10 Best Anti-Lice Shampoos Available In India — Our Top Picks For 2019

Top 10 Anti-Lice Shampoos Available In India


Top 10 Anti-Lice Shampoos Available In India

If there’s one that can evoke a grave sense of terror in men, women, and children alike, it has to be head lice. Lice are those pesky parasitic bugs that can make your beautiful head of hair their home and drive you crazy with their itchiness. Fortunately, there is one easy solution for this insidious problem – anti-lice shampoo. There are tons of over-the-counter anti-lice shampoos that you can buy at your local drug store or order online. Here’s our roundup of the top 10 anti-lice shampoos!

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Best Anti-Lice Shampoos

1. Mediker Anti-Lice Treatment Shampoo

When it comes to anti-lice shampoos, one product that has ruled the roost since it was first launched in 1968 is Mediker. This wash-off shampoo formula contains potent anti-lice ingredients like neem, camphor, and sitaphal extracts. Moreover, it has been vigorously clinically tested and has been found to be completely safe to use and causes no side effects and the best shampoo for lice.


  • Natural ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Inexpensive


  • Requires multiple washes to get rid of lice completely

2. Jungle Formula Head Lice Shampoo

Jungle Formula is a shampoo for head lice, which is quite effective at what it does as it uses a double-action formula to not only suffocate but also dehydrate head lice and eggs to kill them. This is why they claim to eliminate all signs of lice and eggs in just one application. However, its best feature would have to be the fact that it is completely insecticide-free, making it safe to use on children.


  • Insecticide-free
  • No side effects
  • Shows results after just one wash
  • Comes with a free lice comb
  • Inexpensive


  • Does not lather well
  • Unpleasant smell

3. Lice Shield Shampoo And Conditioner In 1

If you’re looking for the best lice shampoo that won’t dry out your hair, Lice Shield is the perfect option as it not only cleanses but also conditions your hair. This lice treatment shampoo is infused with 5 potent essential oils that protect your hair texture while also getting rid of lice. Lice Shield also claims to keep users safe from lice even when they come in contact with untreated lice-infested individuals.


  • Gentle enough to be used daily
  • Tangle-free formula
  • Does not dry out your hair
  • Not only gets rid of lice but also protects against them


  • Meant for repelling lice. Does not kill them effectively
  • Expensive

4. Hair Shield Anti-Lice Cream Wash

Hair Shield Anti-Lice Cream Shampoo claims to be “India’s only 1 wash anti-lice formula,” which may seem like a tall claim to make, but it delivers on it quite well. Infused with natural extracts of guldaudi, reetha, and shikakai, this anti-lice shampoo gets rid of lice and eggs while conditioning your hair.


  • Removes lice in 1 wash
  • Conditions hair
  • Reduces frizz
  • Pleasant smell
  • Free Hairshield Lice Specialist Comb included in the pack


5. Medilice Single Application Lice Formula

Medilice Single Application Formula is the best head lice shampoo as it promises to get rid of lice and eggs with just one wash. It is formulated with pyrethrum extract that suffocates and dehydrates lice to kill them. Moreover, it also claims to make your hair thicker and remove frizz.


  • Shows results after the first usage
  • Reduces frizz
  • Does not dry out hair


6. Sunny Herbals Anti-Lice Shampoo

Neem has long been known as the most powerful natural anti-lice agent. So it comes as no surprise that the neem and camphor infused Sunny Herbals Anti-Lice Shampoo works well at eliminating all signs of lice and eggs.


  • Contains natural extracts of neem and camphor


7. Fourrts HairGro Anti-Dandruff And Anti-Lice Conditioner Shampoo

Fourrts HairGro is quite a unique formula as far as anti-lice shampoos go. Infused with the natural goodness of Azadirachta, sabadilla, tea tree oil, and hibiscus, this lice-free shampoo not only gets rid of dandruff. But, it also conditions your hair while cleansing it.


  • Cleanses scalp
  • Conditions hair
  • Reduces itchiness
  • Removes dandruff and lice


  • Works only after repeated usage

8. Lynda Herbal Conditioner Shampoo

Lynda Herbal Conditioner hair lice shampoo is a naturally infused product that is a great remedy for lice and dandruff. It is formulated with a host of natural extracts like Brahmi, nutmeg, henna, soap nut, citrus lemon, Azadirachta, and tea tree oil that not only treat your lice infestation but also condition your hair.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Treats lice and dandruff
  • Conditions hair
  • Lathers well


  • Can dry out your hair

9. Clearlice Lice Repel Shampoo

If you would rather not use an anti-lice shampoo on your hair that contains pesticides, Clearlice Lice Repel Shampoo will be a great choice for you. It not only eliminates lice but also repels them. Additionally, it is pH balanced and does not contain poisons, pesticides, harmful chemicals, and sodium lauryl sulfate.


  • SLS- and pesticide-free
  • Can be used daily
  • Non-toxic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Pleasant peppermint smell


10. Fairy Tales Lice Prevention Rosemary Repel Daily Shampoo

Fairy Tales lice kill shampoo is formulated with organic rosemary, citronella, tea tree, anise, lavender, and geranium oils that make it the best shampoo to prevent lice. Its regular usage can not only help get rid of lice but also repel them when you come in contact with someone who has a lice infestation.


