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Dreams Starting With C

Cab – A cab is a form of transportation, it gets us from point A to B. This is used as a symbol to imply how you navigate around in your life. If you where driving shows that you are in more control as if someone was driving you. If you call for an uber in your dreams suggest a need for others to help you get around. The condition of the road and the cab shows you if the journey will be pleasant or not. If the cab driver crashes donates that the plans will come to a stop or a problem with future plans.

Cage – When ever we dream of cages it has everything to do with being trapped in your walking life. These dreams act as a metaphor to bring to your attention feeling of being stuck, restricted and unable to move. You may want Independence as you may feel being watched other members of society. We keep animals in a cage when they are captive, sick or need a home. If you noticed a feline in a cage it shows you the feminine need to be embraced. If you noticed a dog that suggest your instincts are being repressed. What is inside the cage will help determine what needs to be let out in your life. If you noticed the cage empty and the door open is a positive symbol for being let out of a stuck situation in your life.

Camera – In our life’s camera play a big role in capturing the past. When you dream of a camera its suggest that you are holding on to the past. You might need to let go to that person in the dream. When your camera doesn’t work it represents that your not looking at the whole picture. When you look at a picture through the lends it suggests that you are fully aware of something you didn’t notice in the past. Taking a selfie suggest possible admiration of your image. The location of the photo might be an image you see yourself in the future.

Candle – In depth analysis: This dream symbol is very positive that imply intellect and hidden talents. These powerful dreams symbolizes the light and darkness of life. Connecting to the individual illumination of the spirit of truth. Lit in times of death, they signify the light in the next world, and they represent Christ as the light, removing darkness. Blowing out the candle suggests ending of something that was once bringing you light. Getting burned by a candle might be related to feelings of religion.

Cancer – In depth analysis: To dream that you are diagnosed with cancer represents your internal factors in your life. These dreams are metaphoric to things that are eating away inside you. You need to find out what causing you to feel this way and nip it in the bud before it spreads. Often times we dream about breast cancer or being diagnosed or tumors; these are common dreams that are made to shake you up. Something internal needs examining and it might be unconscious to the dreamer.

Car – In depth analysis: Dreams of cars represents our drive in life, and the direction we are taking. Driving a car could either be a good or bad symbol depending the context of your dream. If you car was stolen or towed it implies there will be some event that will stop you from proceeding/advancing in the future. A car that has lost control would be a metaphor for what might be taking place at the moment with you. This could be related to a job, relationship or friendship that needs to get back on course. Did you buy a new or used car?

Cards – Life is like a game of cards. The hand you are dealt is determinism; the way you play it is free will. It doesn’t matter what cards you’re dealt. It’s what you do with those cards. The hands you notice in your dream could be a metaphor for what is going on in your life at the moment. Lets say you got a Two Pair, that might be connected to your relationship. If you notice a King or Queen it could be related to your higher self or partner. If you noticed a full house could suggest there might be to much going on in your mind. Dreaming of a royal flush suggest you will be receiving good luck in the future. (numbers)

Carpet – Dreaming about rugs are positive dreams that imply royalty and comfort. The price of carpets are quite expensive and how the color and design looks puts emphasis on the beauty; an mirror image of your happiness. These dreams can also be a play on words for something you my be shoving under the carpet. Flying on a carpet are lucid dreams for hopes and dreams will come true.

Casket – In depth analysis: Symbols of death are good omens that rid the old and in with the new. There is a change coming in your life (rebirth) as something gets buried. It could also imply the womb or to get closer to mother earth. A need to be grounded in your life connects to the root chakra. If you notice someone else in the casket suggests there will be a positive change with that person.

