Carbofos: price, reviews, analogues, instructions for use

Carbofos: price, reviews, analogues, instructions for use


Having a wide range of applications, Carbofos is used today in many areas. These include medicine, forestry, gardening, hygiene. In domestic conditions, this drug is used to kill cockroaches, bugs, ticks, mosquitoes and flies. In the conditions of grain processing plants and in agriculture, Carbophos is used to control gnawing and sucking insects, pests of food and seed stocks.

This drug is especially effective for the destruction of lice and nits, because it can be attributed to insecticides with a high level of exposure. Therefore, we will today talk about the price and reviews of Carbophos, its analogy instruction on the use of the drug.

Features of the preparation

In its pure form, Carbophos is an oily liquid that does not have a pronounced color, but has an unpleasant and sharp odor. Ready-to-use preparation is a liquid of dark brown color.

Carbofos has the following physical parameters:

  • low solubility in water;
  • high degree of miscibility with most organic solvents;

Composition of

The main active substance of the drug Carbophos is the ester of a sulfur-containing compound of organic origin with a significant percentage of phosphorus malathion. The degree of effectiveness of this component is so high that Carbophos is considered the most effective means in the fight against arthropods of humans.

The price of Carbophos, and where it can be bought, is described below.

Dosage forms

On sale Carbophos can be purchased in several forms:

  • emulsion of high concentration — this option allows you to prepare the required amount of the preparation yourself;
  • ready-mixed in cans of various sizes;
  • in the form of powder — packed with such a powder of 30 and 60 g, should be diluted in water;
  • concentrate active substance in ampoules — this version of the drug is most convenient for use.

The cost of this drug is considered quite affordable. So, 5 liters of the ready-made solution of Carbophos has a price from 2500 to 3200 rubles, in the form of the powder, the drug costs( 30 g) of the order of 45 rubles. Ampoules of the ready-made Carbophos solution have a cost of about 30 rubles( the volume of the ampoule is 5 ml).

Further details of the application of Carbophos will be considered.

Pharmacological properties of

Pharmacological action of the drug is due to its content of malathion and the specific reaction of insects to potent poisons.

Carbophos causes the appearance of disturbances in the transmission of nerve impulses in the body of the parasite that are observed to build a chain between cells. And as a result of disruption of the opening of such a chain, the transfer of impulses does not stop, which leads to the death of the insect. This means that the action of Carbophos is similar to that of a nerve agent.

In this case, there is also a transition under the influence of any organic oxidants malathion, the active substance of the drug in question, into its analogue — malaoxon. The degree of activity of this substance is much higher, which determines the high effectiveness of the drug in the fight against insects. And this reaction in the transition of one substance to another, more powerful, is typical for the flow in the body of insects, rather than in the body of warm-blooded animals and plants.

However, repeated use of the drug may cause the insects to become resistant to its action. For example, bed bugs have the ability to destroy malathion, which turns into a few more harmless compounds. The basis of this insect reaction is a number of mutations in the genetic system, which leads to the appearance of mutants resistant to strong poisons.

Indications for use of Carbophos

Due to its high insecticidal activity, Carbofos is widely used in the following areas and to achieve the objectives:

  • at home to combat many types of parasites, in particular bed and underwear mites, lice and nits when diagnosing pediculosis( including a pedicure);
  • in agriculture with pests;
  • in medicine the drug is used for disinfection of premises, for the destruction of mosquitoes that are carriers of some diseases( for example, malaria).

It should be noted that Carbophos destroys and destroys the viability of not only adult insects, but also their eggs. Specificity of use is a high degree of toxicity of the drug, because knowledge of the instructions for use will protect people and pets from the possible poisoning of the drug or yoke evaporation due to the high rate of its evaporation.

Next, we will look at ways and instructions for using Carbophos from homebugs, lice and other parasites at home.

Instruction for use

For the destruction of ticks and bedbugs Carbophos is used as neat as possible, since it can cause poisoning.

