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Flea and tick collars for puppies and adult dogs

The appearance of fleas in pets is causing problems for most hosts. However, now there are a large number of all kinds of tools that will help cope with pests: sprays, pills, collars, and even medicinal solutions. The main thing — to choose the right solution that will not cause allergies and irritation in the dog.

Collar from fleas and ticks for dogs in this regard is a unique tool. He not only does not cause an itch, but also does not smell. It is also quite convenient to use — you just need to put such a device on the dog’s neck. However, collars are a preventative measure, since when fleas appear they are ineffective. Therefore, some owners consider this method of protection rather impractical, while others are satisfied with the results.

Operating principle

Flea and tick collars for dogs are a flexible plastic strap with a small buckle. The principle of operation is quite simple: after putting it on a dog, the release of insecticidal components begins, which are evenly distributed throughout the animal’s coat. The concentration of repellent substances is maintained until the collar on the dog. It is necessary to wear it all the time, without taking off even at night and while swimming.

Varieties of collars

Chemical: use is possible only for adult dogs. The collar is treated with special substances that kill the parasites.

Biological: designed for puppies, pregnant and lactating bitches. The positive effect is achieved due to the special composition of medicinal herbs and oils.

Ultrasonic collar from fleas and ticks for dogs is suitable for all animals, because it has no odor and chemical processing.

Which is better?

To choose a reliable and high-quality collar from fleas and ticks for dogs, you need to read reviews about this product. This should take into account the individual characteristics of the breed and the state of health of the animal. In addition, it is important to choose a suitable size.

However, there are cases when even a high-quality product becomes the cause of poor health or poisoning of the dog. Many manufacturers in the instructions additionally indicate information about the antidotes that should be used in this situation.

Famous Companies

Collars from fleas and ticks for dogs are produced by a large number of firms. Among them are:

  • Kiltix. The maximum protection effect will come only 24 hours after the collar is put on the dog. Validity — a little more than six months. Suitable only for dogs after a year in good physical shape and are contraindicated for nursing females.
  • Hartz UltraGuard Flea & Tick Collar. Excellent for dogs undergoing rehabilitation after an illness. It is moisture resistant and acts almost immediately after putting on. The operation time is 8 months. Not recommended for puppies before six months.
  • «SCALIBOR». Work about 6 months. Maximum protection comes a week after putting on. Able to protect from flying and crawling pests.
  • Beaphar Ungezieferband. Effective 5 days after the start of direct use. Working time — up to 5 months. Designed only for adults.
  • Rolf Club. Protection — up to 4 months. Non-toxic, odorless. Can not be combined with any other means against fleas or ticks.

Collar use

The collar from fleas and ticks for dogs has mostly positive feedback, but if used improperly, the result may be negative. First, the collar must be unpacked and slightly stretched before putting it on the dog. The gap between the neck of the animal and the strap must be at least 1.5 and not more than 2 cm. If an unused piece of the product remains, it must be cut off so that the dog does not try to lick or chew it.

Before putting on a collar from fleas and ticks for dogs, it is recommended to wash the animal with an anti-parasite agent, otherwise fleas may hide in the tail and start breeding there.

  • using a collar and shampoo will simultaneously enhance the effect,
  • the first few days should refrain from swimming and long walks through the fields and in the forest,
  • violation of instructions may cause allergies, hair loss and other skin diseases.

The collar from fleas and ticks for dogs, reviews of which speak for themselves, is very popular among fans of four-legged. Initially, the owners are dissatisfied with the smell, but in time it becomes less persistent and does not irritate either the dogs or their people.

Benefit or harm

To choose the best collar from fleas and ticks for dogs, it is important to consider not only its properties, but also the possible impact on people. Despite the fact that the chemical composition with which the straps are treated is harmless to humans, it can still cause allergies. The strongest influence is on young children and pregnant women.

It is also necessary to undergo a periodic examination at the veterinarian, since the symptoms of the poisoning of the animal may not immediately appear. If the dog is not treated, the poison in the body can cause diseases of the internal organs.

Individual intolerance is rare, but, nevertheless, it is worthwhile to make sure in advance that there will be no problems when you use a collar from fleas and ticks for dogs. To do this, at first you need to carefully observe the animals to make sure that everything is in order. If the dog begins to scratch and lick itself constantly or has a rash, immediately remove the collar.

To parasite died, he needs to bite the dog. Only in this way the poison distributed in wool and skin will begin to act. This leaves the risk of the disease of the animal itself after the bite. To avoid this, you should choose only those funds that include a repellent, which allows you to scare away insects who are ready to climb the dog during a street walk.

