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How to get rid of head lice folk methods?

The problem of pediculosis is encountered quite often. This is an unpleasant disease that requires immediate action. Pharmacies sell a fairly large variety of medicines that help in the fight against lice. Traditional medicine also offers many ways to combat this disease at home. Pharmaceutical medicines are often quite expensive, and their treatment requires several packages. The actions of popular methods are quite radical, and adversely affects the condition of the hair and scalp after treatment. Not many people know about a relatively cheap and effective tool in the fight against head lice. Such a drug is hairspray Beauty. By its unique properties, it stands out among all the means available to combat head lice.

How does lice act

Means Charm is an excellent spray for hair styling. With it, you can add volume to the hair and fix the hairstyle for a long time. Its composition contains special components that protect the hair from adverse effects and nourish them.

Not everyone knows, but it also helps to effectively deal with such a problem as pediculosis. Its force of influence is comparable with some pharmaceutical means. But unlike them, it has a number of significant advantages.

This unique action is in one component, which is included in its composition. The secret weapon in the fight against lice is Dimethicone. This is a silicone, which has become very widely used for cosmetic and medical purposes. Its unique effect on eliminating lice is that dimethicone interferes with the penetration of oxygen into the respiratory organs of the lice, and as a result they die from asphyxiation.

Dimethicone has a similar effect on nits. Silicone covers the entire surface of the eggs and clogs the inlet. As a result of this, the larvae cannot hatch and die.

Attention! Popularity lacquer The beauty lies in the fact that it contains a mixture of silicone, which is the basis of many pharmacy means of dealing with head lice and kills lice. But at the same time, its cost is several times less than drugs from the pharmacy.

Not every hair spray can help in the fight against pediculosis. It is not enough just to have hair fixation properties and nourish hair with useful vitamins. For these purposes only the preparation containing liquid silicone oils in the structure will approach. Such a component is mainly added to varnishes, which add volume to the hair and keep it for a long time.

Lac Charm is one of the few hair styling products that can also help in the fight against a very unpleasant disease. The popularity of this varnish lies in its unique effectiveness in the treatment of lice and a very low price.

Besides, most drugs sold in a pharmacy can have unpleasant consequences. These include allergic reactions, itching, redness, swelling, headache and nausea.

There are a lot of folk remedies in the fight against lice. But most of them have practically no effect or are dangerous to human health. Such methods include the use of certain herbs, dichlorvos, alcohol, vinegar, or even a hot hair dryer or hair tongs.

Instructions for use

Method of application of means Charm during the treatment of pediculosis is very simple. For effective treatment of lice you need to follow some guidelines:

  • Wash your hair in the usual way with shampoo,
  • Allow hair to dry completely or dry using a hair dryer.
  • Apply the drug to the hair, treat the roots well and the entire length of the hair,
  • To achieve the effect, depending on the length of the hair, it will be necessary to apply 1–2 balloons at a time,
  • The head should be covered with a plastic bag and wrap with a towel to create a thermal effect,
  • After 8 hours, wash your hair well with shampoo,
  • Carefully comb through the hair using a special comb that allows you to get rid of dead nits and lice.

During the application, you should follow some recommendations to avoid unpleasant consequences from spraying a large amount of varnish. It is advisable to apply the spray outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. And also cover your face with a damp cloth to prevent the ingress of the product. To prevent the inhalation of harmful fumes from varnish, you should periodically hold your breath.

Application of varnish Charm gives 100% result after the first application. But for greater confidence in the result and to fix it, you can repeat the procedure in about a week. Thus, the treatment of pediculosis with this varnish is only two procedures. This will require 2-4 bottles of the drug, depending on the length of the hair.

Compliance with all the rules and recommendations in the use of lacquer Charm to combat head lice will help to quickly cure this ailment and avoid some of the troubles of its use.

Precautionary measures

Lac Charm is not as highly toxic and harmful as many lice drugs. It does not act as much as some folk remedies for the fight against pediculosis. For example, kerosene burns the scalp very much during treatment.

But when using the tool should also observe certain precautions. Before use, be sure to read the instructions and composition. In the presence of an allergic reaction to any component of the composition of the product you can cause yourself more harm than the benefits of treatment.

Important! Before using the lacquer as a remedy for lice, it is necessary to make a test for a possible allergic reaction. A small area of ​​the skin on the inside of the wrist sprinkle with varnish. After a day, check the result. If there is no redness, then the varnish can be safely applied.


No matter how safe the hairspray is Charm, it has its limitations in use. There are certain Contraindications to the use of the drug for the treatment of head lice:

  • Children age up to 3 years. In this case, you should consult with a pediatrician or pediatric dermatologist. Only after their permission can lice be treated in a child with varnish Charm. A review of the best lice and nits for children, you will find on our website.
  • Pregnancy. During pregnancy, the hormonal background of the woman changes and there is a possibility of an allergic reaction to any component in the varnish. Also, inhalation of harmful vapors when spraying varnish can adversely affect the condition and development of the child. Learn more about the treatment of pediculosis during pregnancy, please visit our website.
  • Allergy. People suffering from hypersensitivity and problems with the respiratory organs should avoid using varnish Charm for the treatment of head lice.

Drug price

Lac Charm is quite inexpensive. The average price for a bottle of funds in Russia is about 190 rubles. Based on these prices, you can calculate that the entire course of treatment will cost an average of 190 to 760 rubles. It all depends on what your hair length is and how many times you want to apply the treatment procedure.

For short hair, treatment in one session will cost 190 rubles, two sessions 380 rubles. If the hair is very long, then one procedure will cost 380 rubles, and two will cost 760 rubles. In comparison with pharmaceutical means, treatment with the preparation Charm will cost several times cheaper.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of this method of treatment of pediculosis are quite a few:

  • Efficiency. This method of treatment gives 100% result in the fight against lice, even after the first time of application. Drugstores and folk prescriptions can not guarantee such a result. As a rule, they need to be applied at least 3-5 times to achieve the desired effect in treatment.
  • Low price. This is a significant advantage of the treatment of pediculosis lacquer Charm. Drugs from the pharmacy are several times more expensive.
  • Security. Varnish Charm does not contain toxic substances that can harm human health.
  • Easy to use. This method of treatment does not require special training and its application does not raise difficulties.

The disadvantage of treatment of lice varnish Charm can be called that it cannot be applied to certain categories of persons. For them, varnish can cause serious harm to health. Often children suffer from pediculosis, and their small age complicates the treatment process.

The use of varnish Charm as a medicine for pediculosis has a lot of advantages, thanks to which it has become quite a popular tool for these purposes. Its effectiveness confirms a large number of positive reviews and good recommendations from people who have achieved excellent results in the treatment with its help.