Cat – In depth analysis: Cats are very powerful dream yet common symbols that connect us to our feminine nature. However, since their are a lot of religious, mythological and spiritual meanings to cats it can alter the meaning. When cats show up in our dreams they inherent creativity, power, and sexuality, or upcoming misfortune depending the context. The ancient Egyptians thought very highly of the cat as it was connected to gods. In modern times superstitions like crossing a black cat can also appear in our dreams like a metaphor for danger. If you are being attacked by a cat might imply catty nature or an unconscious emotional attack that connects to the feminine part of the dreamer. Dreaming of a kitten suggests purity and innocence. A lion or a tiger could also be attributed to the feminine archetype. Rescuing a cat might be a sign to get on the right path in life or to rescue a neglected part of your personality. Cats can also see things that we might not be able to see; connecting to the psychic world.

CBD – Dreaming of taking CBD brings your focus to your mind body and soul. It could be an indication to become a more relaxed person, or possibly to target areas in your life where there is pain.

Ceiling – When ever we dream of a ceiling it represents how high we can currently go in your walking life. You have finally reached the top. This is a good dream symbol and represent achieving your goal. Now it is time to set your new goals higher.

Celebrity – In depth analysis: Dreaming of celebrities are common dreams that help you find out about yourself a bit more. The qualities and attributes the famous person displayed is often a projection, something that is unconscious to you. However the meaning can change one you developed a friendship, or even in a romantic relationship.

Cell Phone – In depth analysis: Using a cell phone in our dreams are very common now that are used as a symbol of communication. Having difficulty trying to dial someone is a common dream suggesting issues communication on a emotional level. Trying to call the police suggest a need to get help in the situation you are currently in. The conversation in the dream might be unconscious feelings coming out in the dream. The person you are speaking to holds many clues if you remember the conversation.

Centipede – Connecting to the shadow archetype it is a dangerous creature if bitten. They appear to dwell in dark places, this is where the negative unconscious aspects hide. They have the ability to move quick and as they have many legs. Moving quickly with many legs could also be a metaphor relating to your life at the moment.

Cemetery – In depth analysis: Cemetery dreams are usually a good symbols that show us life and death in our lives. In with the new and out with the old; a rebirth of parts of your personality. These dreams help remind us that the old is now burred and its time to move forward. If someone who has passed away recently you may encounter these dreams as a grieving process.

Cereal – Depending on the cereal you are eating could be a play on words. Possibly a metaphor for serial the act of repetition.

Chair – When we dream of a chair in our dream symbolizes our need to take it easy. You need to take a break from you busy schedule and rest. You are working yourself to the bone and this dream is your unconscious tell you to calm down. If somebody gives you a chair to sit down on symbolizes that you need to listen to others give you advice.

Cheating – In depth analysis: People who experience dreams cheating on their significant other seems to be quite common. The theme usually revolves around the dreamer either kissing, foreplay or sexual. Dreams appear as metaphors that say one thing but mean another. You may feel connected to that person on an emotional level and the connecting is displayed in your dream. This could be a metaphor for acting dishonest, unfair in order to gain an advantage in your relationship. Another translation could be connected to your animus or anima in Jungian terms. The anima and animus are described in Carl Jung’s school of analytical psychology as a part of the collective unconscious. Jung explains the animus as the unconscious masculine side of a woman, or the anima as the unconscious feminine side of a man, each transcending the personal psyche. Unless you have desires to cheat on your spouse you could encounter these sorts of dreams expressing repressed desires.

Chalkboard – What is on the board and why are you using it? Could this be a dream symbol of your childhood classroom experiences that you are repressing?


Chase Dreams – In depth analysis: Chase dreams are scary dreams yet they have a powerful message behind them. Usually when we are being chased in our dreams it suggest we are running away or not facing our fears in some situation in our lives. These ignored feelings, memories, situations manifest in our unconsciousness and presented in our dreams as scary figures to get your attention. These dreams are usually recurring that involved masked or unknown faces that connected us to our shadow. In order fully understand these dreams you need to get to the bottom of your fears. What are you running from in life? What are some of your fears that you are not facing? Chase dreams have hidden clues to give you a heads up what to look our for. You may noticed the person appearing in certain locations and attacking you in areas that are symbolic to you. If you are the person chasing in a dream suggest you are trying to obtain something that might be hard to get.