However, there is another minus. The repellents disappear quickly enough, and after a couple of months they completely cease to function. However, the owners themselves cannot notice this, since they are unable to smell, and the parasites die directly from the poison. It turns out that with long wearing a collar, its effectiveness decreases, and the animal is subjected to constant insect bites.

The collar against fleas and ticks for dogs has another minus. For prolonged use, the concentration of poison is greatly increased. In an animal, it can cause swelling, rashes, tearing, overexcitement, and more. The instructions always indicate for which dogs, what kind of weight and condition each type of collar is recommended, but not many people bother to read, which ultimately leads to negative consequences.

Since the composition of the collar can not always be safe for humans, manufacturers do not recommend sleeping next to the animal. Also, after any contact with him, you must thoroughly wash your hands to get rid of the poison.

A very attractive price is quite attractive. Even the most expensive collar will cost less than the brand drops, which have to handle the withers of the animal monthly.

The collar is easy to use. It only needs to be properly put on and comply with safety measures. Do not forget about hygiene. After using sprays and drops, the dog should not be allowed in upholstered furniture, since the oily structure of such products dries out rather slowly.

Not long ago, a flea and tick collar for dogs without pesticides appeared on the market. The tape contains only essential oils and is completely safe for both people and animals. Such collars are less effective, they need to be changed more often, but the risks of negative consequences are almost zero.

There are a large number of articles on specific manufacturers of collars. There you can find reviews about all types of products or ask a question to a company representative about a particular product. The most popular are the Kiltix and Béfar collars. There are almost no complaints about the smell or poor protection among the users.

Quite often in the reviews there are negative opinions about cheap collars or lesser-known firms. In such cases, there is a very high risk of allergies in various forms, hair loss and diseases of internal organs, since low-quality substances adversely affect the dog’s body.

Based on the recommendations of the owners of animals, biological collars, that is, those that include only essential oils, are best combined with drops and sprays against parasites. Because oils are non-toxic, they are safer, but their level of protection is much lower. To fully protect the animal, it must be treated with antiparasitic agents at least once every 2 months.

Based on the large number of reviews, we can also conclude that collars are little used on pregnant bitches and sick animals — various kinds of complications in such situations are far from uncommon. However, healthy puppies after 4 months of collars buys most of the owners. They are especially popular in the summer.

Choosing a quality collar will allow you to protect your dog not only from insects, but also from many deadly diseases that they suffer. Infection occurs through the parasite’s saliva, therefore preventing all possible contact is really important. This should be paid special attention to responsibly approach the choice of a collar from fleas and ticks.

How effective is a flea collar?

Named products are made in the form of a soft tape with a buckle. They are designed to protect the animal from the attack of parasites. The collar from fleas and ticks for dogs, as a rule, has a caustic chemical smell, which is detrimental to unwanted guests. Such an effective protection can be chosen for animals of any breed: from the largest (Caucasian Shepherd, Kuvas, Labrador) to small (Pug, Poodle, Toy Terrier).

The collar retains its concentration during the entire time it is worn, and its action begins after a while. To maximize the effectiveness of this tool, your pet must wear a collar all the time, as long as there is a threat of infection.

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Types of collars

Collars from fleas and ticks for dogs can be of different types. All of them have advantages and disadvantages, and therefore they are selected according to various criteria, starting with the size and ending with the manufacturer. Experienced dog breeders do not recommend saving by purchasing a collar against fleas and ticks for dogs. Reviews of pet owners indicate that often cheap products do not contain chemicals that kill parasites. They may have poor-quality composition, which instead of protection can harm your pet.

To understand which is better collar from fleas and ticks for dogs, you need to learn more about the features of each type.

Chemical collar

This collar is impregnated with special substances that kill the parasites. According to veterinarians, it is really effective means in the fight against insects, however, having a number of contraindications. For example, using a chemical collar against fleas and ticks for dogs due to toxicity is allowed only for adult animals. Puppies harmful substances can poison. The same can be said about pregnant and lactating bitches.

Biological collar

A feature of such collars is the presence of herbs or essential oils in their composition, so they can be used without fear for dogs of any age. These products do not kill the parasites, but only scare them. Fleas and ticks, sensing the sharp smell of herbs, tend not to fall under their influence. The only, but rather significant, minus of such collars is a short period of validity, which is indicated on the package, and after which they lose their properties.


