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Full Marks Head Lice Solution

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100ml (+ Comb) £6.69

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Full Marks Head Lice Solution is a quick and easy 10-minute treatment that eliminates head lice. It’s low odour, toxin free and contains no traditional pesticides. Suitable for children 2 years and older.

Full Marks Head Lice Solution is a simple treatment that takes approximately 10 minutes to work and is clinically proven to kill head lice quickly.

Why use Full Marks Head Lice Solution?

  • Contains cyclomethicone & isopropyl myristate, which cause the lice to to die through dehydration.
  • Eliminates eggs.
  • Fine metal tooth comb included in the pack.
  • Low odour, no traditional pesticides.
  • Suitable from 2 years and over, including those with asthma and sensitive skin

How to use Full Marks Head Lice Solution:

  • Comb through dry hair with a normal comb to remove tangles.
  • Shake the bottle then apply the solution to the dry hair and massage in, from root to tip ensuring the entire scalp and all the hair are coated with the solution.
  • Leave on hair for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes comb through the hair thoroughly using the comb provided.
  • Once you have finished the treatment, wash out the solution using an ordinary non-conditioning shampoo. Using a conditioner is not necessary.
  • Repeat above steps on day 7 and/or 14 as required.

Some products for the treatment of head lice are flammable when on the hair, and can ignite and cause serious harm in the presence of an open flame or other source of ignition, such as when lighting cigarettes. The user of these products should keep away from people who are smoking, and open flames or other sources of ignition, including in the morning after an overnight application, until the hair is washed.

Please read the instructions that come with the treatment to ensure it is used safely and correctly.

Full Marks Head Lice Solution:

  • There are no special precautions required when using this product.
  • Can be used on adults, elderly and children over 2 years old.
  • Suitable for people with asthma and eczema.
  • Always read the label.
  • For external use only.
  • Keep out of reach and sight of children.

Full Marks Head Lice Solution contains:

Cyclomethicone and Isopropyl myristrate


The views expressed are those of our customers. If you require advice on a condition or treatment, please contact your doctor or pharmacist. For any questions regarding the products, please contact us. Please note: due to advertising regulations, not all product reviews can be displayed. Please be advised that people respond to products differently and you should always read the label.

Stupidly tried a few home remedies could not find any nits or reason for my sons itchy scalp. Tried this and found the critters. One happy dad and son. Will always have this ready for the next time.

Very quick and simple to use, no hassel, no fumes,no nits which means no head scratching, itchy kids. A definate winner in our household. I always make sure to have a bottle handy in the bathroom to use at the drop of a hat (hopefully not a nit infested one!!)

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Review Full Marks Head Lice Treatment

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This week we ask real mums to sample and review Full Marks – a revolutionary head lice treatment that contains no traditional pesticides.

Full Marks is gentle on your children’s scalp while still being clinically proven to kill head lice and eradicate eggs.

Unlike other head lice treatments that try to poison the louse with pesticides, Full Marks works by physical action causing irreversible dehydration and shrinkage of the louse.

Why Use Full Marks Head Lice Treatments?

✓ Contains no harsh traditional pesticides

✓ Clinically proven to kill head lice and eradicates eggs

✓ Quickly and easily treat head lice in under 10 minutes

✓ Suitable for sensitive skin

✓ Suitable for children over 2 years old

How to Use Full Marks:

  1. Apply to dry hair and leave for 10 minutes.
  2. Comb through hair with comb provided to remove the remains of lice and eggs.
  3. Finally wash out using non-conditioning shampoo. It’s that easy.
  4. Remember to retreat 7 days later*

*With many non-traditional insecticides – including Full Marks Solution – a second treatment, seven days after the first is required. This is to kill any newly-hatched lice which may have been missed in the initial treatment.

Where to buy Full Marks:

Available at your local pharmacy. Please call 1800 999 155 for your nearest store. RRP: $19.95

Always read the label. Use only as directed.