Chakras: These are circular vortexes of energy that are placed in seven different points on the spinal column, and all the seven chakras are connected to the various organs and glands within the body. If you noticed any of the seven chakras being damaged suggests disturbance of your life vital energy.

Check/Cheque – Any type of dreams with a check might be a metaphor to check something that you might be overlooking. Who was around you when you had or saw the check? Remembering as much detail helps you figure out what you might need to investigate.

Chess – How is the game being played? Are you winning or losing? To see a chess board could be how you should be moving in life. Moving in live is similar to playing chess you have to think 10 steps ahead of people.

Cheetah – Could be a play on words for ‘cheating’ or being dishonest. If not, these dreams shows you the ability of agility and speed that you display. It could also be connected to the feminine and swiftness. They connect the dreamer to the feline or instincts that might be unconscious to the dreamer.

Child – In depth analysis: Often times when we dream of our children we are picking up on unconscious dangers or overlooked problems. Common dreams include possessions, hurt, drowning, kidnapped and shot. Each symbol has a different interpretation that points to the root of the problem. It can also suggest the inner child inside us that is trapped inside. The child needs you to rescue him or her as your inner growth has been stunted due to a traumatic past. Once you find and rescue the child your life will become more fulfilling.

Children – Do you have childlike behaviors? Do you need to take a break from being an adult and start to go back to a more playful enjoyable life? A need to embrace you childlike behaviour – maybe inner child work.

Chimney – If the house is a representation of your psyche then a chimney would be a release of something burning, something hot.

Chocolate – These are very positive dream symbols that suggest internal richness. Depending your diet it could suggest to watch what you eat.

Choking – Depending on how you are choking can alter the meaning of the dream. These nightmares appear as a metaphor as feeling choked up; or not being able to breath in some area in your life. The throat chakra is the fifth chakra on the body and might be a sign that it might be blocked. Located at the center of the neck at the level of the throat, it connects the energy between the lower parts of the body and the head. The function of the throat chakra is driven by the principle of expression and communication. These dreams might suggest how we have difficulty communicating with others. Trying to pull stuff out of your throat represents stuck communication or an inability to get something out. If you are choking someone in your dream suggests frustration with that person.

Christmas Tree – This dream would imply family celebrations, gatherings, and relationships. The tree is a very ancient custom that becomes a sign of undying life, and it reminds Christians of the “tree of life” of Genesis 2:9, an image of Christ, the supreme gift of God to humanity.

Church – According to dream psychologist Carl Jung called any dream connected to religious buildings part of the collective unconsciousness. He believed that these images are often easily understandable in life, in that we should be seeking inner peace. However what might be going on with your connection to God or feelings towards your religion can alter the meaning of your dream.

Cigarettes – Do you need a break in life or you have an addiction that you need to kick the habit?

Circle – This is a positive dream symbol that suggest wholeness, perfection, completeness and possibly immortality (egg). According to Jung he said that it was the path of completion into yourself, or could be a representation of the sun. Depending the context if you are going around in circles its quite self explanatory about your life style.

Classroom – Are you back in your old classroom? Many people have recurring dreams of doing test/exams but depending the context of you’re dream can change the meaning. What is going on in the classroom? Do you have unfinished business a long time ago? Are you wanting to learn more? Maybe stuff you missed out when you where young?

Classmates – In depth analysis: They show up to remind you of something important in your life, often in metaphors.

Cleaning – What objects are you cleaning in you’re dream? Do you need to clean up your act? Do you feel dirty or negative in your walking life? Do you have old habits that you need to change and in the mood for self improvement?

Cliff – Depending of the context of you’re dream the meaning of a cliff can drastically change. If you are looking over a cliff and it is positive then it suggests personal achievements that you have over come. If you are hanging off a cliff that suggests that you might not be totally secure in your life at the moment and need a firmer grip.

Climbing – This dream relates to your current life’s movements. You might be going through a tough time; depending on what you are climbing. If you are enjoying it or struggling determines how fast you will make it through. Often time we are climbing a mountain that suggest personal advancement and struggles.