  • Paraben- and SLS-free
  • Pleasant smell
  • Eliminates and repels lice


And that’s our roundup of the top 10 anti-lice shampoos that you can avail in India. Take your pick and let us know which one is the best over-the-counter shampoo for lice in the comments section below!

Expert’s Answers for Readers Questions

Where are head lice most commonly found?

Head lice are most commonly concentrated behind the ears and around the neckline at the back of your head.

How do you diagnose a lice infestation?

A lice infestation is diagnosed when a live nymph or adult louse is found on the individual’s scalp or hair.

How do head lice spread from one person to another?

Head lice can spread from one person to another when they share items such as hairbrushes, combs, clips, hats, clothes, pillows, or furniture.

Does lice shampoo kill nits?

Lice shampoo cannot kill nits

Does lice shampoo kill eggs?

Yes, lice killer shampoo will clear off the eggs.



Keeping your family healthy and safe is our top priority. We’ve always adhered to rigorous cleaning and disinfecting standards to prevent the spread of lice. With recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) news, we’ve implemented enhanced cleaning, disinfecting and client safety protocols.

— Dr. Krista Lauer, MD, National Medical Director, Lice Clinics of America

Treat lice and super lice safely and effectively with the expertise of the world’s largest network of lice clinics.

FDA-cleared controlled, heated air technology is clinically proven to kill lice, super lice and lice eggs (nits) through dehydration. This is a revolutionary alternative to treating head lice with ineffective pesticides, herbal lice remedies, suffocation products or manually combing hair (nit picking) using lice combs.


Come to the aid shampoo from nits and lice — we treat pediculosis effectively

Shampoo for lice and nits — one of the best options for the destruction of parasites. Pediculicidal shampoos are easy to use, highly effective and practically safe for humans. A shampoo against lice and nits for children does not cause skin irritation, unlike folk remedies for lice. Unfortunately, not all foaming compositions are equally good. Therefore, before purchasing funds in a pharmacy chain or a supermarket, you should be familiar with the principle of action, composition and reviews of the most popular and affordable drugs.

Familiarization work will help reduce the likelihood of buying an ineffective remedy, which also has side effects. So which lice shampoo is worth paying attention to? What are the pros and cons in the use of this or that means consumers point out?

Shampoo from parasites «Veda»

As part of the drug — the famous insecticide with a wide spectrum of permethrin. The poisonous substance for insects was synthesized in the 70s from pyrethrins. The formula «Vedas» today is no longer so relevant, so the manufacturer launched the sale of an improved analogue of the drug called «Veda-2». The basic composition of the new shampoo has remained the same, but substances have been added to help soften the action of the insecticide on the scalp.

Shampoo from lice Veda destroys parasites after a single use. It is enough to apply 1-3 tablespoons of the product, it is good to lather it and leave it on the hair to destroy all adult individuals. The drug can be used against both head and pubic parasites. But “Veda” hardly works on nits, therefore the manufacturer recommends repeating sanitization after 7 days, when the larvae hatch from eggs.

The instructions for the drug says that the shampoo must be kept on the hair for 10 minutes. But in practice it turns out that it is better not to flush the Veda agent for 40-50 minutes. Only during this time, pediculicidal shampoo will have time to show its effectiveness, but the risk of allergic reactions will also increase. After the set time has passed, it is necessary to rinse the foamy agent from the head with a large amount of running water and rinse the head with 5% vinegar.

Features of the application of the «Veda» suggest that the reviews of the ineffectiveness of the drug are left by people who clearly adhere to the instructions. The active ingredient was just beginning to destroy the parasites, as it was washed from the head. Therefore, the main condition for the destruction of insects using the «Vedas» — keeping the shampoo for at least 40 minutes. The effectiveness of the tool can be increased by combining washing the head with the subsequent combing of the blood-sucking special scallop. In this case, re-treatment of the hair may not be necessary.

«Veda-2» — shampoo for lice the price of which is available to each family. The cost of a bottle of 100 ml in pharmacies in Moscow is only 174 rubles.

Shampoo «Knicks»

Knicks — a remedy for parasites produced in the UK in the form of a weakly foaming cream. Although Knicks is not a shampoo, its effect is similar to the action of louse shampoos. The well-known insecticide permethrin is present in the composition of this pleasant-smelling agent, while other components of the preparation actively protect the skin from allergies. Knicks for lice reviews has only positive, although the cream is not recommended to be applied during pregnancy and lactation.

Before applying the hair cream is recommended to wash and dry a little. Nix is ​​applied for up to 15 minutes, but this time is often not enough to kill the parasites. It is advisable to hold the cream for half an hour, then diligently wash your hair with an ordinary detergent.

By the effectiveness of the cream «Knicks» is also good, as Veda shampoo for lice reviews which indicate the effectiveness of the drug. True, the cost of «Nix» is much higher: for a 1% tube in 59 ml will have to pay from 424 rubles. This volume is enough for 3 or 4 treatments.

