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Enjoy the unbeatable beauty of the capital of Andalusia, immerse in the most authentic atmosphere and rest in a hotel to your liking. The Doña María Hotel offers you its house in the historic centre of Seville so that you can discover this unique place, full of magic and charm, without giving up all the commodities and the best quality price ratio.

The Doña María Hotel is a hotel with swimming pool in the centre of Seville specially designed for trips as a family, with groups of friends or with your couple and ideal for planning incredible cultural getaways and personalised experiences in the most cultural and stunning area of the city. It is located close at hand from all the tourist attractions and it features 4-star services, such as free Wi-Fi, parking ($), meeting rooms, room service, laundry, left-luggage office, Business Corner, free press, games and reading room, cafeteria, cocktail bar and terrace bar. And outdoor swimming pool with solarium and views to the city!

Enjoy the magic in a hotel in Seville’s old town built on the foundations of an old XIVth-century palace house. Now at the best price here: on the official website of the Doña María Hotel.


Only if you book in the OFFICIAL WEB you will get a card with discounts on city services valid until .

Outdoor swimming pool

With the best views over the city

Offers and promotions

Discover Seville with the offers and promotions of the Doña maria Hotel


Flexible spaces for any type of event

Personalised attention

Enjoy the best attention with the specialised staff of the Doña María Hotel

All advantages at the time of booking

You won’t find a better rate for our hotels on any other website

Direct shopping, without intermediaries

Available 24h a day, every day of the year.


Published January 23, 2019 Last modified February 23, 2020 by Mely Martínez 31 Comments

DOÑA MARÍA® Mole is a staple found in many Mexican kitchens, and for generations has been the easy way to fix a delicious mole in a matter of minutes.


This post has been compensated by DOÑA MARÍA® Mole . The recipe and all opinions are mines alone.

This was not an exception in my house when I was growing up, and up until today, my mother still prefers to use DOÑA MARÍA® Mole when making mole celebrate my siblings’ birthdays. Of course, she enhances the mole paste by adding some extra ingredients, which is something many home cooks do to add their own touch to this dish.

Over the years, I have received many emails from you regarding how to make a mole using ready-made mole pastes. Some people ask specifically about making mole using the DOÑA MARÍA® paste, so I was very excited when I was asked to write about it in a blog post.

As many of you know, I love Mole Poblano, and cooking it from scratch is one of my passions. Unfortunately, many people (including myself) do not always have the time to prepare such an elaborate dish, and using a pre-made mole paste is your best option for making a mole without all the hassle. I guess this is why my mother has used DOÑA MARÍA® Mole all these years, as raising a family with 8 children leaves little time for cooking complicated dishes.

Doña María Mole is a favorite in many homes for special occasions.

With DOÑA MARÍA® Mole , making mole is easy and accessible. The instructions only call for diluting the paste in a good chicken broth, but as I mentioned above, most people like to add their own ingredients and spices to further enhance the flavors.

Some of the ingredients people add to the mole include peanut butter, toasted tortillas, saltine or animal crackers, toasted bread, chipotle peppers, sugar (my mom adds this), and peanuts. These are just some of the most common additions. Some cooks will roast or fry the ingredients, but I prefer to boil them, as you will see in the recipe below.

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Cooking Mole really awakens your senses, and it’s a unique experience to see all the flavors, aromas, and textures come together to create a delicious dish. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we like it in our home and don’t forget to play some music while you’re cooking it! If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I like to play music in the kitchen to add rhythm to my meals.

How to make DOÑA MARÍA® MOLE


  • If you like your Mole on the sweeter side, you can add one more quarter of the Chocolate tablet to your sauce.
  • If you don’t have tortillas, use 1 slice of toasted bread, or 4 saltine crackers.
  • DOÑA MARÍA® Mole is not a spicy sauce, but if you like to spice things up, add one chipotle pepper in adobo. Rinse it beforehand to remove the vinegar flavor, then add it to the blender with the cooked tomatoes.
  • The lid on the jar of DOÑA MARÍA® Mole is quite easy to take off, but if you’re having trouble you can remove it using a bottle opener.


  1. Place the chicken pieces in a stockpot with the garlic, onion, celery stick (cut into 2-3 pieces), and parsley (or cilantro). Cover with water.
  2. Place the pot over medium-high heat, and once it comes to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer for 35-45 minutes until the chicken meat is cooked and tender. Season with salt and set aside. This chicken broth is what we will use to dilute the Mole paste.


  1. While the chicken is cooking, place the tomato, onion, and garlic in a saucepan. Cover with water and turn the heat to medium-high. Once it comes to a rolling boil, reduce the heat and cook for 8 minutes or until the tomatoes are cooked.
  2. Once the tomatoes are cooked, drain the water and place the tomatoes, onion, garlic, and the toasted tortilla in your blender. Process until you have a fine sauce, then set aside.