Means Charm is an excellent weapon in the fight against lice. is he gives 100% result even from the first time of application. Its low cost makes it even more attractive compared to many pharmaceutical preparations. The simplicity and safety of the use of lacquer in the treatment of head lice distinguishes it among all medicines from the pharmacy and popular methods, which often cause great harm to the hair and scalp.

Find out more about pediculosis:

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Head lice. How to get rid of uninvited guests?

How to get rid of lice and nits at home?

Alcohol use

Alcohol for the treatment of various diseases at home is traditionally used by residents of the middle band. Pediculosis was no exception, because the mask from ethanol helps eliminate lice. As therapy, ethyl alcohol must be applied to the entire length of the hair. Then they put a shower cap or a plastic bag over their heads. With this mask, the patient should spend up to 60 minutes. After this time, the ethanol is thoroughly washed off, the hair is combed with a comb with frequent teeth.

Important! Using 96% alcohol can cause scalp burns and damage to the hair structure. And when inhaled ethanol vapor develops irritation of the respiratory organs.

Application of «Dichlorvos»

This home remedy belongs to the most radical methods of combating parasites. “Dichlorvos” is a broad-spectrum insecticide that is why it effectively eliminates most insects, causing paralysis in adults.

However, the tool has a large number of side effects, therefore, less and less used for domestic destruction of parasites. That is why before using Dichlofos, it is necessary to think about the consequences of its use. Poisoning can occur after inhalation of insecticide fumes or if the composition is in contact with the skin. Intoxication leads to the development of the following symptoms:

  • Dizziness,
  • Nausea and vomiting,
  • Convulsions
  • Hives,
  • Dysmotility,
  • Confusion and loss of consciousness.

Kerosene treatment

To remove lice, for many years used kerosene. This method is highly effective, but it can threaten the life and health of the patient. The use of kerosene can cause irritation of the scalp, so to soften the tool is used together with vegetable oil in the ratio of 1:10.

The composition must be shaken and applied to dirty hair. The head is covered with a cap or scarf, leaving the agent for 10-12 hours. After this time, the head is washed several times with shampoo to eliminate the specific smell of kerosene. Only after that the curls must be combed with a comb with frequent teeth.

Important! Before combing comb should be moistened with vinegar so that the nits are easier to peel off from the hair.

If you have not previously used this recipe, then before applying a mixture of oil and kerosene, it is recommended to conduct an allergy test. To do this, it is enough to apply the composition to the inner surface of the elbow for 2-3 minutes. If irritation occurs, it is better to discard this recipe.

Use of vinegar and salt

For the treatment of head lice, you can use a mixture of vinegar and salt. For the preparation of funds take 250 ml of vinegar in which dissolve 43 g of salt. The solution is thoroughly mixed, it is impregnated with gauze cut. The composition is applied to washed hair, which is slightly dried with a towel.

During the day, you need to change the compress every 4-5 minutes. In order not to decrease the effectiveness of the method, it is necessary to re-prepare the solution every 8 hours. The tool will help not only to destroy the parasites, but also to relieve pain and itching at the site of bites.

Use of medicinal herbs

As a folk way to remove lice without harm to the scalp and hair? In this case, you can use medicinal plants:

  • Pomegranate juice with mint. This composition will help restore hair, cure dandruff, destroy lice. Adults can not stand the smell of mint, and sour juice dissolves the substance by which eggs are attached to the hair. For its preparation it is enough to boil 250 ml of pomegranate juice with a handful of mint leaves. The tool is cooled and filtered, applied to the curls. The head is covered with polyethylene, leaving the product on the hair for 7-8 hours. After this nits combed comb
  • Infusion elecampane. The finished product is sold in a pharmacy, but you can prepare it yourself. To do this, it is enough to pour boiling water over the raw material and insist for 60 minutes. The effectiveness of the tool depends on the concentration of the infusion. The resulting composition is applied to clean hair, leaving for up to 8 hours,
  • Black cumin with apple cider vinegar. Seeds need to grind and mix with vinegar before the formation of gruel. The tool is applied to the curls, then you need to spend 30-40 minutes in the sun. The procedure is recommended to be repeated daily, after washing the head you need to comb the nits with a scallop,

  • Broth of burdock. At home, pediculosis can be cured with a burdock. For the preparation of funds collected and washed fruit. Burdock need to pour boiling water, leaving to infuse for 1 hour. Infusion is filtered and applied on curls. The tool must be used daily until the lice disappear,
  • Cranberry juice. The fruits of the plant contain substances that help destroy lice, and the acid causes the dissolution of sticky secretions that keep the nits on the hair. For cooking means just take 200 grams of berries, stretch them, add a little honey. The mixture is carefully rubbed into the hair every day throughout the week. After each procedure, it is necessary to comb the eggs with scallop lice,
  • Essential oils (geraniums, tea tree, mint) are not capable of destroying parasites, however they can scare them off, acting as repellents. These substances can be added to oil masks to improve the structure of the hair, get rid of lice.
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Treatment with tar soap

It has a specific smell, so it repels many insects. This tool can be used for the treatment and prevention of the appearance of head lice. For treatment with soap it is recommended to rub hair, put on a plastic bag or a cap, cover with a handkerchief on top. This mask should be left on the curls for 2-3 hours, then rinse and comb the hair. To prevent infection, you can wash your hair with tar soap once a week.

Recipes of traditional medicine will help to quickly get rid of lice. However, before using them, one should remember about the harm that some drugs can cause to health.When lice appear on the hair, it is necessary to mechanically remove the lice and nits from the hair daily using a comb. This will reduce the duration of therapy, prevent the development of relapse.

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Effective pediculosis shampoos and reviews about them

Let us see what remedies for lice in the form of shampoos today help most effectively:

  • Shampoo «Nok» is made on the basis of permethrin, it is recommended for use for children older than two years. Apply this tool should be pre-washed head, strands should be wet. Head processing is carried out in a well-ventilated area.
  • The remedy for lice «Pedilin» is a cheap shampoo, and in its effectiveness is not inferior to expensive counterparts. Malathion is the active ingredient. People write about this shampoo that they do not like its pronounced unpleasant smell. The tool should be evenly distributed on the hair and wash off ten minutes later. According to the reviews, in order to completely destroy the lice, it is necessary to carry out three treatments with the obligatory subsequent combing. «Pedilin» is contraindicated for children younger than two years. This should be considered when choosing a product for lice and nits for children.