How To Review: If you are interested in sampling and reviewing Full Marks Head Lice Treatment, make sure you’re a Mouths of Mums member and have signed up to review and receive free products. You must 1) be registered with Mouths of Mums and 2) have filled in all your details in your MoM profile. That way, the Mouths of Mums team can ensure that you’ll be eligible to review this product.

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Published 10th January 2012

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  • mummywif5 said
  • 23 Jan 2014
    12:19 am


Its the best head lice solution I’ve used. I have used it several times and will not use any other product. No smell which is also a great thing also as I know my children used to complain in the past how strong smelling all the other products have been. Recommended this product 100℅

Full marks or Hedrin for head lice?

Which one is best? I have shortlisted it down to these 2 treatments as I know the others are crap.

DD is infested yet again. Ihave caught them too oh the joy.

You don’t need either, you can comb through every night with conditioner

Have used Full Marks and wasn’t impressed.

Lots of friends have recommended Hedrin but I’m with www; using leave-in conditioner and nitty gritty comb.

I have to say that I avoid them and just use the old nit comb, gallons of conditioner and daily combing til you don’t get anymore out-you have to persevere for a week or so but it works.
To answer your question, which one works better depends on whether the headlice are resistant to one or other in your area-ask your pharmacist.

conditioner and nit comb. Only thing that works!

I prefer Full Marks — it is so much cheaper than Hedrin (from Costco).

Neither. you need a Nitty Gritty comb and a gallon of conditioner. MUCH better than topical treatments. It actually gets the eggs out as well as the adults.

Conditioner is not a great thing to use lots of, or to leave on the hair for a while. It is designed to be something that is rinsed off within a couple of minutes of applying.

It contains quite a lot of relatively harsh chemicals — put a blob on your forearm and leave for 10 minutes or so, and you are likely to have quite a red patch on your skin. The silicone in Hedrin/Full Marks is altogether much kinder to the skin.

I used to be an ardent fan of conditioner/comb until my dd had the ‘infestation from hell’ this summer.
We religiously spent weeks trying to get rid of the eggs to no avail. Finally resorted to using Full marks and it did the trick.
Everyone has a different story to tell

Jalopy — did you try the Nitty Gritty? Cos I have found that it does get rid of the eggs so long as you are very thorough?

with 4 kids i dont have time to comb through every night with conditioner so i perfer hedrin

for me, nit comb and conditioner.

Never tried the others so I can’t help, sorry.

I always wash the conditioner off at the end BTW, unless it is a special ‘leave in’ one.

clean/condition/comb leave the nit without a home DD1 had a more or less constant infestation when at school, her hair is really thick and a nightmare to get rid of. You can use a tea tree based shampoo to deter the little blighters.

There is a certain flea preparation that i know people have used and it works really well, of course i wouldnt dream of advocating that.

I dont think you need leave the conditioner in for any length of time and you could go for a childs conditioner so it is mild, i would try this over pesticides first. Or maybe the approach could be, one dose of full marks, i have used this and found it ok and then religeous combing out at least twice a week.

SMS, I’m the proud owner of 4 different types of combs including nitty gritty. Even got a double edged nit comb. oh and a battery operated one that is supposed to electrocute the lice.

lou33, i know what you mean about the constant combing though, and i only had one DD to deal with, in the end, i taught her to do it herself. She would do it every other night. I have it all to face again with DD2 woohooo

I don’t think products get rid of eggs (nits) — you can only do that with combing (apparently, the cement the lice use to attach the eggs to the hair shaft is amazingly similar to keratin, according to a website I came across). The products are used to kill the live lice.

I’ve definitely found the silicone-based products far more effective and easier to use than conditioner. I’ve tried everything over the last 4 years — electic comb, traditional lice treatments, conditioner, mayonnaise, and silicone. Until recently, nothing we tried never cracked the problem 100%. Since discovering Full Marks, we’ve been lice free, and that must be over 6 months now.

Thanks. How much is Hedrin bTW? I know full marks cost me nearly £11 .

sciencetecher — agree about the products not getting rid of the nits — only thorough combing will do the trick and even then I am sure there are still some nits still in there. My DD has very fine hair which makes the buggers harder to get out .