Shampoo «Paranit»

Shampoo for lice and nits. Paranit price for which in pharmacies of the capital starts from 818 rubles, is made by the Israeli pharmaceutical company Teva. Safety for the manufacturer is always in the first place: the consumer has the opportunity to purchase a particularly mild anti-lice shampoo. The principle of action of drugs from Teva is interesting. Shampoo for lice and nits effective at the expense of the active substance Clearola. White mineral oil does not belong to insecticides, that is, chemicals.

Apply “Paranit” in the same way as other pediculicidal shampoos. The gentle properties of drugs from Teva make it possible to apply them even during pregnancy, but the effectiveness of Paranit remains questionable. The effectiveness of Israeli shampoos is not comparable with the effect of the use of «Veda» or «Nix».

Shampoo «Hygia»

Bulgarian lice shampoo Higia has only positive reviews. It is noteworthy that the remedy fights both sexually mature blood-sucking individuals and nits. Permitrin in the composition kills lice, and vinegar affects the nits, softening their capsular walls, which leads to the detachment of eggs from the hair.

Instructions «Hygienic» is similar to the recommendations for the use of other pediculicidal shampoos. For combing weakened nits, it is advisable to buy a special comb, which should be used immediately after shampooing “Hygiene”. Shampoo from Hygia nits in pharmacies in Moscow costs about 370 rubles per bottle of 120 ml.

Shampoo «Tar»

Birch tar is a traditional, proven for many generations, a tool with a wide spectrum of action. People with skin diseases appreciate tar soap and shampoo for its healing properties. Tar shampoo for lice contributes to the healing of wounds and scratches, preventing their inflammation. At the same time, the phenols in tar scare off the parasites, but to recover from lice with a single tar soap will not work. Rather, the means of tar can be considered as prevention of infection with lice. You can also read the article «What a remedy for lice and nits is better suited for prevention, and which one for treatment?».

Spray «Nuda»

German drug «Nuda» is made in the form of a spray, not a shampoo. It is extremely simple to use “Nyuda”: the product is sprayed onto dry hair, and after 45 minutes the strands are carefully combed out with a comb, which is used to complete each package of this pediculicidal agent. If it is decided to buy Nyuda from lice the price in pharmacies of the capital starts from 609 rubles for 50 g of the drug.

The cost of «Nude» is justified by its high efficiency and low toxicity: the spray can be used for the treatment of lice, even in one-year-old children.

According to reviews of moms “Nyuda” is the best lice shampoo for children. On specialized forums, it is often the opinion that the Lugovoy shampoo from lice in children quickly helps to get rid of parasites. But moms who express such a strange point of view, forget to clarify that «Meadow» — a veterinary remedy for fleas and eater in animals. And how the chemical behaves on the skin of a person, and especially a child, is not known. About other drugs, read the article «Funds from lice and nits in pharmacies for children and adults.»

Today, manufacturers offer a number of the most effective shampoos for head lice that have passed clinical trials and are completely safe for human health. So why put yourself at unnecessary risk if there is a domestic shampoo for lice and nits, the price of which is more than affordable?

Briefly about pediculosis

It is worth knowing that pediculosis can only be infected by contact with a carrier of lice, nits cannot pass from person to person, as they sit too firmly near the hair roots. Contrary to all myths, lice can neither fly nor swim. They can only crawl from the hair of one person onto the hair of another. The risk of such contact is very small in public places, usually it happens at home or in kindergarten or school. Naturally, sleeping together with a carrier of lice exposes a person to a great risk of becoming infected. But the use of one cap, hairbrush or headphones, despite all the prejudices, rarely leads to infection with lice (but you still should not risk it).

Facts about nits and parasites

  • Adults live outside the scalp for a maximum of 24 hours.
  • Lice do not live more than three weeks.
  • Lice appear from nits in about a week.
  • Cats, dogs and other pets can not be carriers of human parasites.
  • Lice can not be located and keep on slippery, polished or just smooth surface, their legs are adapted exclusively to human hair.
  • Although lice and do not tolerate any diseases, including infectious, but their long stay on the head of a person is not good.

How to get rid of lice

There are several ways to deal with parasites:

Which of the above methods is the most effective and safe? Perhaps the most logical answer would be shampoo. Properly selected shampoo against parasites will kill both lice and nits in just one — two treatments. In addition, it is quite gentle way to get rid of children from parasites. Many manufacturers have a special baby shampoo that helps get rid of lice and destroy nits.

Tip!If, after applying the shampoo, no improvement is visible, then it is worth choosing another one, since the surviving parasites develop immunity to certain components..

There are folk remedies for getting rid of lice, but it is not recommended to use them, because they can cause an allergic reaction, especially in children. However, any new tool before use, whether it is home or purchased, it is better to first test for allergies so that there are no unpleasant consequences.

Tip!To facilitate the fight against parasites, cut your hair or baby’s hair as short as possible, if there is such an opportunity, because getting rid of parasites on thick and long hair will be much more difficult.

The procedure for getting rid of lice with shampoo

  1. How should comb the dry hair carrier lice comb.
  2. Carefully read the instructions for shampoo.
  3. Apply shampoo to dry hair for the time specified in the shampoo instructions.
    After the appropriate time has elapsed, brush your hair with a frequent comb to remove dead lice and nits from the hair.
  4. Wash your head with ordinary shampoo, and then rinse it with a two-percent solution of ordinary table vinegar to destroy the adhesive substance, due to which the nits are held in the hair.
  5. Comb your hair with the comb again.
  6. After the procedure, ventilate the room and thoroughly wash your hands and surfaces that could be covered with shampoo.
  7. Brush your head every day for a week to remove any nits from your hair. If lice is found during this procedure, it means that the remedy did not suit you or the instruction was not followed.