This is the safest collar from fleas and ticks for dogs (we have posted a photo of it in this article). It can be used for any breed, age, animal health. The only disadvantage is the high cost. Products of famous brands of this type can cost up to two thousand rubles.

Such collars do not contain chemicals and strong odors, do not cause side effects. The principle of their operation is quite simple — the emission of signals of a certain force, sufficient to repel insects. This collar from fleas and ticks for dogs, according to some owners, has another drawback (although it can hardly be considered significant) — for its operation it is necessary to regularly change batteries.

How to choose a collar?

Today on the market are many models from different manufacturers. When buying a collar, you need to consider a few nuances:

  1. Trust the health of your animal to proven companies that have been working in the market for a long time and have proven themselves well.
  2. It will not prevent acquaintance with customer reviews about this product.
  3. Carefully study the packaging to find out the concentration of chemicals that are right for your dog, taking into account the breed and age of the pet.
  4. Take seriously the choice of the size of the collar: it should in no case be small.
  5. Each owner has the right to choose the collar from fleas and ticks for dogs at cost, but experts recommend purchasing more expensive products: having saved, you can cause irreparable harm to the health of your pet.

According to veterinarians and experienced dog breeders, there are several models of these products that have proven to be the safest and most effective. Often they are recommended to buy along with anti-parasitic drops.

Kiltiks tick and flea collar for dogs (reviews confirm this) is the leader on the modern European market. It produces the famous company Bayer. This product has the longest period of validity — seven months. Active ingredients — methylcarbonate, flumetrin, isoproxyphenyl.

This kind of chemical protection very quickly copes with the parasites that attacked your pet. The action of drugs begins a day after you put it on the animal. Despite the many positive reviews and effectiveness, has a collar from fleas and ticks for dogs «Kiltiks» contraindications:

  • individual intolerance of the animal to one or more components of the drug,
  • infectious diseases and recovery period,
  • pregnancy and lactation period for a bitch,
  • animal age up to three months.

Baer bolfo

Another high-quality collar from fleas and ticks for dogs of the same manufacturer, well-proven. Its use is allowed puppies with six months. This collar protects against ticks for about three months, against fleas — four.

Bolfo’s collar is a PVC tape impregnated with propoxur. For small dogs, it is 35 cm long. It is packed in a hermetically sealed bag, which is packed in a cardboard box.

These collars are available in two versions: for animals weighing up to eight kilograms (ribbon-collar, 38 cm long) and for larger individuals (70 centimeters). Reflective clips are included in the kit to help make your four-legged friend visible in the dark.

These collars are universal: they deal not only with ticks and fleas, on lashes or lice at any stage of the disease (not only with adult individuals). It is not recommended to use them to protect puppies under the age of one and a half months. For pregnant and lactating bitches, use with caution, after consulting a veterinarian.

The well-known Russian producer produces collars for large, small and medium dogs. They cannot be used for prophylaxis in puppies younger than eight weeks old. Do not use it for pregnant, lactating, convalescent after severe diseases of dogs. This collar protects for five months, but it is “activated” a day later.

Ungezieferband (Befar)

These are high-quality chemical collars for fleas and ticks for dogs based on diazinon, which are actively fighting parasites for six months. Wearing it your dog should constantly in the spring and summer. The collar can not be removed while bathing an animal in water: it is moisture resistant.

Flea & Tick Collar (Hartz)

You, of course, want to find out, choosing a collar from fleas and ticks for dogs — which one is better? Reviews are the most positive, as a rule, it receives this model. This is explained by a number of reasons: firstly, such protection is suitable for both adult animals and puppies. Secondly, the manufacturer claims that your pet will be guaranteed to be protected from fleas and ticks for seven months. And, thirdly, the collar has a very pleasant unobtrusive smell.

There is also an ultrasonic collar of the Flea & Tick controller for scaring ticks and fleas. В маленьком брелочке, который вешается на него, помещается электронное устройство, которое излучает звуковые волны.

Ошейник против блох и клещей для собак: инструкция

После приобретения противопаразитарного ошейника внимательно изучите все рекомендации производителя, которые обычно указаны на упаковке. Затем распакуйте коробку, удалите перемычки из пластика и все лишние упаковочные элементы.

Немного растяните ошейник и наденьте его на шею собаке. Подгоните его размер таким образом, чтобы между лентой и кожей животного оставалось примерно полтора сантиметра. The first two or three days, exclude walks into the forest, as well as water treatments.