Hedrin — best ever. £18 for 2 bottles at Boots at the moment. It does get rid of them, but they do catch them again .

what you can do with the nits (egg sacs) is get the hair nice and slippery, and slide them along the whole lenth of the hair shaft. A pain, but you can shift them

hedrin is incredibly oily to put on and wash off. it’s really expensive too.

Does it kill the eggs though (Hedrin)?

Hedrin is better than Full Marks, and it doesn’t make their hair smell awful for weeks after either!

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Head Lice Treatment Shampoo: Best Reviews & How to Use

Can I use shampoo to get rid of head lice and nits from my hair? Yes, there are effective head lice shampoos out there to help you get rid of these stubborn bugs. In this article, I review the common best head lice shampoo brands. I will also briefly explain how to use them on nits. Finally, I will inform you where to buy the best shampoo for head lice removal.

What is Anti-lice Shampoo

Anti-lice shampoo is a remedy or an agent used to prevent and treat head lice. Common anti lice shampoo have repellent and suffocating effects on lice.

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Since head lice is attracted to human smell, anti-lice shampoos with repellents characteristics works by masking the smell to make us unattractive to head lice.

Head lice are known to move at a faster rate between the hairs, and smothering shampoos works by stunning the parasites to slow down its movement for easy detection and combing out.

There are a variety of anti-lice shampoos in the market today that can effectively eliminate these disgusting creatures from your hair.

Common examples of ice killing agents are pyrethrin, lindane, malathion and permethrin shampoos which can be purchased over the counter in most drugstores.

It is unfortunate that not all treatments in the market are effective. In fact, a good number of over the counter treatments have become ineffective mainly due to the immunity of the parasite as a result of repeated exposure.

For those that work, always follow instructions on the label and prescriptions for positive results.

How to Use Nit Shampoo

If applied properly, lice shampoo are likely to produce positive results. This means the need to follow instructions on product label among other general and specific guidelines such as shakimg the bottle before use.

  • Checking for ingredients is critical in ascertaining the active ingredients within the products such as pyrethrin and permethrin.
  • For wet hair shampoos, dripping should be avoided- its should be damp but not dripping.
  • Always desist from applying conditioner and regular creams beforehand as this could reduce effectiveness of the shampoo.

On how to use nit shampoo, the procedure could vary depending on the type of shampoo. However, general guidelines on how to apply over the counter pyrethrin and permethrin shampoo products is as shown here below:

Step 1: Start by wrapping the towel around the shoulders or anything to protect your body from getting wet or stained.

Step 2: Hold the towel over your face to protect your eyes from any harmful effects of the shampoo

Step 3: Put on rubber gloves if you have any scracthes and cuts on your hands to protect the infiltration and effects of shampoo chemicals.

Step 4: Apply shampoo on the hair- massage from hair roots to the ends until your entire hair and scalp is fully saturated in shampoo. The focus should be on the hairlines situated behind ears and back of the neck where these parasites concentrate.

Step 5: Leave shampoos on your hair for about ten minutes

Step 6: Wash and rinse your hair according to instructions on the product.

Step 7: Repeat the process after some days as stated on product label- Most products recommend repeat application after ten days, but nine days is recommended by American Academy of Pediatricts.

Note: You may comb your hair after treatments and change clothes after combing out and. In order to tell whether treatment is working, you may try thorough comb out a few hours after the initial treatment. Treatment is working if you notice a slow moving live head lice.

However, if the lice appears to be active, then shampoo may not be working. If instructions were correctly followed yet there is no positive results, probably the lice have developed resistance to the applied treatment.

Consult your doctor to suggest appropriate treatment. Note that lice shampoo only kills between 70-80 per cent of nits, and the rest can be removed through proper comb outs.

Where to Buy Head Lice Shampoo

Looking for where to buy head lice shampoo? Well, there are many places you can get these anti-lice products. Below are just some of the stores and online portals where one can purchase the brand they like.