Tip!A comb is usually included in the shampoo (if for some reason it was not there, buy a comb with a distance between the teeth not more than 2 mm, or better, less).

When working with shampoo there are a number of limitations and precautions:

  • Virtually any shampoo can not be used by lactating and pregnant mothers, children under three years old, people with bronchial asthma, diseases of the scalp. Therefore, if there is an opportunity, it is recommended to consult a doctor for the selection of an individual problem solution.
  • Do not use the drug three times in a row for the same person. If the tool did not help twice — do not use it more.
  • Never mix different shampoos or other products. The consequences of such experiments are unpredictable.
  • The person applying the agent must work with gloves.
  • When wearing contact lenses, before carrying out the procedure it is better to remove them.
    Make sure that the tool does not fall on the mucous membranes of the skin, it is recommended to tie a head with a bandage so that the shampoo does not run down on the face.
  • Do not eat or drink during the procedure.
  • Any means of pediculosis in the house should be kept away from children and not stored with food.

What to choose shampoo from nits?

There are many shampoos on the modern medicine market. The information below will help you understand the variety and choose the best shampoo from parasites for yourself or your loved ones.

  • «Parazidoz» — shampoo French manufacturer. Its main active ingredient is phenotrin. It should be within 300 rubles. Includes a comb. It is contraindicated for children under 2.5 years old. The market is full of fakes, so when choosing a shampoo, be careful. Reviews of shampoo «Parazidoz» very controversial. Some he helps from the first time, others, in general, do not see any result.
  • Shampoo «Hygia». A Bulgarian remedy for parasites costs a little more than 300 rubles. Azithromycin is its active ingredient. Contraindicated in children under 5 years. Many people note the burning of the skin during the application and a very specific unpleasant smell. Feedback about this shampoo is dominated by negative.
  • Shampoo «Veda» and «Veda-2». The active substance is permethrin. These two types differ in the concentration of the active substance: in Veda — 0.4%, and in Veda-2 — 0.5%. Available in Russia. Standard contraindications: it is undesirable to apply on children under 5 years old, to use for people with allergic reactions, as well as with diseases of the scalp. The price of this tool is kept around 150 rubles, which makes this product quite competitive. Reviews of «Veda-2» are varied, but the mild effect of the shampoo on the scalp is felt by almost everyone. Negative reviews may be due to insufficient time holding the shampoo on the head, as it should be kept for at least 40 minutes.

  • Paranit is a Belgian remedy. The motto of this drug: «Safety — above all.» It is considered harmless for both children and adults. The active substance is mineral oil Clearol. Allowed for use by children from three years. Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women. It has a very high quality comb included. It costs about 850 rubles. Most often the price is its only drawback.

Tip!When applying this tool, pay special attention to the occipital area and the area behind the ears.

  • Tar shampoo. It is produced in many countries, including Russia, however, Finnish tar shampoo is most famous. It has a peculiar smell that remains for some time on the hair, but it still becomes the choice of many people. Its cost depends on the manufacturer. Despite the presence in it of substances that are unbearable for lice, tar shampoo cannot be called an effective way to get rid of lice, rather only an auxiliary tool.

Thus, we can say that the best shampoo is for everyone. The main thing is to carefully study the instructions and follow it from beginning to end. Many do not wait for the allotted time, and then they sin on the inefficiency of shampoo. Of course, it is also not worthwhile to strongly overexpose a remedy on the hair, so as not to provoke side effects.

And remember that lice — it’s not scary, do not panic.They can start in any person, regardless of age and gender (although in men they still occur less frequently due to short hair).

Finally, you can watch a video explaining in detail the causes of lice, common myths and how to get rid of lice with a hair conditioner and a toothbrush.

Features of the appearance of lice and nits in children and adults

Contrary to the common stereotype, not always lice appear in unscrupulous people. Sometimes a person becomes infected with a parasite and does not detect it for some time. As a result, he “brings” the parasite to the team (worker or other) and begins a massive infection. Children bring lice home from kindergarten or school, adults — after treatment in the hospital, staying in the same room with a certain number of people. At the same time it is not obligatory to comb one comb with the infected. Although this increases the likelihood of infection, but not the only reason. Lice can be infected without contacting the wearer’s hair directly.

If you find a parasite in yourself, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Only a doctor will be able to prescribe the correct treatment.

The phenomenon is poorly self-healing. Pediculosis shampoo should be selected individually for each patient. Self-treatment, on the other hand, only leads to the spread of infection and the spread of insects at their locations. A number of easy-to-use shampoos have been developed that do not cause discomfort when used and do not spoil the hair.

Terms of use

The disease is sometimes diagnosed in its early stages. If you have the following signs, check the condition of your hair.