Clock – Dreaming of a clock or watch translates to duration, of how much understanding you have passed through, and of course your passing life. The clock ticking might be linking to how much time we have with something or someone. A watch could be connecting us to watch something we might be missing out on. We use the clocks in our daily lives to leaving, meeting, arriving and work. Do you have much time in the day?

Clouds – In depth analysis: Clouds are dream symbols that connect the dreamer with their moods. It changes shape regularly similar to your thoughts. Often times with profound dreams or visions Gods dwell in the clouds looking down at you.

Closet – These are very interesting dream symbols that give us clues to what we might have stored away or hiding within. Our house is a representation of our psyche and each room and floor signify something different. However the contexts in the closet is what is important to the dreamer. What do you want to come out? Is the closet messy? Is it full of childhood memories?

Clothing – In depth analysis: Are you trying to cover up aspects of your true person? What type of clothing are you wearing and what are you trying to cover up? Clothes are aspects of our identity that we show to others. These dreams can be both positive or negative depending the context. If you’re clothes are too tight than that could represent some restriction or movement in your life. If you are missing clothes than that could suggest you are not comfortable showing your bare side. Could you feel naked in life and need protection?

Clown – In depth analysis: These dreams can vary depending if your are terrified of clowns. if not it could be suggesting that you want your inner child to come out. Clowns are playful and like to get a rise out of people by playing, tricking and laughing with them. Could it be connected to be what you might mask in your life?

Cockroach – In depth analysis: Usually connected with hidden negative aspects about yourself. Just how they live and dwell is metaphoric to what needs to be addressed in your life. Killing them in a dream is a positive symbol suggesting that you will tackle this issue.

Colors – In depth analysis: Colors hold different meanings depending the context, location and feeling in your dream. Colors carry very powerful messages that is why some colors stand out more than others. They can connect to our feelings, moods, power and harmony as we move about in this life.

Red implies excitement, energy, passion, love, desire, speed, strength, power, heat, aggression, danger, fire, blood, war, violence
Pink symbolizes love and romance, caring, tenderness, acceptance and calm wanting to love
Yellow represents joy, happiness, betrayal sunshine, summer, dishonesty, cowardice, jealousy
Blue might suggest Peace, tranquility, cold, calm, stability, harmony and unity in dreams
Green represents envy and lust
Gray brings your attention to the mood you might be feeling in your walking life
Black represents strength, power, sexuality, sophistication, formality, elegance, wealth, mystery

Coma – You might be dreaming in life while it passes you by. You need to wake up and come back to earth so you can start getting your life back on track.

Conductor – See train dreams. If you are a conductor it brings your attention to being in control of your self, path and destiny. A clear vision of the next stage in your life.

Cooking – Depending you cook would be a metaphor relating to the theme of your dream. Commonly we are cooking symbol like fish that brings our attention to spiritual or emotional part of the dreamer.

Cop – In depth analysis: Dreaming of police brings our attention to authority or protection. They most often to appear to be symbols of immaturity, father figures, guides or accounting for your bad actions.

Court – Why are you in court and do you feel guilty or innocent? Do you feel that you might have to stand trial with somebody you know in your life? If you are sent to prison than that means the future might be restrictive to you. Do you feel that you are being judged by yourself or other people?

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Cows – In depth analysis: When cows emerge in your dreams they bring you closer to the feminine divine energy. This powerful symbol has the ability to protect, provide and destruct. How the cow appears in your dream tells you the motive behind the symbol. Females tend to dream this symbol more than men. They connect you to the creative and emotions.

Covid-19 – In depth analysis: It is not uncommon to dream of tornadoes or any sort of natural disaster when their is an outbreak. Virus in dreams bring your attention to fears associated with contracting or giving to others.