Advantages and disadvantages of antiparasitic collars

Most insecticidal accessories from famous brands are very effective. They reliably protect the animal, subject to the rules of their storage and timing of use. Collars have many advantages:

  • comfort and ease of use
  • hygiene,
  • wide range of actions: most of the collars protect the dog not only from fleas and ticks, but also from lashes and other parasites,
  • safety of the biological option,
  • no threat to the health of a pet in a chemical modification.

However, these popular tools have some disadvantages:

  1. A flea or tick dies only after being bitten by an animal, which creates a certain risk of transmitting toxins to the parasite.
  2. Collars that have a long period of validity are saturated with potentially hazardous substances, therefore, before using them, you should carefully study the instructions.
  3. Use caution when communicating with animals wearing a collar. This is especially important if there are small children in the house. To prevent possible poisoning, wash your hands thoroughly after talking to your four-legged friend.

Owner reviews

Judging by the reviews, most pet owners prefer the Béfar and Kiltix collars. Almost no complaints about bad protection or smell are addressed to this product. Quite often, owners of dogs note in their responses a negative attitude towards cheap samples of unknown producers, which many have been seduced by at least once. They can cause allergic reactions: diseases of internal organs, hair loss.

Choosing a quality collar from a well-known manufacturer will protect your dog not only from the parasites, but also from the many deadly diseases that they suffer. Since the infection occurs exclusively through the saliva of parasites, it is important to prevent all contact with them, and one of the models of anti-parasitic collars will help you with this.

Flea and tick remedies for dogs

Blood-sucking parasites are inconvenient for pets, but there are effective means to combat them. They are divided into six types:

Each has pros and cons, because of which the scope of application is limited. Wearing collars is an excellent way to prevent ticks or lice infestations. Also the substances with which the strap is impregnated are destructive for insects. These products so attract the owners of four-legged pets.

If the puppy is small or the dog has allergies and serious illnesses, ask your veterinarian how to give preference.

For breeding ticks and fleas in dogs, special collars, shampoos, sprays, drops, pills and vaccines are used.

The main characteristics of flea and tick collars

The product is an elastic plastic strap impregnated with insecticides — fipronil, diazinon, deltamethrin, ivermectin, propoxulum, permethrin and other substances. With the help of a buckle, it is attached to the neck of the animal. It works simply: the active ingredients spread over the surface of the skin and coat of the dog, scaring fleas and ticks. This effect persists while the dog wears a strap.

Advantages and disadvantages of collars

With proper storage and compliance with warranty periods such insecticidal accessories have many advantages:

  • usability (it is enough to fix the strap on the neck of the animal with a simple buckle and wait for a positive effect),
  • safety for the health of the animal — biological models are completely harmless, and in chemical collars the daily dose of toxic substances is minimal and does not adversely affect the dog’s body,
  • hygiene — the collar does not stain the animal’s hair and surrounding objects, such as furniture or carpets in the room, and does not require special care or daily monitoring,
  • multifunctionality — the product is designed to combat not one type of insect, but at the same time with several — fleas, ticks, lashes, mosquitoes and other parasites,
  • availability and choice — in the pharmacy, veterinary departments of the stores there is a fairly large range of products of different price levels and manufacturers.

Inexpensive models and products of lesser-known trademarks often contain pesticides and other dangerous components that cause allergies and a variety of side effects.

If a flea collar is used, insecticide acaricides cannot be used in other forms.

Collars also have disadvantages:

  • uneven effects of the drug due to limited localization (except for the neck, it can not be worn anywhere, because you have to periodically inspect other parts of the dog’s body for the presence of parasites),
  • the impossibility of combining the collar with other insecticides,
  • idiosyncrasy of the chemical components that make up the impregnation: in order to identify it in a timely manner, watch the dog during the first hours after putting on the collar.
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Due to the toxicity of the substances with which the straps are impregnated, the product has a limited duration, usually half a year. To protect dogs from the negative effects of chemical substances, it is not recommended to use an anti-flea collar to puppies up to a certain age, sick or old animals, as well as pregnant women.

Make sure that when playing with other dogs, the pet does not get the collar through, since this is fraught with serious poisoning.