  1. Insomnia, sleep disorders,
  2. Itchy scalp,
  3. A rash on the face and scalp, neck, sometimes on the shoulders and back (lice and nits cause an allergic reaction, manifested in this way),
  4. Depressed
  5. Sensations of movement, movement, «goose bumps» in the hair (appears only with a strong defeat).

To determine the appearance of lice will help the doctor. But it will be possible on their own. Divide the curls into a straight parting in any place. If somewhere symptoms are stronger, then parting there. And look at him. You will notice insects.

Instructions for proper use

If a parasite is found, even one, it is necessary to immediately begin treating the infection. To do this, purchase a special shampoo for lice and nits. Some products are universal, others are exclusively for children or adults. Regardless, the rules for using funds are always the same. They must be carefully observed for maximum effectiveness.

  • When an infected person is found in the family, the shampoo should be used by all family members for the purpose of prevention, but at a lower dosage,
  • Processing is carried out only once. The rest of the time, the hair is washed with regular shampoo. If the treatment did not produce sufficient results, repeat it after a week,
  • Do not use the same shampoo more than 3 times. If it is ineffective, consult a doctor to find another remedy.
  • Do not use multiple products in parallel,
  • Dry your hair only naturally after use,
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after use.
  • Use the drug in strict accordance with the instructions or with the recommendations of the doctor.

It is very difficult to choose the drug yourself. It is necessary to take into account the age of the person, the degree of infection, the state of health and much more. But if the infection seems to be weak, then you can apply a gentle remedy yourself. But for the appointment of a stronger and more aggressive drug composition, contact a medical institution.

Shampoo Contraindications

It has such a shampoo and contraindications. This is a toxic compound, and therefore not all should be used. You can not use shampoo for adults to wash the head of children, since the dosage of toxic substances in it is higher.

On the contrary, it is not forbidden to act, but the result of such treatment may be insignificant. Children who have not reached the age of 3 years, such a drug is not prescribed at all. Allergy and individual intolerance to chemicals is also a contraindication.

Sometimes it is recommended to conduct an allergotest before use. The use of such agents is also contraindicated for those who have a diagnosis of bronchial asthma. Due to the toxicity of the drug, it is not recommended for use by lactating and pregnant women.

They get rid of parasites otherwise. Although in exceptional cases, on the recommendation of a doctor, they may be prescribed sparing or children’s soft drugs. But it depends on the duration of pregnancy, its course, the development of the fetus and the characteristics of the organism.

Precautionary measures

Lice can survive outside the hair and scalp of a person for a long time — about 2 days (not more). They crawl from the hair to bed linen, towels, hats, furniture and stay to live there. As soon as they have the opportunity, they crawl over their hair again.

Therefore, re-infection is possible even during treatment. It is necessary to process all textile and other items that have come into contact with your hair — hats, pillows, pillowcases, blankets, duvet covers, upholstered furniture, combs, hairpins, etc.

Bed linen and hats can simply be washed or boiled. Furniture, pillows and the like are treated with a special parasite spray.

Review of the best effective means: paranit, tar shampoo, hygia

The main active ingredient of any such agent is permethrin. This is a synthetic analogue of a natural natural insecticide. Additionally, the composition includes tools to mitigate the damaging effects on the scalp and hair.

  • Veda — shampoo contains only permethrin. The tool is cheap because popular. At the moment it is considered outdated, does not protect the scalp from toxic effects. Released line Veda — 2, a more delicate action. Shampoo effective against lice, but little effective against nits,
  • Knicks — effective composition of lice, nits external use. Used similarly to shampoo. The composition is similar to Veda, it also acts. It has an attractive aroma and does not cause allergies due to the inclusion of additional components
  • Shampoo for children of the Belgian production Paranit is the safest. Its cost is higher, but it is popular for its efficiency and versatility. The basis of the composition of mineral oil. Oil envelops insects with a film and stifles, but does not poison. This ensures maximum safety for the user.

  • Hygia is an effective compound, excellent in helping against nits and lice. The basis of the composition of permethrin. It effectively poisons the parasites. Acetic acid destroys the shell of nits. They are unfastened and washed off with water. It is completed with a comb which promotes the best combing of nits. Acetic acid can cause irritation — shampoo is left on the strands only until such time as there are discomfort,

  • Pedilin — perhaps the best shampoo against lice and nits. The active substance is malathion. This insecticide mechanically acts on lice and nits, when in contact with them, penetrating under their shell and killing. In rare cases, causes irritation of the skin.

There is an opinion that tar shampoo can help. It is not effective. Although tar contains many phenols that are harmful to lice to some extent, there are too few of them in the shampoo, so it is not able to solve the problem.

What are lice?

Lice are small blood-sucking insects up to 0.5 cm in length, which, unlike their other “brothers” — fleas, do not know how to jump. However, they crawl well through the hair, overcoming distances at a speed of 40 cm / min.

An individual settled on the head or body of a person can live for more than a month. And the insect, deprived of food, dies within 10 days. Every day, females lay 3-4 eggs (nits), which can be found on the root of the hair in the form of translucent «droplets».

Two weeks later, full-fledged adults hatch from them, ready for breeding. Such a rapid spread allows you to quickly detect the parasites and begin the correct treatment, choosing for this an effective remedy for lice.