Crabs – In depth analysis: Crabs are known for being deep under the depths of the water that might be linked to your emotional state of mind. Maybe something is crabby or snappy that is now conscious. The crab can move both on land and in the water. It has the ability to bury itself in sand and holes. When the crab appears you might want to watch your mood and see if there might be a direct link. If you are catching a crab suggests being aware of other peoples hidden crabby behaviour. You are confident with your movements.

Crash – Crashing in your dream might suggest that you might come to a sudden stop in your life that may cause some disturbance. What did you crash into and who where you with. If you where in your car when you crashed than that could imply a stop in your current drive in life. Usually when you crash you are in a car. The car is a symbol of your life path and journey. A crash might signify a need for you to slow down and change direction. (plane, car, train)

Crows – See bird dreams: Extremely smart and crafty; hinting at the trickster archetype or in modern terms a classic troll. This could be part of your shadow, the unknown parts about you or other people. Some connect crows with death, however death is usually connected with rebirth. Depending the context of the dream the crows can be both negative or positive. The Greeks thought they brought good luck when they show up.

Crossroads – This dream symbol might imply your feelings in life, you might be at a crossroad and not sure what way to go. This symbol is self explanatory but depending the content it can help you understand where you might be in your life right now. Where did you end up going?

Crocodiles – In depth analysis: Like sharks when crocodiles appear in our dreams they come as warnings. Their massive jaws and sharp teeth complimented with an immediate acceleration among suspecting pray; they are the ultimate predator. These cold blooded creatures are portrayed in dreams as symbols of hidden danger, fears, anxiety or malicious people that appear just below the surface.

Crickets – In depth analysis: They are know for noise and brings your awareness to the nocturnal; spiritual guidance. However in an abundance they can pose a threat against you.

Crying – In depth analysis: You might be releasing some emotions that you are incapable of releasing in your walking life. These are good dreams that usually has the dreamer waking up feeling good. If you have unconscious emotions that are pent up sometimes it get released in our dreams because we are unable to do in our walking life.

Cult – Joining a cult is often a reflection of a particular social group that is has influenced your behaviour. The cult becomes a metaphor for something in your life that you follow that might be unorthodox. The cult leader is someone who has the power over your thoughts, ideas and movements. A symbol to examine what things that control you.

Cutting – In depth analysis: Who and what are you cutting. This could imply you may want to move away from that person or situation.

Cyst – There might be a part of you that is been on you for a while and need to get it taken away. What happened in the dream? If the cyst came off it is a good symbol but if you found it then it suggests you need to deal with an issue that is building up for a while.


DREAMS 1-2-3: Decode and Interpret Your Dreams

complete dream interpretation system by j.m. debord

complete dream interpretation system by j.m. debord

Dream Symbolism Part I | Translate Dream Language

Understanding Dream Symbolism: The Rosetta Stone of Dream Interpretation

The Rosetta Stone, used to translate ancient languages.

Dream interpretation begins with symbolism. Symbolism is the use of symbols to convey special meaning. A symbol is a shorthand way of expressing an idea. By translating dream symbolism, you put it into everyday language and get the ideas behind it.

Dream symbols are like words in that they express ideas and string together into sentences to convey more complex ideas (see “Dream Symbols” below).

As a rule of thumb, everything in dreams is symbolism, a representation of something else that’s related to you and your life. Sometimes dreams speak literally and directly, but in my experience, most of the time they use the shorthand language of symbolism.

Symbolism is a language of pictures, gestures, and ideas. Like other languages it has nouns ( symbols , settings, characters ) and verbs ( action, reactions , resolutions ). The adjectives, such as the color of a vehicle or size of a building, modify the nouns. Adverbs such as the speed of a vehicle or direction of flight modify the verbs. The pronouns are the surrogate characters and symbols. The interjections are your feelings and emotions experienced in response to a dream. They are the strong expressions of desire, opinion, or need.

Like a language, dreams string together words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs, then into chapters, then into entire stories (books). They build around a core idea, a thread that ties everything together. The symbolic details are the story elements and narrative components of the story and everything that modifies them. Think of them as dots that connect together to form small pictures that fit into the big one. The entire dream, assuming it is fully formed, is a complete picture that says everything at once. Everything in a dream interconnects either symbolically or in the story narrative.