Head Lice Shampoo CVS

CV pharmacies have a wide range of lice killing shapoos among other lice prevention and treatment remedies. You can also shop online for a range of lice shampoos at for use at home.

Key products include Rid shampoo, CVS lice killing shampoo with maximum strength, lice-free spray for instant lice head treatment, lice cure maximum strength for killing lice and lice removal and solution kits.

You will also find products like Nitty Gritty shampoo, Lyclear shampoo, Full mark spray shampoo, Hendrin shampoo and Derbac shampoo for killing live lice.

These varieties have different ingredients suitable for different conditions including long and short hair, kids and adult, healthy and ailing persons, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers among allergic and other conditions.

Buyers have also the opportunity to get instructions on how to use these products properly from doctors at CVs pharmacy.

Head Lice Shampoo Walmart

Head lice shampoo Walmart comprise a variety of lice treatment shapoo product and lice complete kits at affordable price.

You will definately come across lice killing brands like lice shield, lice free sprayBayer RID, equate maximum strength and lice MD as well as Nix Familly pack for lice killing, Vamousse lice treatment and vamousse lice protection.

Many varieties with different ingredients will provide you with freedom to chose suitabe and bets shampoo for your condition.

Head Lice Shampoo Walgreens

You can find a variety of lice killing shampoos products in Walgreen stores at affordable price. You will finds brands like RID, Walgreens stop lice, lice shiled retailing, Vamousse lice shampoo, So Cozy Boo lice prevention, and lice free Gel and shampoo for head lice treatment.

These products have a price range of $6.99-25 and comes with asosciated lice conditioner, lice treatment kits and lice combs.

Besides lice killing products, you can also find a variety of lice remedies including lice spray and shampoos with repelling effects for lice prevention.

There is also an electronic lice comb for safe killing of lice on contact and without using any chemicals.

Reviews of Common Head Lice Shampoo Brands

There are many lice shampoo brands on the market today. Here below, I review some of the common brands you can find in the store nearest to you.

Derbac Lice Shampoo Review

Online reviews reveals several parents reporting that Derbac has produced positive results in head lice treatment in their children. The rating is 5/5 stars.

Derbac is a liquid shampoo for killing live head lice, but cannot kill nits becuase it cannot penetrate its harder shell.

This head lice killing shampoo is effective when it is applied to dry hair untill it is wet and treatment should be repeated one week after the initial application.

However, lice treatment and preventing future lice attack require treating the entire household members. In this regard, a larger bottle is recommended by most users for saving the cost.

Full Marks Lice Shampoo

Full marks solution has also been hailed by several parents as an one of the most effective lice killing and preventing agents in the market today.

Full Marks comes with a variety of products from spray shampoo to detecctor comb which are essential for lice treatment.

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The solution has suffocating properties which slows down movement of lice in the hair for easier catching throug the lice comb. The product is cost effective- 5ml lotion of Full mask is enough one treatment.

While the spray format is the most convenient, it is also the most costly option among these products considering the price per ml.

Hendrin Lice Shampoo review

Hendrin provides a range treatments for head lice hailed by several people. Hendtin comes with range of lotions that are applied to hair and rinsed after about eight hours.

This is then followed with shampoo treatment using the gel and mousse then dried and left to work as you go about your daily activities.

According to reviews, the physical properties suffocates and dehydrate the parasite to death. The Protect & Go product by Hendrin is also an effective spray for preventing and killing lice infestation. This spray works by dissolving the wax coat of the lice ultimately dehydrating them to death.

Using this product twice a week after your normal hair washing could help eliminate head lice. Furthermore, the prices are also affordable to many people- they cost as low as $5.10 for 50ml lotion- enough to be applied twice a week.

It also saves money, particularly Treat & Go and 250ml liquid Hendrin Once are the cheapest formats on the basis of price per ml.

Even though convenient and easier to use, Mousse and Treat & Go spray are the most costly formats. For the whole family treatment, the 150ml lotion is the cheapest to go with.

Lyclear Lice Shampoo

Lyclear brand comes with a broad range of products from spray, creme rinse, shampoo and lotion for various types of skin.