Main symptoms of pediculosis

The main signs that suggest infection with pediculosis are:

  • the appearance of severe itching, which is the cause of scratching, especially in children,
  • detection of bite marks, in appearance resembling punctures with redness around them. It is also possible the appearance of small gray spots
  • hardening of the skin in the form of scaly crusts in the temporal part of the head and behind the ears,
  • detection of glued to the hair nits, which some confuse with dandruff. However, the latter, unlike the eggs of female lice, is not attached to the hair.

Since lice live a little more than a month, the treatment of lice with pharmaceuticals or folk remedies against lice should take place for 30-40 days. It can be considered effective only if after this time the adults and nits cannot be found.


Shampoos are one of the easiest and most common ways to deal with lice. They are very convenient to use, and you can buy them in almost any pharmacy. Manufacturers offer two types of these tools. The basis of one of them is mineral oil, the active ingredient of the second is an insecticide.

According to the oil-based products, according to reviews by consumers, the paranit lice medicine is considered effective. It contains anise, clearol, ylang-ylang and coconut oils.

Due to the combination of all these substances, which, during application, envelop the head with a thin film, parasites block access to oxygen. Insects choke and die. The advantage of this procedure is safety — only in rare cases shampoo can cause an allergic reaction.

Often used to treat pediculosis in children. The disadvantage of the tool is its high cost and inefficiency against nits, which need less oxygen. Shampoo is applied to dry hair, while it is important to treat all areas, avoiding tearing. The duration of the procedure is 15-20 minutes. After that, you need to wash your head well.

Another less effective remedy is Lice-Guard shampoo, which also contains natural oils. It acts more gently on the skin than Paranit, but does not completely kill all insects. Experts recommend its use for prophylactic purposes or when a weak infection of the head.

Insecticidal shampoos are more varied than oil shampoos. These include funds that contain penitrin and malathion. Most drugs are made on the basis of penitrin, differing only in their concentration and additional ingredients.

Bulgarian manufacturers offer Hygia shampoo for lice control. Being deadly to insects, it has a pleasant lemon scent. It can be purchased at a loyal price and used to combat lice in children.

Pedilin is considered by many to be «heavy artillery» for the destruction of parasites. This is really a very strong drug that penetrates the insect through the chitinous coat. However, this shampoo should be used with extreme caution, since it has many side effects.

Use of sprays

The composition of the spray contains those substances that are the basis of shampoos for lice. Their difference is in the method of application. While shampoo is applied to the infected head when taking water procedures, spray treatment consists of spraying the product on dry hair, which after 15-20 minutes is washed off with clean water. Such a tool is convenient to use and in the fight against lice.

The basis for the manufacture of sprays can be Dimethicone (a substance that envelops insects that immediately die) or insecticides. Of the popular and effective sprays, you can select a means of lice Pair Plus. It can be used to get rid of lice for children from 2 years. Some prefer drugs such as Paranit, Pedikulen ultra or Nyuda.

Other methods of killing lice

Effective agents in the fight against parasites are special emulsions and lotions containing one or more concentrated insecticidal substances. Before processing, you need to carefully read the instructions of the selected, because in some cases the agent must be diluted in water.

Medifox is an effective drug for head lice for children from one year. Due to the nerve effects that it has on parasites, they very quickly die. This remedy for lice is cheap enough, to be of little toxicity.

Another effective drug used for head lice for children — Foksilon. It is more toxic, so it is recommended to use for the destruction of parasites in children older than 5 years. Allows you to get rid of adult insects and nits immediately after the first application.

Many consider it an effective remedy for lice ointments and creams. They are recommended for people with short hair, because it is difficult to apply to thick and long similar preparations and then to wash them off. Their use gives good results.

For example, Nittifor, containing in its composition permethrin, causing insect paralysis, quickly destroys adult parasites and nits. The basis of the Knicks cream is also permethrin. However, its concentration in this case is low, so it is allowed to use the drug for children aged 3 years and older.

Pediculosis and pregnancy

Sometimes it happens that lice appear during pregnancy, and naturally the question arises how to treat parasites? There are many methods and means to combat lice, however, pregnant women can use only the safest, which will not harm the future child and his mother.

One of such methods is combing parasites with a special comb with frequent teeth. You can use the comb, purchased in a pharmacy. The procedure is best performed on the bathroom. In this case, insects can be immediately washed off. This procedure is quite long, tedious, not very effective, but very safe.

Remedy for lice for pregnant women can be purchased at the pharmacy. “Knicks” (cream) and “Pedilin” (shampoo) are considered safe options. To achieve the desired result, these drugs should be applied in a complex way: first, treat the hair with a cream, and then apply shampoo on them.

Another drug that can be used during pregnancy, is considered «Delacet». The use of other antipediculosis drugs is absolutely unacceptable, because for the most part they contain permethrin, a substance that can harm a baby.