Decoding Dream Symbolism

An option for you. The video summarizes this chapter.

Dream Symbolism Tells a Story and You Participate

Dreams introduce an idea or subject then tell a story about it, its condition and circumstances, its history and prospects — everything needed to paint the picture. You step into the picture and participate in the story as an actor. You respond to the dream — to the story told through symbolism — as if it’s all real and everything’s really happening, while knowing subconsciously what it all really means. What it really is. Symbolism.

Language is used to tell stories, and dreams are pros at storytelling. As you become fluent in the language of symbolism and the mechanics of dream storytelling, you improve at deciphering the meaning. You understand the point or moral to the stories. The dream source is always trying to show you something, to teach, to explain, to expand your horizons and fulfill your potential.

Dream symbolism can seem absurd and meaningless, and sometimes it is. Your dreaming mind translates any input experienced while sleeping into symbolism, including thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, memories, physical sensations and sounds, and bodily messages. The dreaming mind processes all input and turns it into symbolism. When you first go to sleep and progress through the sleep cycle, your mind can produce dreamlike imagery that has no story or narrative to it. It’s just a memory dump. Or think of it as the rehearsal — the musicians warming up backstage — before the performance (meaningful dreaming) begins. At the end of the sleep cycle, in REM stage sleep, the music starts.

Read about the hidden meaning in absurd dream imagery:

Because some dream imagery is meaningless doesn’t mean it’s all meaningless. When the imagery weaves together into stories that engage you, that’s the performance. Those are the dreams to focus on. They are certainly meaningful.

Dream Symbols

Dive deep into dream symbols. Do it now or do it later. It’s foundational knowledge for decoding dreams. But now you know what most people don’t know: symbols are not as important as symbolism for decoding dreams.

Dreams string together symbols to create symbolism. The symbol is a small picture. Symbolism paints a bigger one. Begin with the symbol, decode it into everyday language, and see how it fits into the big picture.

Symbolism in Action | Example: Driving

A complete dream interpretation reference source. Available at Amazon.

Driving a vehicle is a common dream theme. It offers a wide variety of uses as symbolism. Let’s explore. As you read the following examples, keep in mind that driving often symbolizes movement in your life (or lack of it), as in “going places.” Your life moves. Also, I’m not covering every possibility, just introducing you to the subject.

You dream that you:

  • Drive in reverse.
  • Press the brakes but don’t slow down.
  • Have a flat tire.
  • Drive on a narrow road.

Drive in reverse: If movement in a vehicle symbolizes how your life moves, driving in reverse can symbolize a setback. Simplify the idea and it means “going in the wrong direction.” Unless, of course, you want to drive in reverse, which could be a way of saying symbolically, “I’m getting ahead of myself and need to step back.”

Brakes don’t work: Your life is moving too fast. You can’t (it) slow down. Or your pulse or blood pressure won’t slow down.

Flat tire: A flat tire can symbolize something that hinders or stops your life’s progress. For example, losing a job. If the job is taking you somewhere in your life, losing it is like having a flat tire.

Narrow road: Your choices are limited. You feel hemmed in. No deviation is allowed.

A dream can create symbolism in the action such driving in reverse, a verb of dream language, or even in the lack of action when the brakes don’t work or the car doesn’t move. It can create symbolism in details about the vehicle such as the flat tire, an adjective of dream language. Road conditions such as narrow, treacherous, icy, crowded, or empty modify the central idea, so they’re adjectives too. Details about the control of the vehicle are adverbs. They modify the action.

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For example, what does a dream say when it shows you screaming down the highway and barely keeping control of the vehicle while navigating a sharp turn? It can mean you’re barely in control of something that’s headed in a perilous or unexpected direction. Or simplify the basic idea to “barely under control.” Amplify the idea and it can mean “flaunting disaster.”