  • Shampoo «Hygia» is a good tool not only from head lice, but also from the pubic. Permethrin is included. You can use this tool from the age of five. About this shampoo, people report that he has an economical expense. It is noted that for short hair, one bottle is enough to produce up to six treatments. On the head, the shampoo is kept for twenty minutes. Repeat the procedure can be repeated no earlier than seven days.
  • Remedy for lice «Paranite» is made in Belgium. This shampoo is distinguished by an oily fat structure. It does not contain any insecticidal substances, its composition is represented primarily by the composition of various oils. It can be used for medicinal purposes for children from three years. The processing time is ten minutes. According to consumer reviews, sixty percent of people thanks to this tool cured head lice in just one time.

What other shampoos should I look for when I get lice?

In addition to the already presented products, the following shampoos are considered to be no less effective, according to consumers:

  • A remedy for lice in the form of shampoo «Veda» is effective and inexpensive. Shampoo treatment lasts only ten minutes. In the case of a high degree of infection, the procedure should be repeated after ten days.
  • Tar shampoo is an excellent natural remedy that belongs to the category of folk remedies. The main disadvantage, according to consumers, is its peculiar smell. This tool kills adults, without having a devastating effect on nits. People write that the drug strongly dries the skin, helping to get rid of dandruff. It can be used in the prevention of pediculosis.
  • Shampoo «Knicks» released complete with a professional comb for combing. The tool is effective, but people complain about its high cost, amounting to seven hundred rubles. In addition, this German drug is extremely rare in Russian pharmacies.

The fight against pediculosis: the use of sprays and reviews about them

Drugs for lice in the format of sprays are very popular. The treatment process is quite simple: the tool should be sprayed onto the hair, then after some time specified in the instructions, it is washed off and the nits are combed out. The most effective means in the reviews people call the following drugs.

An effective remedy for lice «Pair Plus» is a drug of French manufacturers. This spray is suitable for dealing with all types of parasites. The tool is produced in the form of an oily substance and has almost no smell. Spray sprayed on dry hair for ten minutes, then washed off with any shampoo. The feedback notes the effectiveness of this tool.

Means «Lavinal» — Ukrainian spray for the treatment of head lice. The composition includes the composition of essential oils. Directly in the kit includes a comb designed to comb parasites, as well as a cap. About this tool, people write that it is very effective, and thanks to economical consumption, one bottle is enough to handle a whole family of four. This product is completely safe and does not contain any toxic compounds.

So this lice cure for children over two years old fits perfectly. The spray is sprayed onto dry hair, after which the head is covered with a hat and held for half an hour. After treatment, it is recommended to wash your hair with shampoo from the same series. Such shampoo will promote healing of wounds, moisturize the skin and facilitate the easy combing of nits.

What other remedies are considered effective?

In addition to the above means, people in their reviews also advise the use of the following sprays and sprays:

  • Means «Pediculen Ultra» is a spray for the destruction of head parasites. Its composition is presented in the form of ingredients such as anise oil, alcohol and various additives. Dry hair should be plentifully moistened with this agent, then with the help of massage movements the drug is rubbed into the skin, and after half an hour it is washed off. The spray kit includes a comb, as well as a special design for use. As people write, for short hair one bottle will be enough for twenty treatments.
  • An effective remedy for lice and nits “Nuda” is an aerosol based on Dimethicone, which blocks the entry of air into the respiratory system of parasites, due to which they die. People write about this tool in reviews that it is quite effective, but it requires several procedures for a complete cure.
  • The preparation «Paranit» is produced together with a comb for combing. The processing time is fifteen minutes. In relation to this drug, consumers complain about its excessively oily consistency, in connection with this remedy is extremely difficult to wash off.

Pediculosis Treatment: An Overview of Lotions and Liquids

Anything that cannot be sprayed or not foaming is called lotion. In reviews, people most often leave positive comments about the following remedies:

  • Means «Paranit Sensitiv» is one of the few drugs used to treat pediculosis in children from one year. The liquid is applied to the hair until they are fully moisturized, and then left for eight hours. People write that this tool does not stain and does not stain things in case of contact with them. It is best to do this procedure before bedtime. Wear a hat is not necessary. After the time, the hair is washed out with shampoo, after which the insects are combed out. The only drawback, according to consumer stories, is the high price of this tool, which starts from a thousand rubles.
  • Lotion «Medilis Bio» has a clove fragrance. The composition includes oil of cloves, various auxiliary components and alcohol. This tool is capable of killing lice at any stage of their development. It is reported that the drug is very effective.
  • Means «Full Marks» is an oily liquid that has a suffocating effect on parasites. People write that one bottle is enough for three treatments. Consumers are dissatisfied with the fact that this tool leaves stains. Re-processing should be carried out after seven days.

Medifox is a permethrin-based drug. This emulsion, according to the instructions, you need to dilute with water. The working solution should be kept on the hair for twenty minutes.

“Fora Plus” is a budget product that includes permethrin. The death of lice under its influence occurs ten minutes after application. In the reviews it is reported that this tool effectively eliminates parasites on the head and foams well.

Means «Nittifor» produced in the form of an ointment or solution. Consumers say that this product has a distinct and persistent odor. The processing time is ten minutes.

The use of tablets for lice

Pediculicides are not always possible to use, especially when there are skin diseases, as well as various scratching or scratching. In such cases, pills for lice help. They are used when other forms of treatment do not bring the desired result. Total destruction of lice occurs two weeks after the first dose. But for taking pills there are the following contraindications:

  • The presence of pregnancy.
  • The presence of diseases of the digestive system in an acute form.
  • Heart failure.
  • Diseases of the excretory system.

It is important to note that the treatment of pediculosis with the help of tablets is carried out only under the supervision of a physician.

Folk remedies for lice

The most harmless ways of treating pediculosis are folk recipes. Some of them are so accessible and simple that they allow you to get the desired result with the help of ordinary products from the refrigerator or simple home remedies.

  • Kerosene is one of the most popular old ways to get rid of lice. Smeared with hair wrapped in a towel. After 2 hours, the strands are carefully washed and combed with a frequent comb.
  • Cranberry juice is especially good for killing nits. When rubbing the product into the scalp for a week, we can expect the eggs to stick off their hair.
  • Vinegar significantly reduces the activity of parasites. 2 tablespoons of vinegar dissolved in 1 glass of water. After thorough wetting, the strands are combed out.