  1. Place a large frying pan over low heat and add the jar of DOÑA MARÍA® Mole and a cup of the chicken broth to start diluting the paste.
  2. Add one more cup of the broth along with the tomato sauce, chocolate, ground cinnamon, and ground anise seed. Stir well until the Mole paste has completely dissolved. Add more broth as needed, since the paste will get thicker as it continues cooking.

Some people like their sauce thicker than others, regulate the amount of chicken broth used in order to achieve the thickness you like. Traditional Mole sauce has the consistency of a thick gravy.

  1. Add the chicken pieces to the sauce, season with salt, and slowly simmer for about 5 more minutes.

Serve with rice and warm corn tortillas. Enjoy!

Doña Maria Hotel Services in Seville

Doña Maria Hotel’s Services

Services Hotel in Seville

Enjoy the centre of Seville making the most of your time with the services of the Doña María Hotel. Its wide range of services offers you the best commodities and proposals for enjoying some comfortable days in Seville: free Wi-Fi, parking, cafeteria, bar, games and reading room, boardroom, 24-hour reception, outdoor swimming pool.


A magic place in the hotel: a large outdoor swimming pool with fabulous views to the centre of Seville.*

*The period in which the pool is open for use is 15th April — 30th September.


The nook of our hotel where you will be able to enjoy delicious teas and coffees, soft drinks and delicious snacks during your stay in Seville.

Doña Maria Hotel Restaurants in Seville

Doña Maria Hotel’s Restaurants

Restaurants Hotel in Seville

The Doña María Hotel makes its guests an irresistible proposal: a gourmet experience in the centre of Seville in a reference restaurant of the Andalusian gastronomy of the capital. A nook where taste and tradition combine with the most pleasant atmosphere and unique spaces of a unique architecture in Seville.

Select the restaurant you want to see:

Enjoy the wide range of international cocktails and snacks in exclusive appetizers in Doña María 17, our cocktail bar where you will find some time for relax after your intense days in the city. Get to know this unique spot, ideal to conclude your evening in Seville.
Selected as a Seville Local Favorite 2015 by The Culture Trip! For more information, please click here

Exclusive service

We take care of all your needs

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Wide variety of cocktails and drinks

Relaxing ambience

The ideal place for ending the day

La terraza is the ideal place for a snack or to enjoy a drink with friends. Let yourself be seduced by the impressive views of La Giralda and conclude your day in the best way possible. Both our terrace bar and pool are exclusive to guests staying at the hotel. It has an afternoon timetable in winter, afternoon and night during autumn, and only night in summer.

A unique experience

Enjoy a drink with friends

Selected drinks

Enjoy a drink in our terrace

The best view

Enjoy a snack overlooking the giralda

All advantages at the time of booking

You won’t find a better rate for our hotels on any other website

Direct shopping, without intermediaries

Available 24h a day, every day of the year.

Enmoladas (Chicken Mole Enchiladas) + VIDEO

Last Updated March 30, 2020 . Originally Posted August 1, 2019 By Maggie Unzueta

This post may include affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Every Mexican knows Doña María. As if Mexican moms united once upon a time and named it the official Mexican mole brand.

It’s a rich and flavorful sauce that is the star of this Enmoladas, or Chicken Mole Enchiladas, recipe.

This is mole paste in a jar. You can also buy the mole sauce online (AFFILIATE) already made. Just pour and ready to go.

It’s the same sauce used to make Chicken Mole Tamales.

Note: If you use pre-made sauce, skip over the next part and go straight to the frying.

The process is simple. Very, very simple.

  • To a stock pot, add the mole paste and store-bought chicken broth, or if you have time, this is my recipe for homemade chicken broth recipe.
  • Let it simmer, stirring frequently to “melt” the mole. The paste will absorb the broth.

Tip From Mexican Moms: It is very common for Mexican home cooks to cook with chicken bouillon. If you don’t have any chicken broth, you can use water + chicken bouillon instead.

Vegetable broth is also acceptable. You want something with flavor. I do not recommend using water by itself.

  • Once the ingredients have melted and resemble a sauce, add the chocolate.
  • Stir frequently.

For those of you who don’t know, there is a serious debate in the Mexican community which is better: Abuelita or Ibarra?

Ibarra is made in Mexico though. Abuelita is produced by Nestle. Both are very similar. Both are equally good.

FYI: I’m team Abuelita. That’s what I was raised with, but I will buy Ibarra on a rare occasion that Abuelita is not found.

  • Fry your tortillas.
  • 1 minute on each side.

This is a shallow fry. We’re not deep frying these to make them hard.

Vegetable oil is the best oil to fry with. It’s cheap and has a good smoking point.

Since we’re only frying for 1 minute on each side, you can indeed use olive oil. It’s expensive, but we’re not using a ton of oil.

Are authentic enchiladas made with corn or flour tortillas?

  • Drain any excess oil on several paper towels.
  • Do not skip this step, or it will make the Enmoladas oily.

To fry or not to fry? Truth is: you don’t really have to fry the tortillas.

Healthier Option: Stick the corn tortillas in the microwave and warm them up for a 1 minute or until they are pliable.

