaired transmission of nerve impulses, which leads to paralysis and death of ectoparasites.

When applied to the skin, the drug is not absorbed, but gradually, over a period of 24 hours, is distributed over the surface of the body and, being reserved in the sebaceous glands, has a long-lasting insecto-acaricidal effect at the sites of ectoparasites.

Order of application: The preparation is applied to animals once by dropping («spot-on») application on dry, intact skin.

To kill fleas and ticks, dogs are treated once, to prevent re-infestation throughout the season of parasite activity, according to indications, but not more than once a month.

In the treatment of allergic dermatitis caused by insects, the drug should be used in combination with drugs pathogenetic and symptomatic therapy.

The treatment of animals is carried out in the open air or in a well-ventilated area with open windows (windows).

Do not apply the drug to wet or damaged skin, wash the animal with detergent for 48 hours before processing, as well as wash and bathe for 24 hours after treatment with the drug.

Contraindications to the use: Increased individual sensitivity to the drug. It is not allowed to apply to patients with infectious diseases and recovering animals, as well as cats weighing less than 1 kg and younger than 8 weeks of age.

Do not use the drug for the treatment of other animal species, especially rabbits, due to the risk of unwanted reactions that can lead to the death of the animal.

Fipronil Spray

With this drug you can quickly and permanently get rid of fleas, lice, mosquitoes, ear (otodektoz) and ixodid ticks from your pets.

Pharmaceutical form: Solution for external use. Designed for dogs and cats.

Treatment and prevention of flea allergic dermatitis (BAA) in cats and dogs. Prevention and treatment of dogs and cats from infection with lice eaters.

Contraindications:. Do not use for the treatment of puppies and kittens under the age of 2 days. Do not use for the treatment of animals with common diseases, fever, etc., or animals at the stage of recovery. Do not use for the treatment of rabbits, in order to avoid adverse effects, including death.

Side effects: Licking animals treated surface causes a short-term increase in salivation, mainly due to the chemical composition of the carrier.

In extremely rare cases, after the use of the drug, adverse reactions occur, such as passing erythema, itching or baldness.

In some cases, after the use of the drug, increased salivation, reversible neurological symptoms (hyperesthesia, depression, increased nervousness), vomiting and difficulty breathing were observed.

Special recommendations for use: All necessary measures should be taken to ensure that animals do not lick each other after treatment. Do not allow your dog to swim in open water for 2 days after treatment.

After treatment, single parasites can remain in the animal’s fur. That is why it is impossible to completely eliminate the possibility of transmission of an infectious disease under adverse conditions of detention. Use during pregnancy and lactation

Dosage: Apply from 3 to 6 ml of the preparation per 1 kg of animal weight (7.5-15 mg of fipronil per kg of weight), i.e. 2 — 4 clicks on the spray bottle per kg for 250 ml and 500 ml bottles, or 6 — 12 blows on the spray bottle for 100 ml bottles.

Mode of application: spray the preparation on the entire hair of the animal from a distance of approximately 10 to 20 cm. Spray in the direction of the growth of the wool so that all the wool is soaked to the skin.

For long-haired animals: comb the hair so that the drug penetrates to the skin on the back, sides, abdomen, paws, scruff of the neck and tail.

The drug is biologically active for up to 5 weeks against ticks, from 1 to 3 months — against fleas and up to 63 days (for dogs) and 42 days (for cats) — against lice. If the animal is kept outdoors, the minimum interval between treatment is 4 weeks.

Bayer Advocate for cats

It is used to treat and prevent flea infection (Ctenocephalides felis), treat allergic flea dermatitis, treat otodecosis (caused by Otodectes cynotis), prevent dirofilariasis (destroy microfilariae L 3 and L 4 Dirofilaria immitis), treat gastrointestinal patterns, and treat gastrointestinal problems, as well as try to treat gastrointestinal problems and treat gastrointestinal disorders; Toxocara cati, Ancylostoma cati, Ancylostoma tubaeforme).

Destroys parasites in the habitat of the animal, so the owner does not necessarily carry out complex and time-consuming insecticidal treatment of animal care items, floors and furniture in the house.

The only drug in the EU, which is officially registered for the treatment of demodicosis. The effectiveness of the drug for demodicosis at the end of treatment is 97.8%.

Effective against mature and larval forms of all species of ascaris, hookworm, uncinaria and whipworms. Due to larvicidal action (effectiveness against helminth larvae), the animal is reliably protected from re-invasion by parasites.

The lawyer destroys microfilariae in the blood of the animal, preventing their development to adult nematodes, and also allows you to prevent infection with dirofilariasis, including animals that travel with their owners to exotic countries.