Ensure that the dog does not bite through the collar soaked in a chemical

Popular models of collars

Collars for protection against parasites are produced by many domestic, European and American companies. According to dog owners, the most effective and comfortable are the following:

  1. Foresto (Foresto). Provides maximum and long-term protection against parasite bites. Suitable for active pets. Foresto’s collar does not have an unpleasant smell and does not deteriorate due to exposure to water.
  2. Kiltix It begins to act after a day and protects the animal for seven months. Used for healthy adult dogs. Kiltiks collars have three varieties: for small, medium and large dogs
  3. Hartz (Hartz Ultra Guard). Moisture resistant, has a pleasant aroma and is effective at the time of putting on. For puppies until six months does not apply. Hart collars for 7 weeks reliably protect dogs from blood-sucking parasites
  4. Scalibor (Scalibor). Suitable for pregnant dogs and puppies from the age of 7 weeks. Even pregnant dogs will not be harmed by the Scalibor collar.
  5. Beafar (Beaphar). Valid up to five months and has no restrictions on the weight of the dog. Beafar — one of the most popular and effective collars that protect dogs from ticks and fleas
  6. Rolf Club 3D (Rolf Club 3D). Low toxic collar, odorless. Collar Rolf Club 3D destroys ticks before biting

The described products are popular, but other types are used.

Review of the 10 most popular models 2017 — 2018

  • Manufacturer: Bayer, Germany.
  • Active ingredients: Propoxur, flumetrin.
  • Validity: 6 months.
  • Price: 800 — 1 300 rubles.

Collar «Kiltiks» from the German company «Bayer» is considered one of the best in its class. The concentration of the active substances is low, so overdose and side effects are excluded.

Bayer manufactures 3 dimensional models:

  • for small dogs — 35 cm
  • for medium dogs — 48 cm
  • for large dogs — 65 cm.

The Kiltix model is waterproof. But before bathing, it is better to remove the collar from the dog — this way you can extend the life of the product for at least a month.

  • Manufacturer: Waueg, Germany
  • Active ingredients: Imidacloprid, flumetrin.
  • Validity: up to 8 months.
  • Price: 1 500 — 2 800 rubles.

Collar «Foresto» differs from the previous higher concentration of insectoacaricides. It does not smell at all. Allergy when using it appears rarely.

It is completely waterproof, so the animal can be bathed without removing the tape.

Available in two versions: for dogs up to 8 kg and more than 8 kg (length 38 and 70 cm, respectively).

“Foresto” is considered the most effective collar — the reviews about it are mostly positive. The product not only scares off ticks, but also destroys parasites, which are still caught on the pet’s skin and hair, reducing the chance of being bitten to a minimum.

In the package there are 3 reflective clips — with them the pet will be visible in the dark.

  • Manufacturer: Agrovetzashchita, RF.
  • Active ingredients: fipronil, diflubenzuron.
  • Validity: up to 4 months.
  • Price: 150 — 230 rubles.

This is one of the cheapest models. However, the collar is effective for protection against Ixodes and other types of ticks.

However, you need to be careful — in the responses of the owners often there are references to allergic reactions, including vomiting and seizures.

The model is provided in various sizes: for large, medium and small breeds of dogs.


  • Manufacturer: Beaphar, Holland.
  • Active ingredient: diazinon.
  • Validity: from fleas — up to six months, from ticks — up to 2-3 months.
  • Price: 270 — 300 rubles.

Ungezieferband is a popular model from Beafar. The collar is completely waterproof.

But it begins to act only 5 days after the start of use. Therefore, the first week you need to gently walk the dog, avoiding shady places, trees, thick grass.

Collar can not be worn puppies under 6 months.

«S.O.S. Flea & Tick Collar »

  • Manufacturer: Beaphar, Holland.
  • Active ingredient: tetrachlorinphos.
  • Validity: 4 months — from ticks, 8 months — from fleas.
  • Price: 500-650 rubles.

It has a wide spectrum of action — it leads to the death of fleas, lice, lashing, ticks. The peculiarity of the collar is that it also adversely affects insect larvae.

The active substance does not penetrate into the blood, but spreads through the skin of the dog. Destroys pests before the bite, providing reliable protection to the pet.

The model is available in two sizes — 60 cm and 70 cm long.

Ultra Guard Flea & Tick Collar

  • Manufacturer: Hartz, United States.
  • Active ingredients: tetrachlorovifos, methoprene.
  • Validity: 7 months.
  • Price: 500 — 700 rubles.

The Ultra Guard model from the American company Hartz is specially designed for puppies — it can be worn from 6 weeks on. It is safe, only occasionally there is intolerance to the components.

The product is completely waterproof, with a pleasant smell, suitable for pregnant dogs. In it, you can safely bathe your pet — the collar will start working again immediately after drying.

After unpacking, the tape needs to be slightly stretched so that white powder appears on its surface — this is how the source of insect carcide is activated.