The physical action of Lyclear kills lice and eggs through suffocation and dehydrating action. This products have a high rating from customer reviews- 4/5 stars.

The prices are also affordable- ranging from as low as $5 for 56ml creme rinse- enough for for one minute treatment. However, ten minute shampoo used on dry hair is priced about $13.

However, the 200ml shampoo is cost effective based on RRP – it is close to half the price per ml compared the cost of spray.

Nitty Gritty Brands Lice Shampoo

Nitty Gritty Brands head lice shampoo hailed for its nit comb and also lice treatment and is free from pesticide. It comes in kits comprising a nit comb, solution and defense spray.

These brands are effective – with a rating of 4/5 stars. Defense spray has the capacity to mask the aroma of your hair to make it unattractive to the head lice.

Full marks solution and solution spray (cyclomethicone, isopropyl myristate)

Full marks kills head lice in five minutes — you then use the comb to remove dead lice and eggs from the hair, read on for advice on using these products

What is Full marks used for?

How does Full marks work?

Full marks solution and solution spray both contain cyclomethicone (a silicone-based substance) and isopropyl myristate. These ingredients work by dissolving the outer coating of the head lice, which dehydrates and kills them.

Head lice cannot become resistant to Full marks because it works in this physical way, unlike conventional insecticides for head lice which poison the parasites by chemical means.

Full marks doesn’t kill the eggs, so after applying Full marks it’s important to remove the eggs along with the dead lice using the comb provided in the pack. It’s a good idea to repeat the treatment after seven days to be sure that any lice emerging from eggs that survived the first treatment are killed.

What should I know before using Full marks?

  • Do not smoke while using this product and keep treated hair away from any naked flame or fire source.
  • This product is an oily liquid that can make hard surfaces such as floors or baths slippery. Take extra care when applying it and washing it off.

Who shouldn’t use Full marks?

  • Full marks should not be used on children under two years of age.
  • Don’t use Full marks if you or your child are allergic to any of its ingredients.

How do I use Full marks solution or solution spray?

  • All family members with head lice should be treated on the same day to avoid re-infestation.
  • Full marks should be applied to dry hair.
  • Protect clothing with a towel around the shoulders because the product can stain fabric.
  • Apply the chosen product carefully over all the hair (the spray solution may be easier and less messy to apply), then massage the solution in well until the hair is completely wetted from root to tip. The amount of solution needed depends on the thickness and length of the hair.
  • Take care to avoid breathing in the solution spray and to avoid getting the product in the eyes, nose or mouth. If you accidentally get it in the eyes, rinse them immediately with plenty of water.
  • Leave the product on the hair for five minutes, then comb carefully with the fine-toothed lice comb to remove the dead lice and eggs. Separate the hair into small sections and comb it thoroughly from root to tip, cleaning the comb as you go to remove dead lice and eggs.
  • Wash the hair with a non-conditioning shampoo afterwards. It may be necessary to wash the hair a couple of times to get all the product out.
  • After seven days, use the nit comb to check the hair for lice again. If any eggs survived the first treatment they will have hatched by this time. If you find live lice repeat the treatment.

Can I use Full marks while pregnant or breastfeeding?

  • The manufacturer doesn’t have information about the safety of using this product during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It’s unlikely to be harmful, but as with all medicines it’s best to check with your doctor or midwife before using it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What are the possible side effects of Full marks?

Medicines and their possible side effects can affect individual people in different ways. The following are some of the side effects that are known to be associated with Full marks. Just because a side effect is stated here, it does not mean that all people using this product will experience that or any side effect.

  • Skin irritation. If the product causes a rash or excessive irritation wash it off straight away with normal shampoo and get advice from your pharmacist regarding other products to treat the head lice.

If you want more information about possible side effects of Full marks, read the leaflet provided with the product or talk to your pharmacist.

Can I use Full marks with other medicines?

If you or your child are using any other medicines it’s fine to treat the head lice with Full marks — this product does not affect other medicines.

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