It is important that with the help of the drug Lawyer you can not only treat parasitic diseases, but also prevent them in time!

Ingredients: Imidacloprid 10% and Moxidectin 2.5%.

Dosage and administration

Preparation for external use! Apply the drug only to intact skin.

Remove the pipette from the packaging, remove the cap, puncturing the protective foil. Divide the cat’s fur in the neck at the base of the skull so that the skin can be seen. Place the tip of the pipette over the skin, squeeze the walls of the pipette so that the drug flows directly onto the skin. Application at the base of the skull avoids licking the drug.

The minimum therapeutic dose of 10 mg / kg of live weight is imidaclopride and 1.0 mg / kg of weight to moxidectin, which is equivalent to 0.1 ml / kg of drug weight.

Treatment and prevention of infection with fleas. A single treatment with the drug destroys and prevents infections with fleas for 4-6 weeks. It is advisable to combine the treatment of animals with the drug Lawyer with the processing of the environment (for example, with Bolfo spray). In the treatment of allergic flea dermatitis, use the drug monthly.

Treatment otodektoz. A one-time treatment is recommended. It is advisable to consult a veterinarian 30 days after treatment, since some animals need to be re-treated. DO NOT drip into the ear canal!

It is recommended to diagnose dirofilariasis in cats older than 6 months before prophylactic treatment. If the animal has confirmed the presence of mature forms of dirofilaria, the treatment should be carried out in accordance with modern techniques.

Nematodose. Monthly treatment by an Advocate reduces the possibility of re-invasion by nematodes. Counsel can be used as a seasonal treatment against nematodes.

special instructions

The contents of the pipette must not fall into the eyes or mouth of the animal. Short-term contact of animals with water in 1-2 cases does not reduce the effectiveness of the drug. Frequent bathing of cats with shampoo or other immersion mixtures can reduce the effectiveness of a lawyer.

Do NOT comb, do not stroke the animal until the application area is dry. The solvent that is part of the preparation can leave stains on certain materials (leather, fabric, plastic, etc.), so before the animal can touch these materials, allow the preparation to dry.

In case of contact with the skin or eyes, wash the preparation with soap and water, and wash the eyes with water. If symptoms persist, or the drug has been swallowed, consult a doctor and show the package insert or package.

Storage: In the closed packaging of the manufacturer, in a dry place inaccessible to children and animals, separately from food and feed.

Bayer Bolfo Spray — protection against parasites

Method of application: Treatment of animals is carried out in the open air or in well-ventilated areas. To prevent the animal from licking, the jaws are closed with a loop of tape.

Перед использованием флакон встряхивают и, нажимая на распылительную головку, направляют струю аэрозоля с расстояния 30 – 40 см на туловище животного против роста волос в течение нескольких секунд, слегка увлажняя шерсть.

Прикрыв глаза животного, обрабатывают ушные раковины и грудь, кончиками пальцев препарат наносят вокруг глаз и носа, затем обрабатывают шею, туловище, конечности, живот и хвост. Через 20 минут после обработки освобождают челюсти животного от петли.

In order to prevent re-invasion of fleas, bedding, blankets, carpet and other objects in the premises where animals are kept, are treated with a Bolfo spray at the rate of 2 ml of the preparation (four presses on the spray head) per 1 m2 of the treated surface and after 1 — 2 hours they are vacuumed .

Repeated processing is carried out according to indications, but not more often 1 — 2 times a week.

Side effects: With proper use of the drug are not observed. In the event of signs of poisoning (increased salivation, diarrhea, muscle weakness), the use of the drug should be stopped and veterinary assistance should be provided to the animal.

  1. It is impossible to treat with the Bolfo spray with the sick, recovering, pregnant and lactating females,
  2. Animals sensitive to the components of the drug,
  3. Do not use animals up to 3 months of age,
  4. Do not apply to animals with skin lesions,
  5. Do not use a productive animal.

Personal preventive measures:

  • When working with the drug, rubber gloves and a cotton-gauze bandage should be used.
  • During the procedure it is forbidden to smoke, drink and eat food.
  • If the drug gets on the skin or mucous membranes, it should be immediately washed off with plenty of water.
  • At the end of the work, you should wash your face and hands with soap and mouth, rinse your mouth, wash and dry the gloves,
  • Do not use the Bolfo spray near an open flame, heat above 50 ° C and disassemble the aerosol-filled vials,
  • Empty vials from the drug are thrown into the trash.

Storage conditions: Store in a dark place, out of reach of children and animals at a temperature of from 0 ° to 30 ° C.

Manufacturer: Bayer Animal Helf GmbH (Bayer Animal Health GmbH), Germany.


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