The possibilities for symbolism created with vehicles and driving go on and on. We’ll pick up again with this discussion in a moment.

Focus on the Action

The symbolism in the above examples is defined by the action — drive, brake — and the imagery — flat, narrow. Symbolism is not static or isolated, usually. It’s doing something. It’s acted out. Your personal actions in a dream, and the actions of the dream and the characters in it, are symbolism.

Action tells the dream-story. An in-depth discussion of action in dreams is given in Step 2. In the meantime, here’s an important point:

No matter what happens in a dream, how gruesome or gross or shocking it might be, it’s all symbolism. It’s meant to be poignant. It’s trying to get your attention. When you say, “oh my god, I can’t believe I had that dream!” your dreaming mind says “mission accomplished.”

If It’s Unreal, It’s Symbolism


Oftentimes the symbolism of a dream is noticeable, in your face. It draws attention to itself, unmistakable. Once you know what to look for it will jump out at you.

Discrepancies with waking reality scream “symbolism!” For example, you see a friend in a dream and that friend has neon blue hair, but in reality their hair is a different color. The discrepancy is obviously symbolism.

Anything absurd or unreal in a dream is probably symbolism. When you take a hot-air balloon ride with Snoop Dog, it means something. When an ax murderer chases you down a dark alley, it’s symbolism. It might mean you are on the wrong path, or you are trying to escape a person or situation in your life.

Don’t take the imagery literally. The ax murderer in your dream isn’t someone who wants to kill you, but it could be a sign that something needs to change. Perhaps you feel hunted physically or emotionally. Perhaps someone has bad intentions toward you. Perhaps a situation is stressing you out. Something needs to change and it won’t let you get away until you do something about it.

When you do something out of character or completely unreal in a dream, it’s a sign of enacting symbolism. For example, you cut off your leg like it’s no big deal. It’s symbolism. Cutting off your leg might mean that you are doing something that’s hindering the progress of your life. After all, your legs are used to move you, and you already know that movement in a dream can connect symbolically with movement in your life.

You jump off a cliff, or seduce your teacher, or murder your spouse — all symbolism. Don’t take it literally!

More Driving Symbolism

Now that you get the idea, let’s interpret more symbolism that involves driving. Think of your own ideas for meanings before reading mine.

  • Press the gas pedal but don’t speed up or move.

When people are exhausted they are said to be “out of gas.” Gas means motivation, drive, energy. If you press the gas pedal and don’t move, it could mean you are exhausted, or aren’t making progress despite your effort.

Symbolizes need to be in control. Backseat driver. Controlling from a distance.

A cliff implies an abrupt or sudden change, or some sort of imminent danger. As a figure of speech you say that a person drives off a cliff when they make a poor decision or continue on a path that leads to trouble, failure, or disaster.

When you hit a wall in your life you reach a point where you can’t go any farther. It’s the end of the road. Something has to stop.

  • Park under a structure that collapses.

When you park your car it’s like making a decision about a place where your life belongs. For example, you start a new job. You are getting somewhere in life. Then a month later the company goes belly up and you’re laid off. You figuratively park your car under a company structure that collapses. The idea can also apply to a romantic relationship, housing situation, and a variety of other situations in life where you expect to stay for a while but things don’t work out.


Symbolism is understood in context.

It plays with language.

Mine the Metaphors

Many of the examples given for car symbolism show figures of speech and metaphors in action: backseat driver; drive off a cliff; hit a wall. Dreams are not only insightful, they can be funny and satirical. They memorably dramatize situations, and if humor or satire is the best way to tell the story, so be it. It’s not malicious but, for example, it might sting to see yourself drive off a cliff and realize the dream is talking about your tendency to ignore warnings and plow ahead no matter what. It’s exaggerated, yes, and it sure gets your attention!