Folk remedies for lice

There are many folk remedies for getting rid of lice:

  1. Using decoctions of tansy and oak bark. Dry ingredients (3 tbsp. L.) Must be mixed and, adding a small amount of water, hold on low heat for about half an hour. Then it is necessary to strain the broth and, after waiting for it to cool down a little, rub it into the skin. At the end of the treatment should be put on the head of a plastic cap. After 2 hours, you can wash your head with regular shampoo.
  2. When treating kerosene with lice, you need to be very careful, especially when it comes to a child. This lice cleaner is effective, but not safe. Kerosene should be diluted with vegetable oil (1:10), process the head with it and roll the hair with plastic film.The duration of such a procedure is 8-10 hours. Therefore, it is best to do it before bedtime, wearing a kerchief after treatment. In the morning, you need to wash your head using tar soap. This folk remedy is effective for lice on long hair.
  3. Apply acetic essence (70%), which must be diluted with water (1:10) and applied to the hair and head. Duration of the procedure is 1-2 hours. At the end of her hair should be washed with clean warm water and you can begin combing nits, which, after such treatment, well peeled off.
  4. Effective home remedies for lice — pomegranate, cranberry or lemon juice. They are applied along the entire length of the hair. After 3 hours, you can wash your head with regular shampoo.
  5. Use of hellebore water from lice for children and adults. Before treating her hair, wash your hair with shampoo. Then, hellebore water should be evenly distributed over the hair and put a plastic bag and a scarf on the head. After half an hour, you can wash your head with shampoo or soap.

When using any remedy for pediculosis, for greater efficacy it is necessary to daily comb lice and nits with a comb. This will help to get rid of parasites faster even in case of severe infection, when it is very difficult to achieve the desired results.

The composition and effects of the drug.

The main active ingredient of the drug is permethrin, which acts on the nervous system of the insect. It creates an obstacle to nerve impulses, which leads to paralysis and early death of the parasite. In Veda, permethrin is 0.4%, in Veda-2 — 0.5%. Sold in bottles of 100 ml.

You can buy in pharmacies and specialized online stores. The price is about 250 rubles. If the remedy destroys the adult individuals, it acts on the nits as vinegar, the secret by which the egg is glued to the hair weakens, so combing becomes easier.

Also, the poison has contraindications. It is recommended to always read the etiquette or leaflets with the rules inside the packaging of drugs, because there is a chance of intolerance.

  1. Pregnant and lactating girls should not use this drug.
  2. We also do not recommend treating pediculosis with the help of this shampoo in children under 5 years of age.
  3. If there are scratches or wounds on the scalp, do not apply the drug.
  4. If you are hypersensitive, exclude the insecticide from your first-aid kit.

If there are side effects — an allergic reaction, rash, itching, redness, burning, then it is better to stop using this drug.

Proper hair treatment.

To precisely get rid of parasites, you must strictly follow the instructions for use. Usually, if the bloodsuckers could not be removed, the person simply did not pay attention to the processing steps that are needed for a particular drug. Therefore, before you start the pest control, read the rules.

The main steps in the treatment of parasite hair

  1. First you need to comb your hair well so that there are no obstacles when rinsing.
  2. Dampen your head so that all your hair is richly moisturized.
  3. Apply Veda or Veda-2 shampoo and foam it well. The rules say that after this, do not rinse off for 10 minutes, however, in the reviews of the shampoo, Veda is recommended not to rinse for 30-40 minutes.

During the time specified in the rules, the substance does not have time to act on insects, and many survivors remain. Therefore, we increase the time and rinse off with warm running water.

  • Instead of a rinse it is better to use a solution of vinegar with water. This fluid will weaken the secret with which the nit is firmly glued to the hair.
  • The final step is combing. You can not neglect this, because you need to remove all the dead parasites and nits.

    Special combs with long teeth are sold for this purpose, or a regular comb can be used, but the teeth should be located very often to catch small pests and their eggs. Since the nits are saturated with vinegar, they come off the hair more easily.

    Re-processing is required in any case. Even if you did not notice the surviving lice, a couple of nits still remained, and in two weeks they will hatch and begin to multiply and grow a colony again. It is after this time that it is necessary to process the head again in the same manner as described above.

    This shampoo can not be used more than twice a month.

    Do not forget to buy together with shampoo and personal protective equipment — a plastic cap and rubber gloves. After the active substance is applied, put a hat or a regular plastic bag over your head so that insecticide vapors do not get into the respiratory tract.

    From above you can cover your head with a warm towel. When you treat children’s hair, you can twist a small towel into a bundle — put it near the place where the hair begins to grow. This will help in protecting the eyes, mouth and nose of the child. All applied insecticides thoroughly rinse with water.

    Other effective means.

    In addition to the Vedas, there are other, not inferior in effectiveness and safety, drugs. Consider some of them:

    1. Cream Knicks 1%.
    The main influencing element: permethrin 0.5%. The consistency is a cream, but the rules of application are the same as that of shampoos, therefore its name comes from here. Be prepared for the fact that he does not foam.

    Disinsection of hair should be carried out in this order:

    • Wash your hair with any shampoo and dry it a little.
    • Apply the substance so that it covers all the hair, pay special attention to the temporal and occipital zones.
    • The rules say that it takes about 15 minutes to withstand the drug, but in fact, it should take at least half an hour for the destruction of the parasites to be successful.
    • As soon as the necessary amount of time has passed, you need to wash off the cream with a large volume of warm water.
    • Then again wash your hair with shampoo, so that no insecticide remains on the hair.