  • Mint. 2 tbsp. l herbs are poured with pomegranate juice (1 cup) and boil for about 10 minutes. The resulting solution is rubbed into the scalp.
  • Black cumin. Cumin seeds, carefully crushed, dissolved in apple cider vinegar. After straining, rubbed into strands and roots. After the procedure, it is important to stand in direct sunlight for about 20 minutes and do not wash off the head for 5 hours. For efficiency, manipulation should be daily for a week.
  • Burdock or nines. The stems of the plant along with the leaves is poured boiling water. After infusing for 30 minutes and filtering the resulting broth, the roots and hair are washed.
  • Mask of mayonnaise. The product applied to the hair contributes to the disturbance of insect respiration and their death. Holding such a mask all night under a plastic bag, you can hope to get rid of lice. It should at the same time try to clean thoroughly all nits.
  • Hair spray. A whole bottle of hairspray is sprayed onto the washed head. This is done in a well ventilated area or outdoors. Wrapped the head with a plastic bag, leave the tool overnight. After washing the varnish carefully combed the remaining eggs on the strands.
  • Hair dye. Perfectly cope with the problem of head lice staining strands. It’s all about the hydrogen peroxide, which is part of them.

Reviews of lice products

Reviews of tools designed to combat lice, there are very different. Provided that the instructions are strictly followed, not only expensive, but also cheap drugs can produce a result. The result, among other things, depends on the thoroughness of combing.

In the reviews, people very much praise the remedy called Hygia. It is noted that thanks to this shampoo lice managed to withdraw the first time. Consumers give a positive assessment in the comments and the drug called «Medilis Bio». This is a cheap tool, but as people say, it is very effective for pediculosis. On assurances, after its use, re-processing is not required.

To combat parasites and resort to such a drug as «Pedilin.» With regard to this tool, consumers say that it has an unpleasant odor, which, in addition, lasts a very long time. And to completely get rid of parasites, you may need three treatments.

In reviews of lice and nits funds, people praise Paranit Sensitive. People write that, after treating their hair for the night, they did not find a single insect in the morning after combing it out. Many people are delighted with this tool and are very grateful for his help. However, as noted earlier, this drug is quite expensive.


Thus, at present, manufacturers offer people a variety of all kinds of drugs to combat head lice. Lice and nits are no longer a serious problem for humans, because even with the help of the cheapest preparation, they can be effectively eliminated. Choose the best cure for lice everyone can.

Fight against parasites

Usually, measures against bloodsuckers and various parasites are preventive in nature, and if it was not possible to prevent the appearance of lice, then all means are used. Ways to eliminate the invaders are divided into pharmaceutical and folk remedies. Pharmaceuticals have a synthetic basis, a special order of application and must be prescribed by a doctor. Some drugs are sold without a prescription and can effectively remove parasites.

Shave bald

The very first and proven way to get rid of nits is to shave off all hair. Deprived of shelter, food, and breeding conditions, lice will die within 10 days. It is recommended to burn hair with parasites, and not to wait for the exhaustion of insects. Suitable for people indifferent to long hair. But this method is completely unacceptable for carriers of beautiful long braids and lovers of thick hair.

Combing out

The second method was designed to preserve long hair in the beautiful half of humanity and owners of chic hairstyles. Brushing is a mechanical removal of lice and nits from the hair. For combing used a special device — the comb.

The mention of the first lice and the first ridge dates from about the same time. Throughout its history, the comb from a simple chase comb turned into a fashionable, beautiful remedy for lice. It is recommended to use a wooden or metal comb, since plastic does not always effectively remove nits.

Decoctions of herbs

Extracts obtained from plants are effective with long-term use. As a rule, combined with combing. Extracts appeared practically together with a crest as an adequate response to parasites. All ingredients are fairly simple and affordable. Some variants of extracts:

  • Broth wormwood.
  • Beet-based decoction.
  • Cranberry juice. You can use a mass of cranberries, which dissolves the sticky nits holders, and the parasites are washed or combed from the hair. For the greatest effect, it is necessary to treat the affected areas for at least 10 days.
  • Cabbage juice mixed with honey. Controversial tool, but quite effective for long-term use.
  • Tincture of the rhizome of hellebore. It is believed that a strong tincture is able to remove the parasites at a time of use. But you should always remember that a strong remedy can provoke an allergic reaction of the body.
  • Ledum roseum mixed with melted pork fat. The controversial combination that will cause a doctor of science to distrust, however, will help get rid of pests.

The low effectiveness of the extracts is compensated by a sparing action on the damaged areas of the skin and by safety.

The next method capable of removing parasites is the use of tar or dust soap. The alkali contained in these products is safe for the skin and good against lice.

Products recommended for use with caution

Care must be taken not to burn the scalp and not to damage it.

We take the usual vinegar, diluted with water (for one glass of water no more than 2 tablespoons of vinegar), and apply to the hair. The resulting substance does not destroy the parasites, but facilitates their combing. Acetic acid reacts with a sticky mass that holds nits on the hair.The result of the reaction is the complete dissolution of the sticky mass. The danger of this tool is in the ability of vinegar to burn and irritate the affected areas.

Onion and garlic

These natural antiseptics must be turned into a homogeneous mass, evenly distributed on the affected areas and withstand some time. This mask, along with the benefits in the fight against nits brings some harm in the form of skin irritation and a possible burn effect.


Alcohol solution is good for disinfection, but not in the fight against nits. Alcohol burns, irritates the affected areas, dehydrates the skin, damages the internal structure of the hair. Alcohol vapors can adversely affect the respiratory tract, and the risk of eye contact sounds daunting. Getting rid of lice with such a remedy will be very expensive in terms of health.

Rubbing pure kerosene

Kerosene is a toxic petroleum product that adversely affects the human respiratory tract and skin. It is able to remove parasites, but it does damage to humans, because kerosene is not a drug. Kerosene is a fuel, but by no means a way to get rid of nits.

  • vomiting
  • sudden dizziness,
  • unusual rash,
  • pain in the head,
  • impaired motility
  • sharp cramps
  • unreasonable loss of consciousness.

Hair coloring

Repainting allows you to take advantage of the situation and change the image, open yourself in a new capacity and please your loved ones with a positive decision. The fact is that the peroxide used in the process of repainting destroys all life, settled in the hair. Thus, getting rid of parasites occurs with inspiration and in an easy manner.

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Infection prevention

Whatever the method of getting rid of lice, the best thing is not to get infected with this scourge. Routine inspections will allow to identify and quickly get rid of parasites

To keep your health, time and a strong nervous system will help simple rules that prevent the occurrence of nits:

  • Timely recognition of an infected person and limited contact with him. It should be remembered that lice do not know how to jump or fly, so it is enough to keep from an infected person at a distance of 50 cm.
  • No casual sex. Loyalty to your loved one — the guarantee of health and clean hair.
  • It is very effective to use only your hairbrushes, hairpins, hats and other attributes in contact with hair.
  • Systematic change and laundry. It is recommended to wash the bed linen at high temperature. Particular attention should be paid to high-quality drying, since moisture contributes to the development of harmful organisms.
  • Everyday inspection of your own hair. Sometimes it is enough to make combing once.