Not recommended for use with other antiparasitic agents.

  • Manufacturer: Intervet Production SA, France.
  • Active ingredient: deltamethrin.
  • Validity: up to half a year.
  • Price: 800 — 1 000 rubles.

«Skalibor» is allowed for pregnant and lactating dogs, rarely causes allergies — only sometimes side reactions are possible: itching, redness, irritation of the neck.

In this case, the tape must be removed and contact the veterinarian. Allowed for puppies from two months of age.

You can buy a collar in two variations: for small and medium breeds — 48 cm long, for large ones — 65 cm. The model is moisture resistant, but it is better to remove the product before washing with shampoo.

«Rolf club 3D»

  • Manufacturer: Ecoprom, Russia.
  • Active ingredients: fipronil, permethrin.
  • Validity: up to 6 months.
  • Price: 220 — 400 rubles.

Model “RolfKlub 3D” is safe, odorless, does not knock down the scent. Well tolerated by animals, does not cause irritation and itching.

The product has 3 levels of security. Thanks to the active substances, it protects the dog to the bite of an insect. If the parasites get on the skin, they die almost instantly.

The tape works against 9 types of parasites, including repels mosquitoes, mosquitoes and blackflies.

The collar is available in different sizes: for large, medium and small breeds.

Insect Plus

  • Manufacturer: Ecoprom, RF.
  • Active ingredients: fipronil, permethrin.
  • Validity: 3 — 4 months.
  • Price: 150 — 200 rubles.

The Insectal Plus model prevents infection and destroys parasites.

The product can be selected depending on the size of the dog:

  • for small dogs, puppies and cats,
  • for medium breeds,
  • for large dogs.

The Insectal Collar is inexpensive and effective. Rarely causes side effects. In dogs with component intolerance, itching and irritation can sometimes occur on the neck.

  • Manufacturer: Agrovetzashchita, RF.
  • Active ingredients: essential oils with repellent effect.
  • Validity: up to three months.
  • Price: 200 — 300 rubles.

Modern biological collar «Phytodoc» is absolutely non-toxic. Has an unobtrusive pleasant smell.

Rarely causes allergies. Can be used without restrictions for any categories of dogs.

However, the product only repels insects. For best effect, it is desirable to use in combination with other means.

Tips for use and precautions

  • slightly stretch the ribbon and put it on the dog’s neck,
  • adjust in size — between the neck of the pet and the collar should be 1.5 — 2 cm of free space (you can check it by inserting 2 fingers under the tape),
  • cut off the excess part.

The tick collar should fit snugly to the neck. If he dangles freely, then his active substances do not fall on the skin. And when tightened too tight — rubs the neck of a pet.

Antiparasitic products can be useless or dangerous if you ignore the following tips:

  • if the dog is infected with parasites, they need to be etched and only then put on the collar,
  • the product containing acaricides should be used with caution along with other means for fleas and ticks — one should make sure that the active substances are compatible (it is recommended to consult a veterinarian),
  • the funds begin to operate after 2 — 3 days — before this, walks in the woods, beams, groves,
  • the dog must wear a collar around the clock — it is removed only while swimming,
  • postpone hygiene procedures for 4-7 days.

To prevent possible allergies, the dog must not be overlooked for the first few hours.

If she began to itch, saliva copiously, her eyes are watery, you need to remove the tape and consult a veterinarian.

Side effects and disadvantages

The disadvantages of chemical and bio-collars include:

  • possible allergic reactions
  • the probability of reducing the sharpness of the dog scent,
  • if the tape is not protected by a waterproof sheath, products are not suitable for hunting dogs and pets who like to swim in ponds,
  • the composition with which the base is saturated is unevenly distributed — there will be no parasites around the neck, head and chest, but they can settle on the back of the back,
  • the products only prevent the parasites from settling on the body of the dog, but are not able to get rid of the larvae and eggs, nor do they protect against bites — therefore the probability of transmission of the disease through insect saliva remains,
  • low efficiency for long-haired breeds — plastic tape must pass under the dog’s hair and come into contact with the skin, otherwise the effectiveness will decrease.

Veterinarians note that dogs that constantly walk with collars against fleas and ticks often develop diseases of the internal organs. Presumably, this is caused by the constant penetration of small doses of poison.

Full research has not been conducted, but for safety it is necessary to drive the dog for preventive examinations twice during the period of wearing.

To summarize: how to choose the best option?

