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From a single office in London in 1817, we’ve built a global presence with significant operations in more than 30 countries.

We support our customers’ needs from 43 major manufacturing sites all around the globe, providing consistency and quality wherever you are, from South Africa to North Macedonia, the USA or China. As we move into our third century we are continuing to invest in our footprint to ensure we’re best positioned to serve our customers and future demand.

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Global locations

Argentina Area Contracted Area Contracted


Calle 7 Parcela 2 Nro 194
Parque Industrial Pilar

Tel: 54 230 4529999
Fax: 54 230 4529990

Australia Area Contracted Area Contracted


64 Lillee Crescent

Tel: 61 3 9344 7700
Fax: 61 3 9344 7799


2 Harris Road
Perth WA


Detailed map of Russia, all existing settlements of Russia. Under the satellite map of the Russian Federation, the administrative division of Russia according to federal districts and subjects of the Federation of the Russian Federation is presented.

Administrative division of Russia.

On the map of Russia, you can change the active layer of the map to the map of the Russian Federation from the satellite, measure distances between cities of Russia, lay a route on the map of the Russian Federation, setting the starting and ending points of your movement.

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Interactive satellite map of the Russian Federation. On the Google map of Russia, you can see the virtual panoramas of cities and streets.

An independent portal that provides information about companies and organizations operating in Russia and the CIS countries.

The goal is to present objective, independent, comprehensive and relevant information in a simple and convenient way.

Up-to-date and complete information on more than 2,300,000 organizations in Russia and the CIS in the form of a convenient rubricator for areas of business and a geographical directory of organizations.

The materials on the site are presented for reference purposes only and are obtained from public sources or from representatives of relevant organizations.

A well-drawn map of Krasnoyarsk, Vologda, Kiev, Abakan, Achinsk, Kansk, Norilsk and a number of neighboring settlements. The houses are drawn in volume so that the number of floors is visually understandable.

Search by organization, service, address .

The base of the organization is attached to the map, shops, enterprises with an address, working hours and contacts.
Very detailed maps.

Global reference system for Russian legal entities and entrepreneurs.
The project covers all regions of Russia and combines information on more than 10,000,000 legal entities and 13,000,000 individual entrepreneurs.

The goal is to collect all available information about Russian legal entities in one place and to provide completely free access to it for all interested parties. The priorities of our work is to provide the most relevant data, as well as convenient and simple means for their analysis.

Here you can find any operating (and, in some cases, liquidated) organizations in the territory of the Russian Federation and check its current status, familiarize yourself with the financial statements, analyze the financial condition and relations with other legal entities. All data presented on the portal are updated daily from official sources (more about the sources).

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At the moment, the portal contains detailed up-to-date information about more than 10 million Russian legal entities and 12 million individual entrepreneurs.

Basic information about the organization on the basis of information from the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation and Rosstat, including:

  1. name, address, status of the UL,
  2. main requisites (OGRN, INN, KPP, OKPO and others),
  3. management and founders of the organization,
  4. information about licenses issued,
  5. branches and representative offices
  6. activities
  7. Management company, AO registry holder and much more.

Directory of companies in Russia. All information about the organizations of Russia: addresses, phone numbers, websites, mode of operation, reviews.

Information on more than 2,000,000 companies from 290 cities of Russia, from all branches of activity: from selling felt boots in retail to metal-roll wholesale. The information contains a description of activities, contacts. You can add comments and update information for free.

The world’s largest system of contextual advertising, with powerful tools for planning advertising campaigns.

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You can give your advertising or earn advertising by placing it on your website, as it is done here.

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