Prevention and ready-made folk solutions against lice are an experience that can help in a difficult situation.

Why lacquer charm

Hairspray not only helps to give and keep the amount of styling, but is also an excellent way to fight lice. The principle of its operation is similar to the mechanism of action of many drugstores, for example, the Nyuda spray. The uniqueness of this drug lies in its composition, which includes Dimethicone — silicone, which has found wide application in cosmetology and medicine. This substance prevents the penetration of oxygen in the spiracles of the lice, which causes them to suffocate.

A similar process occurs with nits: a liquid silicone mixture envelops their surface, blocking the inlet, which prevents larvae from hatching from eggs. The same silicone mixture is included in the hairspray lice Charm, but its cost is several times less.

Benefits means

This method of treatment of pediculosis has many advantages:

  • efficiency — the use of fixing solution ensures complete destruction of lice and nits,
  • safety — absence of toxic substances in the lacquer,
  • low cost in comparison with pharmacy pediculicidal preparations (the price of varnish is Charm within 180 rubles),
  • simple application.

Principle of use

Getting rid of lice with hairspray is a snap:

  1. It is necessary to wash your hair with shampoo.
  2. After the hair is dry, apply a fixative on it. It is necessary that it covers the entire length of the hair. Particular attention should also be paid to the root zone. Consumption means depends on the length and thickness of the hair, usually use 1-2 cans.
  3. The procedure is best carried out in a well ventilated area or in fresh air. To prevent the varnish from getting into the face, it is covered with a damp cloth.
  4. To avoid the ingestion of harmful vapors should periodically hold your breath.
  5. Then the head is covered with a towel over which a plastic cap or bag is put on.

The principle of lacquer Charm

Varnish works on the same principle as many pharmaceuticals. Liquid silicone oils that make up the varnish, prevent the penetration of oxygen into the body of insects, as a result of which they die. Varnish acts like a well-known nude lice remedy that contains dimethicone (a silicone widely used in hair care products), but it is much cheaper.

The effectiveness of the means

The effectiveness of the use of varnish 100%. For confidence and consolidation of the result, lacquer Charm can be reused after a week or 10 days.

As a rule, victims of nits and lice prefer to use pharmaceuticals or traditional methods. Unfortunately, traditional methods are not always effective, and pharmaceutical preparations are expensive. Lac Charm with 100% effectiveness is much cheaper than pharmaceutical drugs, and mostly has positive reviews.

Side effects and contraindications

Varnish does not apply to particularly toxic and harmful chemicals that are offered in pharmacies. Also, it does not have such a destructive effect as kerosene, burning the scalp. However, the use of charms has the following contraindications:

  1. Children up to 3 years. Before you remove the lice in a child, it is better to consult a dermatologist and tell about your intention to use hairspray.
  2. Allergic reaction. Before use, it is necessary to test for the presence of an allergic reaction by smearing the inner side of the wrist with varnish. The result will be visible after 24 hours. If the skin is not red and there is no itching, varnish can be used to remove lice.
  3. The presence of asthma or allergies. If a person suffers from asthma or allergies is not necessarily on varnish, the tool is not recommended, because it can cause another attack or provoke exacerbation of the disease.
  4. Pregnancy. Women during pregnancy is not recommended to use the lacquer Charm, because when inhaled it can cause fetal development disorders.
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Great! I’ll try for sure! My daughter brought lice from school and infected the other children. Lice are very dangerous! I did not even suspect, because theirs nits are completely not noticeable on the hair! They look like dandruff. Sister bought a comb. For combing out, but not all nits are combed out, I remove the part with my hands, sticking them on the gum. I shake the cud when sugar comes out of it, the nits are perfectly attached to it! God forbid anyone to be sick of this infection. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

The composition of the product on the example of varnish «The beauty» of lice

With this disease, not all varnishes are suitable as a treatment. It is necessary to choose a product containing silicone (liquid silicone oil).

Silicone is most commonly found in varnishes, which give and preserve the styling volume. A striking example of the desired composition is the product under the trademark «Charm». In order to achieve a medicinal effect, it is necessary to pour one or two whole vials of styling products onto the head.

Use of funds

How to remove lice hairspray? It is very simple to use hair styling liquid as a means of getting rid of lice.

The procedure is best performed at bedtime, always outdoors.

Below is the whole simple algorithm of actions:

  1. Thoroughly wash your hair.
  2. Wait until the hair is dry.
  3. Apply 1-2 bottle of funds on the hair and scalp. Apply to the entire length of the hair.
  4. Cover the hair with a towel, cover with a plastic bag.
  5. In the morning, unwind the entire structure, wash it with shampoo, rinse with running water.
  6. The remaining dead nits comb frequent comb or remove manually.

The advantages of this method and its disadvantages

Biggest plus fixing spray for hair in such a situation is its one hundred percent efficiency compared with other ways of getting rid of parasites. Popular methods do not always give the same result the first time. Drugs from the pharmacy will also have to be applied a couple of times.

The second advantage of lacquer is its value. Compared with drugs from the pharmacy — this is really a little money.

For comparison: the cost of the Para-Plus spray is about 400-500 rubles per 116 grams in a bottle with a spray. The cost of the top 300-milliliter can of professional hair styling product “Charm” is 180 rubles.

The disadvantage of this method of combating parasites in the head can only be called the fact that its can not be applied to certain categories of persons:

  1. Children from the age of three. Read more about pediculosis treatment in children in our article.
  2. Persons suffering from allergies and respiratory diseases (asthma, for example).
  3. Pregnant women.

Hairspray — absolutely effective medicine for lice and nits. When properly applied, it will get rid of unpleasant parasites at a time. To prevent and eliminate relapse, you can repeat the procedure after a week or ten days, followed by examination of the scalp.

As alternative methods of struggle with lice and nits on the head can help you drugs:

After treatment of pediculosis, it is necessary to follow simple rules of personal hygiene., to prevent re-infection: use your hairbrushes, hats and hygiene products, besides, have less contact with other people’s hair, wearing clothes, and also carefully drive in public transport, trying to minimize contact with fabric headrests.

Causes of pediculosis. Where do lice come from?

It seems that in the modern world this phenomenon should gradually disappear. But, oddly enough, the incidence of pediculosis among children is very high. The risk of «catch» parasites is the most seriousgirls with long hair — lice cling to them much faster. And the traditional games of “Hairdressers”, which girls love so much, do not benefit if common hairpins and combs pass from hand to hand. Lice do not appear out of nowhere — the source is always infected person. How do pediculosis get caught most often?