To determine exactly which collar is the best is impossible. The choice is made based on the individual characteristics of the dog: size, length of coat, intolerance to certain components.

  • firm and country of manufacture — it is better to give preference to goods from Germany and Russia, you should not take Chinese models,
  • composition — the instructions indicate the active substances, their side effects, the list of antidotes (if the poison enters the body of an animal or a human),
  • owner reviews and veterinary advice — they will help determine which collar is best for your dog, as well as reflect the nuances and features of each particular model.
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Foresto, Scalibor, Kiltix and RolfClub 3D are considered the most effective.

If the dog is not allergic to one of the components, first of all we recommend to look at these models.

Remember! No anti-parasitic collar provides a 100% guarantee of protection against the bites of ticks and other parasites, only reduces the risks and increases the degree of protection.

Collar rating from the most popular brands

Photo tick — a dangerous enemy of animals.

All of the following antiparasitic devices are quite expensive. But, unlike cheap analogues of dubious quality, they have proven performance and low probability of side effects, if you use them exactly according to the instructions (presented below).

Many owners recognize the most effective collar from ticks for Foresto dogs — it is to him that the reviews are more positive. After all, high performance really justifies the rather low price of protective tapes from this brand. It is 1700-2100 rubles (depending on the size).

Foresto’s antiparasitic product comes in a convenient round package.

Foresto is produced by the well-known German pharmaceutical company Bayer, which is famous for its innovative animal products. The antiparasitic effect of the tape from this company is provided by two active substances:

Первый компонент относится к контактным репеллентам, а это значит он способен накапливаться в сальных железах, не попадая в кровоток. But it is toxic for cats, so if the house has both types of animals, it is better to choose other means of protection. The second — protects from virtually all bloodsucking parasitic insects.

Foresto impact principle.

Advantages of Foresto brand protection:

  1. Available in two versions. The first one is 38 cm long and is intended for small breeds (weighing up to 8 kg). The second — has a length of 70 cm and is suitable for large animals. Both options are adjustable in length.
  2. Long repellent protection. The action lasts up to 8 months, which requires only one tape for the entire «dangerous» spring and summer period.
  3. The presence of light reflectors. Special clips included in the kit are attached to the tape and allow you to monitor your pet in the dark.
  4. Water resistance of active substances. Thanks to this property, the animal can be bathed or allowed to swim in the pond without worrying about reducing the protective.
  5. Low safe dosage of the drug. Antiparasitic action is provided by a special technology of gradual release of a small number of active components.

ON A NOTE! The reviews available on the collar for Forest Dog ticks prove that it must be worn on the animal in advance before leaving the city. He began to act and effectively protect against parasites in nature only at least one day after application.

There is another good representative from Bayer, which differs from Forest by its active substances. Kiltix collar from ticks for dogs includes flumetrin and propoxur.

About the properties of the first one is written above, and the second one relates to long-running medium toxic substances with a wide range of effects on many types of ectoparasites. It enhances the effect of flumetrine.

Kiltix, in addition to high quality, attractive appearance.

Price Kiltiks 700-1000 rubles, depending on the size. He has several positive qualities at once:

  1. Variety of sizes. This product is available in versions for small (35 cm), medium (48 cm) and large animals (66 cm).
  2. Long protection. The manufacturer promises protection from parasites for 7 months, but reviews from buyers on the collar from ticks for dogs Kiltiks tell that its real effect is a little less. On average, valid up to 6 months.
  3. Quick activation of protective properties. The effectiveness of the repellent effect is observed already 24 hours after putting on the product.

IMPORTANT! The toxic effect of Kiltiks applies not only to pests, but also to fish, birds (highly toxic) and bees. This should be taken into account if the pet likes to swim in the reservoirs or will be for a long time near the hives or the bird farm.

The products of the Dutch company Beaphar are represented by several collars at once, which differ in the types of active components. Their price is about 300-400 rubles.

Antiparasitic drugs brand Beaphar presented on the market in a variety of beautiful colors with a convenient fastener.

The range consists of the following products:

  1. Chemical species for adult dogs and puppies from 6 months of age. The active ingredient of these specimens is diazinon. They are presented in yellow, violet, green, orange, blue, red and black colors. The series has a separate species for large breeds.
  2. S.O.S. for pets from 6 months. Also refers to the chemical type and contains tetrachlorvinphos (insecticide-acaricidal, low-toxic for mammals, safe for cats and dogs from 2 months of age). This device is presented only in white.
  3. S.O.S. for puppies from 2 months. The active substance is tetrachlorvinphos. It differs from the «adult» version by the length of the tape.
  4. Veto Shield for pets from 2 months. It belongs to a biological species and contains lavender oil and neem extract in oil. Not only protects against parasites, but also has anti-fungal, antipruritic, antiviral effects. Interferes with emergence of an unpleasant smell from wool.