All you really need is for the tortillas to be able to roll up. You save the calories. Your heart is happy.

That said.. back home in Mexico lindo, there are little grandmas frying away because that’s the way it has always been done. And who can argue against tradition?

This recipe for Enmoladas, or Chicken Mole Enchiladas, is a great use for leftover chicken.

You can use any part of the chicken. Meat is meat. Also try this recipe instead with leftover Thanksgiving turkey.

More Mexican chicken recipes using leftovers:
Ensalada de Pollo, Tostadas de Pollo, Caldo de Pollo

You can very easily make this recipe using ground beef and pork too. I’ve even heard of people getting fancy and making it with duck.

You can also make these with a tomato sauce instead of mole sauce. In that case, you’d be making Entomatadas de Pollo, (or Chicken Tomato Enchiladas).

How to Make It

1. The traditional way:

  • Dip the tortilla in the mole sauce, then stuff with chicken, and roll.
  • This method is very messy.

Dona Maria Mole Enchiladas come together very quickly. Remember you’re dealing with chocolate. So, you have to work quickly to make your Enmoladas, or Chicken Mole Enchiladas.

Word to the Wise: If the mole thickens up, add more chicken broth.

2. The cleaner way:

  • Stuff the tortilla with chicken.
  • Roll up the enchilada and place on a plate.
  • Then cover with mole sauce and add your toppings.
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The VIDEO shows this method of how to wrap enchiladas.

Vegetarian-Friendly Version:
Make the Dona Maria Mole Enchiladas without chicken and only cheese.
Or substitute the cheese with a vegetarian cheeses.
Or, stuff with crumbled tofu or vegetables.

These incredibly DELICIOUS and RICH Chicken Mole Enchiladas Dona Maria are meant to be easy and flavorful.

How Long Do They Last?

  • In the fridge, chicken mole enchiladas last 3-5 days.
  • In the freezer, they last up to 6 months.

Note: They will get soggy. To prevent this, store the enchiladas without the sauce. Then when ready to eat, reheat and add the sauce.

What to serve with this Enmoladas recipe: extra mole sauce, frijoles refritos, arroz blanco

Hungry for More?

Did you make this recipe? Please rate the recipe below!

Doña Maria Hotel Reviews in Seville

Doña Maria Hotel’s Reviews

Reviews Hotel in Seville

Scoring based on real reviews written by our clients after their stay

We stayed from Sep14, 2019 for 4 nights. On our 1st night, my son broke his patella in 4 parts. . View more

United States 23/02/2020

We stayed from Sep14, 2019 for 4 nights. On our 1st night, my son broke his patella in 4 parts. It was a very difficult time for us. The staff tried their best to make our stay comfortable . We had challenges transporting my son inside the hotel due older stair structures. But the staff was very , very helpful. The location is excellent. It is in a tourist area, but you can walk around and explore. I am very thankful to the entire staff for helping us and understanding our situation during our stay. I manage to just make this review now, because we have been busy nursing my son back to full recovery. I highly recommend this property. One day, I will visit this place again and thank the staff. God bless you all!

Easy Mole Recipe

Do you like mole? Well then you’re going to love this super easy mole recipe I have for you today! It’s so delicious you’ll want to eat it with your fingers!

So this recipe is not homemade at all but I promise you it’s so amazing. Plus when it comes to something like mole making it from scratch can take all day. As delicious as mole is I really don’t have time for that.

So today’s recipe is perfect for whenever you get a craving for mole but don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen.

I actually have another recipe for mole on my blog and while it isn’t as labor intensive as some mole recipes are, it still isn’t by any means as easy as the recipe I’m sharing today.

Dona Maria is what makes this super easy and delicious mole possible.

Have you ever had mole from Dona Maria before? If you’re anything like me the idea of eating mole from a jar may not sound too appetizing but I urge you to try it. It’s so worth it!

The jar is actually filled with a mole paste that you mix with water or chicken broth (preferably chicken broth).

To make the mole just empty the contents of the jar into a pot over medium low heat. Slowly stir in 3 cups of chicken broth. Use a wooden spoon to break up the mole paste and stir it into a smooth sauce.

You have to stir for awhile to completely break up the mole paste. Expect to stir for ten minutes.

This is optional but I like to add half a tablet of Abuelita chocolate to the sauce. Trust me it’s really good!

Raise heat to medium and stir until chocolate has dissolved. Let the sauce come to a low boil. Then let the sauce simmer for a few minutes.

The sauce is now ready. Serve it over cooked chicken or add the chicken to the pot.

Also make sure you save the little jar the mole came in. It also serves as a cute little drinking glass!

Easy Mole Recipe

This is a easy mole recipe for busy moms who don’t have a lot of time to get dinner on the table. It has come to my rescue many times.

It’s easy, delicious and inexpensive so definitely give it a try. Serve it with chicken and Mexican rice.

If you enjoyed this recipe please don’t forget to give it a rating below. Thanks for visiting!

Don’t forget to join the Latin American Foodies Facebook group where you can share photos and recipes of the delicious food you make at home!

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