  • Kindergarten and school.
  • Children’s camps and motels.
  • Other common areas.
  • Using other people’s hats, combs, towels and other personal items.

Mechanical removal of lice and nits. Recommendations

Chemicals to combat head lice are prohibited for use in small children. In older children, they are used in accordance with the state of health. But it is worth remembering that no remedy for lice no effect without manual nits removal.

  • To start carefully (under bright light) look at the head baby
  • If the child does not mind, better trim it to the maximum length of hair. The fight against nits on long hair can be delayed for a very long time.
  • Wash hair with shampoo-rinse (it will facilitate combing).
  • Carefullycomb your hair with a special comb with a small distance between the teeth (no more than two mm).
  • Separating strands, comb each of them, gradually transferring them to the already tested part of the head.
  • After combing each strand, wipe the comb about a paper towel. Finishing combing, boil it for ten minutes.
  • Implement like combing every day, during two weeks, until the complete disappearance of parasites.
  • Before applying lice It is forbidden to use hair conditioner.

To facilitate combing you can use mousse. Nit free. It dissolves the glue, which nits are attached to the hair, which greatly facilitates the process of removing nits and lice. If you did not manage to comb the lice and nits on your own, you can contact a specialized Pediculosis Care Center «Lice Evey.» The center guarantees their removal in one day without the use of toxic drugs. The period during which it is on the market, a large number of positive reviews, the provision of a guarantee and a free repeated procedure speak for high efficiency and confidence in successful treatment.

The best remedies for lice and nits: folk and pharmaceutical

The main recommendation for detecting lice in a child is appeal to a doctor. Special, in cases where the child has not yet reached the age of three, is allergic or asthmatic, or has other diseases. Treatment of pediculosis should be carried out without harm to the child’s body. Recommended for pregnant women and babies only mechanical removal of nits and, maximum, compresses from natural products (cranberries, etc.).
So what pharmaceutical and folk remedies are used by modern parents to eliminate these parasites?

  • Oil mask Olive oil (mayonnaise, petrolatum, etc.) is applied to the hair at night. A polyethylene cap is worn on top. In the morning, the mask is washed off, and the nits are combed from wet hair with a fine-toothed comb.
  • Rosh Tov. The tool is made from natural ingredients.
  • Here. One of the most effective modern dimeticon-based lice control products. The drug enters the respiratory tract lice, which leads to the death of insects from suffocation. Eliminates both adult lice and nits.
  • Luck «Charm». The head is treated after washing with a whole bottle of lacquer (of course, in the air). Then wrapped with a towel (or wear a plastic cap) and leave overnight. The principle of action is similar to the action of Nude. The difference is only in the price (it is noticeably more expensive than a balloon with this varnish). In the morning, the lacquer is washed several times and combed out the surviving nits. It is clear that you should first check whether there is an allergy to this remedy.
  • Five percent solution of benzyl alcohol. Relatively safe remedy.
  • Cranberry. The juice of fresh cranberries (three handfuls) is rubbed into the hair roots, the residue from the squeeze is applied to the entire length of hair. The hair is covered with a plastic cap (and a towel on top) for three hours, until it is completely dry. Further, according to the standard scheme — washing and combing.
  • Drugstoresbased on neurotoxic components. These include Pair Plus, Nittifor, Knicks and others. These drugs are effective only at the stage of detection of lice (no nits). Ten days need re-treatment of the head. More than three times to use these drugs is unacceptable because of their high toxicity. After applying the drug, wait with a head wash for a couple of days.
  • Radical method — head shave. Not everyone, of course.
  • Kerosene and gasoline. These funds are better not to use. The consequences can be disastrous — from allergic dermatitis and scalp burns to hair loss.
  • Hair coloring. In this case, you need to choose paint with content in the composition of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Flea shampoos for cats and dogs (sold in veterinary pharmacies).
  • Dustov and tar soap.
  • Broth wormwood.
  • Parsley or mint juice.
  • Hydrogen peroxide.
  • Vinegar. Add a couple of spoons of remedy to a glass of water. Apply the solution to the head. Carefully comb out the nits.Vinegar helps dissolve the glue, with which nits are attached to the hair.
  • Lavender or tea tree oil.
  • 15% ointment with benzyl benzoate.
  • 20% benzyl benzoate emulsion.
  • Sulfuric ointment.
  • Spregal.
  • Vodka compress. Vodka is sprayed on the hair from the spray (you should first close your eyes with a bandage). Rubbed into the hair roots. After that, a plastic cap is put on and a towel is wound on top. After twenty to thirty minutes, the compress is washed off, and the nits are combed out. Effective remedy. Not recommended for small children.
  • Chemerichnaya water.
  • Antiv Comb.

And how did you save the child from lice and nits? Parent reviews

“Both daughters picked up this infection a couple of years ago.” From school, one brought, and the second picked up next. I was just terrified. Chemistry did not want to poison. Went through the forums, read about vodka, decided to take a chance. What can I say — a super tool. Lice died immediately. The compress was held for twenty minutes with the eldest, ten with the younger. Until the moment until a little start to burn. Nits combed another week. Thank God everything went. At school, no one learned anything (the girls were most afraid of this), because they brought out very quickly. Cheap and angry. All nits were removed by hand. Each order was checked.

— The son brought this infection from school, he also caught his daughter. We are fighting for the second month. Children’s hair is very thick, incredibly difficult to comb. In the end, the son was simply shaved under the typewriter, and the daughters made a square. No other way. Tried and nitifor, and cranberries, and coffee interfered with henna — nothing helps. That’s terrible! Bought Nyuda. Things got better. Lice yet. Nits combed out every day, they are already less and less.

— Terribly suffered from these parasites. All tried — in vain. Chemistry from dandruff is terrible, from tar soap — zero effect. Already going to shave the children bald. Friends advised anti comb. It helped immediately! Stunned by the effect. Try it, it really helps.

«We had to face here too. ((The daughter came from the kindergarten. She did not dare to poison with vinegar and chemistry. They moistened the parasites with cranberry juice. They combed it twice a day. And you can see the nits better with wet hair. The older son (from the daughter got infected) was treated) paranit scallop. Cool comb, for two hours combing all nits. I recommend. And most importantly — remember that everyone needs to be treated! Rarity, when one in the family caught the lice, and the rest — no. It is better to treat everything preventively than to infect the second once.

— Do not use kerosene, dust and dihlovos! Have pity on the health of the children (and yours too). Means today — the mass! Especially since no means of nits from the hair does not remove, still have to comb out. Therefore, the best gentle.

— Lice Guard helped us. Excellent set of shampoo and scallops. I did not even expect such an effect — they died, reptiles, immediately in batches during combing. Brought out very quickly.