Carobosome treatment is carried out in a pre-prepared composition. It is prepared depending on the raw material type. The solution is adjusted to the desired concentration, the powder is mixed with water until a solution is obtained. A liter of water usually dissolves about 2-3 ml of an aqueous emulsion of Carbophos or 5 g of powder. Apply the solution with a brush or spray, which is more convenient, because it allows penetration of the solution, even in the most difficult places.

Carbophos for the destruction of lice is used in the form of shampoo, which should be used by all family members. Shampoo is applied in large quantities to moisturized hair, left to act for five minutes, then washed off with water. After drying, the hair is combed by a frequent comb to remove dead insects.


During pregnancy, the use of this drug is prohibited because it is poisonous and may adversely affect the condition of the pregnant woman and her child. Penetration into the blood during lactation and in breast milk can trigger the appearance of allergic reactions in the newborn.

During disinfection of premises, pregnant women and children should be removed from the adjacent territory. The same rule applies to the treatment of the scalp with a preparation for the destruction of lice. In children under two years of age, the immune system is not completely formed, so one should prevent their possible contact with the drug.

Contraindication to the use of Karofos should also be considered a hypersensitivity to the drug.

Side effects of

Poisoning, allergic reactions that may occur when in contact with the drug, are manifested in the appearance of redness of the skin, the appearance of severe itching and burning, as well as skin rashes. In case of more serious poisoning, which can occur when the drug enters the food or if its fumes are inhaled, it is likely that the heart rate increases, abdominal pain, syncope, and coma.

For any of the listed manifestations, seek medical advice immediately.

Special instructions

  • To prevent people and animals from contacting Carbophos, ventilate the area thoroughly after handling. Screw will help to remove the odor left after disinfection.
  • People and animals can return to the room only after 4-5 days after treatment. By this time the remaining pairs of the drug will evaporate.
  • The use of carbophos as a means to kill lice and their eggs requires that no medication be allowed to enter the eyes and mucous membranes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with running water.


Thanks to the feedback, you can get a preliminary opinion about the effectiveness of this drug.

  • So, Olga Sergeyevna, 53, Moscow, speaks about the unique disinfecting ability of Karofos in the fight against lice: «They tried to destroy lice and nits from their grandchild by all the means offered in the sale, but it was Karbofos who helped to get rid of insects in a short time. And even a pungent smell, left for a while after processing, did not cause the refusal of this tool: its high efficiency overcame some of its unpleasant manifestations when used. «
  • Sergei Vladimirovich, 25 years old: «The fight against lice in diagnosing pediculosis became successful only with the use of Carbophos. One-time hair treatment with this drug has allowed to forget about these insects forever and bring comfort back. «


Today on sale you can find drugs that are close to Carbofos by their effectiveness. These include the following insecticides:

Nittifor can also be used.

Tips from Elena Malysheva for getting rid of bugs are given in the video below:

Seresto Dog Collars: Safe and Effective Against Ticks, Fleas, and Other Parasites?

Last Updated on February 14, 2020 by Gail Ramirez

Pest and parasitic infestations are a normal nuisance of owning a dog. None the less, they are a problem that shouldn’t be ignored as they can have adverse effects on both your pet and home.

Fleas and ticks aren’t just painful and annoying. These parasites can also transmit diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever to people.

Many pet parents swear by this medicated dog collar. Because of these positive comments, we decided to look into the product further and have researched Seresto dog collar reviews online. We also based our opinions on our experiences to examine the effectiveness of this flea-repelling product.

Our review looks at the effectiveness, how accessible and easy to use it is, and whether your dog can suffer any side effects from using this medicated collar.

Seresto Flea Dog Collar Reviews

Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs

One of the most well-known methods to help clear a parasitic infestation is to use a repellant collar, such as the Seresto dog collar manufactured by Bayer DVM US. This collar comes with a potent waterproof formula that will help to get rid of fleas and ticks, restoring your dog to good health.