IMPORTANT! Chemical means Beafar have a combined effect. They destroy parasites on the animal, as well as provide long-term protection against reinfection.

Dog owners leave on the collar of ticks for dogs Beafar reviews are positive, not only because of the wide range. Each type of water-resistant properties, and the duration of protection against infection by parasites is 4-7 months. Therefore, they are suitable for use throughout the dangerous warm period and for frequent bathing in hot weather.

This domestic products fell in love with many pet owners for its effective impact and low cost. You can buy it on average for 200-300 rubles. In the composition there are two substances:

  • fipronil (initiates paralysis and death of arthropods),
  • Diflubenzuron (stops the population of ectoparasites, adversely affecting them already in the preimaginal stages).

The leopard produces collars of blood-sicking parasites for various breeds.

Online on the collar from ticks for dogs Bars reviews are also in most cases positive. It is no coincidence, because the tapes of this brand have a lot of positive aspects:

  1. Variety of sizes. The range is presented by options for small (35 cm), average (50 cm) and large breeds (80 cm).
  2. Combined action. Due to its composition, it affects not only mature parasites, but also blocks the growth of larvae, killing them in the embryo.
  3. Not absorbed into the bloodstream of the animal. Active ingredients are distributed only on wool and skin, not penetrating the epidermis. This provides additional protection against side effects.

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Instructions for use

Having chosen the best protective collar for your pet, you need to use it correctly. The ultrasonic option is simply worn so that it sits a little loose on the neck. The only difficulty in the application of this type is the periodic replacement of batteries. They need to be monitored so that they do not remain discharged.

Step by step photos of how to use a collar from ticks and fleas.

When using the other 2 varieties, the procedure should be as follows:

  1. Remove the tape from the packaging by removing the jumper tabs. It is best to use gloves.
  2. Pull on her ends. This is necessary to «activate» the active ingredients.
  3. Put on the neck of the animal. It is very important to adjust the tape so that between it and the neck there is 1-1.5 cm of free space. But he should not sit too freely either.
  4. Secure and cut off the excess. You can not leave the free end of the tape, as the pet can reach it with his teeth. Toxins that have entered the body through the oral cavity can cause severe poisoning.
  5. In the early days of wearing bio and chemical options, water treatments and walks through the grass where arthropods may be located should be excluded.

To keep collars from ticks for dogs, except for ultrasonic, it is necessary to seal tightly packing. Otherwise, the active components will evaporate.

Customer Reviews

The following reviews on dog collar against ticks for dogs will help to learn about the real experience of using them. And they contain not only positive moments, but also some minuses.

It is not the first time that we buy the Leopard collar for Fili. Our dog is white, and parasites on it can be seen with the naked eye. As soon as they were noticed, they immediately put a protection on him against this brand. No ticks or fleas were observed anymore. The first time I had to additionally use the drops, but now we do without them. We have a small film, and a large ribbon, which is suitable for large dogs. Therefore it is necessary to cut a rather long piece of the product. But by this we save, as one device is enough for 2 times. Store, as it should, in a sealed package. One piece is enough for us for 2 seasons.

I can say with confidence that Foresto is the best defender of all that we have tried. We have a Dalmatian and it was difficult to choose the right option because of its increased sensitivity. We tried different collar from ticks and fleas of other famous brands, but, firstly, allergies appeared, and secondly, they still found parasites on the skin. As soon as they bought this brand, they did not see a single tick over the entire spring and summer period. Although our favorite all summer lived in the country, ran in the field and in the woods every day. I am so pleased that I have already ordered the same for the next summer. And in the fall we like the weaker, but the biological option from Beafar.

Every year they took Kiltix tape and drops of Bars for our Chihuahua. And this year, before the start of the “tick-borne” season, we were advised to have a copy from Foresto. And the seller in the veterinary pharmacy warned that the additional drops can not be used, and not necessary. Our pet pierced him for 2 weeks and had to be removed. On the neck appeared irritation. Therefore, I can not say anything about efficiency. We’ll have to return to Kiltiksu, in combination with drops, he perfectly protected our pet from any parasites. But in any case, each four-legged friend has an individual physiology, so you need to choose the “own” option by sampling.

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