“Three months have been killed on these lice!” And tar soap, and shampoos for dogs from fleas, and now, and other means. Nothing! Were tortured! Her daughter’s hair is long and thick. And she refused to get a haircut. In general, at first they took the risk to make a vodka compress — the lice died immediately. Nits combed another week. Fixed the success of painting hair. Fortunately, the age of the daughter already allows. They took the usual paint, Schwarzkop (Paulette). And that’s all. Now everything is ok.

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It always seemed to me that it was very easy to cure lice. However, this is not the case; I experienced the full horror of this disease. How much effort was spent on treatment is beyond words. But I got an anti scallop in time. There were no more problems.

My son from the camp brought a full head lice, the camp administration says: we can not help. There is no one to complain, and then going to the pharmacy I came across an anti-comb, worth 990 rubles, and justified my money with a comb.

My daughter in school loves to change all sorts of things with her friends, no matter how I forbid her, she constantly drags other things on herself. And then I’m looking at some kind of new hoop, she’s been in it all day, I, of course, immediately removed it, but after three days she started to itch (and maybe even earlier, just hid from me), I’ve looked at my head : and there is teeming with lice, they lay their nits. The pharmacy recommended some shampoos and sprays, but to my question about the side effects, they said that nothing could happen, and the hair might suffer very much or even an allergic reaction in the child. What to do? There is a more expensive tool, but safer — an antiqu comb costs 990 rubles, but where to go, we would have to take it, otherwise we would spend even more on hair restoration. I straightened her for 3 days. Then a few more times, for sure. Lice and nits are gone. More docha does not take other people’s things and does not give his own.

Lice can easily «get away» from your head, if you use an anti-scallop means already tested by many people.

It is unlikely to help, I have all who have encountered pediculosis, talking about the comb that this is a divorce. It is necessary to comb the dead lice, and the living is almost not realistic. Therefore, choose something from chemistry, for example, as a pair plus it has a good composition.

And we were also helped by Pair Plus, some strange reviews, for the first time I heard about a comb for 35 bucks . Rich in fat is frantic))

And a couple plus did not help us (((And nitifor too. In general, I read a lot of ujj now that lice probably somehow mutate, because I often hear that did not help. We processed the head with chemistry a total of 3 times. Then she spat I ordered the comb. Anyway, with repeated treatments, I spent the same week already, as promised in the comb. As a result, by the way, it worked out even better — I combed all the small days for 4, then just for calm I combed a couple of days, but nothing I found. Generally a very unpleasant infection, disgusting.

I am very surprised by the comments about the rich and fat — in my family, for example, there is no extra money, but I try not to put pressure on the child’s health. Moreover, our comb costs no more than the same medication for a cold for a week or two. We have a Lysgard comb at home, metal teeth, nothing complicated — just a very thin distance between them — convenient for children’s hairs.
Similarly, about the fact that only dead lice are being combed out — with a comb, for example, even nits are combed out, i.e. not yet louse, in fact. Therefore, before you criticize, it is better to carefully look at how it works. Seriously, if you carefully looked at the composition of half of the chemistry, the same Pair Plus, so it generally can not be children, and pregnant, and with HB. So I’m exactly on the ridge.

I used Paranit spray and was very pleased. And so I’ll look like I’ve chosen the softest way, because as I read, the hairs stand on end on how much the parents are willing to experiment and save on their child’s health. I’d rather choose if not cheap, but a quality tool that will work from the first, than they will experiment and torment a child.

Much easier to get rid of nits, if you rinse your hair with an aqueous solution of vinegar. So even in medical institutions did. Vinegar dissolves the glue with which the nit attaches to the hair and is easier to remove. That is, he certainly will not kill everyone, but it will be easy to comb out.

Since the main difficulty in the treatment of pediculosis is the removal of nits, additional means must be used to make them easier to comb. Vinegar is recommended in many places, but I was afraid to test it on a four-year-old child. As a result, I found a safer option — Neath Free Mousse. It dissolves glue nits much more efficiently than vinegar, but it is completely safe. Before buying it, I read a bunch of reviews on foreign sites and decided, because I didn’t find anything bad, but everyone wrote about the amazing effect of it.

100% remove all the nits helped me means Neon Nits. This is something like a special dye that paints only nits in a bright color, but does not remain on the hair. With its help, I found about twenty more nits in my daughter’s hair when I thought that I had deleted all.

The best remedy for lice — prevention. I advise you to try something based on mint, as it doesn’t smell lice. For example, I bought NitFre menthol spray for my children and spray them with them every day before leaving the house. During the use of it, no lice in children, I did not find.

I agree that prevention is better than long-term pediculosis treatment. I also use the products of the same company for the whole family, but I prefer to use Nit Free conditioner shampoo. By the way, very good means not only for prevention, but also for washing hair. I would even say that from organic shampoos that I have tried, this is one of the best.

Advise a good and safe remedy against lice. A three-year-old child has become infected with them and I really do not want to poison it with pesticides at that age.

The best way to rid a child of lice is to comb it out with a good comb. I can advise to facilitate peeling nits from the hair buy nith free mousse. It is free of toxins and pesticides, but it actually works, since the nits almost all fall out of the hair when touched. We just mousse in combination with scallops and helped get rid of lice and nits once.

I read in the inte of everything that came from the councils and brought out all the living bugs and nits in the evening, no one else from the family got infected, although my daughter had so many nits that it was even scary, everyone thought that dandruff did not begin to itch. I’ll start with the beginning of the tips. She cut her daughter’s hair a little so that it was easier to work, but you can not cut it. after that, she wiped the scalp with vodka with cotton swabs, only carefully and surely after that you need to put on a bathing cap with a rubber band, after two hours she lifted the gum behind the ear and another louse flew out, decided to hold the cap for a couple more hours the gum had a sea of ​​already dead lice, well, it’s the fear of the big eyes In the pharmacy we were advised PARANIT with a comb, this drug helps to dissolve the glue with which the glues are glued to the hair, I advise you to spray this drug somewhere on the carpet or and in the bathroom, since I did it on a lominade, then even the whole week they could not clean the floor and all slid over it, and of course from the walls away Spray all the pieces of the head from the root to the end of the hair and again we wear a hat washed from dead lice. We walked in it for an hour, while removing it, I still found a couple of dead lice, it already became easier on the soul, and then we sat down in the bathroom, washed our heads thoroughly (I’ll say right away, it’s advisable to do this procedure on Friday, because I didn’t wash my hair and as if they were smeared with oil and you don’t go to school :), after a day everything was fine), after washing the head, we start combing each piece of hair from the root with a comb until the comb is clean and wash it every time under water. I had never seen such horror as a scallop, there was already such a breeding ground there, most likely we could pick them up in the dacha pool, the braided pigtails did not dry out after each swim, and the problems can be seen from here. To calm the soul, I once again smeared my daughter’s head with vodka in a week, put on a hat and waited again for 4 hours and fortunately I didn’t find anyone else, a year has passed and everything is fine and thank God at home no one has suffered anymore. Only in no case should any of the other children and relatives know anything, we only knew with my husband, I told my daughter that I read many different ways how to get rid of dandruff, other family members also knew about it and in no way harm child, sooner or later, these events would have reached the evil schoolchildren and then for the whole life of the child would be called lousy, this was often observed in my childhood in camps with other children. I would like to hear feedback if my method helped someone.