  • Sustained release technology. This treatment collar releases its active ingredients over eight months, resulting in an effective long-term treatment solution. You will not worry about whether your dog’s flea collar is working after a month or two.
  • Water-resistant. It remains effective after shampooing, grooming, or swimming, and is not adversely affected by the exposure to rain or sunlight. Dogs that bathe or swim more than once per month, however, will only receive protection for about five months.
  • Kills on contact. This flea collar kills fleas and ticks on contact and does not give these insects a chance to bite. This advantage results in less of a risk of disease transmission.
  • Non-messy and non-greasy application. This aspect keeps your dog’s fur dry and clean.
  • Safety release mechanism. A unique safety mechanism will release your dog should they get stuck. You won’t have to worry about accidental strangulation if your dog gets lost or stuck in a cluttered area. Keep in mind that this feature also means you shouldn’t attach a leash to the Seresto collar, as the pressure will activate the safety mechanism.
  • Kills an array of pests. This collar also kills lice and reduces intestinal tapeworms, adding further protection to your dog.
  • Not as useful for dogs with thick fur. As this flea collar releases active ingredients to your dog’s skin and coat, it may not distribute evenly over dogs with thicker coats. Thus the effectiveness may be reduced in these dogs.
  • Washing will reduce its lifespan. If your dog bathes or swims more than once a month, this collar will not be effective over the full eight months treatment duration. The control duration is reduced to seven months for tick control, and five months for flea control.
  • Only effective for as long as your dog wears it. If your dog happens to snap off the collar or uses the breakaway safety mechanism to free themselves, you’ll need to buy a new collar to begin treatment again.
  • High upfront cost. For pet parents on a budget, the cost of the Seresto dog collar may not be accessible. However, over time, this flea collar makes financial sense as it works out at just over $6 per month. It’s not the cheapest flea and tick prevention treatment, but it’s not the most expensive either.

Things to Consider Before Using a Seresto Flea Collar

Your pet is precious and deserves to lead a healthy life. Unfortunately, parasites and pets are inseparable due to the active outdoor nature of our dogs. Before you decide whether the Seresto flea collar is for you, there are a couple of crucial considerations to mull over. These considerations will help you to decide if this particular flea collar is for you.

Slow Release Flea and Tick Treatment

Older style flea collars worked by emitting the insecticide toxin as a gas. They only killed fleas close to the flea collar. Newer collars like the Seresto flea collar contain flea and tick repellent chemicals that are slow-released from the flea collar. The toxins are then spread over the pet’s skin and fur via the natural oils of the hair, coat, and skin.

If you’re looking for a slow-release treatment that is effective over a long period, then the Seresto flea collar if an excellent solution.

Non-Toxic Flea and Tick Treatment

There’s a range of different flea collars on the market, but not all of them are non-toxic for dogs. The older collars contain organophosphates, which can cause adverse reactions in dogs, cats, and people, too.

Permethrin collars are also popular and low cost but can be harmful to cats. Newer, advanced collars like the Seresto flea collar do not contain these toxins but are just as effective.

Are Flea Collars Safe for the Home?

Most flea collars contain the toxin directly on the dog flea collar. Theoretically, the poison can rub off on anything it comes into contact with, including small children, furniture, other animals, and your general home environment.

Always wash your hands after touching a dog wearing a flea collar, even if the chances of being poisoned are shallow.

About the Seresto Dog Collar

The Seresto dog flea collar is effective prevention and treatment against fleas and ticks on puppies, small, and large dogs seven weeks and older. The parasites targeted by this treatment include American dog, Deer, brown dog, and Lone Star ticks—all vectors of severe, life-threatening diseases to people.

On applying the collar, it kills existing fleas within 48 hours and any re-infesting fleas within 2 hours. As for ticks, they are killed within 48 hours, and any re-infesting ticks repelled or killed within 6 hours.

These treatments last for approximately eight months. The continuous protection is just as adequate at the end of that range as it was on day one.

The Seresto collar also helps to control flea larvae in the dog’s surroundings. Ticks already on the dog may not be killed immediately. They may remain visible, so should you notice this occurrence, do not feel that the product isn’t working. At the time of application, you may remove ticks already on the dog.