Explain in Simplest Terms

Symbolism can be identified by explaining in simplest terms what you see or experience in a dream. For example, a map is used to find your way somewhere or figure out where you’re at. Simplify the idea and translate it to your life, and the symbolism can mean you need direction and guidance in general or with something specific. Direction or guidance related to a goal you’re trying to reach, becoming the person you want to be, a problem you’re trying solve, an answer to a question, a wish to fulfill. As symbolism, a map equals direction. Not north, south, east or west — personal direction. Providing direction is the essence of what a map does for you. It can also tell you where you are at with something, a “YOU ARE HERE” marker. Translate that idea to your life and what does it mean?

Follow Your Feelings

You react while dreaming based on subconscious knowledge of what everything means (see: Three Simple Facts about Dreams). Your feelings show in how you react while dreaming to the story as it’s presented to you. How you react can tell you what the dream symbolism means.

In-Depth Look: Your Car Is Stolen

What does it mean when your car is stolen in a dream? Think about it before reading my explanation.

Your car is the vehicle that moves your life — forward, backward, in circles, whatever. Movement in a car symbolizes your drive and ambition. If your car is stolen, one possibility is it means that your ability to make progress in your life is compromised or threatened.

For some people their car is a big part of their identity. A car can say a lot about the person driving it. Take the same person you see in a Ferrari and put them behind the wheel of a minivan. It’s an entirely different impression. So a stolen car in a dream can mean something about your identity has been taken, probably unfairly. You lost a piece of your identity or something else that’s important to you.

So what does it mean to dream your car is stolen?

  • It might mean that you have lost your drive or ambition.
  • You let someone in on a plan or idea and they stole it. The plan is the idea that was going to move your forward in life.
  • You lost a job or relationship, something closely related to your personal identity.
  • You feel like you are giving up something important about yourself in order to reach a goal. For example, in order to be a manager at work you have to be more distant with your co-workers than you’d like to be. A part of yourself — the part that wants to connect personally with people you work with — is stolen by circumstances.
  • You feel unlucky. You feel robbed. The symbolism of the car is likely to pinpoint exactly how you feel unlucky or robbed, but dreams can create scenarios simply to express how you feel, and the individual details aren’t as important as the big picture.
  • You don’t know how to get to somewhere you want to be. You have an ambition or goal but don’t know how to reach it.
  • A rogue part of yourself is working against you, taking something from you needed to advance your life. Or something’s robbing you of an opportunity: illness, failure, circumstances.

When analyzing symbolism, think broadly and creatively. The word “stolen” can be used to describe a lot more than just a possession or item taken illicitly. If someone “steals” your boyfriend they don’t stuff him in pocket and walk out of the store. In most cases nothing is literally stolen, like when someone says “stole my heart.” The idea of stealing is used to compare to a situation, event or feeling — something tied to your external life, or something going on inside you.

Always Consider the Obvious Meaning and Message

Author and dream interpreter J.M. DeBord, aka “RadOwl”.

Dreams can be literal and have literal messages, though it doesn’t happen often for most people. If you dream about your car getting stolen you should consider the possibility of it really happening. Dreams are known for giving timely warnings.

A way to tell the difference is by analyzing a dream for literal and figurative representations. If the car stolen in a dream is “yours” but doesn’t look like the car you drive, you can bet that the dream is using symbolism. Discrepancy with reality is a sign of symbolism. Symbolism is a sign that a dream is telling a story, not giving a literal warning, but it’s not a sure thing. The dreaming mind is a translator, after all. It takes any input and turns it into symbolism. However, that rule has exceptions.

An engineer, J.W. Dunne, studied his dreams for decades with an engineer’s focus on detail and pattern identification. He said that as many as half of his dreams came true in the future. How can you interpret a dream that comes true or could come true in the future? It’s not easy, but I have a place for you to start:

Precognitive Dreams

The use of symbolism indicates a comparison is being made, not a literal warning given. But let’s say that the car stolen in your dream looks exactly like the car you own. It’s parked in your driveway where it’s usually parked. And the group of shady teenagers who steal it in the dream look like the teenagers you saw eyeing your car the other day. The dream could merely reflect your thoughts or fears, or it could be an obvious warning to secure your vehicle.


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