When my daughter had lice, we turned to the center of Lays Evey and they helped us get rid of them quickly. In my opinion, this is the easiest and most reliable way to remove lice, as this is done by specialists and provide a guarantee for their work. And you do not need to poison the child with any toxic chemistry. I have only the most positive emotions left from this center.

Once upon a time I bought my daughter a spray against Nit Free’s tangle of hair. I read what they had cool tools and how they protect against lice and decided to try. For all the time of using it, I didn’t regret buying it at all, since we not only forgot about lice, but also finally solved the problem of combing hair. Her daughter’s hair is awfully curly and thick, so no comb has already been broken. And with this spray, combing them is a pleasure, and the smell is very pleasant. I love everything with mint.

There is a lot of information on various means and methods of treatment on the portal about pediculosis. I accidentally found this site, but he was very pleased with me, because there are some scraps of information everywhere, and here everything is in one place. Immediately everything becomes clear.

And here is my way. You have to tinker a couple, and for persuasiveness up to 3 weeks. My daughter brought, probably from school, we slept with her then, once she noticed that she was scratching her head strangely (and as I did not notice before, because I know, the school started, you have to be alert), and there is darkness. We have thick hair on our shoulders — enough for three heads. I read the remedy: regular sunflower oil 100ml + 40 drops of essential oil (or geranium or tea tree) and spread the roots and good hair, begin to comb it with a frequent comb or comb. The oil immobilizes the little ones, and what it does (the microscope isn’t surely impossible to check), however they are suffocating in the oil film (which doesn’t happen with water) the large ones do not move, combed perfectly. so you can comb from 30-60 minutes in different directions, depending on the length and density. Then wash your hair with regular shampoo. We did it once every 3-4 days, and then a week later. Initially there were so many nits that I would choose for a couple of months, so after each procedure I “dried” my hair with an iron and HURRAY! The rescue. The main thing that is relatively harmless, even moisturizes and strengthens the hair. But you need to check the child’s skin for the reaction to the essential oil (dilute 1: 2 with water and smear it on the handle — will there be a strong reddening?). Naturally, all things and the bed more often than 60 degrees to stretch or iron with an iron.

When I was tormented with lice in a child and could not get them out, one friend mommy told me about professional help with pediculosis. Like, they just got rid of lice. I googled and found a company that really provided such assistance and guaranteed 100% results. We turned to them and really helped us. And on the same day. It turns out that it was only necessary to properly comb. Their specialist did just that. Of course, it seemed that everything was so simple and elementary, but without experience and special skills, it’s probably still not so easy to quickly comb out all the parasites and nits.

For some reason, the article does not list drugs that do not poison lice, but choke them. And there are such funds, they are based on mineral oils, and therefore are absolutely safe for humans. Well, lice can not develop immunity to such drugs, whereas to the poisons — it can. She herself brought out shampoo paranit, it is just based on mineral oils and dimethicone. It is simple to use: you apply, wait only 10 minutes, then wash it off like a regular shampoo. Well, then you sit down to comb the nits))) In general, the itch disappeared from the first application, but according to the instructions, the procedure should be repeated a week later.

My daughter also picked up the lice somehow and gave us. For 1 time, they removed D-95 — a product with silicones, it is with a comb. The price is cheaper than shampoos containing poison and not very safe for children. And in comparison with similar means, it is 2.3 times cheaper. Very effective, not smelly, and children from 3 years old can.He was advised by a good doctor, and really, everything is fine.

I do not know where my child picked up lice. But when I discovered them, there were soooo many of them. I came across for the first time, and if it were not for my sister, who decided to braid my daughter’s pigtails, she probably wouldn’t have known even longer. I did not think that they are so small. And in the garden did not notice. Strange! My sister and I began to go through the options for getting rid of lice and nits, read the reviews and agreed on Lice Evey. This is the service for getting rid of head lice. On the Internet, found the phone, called. A girl came to comb out all the insects and nits, and without any shampoos. By the time it took no more than 2 hours. After them I checked the child’s head for another week, but found nothing. I add my positive feedback to their piggy bank.

We are delighted just from lice guard. they have combi battery robi comb. Very effective, kills lice and nits with current. Can be used for the whole family. which is especially convenient and beneficial when several children

Well, the Lice Guard comb, for example, is not the cheapest at 1st glance means, but in the end it pays off very quickly. If several children are cheaper, you can’t think of anything cheaper. Especially if the nerves saved add.

We got rid of malicious lice oil Nit Free. This company has established itself well among our friends. And the reviews are also some positive points. On the website of this company you can pick up anything you like for the treatment and prevention of head lice. All their products are biologically pure, based on herbs.

My own experience of breeding is sad. Could not get rid of them. In our city opened service Lays Evey. Appealed to them. They promised to withdraw within a few hours. Do not believe. And in vain! Brought out. And how much I later did not check. So I did not find anything. A specialist is a specialist.

The topic of pediculosis is generally very relevant today. My children had “animals” in their heads 4 times already. The first few times she used lice with shampoo, and then combed it out, but somehow it didn’t immediately get rid of them. And then I was advised in the pharmacy Means D-95, it goes like an oily liquid, you need to put it on dry hair, wait a bit and comb it. Very good result, the next day there is no trace of lice and nits.

The niece was taken out of the pediculenum ultra with lice with shampoo, helped from the first time, to fix the result, they washed the head a week later, the head was clean.

I used a set of pedikulen ultra, I treated the whole family, all the bedding, all the toys were soft, all clothes were washed and smoothed. And then for a week I checked the heads of the whole family, thank God that I managed to get rid of lice and nits from the first time.

She took the repellent Paranit, to be sure that no louse will cling to me. And then we have at work at once in a few girls from somewhere. Quite conveniently invented, it is better to prevent the appearance of lice than to suffer and hardly to remove them. And for the health of hair, the prevention of pediculosis is much more useful than its treatment.

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