You’ll also notice that the fleas and ticks will rise to the top of your pet’s fur as they come into contact with the treatment collar and die. Do not be alarmed if you begin to see more fleas at first, as you treat your dog.

If the fleas continue to appear after application, it may be that your dog inadvertently picked up new fleas from its surroundings. It may take up to 30 days to break the entire flea life cycle. Also, it treats sources of new fleas to ensure a comprehensive flea control plan.

Seresto dog collars have also been shown to reduce intestinal tapeworm infections in pets. These collars also aid in the control and treatment of Sarcoptic mange by killing the lice that cause the condition. The treatment collar will kill lice in one month.

Active Ingredients – Flumethrin and Imidacloprid

Active Ingredients

% by Weight Flumethrin 4.5% Imidacloprid 10.0% Other non-reactive ingredients 85.5% Total 100%

How to Apply the Seresto Flea Dog Collar

  • Remove the collar from its protective packaging.
  • Unroll the collar and remove the small plastic connectors in the collar. Discard them.
  • Insert the end of the collar through the buckle onto your dog’s neck.
  • Adjust the collar to fit your dog’s neck, making sure it is not too tight.
  • Just as with a standard dog collar, insert two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck to feel for the perfect fit.
  • Pull the excess collar through the loop, and then snip off any excess length extending more than 1 inch past the loop.
  • After you have applied the collar, fix the three reflector clips permanently to the collar. The reflector clips should be distributed evenly on the non-overlapping part of the treatment collar. A clicking sound should be heard when these clips are correctly applied.
  • Once the reflectors are attached, the clasp closes permanently and will not re-open. This safety feature happens to keep the dog safe, and the collar secured on the dog.
  • Do not remove the treatment collar until eight months are up.
  • Check and periodically adjust the fit of the collar if necessary, especially for growing puppies.

The Seresto Advantage

Traditionally topical flea and tick treatments were applied every few months, even monthly. These treatments were challenging to apply and often created a right mess. They also had numerous adverse side effects.

The Seresto collar has the advantage over topical flea and tick treatments because it is odorless, non-greasy, easy to use, and low maintenance. These collars can be worn on your dog’s neck with other collars and ID tags.

Fleas and ticks bite your pet and spread disease all year long, not just in the summer. The Seresto flea dog collar makes it easy to provide all-year protection for eight months at a time.

Precautions and Contraindications

As with any drug, some precautions and contraindications should be taken into consideration before its use. With the Seresto dog collar, the following vital precautions apply:

  • Do not remove the treatment collar from its packaging until you are ready to use it
  • Read the entire label before use
  • Keep away from children, and do not allow the collar to be used as a toy
  • Do not attach a leash directly onto this treatment collar; it will break
  • This collar is designed to be used on the skin and fur of dogs. Keep it away from the nose, eyes, or mouth of the dog.
  • If any signs of sensitivity occur, remove the collar immediately, and bathe your dog with a mild, soap-free shampoo. Rinse your dog with large amounts of water.
  • From most of the Seresto dog collar reviews we’ve seen online, dermatitis, eczema, inflammation, or lesions can occur in sporadic cases. If these symptoms persist, rush your dog to the local vet clinic as soon as possible.
  • Dispose of the pouch, container, and the used collar in the trash.

Features and Benefits of the Seresto Dog Collar

As with all drug treatments, this collar has several essential features and benefits that can help you decide if this treatment option is right for your dog.

Suitable for All Sizes and Stages (Excluding Young Pups)

The Seresto collar is safe for both small and large breed dogs over seven weeks of age and is even safe for use during pregnancy and lactation. It comes in two sizes. The small collar fits dogs weighing up to 18 pounds, and the large collar is for dogs over 18 pounds. Each option is easy to adjust and trim down to fit your dog securely.