    Due to the fact that each organism is individual, side effects may appear in the form of itching, rashes, skin edema, and an allergic reaction. Sold in tubes of 59 ml, cost — about 350 rubles.

    2. Shampoo lice Paranit.
    Made in Belgium. Priority is placed on safety to people. The destructive substance is Clearol mineral oil. It acts on insects not as usual insecticides, but envelops the body of the parasite with a special film, and it cannot breathe, suffocates and dies.

    The method of use is the same as for the rest of the shampoos — apply on hair, hold for 30-45 minutes, rinse with plenty of water. Also included is a special comb that effectively removes dead lice and nits. But still, due to the fact that it does not have effective insecticides in its composition, it slightly loses its competitors.

    Use in the fight against pediculosis can be adults and children from three years. The volume of the bottle is 100 ml, the cost is 650 rubles.

    3. Shampoo lice Hygia.
    In the composition of the main role is played by such a compound as permethrin. A feature of the drug is the presence of acetic acid. That it acts on nits — weakens the secret by which eggs are glued to the hairs.

    First you need to apply insecticide to the hair and lather well. After that, you need to leave it on your head for 30-40 minutes. Usually in the rules they write that 15 minutes is enough, but it is better to hold it longer anyway — this will be much more effective.

    Due to the presence of vinegar, scalding, itching and redness may appear on the scalp. If there are such side effects, immediately wash off the shampoo. Under positive circumstances, after the expiration of the required time, remove the shampoo with a large volume of warm water.

    Includes a comb that you need to carefully comb the hair along the entire length. The cost of shampoo 200 rubles, so it is one of the inexpensive compared with other insecticides.

    4. Pediculitis lice shampoo.
    This company is struggling with parasites, not only with shampoo. Spray, conditioner-spray, lotion from pediculosis is on sale, it is also possible to get a comb and a magnifying glass of this firm.

    The active substance is petrolatum, which envelops each insect, blocking the flow of air, it suffocates and dies.

    A substance is applied to the hair of an infected louse, then it is necessary to rub it well into the hair. Leave the drug on the head for half an hour for the parasite to have a destructive contact with the substance. After the allotted time, wash the treated surfaces with warm running water.

    Then wash your hair with regular shampoo. After that, the comb is used — with it, carefully comb all the hair to get rid of dead insects and their eggs. If you want to verify the effect, after a week check your head for the presence of parasites with a special magnifying glass.

    After a week or two, re-process to kill the nits that survive, and the larvae hatched from them. Customer reviews say that the only minus of the shampoo is its smell, after use it is necessary to ventilate the apartment, which is not very convenient in the winter season. Pregnant and lactating women this drug is prohibited.

    5. Pedilin against head lice and nits.
    The drug is based on an effective insecticidal compound — malathion. It has a contact effect, that is, it penetrates the body of an insect even through chitinous shell. This gives him the opportunity to destroy not only adults, but also nits. That is why this drug is considered one of the most effective insecticides.

    Shampoo should be used in the same way as all the shampoos described above. Only with the dosage be careful, because of the strong insecticide side effects can occur, such as an allergic reaction, rash and redness.

    Caution is recommended to apply to the hair of pregnant, lactating and small children. Sold in bottles of 100 ml. You can find about 250 rubles.

    6. Tar shampoo for lice.
    One of the most natural products is birch tar shampoo. For a long time, tar was used in disinfecting wounds and scratches, it also helped them to heal quickly and did not allow bacteria. But this drug can be considered more deterrent or add it to the fight against lice, along with any strong insecticide.

    Use tar shampoo for prevention in order to prevent insect infestation. It is worth remembering that you need to wash your hair with this shampoo for some time before the release, because it has a sharp and peculiar smell.

    These are one of the most popular drugs for the fight against head lice, but there are many of them on the insecticide market. These drugs are tested by a large number of people whose reviews you can read on the Internet or ask the experts.

    Will flea lice shampoo kill?

    If your pets have fleas, and only lice shampoo is at hand, then you should have a reasonable question — will it help to destroy the fleas ?! Saving money is sacred, but not in this case!

    Most likely you will not achieve the desired result, as these insects are completely different from each other. It is better to consult a veterinarian and pick up an effective shampoo, collar, flea drops for dogs and cats. And do not pull with it, because fleas can bite people, because they do not care whose drink blood.

    Prevention of infection with lice.

    Everyone knows that it is better to protect yourself from various diseases than to be treated for them later. The problem is that nobody is insured against blood-sucking parasites. But still it is worth taking some preventive measures that can help you protect yourself and your family from all types of lice.

    To do this, it is better to avoid contact with strangers with a dubious social situation, that is, to try not to deal closely with tramps and homeless people. Since children most often louse home, it is necessary to periodically inspect their hair for the presence of parasites, to observe their hygiene and to accustom to it since childhood.

    Summer camps, schools and kindergartens are places where bloodsuckers multiply and are transferred with lightning speed, so periodically you need to wash the child’s head with an insecticide, but not more often than once every two weeks. Observing some rules, you can avoid going to the pharmacy for lice shampoo.

    What do buyers say?

    To save your time, we analyzed the opinions of people who used this tool. Mostly the reviews are good, but it all depends on the correct use, right ?!


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