Treats and Prevents a Variety of Pests

Thanks to the two main active ingredients – Imidacloprid and Flumethrin—these collars kill existing and new fleas, ticks, and lice on contact. They begin to repel and kill fleas within 24 hours of the initial application and any re-infesting fleas within two hours. They repel and kill ticks within 48 hours of the initial application and any re-infesting ticks within six hours.

Pests won’t even have time to bite your dog. The treatment will coat your dog’s skin and fur and remain effective for up to eight months. This time may be reduced by frequent bathing. The coating is odorless, non-greasy, and won’t irritate your dog or you with unpleasant or strong smells.


Vets recommend Seresto because it not only effectively treats a range of pests, but it requires no upkeep. One of the main culprits behind flea and tick treatment failure is upkeep on the owner’s part. For example, if you use drops and have to apply them each month, you risk forgetting and starting your pest woes all over again. Since Seresto collars are an eight-month attach-and-forget-it solution, compliance is a non-issue.

Well-Designed Collars

Seresto collars have a quick-release mechanism and visibility reflectors to provide extra safety for your dog. They feature a potent, waterproof formula that continues to work even after bathing, swimming, rain, and sun exposure, and can be used with your dog’s everyday collar. They don’t even require washing to keep clean. They won’t get dirty or begin to smell. Regular washing will actually reduce their lifespan.

General User Impressions

Opinions on the Seresto flea dog collar are mostly positive. Seresto dog collar reviews online show that users love the effectiveness over the long eight-month period. They also rave about the treatment being low-maintenance and economical.

However, this treatment does not suit all dogs. Some dog owners reported that their dogs had developed rashes and allergic reactions to the active ingredients.

Most dogs, though, seemed to hold up pretty well with this collar.

Here are some recent comments from verified users on and

“We put it on the dog two days ago, and I’m amazed! The first day, we noticed that the fleas on the front half of his body were gone. Today we didn’t find one single live flea on him, nostrils to tail tip. We did notice some dead ones on him. This is the first thing we’ve ever found that got rid of/killed the fleas!” – Lisa Kearns on Amazon. May 25, 2017.

“Veterinarian here – I love this product and use it religiously on my own pets as well as recommended it to all my clients (just don’t forget to add a heartworm preventative along with it, folks!).” – Rachel Horsley on Amazon. February 25, 2017.

“After two years of using Seresto, I will not be purchasing these again. Two of my dogs have developed a terrible reaction to the chemicals that resulted in a nasty rash that needed treatment with antibiotics to prevent infection.” – Charles Fernandez on Amazon. January 18, 2017.

“I’ve bought these collars for my Great Danes since they came out, and I swear by them! The topicals were getting super expensive, not to mention I hated reading the bad side effects. This collar you put it on once, and it’s good for the full eight months!” – Horwitz711 on Chewy. Sep 21, 2019.

“I got this thinking that an eight-month flea collar would be a huge help. The only problem is it hasn’t killed any fleas. My dog and cat seem to have more fleas now than ever. After further research, I find that it does not kill eggs and larvae, only “repels” them.” – LOSAJ on Chewy. October 4, 2019.

“One of my Shitzus has a sensitive stomach, but these collars do not have any ill effects. I did not realize that my dogs were being bitten so much, but these collars stopped their scratching. They work great! So glad my vet recommended them.” – KulaniNaniPistolPeteGator on Chewy. June 23, 2018.

Seresto Flea Dog Collar – The Pet Fashion Week Opinion

Should your budget allow, we highly recommend the Seresto dog collar, as do many users in numerous online Seresto collar dog reviews.

While the initial cost is a bit steep, the estimated eight-month treatment duration is superb, and this flea and tick control solution works to less than $10 per month.

Remember to follow manufacturer instructions keenly, especially when putting the collar on your dog’s neck. Only remove the flea collar from its container when you are ready to place it onto your dog and discard the container and pouch into the trash.

The Seresto dog collar will keep your dog amply protected against fleas, ticks, and lice. It also has been shown to reduce tapeworm infestation in dogs effectively.

So would we buy it for our pets? We certainly would! Unless the dog shows apparent sensitivities on the flea coapplication such as dermatitis, eczema, or inflammation, then this treatment collar is a practical, all-year-round treatment solution for your dog.

The Seresto Dog Collar – FAQs

How Does the Seresto Dog Flea Collar Work?

The Seresto flea collar works by releasing two active ingredients, which spread from the collar over your dog’s skin and coat. Imidacloprid controls flea infestations, while Flumethrin kills and repels ticks.

These two active ingredients provide dual action defense against pests and are released in low concentrations over time from within the collar.

Your pet’s skin and coat spread these insecticides from the head to the toes, and even the tail, killing any fleas or ticks present.

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How Long Does the Seresto Collar Take to Work?

Seresto collars kill existing fleas on dogs within 24 hours after application. Any re-infesting fleas are killed within two hours. Infestation prevention with new ticks starts within 48 hours, and any re-infesting ticks are repelled and killed in as few as 6 hours.

How Long Does the Seresto Dog Collar Last?

The Seresto dog collar protection lasts for around eight months. As the active ingredients wear off, a new supply is replenished in low concentrations over eight months. However, frequent water exposure may reduce this timeline to closer to five months.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Occasionally you may notice slight itching in the first few days after fitting.

Ensure that you have placed the collar optimally and not too tight on your dog’s neck. There may also be slight hair loss and mild skin reactions due to the mechanical irritation of the collar. Rashes may also appear on any dogs that can’t bear the active ingredients.

However, if you notice any severe effects, please book an appointment for your dog to see your local vet immediately.

How Does the Seresto Flea Collar Compare With the Other Topical Treatments Such As Frontline Plus, Simparica, Bravecto, and NexGard?

The Seresto collar repels and kills both fleas and ticks—something no other major brand does. Many other options only kill fleas and won’t repel them. Below you’ll find a handy comparison table provided by Bayer.

Photo Credit: Bayer DVM

Can I Bathe My Dog or Go Swimming with My Dog Wearing the Seresto Collar?

This collar is water-resistant, so yes, you can bathe your dog and even let your dog swim with the collar on its neck. This medicated collar will also remain effective following a shampoo and grooming session, or after exposure to rain and sunlight.

However, to maintain an eight-month treatment duration, dogs must not be bathed more than once per month. We also recommend that you use a mild, soap-free pet shampoo.

If your dog regularly swims or bathes once a month or more, the treatment duration of this medicated collar is reduced to five months.

Can I Use a Large Seresto Collar on a Smaller Dog?

No. You should not use a sizeable Seresto collar on a smaller dog. The dosage is different, and it could overdose the dog, or at the least, greatly increase the risk of an adverse skin reaction. Seresto Large collars are specially designed for dogs weighing over 18 pounds, and Seresto Small treatment collars for dogs weighing less than 18 pounds.

Final Verdict

The Seresto flea and tick dog collar, as we have seen in this Seresto dog collar review, is an excellent treatment option for existing flea and tick infestations. These collars also prevent further flea and tick infestations with continued use.

For dogs who can’t tolerate the active ingredients—imidacloprid and flumethrin–this collar may not be the ideal solution. However, for dogs that can handle the active ingredients in this medicated collar, the main benefit is seen in eight months of full protection against tick and flea infestation.

Seresto uses a patented sustained-release technology that coats your dog’s skin and fur with active ingredients that give your dog the continued protection they need. These dog collars are effective, long-lasting, low-maintenance, easy to apply, and also economical.

They give year-long protection against fleas and ticks even in the colder winter months and are an odorless and non-greasy treatment. Seresto dog collars can also be used in tandem with other dog collars without them interfering with the treatment.

So are these dog flea collars worth it? Our final verdict is that they are. This collar is an acceptable treatment option against tick and fleas for pet parents who don’t like topical treatments or need a no-maintenance solution.

Do you own a Seresto dog collar, or are you considering getting this flea collar for your dog? Do you have any Seresto collar dog reviews to share with us? Want to see more great options available in the market today? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love the hear your thoughts.

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